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Cuckolding Phone Sex with BBC

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is what I do because it is my lifestyle. I was cuckolding my husband before we were married. He knew what he signed up for the day he proposed. Our relationship was never based on sex. How could a size queen have a sexual relationship with a man with a barely 3 inch dick? That doesn’t mean we have an unhappy marriage or I don’t love my husband. He is a great man. He provides for me in every way. When it comes to my sexual satisfaction, he finds surrogates for me. I find my own lovers too, but what connects us is sharing big black cocks. My husband is not gay. I am not his beard as they say. I am his slut wife and cuckolding queen. He wants what I want which is my sexual satisfaction from big black dicks.  My husband brings me hung lovers to fuck. He humiliates himself for my pleasure. If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is love. Last night we had a date night. He took me to eat at a fancy new restaurant in town. The waiter was a tall black man. There was no doubt to either of us that the man was into me. He acted as if my husband was invisible which made me wet and my husband horny. My husband left our phone number and address with a sizeable tip. Two hours later, our waiter was at our front door wanting to give this slut wife more than the tip. He shamed my little dick husband as I worshiped his big black dick. I slobbered all over his man meat. He was huge; our guess was 11 inches.  After he gapped my pussy and filled me up with cum, he ordered my husband to clean off his nigger dick. My husband will admit that he enjoys it when my lovers go ghetto on him. As a phone sex whore and slut wife, I just love a black lover who is not afraid to show my husband he is the real man of the house.

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Rough Black Cock Phone Sex

black cock phone sexIt is no secret that I love black cock phone sex. I am a black cock slut wife. I only cheat on my husband with big black dicks. Usually, I am fucking black men in front of my husband. He is my cuckold and a black cock faggot like many of my callers. He enjoys watching me in action with the biggest and best cocks. Sometimes, however, a random encounter with a hung stud occurs and he just can’t be there to enjoy the fun. Such an encounter happened yesterday. I had to meet with our attorney to go over some tax records for some property we acquired last year. Our attorney is an old white man. I was not expecting to meet a black guy with slut wife fever in the waiting area. He was a private investigator doing some freelance work for another client of our lawyer. When he saw me in my business attire, he just about burst out of his suit pants. We had a wait because the guy we were both there to see had not yet returned from his lunch break, so we ducked into a conference room for some afternoon delight. He was into hardcore ass fucking and rough sex. When it comes to black men, I do whatever the fuck they want. I don’t have rough sex often, especially not with a stranger on the conference table in my tax attorney’s office. This stallion was choking me as he fucked me. It was fucking unbelievably hot. My cunt was dripping wet from every squeeze, slap and hard thrust. My cucky husband was going to be sad he missed the show. Our rough rex session didn’t last long, but it left some marks on me. Badges of honor as I call them. I am still walking funny today, and I am a black cock queen. I never got my stallion’s name, but my husband is pulling up black PI’s in the city. I will find him again.

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Black Cum Shots on Tits

cum shots on titsI love cum shots on tits, especially when it is black cum and on my tits! I had a surprise visit this morning from an old lover. I have not seen him in forever. He got married and started having little ones, so fucking a slut wife was no long a priority. His wife is a black beauty queen who would not stand for him cheating on her with a white woman. I was surprised to see him, but happy nonetheless. If he was at my door, he wanted to fuck. His cock is a work of art too. Thirteen inches, thick and uncut. He told me he loves his wife, but she can’t handle his dick, not even after she birthed a few brats. I told him his cock was always welcome in my fuck holes anytime. I meant it. Tray is one of the best cocks I have ever fucked. He wanted to fuck me, but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to cheat on his wife. It was sweet, but frustrating. I mean why the hell show up at my doorstep unless you want to fuck? He apologized for twat teasing me. He wanted to see if I was still smoking hot. I suggested something to him I thought would work for both of us. A little guided masturbation. I mean if he was stroking his massive rod in front of me, that isn’t technically cheating. If he came on my tits, his cock didn’t touch me. He loved the idea. His balls were big and swollen too. They clearly needed drained. Tray always had huge cum shots.  Look at my tits? I took a selfie. That is one load of hot sticky cum. It is on my face too.  Tray knows how to give a woman cum. Too bad my husband isn’t here to lick it off. Would you like the honor?

