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Cuckolding Phone Sex with a Size Queen Bitch

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is a dream come true for a cock size queen bitch. I am not normally a mean or rude lady, but when it comes to small dicks I am 100% bitch. I had a guy recently, a white guy I met at the gym, brag to me about what a big dick he has dangling between his legs. He made sure to say dangling. When I think of a cock that can dangle, I am expecting a dick to your knees; at least mid thigh. When this loser pulled off his gym shorts, the only thing I saw dangling was his nut sack, which completely swallowed up his little pecker. “Planning on fucking me with your balls, loser, I inquired sarcastically? He was humiliated, but still insisted his dick was better than the brothers I fuck from the gym. Some white men are so pathetic. They live in a land of denial, refusing to admit a black man might be better than them. Not all white men are like that, however. My husband admits his inferiority to my black lovers willingly. This little gym loser needed a lesson. He needed to be forced into reality with a big black cock down his throat. I told a few of my gym lovers about Dan and well, the next thing I knew, Dan had a big ass black cock down his throat. His eyes looked like they were about ready to pop out of his eye socket. He couldn’t breathe well and he was thrashing about like a fish out of water. Dan was taught some respect for the big black dick, the old fashioned way; the prison way. I went up to Dan, slapped his worthless nuts and said, “Stay on the porch loser. You don’t have what it takes to run with the big dogs.”  I will put you in your place too if you think you have what I need and come up short 8 inches.

My Husband Doesn’t Like Cum Slut Phone Sex

cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex is something a black cock whore does well. I am used to cum. In fact, I will argue that you cannot be a black cock whore and not like cum. Black guys cum so much. Plus, their cum is thick and rope like. There is just so much of it. My husband is a cum slut too; not a willing one though. I had a black gang bang Saturday. Twelve of my hung lovers came over to entertain me. I had an ulterior motive. I wanted my husband to guzzle cum. He loves being my cuckold, but he hates swallowing cum. I didn’t give him a choice this weekend. He has been a neglectful husband lately working way too much and not spending enough time on my pussy and procuring me big black dick. When he gets neglectful, I force feed him black spunk. That usually gets him on a different path. He should know me better by now. He honestly thought the 12 black guys at our house were there just to fuck his cheating whore wife. He loves black dick too. He just doesn’t enjoy the taste of cum unless it is up my well fucked pussy. I had guys cumming on saucers and in cups so I could watch my husband drink it like it was a cold beer on a hot day. I had lots of jizz in my fuck holes too. At one point, one of my stallions held my husband down so I could squat over his face and piss out a juicy cream pie.  He grimaced, but he licked me clean. He promised to be a good cuckold husband if I just didn’t make him drink cum again anytime soon. I bet I wouldn’t have to force you to guzzle that nigger juice now, would I?

Hot Ass Sex with Vinny

hot ass sexHot ass sex is what I want. That is why I am a black cock whore. White limp dicks don’t give me hot sex. A big black cock never disappoints. Never. My husband is such a good cuckold that he finds me dates. He knows that I deserve a good fucking and he cannot provide that because he has a 3 inch shrimp dick. His job puts him in contact with lots of black laborers that never turn down milf pussy. Roger jumped at the chance to fuck me when my husband showed him some naked pictures he took of me recently. As my husband explained it, he got hard instantly and what he saw just through jeans was sizable. I greeted them in nothing but thigh highs. I was showing off my hot ass and wet bald pussy when they walked into the house.  My husband fell to his knees to worship my holes. He likes to prime me for big black cock. He is a good cuckold. Without needing prompted, he turned to Roger and fluffed his 11 inch cock to make sure he was hard enough for my pussy. When my cucky husband could no longer talk because Roger’s big black cock was stuffing his mouth, he guided it into my eager beaver.  Thick, dark and long is just how I like my black cocks. On their knees being good little fluffier boys is just how I like my white men.

Almost 30 Years of Cuckolding Phone Sex

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is so much fun because cuckolding my husband is such a treat. Seriously, I don’t think there is anything in this world that I love more than cheating on my white husband with some big black dicks. My husband has grown to love BBC as much as me.  There have only been a few days in our almost 30 years of marriage that I have not cheated on him with a black man. Guys ask me all the time if our wedding night was one of those rare times. No, it wasn’t. I had six black men on our wedding night. I even had one and hour before we said our “I dos.”  In fact, when I marched down the aisle, I had black cum dripping down my leg into my $1,000 wedding shoes. My husband had no clue about that until after the fact. The night of our wedding, we stayed at a Ritz Carlton in downtown Chicago. Our wedding reception had been there. I fucked a few black guys catering the event while our friends and family celebrated our sacred union. After the reception, we went back to our wedding suite, where I brought back a black busboy. He was my wedding gift to myself. That young stud loved humiliating my husband on our wedding night more than I did. My husband sucked his first black cock on our wedding night. That was as close as he got to my pussy that night too. He got to taste my hot juice off the big black cock of a 23-year-old bus boy at the Ritz Carlton. He got to taste my ass also, because I got a hardcore ass fucking from that Black Stallion too. Almost 30 years later, I am still a cheating, black cock whore and my husband is still a black cock cuckold.

