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Piss in my fuckholes

I am a nasty fucking bitch and I always have been. I love anything taboo or that is considered to filthy for most people. So I had this one guy that I used to fuck and he would come over and we would get so fucking nasty. We would always be doing something perverted and nasty, so this time he had a idea. He told me that we should go to the bathroom and I should bend over the bath tub with my little fucking cunt spread open and my rose bud pink asshole exposed for him. Then he pulled out his cock and just started rubbing it between my juicy wet cunt lips and circling it around my little asshole. Then he told me to reach back and spread my pussy open where my little fuck hole was open, I started to feel a stream of warm piss just go straight into my fuck hole. I felt my little clitty start to throb as he kept pissing in both of my sweet little holes. Then I turned around and asked him to piss all over my perky tits and my stupid little slut face. Mhm, I loved feeling his warm stinky piss run down my face to my tits then down my stomach to my already filled with piss little cunt. 

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Trucker slut Theresa

Adult phone chatI found out that there was a new truck stop opening up near my hotel that I stay in and my cunt couldn’t control how wet it was getting. So I decided to go over and start seeing the guys for some money and cock. I had so many customers the first day I went over my pussy was so stretched out by the time I was finished fucking all those nasty truckers. They treated my little cunt and asshole like a cum dumpster all night long. I love being used by those nasty men and I can feel the cum dripping out of my cunt when I am walking back home and that just makes me crave more pervert cock. I think I will start going and getting fucked all day then coming home and cum for all you guys.

Cheap phone sex tonight baby?

Cheap phone sexOne of my favorite things to do is to take a guy and lay his naked body down and get my big bong out, then I will walk over to you and lower my bald pink cunt right down on your face. Then I like to take a couple hits off my bond while you tongue my fucking cunt and I ride your face. I know you love the taste of my pussy and after you get my nice and wet I will crawl down to your big fucking cock and bounce up and down. You can feel my tight cunt gripping your big shaft as I ride your cock until you cum right into my cunt. Mhm, and I know you wanna taste my pussy now so I lower my cum filled cunt right into your mouth.

BBC sugar daddy

Adult phone chat 

I love getting the call from my big black sugar daddy, because that means I can get him to come over and give me his big black cock. I love feeling it go all the way up to my stomach and begging for him to stop but really wanting him to pound me harder. Sometimes he brings over his big balck friends and I also let them pound me while they give me money and whatever else I want. My cunt gets so full with cum it just drips out of me and I love to clean it up with my tongue like a good little slut. I love to be used like a cum rag and that is exactly what those big black anacondas do.

Get your moneys worth with Theresa

cheap phone sex

You would think my fuck hole would be worn out from all the cocks I have took over the years but honestly it just keeps getting tighter and tighter. Maybe its because I do lots of drugs and even sometimes I put white girl on my cunt for the pain and it actually helps. I am just a really dirty nasty slut that wants your cum. Do you think you can give me your sperm load in my twat tonight? If you call me you know I will please that cock and make sure you get a nasty whore that you deserve. Being nasty and foul is what landed me at this job and I couldn’t be happier getting you pervs off with my nastiness.

My fuck holes are ready for you

Adult phone chatHey there, how would you like to come to my trailer and fuck my tight little hole for cheap? That”s right I am a nasty fucking slut and I love fucking so much I always have been lined up paying to get into my cunt. I just like laying on my back and taking dicks all day long, isn’t that what fucking sluts are supposed to do? I was taught to be a good little submissive whore for you and make sure your cock is good and milked. I can’t wait for you to call me so I can tell you how nasty I am while fucking my cunt with a 11 inch dildo in both of my fuck holes. Please let me please you tonight.

Let Theresa take care of you

Adult phone chatOne thing I fucking can’t live without is big fucking black cocks. Once I got big black cock when I was a little one I always had to have one, and I got the chance of a lifetime this weekend. I got approached by 10 big black guys wanting to fuck my cunt all night long, and of course I couldn’t say no. They came to my house and one by one used my mouth as a fuck hole to make sure it gets all nice and sloppy wet. Then I bent over and one by one they used my little asshole and cunt hole until they filled my cunt with loads. Then they started fisting my cunt so they could fit as many cocks in there as possible.

I am can be your personal fuck doll

Adult phone chatI am ready to be fucked daddy.  I have been such a nasty little bitch and been letting random guys fuck me for days now, and I am so full of cum it leaks out of me through out the day. I need someone to come take control of me and teach me to be a good girl, can you do that baby? Fucking for money is fun and it is what I am good at but I need to be tied up and beat like a fucking rag doll to learn I can’t be a nasty whore all the time. I promise I can learn to be good and make sure you are satisfied but I will always be just a little fucking dirty because that is how I was raised.

Let me tell you about my filthy fantasy

Adult phone chat

One of my favorite things to do while on a call is to get really fucking high and just fuck myself with my 11 inch fat black dildo while I tell you all the nasty fantasies I ever had. One of my little fantasies is how I want you and all your friends to run a fucking train on me and cover me with all that fucking cum and make me eat it up. I want to be a little fucking cum dumpster fucking whore, do you think you would like that baby? I want you to gape my fucking asshole where I can put at least 2 big fucking cocks in it at once while two are in my fucking cunt. I just want to be filled to the max and then some.

Don’t be shy, Fuck me like a little whore

cheap phone sexHave you ever fantasized about fucking the slut that lives in your neighborhood? Every neighborhood has one that walks around acting hard to get knowing that she is so easy. That is me! You can be driving by and see me walking, you could stop and drag me in your car. Of course I will kicking and screaming but there is something you can do for that. You can shove your cock in my mouth and make me suck it. Shove it down my throat and make me gag and spit all over it. You should call me a fucking whore and slap me around, because of course I fucking love that. I want you to give me what I deserve. Show me teasing guys gets you fucked like a slut.

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