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I’ll Use You Like A Fuck toy

hot squirting pussy

Let me put my hot squirting pussy right in your fucking face. I want to lay you down and sit my smooth blad pinky little fuck hole right on your tongue. Stick your tongue out and let me grind my swollen clit up and down it. You get my tiny little cunt fucking dripping wet. My pussy fucking squirts right in your mouth, down your throat, and all over your face. I fucking love it. Showering you with my sweet and tangy pussy juice. Don’t you fucking love drinking up my cum baby? I can come over and over again, I’ll never fucking stop. Just keep that tongue gliding across my tingly clit. I’ll brag onto both sides of your head, pull your hair, and use your face as my fuck toy. I need to fucking cum baby, and you’re going to be the thing I use to get my self and finally fucking explode and squirt everywhere. Come and make me fucking cum all over you!

Daddy’s Fucking Princess

Daddy's Girl Phone SexDaddy’s girl phone sex makes your perverted cock fucking throb. I fucking know it does. That big Daddy cock gets hard the second you hear your sweet baby girl giggling in your hear. This tiny little honey pot has been missing you, Daddy. Come and make your big cock melt inside my bald pussy. Explode inside me, Daddy. Feeling your cock throb and shoot its load of creamy warm goodness deep inside my pink fuck hole makes me cum so fucking hard. Let me cum with you, Daddy. We can explode together. You’ll feel my sweet young pussy tighten around your cock while you squirt your cum inside me and I cum all over your big Daddy cock! Let me empty those balls of every last drop. I’ll bounce my little pussy on you and that big piece of man meat. I’m addicted to your cum, Daddy. Won’t you please come and give me your load? Make me your whore, Daddy.

Your New Fuck Doll

biggest cum shot  

I love taking the biggest fucking cum right to my pretty little face. Anything that makes me feel like a total fucking slut, I love it and I can’t get enough of it. Treat me like a worthless little slut. Afterall, that’s what I am, isn’t it? All am is a tight wet little fuck hole for you to stick your cock into. Use me up and destroy my fucking dripping wet cunt. Throw me down and gag me with your huge fucking cock. Degrade me, call me filthy names, tear my ass and pussy open. Anything you want and I mean anything, you can have with this tiny fuck whore. I just fucking love cock and getting put in my place, on my knees and begging for your cock. Which, is exactly where I’ll be. Naked and soaking wet, rubbing my clit and waiting for you to come and use like a fuck doll.

Come Lick My Cum Covered Toes

foot fetish phone sex

Let me tell you about how much I love you sucking on my pantyhose covered toes during our foot fetish phone sex fun.

I love tights and the feeling of the nylon fabric against my smooth legs and long slender feet. Let me take my pretty painted toes and rub them all over your cock and balls.

My feet are so sensitive, come give them a lick. Run your tongue along the arch of my foot, let it slide between my toes.

Get my feets nice and wet and then take out that rock hard cock.

Feel my feet slide along the shaft of your cock and pump out every last drop of that warm and cream delicious cum.

You love the taste of it on my toes, don’t you?

Come and clean them up for me. Take my pretty painted toes cum covered toes and suck off your huge load! 

Daddy’s Pretty Little Slave

slave training phone sex

Daddy is teaching how to be such a good little fuck toy during our slave training phone sex sessions. He got me the cutest little collar and leash. It’s pretty pink just like my tight little fuck hole Daddy loves so much. He got my name, Wendy, engraved on it. Daddy loves showing me off, he loves what a well trained little pet I am. He even got me a cage to sleep in right next to his bed at night. He’s been training me to please his cock and be used like a fuck doll. Daddy even dresses me up like a little doll. He loves my pigtails and frilly dresses. He says he wants me to look like a proper little girl while he stretches out my tight ass. My Daddy owns me and he loves his little slave girl that he’s trained me to be. I’m obedient and always eager to please! I’ll ask so sweetly for your load of cum to be fucked deep into my pussy and then thank you for making such a good little slut for you.

