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Cheating Phone Sex with BBC

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex tales, I have plenty to share. I have been cheating on my husband since our wedding night. He is my husband in name only. We do everything together, but fuck. I have fucked my husband a handful of times since we married in 1995. Our intimacy is when he licks the cum out of my pussy from another man or sucks my cunt juice off another man’s dick. He did both last night. I had two hung black lovers over for a tag team to celebrate election day. He wanted to watch. My husband is a glutton for punishment. Seriously, I think he loves the small cock humiliation as much as the cuckolding.  He sat there and watched me get double stuffed with big black cocks.  My lovers were fucking me well too. One in my ass, one in my cunt for hours. My husband my not have got the congressman he wanted elected, but he did get two black cock creampies in my pussy and ass. The biggest cum shot from each cock right up my married holes for him to gobble up. He was digging his tongue deep inside my pussy and ass to make sure he didn’t miss a drop of his favorite drink.  I love my cuckold husband.

Mature Phone Sex Sluts Know Fetishes

mature phone sex Mature phone sex women like me get our fair share of fetish calls. Guys call us because they need a woman with experience. Even men I know will come to me for advice because I have experience that younger women lack. George is married. He has a wife he would’t have if he was not loaded. He won the lottery a few years ago. After that women that never paid attention to him, crawled out of the woodwork. I was happy to tell him what he needed to hear, what he knew himself. I told him that if Brad Pitt pumped gas for a living he would still get pussy whenever he wanted because he was handsome. I said Steve Buscemi would get no pussy if he was not a wealthy celebrity. I said the expectation to that is if you have a big dick. Ron Jeremy is a porn star I have fucked. No, he is not black nor is he attractive, but he has a big dick and can eat pussy like it was the only thing he ever does. George pulled out his dick and I told him his hot wife was with him for the Benjamins. I measured him at 3.5 inches. He has the same size dick as my husband. He knew his trophy wife was with him for the money, but he wants to fuck her, and she always has an excuse. Of course, she does. She doesn’t want to fuck a short dick. I gave him some phone sex therapy. Being a cuckold and getting his wife cock will be the best thing he can do for himself and her. If he truly loves his wife, he would want her to be sexually satisfied. It was what he needed to hear. I have not fucked my husband in years and we are super close. Cuckolding him saved our marriage. Maybe it can save yours too?

Biggest Cum Shot from Two BBCs

biggest cum shotWhen you entertain two big black cocks at once, you get the biggest cum shot to your face. My husband was watching in awe as two hung black men drained their balls all over my face. He can’t fill a thimble with one load, so when I get doused in jizz like that he can’t wait to lick me clean. He is better than taking a shower. After my hung black lovers left, my black cock faggot got to eat some creamy treats out of his slut wife’s fuck holes. I made him sit on the floor. I squatted my cum filled cunt over his mouth. I pissed out black cock spunk straight into my cuckold husband’s mouth. He buried his tongue in my pussy to make sure he got every drop. He is a greedy fuck when it comes to cum. He started to get up, but I chastised him.  I told him to to sit his ass back down. I wasn’t done with him. Not when I had an ass full of black seed too. “Gobble gobble,” I told him. He had a lot more cum to eat. My ass was dripping into his mouth. I pushed out all I could until I needed his tongue in my ass. My husband is such a creampie slut. Do you want to be my clean up boy too?

Cuckolding Phone Sex Lessons

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex makes me more than qualified to help my friends understand that size matters. I was invited to a bachelorette party over the weekend. The bride to be is the daughter of one of my best friends. The problem is the girl is marrying a man with a small dick. She is a hot girl who deserves better. Now, I married a small dick man too. We can marry men with small dicks, but if we do, we should have lovers. Sexual surrogates who can give us the pleasure we deserve. I didn’t know Kate’s situation well. She could be a size queen or a black cock whore like me and marrying for security. Or, she could be young and naïve and think love is all that matters. I brought the entertainment to the party. I thought about bringing one of my hung black lovers, but young girls often freak out seeing cocks over a foot long. They think they will be ruined. A good 8 or 9-inch dick can be enough to turn a girl into a cock size queen. I have a young white stud I use for such occasions.

