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Cheating Phone Sex with BBC

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share, especially ones involving big black dicks. I am a slut wife. I live in Chicago, which means there are plenty of black cocks to choose from. Most black men hit on me first. Rarely, do I need to start the conversation. Black men will always be attracted to white women, even if they are married to black women. Honestly, I try to fuck single black men because there are plenty of them around, but sometimes a man is just too sexy to turn away. Taye is married to a professional black woman. One I respect. She is an author. A rich one too. Taye comes from money. They are a successful black couple. I hear African American women complaining that white women are taking all the good black men away from them. I honestly do not want to be like that because I am never marrying a black man. I am happily married to a white rich man with a tiny dick. I just need to borrow black cock. Normally, the black men I am fucking are young, hung and single. Taye hit on me hard at a political fundraiser. I was dressed to the nines. Now, he thought I did not know who he was, but I am a smart and sophisticated woman. I know who the movers and shakers are in Chicago. I told him I knew his wife, but he did not stop pushing to get into my panties. He had me cornered in an unused room in the banquet facility. He whipped out his 13-inch cock and I was like who is your wife? I had stars in my eyes for his beautiful cock. I was just going to borrow it for 7 minutes of heaven, so no harm, right? I got the biggest cum shot to the face from one the biggest black cocks even I have ever seen. I cleaned myself up while he went back to mingle. All I could do was ponder my rule about married men. If that rule is meant to be broken. His cock is the reason.

Black Cock Phone Sex for Father’s Day

black cock phone sexPeople ask me all the time what I have been doing on quarantine. Black cock phone sex is what I have been doing. I have done a lot of black men too. I love fucking and as a BBC whore, no virus is going to keep me away from big black cocks. I am not a mother, but I am a stepmom which makes my husband a daddy. I wanted to celebrate Father’s Day for him, so I had a black cock gangbang while he watched. My husband is my cuckold. He loves being married to a BBC slut. I wanted him to enjoy his special day. His daughter and I took him to brunch first. After she left, I had five black studs come over to really celebrate. My husband was in for a treat. I am good at multitasking cocks. I sat on one big black cock, I sucked another one and I stroked off a few others. We played musical cocks, so every big black cock got one of my slut wife holes. You know what that means? It means a lot of cum in my cunt and ass for my cuckold husband. I am always down for some messy creampie phone sex. My husband was down on his knees cleaning up my fuck holes after every load was dropped inside me. He is a great cum guzzler. I mean he was in me deep with that greedy tongue. He even sucked a few big black cocks too. My lovers enjoyed taunting him about the fact that the only time he can taste his wife’s pussy is after it has been on a real man’s cock. That is the truth too. It was a perfect Father’s Day. My husband loves helping his slut wife clean up all those chocolate treats.

Mature Phone Sex Exhibitionism

mature phone sexMature phone sex women are the best. We have less taboos and do more kinky things. I have always been a black cock fan. In high school, my first boyfriend was a black football player. He ruined me for white men. But BBC is not my only kink. I indulge all sorts of fantasies and kinks. I do a lot of foot fetish calls. Recently, I have gotten into exhibitionism too. I have a hot body. I used to do amateur bodybuilding in my 20s and 30s. I still work out, but I no longer compete. I fell into porn because I met a porn director on the bodybuilding circuit. In my 30s and 40s I did a bunch of BBC photo shoots and a few live action shorts. Obviously, if I was a bodybuilder and a quasi porn star, I have no problem showing off my sexy body. For whatever reason, I just never exposed my body in public to strangers. I was at a public pool the other day and some black lads were checking me out. I know when I am getting checked out. With social distancing regulations in place, the pool was not as crowded as usual. I took a risk. I was setting in a shaded chair. I took off my bikini and turned it towards the lads. They looked around and back at me and I signaled them over. One boy on each side. I jacked their young black cocks knowing I could be caught and arrested at any moment. These cocks were not full grown yet, but they were bigger than my husband already. I was not wanting to get arrested, so I invited them home to fuck me. Been awhile since I had jailbait cock, but when the young cocks are black, they are still better fucks than full grown white men.

My Husband Loves BBC Creampie Phone Sex

creampie phone sexI offer a special kind of creampie phone sex. I am a BBC queen. Chocolate rules my world. Chocolate cocks and chocolate cum.  I am a size queen, and everyone knows the biggest cocks are almost always black. I came home today with a cum filled cunt. My pussy needed to be filled up and stretched out, so I got a few big black dicks while my husband was working from home. I came home looking well fucked and glowing. I even had a swagger about me. My husband got up from his desk and asked if I had a treat for him. I was happy to tell him I had a few treats inside my wet bald pussy with his name on them. He laid on the ground and I sat on his face. My husband is a wonderful provider for me. He is also a good cuckold and BBC faggot. He loves chocolate milk and I had a bunch to give him too. I had three loads of black cock spunk in my pussy. It was fresh too. As he laid on the floor, I sat on his face. He licked and tongued my cum filled pussy trying to get at his favorite drink. He sucked out every last drop and he cleaned my ass too because he knows I will take a big black cock up that hole too. I am a slut wife. I am a BBC whore. And I love cuckolding my black cock faggot husband.


