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Phone Sex Wife and Size Queen

phone sex I am a phone sex wife to my callers. But not the kind of wife you think. I am not a GFE kind of wife. I won’t sweet talk you. I won’t act like I am in interested in your day either. All I care about is a big black cock. If you don’t have one, then you are my virtual cuckold husband. This hot wife is all about cock size. I want King Kong dong in my pussy. I need it. Is your wife a slut wife? If she isn’t, I bet that is why you call me. Well, that and the fact that you have a tiny dick and love big black cocks too. You see, I am a cuckolding wife. I am a cock size queen wife. I am a black cock whore. The men who call me for the wife experience want the cuckolding phone sex experience. I love shaming little white men. I love making my phone husbands fluff big black cock. I love making them clean up my messy pussy too. I am not the phone wife for every man, but I bet if you enjoy cuckolding and like BBC whores, then I am the perfect wife for you.

Ass Phone Sex Fetish

phone sex fetishWhat is your phone sex fetish? Most men who call me have a black cock fetish. Some have a cuckold fetish. As a black cock whore, I expect both of those fetishes. What I always hope for are men with ass fetishes. I love having my ass worshiped. I have a fine ass for a woman my age.  My ass is fine for a woman of any age. I squat over a lot of big black cocks, so my ass and thighs are firm. I get Brazilian waxes too, so I have a clean and smooth taint. Although I don’t fuck little white dicks, I make losers worship me. My cuckold husband is not only an excellent big dick fluffer, he is a great ass licker too. He prefers an ass full of cum; however, he will give me a rim job at the snap of my fingers. I had a special treat for him yesterday when he came home from work. I had an ass and pussy full or black cock crème. I entertained a few well-endowed brothers while he was working hard for my money. I used butt plugs in my pussy and ass to keep the cum inside me. He is home around 6 pm every night, so I only had to keep it inside me a few hours. I sat on the couch with my legs up to help prevent all the jizz from running out of me. The moment he walked in the house, he saw me in that position and knew exactly what was waiting for him. He dropped his briefcase and crawled over to the couch with his tongue wagging in anticipation of all that cock crème. He drilled his tongue in deep to get all the cum out of my ass first. My pussy was second in line. He is a good cuckold hubby. Are you a good phone sex clean up boy?

phone sex

Cum Slut Phone Sex: Are You a BBC Cum Junkie Too?

cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex. Is that something you like? Typically, that type of call is for men who love a dirty cum guzzling slut. Cum calls with me can go that route because I do swallow a ton of cum a week. However, my typical cum whore call means my caller wants to guzzle up some black seed. My husband is a black cock sperm junkie. He won’t eat his own cum. He won’t blow a white man, but that black spunk is like candy to him. Me too. We are both black cock cum whores. Last night, I was a gangbang whore. I had ten big black dicks fucking me for hours. I don’t usually entertain that many cocks at once, but I was super horny, and my lover had some friends in town. He wanted some white milf pussy, but he didn’t want to leave his friends either. They were fraternity brothers in town for a 20-year reunion. I told him to bring his friends. I knew my husband wouldn’t mind. More cock means more cum. As I was getting fucked full of sperm, my husband was right there to clean up the mess. A cock would pop off and my cuckold husband would slurp up the creampie. Swallow and repeat. He saved a few loads for his cum loving wife, but he was a greedy fuck last night. Good thing I had so many black lovers over with cum filled balls. My husband couldn’t get enough of that liquid candy.

Adult Phone Chat About Big Black Dicks

adult phone chatLet’s have some adult phone chat about cock size. We are adults. We can discuss your little white pecker civilly. Do you see the cock I am showing off in this picture? Now that is a cock. I am showing it to my husband like a game show hostess shows off a brand new car. I am proud of the big black cock I am going to fuck in front of my husband. Like you, he cannot stop staring at Leroy’s massive member. It’s like a prized stallion dick, no? One of the things I like about big black dicks are their mushroom heads. I love a juicy cock head. Especially one that is veiny too. Leroy’s cock is like a snake. It pulsates on its own. Leroy can make it move like some men can jiggle their pecs. I spend hours worshiping cocks like this one. They are worthy of worship and adulation. Tiny little white nubs are worthy of nothing, except maybe laughter. I love comparing a big black bull cock with a little white nub. The contrast is drastic. I stand in the middle of my lover and my husband comparing the two dicks. The difference is obvious. A black cock is thick, long, heavy, dark and veiny. Black balls are as big as tennis balls and filled with an endless supply of cum. White dicks are short, thin and disappear in your hand. They have walnut shaped testicles and their cum could only fill a thimble.  It is like comparing an anaconda and a caterpillar. My husband is a BBC faggot and cuckold. He loves it when I shame his little dick and compare him to a real cock. I provide phone sex therapy for men like you and my husband. I can talk about big black dicks all day long. What about you?