Slavery phone sex

Wicked Wendy Will Help You Find That Perfect Little Fuck Hole

accomplice phone sex

Let me take your mind to the deepest darkest place where only your naughtiest fantasies reside during our accomplice phone sex session. I’ve been known to be quite the nasty little fuck slave. I learned what it means to be a cock worshipping little cum dumpster and I love it. Now I want to make other little girls realize their place, on their knees and begging for your hard cock to be stuffed down their throat. Let me hold her head in place while you show her what a tiny little fuck toy she is. We can keep this little slut for as long as we please. We’ll show her just how to take a pounding from your massive cock and stretch out all her tiny fuck holes. After we use her up and fill her cum load of cum over and over again we can dump her off somewhere on the side of the road. Once she’s served her purpose, milking your cock of every last drop of warm creamy cum, she’s useless. Let’s make some cum loving little whore’s together!

Cum Give Me What I Want, or Else.

blackmail phone sex

I used blackmail phone sex to finally get the cock I was after. I had been babysitting for this guy for awhile and I knew he was into young pussy. I could just tell by the way he stared at me. Every time I came over he was undressing me with his eyes. I knew I could find something to use against him, I just had to do some snooping around. I found exactly what I was looking for. It was a file that he thought was hidden but I’m a clever little slut. I printed off the pictures he had on his computer. They were naughty enough to get him in some real trouble. When he walked through the door later that night I was sitting on his bed in just my bra and panties with the kinky pictures he had been jacking off to spread out on the floor. His jaw dropped when he saw me. I told him that I had been trying to fuck him for a long time. I knew he wanted it anyways. what was the point in resisting? He was going to make me cum all over his big pervert cock or I would tell his nasty little secret. That he can’t help himself when it comes to sweet tiny bald fuck holes. He threw me down and gave me just what I was looking for. I got my pretty little cunt pounded and filled with a load of cum. Now I’m on the hunt for my next dirty victim that I can force into making cum!

Cum Take Advantage Of Me

rape phone sex fantasies

When you think about rape phone sex fantasies, does your cock start to ache a little? I know whats been lurking deep in the back of your filthy and perverted mind. You want forceful, hot, taboo, kinky, and just plain dirty sex. Those pretty young girls with their tight clothes and tiny bodies. You just can’t help yourself. Your kinky mind takes you a place where you are luring her away. Taking her to a dark alley, your basement, or the back of your van. When you get her alone, you can feel your power over her. Forcing her to her knees and shoving your cock in her mouth. That sweet virgin pussy will be your new little fuck toy. Let me take you to these dark places. Let me be the sweet girl you turn into your nasty little cum dumpster. You know you can’t resist me. Make me fuck you. Make me yours. Make me do anything you wish.

Milking Your Cock

biggest cum shot

Don’t you want to shoot the biggest cum shot all over my pretty little face? I want to be covered in your warm creamy goodness. Let my little fingers wrap around your shaft and stroke you. Relax and let your cock grow inside the palm of my hand as I twist up and down, massaging your balls. Let me milk every last drop of that cum out of your cock. I’ll get on my knees and suck the head into my mouth as I keep stroking you. You can fuck my face and shove that cock deep down my throat or let me slowly circle my tongue around your head until you need to explode inside my mouth. The taste of your hot load is enough to make my pussy gush. Make me your cock sucking whore. Cover me from head to toe in your cum or shoot it down my throat and let me taste you.

Let’s Play Dress Up Sissy Boy!

forced feminization phone sex

So, this guy calls me up and I can tell that he needs a little-forced feminization phone sex. He was trying to fuck my pink little-wet fuck hole but boy did I turn that around on him. It was like he had no idea how tiny and useless his cock was. He started making out with me and I reached down and grabbed it. I couldn’t stop myself from backing away from him so I get a good look at him. He stood there confused and I just started giggling at him. I’m not really a size queen exactly, but I do love big cock and he was so much smaller than the thick long dicks that had been stretching me out lately. He started begging me to let him fuck me, I told him that I might let him cum for me, but there was no way he was getting that tiny cock inside my sweet precious pussy. I forced him into a pair of panties, telling him if he dressed up really hot and slutty for me so I could see what that clitty looked like in its proper undergarments, that maybe he could cum with me. In the end, he came from a few little rubs of his cock while looking at himself in the mirror while I slide a toy cock into his ass.

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