Mature Phone Sex Women Can Handle Those BBCs

mature phone sexMature phone sex women need fucked too. Many guys my age think I have a sexual expiration date. They are interested in women half their age. They soon find out that the grass is not always greener. Younger girls look good, but for the most part, they are inexperienced and needy. They use sex to get things and to be spoiled. Mature women want sex. I have my own money. I do not need to be wined and dined, even offered a tribute to fuck. I just need a big cock. My husband snapped these pictures of me last week for some dating apps. I know what you are thinking. Why would I be on a dating app when I am married. I am happily married too. My husband is my cuckold. He loves helping me get cock. Big black cock. There are many differences between black men and white men, most notably cock size. But another difference is that black men find mature women sexier than younger girls. It comes from security in their sexual prowess. White men often think a younger girl will be excited about their average or even little dick because she is either just about their money or she has not had enough sexual experience yet to realize that his cock is pathetic. Black men want an older woman because we can handle those big black cocks. They are attracted to our experience and our skills. Within a few minutes with my pics on this black cock for slut wives site, I had over 100 emails from black men ranging in age from 18 to 60 down to fuck this sexy slut wife. White men can have younger girls. There are plenty mature women being black cock phone sex whores. Black men know older women know just how to drain those black balls.

Mature Phone Sex BBC Whore

mature phone sexAs a mature phone sex woman, I get a lot of mommy calls even though my specialty is cuckolding and big black cocks. I am not a mommy, but I am a step mommy and an aunt. I like younger guys, especially if they are hung. My stepdaughter has been with us for a couple weeks now. A few years ago, I had to intervene with the girl because she was dating losers. White boys with small dicks who abused her and treated her like shit. I had to help her. She is family. Under my tutelage she has transformed from an insecure girl to a confident BBC whore. I came home from my first salon appointment in months and she was fucking a young black stud in my bed. The bed I share with her loser daddy. I was smiling watching them. It was a proud black cock phone sex whore moment. That girl was getting what she deserved. The lad was nervous. He had no idea who her step mommy was. I took off my clothes and I joined them. She never minds sharing a black cock with her sexy milf stepmom. She out did herself too. He was hung like a horse. He was 19 with a dick like a porn star. I sat my mommy pussy on my stepdaughter’s face and sucked her lover’s anaconda. I could not get him all the way down my throat and that is saying something. I let her get my pussy wet for her lover. She guided his cock in my pussy and sucked on his big black cum filled balls while we fucked. That boy got the best of both worlds. Two bbc whores, one young and one not so young. And we got to snowball all that cum together. I am so proud of her. I could not love her more if she were my very own.

Black Girl and Black Cock Phone Sex

black cock phone sexI am known as a black cock phone sex whore. It is true I love big black dicks. My pussy is almost exclusively reserved for black cock. Every now and then, I like some black pussy too. Ericka is a black hot teen slut. I fuck her daddy a few times a month. He is a single dad because mommy is a crack whore and in prison. I have no daughters of my own. I have a niece and a stepdaughter. Ericka, my lover’s daughter, is like a surrogate daughter to me. She has no mommy and I help her out with boy issues, schoolwork and shopping. I was there for her when she started her period. I was there for her when her crush pranked her into thinking he liked her. I was there for her when her white loser boyfriend was treating her like shit. And I was there for her last night when she wanted to try a bisexual experience with another schoolgirl. I had to teach her a few things first, however. I ate her young bald pussy until she squirted on my face. When it comes to young black girls, the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. She started convulsing as she came. It was her first orgasm. I had no idea. She was not a virgin. I explained to her that she deserves many things in life. She deserves orgasms. She deserves boys who will treat her right. And she deserves big dick. I got out my strap-on to fuck her like she deserves. My strap-on is 9-inches and thick. I told her to never settle for less than this size in cocks right before I pushed it inside her pink cunt. She was cumming again. I hit the right spot and gave her a hot squirting pussy. Last night was a first for me. Ericka is not the first black girl I have played with, but she was the first black girl to eat my pussy with her daddy’s cum still in my cunt.

young Bald pussy

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

foot fetish phone sex Do you enjoy foot fetish phone sex? I had a home spa day. I cannot wait until the salons upon back up. I am no pedicurist, but I have beautiful polished toes, and silky soft feet now. And there is nothing I enjoy more than showing off my pretty pedicured feet on a nice hard throbbing cock, especially a big black one! Something kind of sexy about the contrast of my small white feet on a monster black cock. I have this one black bull, that has a huge cock, over 13 inches; he prefers his cock between my feet than my tight little pussy or ass! Can you relate? Normally, my feet are the consolation prize for tiny white dicks I would never fuck, but for this black bull, my feet are all he wants. When he texted me for a foot pic, I hustled to make my feet pretty for him.

