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Opening Up To Mommy

fantasy phone sexPeople like to pretend they are normal,  Well what is normal? This is what I have been telling my client for some time now. He has so much anxiety over his fantasies. The things that get him turned on. He does admit that when he is not horny he will not think about them. The problem with him is, if he gets triggered by something little, his cock swells up with so much desire. He wants and thinks about things that he feels he shouldn’t be wanting or thinking about. Well, today that all changed. Today he not only brought the person who always makes his cock so hard, but he also stuck his hard thick cock right in it. His mom, he brought his mom to our session and did all the things he has been fantasizing about. My client and his mother have always been so close. Even in his adult life, he is still living in the same house as his mother. He remembers as a child having a crush on his mom and he always thought she might have had one on him too, even as an adult his feelings still remain the same. He would spy on his mother fucking other men or watch her masturbate in the shower. He even admitted he gave her some strong sleeping medicine one time to knock her out cold for the night. He went into her room while she was knocked out and started licking her pussy, sucked on her titties and stuck his growing cock inside of her. He started feeling guilty as he got older. That is when he decided to come to see me. He said he is crazy for thinking she has the same feelings for him, he said if she did, she would have tried to do something with him by now. I told him maybe she feels the same way and he should test her. Well, that is exactly what he did when he got home. He made sure his mom would see him rubbing his meat. The moment she caught him his mother got so turned on she couldn’t hide her true feelings for her son any longer. They spent the whole session in my office fucking, sucking and licking each other. He has finally been set free and is now able to live out his fantasy.

Don’t Be Shy

Fantasy Phone SexLet me into your mind and your body. I am your safe sexual place. Don’t be shy with me, you have no reason to be. If you ever wanted to tell someone your deepest secrets darkest fantasies I am your girl. You never know I may be into what you like and we could try it out together. Close you’re eyes and relax your mind and body. Go to that place in your mind, I will start to see your cock rising, your breathing getting faster as you are taking yourself to your every desire. You will feel a warm sensation through your body, getting more and more intense as you go deeper into your fantasy. You won’t want to hold back, the further your mind goes the hornier you are getting. The visions in your mind feel so real, you don’t want to stop. I do not want you to stop, I want you to take yourself all the way. Hold back as long as you can until you feel the explosion you have been waiting for.

My Seductive Secret

I want to share my secret with you. I am obsessed with tasting, smelling and rubbing my feet. I like it when a man watches me, even record me doing all of these things. I will have men come into my office if I think the guy is nervous and not going to loosen up anytime soon. I will get fully naked, sit back on my couch, take one foot in my mouth and start sucking on my toes.Hot ass sex I don’t care if he is into feet or not, I want to show the man it is ok to open up and he doesn’t have to feel ashamed. The men always loosen up after I do this. I was thinking about doing this in all of my sessions, maybe I could even do it for the men with the same sort of fetish. Letting them see a sexy naked woman getting really wet by sucking her own toes. I have had a couple of men walk up and lick the cum dripping from my pussy. This is just another reason why I love what I do. I also love thinking of new freaky ideas. I will never stop doing this.

Getting It Out Of You

Hot ass sexOne way or another I will get it out of you. The sexual desires you have that you are holding deep within your subconscious. One thing about me is I am a real freak. You won’t know until I want to show you. I want to know who you are and what you will tell me before you know who I really am. I met a man recently who finally told me his true fantasy. This man felt silly talking about it, he was in love with teachers. The thing he said that he didn’t understand is they do not have to be attractive. It could be an old teacher young, fat, skinny. If they were a teacher, he wanted to fuck. He told me this information over the phone. I decided I was going to make this mans fantasy come true. Maybe if he would be able to make his fantasy a reality he would understand why he has such a thing for teachers. I told him I had an office at a local college that we could meet and talk. I was waiting for him with my sexy uniform on, he was going to learn about his fantasy. I started teaching as if he was my student. I wanted his mind to lead him to what he wanted to do to me. I said different things to him to see how he reacted to each word that came from my mouth. It turns out, he wants a teacher to come on to him. It makes him feel special. Teachers have a form of power, he enjoys he was the student that was picked by the powerful teacher. I told him to drop his pants so I can suck his young thick cock. I got him to sit on the desk, I told him how he was a sexy young man and I have been dreaming of riding his dick all year. This man left knowing why he had such a thing for teachers. He may also just gained a fantasy for therapists. I don’t blame him.

