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black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is what I do best. I love slurping on an anaconda in need of a white slut wife. My husband loves watching me take a 15-inch cock that is very thick too in my mouth. He is a good cock sucker, but not as good as me. Not all my black studs want a loser husband anywhere near their magnificent cock. Joel is not one of those men. Joel spent 15 years in prison. While there, he had a few white bitches he used regularly. He loves shaming and skull fucking white men, especially if they have little dicks and tight assholes like my husband. I don’t normally fuck ghetto boys, but Joel is not really a hood rat. He was in prison for a white-collar crime, but he had to adopt a gangbanger persona to survive the hierarchy. That included fucking white guys incarcerated. He has been out of prison 5 years now, but he can’t shake his need for tight white male ass or subby little bitches like my husband. Joel treats me like his queen, but my husband as his little prison bitch. I must admit that I got a hot squirting pussy watching Joel ass fuck my husband until he cried. Joel doesn’t go gently on white male assholes. My husband’s back door pussy is still gaped and sore today. I love my husband, but it so hot to see one of my black bulls turn him into a sissy bitch and black cock faggot. Jealous?

Cheating Phone Sex at The Glory Hole

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is the best when your slut wife is fucking big black cocks. I know a thing or two about being a slut wife and fucking big black cocks. A few months ago, I discovered a black glory hole at one of the local parks. Now, I think it is mostly for men on the down low who want to suck cock, but a few straight men and plenty of women go to this park during the day to get their freak on. I don’t need to troll for black cock because I am a BBC whore. I have a large stable of black studs that will come fuck me any time of the day with just a text.  I am an upper middle-class housewife who doesn’t need to get random cock at glory holes. That is the beauty of it. It is taboo and naughty and completely unnecessary. That is why I do it. Plus, my husband thinks it is wicked hot that I would have risky sex in a park with black men I have never even met. I don’t need to know a man to fuck him. Obviously, women like me who are trolling for some BBC at glory holes are just looking to fuck. A quick wham bam thank you ma’am sort of thing. Yesterday, I was feeling dirty, like nasty dirty. I tossed on some clothes and walked to the park. My wet bald pussy was dripping in anticipation of being a dirty whore. There was no line, so I hoped that didn’t mean there was no dick on the other side. I went to the last stall and there was a huge black cock just waiting for me. I sucked it down until my face was flush with the dirty bathroom wall. I was a nasty whore for a few moments and got my fix of black jizz. As I headed out to go home, I passed my husband coming in. I couldn’t believe it. My black cock faggot husband was ready to chug some big black dick too.

Biggest Cum Shot Late-Night Craving

biggest cum shotLately, I have been getting the biggest cum shot to my face from a certain black lover. My husband is obsessed with creamy facials. He loves watching big black cocks explode on my face. I must admit that I love a nut explosion all over my pretty face. Most of my studs want to come inside me because they don’t have to worry about getting a 46-year-old woman pregnant. I had my tubes tied years ago because I never wanted to be anything but a black cock whore. Brats take away from sucking and fucking black cocks. Last night, I had a late-night craving for black cream. My husband called up this stud that enjoys shooting his seed on my face like it’s a canvas and his dick is Jackson Pollack. My guess was that my husband had the same late-night craving I did.  My young stud always craves white milf pussy. Even though my husband and I both had to be up early today, we had an itch that had to be scratch. I blew my young hung stud until he nutted on my face. My husband couldn’t wait to snowball that creamy fresh load with his slut wife. My stud left because he too had to work early, but my husband and I stayed up playing with the mess that was left behind. My husband is such a creampie slut. Phone sex with me is all about cuckolding, BBC and cream pies.

Cum Shots on Tits and a Cuckold Husband

cum shots on titsMy husband loves cum shots on tits. My tits and someone else’s cum.  Black cock cum is what he wants to see on my big boobs. He is my cuckold. When I get a juicy and thick load of cock cream on my jugs, my cucky hubby is kneeling in submission waiting for his treat. Last night, one of my huge hung studs stopped by for a play date. He is as dark as night too. I measured his cock at 13 inches. He is like 4 times the size of my husband. When my husband stands naked next to him, talk about a black out. It is a total eclipse of my husband’s puny white clit stick. Daryl loves humiliating my husband for his short comings. He also enjoys giving me the biggest cum shot to my tits for my loser husband to lick off in front of me. My husband is a black cock faggot. He couldn’t guzzle that shit up fast enough. Daryl was hurling small dick slams and getting hard for round two while he watched. My husband is a creampie slut too. When Daryl injected load three up my pussy, my husband was chomping at the bit to clean up the freshly deposited black jizz. Sound familiar? I bet you can’t wait to clean me up either. The question is, however, are you as good as a clean up bitch as my husband?