cheating phone sexI brought some large garden vegetables, good wine and a white hung stud to the party. I said he was a stripper, but he was there for stud services. I wanted to demonstrate that size matters and show those silly girls what a nice cock can do for them. Enough wine, and the girls were very much into my demonstration. Every girl got to play with my stud. The bride to be, enjoyed him the most. If you like cheating phone sex whores, you will enjoy the fact that I brought her to her senses. I showed her she can have her cake and eat it too. We all enjoyed watching her ride that white pony. She came so hard on his dick, harder than she has before. Despite being drunk, I think all the girls there had an eye-opening experience they won’t soon forget. I love helping younger women understand their worth.

Cuckolding Phone Sex Husband

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex? Yes, please. I am a black cock slut wife, and nothing brings me more joy than shaming your little white dick. My husband will tell you I have two major skills: my ability to handle even the biggest black cocks and my ability to shame little white ones. I think when you enjoy something, you excel at it. I love my husband with all my heart, but nothing gives me more pleasure than shaming his tiny sorry excuse for a cock. Last night, we had a naked lineup. Not familiar with the concept?  I lined up my husband with the four black men I was entertaining. Then I sang that little song one of these things is not like the other from Sesame Street. In comparison, my husband looked like he had a little boy’s dick. It certainly didn’t look full grown next to my big black lovers’ cocks. I giggled and laughed as he held big black cocks and balls and told me he was not worthy to fuck me. “Damn right, you aren’t,” I told him. That was right before I made him suck some cock for me. My cuckold husband is a great fluffer. He could teach you a few tricks. Once he got my lovers hard, he sat and watch the live sex show. He was there for the cleanup. He loves fluffing dick, but I think his favorite part of being cuckolded is eating out the biggest cum shot from my freshly fucked cunt.

Black Cock Phone Sex: Cheat with the Best

black cock phone sexBlack cock pone sex is the best kind! Being a cuckolding wife, my motto is if I am going to cheat, why not cheat with the biggest dicks I can, right? My pussy is spoiled by big black cock. My husband doesn’t want to watch me fuck a white guy. I do fuck some white guys, but they must have freak of nature sized dicks. And, when I do, my husband doesn’t want to watch, nor does he want to hear about it either. He is a black cock faggot. Sound like you? Last night he brought home Martin. My husband is a contractor. He builds mostly parking garages and lots in Chicago. Most of the labor he hires for the construction part are black men. I think he gives preference to black laborers, so he can bring them home to fuck his slut wife. Martin was one of the best lovers he has brought home yet. Young and hung and full of cum for a slut wife with a black cock fetish. Martin didn’t mind fucking me in front of his boss either. Some guys think it is a trap. Most old white dudes are racist and would never want their wives soiled by black cock. Not my husband. He wants me to fuck black men only. He sat there watching a foot long black dick give me the sexual pleasure I deserve. I enjoyed every inch and every moment of Martin’s big black cock. I would look my husband in the eyes while getting nailed from behind and hurl some small dick insults his way. Cock shaming him, only makes his little dick harder. Martin not only gave me the biggest cum shot in my pussy, he made me squirt too. My pussy was extra messy when we were done. But, my cuckold husband had been waiting for the clean up all night. It is his favorite part of the fucking.

Cheating Phone Sex Whores and BBC

cheating phone sexMany men love cheating phone sex calls. It is not that they want to be the cheating husband. Cheating husbands don’t call me. The men who call me want their wives to be cheating whores. Not just any cheating whore. If you call me, you want your wife to fuck black men. My husband loves that he married a black cock cheating whore. I mean, if you are going to be a slut wife, go all the way, right? Your wife may already be cheating on you. If you have a small dick or a dick that never gets hard, likely she has another cock in her life. It just might not be a black cock, but I can help you make sure that she goes for those big black dicks. Many women falsely believe a couple of things. One they think their husbands would freak if they fucked a black cock. Most men want their wives with black cock, especially if they get to watch. Second, there are many non hood black guys that want to fuck a white woman. I am educated, wealthy and classy. I just like black cock, but I don’t want to fuck some crime lord or big time drug dealer. There are plenty of middle class, legitimate black men in the world who want nothing more than to fuck a married white woman. In fact, I will argue there are more middle and upper class black males who want to fuck married white women than black gangbangers. The educated black man knows he can please a white woman better than her white husband. Fucking her, ruining her pussy for her husband is something he takes pride in. I believe that the reason so many white men are racist is because they are threatened by big black cocks. Smart men wouldn’t be threatened. They would want their wives satisfied. Cuckolding phone sex with big black dicks is my specialty. I will help your wife get what she deserves.

