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black cock phone sexAre you a closeted black cock phone sex faggot? Your secret is safe with me. I won’t rat you out to your unsuspecting wife. I’m no fool. I know when you call me for a slut wife or cuckolding role play, you are hoping you will get to suck some big black dick in the process; at the very least, watch a big black dick go in and out of my white fuck holes. I won’t delude you, however. So many men think it doesn’t make them a fag if they suck cock to please their wives or for humiliation. The reality is that most men, my husband included, think cuckolding is a way to safely explore their gay fantasies. If you are a real cuckold, I bet it was your idea that your wife take a lover. You didn’t want her cheating on you behind your back. You wanted to watch. You may claim it is because you want to watch your wife get the pleasure she deserves; watch her get the pleasure you can’t give her. I know, however, it is because you want to see that big fat black dick going in and out of her. You may also try to convince yourself and your wife that you only want to taste her juices on that cock when you beg to suck it after it cums inside your wife. We both know that is just the excuse you give to be a cock sucking faggot. How do I know all this? Because I was a just a cheating slut wife when I married my husband. He was the one that insisted I fuck my black lovers in front of him. He was the one who claimed he just wanted to taste how wet I was when he put his first BBC in his mouth. I will give you the cuckolding phone sex therapy you need. I will accept the fact that you are just a black cock faggot.

Cuckolding Phone Sex: Big Cocks all Month Long

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex gives me much joy. My husband approves and encourages my cheating. In fact, for the entire month of December, he is giving me handpicked cock. Big cock is the gift that keeps on giving. Last night’s cock was amazing. It was rather surprising too. I am a black cock whore. Most of the men I fuck have big black dicks. I am not exclusively a black cock whore, because size matters the most, which means if a white cock is huge, I won’t say no. It is just that most big dicks are black. Andre is a young man my husband met out of town on a business trip. They shared a hotel room at a conference, so my husband got a glimpse of his huge trouser snake and knew he had to bring him home for me. My husband, the great cuckold that he is, flew Andre out for the week to service his cheating whore wife. Honestly, I thought my husband needed Andre for a business deal and I was there to sweeten the deal. He usually brings me home black cock because he is a black cock faggot. When I saw Andre’s foot long cock, I couldn’t help but praise my husband for his cock selection. I took a picture of Andre in his tee shirt to illustrate the size of his cock. It looks like he is hiding a snake under his tee shirt. His cock is so big, I couldn’t deep throat all of him. I tried though. My husband rubbed his little nub as I sat down on a foot long white dick and screamed like I had been stabbed. He hit my cervix, but it is always a hurts so good feeling. Andre is staying a few more days because, with a cock like that, I need time to do it justice. My husband did very well selecting Andre as my lover for the week.

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Black Cock Phone Sex on Cyber Monday

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex pairs well with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While wives are shopping, black cock faggots are calling. I have been busy all weekend between horny cuckolds, black cock faggots and my own need for black cock. I took a break from my phone sluts yesterday to get some BBC. Not just any BBC either. Marcus is very well endowed. I met him over the weekend at the gym. He stood over me to spot me on some chest presses and I could see his cock dangling down his legs. It wasn’t even semi-hard, and it was still bigger than my husband and few others combined. Marcus wanted me to see his cock. My reputation as a black cock whore is well known at the gym. Although I do like to keep my body in shape, I go to the gym for black cock primarily. It is great hunting ground. I asked Marcus if he would enjoy fucking the shit out of a hot MILF in front of her loser husband.  His smile said it all. An hour later, we were at my house and I was sucking on his black mamba snake while my husband whimpered in the corner. I love hearing him whimper. I wanted Marcus’s cock all to myself. My husband was pouting. Sometimes I share BBC with him, sometimes I tease him. Marcus enjoyed shaming my husband for being physically ill equipped to please me. Marcus was clearly enjoying the power trip over a white male. It made my pussy more wet to hear a young black man ridicule an old white man. Marcus fucked me for hours in every position possible. It was the highlight of my weekend. Don’t get me wrong. I love my phone sex cuckolds and black cock faggots, but nothing compares to sucking and fucking a huge black cock.