Biggest Cum Shot from a Young Black Bull

biggest cum shotI got the biggest cum shot to the face this week. My husband took a picture of my face because he couldn’t believe all that cum came from one cock. Yes, it was a black cock, but it was not one of my usual studs. This was a boy. A teen boy who happened at our door one day looking for some odds and ends work like mowing lawn. He is too young to work a normal job in this state, but he can do yard work and household projects. He was cute, but with his age, I was not expecting a monster cock. Not yet at least. And, I had no idea that he would cum as much as a few full grown studs. I was going to hire him to do the lawn. My husband had a better idea. Hire him for stud services. He was tall for his age, plus he was black, so we both agreed he was likely hung. We knew it wouldn’t be much of a challenge to get him in my bed. Boys his age all have MILF fever. When he came the next day to mow the yard, my husband asked him if he would prefer to be paid to fuck his wife. The lad was a bit perplexed. I guess he thought it was a joke until I came out of the bedroom naked. He was too young to know about the perversions of adults. I think I gave him his first head. He didn’t last long in my expert mouth but sucking on his junior python gave me a hot squirting pussy. Seriously, his Johnson was long for his age. It was his nut sauce that really threw me for a loop. It was like a bomb explosion to my face. I need to rethink my age limit for black bulls.

Cuckolding Phone Sex Therapy

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is what I do best. It is what every wife should do with a man with a small dick. Ladies need to wake up and smell the coffee about cock size. I had to counsel a girlfriend over the weekend. She is married to an older man whose dick no longer works on demand. It works with Viagra, but it takes awhile for his dick to get hard. As mature women, we don’t always want to plan our fucking around a dick pill. When I am horny, I am not going to wait four hours for a blue pill to kick in. She is a bored trophy wife. Our lives are similar. The only difference is that she is not a black cock whore. Yet. She is not a black cock whore yet. I did plant the seed. My husband likes to take pictures of me fucking real men; he even takes some video too. I spent Friday night showing her how much fun I am having in my forties as a slut wife. My husband is her husband’s age. Flaccid dick isn’t his problem, however. He has a small dick. Before we met, he called for small cock humiliation phone sex. That was back in the days of 900 numbers in the back of dirty magazines and you had no idea who you were talking too. My husband is more self aware than my friend’s husband. He is also more open minded. He went from my cuckold to a black cock faggot quickly. Other men need to get use to a slut wife before they entertain the idea of sucking a big black cock. My husband is going to talk to her husband too. Before long, she will be a black cock slut like me and her husband will be at least a cuckold husband. May take awhile to get him on the black cock faggot bandwagon. I bet it wouldn’t take you any time, however, to suck a BBC, would it? If you need convincing, you need some phone sex therapy.

Cheating Phone Sex to Celebrate My Cuck’s Birthday

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex was what my husband got for his 60th birthday this weekend. I love my husband, but it is no secret that I am a black cock whore and he is my cuckold. My husband was out of town on business on his birthday, so I celebrated for him with Tyrese, one of the black bull’s in my stable. Tyrese is younger than me with a 10 inch cock.  The icing on the birthday cake is that he can lick pussy like it was his job. I made sure to record the birthday fuck for my cucky husband. He loves watching Tyrese make me cum over and over. I tossed in a few Happy Birthdays as I was cumming. Tyrese even said, “Happy Birthday, Loser.” That black bull fucked me hard. Lick it before you stick it. I was super wet after an hour of pussy licking. I mean he had me super wet.  His face was glistening with my cunt juice. You would think my husband could at least get pussy licking down with his 3 inch dick. But, he can’t even do that. Correction. He can if it is filled with BBC cream.  I love my husband, but he is a black cock faggot. Tyrese gave me a big creampie up my married pussy. I spread my pussy wide and pushed some cum out while telling my hubby Happy Birthday.  Damn, what a hot birthday fuck. Too bad my cucky couldn’t really eat his birthday treat!

