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My Cuckold Hubby Got the Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotI was sucking Trevor’s dick when he unleashed the biggest cum shot in my mouth. It was premature for him. My cuckold husband was watching and salivating. I knew what he needed. I snowballed him with Trevor’s premature load. As my husband was swallowing a big load of black spunk, I started to pump Trevor’s big black dick back to life.  Trevor is one of my few black bulls who will fuck my husband’s pansy ass. I wanted to watch my husband take a load in his back door pussy. My husband is a black cock faggot. He will do anything to taste or feel black cock. Confession. I love watching him get a hardcore ass fucking from one of my black lover’s. Trevor has a 13-inch fuck stick. It is a fucking snake. Even I struggle getting every inch inside me. I can’t swallow him balls deep. I sure do try, but I am lucky that I get about ¾’s of his cock down my throat. I gave Trevor the signal and he started pumping his black mamba snake up my husband’s ass. By the look on my husband’s face, you would have thought someone pierced his ass with a spear. I guess a tree trunk 13-inch cock would feel similar! I enjoyed watching my husband get fucked in his sissy ass. I made him eat my pussy as he got fucked. My husband is my cuckold sissy bitch. Once Trevor came, my husband shit out the cum and licked it up like a good bitch. He is a good cuckold husband.

Come to Me for Your Black Cock Phone Sex Therapy

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is why you call me. Just like my husband, you like thinking you are a submissive cuckold, but really that is just a rouse to cover up the fact that you are a black cock faggot. I see through my husband, just like I see through you. How? There are some tell tall signs that you are a black cock faggot. Does this sound like you? You watch BBC porn when your wife is not around. You have no desire to fluff a white lover she may have. You only want to fluff big black cock. Sometimes when you are fluffing that big black cock, your wife must remind you that you are just the fluffer not the main course. You two end up in a tug of war over who gets that big black cock. When your wife is fucking her black lover, you are watching as closely as you can. There is no apathy; you want to be watching. In fact, you are trying to figure out ways to get that big black dick up your back door pussy. You can’t wait to eat your wife’s creampie when it is from a black lover. You find yourself bringing your wife lovers to fuck, but they are all black men. These are all signs that you are more than a cuckold, you are a black cock faggot. I know the signs. You don’t have to hide your black cock loving side from me. I can be your phone sex therapist and help you embrace your BBC loving side. My husband went from a cuckold to a black cock faggot with my help. I saw the signs and I nurtured them.  I will nurture them in you too. A black cock faggot is a terrible thing to waste.

Cheating Phone Sex Wife

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex whores like me, love sharing our exploits with callers. It is you guys that truly appreciate a cheating whore. My husband enjoys hearing about my cheating ways, but he prefers to watch. He enjoys seeing me take big black cocks the most. That doesn’t mean he won’t watch me take a white mamba snake, because he will. In fact, he hired me an Italian stallion massage guy the other night. The kind that comes to your place and gives you a happy ending. When I saw him, I knew he was endowed. He was a beefcake hunk. Strong arms and built like an Adonis. My married pussy got wet instantly. He liked what he saw too. He told my husband he had a hot wife. I got naked and laid on his table. I massaged his tree trunk as he rubbed me down in oil. He was talking to my husband as I was lost in his touch. From what I found out later, he enjoys fucking married women in front of their husbands. I was happy to have him watch. The massage was foreplay. I was super wet and eager to feel his pulsating cock in my pussy. I straddled him, so he could enter me deeply. He was white, but he was hung like a horse. When I sat my entire body on his hard cock, I felt full. Not easy to make me feel full like that. Well, not easy for a white guy. I could hear my husband beating his little shrimp dick as I had a hot squirting pussy all over the hired help’s cock. He fucked me well. My husband said the show was well worth the money. I have a feeling I am going to be getting a lot more in home massages.

