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Phone sex fetishHave you missed me? I was on a long fucking vacation, like actual fucking.. I probley fucked over 30 guys over a couple days, and I fucking loved every second of it. All of my holes got fucked so many times and my little pussy and asshole got all stretched open so I could fit a couple of big hard cocks at one time. I like being used like a little fucking whore, can you do that for me? Can you treat me like a nasty bitch, and call me names? I love when I feel degraded and like a nasty bitch. I have been one since I was a little youngin. If you see me during the day I dress like a prostitute on the corner.

Adult phone chat with Theresa

I went to a gang bang party last night where I was the main course and it was so fun. I honestly wasn’t prepared when I walked in and I seen 10 big black cocks and 10 big fat white cock just waiting for my tight holes. I came in completely naked with my shaved little cunt and tight asshole ready for there big fucking cocks! I got on all fours and they just started lining up and they just started fucking all of my holes, I loved feeling them spitting on my holes. I just started moaning so loud a guy came around and shoved him big fat black cock and balls in my mouth. I love having 20 cocks fill my fuck holes over and over again. They fucked me for hours till all of there big balls where drained.

Adult phone chat

Adult phone chat with theresa

Adult phone chatI had so much fun last night at the local truck stop. There was a group of guys there together and they asked me if I wanted to go into the bath house with them and shower and fuck. I said sure because of course I want the money so I went in there and we got naked and I got on my knees and started sucking there cocks as the water and soap splashed on my head. I was getting all soapy and they wanted to bend me over and share my little shaved cunt and my little rosebud asshole. So I bent over and they fucked me so hard and filled both of my holes with cum. I say it was a good night at the truck stop.

Adult phone chat with theresa

Adult phone chatI have this favorite hotel I like to go to take on my clients for the week. Its in the busy part in town where I can get lots of clients to fuck all night long. I love being a nasty fucking slut and when I can’t be on the corner I love taking calls from you guys. I love making myself cum over and over again on the phone, hearing all the nasty stories about what you will do to me makes me so fucking hot. The nastier the better when it comes to me baby. I will make your cock happy and believe me you will be coming back to me over and over again. I want to please you and I want to be nasty.

Gang Banged by BBC

Cheap phone sex Yesterday I had the best night in a while, and It got really crazy. I invited over my 2 big black guys over and they even brought over some of there friends to have fun playing in all my holes. I got a sex swing that let me sit in it so I can just get fucked from all different angles. I love feeling those big thick black cocks shoving in my pussy all at once. I love the feeling of all my holes being stuffed by big sweaty men and it feels so fucking good. I was begging for them to cum in my little asshole and my tight pink pussy. I want to feel there sperm dripping out of me after all the guys eave, I want to be able to eat it out of my panties.

Nasty fucking whore at your service

Adult phone chatI love being a nasty fucking whore for you perverts every night, and I can’t get enough for it. I finger and rub my little pink cunt all night long and I love making myself squirt all over my bed. I get turned on by everything you say and it can be as dirty as you want it. I like being fucked in every tight hole, I actually like being in my asshole more. You can bust your nut in my asshole over and over again, and if you want you can cum all over my face. I just wanna be your little cum slut whore. Does that sound good? If it does than you should call me baby and lets cum together all night long .

Eat My Cunt

Adult phone chatI want you to stick your tongue deep into my tight little cunt and scoop out all the cream built up inside of me. I just love feeling of your dripping wet tongue go into my tight little ass. You could even lay down and I can sit my pretty cunt on your face and ride that fucking tongue until I squirt all over your face. I am a nasty little bitch and after I squirt I wanna hope on that cock! I wanna ride that big fucking cock, feeling your balls hit my clit as I ride harder. Does that feel good baby? I bet it does, my tight fucking cunt just gripping down as I slid up and down your shaft. I want you to explode inside of me.

My sugar daddies BBC

Cheap phone sex My sugar daddy came to visit me for a couple days and I was so excited. I honestly couldn’t wait for them money but also his big black cock. He has a huge thick rock hard cock and big balls I love to feel slapping my pussy as he fucks me. When he got here I was naked in my kitchen just waiting with a dripping wet fucking pussy. He came over and I started to bend over showing him my cream dripping down my tight pussy and he immediately came over and started rubbing his big mushroom cock head between my fat pussy lips. He started shoving inch by inch in my cunt it felt so fucking good. I can feel it in my stomach as he was pushing harder and harder till I squirted all over daddies cock.

Random Club Fuck

Adult phone chatWhen you bend me over, I take my hands and spread my ass for you. You see my little pink pussy lips spreading open to see my dripping wet hole, and my right rosebud asshole. I love being fucked like a nasty whore and that is exactly what happen last night! I went out last night for some fun and I ended up getting double stuffed in the mens bathroom at the club. When I looked back I felt myself getting pumped by two cocks in my pussy at once, and one of the guys hand was covering my mouth so I didn’t moan to loud. Next thing I knew there another guy shoving his fat cock in my mouth to shut me the fuck up. I ended up with cum dripping out of my holes which of course I didn’t mind.

I love BBC

Adult phone chatI meet this big black guy in the club last night and we where dancing and I could feel his big meat through his pants. I knew he had to come home with me and give me that big fucking cock, and sure enough I got him to come home with me. I stripped off my clothes laid on the bed and spread my legs letting him know I am ready for that cock. He came over and starting eating my pussy till I was nice and wet and then he took that 11inch cock out and started sliding the head into my little pussy hole. I started to moan louder and louder as he shoved inch by inch in my cunt till he was balls deep. I started thrusting back and forth on that shaft till I could feel him bust the biggest nut in my pussy.

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