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Black Cock Phone Sex for Valentine’s Day

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is what I got for Valentine’s Day. What did you get? I was so excited about my gift from my husband that I had to measure it. My gift measured at 13.5 inches. That is almost 4 times bigger than my cuckold husband. Speaking of my husband, he was elated with my expression when I saw my gift. I was beaming like I had won the lottery. Seriously, this was a huge chocolate for this Valentine. I am a big black dick sucker, but damn near 14 inches was too much for me to swallow. I got over ¾ of that anaconda down my throat, however. I had my husband as my personal cheerleader egging me on. His little nub was so hard as I took that monster snake up my cunt. Holly fuck, it was like being impaled on a stake. His cock was thick and long. My gift hit spots I never knew I had. My average lover is 10-11 inches. Another 4 inches is a big difference when it is up you pussy. I got more of him in my pussy then I did in my ass. He gaped both holes and filled them with cum for my husband. He loves creampie phone sex. I got the chocolate cock and my cuckold husband got the creamy center. Perfect Valentine’s Day.

My Husband is a Cum Slut Phone Sex Whore Too

cum slut phone sexI love being a cum slut phone sex whore, but only if that cum is from big black cocks. It is warming up in Chicago, but it is still damn cold. Hot spunk to the face, tits and up my holes, always warms me up. I enjoy savoring every ounce of black cock spunk. Today, I went to get some much needed black cock therapy. I was super horny and tired of waiting for black cock to come to me. My husband was at work, but I know he is a black cock faggot and cum whore. I saved some cum for him. I had a mini gangbang with three black studs from the west end. They were jonesing to release their big black balls when I texted. They don’t have cars, but I do, so I just drove to help them out. I scratched their itch for a white whore, and they scratched mine for big black cock.  They were happy to cum in my mouth instead of my cunt. I didn’t swallow this time. I usually do, but I wanted to give my husband a little treat. After a few hours of fun, I collected the biggest cum shot from each stud and spit it in a mason jar. I said my goodbyes and drove to my husband’s office. When I pulled the jar out with the best spunk in town, he looked so happy. He opened the jar and chugged it like a college boy chugs beer. I kissed him with cum breath and went home happy. I got fucked by big black dicks and I gave my husband a treat.  He loves being my cuckold. He usually watches me fuck, but this weather has fucked up all our usual habits. I just didn’t want him to feel left out. He is a good cuck.

Cuckolding Phone Sex in the Dead of Winter

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex cures the winter blues. My husband thinks so at least. Chicago is still cold, but the sub zero temps have passed and the roads are much safer to travel. Two of my favorite black lovers paid me a late night surprise. They were in the vicinity for a wedding and decided to pay their favorite white slut wife a visit. We were up still, so of course we invited them inside. They heated up the place instantly. Between the two men, they have 22 inches of cock, big black beautiful cock. Normally, they take turns on me because 22 inches of BBC is a lot even for a black cock whore like me. Not last night. I was undersexed and horny as fuck. I took one in my ass and the other in my cunt. My husband was taking pictures watching his slut wife get tag teamed by some of the biggest cocks around. I felt like a porn star taking all that meat at once. My husband felt like a gay porn star when he got to lick up all that cum. He had two huge creampies to lick up. He is a cuckold pro. He didn’t leave a drop of jizz in me. I love it when I get a black cock surprise.

Black Cock Phone Sex Glory Hole

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex stories are something a black cock whore has plenty to share. Sunday, I was feeling dirty, well extra dirty. I went downtown to the adult bookstore. There are many in Chicago, but this one is in the predominantly black neighborhood. White women of the windy city go here all the time when they need a chocolate fix. This damn weather has the roads a mess. Some of my suburban studs have not been able to get to me and the train doesn’t go to where they live. I can take the L from my place to the southside, however. I bundled up and went for a chocolate fix. This one adult book store is known for glory holes. I walked in and everyone in the place knew why I was there. I made my way to the back of the store and entered the room with the holes. There was one waiting for me. A big black thick dick in need of sucking, just waiting for this milf whore’s lips. I may have given the best head of my life. There was more than enough dark meat coming through that hole for me. But I am a greedy whore, so I knocked on the wall, so the stud would come fuck me. I was surprised to see that huge of a dick on what appeared to be a high school boy. He called me ma’am. That was first. I don’t discriminate against age. The boy had a big black dick and I needed one. He fucked me in every position possible. We were in a dingy room with cum stains on the floor, but I didn’t care. I slum for black cock. That young stud gave me the biggest cum shot too. It was a dirty fuck, but just what I needed. I gave him my number. That boy can take the L to the Northside and fuck me anytime.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex


foot fetish phone sexI am known as a black cock whore, but I also enjoy foot fetish phone sex. I have sexy feet and legs. I love giving foot jobs. I also enjoy dominating men with my feet. I was shoe shopping yesterday. I have a shoe fetish too. I have a closet just for my shoes. Anyway, I was trying on shoes when I realized I had a creeper. He was in a corner faking that he was looking at men’s shoes. He was staring right at my feet. He kept shifting his legs and doing the male adjust of the crotch which means boner. Big or small, he had a boner looking at my feet. I was fine with that. He wasn’t the kind of man I would fuck, but he was the kind of man I would tease, deny and dominate. I approached him. He was shy, but I told him I knew his type. I told him he was a dirty foot pervert. His eyes got big because no woman had ever confronted him before. I made him an offer. Buy my shoes and he could worship my feet. He leaped to the cash register to buy my $400 pair of shoes. I can afford the shoes, but why pay for things some pathetic pervert is willing to pay for, right? Back at my place, I felt safe even though he was a stranger. I am a former body builder, so I could take him. Plus, I have a gun and I know how to use it. He wasn’t the dominant or violent type. I could tell. He was just the let me kiss your feet type. He gave my pretty feet a tongue bath and a pedicure. Turns out the creeper owns a nail salon. Perfect job for a man with a foot fetish. He gave a great pedicure too. He had all his tools in his car. He caressed every toe and the soles of my feet. He sucked every toe like a cock sucking faggot. Finally, I let him cum on my feet with a foot job. I mean he did earn it. He bought my shoes and gave me pedicure. I think I just found a regular foot slave. What is your phone sex fetish?

