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Cum Shots On Tits Really Turn Me On

cum shots on tits

I’ve been watching so much porn that ends in cum shots on tits lately. I just can’t enough of watching that hot creamy load shoot all over a nice juicy rack. I needed to share my current obsession with cum covered titties with someone, so I invited this guy over and asked him if he wanted to watch my dirty videos with me. Having smaller tits myself, I love watching the girls with those giant floppy boobies get glazed. So, we started watching a video of this girl on her knees. She was surrounded by guys all jerking off their cocks onto her huge double D tits. It was so hot to watch her take load after load. Sticking her tongue out and licking up what cum she could. My friend and I fucked while we watched and when he was about to blow his own top, I got onto my knees and let him stroke his nice dick right onto my face and tits.

Ass to Mouth Phone Sex With Wendy

Ass to Mouth Phone Sex

Taking a dildo from my tight hole then down my throat is so much fun during kinky ass to mouth phone sex. Do you get off hearing me take my huge toy cock and shoving it inside my asshole? I love to ram in it while I listen to you stroke your cock. Hearing your breathing getting faster while you pumped your hand up and down your shaft and at the same time I’m pumping that huge dick inside my fuck hole. If I rub my swollen wet clit while I fuck myself in the ass, you can even hear me squirting. Then just when you’re reaching that edge of cumming, I’m going to rip that cock out of my ass and shove it right down my throat. Listen to me gag and choke and take that huge mock man meat down my throat. I love tasting my own ass and it’s even better when I’ve already came. The mixture of the flavor from my asshole and my own squirt and cum, it’s amazing. Then I want to hear you shoot that load and cum for me during our hot and naughty ass to mouth phone sex session.

Naked Teen Pictures For My Teacher

Naked Teen Pictures

I sent some naked teen pictures to my teacher and finally got him to fuck me. We had been playing a flirtatious little teasing game for months and I was ready to go all the way. The pictures I sent to his email were going to be enough to ensure that his dick ended up inside me before the end of the day. I showed up at his classroom door at the end of the day. Everyone had left for the day and I was ready to play. I walked over to him sitting in his chair and asked him if he got my naughty pictures. He had and he was eager to see my sweet young pussy in the flesh. I pulled my panties down from under my skirt and sat up on his desk, spreading my wet cunt for him. He buried his face into my sweet honey pot. Then he stood up, pulled his cock out and fucked me right there on his desk. When he said he wanted to cum in my mouth, I got on my knees and took his load down my throat, drinking up every last drop of his creamy delicious cum.

Wendy Needs To Get Some Hot Ass Sex

Hot Ass Sex

I was really needing some hot ass sex the other day. I woke up in the morning and could feel that my pussy was already wet. So, I texted one of my regular booty calls and asked him to come over and some fun with me. He was there in less than ten minutes and when he walked in my door I could tell he was ready to fuck me. He pushed me onto the bed and ripped my panties off. He smiled noticing the wet spot on my panties and gave them a sniff. I sat up and grabbed his head, telling him the real thing smelled even sweeter. He buried his face into my little cunt and licked up and down my clit. I was soaking wet when he pulled back, wiped his dick out, and shoved it inside me. He gave me the pounding I was needing to start my day off right. When he was about to cum he pulled out and stroked his cock off onto my belly and left me there to clean up the mess.

Rubbing My Wet Bald Pussy In Public

Wet Bald PussyI played with my wet bald pussy in a dressing room a few days ago. I don’t what happened, one minute I was shopping for new panties, and the next thing I know, I’m making myself orgasm in the changing room. The trip started off normal, my girlfriends and I wanted to have a girl’s day at the mall. When we got into the lingerie store I ventured off to look at some silk panties. Feeling the smooth fabric in my hands started to turn me on. Suddenly, I realized that my panties were soaked. Feeling overcome with the urge to touch myself, I reached a hand up my skirt right there and gave my wet panties a little rub. It only made it worse, I need to cum now. I acted like I wanted to try something on and locked myself in the dressing room. Sitting up the bench that was meant to hold your stuff, I started rubbing my wet bald pussy through my panties. Then I remember the satin undies I had selected. I wanted to feel those against my newly waxed cunt. I pulled my used ones off and put the silky smooth thong on in its place. Stuffing my dirty soaking wet pair into my mouth I went back to rubbing my clit. Feeling the soft fabric against my skin was too much, I came watching myself in the mirror. Tasting my own juices on my panties and plucking away at my swollen clit. I didn’t even think about the fact that I just creamed in these brand new panties that I hadn’t even bought yet! I walked out with them in hand and tried to think of what to do. I saw a guy standing and looking at the same pair. Walking over, I handed them to him and told him he probably wanted these ones. I gave him a flirtatious wink and walked over to my friends and they were none the wiser that I had just made me wet bald pussy cum.

Wendy Loves Watching Cum Shots On Tits

Cum shots on tits

Watching cum shots on tits is so much fun when masturbating. Complication videos can be so much fun. I love laying down in my bed, stripping completely naked, grabbing my toys, and going to town on myself. Seeing those hot loads shooting out on to a nice set of tits gets me so hot and turned on. I love letting my orgasm build up while I flick my little clit and then exploding when I see that cock getting jerked off onto her chest. Who doesn’t love cum shots on tits? I’ve been needing to get my own cum shower lately. Put me on my knees and my let me suck your dick until you stroke it onto my little boobs. Watch while it drips down onto my tummy and then trails to my pussy. I’ll lay you down and put my cum covered pussy right on your lips and make you lick it off while I push my own pussy juice onto your tongue.

