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I Know Your Really A Dirty Man

Hot phonesexI love it when you try to act all innocent with me. I already know you are a dirty nasty man waiting for me to tell you how I want to see the piss running into your mouth going right down your throat. I want the real freak in you to be fucking my puffy pussy senseless. I want you to be so nasty that every word we use together will make us hornier and hornier and we will never feel ashamed. Only will pleasure will come out of me telling you how badly I want you to stick your tongue up my ass using it as a personal scraper. You will get every last morsel of shit there is left stuck up my ass. My warm piss will help wash all that gunk right down your throat. Oh but wait, now it is my turn to see what that ass has in store of me. Bring that sweet ass here and let me see how you taste. I will make sure I use my tongue to clean you up real good.

Love Thick Fat White Confident Cock

Nothing makes my hot cunt drip like a leaky faucet more than a confident white man. I love it when a white man walks up to me and lets me know that his big thick dick is just as good as any black man that has filled my holes. This happens to me more than you would think. I do not mind one bit, I love white dick, especially the ones who want to show me there cock will have my pussy screaming out in pleasure. I usually give them my number and tell them if they think they have what it takes to call me later. Every white man that told me his cock was great did not let me down. I love seeing a confident man whip his thick fat dick out right in front of my face, ordering me to kiss the tip of his throbbing mushroom head while shoving it straight into my watering mouth. The white men I have been with have fucked me so good that my pussy will be squirting down their hard shaft the whole time. I love a naughty and nasty freak and these men that want to show me they know how to have a good time, have not let me down yet. I will never turn down a fat, thick, naughty and nasty dick.

Fulfilling My Stepbrothers Fantasy

Fantasy Phone SexMy stepbrother is a couple of years older than I am, his name is Mark. You would not be able to tell the difference in age though. The way my body was developing while growing up made me look older than I was. I knew Mark was attracted to me by the way he would always stare at me. We did not grow up together so I thought it was normal for him to be attracted to me. One day while showering, I caught my stepbrother Mark spying on me from the hallway, then I realized one of his hands was tightly gripped around his hard cock. He was in such a fantasy he did not even notice I caught him jacking off to me. He did not realize me catching him until I pushed the shower door open. As soon as he could see my naked body clearly, his thick cum shot out onto the bathroom floor. That is when I got a good look at my stepbrother’s cock and I must say I was impressed. For his age, Mark had a good size dick and it was thick. I am not ashamed to say I was instantly turned on by my stepbrother. I looked at him for a moment and asked him what the hell he was doing. Mark confessed that he could not help himself. He told me he wanted nothing more than to make me his cumslut. He keeps having a fantasy of me getting on my knees, begging for my stepbrother’s cum. I remember thinking to myself with a big dick like his, I would not mind getting on my knees to worship my stepbrothers sexy, big dick. I gave Mark a seducing stare and told him I will do it. Mark’s dick instantly got hard the moment I agreed to his fantasy. It was not long after I agreed that I was on my knees begging my stepbrother for all of his milk to shoot deep down inside my throat.

Hot And Horny Fantasy

Fantasy Phone SexSitting in my bed on the phone listening to your voice. You sound so hot and horny I just can’t get enough of you. I lay back in my bed using one of my hands to hold the phone up to my ear and the other hand to reach down to my soft, slippery cunt. Your voice alone is making my cunt so hot and horny for you. My fingers are becoming drenched in my horny juices. I close my eyes listening to you, fantasizing. I see you opening my legs wide, you are inches away from my cunt. I can feel how warm your breath is against my skin. Oh, yea baby, your tongue feels so good on my clit. I love the way you clean me up, licking and sucking up all of my sweet juices. I am rubbing on these big titties, getting my nipples hard for you. I know you like the way my nipples rise when you suck on them. This fat ass of mine is also all for you. I love turning around for you so you can spread those ass cheeks wide open. I am all yours, do what you want with me, baby.