cuckolding phone sex

Is Your Phone Sex Fetish Big Black Cocks?

phone sex fetishIf your phone sex fetish is big black dicks, you are at the right place. I love taunting my callers about all the BBC I get. I bet I get more than you could ever dream of handling too. I am lucky that black men love me. They always have, even when I was in high school and college. I don’t look like the typical BBC whore either. I come from an upper-class background. I am not a sexy BBW with a fat ass and I am not some blonde buxom bimbo. My parents were doctors. I am a natural redhead. And, I am fit. I even use to do amateur bodybuilding. Black men like me because I am a seasoned BBC whore. I can swallow 12 inches of hard black cock like it is nothing. In fact, I can suck big cocks so well, that average white guys get pissed when I can’t gag for them on the phone. I am sorry, but I need a lot more than 7 inches or my pink dildo to gag. I am a big dick sucker! Black men like that I am married and not trying to marry them or use them to get knocked up. I just like black cock. No, I love black cock. Big, thick, throbbing black cock in any of my fuck holes. Are you jealous yet? Don’t worry. This black cock phone sex whore can not only share her secrets on how to attract big black cocks, but I can help you become a black cock faggot too. Just ask my husband. He is my biggest success story. When I married him, he was a nerdy white boy who never sucked cock or even looked at a black man with lust. No, he is one of the biggest black cock faggots around.

Cuckolding Phone Sex with Two Chocolate Treats

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is more fun with big black dicks. Both my husband and I share a love for big black cock. Last night, he came home with two chocolate treats. Big black candy bars for me to munch on. I didn’t even get their names. I could tell they were younger than me, but all I cared about were those big thick dicks. I started sucking on one and my husband enjoyed the other one. Sometimes my husband thinks it’s a contest to see who can suck dick the best. He is a good fluffer boy, but he is out of his league with me. I will suck the chrome off a door knob. My husband was trying to out suck me, but it just isn’t possible. The two black studs were more interested in this sexy MILF anyway, so he had to be benched. He was sad, but I wasn’t. I was a greedy whore who wanted both big dicks for myself. One took my pussy while I continued blowing the other chocolate cock. My husband was rubbing his tiny nub while I was being a cheating whore.  I loved listening to him whimper while I got pounded and covered all that black cum. I love getting the biggest cum shot while my husband’s little dick dribbles.

Phone Sex Therapist and Black Cock Whore Supreme

phone sexI was away this weekend getting black dick in Kentucky. My hung black lovers left Sunday morning, but I stayed to recuperate. The hotel has a great spa too. Some pampering was in order after almost 48 hours of fucking two of the blackest and thickest cocks I have ever fucked. They are porn stars for a reason. After my spa day, I decided to take a few calls as I was relaxing in my swank suite. One of my favorite black cock faggots, Eric called me. He wanted some phone sex therapy, which I am always happy to give. Like many white men, he was wondering if he was a cuckold or a black cock faggot. I had a few questions that I ask all white men. Do you watch black cock porn? Do you only think about big black cock? Do you know that you would never touch another white cock? Would you be jealous that your woman was getting fucked by a big black cock? Are you always thinking about big black cock and the naughty things you want to do to a big black dick? You are a black cock faggot if you answer yes to these questions. I told Eric he was a black cock faggot. I suspect that he loved having his suspicion confirmed by a black cock whore.  I was happy to confirm he was indeed a black cock faggot. A huge black cock faggot. I told him all about the huge cocks I had this weekend and he was drooling wishing he was me. A black cock faggot will never be me. I am the supreme black cock whore; however, I need black cock faggots like Eric, my husband and you if you are still reading this. I mean who else will clean up the mess those huge ass BBCs leave in my married pussy and ass?

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