Cuckolding Phone Sex: The First BBC I Ever Had

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is the best with black men as your studs. I am almost exclusively a black cock whore. Occasionally, I will entertain an albino trouser snake, but I am a fan of black cock. My pussy has been ruined. Plus, my husband is a black cock faggot and a cuckold husband. I want him there watching while I am getting serviced by real cock. He needs to know why I am cheating on his white ass. He did something special for me this week. He found my old boyfriend from high school. He was the first cock I ever had. He was the one that made me a cock size queen. We lost touch in college, but social media has helped me reconnect with many folks from my past.  Chris has a common name among black men, so he has been hard to find. My husband found him last week and arranged a reunion. I thought my hubby was taking me on a mini vacay to NYC for shopping and spa treatments but waiting for us in the hotel suite was Chris. That was the best present ever. He is married now too but said no one has ever handled his cock like I did, and I was a teen back then. He was going to be impressed now. His cock was even bigger than I remembered. I felt like a school girl again. It was romantic with Chris. It was even in high school. My husband watched as I took the first black cock of my life again thirty years later. His cock gave me a hot squirting pussy. My husband was in awe of what Chris’s cock could do to his wife’s pussy. My husband can’t do shit for me except bring me real men. It was one of the best getaways ever. My pussy is still aching for Chris. A woman never forgets her first big black cock.

Cheating Phone Sex on Easter Sunday

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is more fun when done in plain sight. I love fucking men, better men, in front of my husband. It is not enough for a cuckold to hear how inadequate he is; he needs to see it too. Seeing is believing. Yesterday was Easter. We went to church. Not because we are particularly religious, but when we do go to church, we go to a Southern Baptist one. It is primarily a black church. Now you get the picture, right? The black men of the church know why I go, but the black women remain clueless. Black churchgoing women are so nice. We always get invited to someone’s home for brunch. I got more than fried chicken and mac and cheese. As my cuckold husband and I were breaking bread with Ms. Amelia and her family, her three sons were checking out the white MILF at the table. I was getting finger banged in my Sunday best under the table. When, I asked to excuse myself to the restroom, all three boys followed soon after. There were a shit ton of folks at the table. No one paid much attention when I left. My husband knew. He knows his slut wife well. I wanted a dirty foursome in the half bath. We barely all fit in that tiny space, but then three hung black cocks barely fit in my tight wet bald pussy and ass. I got two big black dicks crammed up my cunt, and a third one in my ass. It was a quick and fast fuck, but it left my pussy purring and dripping cum. I fixed my makeup before returning to the table. I got finger banged again, but this time by my cuckold husband. He wanted some of my creamy special gravy for his chicken.

Black Cock Phone Sex Faggot Therapy

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is very popular. Every day, I talk to white guys who love big black dicks as much as I do. I thought my husband was the biggest black cock faggot I knew, but I was wrong. I talk to many married men who keep their love for BBC secret. I have callers who go to adult bookstores for some black cock glory hole action. I understand. A BBC is the best thing you will ever put in your mouth. I have callers who hire gay black gigolos, so they can get fucked in their man pussies.  I have callers who go down to truck stops dressed up as girls and offer up blow jobs to the black truckers. I even have callers who place their own ads looking for hung black men to use them as cum dumpsters. The difference between my callers and my husband is that I know he loves BBC. I watch him choking on 12 inch black cocks several times a week. He is my cuckold. When we first met, he was okay with me having black lovers as long as he didn’t have to watch or hear about it. He knew he couldn’t satisfy me. We would have a nice date, maybe dinner and a movie. Afterward, I would hook up with a black lover. After we got married, he didn’t mind hearing about my black lovers if he didn’t have to watch. Before our 5th anniversary, he was watching me take on several black dudes at once. It wasn’t too long after that he began fluffing for me. Once you have a big black cock in your mouth, you can’t stop thinking about how it would feel in your ass or man pussy. I want to be a phone sex therapist, so I can help the BBC faggots share their love for those big black dicks with their wives. Everyone should share in the beauty of a BBC.