Naughty Sex With Two Strangers

Hot phonesexI was taking a walk at the park this morning. I stopped to rest for a little while on one of the benches. I saw two men sitting a couple of feet away from me. They kept staring at me while whispering. I knew any moment they were going to make their way over to me. Five minutes later the men started coming my way. One of the men said I looked like a girl he knew by the name of Michelle. I called him out on his bullshit quick and we had a good laugh with him admitting his bullshit. He told me he and his friend couldn’t help themselves. They had to come over and let me know how hot and sexy I was. They invited me to their house, I let both of the men know how lucky they were that I  was so spontaneous and nasty but I didn’t want to give in that easy. It didn’t matter my hot cunt was screaming for these two men’s cocks. I love to see how far a man will go to feel what my warm, wet cunt feels like on the inside. I was excited  I got to play with two men this time. I joked with them for a little while, making sure they weren’t going to kill me. They laughed telling me I would be back on my bench before I knew it. When the three of us got to the house we didn’t waste any time.Cum Slut Phone Sex All three of us were on the couch. I was in the middle of both men. They lifted my shirt down exposing my hard nipples, licking and sucking each one. I had to get up and strip down to my sexy thong. One of the men quickly slipped my thong off of me. I had one man playing with my horny shaved cunt while the other man went back to my hard nipples. I spread my legs wide open letting the man get a taste of my horny pussy. These men really knew what they were doing, I could tell they were ready to shove their hard cocks inside my mouth. They got up at the same time. Two cocks on each side of my face, I grabbed both of them, taking turns on each cock, deep throating each cock balls deep, making sure I show these men some good freaky and naughty attention. While my mouth was choking on one cock the other man took a chunk of my hair pulling it back to watch me gobble up his friends’ cock. It was such a horny naughty time and we were just getting started. Both men then sat down on the couch when pre-cum started dripping out of those sloppy wet cocks. I got on top of one of the men riding his dick nice and hard while continuing to deep throat the other man. These me were really making me feel like the sexy, kinky naughty woman that I know I am. I made sure I gave them the time of their life. For the next two hours these men fucked me real nice and hard. They even filled up my dripping cunt and tight asshole at the same time. All I could do is scream out in pleasure begging them not to stop. At the very end, I got on my knees, with my mouth wide open, telling both of the men to cum right into my mouth. They emptied every last dropping they had in those big balls right into my mouth. It has been a great sexy start to my morning so far, I can still feel the some of their warm cum dripping down the back of my throat.

Naughty Cheerleading Slut

Hot PhonesexI was such a slutty cheerleading teenager back when I was younger. I remember my team’s cheerleading outfit barely covered any of my body. The football players loved watching us practice and my girls and I loved to watch them play. When practice was over the boys would always try to sneak into the girl’s locker room just to see us girls playing around naked together. I loved every moment of it! Most of the girls on the cheerleading squad were good girls. They did not like the boys spying on us. They would tell coach all the time, begging him to get them to stop. I had one friend who was a slut like myself and we would stay in the locker room and wait for the other girls to leave. Once the girls were gone we told some of the boys from the football team to come back into the locker room. I remember couch walked in on us once and caught me and my friend sucking off three big thick cock football players. Couch didn’t get mad, instead, he lined right up with the boys and whipped his cock right out, telling us to suck him off real good. He let us know that he could tell we were the sluts who loved to suck cock out of the group. My friend and I sucked and licked for hours. It was a cummed filled festival in the locker room shower when we were done with them. For the rest of the year, we made it a weekly thing to fuck and suck when the rest of the team left the locker room.

Girl Next Door. Or am I?

Fantasy Phone SexYou thought I was the girl next door, didn’t you? I do not blame you and I am actually flattered. I love to know that I can look so innocent. Even though I am one of the freakiest women you will cross paths with. I love outdoor sex the most. The rush I get knowing at any minute someone can walk up and see me bent over getting my tight cunt railed by your throbbing cock deep inside of me really sends me over the edge. Don’t be surprised if I let them in on our hot action. I do not mind if it is a woman or a man. As long as we are fucking each other nice and hard and being as naughty as we can. That is all that matters to me. Wouldnt it be hot to have an orgy in public. All the passing bystanders are either going to join in on the hot fun or they would record us. Showing the world all of our naughty moments. I could fuck all day in public. Letting everyone watch how naughty this girl next door can really be.

