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Cuckolding Phone Sex with BBC

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is a blast, especially with big black cocks. Look at this beast of a cock I am sucking. I was not the only one sucking on it either. I had my husband helping. He is a good fluffer. He wasn’t always a good cock sucker. I remember the first time he sucked dick. My husband is not gay. He is not even bi-sexual. He is just a cuckold. Sure, I guess you could say he is a black cock faggot because he only sucks black cock. He will never slurp on a white dick. Occasionally, I do find a well-endowed white man to fuck, but when I do, my husband doesn’t want to watch. He likes black cock phone sex like you. When he heard I had Javier coming over last night, he couldn’t wait. That is because Javier has a beautiful thick black cock. My husband sucked his cock before I did. He sucked him after I fucked him too. That is his favorite way to taste my cunt juice-on a big thick black cock. My husband is a good black cock faggot. He fluffs better than many women give head. He watches with love and admiration. He cleans up. I love my cuckold husband.

Black Cock Phone Sex: I Get Great Service

black cock phone sexDo you like black cock phone sex stories? Here is one for you. Yesterday, I was out running errands. It was hotter than hell out in Chicago. My car broke down. I thought perhaps it was over heated, but it wouldn’t shift. My mechanic is a black god. He Face Timed me to see if he could trouble shoot my issue. He didn’t want me out in the heat melting for too long, so he sent a tow truck to get me because AAA was going to be a 4 hour wait. I get personal service because I am a hot white woman who can handle his big black cock. He has been fucking my white pussy for a decade. Ever since I had a finder binder and his shop was a block away. I rode with the tow driver to the shop. My Lexus needed a shift cable and my pussy needed a fat gear shift. While Don’s workers fixed my car, I road Don’s fat black cock in his office. I could see the guys working on my car while I fucked that big black cock. It was just what I needed after a rough morning. I was squirting all over my hot mechanic’s fat fuck stick. Don loves fucking my married white pussy. He told me I class up his dick. He doesn’t get many women like me in his shop. I go anywhere if the service is great. I may have money, but that don’t make me a snob. The boys in the hood have always taken good care of me and my fuck holes. And Don took care of my car and my pussy. I drove my Lexus back home with the biggest cum shot up my married cunt and the biggest smile on my face. I get excellent service in the hood.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex on the Beach

exhibitionist phone sexI have an exhibitionist phone sex story for you. My husband and I went to a nude beach over the weekend. My husband was so brave to show his little dick in public. I was proud to show off my hot body. I look amazing. I was hoping to see some big dicks. I wanted to bring a hung lover back to our Air B and B house for the night. There were no black guys on the beach that I saw, so I took a stroll. I was looking up and down the adult beach for a worthy fuck buddy. Eventually, I found one. Roy was coming back from surfing. He walked out of the water like a Greek god. He was buff, chiseled and hung. He stopped me before I had a chance to ask him if he wanted to fuck. He asked if I was married. I retorted, “What would it matter if I was?” He checked out my sexy milf body and I checked out his ample cock. I estimated him to be about 10-inches limp, so likely 13-inches when fully erect. I knew how to make him fully erect too. Although it was an adult beach, there was no sex allowed. My husband and I rented a cabana in case I saw something I wanted. A cabana is just a small privacy tent, but I just needed to be on my knees to suck his anaconda. He was impressed that I could take every inch of him. Of course, I could. I am a big dick sucker. I have been sucking big black dicks for decades. Roy gave me the biggest cum shot down my throat. I could have left it at that, but I wanted my husband to watch me with my stud. We were on vacation. Roy was happy to come back to our beach house and fuck. That was when my cuckold husband got his treat. He loves to watch his slut wife be a black cock whore, even on vacation.

Panty Boy Phone Sex

panty boy phone sexI have a secret fetish for panty boy phone sex. My stepson is home from college, and he brought a friend home for a few days recently. The boy has never been to Chicago. My stepson has a summer job, so he left early one morning, leaving me alone with his friend as my husband was at work too. Honestly, I didn’t think twice about it. The boy is sweet. I slept it in, but when I woke up, I discovered the lad in my bathroom playing with my panties. He wasn’t just sniffing them or jacking off in them. He was trying them on. I walked into the bathroom in nothing but my purple lace panties and asked him to give me a show. I love a boy in panties, especially if they are my panties. People make the mistake often about panty boys. Just because a man likes to wear panties, doesn’t mean he is gay or a sissy. In fact, I was shocked to discover what a big cock my stepson’s friend had! He had an albino snake hiding in my panties. I made him try on several of my panties. I modeled a few too. The next thing I knew, we were both in my panties on the bathroom floor fucking like wild animals. What can I say? He looked great in my panties. Of course, now the panties he was wearing are stretched out because of his big cock, but I can afford to buy more panties. I just hope he plans to visit again to try on all the new sexy panties I bought for him to play with on his next visit! Fucking a young stud wearing my panties is not something I do often. I guess it is my phone sex fetish!

Big Cum Shots on Tits for My Husband

cum shots on titsI have plenty of cum shots on tits photos. Not from my husband’s cock though. He could never put that much jizz on me. His load wouldn’t fill a thimble. The load on my tits is from a black lover. One powerful big black cock. And this was just his first load. He shot even more on me the second time around. Black men can cum bucket loads of cum. They can cum multiple times in a night also. Sometimes, I think a black man never needs any down time. It is like some black men are always erect. Maurice never went soft. Not after any of his 5 cums. Not after 6 hours of fucking either. My husband was amazed. He can barely get hard, let alone stay hard. But my husband is white man with a 3-inch clit stick. Maurice is a black man with a 13-inch snake in his pants.  No wonder he is a fuck machine. He has all that extra testosterone that my loser husband lacks. Last night my husband got a special treat. He got to lick the biggest cum shot off my perfect tits. By the time Maurice was done cumming for the night, my boobs looked like someone spilled a gallon of milk on them. It felt like a gallon of cum. My husband is such a good cuckold he licked it all off my boobs and he enjoyed every ounce of that black spunk.