Phone Sex BBC Training

phone sexI love having phone sex with cuckolds and black cock faggots, but I also enjoy talking to men who want to make their wives or daughters like me. I have some experience in this department. I have a hot teen niece who is so stupid when it comes to boys. She likes bad boys, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but bad boys with lame dicks is a bad thing.  I have had interventions with her before, but she keeps going back to jack ass white boys. Finally, I had enough and invited her over for lunch. She knew I was going to talk to her about wasted potential. What she didn’t expect was that I would have Leroy on hand to demonstrate what she is missing wasting her young bald pussy on white losers. I made her watch Leroy fuck me. I talked about what a small dick her uncle has and how we have an agreement that I can have all the black cock I want and deserve. Leroy has 11 inches and he is coke can thick. My husband’s dick is 3 inches hard and if he stands sideways, you would count him absent. Worthless pecker but a good man. My niece doesn’t date good men. A good man would want his woman sexually satisfied. Are you a good man? Anyway, I could tell she was enjoying the show. She started playing with her pussy and boy was she wet. I could hear how wet she was; so, could Leroy and that made him hot. After Leroy came in me, his dick was still hard. I told my niece to spread her legs and take a real dick for a change. Listening to her moan and grunt as Leroy’s monster snake pounded her teen snatch made me even wetter. I don’t know how his big black dick could not make her change her ways, but I am going to ride her to stay strong and know what her hot box deserves. Perhaps, I can do the same for your wife.

Goodbye to Summer with MILF Phone Sex

milf phone sexMILF phone sex is something I love too as a sexy mature woman. My husband and I went to the beach this weekend to say goodbye to Summer. I hate that Summer just seemed to pass by so quickly.  Hot damn, I was surrounded by college hunks. It made me wish I was a college professor or something. I was rocking a tiny bathing suit to show off how great my body still is for my age. Those hunks knew my husband was no competition for them too. He is no man, he is my cuckold. He just sat there while they fawned over me. I love being the center of attention. I surfed with the boys, but that was just foreplay. We had a beach house for the weekend, so I invited them over to fuck. I mean what a way to say goodbye to Summer, right? They didn’t ask about my husband, nor did they care. I was down to fuck them, and they wanted to fuck me although I was married. I am married in name only. I have cheated on my husband every day of our 25 years of marriage. It was like my husband was invisible. He could have been talking up a storm and he still would have been tuned out. He just sat in a chair and watched me take on four hung hunks. White dicks, but big white dicks. I blew them all, then kissed my cuckolding phone sex husband, so he could taste the cum of young men on my married lips. He gave me an “I love you so much smile.” He loves that he is married to a whore. I was a gangbang whore Saturday because those four college studs ran a train on me that lasted into the wee hours of Sunday morning. My pussy was full of college spunk by the time they left. My husband was visible again as I made him lick up the creamy mess between my legs. Now that was a goodbye to Summer I will never forget.

cuckolding phone sex

Black Gang Bang Phone Sex

gang bang phone sex Do you like gang bang phone sex? With me if it’s a gang bang, it’s a black gang bang. If I am going to fuck a ton of cock in a night, it will be only the best cock. My husband arranged a special night for our wedding anniversary. Can you believe that? I got diamonds and thirty big black cocks. I know my husband was acting a bit selfishly because he wanted my creampie and of course some big black cocks for himself, but this was my night to shine. I sucked all those cocks with the help of my cucky husband and then I did what I do best. I took those big black cocks in all my MILF fuck holes. Down on all fours with my ass in the air and my  mouth wide open, I had a cock in every hole for a solid 4-hour fuck fest. Happy Anniversary to me. My husband enjoyed sharing the moment with me. He especially enjoyed cleaning up the mess that was left behind.  That many black cocks left one hell of a mess too. Not just in my pussy and ass, but on my body, even the floor too. My husband was a dirty cuckold gobbling up the cum in my fuck holes as well as the cum on the floor. After my posse of black stallions left, my husband and I enjoyed some cake to go with all the crème. Best anniversary yet.

Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex

Pantyhose fetish phone sex I enjoy pantyhose fetish phone sex. I am an old school woman. I appreciate the sex appeal of pantyhose and stockings. My husband is a cuckold, so we don’t fuck. Last night, I teased his dick mercilessly. What happened was that one of my black lovers wanted to cum all over my black pantyhose. He likes the feel of his big black cock against nylon. Most men do if they give it a try. Jerome left my pantyhose drench in his black jizz. They were so wet that I could have rung them out. Jerome has a huge cock and when we hook up, usually his nuts have not been drained in weeks, giving him a healthy buildup of cum. My husband is my cuckold and creampie slut. He loves cleaning up my mess. It was just that this time, there was no mess in my pussy. The mess was all in my pantyhose. I called my cuckold husband into my bedroom to clean up the mess. First, I rubbed the cum drenched pantyhose on his nub. He popped a little chubby immediately. I enjoyed clit teasing him. I edged him with cum drenched pantyhose until I just stopped, so he could have blue balls. That is when he got his treat. I made him open his mouth, so I could ring out the cum into his mouth. It didn’t drip into his mouth, the cum just poured out of the hose into my loser hubby’s greedy mouth. My husband got cuckolded by my black stallion and my pantyhose? What is your phone sex fetish?