At first, I thought if I gave him a foot job naked, he would be enticed by my wet bald pussy and eventually beg to fuck me with his monster cock. But he kept insisting that his cock preferred my tiny white, smooth feet. I like giving foot jobs; just not as much as I love getting a huge piece of dark meat up my fuck holes. I start teasing the cock with my pretty painted toes. Swirled my big toe over the purple head, traced all the bulging veins that popped out on his cock. Then, I massaged his huge black balls with my toes. Softly kneading them until I heard him moan and felt pre cum leaking out of the head of his cock. I took my big toe, and played with that pre cum. I am very flexible, so I can suck cum of my own toes.

His cock got harder watching me feed myself his pre-cum. That was when I started rubbing his cock between my feet like I was trying to start a fire. That fire quickly got put out by a large explosion of creamy, wet cum. I rubbed his fresh jizz all over his cock, making sure it squished in between my toes. When I milked all his cum out of his cock, I fed my feet to my mouth to clean up the mess.

I keep hoping he will fuck me soon, but I do love the feel of his dark meat between my pretty white feet. Maybe your cock would like the feel of my freshly pedicured feet on your cock too? What is your phone sex fetish?

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Cum Shots on Tits

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits look great, especially if the tits are big like mine. My husband has always been a fan of cum on my tits. Not his cum, however. My husband cannot fill a thimble with his cum let alone coat my big jugs. I had a couple black studs over last night. They were new to me. I met them at the park. They were buying weed and thought I had no clue what was going on because I was an old white woman. I told them I had better grass at home. I was certain of it because I get my weed from Colorado. I get the legal medicinal stuff; it is just not legal in my state. Not quite yet at least. They were intrigued. So was I. They were tall with big hands. They looked like basketball players. Tall black boys often have even longer black cocks. It was possible that I was not their type. Not all black boys like mature white women. But I am fine for any age. I have big tits and a rocking body, plus I teased them with primo weed. They followed me home. We got high and we fucked. Their cocks were just as big as I thought they might be. They were down to fuck a sexy milf phone sex slut. They did not want to cum inside of me, however. They did not trust me. Silly boys thought I was going to try to get pregnant and make them pay support. I am in my 50s. I do not have baby fever lol. Two, my husband likely makes more money in a month than they do combined in a year. I do not beg for anything, so I just told them to cum on my boobs. They shot big loads of jizz over my boobs and left. I let my husband lick their cream off my jugs. I got black cock and my cuckold hubby got to eat some cum.

Black Cock Phone Sex Slut

black cock phone sexI am a black cock phone sex queen because I fuck black dicks outside of my phone life. Lots of phone whores say they are black cock sluts, but few have the real-life experiences I do. I have been a black cock loving slut since I first sprouted tits. My first boyfriend was black. I was a high school cheerleader dating the football star. He ruined me for white dick. I have had countless BBC in my fuck holes. I have been fucked so many times by monster cocks, that 8 inches seems small. In fact, most white dicks seem small to me in comparison. I have dildos bigger than white cocks. Today, I had a cock that was so big I had to measure it. I mean this was a porn star hall of fame cock. Bigger than John Holmes or Sean Michaels. Just about 14 inches hard is what I measured. My pussy was so wet at the sight of that mamba snake. Most of the big black dick I fuck, and suck is around ten inches. Every now and then, I get a foot-long cock, but one that is damn near a foot and a half long, is a rare occasion.

The bearer of this monster cock thought I was out of my league. He was my Grub Hub delivery guy and did not think a white rich woman could handle his cock.  “No way you can take this,” he said to me. Clearly, he did not know me. When it comes to BBC, I never say no. I got naked and bounced on a foot-long black dildo, so he could see my talent.  I did a few vocal exercises to stretch my throat out, warm it up before I assaulted it with a huge piece of dark meat. He watched me work every bit of his 14 inches down my throat. My eyes watered; I felt my gag reflex pulsating, but I kept sucking. No way I was not up to the challenge of his monster cock. I grabbed the black dildo I prepped with and crammed it up my cunt as I deep throated the biggest dick I have swallowed. I started bouncing on it, creaming all over the place, as his huge ass black balls tried to suffocate me. I think he dented my tonsils. I was going to need a box of popsicles later. When he came it felt like a volcano exploded. Such force. His cum sprayed the back of my throat with such intensity, my mouth dislodged from his cock. I even stumbled a bit. As I crawled back to his cock to slurp off all his cum, he smacked my face with his dick, and made me get him hard again. This time I got to fuck him. Thank god for frozen vegetables and ice packs.

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