Cuckolding Phone Sex

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is for white guys. I have never had a black cuckold. Black men have big dicks; they are the studs, not the cuckolds. Mostly, I have black lovers only. I am a size queen and a black cock whore. However, sometimes I do encounter a well hung white man. My husband brought home a white guy last night. The intention was not for me to fuck him. He was a business associate of my husband’s in town for a big meeting. We offered him our guest bedroom instead of staying in a hotel. We had dinner and drinks, then he retired to his room. I was curious about him. He was tall and handsome, but he was white. I am not supposed to fuck my husband’s business associates. I can fuck the workers, just not the partners. His partners are all white, so no real lure for me. But Tony was different. The way he carried himself told me he was hung. I was in the living room watching a movie when he got up to use the bathroom. I peeked in to check out his junk. I am glad I did because he was an Italian Stallion. Hung like a horse and white. I know it happens, but it is not common. He caught me. I apologized. I made up an excuse. Talked about taking an Ambien and not paying attention to the light being on. He didn’t buy it. “You think you can handle this snake, Vinny,” he inquired. He didn’t know me. I assured him I knew my way around a big cock. We fucked on the couch. It was hard to not scream like a banshee because he was bottoming out on my cervix. I was squirting all over his dick. I came a few dozen times before he shot his load inside me. I normally fuck in front of my husband and don’t have secrets from him, but Tony was worth it. I slept next to my husband with his business partner’s cum leaking out of my pussy. Don’t tell my husband.

Cuckolding Phone Sex Resort

cuckolding phone sexNot every phone whore can deliver cuckolding phone sex. It is a fetish that is best delivered by someone who lives the lifestyle; a mature woman. I am a cuckold queen. Even my husband knows that. We both enjoy big black cocks. I like to think that I enjoy it more, but my husband is quite the big black cock sucker. We went to a nude resort recently. White men were only allowed if a cuck. They had to wear speedos. You can’t even see my husband’s clit in a speedo! The only naked men were the black studs. This resort was for white women to fuck black men. My husband picked out my lover for the night. Marcus was a 26 year old black man with a 13 inch dick. Luckily for me, he had MILF fever. He didn’t want one of the younger trophy wives there. He wanted me. He told me, “You look like you know how to handle my meat.” Boy, was he right. Not only could I handle his massive cock, so could my husband. Marcus let my loser hubby fluff his dick. He was even impressed with my cuck’s cock sucking skills. But he was most impressed with my pussy. I got his tree trunk balls deep in my MILF pussy. I walked like John Wayne the next day. My pussy was sore as fuck. It rarely gapes anymore because I am a seasoned black cock whore. At some point I must have passed out from chocolate overload, but I guess Marcus finished with my husband because he had a gapping hole too. Best resort ever. So glad my cuckold husband could come too. Maybe next time, I can take you. Think you are a good enough cuckold to take 13 inches up your back door pussy like my husband?

Cuckolding Phone Sex Threesome

cuckolding phone sexMen call me daily for cuckolding phone sex. I started out as a black cock whore, but since I am married, it was logical that I would become a cuckolding wife. I fucked black men on my wedding night! With a few exceptions, I have fucked a black man daily for over two decades. All with my husband’s approval. He likes watching. It began with him watching. It was a purely voyeuristic endeavor. Things have changed significantly for my husband since the first couple years of our marriage. Now he not only watches, but he fluffs, cleans and procures black cock for his cheating whore wife. He brought home a prize black stallion last night for me. He recently changed gyms. My husband has no real desire to keep in shape. Unlike me, he sees no point in being physically fit to fuck his hand, suck BBC and watch his wife with a real man. He goes to the gym, however, to scout big black dicks for me. Well, for us. He encountered Paul in the men’s locker room. Paul was in town for a week for business, using the gym as part of his hotel package while in town. My husband is an excellent wingman. He brought home the handsome hung stranger for his horny BBC loving wife. Paul was immediately taken by me. I told him I was a black cock whore and my husband was my cuckold. Paul was familiar with the lifestyle. He informed us that his favorite thing about travelling is hooking up with slut wives and their cuckolds. He made my husband fluff his 13 inch horse cock. Talk about cock control. He had my husband begging for his dick. I rode that black stallion like he was the last cock I would ever fuck. He may be too. I think he ruined my pussy. He certainly owns it and my husband’s mouth for the remainder of his time in town.

Cuckolding Phone Sex for Decades Now

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is a popular fetish. It’s not a fetish for me, however, it is a lifestyle. I have always been a size queen. My first lover was a black boy I went to high school with in the 80s. Little did Darryl know that he was turning me into a cock size queen. When you lose your virginity to a guy with an 11 inch cock, it is hard to act like you enjoy 6 inches in your pussy. When I went to college, I dated white guys, but fucked black men behind their backs. I had no idea about the terms cuckold or black cock whore then. But I clearly was a black cock slut who cuckolded her boyfriends. When I met my husband in college, I fell for him. He was smart and sexy and husband material. The only problem was that he wasn’t fucking material. He was far from it. At that point in my life, he had the smallest dick I had even seen. There was no Internet yet, so I didn’t know there were men with fewer than 3 inches. I couldn’t fuck him. I held off sex as long as I could. When he began to figure that something was up, I came clean. I did love him. I just had no desire to fuck him. He loved me so much he suggested that I be his girlfriend and take black lovers. He gave me the green light to cheat. I loved him more for that. We have been married almost two decades now and I still take lovers. The only difference now is that he wants to watch. He wants to participate. He enjoys being my cuckold. Are you such a good cuckold husband that you would be married to a woman who doesn’t fuck you for almost two decades? If you call me for phone sex, I can help you be a better husband.