Wendy Shares Her Hot Squirting Pussy

Hot Squirting Pussy My neighbor loves my hot squirting pussy. We’ve had a naughty little relationship going on for a while now. He likes to take a peek at me through my window when I get naked. Ever since I noticed, I started playing little games with him. Rubbing my pussy while he watched and leaving my curtains open whenever I got fucked. I’ve seen him more than once jacking off while he watched me and my naughty activities. One night I was feeling really turned on so I flicked on the light and dragged my chair over right in front of my window. I saw him appear in the shadows in his own window. I stripped down and started fingering my tight little hole. Then I grabbed my dildo and began fucking myself with my legs up in the chair. I had my feet planted on either side right up next to me so my pussy was spread wide open. He was getting a good show tonight! I knew he was stroking his cock watching me fuck myself. I started feeling the pressure building up inside, and I removed the dildo and rubbed my clit fast and hard. My hot squirting pussy shot all over the glass. I could see his own load of cum shooting out onto his window as well. It felt so naughty letting my neighbor watch while I made myself cum, I hope he never moves so our fun never ends!

Female Bondage With Pain Slut Wendy

Female Bondage

I’m a kinky little pain slut and I love female bondage. My new neighbors figured that out right away. They looked they could use some help moving in so I went over to lend a hand. Little did I know, my hands would soon be tied up behind my back while this nice couple fucked the shit out of me. When I first walked up and offered to help, they seemed like such a nice married couple. But the wife saw the bruises around my wrists and knew right then that I was a little pain slut that got off on female bondage.

They took me inside and quickly got me in their room, tied my hands behind my back, and bent me over the bed. The husband took his belt off and let his pants drop to the ground. Folding the belt in half, he gave it a loud snap. The sound sent shivers down to my pussy. The wife got onto the bed and had already put on a strap-on. While she fucked my face, he spanked my tight little ass until is welted and bled from the beating.

When they were ready to fuck me, they let my restraints free. He laid out on the edge of the bed and put me on top of his cock. I started bouncing up and down. He helped to lift me up and slam me back down on him. The wife kept fucking my face with her strap on, wrapping her hands around my throat and choking me as she gagged me with her big cock.

Wendy Gets The Biggest Cum Shot Ever

Biggest Cum Shot

I still remember the day I got the biggest cum shot right to the face. I got myself involved in a little gangbang fun and it ended in a huge load exploding all over my face. I love getting showered in cum, it makes me feel like such a good little teen cum slut. I just can’t get enough. Tasting it and feeling it drip down my small tits and all over my body. Nothing turns me on more.

When my friend and I went to a party with a bunch of college guys, I knew it was another chance for me to have a hot gangbang fuck session. I went and sat with a group of guys and started flirting with them. Sitting on their laps and rubbing my tight little ass on their cocks. I flashed them my perky titties and let a few cop a feel of my pussy through my panties. I told them if they wanted, they could take me upstairs and have their way with me. Of course, they jumped at the opportunity to gangbang fuck the shit out of my barely legal cunt.

In about five minutes they had me in a room, naked, and spread wide open for everyone to taste my sweet pussy. I felt a cock press deep into my cunt, another in my tiny asshole, and then a cock was shoved into my mouth. They were making me into a little gangbang fuck toy. I loved every second of it. They took turns fucking, licking, and making me choke on their dicks. Not a hand or hole was ever empty.

When it came time for them to unload their cum onto me, they put me on my knees and circled around me. They drowned me in their cum. From the back, the side, and the front. I was taking cum shots all over my entire body. I loved the giant cum shower. Then to top it off, a guy with a monster cock come right up to face and jacked his cock off onto my lips. He had the biggest cum shot I have ever seen. There was a fountain of cum shooting from his dick onto my mouth and face. Everyone couldn’t believe how much cum came spilling out of his cock. I was made into such a little cum slut that day, I have never been covered in so much cum!

I Love To Share My Young Bald Pussy

Young Bald PussySharing my young bald pussy with married men is fun to me. I love being the teen whore of their fantasies. When I was a school girl slut, I used to babysit just so I could fuck all the Dad’s in the neighborhood. It was always so easy, all I had to do was wear a short skirt with no panties and flash my wet bald pussy at them when their wife wasn’t looking. I know they would spend days stroking their cock to the thought of me.

There was one married man I used to babysit for that made me work for it. I tried all my tricks and he still hadn’t tried to fuck me. So I took things another step further. I stole his cell phone when he was about to go out to dinner with his wife. Then I spent the night taking very dirty naked pictures. When they came home, I asked him for a ride just like every other time I had babysat. When we were outside my house, I told him that no one was home, inviting him inside to fuck me. He didn’t take the offer, so I pulled his cell out and showed him my naughty naked teen pictures I had taken. I told him that he was going to make me cum or I was going to show them to his wife or maybe even his kids.

He had no choice but to give me his dick like I wanted. We went inside and I took him up to my room. The sex was amazing, he had an even bigger cock than I had been imagining. He filled and stretched my tight young bald pussy until exploded. His cum showering my entire body. He loved fucking me so much that I don’t think I’ll have to force him into it anymore!

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