MILF Phone Sex is Hot Too

milf phone sexI enjoy milf phone sex calls too. When you cuckold your husband with big black dicks, that lends itself to a lot of BBC cuck calls. Not complaining about that because I love black cock. Young men, however, have hard working cocks. They may not be as big as a black guy, but still bigger and harder than my husband any day. I had a rare encounter with a white guy Friday. Guy is not accurate. He was a boy. Normally, if a young white boy was trying to get in my pants, I would send him away. No way he could have the kind of cock I need is what usually goes through my head. Yesterday, I was horny, and he was cute and persistent. I am glad I was having a weak moment. What he lacked in length and girth, he made up in stamina. Oh, my did he drill the fuck out of me. He was like a jack rabbit in my pussy. He had a decent sized cock for his age, but he is still growing. I fucked him on and off all day. Drained his cock dry. When it was clear he couldn’t get hard anymore, I sent him home. I told him to look me up in a few years. He will never be black cock big, but he doesn’t have to be if he can rabbit fuck my holes like he did yesterday. I think I need to find myself a young black boy and combine stamina with the length and girth I love.

Cuckolding Phone Sex Cures the Winter Blues

cuckolding phone sexThere is cuckolding phone sex, then there is cuckolding chat with big black cocks. I am over winter already. Chilling temperatures and constant snow have fucked up my sex life. My husband is the best, however. He goes out and finds me cock. He knows just what I need. He knows just what I like too. It is what he needs and wants too: big black cocks. He is the best cucky husband a woman could ask for. I fucked black men on our wedding night. I am a black cock addict. I have a legit addiction to the biggest and blackest cocks around. I went three days with no cock. No amount of Mother Nature’s wrath, however, will make jones for my husband’s little white clit stick. That is why women have dildos. I get bitchy when no black cock in my pussy and ass. I think my husband was tired of bitch Vinny so he braved the blizzard and rounded up enough black men for a gangbang. It was like Christmas all over again when he walked through the door with ten black studs. We did a naked line up. The smallest cock in the group was 9.5 inches. The biggest was 15 inches. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to me. This phone sex slut didn’t know where to begin. It was a smorgasbord of huge cock. My husband helped me. He is a black cock faggot. I think he swallowed more cum than I did. Are you a cuckold? If you are, think you are as good as my husband?

Before Work Cuckolding Phone Sex

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is best with big black cocks. I always say if you are going to be a cuckold husband, let your wife fuck the best cocks. I’m not saying there aren’t nice white cocks. Of course, there are albino snakes, but they are few and far between in comparison to black anacondas. My husband wants me to have only the best cocks, so he finds me black men to fuck. He will check out strangers in pubic restrooms. There is some male code for urinals. You don’t look down when peeing, but my husband does if he is whizzing next to a black dude. My husband brought Will home from the DMV this morning. He went to renew his tags and had to pee from all the coffee he drank. Will was peeing while waiting for his new license. My husband carries around slut cards. They have a picture of me sucking a huge black cock and my cell number and email. He told Will that his wife is a black cock whore who needs black cock in the mornings like most folks need coffee. Will was up for fucking a slut wife before work. My husband brought him home. I was beyond happy. I mean his dick was almost 13 inches. It hung down so far it looked like a pendulum. The only way I could take every inch of his monster snake was cowgirl style. I rode him for a solid thirty minutes while my husband watched in awe.  It was a quickie because Will had to go to work. He had such a good time fucking in a no strings attached kind of way, he said he would come by later tonight and bring some friends. If you are looking for cuckold phone sex, I may be busy getting gang banged.

Black Cock Phone Sex During a Blizzard

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex warms me up on a snowy January day in Chicago. We are buried under snow and ice. I hate winter because I can’t get out of the house. Luckily, my husband loves me so much, he brings the big black cocks to me. He has a 4 wheel drive truck. He went out last night looking for cock for me. He knows where to find it. I have fucked thousands of black men in the area over the years. We keep a book of names and addresses. I have no problem fucking the same man more than once. Big black dicks always want my milf pussy again too. My husband punched in a few addresses into the GPS to find who was closest. I texted guys nearby until I secured some product for pick up. It was like an under-cover drug operation. My husband came home with a few men to entertain me last night. They are still here. This weather is not letting up anytime soon, so my husband told them they could crash here for a few days. We have a nice house, plenty of food, any TV channel you could want and plenty of video games. And, the most important thing: a slut wife who can handle their monster dicks. When you are a black cock whore married to a black cock faggot, you don’t let a blizzard prevent you from getting laid.

