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I Had To Cum Daddy

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Daddy caught me rubbing my little bald pussy before school. I was supposed to be getting ready but I felt so wet that I just had to touch myself. When he walked in I had my legs spread and I was sliding my fingers inside my tight little fuck hole. I needed to cum. I didn’t want to stop when Daddy walked in so I just kept going. He couldn’t believe what a little slut his princess was. I could see his cock throbbing in his pants. I begged him to come and help me and he couldn’t resist. His baby girl needed to cum and Daddy was going to make his little angel feel so good. He slid his tongue up and down my clit and ate my hot squirting pussy until my legs were shaking. Then he flipped me on my back and stretched out my tight ass. Daddy dumped his cum inside his little whore.

Try Not To Wake Her Up

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Your daughter brought me home from school for a sleepover. You could tell I was a naughty little girl and I saw you looking up my skirt when I was walking up the stairs to her room. After she fell asleep I was laying there thinking about how big your cock must be. I started getting so wet that I had to touch myself. My panties were soaked and I couldn’t stop myself from sliding my fingers inside my tight little fuck hole. I closed my eyes and while I was touching myself I felt something smooth press against my lips. When I opened my eyes your hard cock shoved its way into my mouth. I looked over and saw your daughter sleeping right there next to us. I let you fuck my throat while I finger fucked my young bald pussy. It was so hot tasting your cum explode inside my mouth with your daughter sleeping next to me.

Eat My BBC Cum Filled Pussy

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I love getting my pretty pink pussy cleaned out by a little bitch boy. I have this little dick guy who is obsessed with my tight sexy body. He’s been begging me to let him fuck me. But I know he has this tiny little cock and that’s just going to work for me. I need a real man with a really big piece of man meat to make me cum. I need to feel my tight cunt being stretched out and pulling on a nice BBC. So, I invited that little dick bitch over and told him we were going to have some fun. He thought he was going to finally get the chance to fuck me. I’d been teasing him and sending him nudes for months making his tiny cock ache for me. But instead, he got to watch while I got fucked hard by a huge thick black cock. I came so fucking hard and he loved watching my tight pussy getting filled with his load. When he was done cumming inside me I laid him down and told him to clean me out. Eating out my cum filled hot squirting pussy made his little dick explode. I knew he would love the taste of cum leaking out of my pussy.

My Girl Gang Are Total Sluts

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My friends and I are total fucking sluts and we love older men. Our babysitter phone sex can get really fucking hot and kinky when I invite my friends over to join in on the naughty fun. I’m going to call them over after I put your little ones to bed. I told them that the guy I babysit for is so fucking hot and we know we can get him to fuck us. We crave big older Daddy cock inside our tight young fuck holes. When you come home we’ll all be naked and licking each other pussies. You don’t have to say a fucking word, we’ll do everything. We’ll worship that nice thick cock and make you fucking explode for us. Let us milk you, you know you wanted to fuck the sexy little teen girl who babysits for you. Now you have three hot young girls who will let you have your way with any of their fuck holes. Tell your friends, we’ll fuck them too. The girl gang loves big cock and we want to fuck all the dirty Daddy’s in the neighborhood.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Lexi

My Pretty Pink Pussy Loves BBC

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My young bald pussy needs a nice a big hard cock to cum. I love a massive big black cock to stretch me out. My tight little ass needs to get ripped open and filled with a load of cum. I’m going to call this guy I fucked once that a huge fucking dick and ask him to come over with all his friends. They’re going to each take a turn fucking me and cumming all over me. I want to be fucking covered in cum. They all have such giant fucking dicks that they’re balls must be full of the biggest loads of cum. I’ll be covered with their creamy warm goodness from head to toe. I want my tight fuck holes to be stretched open and used like a tight fuck toy. I’ll let them ri[ me open and I’ll beg for more like a dirty fucking whore. I can’t get enough of those giant fucking black cocks inside my pretty pink pussy.

Let’s Have Some Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

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My sweet little ass tastes so good when I’m licking it off my toy cock. I love taking my biggest dildo and stretch my tight little asshole out. I’m such a nasty fucking whore. I rip my ass open and rub my clit until my pretty pink pussy fucking squirts everywhere. I can’t stop there though. I have to feel dirty. I take my dildo out now that it’s all covered with my shit and pussy juice and clean it up. I can’t put my toy away with all that shit on it and it needs to be cleaned and my Daddy taught me that a good slut always cleans up her mess. So I take my toy cock and lick it all up until I’ve swallowed every last bit my ass. I love to taste my asshole. Come play with me, if you need a filthy young whore to have some kinky ass to mouth phone sex with.

I Always Bring Daddy Presents

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My friend at school has the perfect little tight body I know my Daddy’s cock would just ache for. I knew he would love it if his little slut brought him home some fresh young bald pussy to play with. I got her over to our house for a sleepover and she thought we just playing dress up just for fun. She had no idea that I was preparing her to meet my Daddy and he was going to make her his new little fuck toy. I had her in the sluttiest outfit when he got home. I told him to follow me to my room because I had a special surprise for him. She was sitting on the edge of my bed when Daddy walked in. I could tell that he loved her blonde pigtails and sexy red lipstick he was going to smear all over her face with his big hard cock. The poor girl had no idea what she was in for. Daddy and I used her little fuck holes and sent her home full of his cum.

Daddy’s Kinky Kitten

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I wanted to give Daddy my wet bald pussy when he got home. I was waiting for him like a good little pet in my cage all day. When he came home I was dripping wet and ready for his hard cock. Daddy walked over and asked me if I had been a good girl or if his naughty slut was touching herself all day again. I pulled my hand out from between my legs and showed him how wet my fingers were. I was so ready for Daddy to fuck me. I crave my Daddy’s hard cock and his little slut can’t get enough of his cum. I got on all fours and stuck my ass up for Daddy, shaking it at him, teasing him, and begging him to come and give me what I want. He dragged me from my cage and threw me onto his bed. He fucked me like the little whore that I am and came inside my pretty pink fuck hole. I love making my Daddy cum and being such a good little kitten for him.

Breed Me And Make Us A New Toy to Play With!

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My Daddy wants to cum inside my little pussy during some hot breeding phone sex with his baby girl. He says we need a little one of our own that we can turn into a tiny fuck toy. I’m going to let my naughty Daddy fuck me until he fills me up with his load. He wants to see my belly start to swell with his little baby growing inside me. We’re making a tiny whore that I can use to jerk off Daddy’s hard cock. When that little girl comes out we’re going to have so much fun, Daddy! I’ll use her like a tiny new toy that I can pump your hard dick with. Let me use her jerk you off and make you cum. Our baby girl will make you cum so hard Daddy! She’s going to be so tight for you! Come and breed my little pussy Daddy so we can make us a new toy to play with!

My Jealous Brother

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My brother came into my room last night and he was so mad at me. He was going through this site where people post naked teen pictures and he found nude selfies of me on there. When I tried to say something he cut me off and told me that he wasn’t mad that accidentally found my pictures when he was trying to jack off. He was mad because he was jealous. He wanted to know who I sent them to. When I told him that I had sent them to his best friend he was furious. He whipped his cock out and forced it into my mouth. He fucked my face and told me that if I was going to act like such a fucking whore then he was going to treat me like a dirty fucking whore. He blew his load down my throat and just left me there. I felt so fucking used, and it turned me on to my brother’s fuck toy. I touched my pussy and came thinking about him grabbing my throat and squeezing his cock while he shoves it down my throat.

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