Black Cock Phone Sex with a Black Cock Whore

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is what I do best. I have been sucking big black dicks longer than some of the girls working at my company have even been alive. That qualifies me as a black cock queen whore. My husband knew the only way I would marry him is if I could have my cake and eat it too. Not many women are lucky enough to marry a wealthy white man who encourages her to fuck black men with monster cocks. My husband had a nice surprise waiting for me last night when I came home from the spa. There was my favorite bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers and Leroy was holding both. Leroy is a longtime friend. An old friend with a huge cock is always a welcome surprise. Leroy and my husband both had huge smiles on their faces. I walked up to Leroy, kissed him, pulled his cock out of his boxers, took a sip of wine straight from the bottle and fell to my knees like a black cock whore. My husband took a seat and started to rub his white nub. This was a present for him as well as me. I devoured Leroy’s big black cock. Hearing my husband encouraging me to be a black cock slut made me love him all the more.  My cuckold husband even licked my pussy to help prepare it for Leroy’s massive cock. Oh, how I have missed his dick in my white pussy. With every moan and thrust, my husband was watching with excitement. Leroy told him that he was lucky to know men like him who could take care of his wife since he cannot. That is the truth. I’m very lucky to have so many black men stepping up to take care of me properly.

Cuckolding Phone Sex with a Size Queen Bitch

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is a dream come true for a cock size queen bitch. I am not normally a mean or rude lady, but when it comes to small dicks I am 100% bitch. I had a guy recently, a white guy I met at the gym, brag to me about what a big dick he has dangling between his legs. He made sure to say dangling. When I think of a cock that can dangle, I am expecting a dick to your knees; at least mid thigh. When this loser pulled off his gym shorts, the only thing I saw dangling was his nut sack, which completely swallowed up his little pecker. “Planning on fucking me with your balls, loser, I inquired sarcastically? He was humiliated, but still insisted his dick was better than the brothers I fuck from the gym. Some white men are so pathetic. They live in a land of denial, refusing to admit a black man might be better than them. Not all white men are like that, however. My husband admits his inferiority to my black lovers willingly. This little gym loser needed a lesson. He needed to be forced into reality with a big black cock down his throat. I told a few of my gym lovers about Dan and well, the next thing I knew, Dan had a big ass black cock down his throat. His eyes looked like they were about ready to pop out of his eye socket. He couldn’t breathe well and he was thrashing about like a fish out of water. Dan was taught some respect for the big black dick, the old fashioned way; the prison way. I went up to Dan, slapped his worthless nuts and said, “Stay on the porch loser. You don’t have what it takes to run with the big dogs.”  I will put you in your place too if you think you have what I need and come up short 8 inches.

My Husband Doesn’t Like Cum Slut Phone Sex

cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex is something a black cock whore does well. I am used to cum. In fact, I will argue that you cannot be a black cock whore and not like cum. Black guys cum so much. Plus, their cum is thick and rope like. There is just so much of it. My husband is a cum slut too; not a willing one though. I had a black gang bang Saturday. Twelve of my hung lovers came over to entertain me. I had an ulterior motive. I wanted my husband to guzzle cum. He loves being my cuckold, but he hates swallowing cum. I didn’t give him a choice this weekend. He has been a neglectful husband lately working way too much and not spending enough time on my pussy and procuring me big black dick. When he gets neglectful, I force feed him black spunk. That usually gets him on a different path. He should know me better by now. He honestly thought the 12 black guys at our house were there just to fuck his cheating whore wife. He loves black dick too. He just doesn’t enjoy the taste of cum unless it is up my well fucked pussy. I had guys cumming on saucers and in cups so I could watch my husband drink it like it was a cold beer on a hot day. I had lots of jizz in my fuck holes too. At one point, one of my stallions held my husband down so I could squat over his face and piss out a juicy cream pie.  He grimaced, but he licked me clean. He promised to be a good cuckold husband if I just didn’t make him drink cum again anytime soon. I bet I wouldn’t have to force you to guzzle that nigger juice now, would I?

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