Cuckolding Phone Sex

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is something I need as much as you. Look at me. I am still sexy. I turned 50 this year. I am 50 and fabulous. I have kept myself looking good, so I never have to settle. No smalls dicks for me period. I command big dicks because I have aged gracefully. My husband knows he has a trophy wife. He loves me and wants me happy, so we have an open marriage. Well, open on my end.  His small dick means I cheat. I used to cheat on him and just tell him about it afterwards, but now, I cheat on him in front of him. He loves watching his hot wife fuck a worthy dick, a big black dick. I have found that over the years I need to cuckold him as much as he needs to be cuckolded. Besides the obvious need I have for a big cock, I know it makes him feel good to see me getting the pleasure he can’t give me. If you truly love your woman and you have a small dick too, letting your wife have as many lovers as she can handle, is the ultimate testament of that love. My husband is perfect in every way but one. That is why I need to cuckold him. It is his desire to see me happy and I want him happy. I want myself happy with big black cocks too, so we have the perfect marriage. Do you? Do you love your wife as much as my husband loves me?

Phone Sex Fetish for Stockings

phone sex fetishWhat is your phone sex fetish? Terry enjoys me in stockings. He is a one of my favorite lovers, so I always wear sexy black stockings with a vintage garter belt for him. When he arrived last night, he popped a tent so large in his pants, I thought he might rip them. We have a routine. Although he is a huge black lover, he is submissive to me. I sit down in this swivel chair in my bedroom. He falls to his knees and rubs my feet and legs. He has a foot fetish too. He caresses every inch of me, even kisses my legs. When I give him the signal, he rubs his big black cock all over my stocking clad legs. He leaves a trail of black pre-cum all over my black stockings. I get his big black dick in my pussy after some intense foreplay. He loves the feel of my nylons wrapped around his back, pushing him deeper inside my married wet pussy. My husband likes watching too. My husband is such a good cuckold, he licks the cum trail off my stockings. I guess you could say he has a stocking fetish phone sex addiction too. Do you?stocking fetish phone sex

Cum Slut Phone Sex for 2019

cum slut phone sexIt has been a cum slut phone sex day. My husband was home for the holiday and he wanted to ring in 2019 watching his whore wife swallow big black cocks. Why would I argue against that? I am a black cock whore and I want all the cum and black dick I can get. He arranged it all for us. He texted a few of his labor workers. They were happy to come over on New Year’s Day to watch football, drink beer and fuck the boss’s hot wife. I had eight black men. Now, that is how you say Happy New Year. Football was on as I bent over the couch to get gang banged.  They showed my married holes no fucking mercy either. Not that I needed it or wanted it. I love rough sex, even if it means a hardcore ass fucking by a bunch of black studs. My husband watched me, not the game. He rubbed his tiny nub as I got fucked. I felt fireworks in my pussy and ass. Well, it felt like explosions when they came inside me. So many big black cocks nutting in me felt amazing. Gave me a huge creampie for my husband.  Happy New Year to us all.

Phone Sex Christmas with BBC

phone sexI hope you have a phone sex Merry Christmas! Did Santa bring you that big black cock you wanted? He brought me several. My husband always knows the right gifts to get me too. I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw were three hung black bulls with pretty red bows on their monster cocks. Of course, my husband got me diamonds too, but jewelry always takes a back seat to big black dicks. Like the proud black cock whore that I am, I fell to my knees to unwrap my extra-large gifts. My husband outdid himself this year. My presents were his presents too because he started helping me suck my special gifts. My husband is a black cock faggot. It is why our marriage works. We both have a fetish phone sex need for the biggest and blackest cocks around. Do you? We spent the morning fucking my gifts. I got filled with black cock cum. His backdoor pussy got filled too! My cuckold husband enjoyed licking the tangy eggnog from my well used pussy. I hated to see my gifts go, but I will have more big black cock tomorrow. When it comes to getting the gift of BBC, it is always Christmas in my world.

Christmas Cuckolding Phone Sex

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex for Christmas? My husband wanted what I wanted: big black cock. So, we had an early Christmas celebration last night with two big black dicks. I picked them up Christmas shopping. I was thinking one for me and one for my husband. They were both for me, who I was I fooling? My husband looked so happy to see them. I snapped my fingers (he is well trained).  He was on his knees immediately fluffing those magnificent bull dicks. The slurping sounds he makes is music to my ears. My black bulls were laughing at what a faggot husband I have and how he must have a little shrimp’s tail dick. They sized him up quickly. When they were ready to fuck this sexy MILF, they pushed him to the side. Christmas was over for him. They weren’t grinches, however, because they gave me both those big black dicks. One in my pussy and one in my ass. Double stuffed for the holidays. My husband looked dejected as I was getting all the holiday cheer. It is the holiday time, so I wasn’t greedy. I gave him some of the cheer up my cunt and ass. My husband licked up the cum like it was eggnog. I swear, he gets drunk of black cum. Do you?

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