Cuckolding Phone Sex Marriage

cuckolding phone sexI love cuckolding phone sex calls. Do you? I am a natural cuckold phone mistress. I have cuckolded my husband for over 20 years now. We have a great relationship. I love my husband. I may not fuck him, but I love him. My close friends who know our arrangement ask me all the time why I don’t leave him and marry a black guy. It’s not that simple. First, bulls aren’t marriage material. My black stallions are big black cocks with big black balls. They give me pleasure. They can’t provide companionship or pay my bills. Second, many don’t want to be anything more than a stud to a married woman. They are younger and just interested in fucking a white woman, especially a married one.  My husband and I are close. Our marriage is solid. We do everything together except his cock never goes inside me. He can’t please me, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a part of my sexual escapades. Often, he arranges my special dates. He knows what I like; he knows what my pussy needs. If my black bull is cool with a cuckold watching, he rubs his little clitty while a real man takes care of his wife.  But the best part is when he licks the biggest cum shot out of my pussy and cleans off the black stud’s cock. Most of my black lovers enjoy humiliating a white man who can’t satisfy his wife. If I am a black cock whore, my husband is a black cock faggot. He would never eat a white man’s cum from my pussy or fluff a white dick. I do have hung white lovers, but they are few and far between. My husband doesn’t want to watch a white man fuck me. He is all about those big black dicks. What about you?

Cheating Phone Sex with BBC

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex calls are so much fun. Every now and again, I get a real man who calls me. Most of my callers are black cock faggots and small dick losers. When I get a black man, who calls me for a fuck call, I get so happy. Even a virtual blowjob is better than sucking my husband’s tiny dick. I had a long call with a black phone lover last night. My pussy was so wet imaging his 12-inch dick thrusting in and out of me, that I summoned my loser husband to eat my pussy as I enjoyed the cock of a real man. My husband is a great cuckold. Even when its just a phone bone I am having, he loves to listen and take care of my pussy. I was trying to fuck my cunt with my big black dildo while talking to my phone lover. I am not very good at multi-tasking, so my husband fucked me with the dildo. The best fuck he has ever given me was with this 10-inch black dildo. He knows his shrimp dick can’t please me, but he is a good cuckold, so he does what he can to compensate for his huge shortcoming. After my call, I was horny as fuck. My husband went out to fetch me a big black dick like a good cuckold husband. He brought home a winner too. Young college basketball player with a baseball bat for a dick. I am good at cuckolding phone sex calls because I cuckold my husband. He had practice earlier on my call with my huge dildo, so I made him guide that black beast dick into my wet white pussy. My husband licked his shaft as my lover fucked me. My husband married the perfect woman. I have trained him to be the best cuckold and black cock faggot. Maybe, I can train you too.

cuckolding phone sex

MILF Phone Sex with a Hung Teen Boy

milf phone sexMILF phone sex is hot too, even for a BBC whore like me. I like big cocks, but sometimes big things come in young packages. I was at the gym yesterday morning. It was a weekend so lots of high school boys were pumping iron. There was a young guy who had MILF fever. He was trying to offer me assistance on some of the equipment. I was a body builder in the 90s. I sometimes serve as a personal trainer when I am not busy taking monster cocks in my fuck holes. I knew he was flirting, so I acted like I didn’t know shit about the sports machines in the club. How kept commenting about my form. He told me my ass looked like he could bounce a quarter off it. I asked him if he wanted to find out for himself. Instant boner in his sweat pants. I took that boy home and rocked his world. I saw the tent in his pants. I knew he would not disappoint this cock size queen. I asked him if he had much MILF experience. He admitted to fucking all his mother’s friends. I knew why. He was almost 10 inches in high school and a tongue that could give a dead woman a hot squirting pussy. We fucked for hours. We both came multiple times. We left a huge wet spot in the bed I share with my husband. He was not a black boy, but he had a cock many inches bigger than loser husband. I saved that teen cream for my husband to lick out of me. My husband is creampie slut. He loves cleaning up my well fucked holes. He knew it didn’t taste like black spunk, but he never guessed he was eating a high school boy’s cum from his slut wife’s pussy.

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