Creampie Phone Sex: Do You Put Cum in Me or Lick it Out?

creampie phone sexCreampie phone sex is for guys who like a cum filled cunt, like my husband. Do you like to lick your wife’s pussy clean after a real man has taken care of her in the manner you cannot? My husband has a small dick. He can’t get the job done. That is why I am a black cock whore. Big black dicks get the job done every single time. Now, I will fuck a white cock if it is big and works. But, that is not nearly as common. Sometimes I roll the dice with a young white boy. I think age is on their side. Sometimes, I gamble wrong. This boy called himself Big Jim. Now he wasn’t fat, nor was he all that tall. I could only help he had a big cock. He was sexy. He did have a nice cock; a nice cock if it was hard. He had drunk dick. Boys, women don’t like limp dick. What use is a nice cock if it can’t get hard? I was in his frat house with him and about 50 of his brothers. I was walking by a frat house on a Saturday night and the cat calls from good looking studs got my attention. I had a few beers and went to Big Jim’s room. I emerged ten minutes later looking for one of his brother’s who could get the job done. Rick got the job done. Rick was 9 inches, not as big as most black cocks, but big enough to make me cream. We fucked for about 30 minutes, which was impressive for a 19 year old college boy. What was even more impressive was the amount of cum he left inside of my MILF pussy. I marched back to Big Al’s room, sat on his face and had him be my creampie slut. There are two types of men in my world. The ones that cum inside of me and the ones who eat the cum out of me. Which one are you?

milf phone sex

Black Cock Phone Sex Tag Team

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is my specialty. Can you tell from my photo? I am and always will be a black cock whore. We have been getting plummeted by heavy rain in the wake of Harvey. Luckily, we have had no flooding, so the black cocks can still reach me. I hate snow blizzards because often I am stuck a few days with no black cock to feed my fuck holes. James and Daryl paid me a morning visit on their way to work. They are city bus drivers I met last year when I had to use public transportation to get some BBC. They were changing shifts as I got on the bus. They took one look at me and knew I was a BBC slut. I accidentally on purpose dropped my wallet on the bus, so one of them would find it. They have been tag teaming me ever since. This morning their balls were filled with a gallon of cum. Both men are married to black girls who can’t handle their dicks. They both have pythons for cocks. I get more black dick than a black porn star. They fell in love with my white MILF fuck holes the first time they fucked me. Not only could I take each of them balls deep, I could take both of them balls deep in my pussy and ass at the same time. It has become a thing for us. I never fuck one of them solo. They are a package deal. They stretch out this old black whore too. My cuckold husband hates when they are over because they leave a gallon of spunk in my twat for him to lick out. I have plugs in my pussy and ass as I wait for my husband to come home and get a double treat.

Why You Should Call for Mature Phone Sex

mature phone sexMature phone sex is for men who like an older woman or a woman their own age. Young girls lack a certain life experience that someone like me has acquired over time. They are cute, tight and often submissive, but I am sure you know that kind of girl is not for everyone. That is why you are on my page, reading my blogs. You don’t want a girl who agrees with everything you say. You don’t want a girl who lies when she says your cock is so big or size doesn’t matter. You don’t want a submissive girl. You want a woman. A woman in charge who understands what cock control means. You need a woman who is not afraid to say things like black cock is better or you don’t have a cock you have a clit or you belong in panties. You need a mistress, a dominatrix. A woman with decades of experience with cuckolds and small dicks. That woman is me. I am married to white man with a 2 inch cock. Yes, I knew he was that small when we got married. Luckily, his bank account is way bigger than his dick. We live a cuckold lifestyle. For many of my callers, being a cuckold is a fantasy. For my husband, it is a lifestyle. One he seldom regrets. I love being pounded so hard, I squirt. I like to be gaped open. I like to be shared. Those are things my husband cannot do for me. I bet those are things you cannot do for your wife either. Those are all the reasons I like big black dicks. I am not the woman you call for daddy’s girl, or the girlfriend experience. I am a phone sex fetish queen. Cuckolding, big black cocks, slut wife, MILF, sissy boy, panty boy, small dick humiliation, foot fetishes… those are the sorts of fantasies you can trust that a hot mature gal like me knows a thing or two about.

