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black cock phone sexMy black cock phone sex lovers love going to the glory hole with me. I have one special black cock faggot who is so desperate for big black cock, he will go to the homeless shelter in his town to score some. He was inspired by reading an erotic story by a nurse who was surprised by how hung the black men in her local shelter were. She was there to give some basic medical services to homeless men. She saw a few big black cocks and it changed her world view. I have long said, “Seeing is believing.” Most white men in denial about their small dicks, think the big black cocks on the internet are computer enhanced or just a fake dildo made to look real. Once they see one up close; once they have one in their mouths, however, they become black cock faggots for life like my caller and my husband. My caller loves going to the glory holes with me to suck some BBC, but he is prepping now as I write this blog for his excursion to the homeless shelter tonight. He preps with big black dildos in both his fuck holes like a good black cock faggot. I am so proud of my black cock loving faggot. He is going to get himself a black horse cock tonight. He is going to be a black cum catcher and a black ball washer. He was already out there scouting out the talent and found one homeless man with a black monster dick and plotted his return to get the biggest cum shot down his black cock loving mouth.  Like my husband, my caller knows once you go black, you don’t go back. I haven’t gone back since 1988. I am such a black cock whore that I want to help the white men of the world be black cock faggots.

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Foot Fetish Phone Sex

foot fetish phone sexHere are some pretty pics of my feet that I promised one of my foot fetish phone sex callers I would post. I keep my feet looking pretty. Honestly, I love footjobs. It is a way to measure up a cock quickly. I have a size 7 foot. Not too small, not too big. Just right. I want to fuck cocks bigger than my feet. So, if I am giving you a foot job and my pretty feet are swallowing up your dick, a foot job is the best you can hope for. I am a cock size queen. My pussy needs more inches than my feet to satisfy me. Tony is a footjob freak. When his dick is between my size 7 feet, I can barely feel him. He is half the size of my foot. I have to laugh. I put his shrimp dick between my feet and his dick disappears. I tease him about the fact that every black cock I fuck makes his dick look like a big toe at best. He loves the small cock humiliation phone sex. He knows he will never get pussy. He couldn’t pay me to fuck him. He would fall out of me, just like a toe would. If you have a small dick, my feet are the best you can hope for loser. My pussy is for big black cocks only.

Incest Phone Sex with BBC

incest phone sexI am not known for incest phone sex, but I do like playing mommy. I don’t have any offspring of my own. I have spent my life focused on getting those big black cocks up my pussy. I do have a pretty step-daughter, however. She is my husband’s girl from his first marriage. She is in her 20s now. I have known her most of her life. She is dating a loser. He is not a loser because he is white. He is a loser because he has a 3-inch dick and does nothing to please her. She is like a daughter to me, so I needed to have a heart to heart conversation with her. I invited one of my young black stallions over for this conversation. She is not your typical younger girl. She doesn’t like men too much older than her. For me, age doesn’t matter, only cock size does. I had the perfect guy for her. Jordan is a professor at the University of Chicago. He is only 30, but smart as a whip. Smart enough to know that fucking a married white woman is the way to go. I knew my stepdaughter would like him. He is not ghetto. He is educated, handsome and close to her age.  She knows I am a black cock whore and she knows her dad is my cuckold. She has just never shown as much interest in big black cocks like I did at her age. That all changed during our heart to heart. I showed her there are great men with big cocks and that black men with big cocks please white women. Jordan ate her pussy. He tossed her salad. He finger fucked her. He made her cum several times as in a hot squirting pussy cum before he even fucked her. After they were both spent, my lovely stepdaughter couldn’t even remember he loser boyfriend’s name. Mission accomplished.

Cheating Phone Sex at the Glory Hole

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is what a slut wife does best. I know how to cheat with the best too. Is it really cheating when your husband approves and knows though? He wanted to watch me be super dirty last night. I mean dirtier than I usually am. So, I took him with me to a glory hole that I love. It is almost always black cocks peeking through the glory holes at this one adult bookstore on the upper east side of Chicago. I made my husband wear a pair of my pink panties and a t-shirt that reads, “My wife is a black cock slut.” Part of the fun with fucking and sucking big black cocks is shaming my husband. I enjoy small cock humiliation phone sex. It goes with being a cuckolding wife. I had a collar on my husband’s neck that said “Sissy” and I walked him into the book store like a slut wife ready to suck some big black cock. The room was full of black cocks in holes. We were the only ones in the room. I hate to see black cock being neglected, so I put my husband to work. He is a good fluffer. He doesn’t like that tidbit getting around, but he is the best fluffer for black cocks. He is a black cock faggot. I made him one, but once you go black you don’t go back. I know that all too well. Those cocks were popping off in our mouths quickly. It was hard to keep up with all the cum, but we are both black cock cum guzzlers, so none went to waste. If any fell on the floor, my cuckold husband licked it up because he is well trained. It was a hot day spent with my husband. Ain’t love grand?

Hot Ass Sex with a Young Black Girl

hot ass sexI had hot ass sex with a girl. A young black girl who was the baby sister of a black lover. He didn’t tell me she was in the house when I was riding his big black cock. She kept peaking in on our fuck session, but my back was turned to her, so I never saw her until I was getting ready to leave. She gave me a look. Not a what is a white woman doing in our house sort of look, but more of what is it like to be with a mature white woman look. I was happy to show her what her big brother knows. I asked him for permission to play with his baby sister and he pulled out his cock as a sign of approval. He wanted to watch me lick her chocolate pussy. She was no virgin to lesbian sex, but I was her first mature woman and her first white woman. Her pussy was yummy. The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. She was juicy like a peach. I gave her a hot squirting pussy. Her first. Her brother came when she squirted all over my face. He fucked me again afterwards. She watched and rubbed her young shaved pussy. It was a hot encounter.