Cuckolding Phone Sex is Like a Hallmark Card: Care Enough to Give Her the Best Cock

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex should only be done with big black cocks. I mean if you want your wife to have a bigger cock than you, care enough to give her the very best. Big black dicks are like Hallmark cards. When you care enough to give the very best, you bring home a black lover. My husband is a good cuckold because he brings me the biggest and best black cocks. He is a complete black cock faggot now. Historically, black men have been subservient to white men throughout time. Black men are superior in the bedroom, however. Why do think so many white wives fucked slaves when slavery was legal? They saw those powerful big black cocks and had to feel it inside their white married pussies. Honestly, I think that was a contributing factor to slavery. White men wanted to keep white women away from those big black cocks. Lucky for me, my husband only wants me to have black cocks. If you want to be a good cuck, you need to bring your wife big black cocks too. The guy I fucked last night was handsome and hung. Dark as night too. He fucked my pussy and ass. Fuck is an understatement. He ravaged my pretty pink holes. Filled them up with cum and gaped them open. He ordered my husband to clean me up. When he said, “Taste what a real man tastes like, little bitch,” my pussy became sloppy wet. He pushed my husband’s face into my creampie pussy. He also fucked my cucky’s tight backdoor pussy. He moaned like a bitch, but it made him clean me up faster and better. Every thrust in his sissy ass pushed his tongue deeper into my cum filled cunt. It was hot ass sex! My hubby rarely gets a big black cock up his ass too. I made him shit out the cum and clean it up too. He is such a good cucky, but are you?

Foot Fetish Phone Sex: Do You Find Feet Phallic?

foot fetish phone sexFoot fetish phone sex is another one of my specialties. My husband has a strong foot fetish. Even when we were dating in college he would suck on my toes and beg for a foot job. A foot job is about the best he can hope for then and now from his black cock whore wife. I always joke with him that the reason he likes my feet is because they remind him of cock. I feed him my toes, even my whole foot and tell him that it is sad that even my tiny feet are bigger than his pathetic cock. I wear a size 6 shoe. I want more than six inches in my pussy. I think every woman does. Last night, after I got a pedicure, I jacked him off with my freshly pedicured feet. I gave him a healthy dose of small dick humiliation while my pretty feet swallowed his tiny dick. I may have thrown in some cock and ball torture too for shits and giggles. I love squeezing his worthless balls between my feet. I think many men find feet phallic. They suck on toes like they are preparing to suck cock. It was a natural progression from foot whore to black cock faggot for my husband.  What about you? Would you like to worship my feet imaging they are cocks? Or do you just enjoy a sexy pair of feet jacking you off?

More Hot Ass Sex with BBC in 2018

hot ass sexHot ass sex with me in 2018? Only if you have a big cock, preferably a big black cock. Otherwise, what you get for 2018 is a lot of cuckolding and small dick humiliation, maybe even some forced bisexuality. I am a cock size queen. That will never change. You have a small dick. That will never change. The best thing you can do for yourself in 2018 is just accept your fate as a cuckold. I can help you be the best cuck ever.  My husband is the best cuck ever. You should inspire to be like him. You know what he did for me last night? He found 5 hung black studs wanting to party with a dirty size queen slut wife. Not only did he watch me ring in the New Year with big black cocks in all my pleasure holes, he fluffed those cocks, so they would be fully erect to stuff my holes. He is a good cock sucker. Truly one of the best. I think it is more than being a good cuckold husband. I think he has finally accepted the fact that he is a cock sucking faggot. Totally gay for those big black cocks. So, my cuckold hubby brings me some of the biggest black dicks on the planet. He fluffs those huge cocks. He guides them into my pussy, ass and mouth. He hovers near my holes too, so he can clean up the fresh cock juice as it flows out of my holes. If one of my black lovers needs a hole to use to keep his dick hard, my cuck offers up his backdoor pussy. He is a good cuckold husband. He is the best. Are you such a good cuckold? My guess is no. My guess is you need some phone sex cuckold therapy to be even half as good of a cuck as my husband.

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