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Biggest Cum Shot Covers Kinky Wendy

Biggest Cum Shot

Letting him stick it in my ass made him shoot the biggest cum shot all over my face and tits. I was covered in his creamy load and I fucking loved it. I was begging him for it. He came over to my place and I got down on my knees like a good whore and sucked his cock all the way down my throat. Rubbing my sweet bald little pussy makes me gush when I have a cock in my mouth. I love feeling used like a slutty little fuck toy and getting face fucked is exactly what I want. He took his cock out of my mouth and told me he wanted to watch his cum shower all over my tiny little body. So, I leaned back and let him watch my fingers going back and forth on my clit while he stroked his cock over me. When I saw his massive load shooting out of the tip of his cock I felt my pussy start to squirt. It made my own orgasm that much better to be getting covered in cum while I shoot my pussy juice all over the floor.

Barely Legal Phone Sex With Wendy

barely legal

He needed some barely legal phone sex to get his nice big cock to explode that load of creamy cum. He was working and got so fucking horny that he just couldn’t wait. He had to go on break and sneak out to his car and pull his cock out right there in his car while sitting in the parking lot. He knew he needed a sweet young and kinky girl to talk him through it. So, of course, he called a nasty little phone slut like me to help me jack off. I told him how badly I wanted to be there to replace his hand with my mouth. I would suck his nice massive cock down my throat and give him the best deepthroat blowjob he’s ever had. He knows with a total whore like me he can do whatever he wants to me and blow his load into any hole he wants. When we have our super hot and kinky phone fucking sessions he knows he’s going to get the cock off and love it. There is no limit to the nasty and taboo things we can do together.

Wet Bald Pussy In My Neighbors Face

wet bald pussy

The boy next door loves to eat my wet bald pussy whenever I ask. I used to see him watching me when I would undress in my room. One day I went over and told him that If he wanted to get the real thing that I was always willing to play. I found out that what he desperately wanted was to taste my sweet little honey pot. The smell of my tiny moist cunt would drive him crazy. I would go over to his house and wear tiny short skirts with no panties and when I laid back on his couch and caught a sniff of my pussy juices he wouldn’t be able to help him himself but to bury his face in my little cunt. He was I was the sweetest thing he’s ever tasted and now I go over to his place to get my little pussy ate out whenever I want to cum.

Wet Bald Pussy For My Naughty Neighbor

wet bald pussy

I can’t stop playing with my wet bald pussy. Whenever I make myself cum it just makes me want to cum even more. I could spend all day rubbing my clit and making myself squirt. My neighbor loves to masturbate just as much as I do. I know because I can see him watching me and stroking his cock all the time. I love fucking myself and knowing that he’s over there jacking off and cumming with me. Sometimes he even lets me see him too. The other day I decided that I wanted the real thing in my face though. So, I went over to his place and told him that I wanted him to jack off onto my face. He took me into his room and we stripped down. Then I laid back on his bed and started playing with my clit. He stood over me with his cock right in my face and started stroking it. I told him to go faster, I wanted him to cum with me. When I start to feel myself orgasm he shot his load all over my face.

Cum Shots On Tits Is So Fucking Hot

cum shots on tits

This guy and I watched some videos of cum shots on tits the other day. I sucked his cock while he watched girls getting showered with a load of creamy cum. We were talking about how much we both love watching guys cum. Seeing it shoot out of the tip of their cock and spray their huge load of cum onto a set of nice tits is so fucking hot. So, I invited him over and found a compilation video of cum shots and then I started to suck his cock. He was loving watching guys cum all over those hot girls and having me sucking his nice cock all the way down my throat. He was watching a massive cock shoot a huge fucking load all over this girl’s set of nice fake tits when he grabbed my head and slammed it down on his cock and held it there. Then I could taste his own load filling up my mouth.