Cuckolding Phone Sex Therapy: How Pathetic are You?

cuckolding phone sexI consider myself a cuckolding phone sex therapist as well as a cuckold queen. My husband has been my real life cuckold for almost 30 years. Well before we were married, I was cuckolding him. Except for two times since we have been together, not a day has passed by that I have not fucked a black man.  A blizzard and a case of food poisoning prevented me from getting black cock twice in my life. My pussy needs black cock daily. Because I am a cuckolding wife with decades experience, I am uniquely qualified to help you be a cuckold too. Every day, I talk to pathetic losers with little white dicks. Some days, the losers are even more pathetic than usual. Today, I spoke with J. A married man with a wife who doesn’t fuck him. Sound familiar? Of course, she doesn’t fuck him. He has 3 inches. That’s not a cock. That is a pinky dick. He called me because he saw that I was a black cock whore and a mature woman. He knew I would put him in his place. J was beyond pathetic. Not only did he suck the cum out of my cunt, he sucked it out of my ass as I got double penetrated. He fell in love with my hot dirty fuck holes as much as he did with those big black dicks. I made him clean those cocks with his mouth. I wanted him to taste my shit on a black fuck stick. He loved the taste of my shitty ass. He begged to be my human toilet. He even paid for a pair of my dirty panties. J was more than a black cock faggot and cuckold wannabe. He was a piss and shit junkie too. I fed him my morning crap, chased it with my golden nectar and finished him off with a big cup of protein. J managed to make my pathetic loser husband look manly in comparison.

Interracial Phone Sex: I Like Black Cock and Black Pussy

interracial phone sexInterracial phone sex is sort of my specialty as a black cock whore. My callers love hearing about my sexual escapades with big black cocks. I like black pussy too. I am not a lesbian, not even bisexual. I’m too addicted to black cock for that. However, there is this saying, the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. I picked up a sweet ebony girl at a party last night. I was high on medicinal strength weed. Black guys have the best weed as well as the best cocks. She was a lesbian. Very pretty one at that. She hit on me. She told me when I was finished banging her brother and his friends that we should hang. I thought she meant smoke some weed. She did but she also meant bump and grind pussies. She was so pretty that when she kissed me I kissed back. I was in shock only because I didn’t see it coming. But, damn, she was a good kisser. That is something black men don’t spend much time doing. They just want to fuck. It is all I need from them. I rarely want to make love. I want to be fuck.  Layla’s long fingers found their way to my pussy as we were making out. I had a wet pussy from kissing her, but I had a hot squirting pussy from her fingering me. When she replaced her strong fingers with her tongue, I came even harder. Her brother is a good fuck with his 11 inch cock, however, he has never once licked my cunt. He is no foreplay and all fucking.  I couldn’t wait to lick her ebony pussy. She was bald like me. She tasted sweet. Sweeter than anything I had tasted. She came all over my face half a dozen times. I am still a black cock whore, but I may be using Terry just to get at his sister’s sweet pussy again.

BBC Romantic Phone Sex

romantic phone sexInterracial fucking is romantic phone sex too. All my black lovers have their own unique personalities. Some black men like hardcore fucking. Some enjoy pimping you out and sharing you with their friends. Others want sweet lovemaking with a white wife. Jamal is one such black guy. He enjoys the fact that I am a cheating whore. He just doesn’t want to share me with my husband. Jamal is a sensual lover. He is the perfect black lover. He sucks toes. He gives tongue bathes. He eats pussy. And, he has an 11 inch cock. Every encounter with him is all about my pleasure. From head to tow, he kisses and caresses my body until I have a hot squirting pussy. Last night he scooped me up in his big burly arms so he could carry me to the bed. He spread my legs, but instead of going straight for my pussy, he started at my toes. He licked me all over, letting the excitement build in my body. By the time he got to my pussy, it was soaking wet. He spent an hour worshiping my pussy before he allowed me to suck his massive cock. We 69ed for a while until he couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take it either. When his fat black cock enters me, my back arches and I let out a long sigh. I can’t help it. He feels so good penetrating my pussy. He is a great kisser too. I get so wet when his tongue intertwines with mine. He caresses my breasts, rubs my clit, kisses me and fucks me all at the same time. My husband is worthless in comparison. I made sweet love to my hung black lover knowing my husband would soon be enjoying his cream pie. My husband is good for something.

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