Naughty Cum Slut Nurse

Hot phonesexTell me what I can do for you. I promise I will make you feel better. Oh my! Yes, I see your cock is so hard it looks like you may have overdosed on viagra. No, you didn’t? Oh, you just have a nice big thick hard cock then don’t you? Well yes, I would love to help you out with your problem. I have just the right medicine for a swelling cock like yours. I can give it to you orally right here in my office. First, let me slide your pants all the way down. I am going to take your shirt off also. I want to make sure you do not have problems anywhere else. Now, I am going to massage your cock with both of my hands. I want you to grab on to my titties, and watch how hard my nipples get when you start flicking on them with your fingertips.Cocksucking Phone Sex Once I feel my nipples reach their peak, I want you to stop. My nipples getting as hard as your cock right now lets me know it is time for me to bend down and open wide. I can see already your throbbing dick is letting out some of its pudding. I will make sure I lick up all of your good pudding right now. Oh yes, I can feel your cock throbbing as it goes down the back of my throat. You’re even letting out some more of your pudding. That is a very good sign, I can feel a lot of it shooting out. When you are ready to release everything you have packed away I want you to stick your cock as far as you can, you will know when you are far enough, you will feel my saliva running out of my mouth like a water fountain all over your shaft. When your cock comes out of my mouth your problem should be fixed. If it’s not fixed just yet, do not worry. I have stronger medication that I know will work.

Worshiping Your Cock

Fantasy Phone SexTo me, a man’s cock should be worshipped day in and day out. I love a thick hard meat stick staring right at me, inches away from my face. My cunt gets wet as soon as I see a hard cock rising through his pants or being pulled out and getting shoved into my mouth. I want to beg a man for his dick and work for that thick piece of meat. Wouldn’t you like to have a woman on her knees begging you for your dick? Begging you to have just one lick of the tip of your cock. I love to see a man’s precum stream out of the head of his cock. I slurp and suck on the head ever so gently waiting for the real thick cream to come out and coat the back of my throat. I will and want to be your caramel cum slut. I want your cum to fill, my mouth, my cunt, and my tight begging asshole. I will submit to your cock day in and day out and I will love every second of it. Seeing you moan in pleasure lets me know I am worshipping your cock in all the right ways. Your cock hypnotizes me, causing me to do things I would not normally do. I cannot help it, the love I have for a big thick dick penetrating deep inside of me is something I will always love.

She Watched Me Fuck Her Man

Adult phone chatA longtime client by the name of Dan contacted me last week. His girlfriend of 5 years has been cheating on him for the last three. He asked me if I could help him get back at her. I love dan, just like I love all my men. I agreed to help him with no hesitation. He told me he wanted her to walk in on us having sex. I always did think Dan was a sexy man, I still do not understand why his girlfriend of five years would cheat on him. I was excited to help Dan get back at his now ex-girlfriend. We set up a plan and chose the perfect time for the cheating slut to walk in. Dan knew exactly when she would be home, he wanted his cock buried deep inside my sexy wet pussy, fucking me long and hard as she walked in the door. Well, let me tell you, that is exactly what happened. Dan’s ex walked straight through the door and saw, who she thought was her man, with his big, throbbing cock deep inside my tight pussy. All she could do was stand there in the doorway and watch. Her eyes wide and body froze, she watched Dan fuck my soul straight out of my body. Dan’s throbbing cock filled every inch of my dripping cunt. the moans coming out of my mouth were real and at that moment, Dan’s slut of a girlfriend regretted cheating on him. We did not stop until Dan showed his ex slut that he did not need her and he could make any woman his cum slut for the night. I let Dan blast his cock cream all over my body, begging him for more. Dan told his ex he knew she had been cheating on him and to pack her shit and go. Now Dan and I are going to schedule regular appointments together. He can pleasure this pussy anytime.

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