Shoe Fetish

I met a man today at the shoe store. I was looking for something new for work when I spotted this man in the used shoe section sniffing every used pair of shoes. He would take a pair of shoes one by one, put them right up to his nose and take a big whiff. Each time he did that I could see relief come over his entire body. I also noticed a nice size bulge protruding from his pants. I must say I could feel my clit throbbing at each breath he took. I had no idea why it was turning me on but it damn sure was. I walked closer to the guy hoping he would see me before he saw me looking at him. From the corner of my eye, I could see him looking at me. He quickly put the shoes down trying to play it off cool. I knew it was safe to look in his direction once the shoes were down. When we made eye contact he smiled and said he was looking for a gift for his wife. I smiled at him, picked up a pair of shoes and put them up to my face. I took a deep breath in, smelling every aroma coming from this used pair of shoes. The man’s eyes got big and his bulge got even bigger. I looked up at him smiling and said, I just love the way a used pair of shoes smell. That is when the man took me by my arm and swung me through the double doors, leading us to the back of the store. I let him lead the way while he was still holding on tight to my arm, thankfully we did not see an employee in sight. The man swung me on a wooden bench and begged for my sweet cunt. All of this excitement has made my cunt a throbbing wet mess. I told him yes but only if he took my shoes off and I could watch him smell them first. Damn, he looked at me like I was a goddess after saying that. He ripped my shoes off, putting his nose as far as he could inside of them. Seeing a man sniff my sweaty shoes is such a fucking turn on. I grabbed his head and dug his face deep into my wet cunt. He was so horny and hot for me and slurped up every bit of my warm juices. Then the man ripped his pants off, revealing his thick throbbing white cock. I could tell he was ready for me, he laid on his back with his cock sticking straight up. He looked up at me and said I want to see that fat black ass riding this cock. I wasted no time dipping my pussy right down on him. He fucked me so good I squirted all over him. I now make it a priority to shoe shop in the used section more often.

Worshiping Threesome

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

I had an appointment with three men today. This was the first time I had a group of men come to see me for a session. I couldn’t help but notice that all three men were very attractive. They seemed a little nervous, I decided I should set the mood by teasing them. I turned the heat up in my office, once it started getting hot in the room, I began to take some of my clothes off revealing a little more skin. I could tell this was getting the men excited. I could see that the men were getting comfortable. Then one of the men blurted out that their true desire is to have a 3 sum while they are getting their cock worshiped. This was my opportunity to fuck all three of these men without them thinking that I am a dirty slut whore. I like to stay professional while I work. If everyone knew I was a horny slut whore I would have men and woman coming to me just for sex! I told all three men to lay back and pull their cocks out. I could see their horny meat bulging from their pants. I taught these men the real art of cock worship. I sucked all three cocks at the same time. I praised these hard-ripe cocks. I did things to these men they will never forget. I even worshiped while I had one of the men stick his cock deep inside my dripping cunt. I know these men will never forget the time they had. I am sure they will be back with another fetish soon.