Hot Squirting Pussy Getting Fisted


Hot Squirting Pussy

I love fisting myself until my hot squirting pussy shoots out my cum like a fountain. The other day I was so horny, and I just needed to get off. So I started to play with my wet little pussy while I was laying in bed. Then I had an idea, I wanted to watch myself while I came. So I got up and went over to my mirror on the wall. I sat myself down in front of it and spread my legs so that my bald cunt was spread wide open for me to look at. Then I went back to rubbing my clit. As it got more swollen and my pussy started to drip, I slipped two fingers inside my tight fuck hole. I was getting even more turned on and so I slipped two more fingers inside me. I just wanted to be stretched out so badly and before I knew it my entire fist was inside my pussy. When I came I pulled my hand out and rubbed my clit back and forth and shot my squirting pussy all over my mirror. I loved watching it shoot out!

Sexy College Girl Porn With My Friends

sexy college girl porn

My friends and I wanted to make a sexy college girl porn. There was four of us and we wanted to take turns licking and fucking each other on camera. It turned me on when we first started talking about it. Then one girl said that she had a camera with her and that we could set it up by the bed and record everything. We were all excited and wet at the idea of making our own kinky girl on girl porn video. So, we set up the camera and each started stripping in front of it until we were all standing there with our tits and bald little pussies out. Then we picked a partner and began our naughty fun. We were playing with each other’s tits and rubbing our wet cunts. Then we laid back on the bed and took turns eating each other out until we came. All of us came over and over again and we even found out one of our friends could squirt so much you could drink from her pussy like a fountain. Our dirty video was so hot that we even like to watch it together now whenever we fuck or fool around. It’s so hot to get to watch myself cum into my friend’s mouth while she licking up and down my clit again.

Biggest Cum Shot Ever Showering Me

biggest cum shot

This guy gave me the biggest cum shot ever on my face. I was fucking covered with his creamy load. I tried to swallow as much as I could when he first started blowing his load into my mouth but there was so much that I had to pull his dick out of my mouth and let him finish spraying it all over my face and tits. There was so much cum it covered everything and I still got a mouth full to drink up. I was giving him a really good and sloppy blowjob, sucking him down my throat and feeling my lips touch him while he grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face. He started shoving my head on his cock faster and I reached around shoved my finger right up his tight little asshole. He immediately started exploding cum into my mouth. There was so much though that I couldn’t take it all. When I pulled his cock out he kept shooting it all over me. It was so fucking hot getting showered in all that sweet warm cum.

Wet Bald Pussy Getting Fisted Is Hot!

wet bald pussy

My friend loves fisting her wet bald pussy with me. Whenever we hang out we always end up getting so turned on and ready to fuck that we just cum with each other. Getting our little cunts stretched out by a fist makes us squirt and feels so fucking good. She came over the other day and we started watching this porn video of a girl getting fisted and we just had to start fooling around with each other. We started kissing and taking each other’s clothes off. Then she started licking my little pussy until I was so fucking wet. Then I climbed on her face and we licked each other up and down until we were both ready to explode. Laying back on the next to her I started rubbing my soaking wet pussy and she began to rub hers as well. Next thing you know, we are both laying there side by side watching a naughty porn and fisting our wet pussies until we came together.

Hot Squirting Pussy Makes Him Cum

hot squirting pussy

My hot squirting pussy made his cock explode. He was licking my sweet little honey pot and shoving his fingers deep inside me. It felt so good that I had to let my tiny cunt squirt all over his face. He loved licking up every bit that he could and letting it drip right into his mouth. It was like a drinking fountain of my hot pussy juice and he couldn’t get enough. It came out of nowhere. He was just circling his tongue around my clit and I could feel it starting to swell up under his tongue. He was sucking on it and taking his fingers and sliding them in and out of my dripping wet pussy. I saw him reach down and start to stroke his cock while he tasted me, and finger fucked me. I started to feel it coming on, I was going to explode into a giant orgasm. It was going to be a good one and I knew it. I grab his head and held it in place letting myself cum and squirt into his mouth. Then I heard him start to moan and I knew that tasting my sweet pussy made him cum for me. Now he eats my little pussy whenever I want so he can get a chance to taste my squirting cunt.

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