black cock phone sex

MILF Phone Sex Summer

milf phone sexMilf phone sex is something any mature woman does.  I am known as a black cock whore and cuckolding mistress, but I recognize cock talent when I see it. Colleges are out for the summer. Chad is a neighbor boy all grown up now. He is back home after his first year of college. He came by over the weekend to mow our lawn. He was always a nice boy, very helpful. I never saw him as anything but a nice boy until this weekend. When he took off his shirt, I swooned. The boy had 6 pack abs. He filled out significantly since the last time I saw him. I offered him a cold beer. He is not old enough to drink beer, but he was in my backyard, no one would care. When I handed him the beer, I was in my bikini. I am stacked with a rocking body for a cougar. I got his attention, but it was him who has been trying to get my attention for years. I guess I just saw a white boy and not a hung stud. My blinders are off now. I am living next door to a young bull. We went into my bedroom, in my marriage bed, so I could see what I was missing all these years. I may fuck a lot of black cock, but I won’t let that keep me from a hung white boy. Chad had 9 ½ inches in his boxer briefs. I was so angry at myself for not seeing his special charm sooner. I made up for lost time. He gave me a hot squirting pussy with his fingers. He made me even wetter with his hard cock. He was playful, skilled and had as much stamina as any black bull in my stable. He has been by every morning since. He stops by for some MILF and cookies before his summer job. It is going to be a long wet summer.


Small Dick Humiliation Phone Sex

small cock humiliation phone sexSmall cock humiliation phone sex is not something every guy can handle. I have been known to make a grown man cry. I enjoy it. Some men need put in their place. Not all guys understand that they have tiny cocks. Either they had some chick who blew smoke up their ass or always made an excuse as to why she couldn’t fuck him. I am not that kind of woman.  I am a black cock whore. That makes me a cock size queen. No little white dicks are allowed in my pussy. They would fall out if I even tried. But, I would never try. Do you see this little dick in the picture? You might have to put on some glasses to see it. This guy sent me this picture of his little dick before a call. I assumed he wanted a cuck call or sissy phone sex. I was wrong. He thought he could fuck a BBC whore with a turtle dick. I think my laughter could be heard in the next county. He falsely assumed I was a submissive woman. I let black guys get away with murder if they have a monster cock, which they all do. But a small white guy will never call the shots. Just ask my husband. He has been submissive to me for decades. I made my caller cry. It was a wake up call to him. Now, it is a wake up call to you. Don’t send me photos of your little willie unless you want publicly shamed.

Black Cock Phone Sex Origins

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is my specialty. I am known for taking some big black cocks. Men like you, men like Eric, call me daily because they too are addicted to BBC. It starts with a fascination with size; quickly turns to obsession and before long you are a black cock addict like me and like my caller Eric. I like to know where it all began. My first cock ever was a black cock. My second cock ever was a little white dick. I was spoiled and ruined for white dick when I was a teen girl. No white cock would ever measure up. It was just luck that my first boyfriend in high school had a massive black cock. I asked Eric where his obsession for BBC began. He was a teen in high school, much like me. One of his friend’s dad had a rather vast collection of porn magazines. As a curious teen boy, he looked through a Hustler magazine from the 70s and discovered the controversial pictorial of Butch and Peaches. Butch was a hung black bull. Peaches was a tiny young nymph. An interracial sex pictorial was controversial for the 70s. In hindsight, this spread was tame by today’s standards. I made a collage of some of my favorite pictures from the magazine. Peaches is clearly in love with Butch’s big black cock. So was Eric. And now, so am I. Eric jacked off thinking of Butch’s bull dick. Just like I imagine you will tonight. Butch had a monster cock on him and Peaches was in awe of it like all black cock faggots and black cock whores would be. Look at it?  If you saw these pictures as a teen boy like Eric, you would understand why you crave big black dick so much. These pictures are sensual and erotic. I thanked Eric for sharing his story with me and informing me about this early interracial pictorial. I love being a phone sex therapist because of callers like Eric who share my love for big black dicks. I think I need to see if Butch is still around.

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