Cheating Phone Sex with an Italian Stallion

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is what a BBC whore does. I cheat on my husband with big black dicks. Once in awhile, I will cheat on him with a white guy. One with a big dick of course. Rocco has an Italian Stallion cock. He is my private masseuse. My husband hires him from time too time to work out the kinks in my back. Neither of us knew he had an 11-inch cock. I know a few white guys with big dicks, so it is not unheard of. Rocco was over yesterday. I tore my scapula muscle twisting my body to suck a cock while I was riding one. But that is between us. My doctors think I did it dismounting from a horse. The muscle relaxers help, but my loving husband asked Rocco to come over. His massage was what I needed for my back, but his cock was what I needed for my pussy. I was feeling good. No pain. I was horny. I started stroking Rocco’s Italian sausage through his pants. Next thing we all knew, I was riding his cock. Don’t worry. The only other cock in the room was my husband and I never want to suck that small thing. I don’t know if it was the massage or the nice fucking that cured me, but my back is all better now thanks to Rocco.

Black Cock Phone Sex for Father’s Day

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex for Father’s Day at our place happened yesterday. My husband was married once before me. He has a daughter, so he is a daddy. I have turned his daughter into a black cock whore like me. She only dated white losers until I intervened. Now, she is a black cock junkie like me. She was over last night for a family dinner to celebrate Father’s Day. My husband is a cuckold. He loves black cock almost as much as me and his daughter do. I decided to give him a special celebration. Sure, a nice meal, time with his daughter and golf clubs was a nice celebration, but it is not a celebration without big black cock. My stepdaughter invited her boyfriend over for dessert. He just didn’t realize he was the dessert. My husband had to watch me fuck his daughter’s boyfriends. He had to watch his daughter fuck her hung black boyfriend. He had to watch his wife and his daughter lick black spunk out of each other’s pussies. He was in heaven. He loved every moment of it. He loves it when a black man gives me the biggest cum shot inside my pussy for him to clean out, so my stepdaughter’s boyfriend had to fuck me a second time, so I had a load of cum for him to eat out of my pussy. It was Father’s Day after all. I wanted him to enjoy every moment as much as his daughter and I did.

Cheating Phone Sex with a BBC Loving Wife

cheating phone sexIf you are into cheating phone sex calls, you need a black cock slut wife. I cheat with only the best cocks because otherwise what is the point? Women are different than men. We cheat for different reasons. Either we aren’t satisfied sexually, or we aren’t happy in our marriage. People make the mistake of thinking I am unhappily married. My husband is my soul mate and my best friend. We are perfect for each other. We just don’t fuck because he has a small cock. No one is perfect and marriage is a compromise. Our marriage works because I get black men to do the one and only thing, he cannot do for me which is make me cum. My husband is almost always there to watch me get fucked. He loves seeing his black cock whore wife do what she does best. Is your marriage so progressive? You might need some cuckolding phone sex therapy to have the perfect marriage like me. I love knowing I am helping a sexy wife get the sexual satisfaction she needs. I also enjoy making small dick husbands black cock faggots like my husband. Don’t knock this lifestyle until you try it. I have been happily married to my black cock faggot for over20 years.

Cuckolding Phone Sex with Black Cock

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is heightened with big black cocks. If you are going to cheat on your husband, make it count for something. I love BBC. They are big and thick. They stay hard for hours. They cum buckets of jizz. And, the best thing is, they love to shame white husbands for their shameful dicks. Terry is one of my favorite black lovers. He has 12-inch cock and he will fuck my husband’s back door pussy. My husband is only gay for black cocks lol. He is not gay at all. He is a submissive cuckold. I force him sometimes to take black cock when I am feeling extra dominate. My husband never fights it. He may not like it. He may hurt the next day, but if one of my lovers wants to prison fuck his ass, he bends over and spreads his cheeks. It was hot for me to see Terry give my husband a hardcore ass fucking while he shamed his inadequate dick. Don’t feel sorry for my husband. He came hard with a big black cock up his ass. Just like you would I bet. In my marriage, there are no limits. Is your marriage so open?

Black Cock Phone Sex Sissies

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex was popular yesterday. I spoke to a guy who gets it. He is not a black cock faggot. He is more of a sissy slave. He understands that black cock is superior and better suited to please women than white dick. It was nice to talk to some one who has already been trained. He had a mistress for years who made him watch black cock subliminal movies. Those are movies of white women fucking black cock with white men watching while subliminal messages flash on the screen like “Black is Better,” “Your wife wants a big black cock,” and “You have a small white dick.” These sorts of videos are all over Porn Hub and similar companies. They are geared to men who like the idea of women like me. Women who are black cock whores and know size matters. I love a good sissy phone sex slave. Someone who knows he is not worthy of me but wants to serve me any way he can. Sissies are highly entertaining. They watch black cock videos with you. They sing little songs. They do as they are told no matter how humiliating it may be to them. And, they shame their own tiny dicks. Pure amusement for a dominant size queen like me. Are you a black cock sissy? I would love to play with you too.

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