Black Cock Phone Sex for Cuckold Husbands

black cock phone sex
Black cock phone sex is what I am known for. So, men with little dicks are only calling me for one of two reasons, often both. They either want to have their little white dicks shamed for not being big enough to please a woman or they want some of those big black cocks I am always raving about. Most men are like my husband and they want both. My husband enjoys small dick humiliation from his slut wife, but he also enjoys sucking a big black cock and cleaning up the spunk left inside of me or on my big tits. Tony came over last night for some white slut wife fun. Tony has an 11-inch big black cock and unlike most of my bulls, he loves to make my husband his bitch. My husband is happy to be Tony’s bitch because that means he is on his knees sucking his big black cum filled balls. My husband is great inspiration for my cuckolding phone sex calls because he will do anything to please me and to please a big black cock. Will you? Tony was feeling extra alpha male last night because he skull fucked my husband with such force, I thought he might puke. Tony is one of the few ghetto type men I fuck. By that I mean, Tony has been in prison for selling drugs and he hates white men. He, however, loves white women. I normally fuck black men from the suburbs, but Tony and I go back to high school. I have known him since I was a high school cheerleader and he was a high school jock. He was shocked when I married a white man because I was always a black cock whore. I still am and always will be. My husband’s mouth doesn’t hurt as much as his ass though. Tony fucked his ass like he was his prison bitch. I love my husband and I suppose I should feel bad, but he loved every moment of his hardcore ass fucking and so did I.

Biggest Cum Shot from Big Black Dicks

biggest cum shotOnly black men can give me the biggest cum shot on my face. Honestly, I love a creamy facial but if a dick is going to just dribble out, what is the point? My husband is my cuckold and he loves watching a huge load of jizz hit his wife’s face. He was in such a kinky mood last night, so he got into my phone and texted about 6 black fuck buddies to cum jizz on me. He loves to clean me up after a gigantic load as coated me head to toe. He is a creampie husband! Antonio was the first to arrive. After him, they all showed up. I cleaned up a bit, but I was not getting fancy to get soiled! I started blowing big black dicks and my husband was my right-hand gal feeding me big black dick after another to chug down. I am an amazing cum guzzler and cock sucker. My husband isn’t bad either, especially when it comes to big black dicks. He loves sucking on a huge thick cum filled black missile. He tells me he is doing it for me as my fluffer boy. We both know he is a black cock faggot. When I was covered in black cream, my cucky boy went ape shit cleaning me up. I love being a slut wife and a black cock whore. I am so lucky that my husband likes being a black cock faggot and a creampie slut.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Cuckold Fun

cum slut phone sexI am such a cum slut phone sex whore and I love it. I love getting my tits lathered in thick, chunky black sperm then making my husband lick it off. I am a cum slut, but so is my husband. He gobbles off every load of black spunk on or in my body. I had a gangbang last night. It wasn’t a typical gangbang. I invited ten of my favorite black bulls to circle jerk on me. I ended up blowing them too of course because I love the feel of black cock in my mouth. The objective however, was to get the biggest cum shot from multiple cocks on my boobs so my husband could have a special treat. He has been working so hard this summer on a big case that has kept him away from much of the fun. Normally, my husband is a fly on the wall enjoying my cheating shenanigans with big black cocks. My black bulls enjoy him watching. I love him there too. I love my husband. It is not cheating when he is there watching and stroking his little dick as a stamp of approval. He loves watching me with my black posse of pussy pleasers. Telling him all about the pleasure black men have been giving me is not the same as having him there to witness the hot taboo fun. I knew he was going to be home last night. A black cock whore like me can get many black studs together in a heart beat, so I did just that. I wanted my cuckold husband to have an end of a big case celebration. He got it too. He watched 10 hung young black studs jizz all over my big boobs. Thick, chunky strands of black bull sauce freshly anointed on my jugs for him to lick off. He said he felt like he won the lottery. Would you feel that way too?

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