MILF Phone Sex

milf phone sexI love milf phone sex. Not all the young guys I fuck are black. Many are, but I can spot a future porn star cock at any age. I know cock size and when I meet a young lad with growing potential, I am happy to be his Mrs. Robinson. I met Jeremy at the mall over the weekend. I was doing some shopping when I realized I had an admirer. He was following me from store to store. Handsome boy. I was sure he was still in high school, but I love attention and he was giving it to me. I confronted him at Victoria Secret’s. When he told me I was the sexiest woman he had ever seen, I got wet. For a moment, it didn’t matter what his cock size was because he was cute and crushing on me big time. I pushed him into one of the changing rooms. I stripped him naked and was happy to see he had a nice sized cock and was still growing. The boy was a quarter of the age of my husband and 4 times his size and growing. I felt reckless. I mean anyone in the store could have seen me push this boy into the changing room. He wasn’t screaming for help, however. He was happy to be molested by a sexy mature woman. I blew his cock and it grew another couple of inches. He was plenty big enough for my mature phone sex pussy. I rode his cock until he exploded inside me. He wasn’t black. He wasn’t my age. He wasn’t the biggest cock I have ever fucked either. But he was one of the best lays I have had in a long time. Maybe I have been wrong counting out young guys. This teen boy had a surprisingly big cock for any age.

Adult Phone Chat with Brian

adult phone chatUsually when guys call me for adult phone chat they are black cock faggots. Most of my callers are tiny dick losers and cuckold wannabes. When Brian called me, I flat out asked him which one he was. I was pleasantly surprised to discover he was a white man with a 9-inch thick cock. He was not a white loser. A 9-inch cock of any color gets to fuck my married white pussy. The big white cock may not be as common as the big black cock, but it is not a myth either. They exist and when I meet one, this cock size queen falls to her knees and slurps on that pulsating rod. I loved the feel of Brian’s dick in my mouth. My mouth was stuffed balls deep with thick cock. His pre-cum was filling up my mouth. Brian appreciates my womanly body. I look great for 50. He had milf phone sex fever, especially when I bent over and showed off my ample ass. I got an ass fucking to remember too. My ass and pussy got filled with white chocolate and I was squirting all over that dick. Brian surprised me with his big dick, but I heard the masculinity in voice. I don’t know why I asked if he was a cuckold or a tiny dick loser because I could hear it in his voice that he was all man. What will I hear in your voice?

Cuckolding Phone Sex Fun

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex never gets old, especially when my cuckold is like my black cock faggot husband. I had a great time last night talking to a black cock sissy. He understands that black cock is superior and that hot white women like me need a real man with a real cock. This sissy loser I talked too had a 1.5-inch dick.  My husband is a huge loser, but he has a cock twice as big as my cuckold black cock faggot caller. I still wouldn’t fuck either of them even if you combined their dicks. I need big black cock. Like my husband, my little cuck caller loves those anacondas. Unlike many of my callers, he was self-aware. Since he was a teen boy, he knew he had a small dick and would never satisfy women. My husband took years with my help to realize that. I watched black cock porn and shamed a white man for his little inadequate cock. It was just like my marriage. My husband is a great cuckold, but he had to be taught how to be one. I like them already self-aware like my caller. Do you know you deserve small cock humiliation phone sex or do you need to be broken?

Sexy Foot Fetish Phone Sex

foot fetish phone sexFoot fetish phone sex is something even some of my black lovers enjoy too. I have this one hung stud, Marcus. He has an 11-inch cock and he loves me in stockings. Here is the catch. He likes it when I wear one black stocking on my foot so he can compare it to his cock. I have a size 8 foot. My feet are bigger than most white men. I know I have a big cock when it is bigger than my foot! Marcus massages my feet, sucks on my toes and rubs his cock against the soles of my feet. I love feeling his black mamba snake pulsating against my foot. I especially love giving him a foot job. I love foot jobs. It just reminds me how big a stud’s cock is when I put my big foot against it, and it is still bigger. Marcus begged for a foot job last night. With my one bare foot and my one stocking clad foot, I massaged his massive cock until he coated my feet with his cum. His hot seed felt amazing running between my toes. He even joked afterwards that he could get my entire foot in his mouth, but I struggled to go balls deep with his cock in my mouth. I am a big black cock sucker, but 11-inches is a lot of cock, even for a black cock phone sex whore.

All Girls Need Black Cock Phone Sex

black cock phone sexSome girls need black cock phone sex too. I have a few women in my family that waste their time with white losers. Men with thin wallets and small cocks. The girls in my family deserve better. That is why I invited my sister’s daughter over. My sister told me her baby girl has a punk ass boyfriend who makes her pay his bills. I needed to set this girl straight. Let her know it doesn’t work that way. The men pay us. The men take care of us, especially if they have a small dick. I brought my niece over. I had a surprise for her, a big chocolate one that would make her forget her loser boyfriend. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Andy’s 11-inch anaconda cock. I had to teach her a few things. It is a struggle to go from 3 to 11-inches overnight. I gave her some olive oil to coat her throat before I taught her the art of a deep throat blow job. She couldn’t wait to bounce on his cock. It was going to take a lot of lube to make her a black cock spinner. I fingered her cunt with lube to make it extra wet, then watched as her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she took every fucking inch of Andy’s massive rod on the first try. My niece is a natural black cock whore. Must run in the family.

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