New Seductive Hypnosis Client

Erotic Hypnosis Phone SexBeing a Seductive Hypnosis Queen is more than just my job. It is a way of life. This morning I had a client come to my house. He and I have been emailing each other for two weeks. He is a 30-year-old man who has never had sex. He told me he is frightened of inserting his large cock into a woman’s vagina. I was over the hills excited when he told me this. I have seen this man’s cock and knew right away I had to let my pussy juices melt all the way down to his smooth balls. I will admit I was on a mission to have this 30-year-old virgin fill every whole on my body. We started talking in my room, I turned in into an office for this meeting. As we were talking all I could think about was his big cock pumping in and out of my pussy. This man had no idea what he was in for. I told him to pull down his pants. I wanted to see why he thought his cock was to large for a woman’s sweet pussy. When he pulled down his pants to expose his thick hard cock, I couldn’t hold my composure any longer. I was quickly on my knees, his hard cock already in my mouth going deeper into my throat. With a mouthful of hard cock, I told him this is what I had planned for him the whole time. It didn’t take long until he started going along with this idea. He took a handful of my hair to help ease his cock farther down my throat. I was gagging, my saliva running out of my mouth like a leaking hose. I couldn’t have him cum yet that would defeat the purpose of my sweet warm wet pussy getting penetrated. I slowly took his cock out of my mouth. His balls were so smooth I couldn’t resist letting them marinate in my mouth for just a moment. I wanted to see if he was into ass play, while his balls were marinating in my humming mouth, I took my hand around to his tight smooth ass hole. I had some of my pussy juice on my finger, I rubbed the pussy juice around his asshole in a circular motion. He was getting deeper and deeper into his true horny sexual self. He then stepped back, his balls flopping out of my wet mouth. He told me to turn around with my ass up in the air and take his KING dick. We fucked for hours. Right before he exploded, he grabbed my face with both hands putting his cock on the tip of my nose. His cock was like a firehose squirting warm liquid all in my eyes.  My pussy was a throbbing hot cake by the time we were done. His cock was so drenched with my pussy juices it looked like a sea worm. This morning I took a 30-year-old man’s virginity and this 30-year-old man gave me the best Fuck of my life. I think this was a win, win situation.

Cheating Phone Sex Wife

cheating phone sexI love my husband, but his cock is too small and he just can’t satisfy me. So we have a perfect arrangement where I get to go out and fuck all of the big black cocks that I want, I do come home to him at the end of the night. He gets so hard knowing his hot wife is out getting fucked by strange men with huge cocks. I brought home a sexy guy with a 10 inch BBC from the club last night. My husband was in bed, but he got out and made room for us. He sat in the corner and quietly watched as the strange man from the club fucked my dripping wet pussy and mouth. His cock was so thick and long I could barely get my mouth around it. He could only fit half of it in my pussy before bottoming out. He decided to turn me onto my stomach and fuck my ass instead. I never let my husband give me anal , but I couldn’t resist this well hung stranger. It hurt a little, but soon I was in ecstasy from the feeling of his big black cock pounding in and out of my ass. My husband was rock hard, pre cum rising more and more as he watched this 10 inch stallion take his wife’s anal virginity in his own bed.

First Appointment for the day

Accomplice Phone SexI was excited to get to work today. I have been so horney lately. My first client is so ready to do everything I want. And I am ready for him today. Today I have a  very sweet surprise waiting for him. She is a consultation form the youth center down the street. I realize Mr. Bradely still needs another Hypnotism appointment. He wants to give into his private demons. He wants to fuck and force a little whore. He has always been too scared. But today is the day for his break thought. It was easy enough to put him under. when I pulled out the little slut from the closet he got hard instantly. But I could see his hands shaking. I had to be right there guiding and helping him do what needed to be done. Making sure he lived out his fantasies exactly and not cave into social norms. It was hard at first. He was so hesitant. Getting him to rip and tear her clothes off. Until he got to her panties. His hands were shaking so hard. But the second he slipped his finger inside her panty to rip them off, and touched her pussy. That is when he finally let go! Something inside of him just too over. He ripped her panties in half. I didn’t even have to tell him to touch her pussy. He did that on his own. Jamming his fingers in her tight little cunt. Mr. Bradely’s hand were not shaking as he pulled his pants down. He grabbed ahold of his cock and pressed it up against her tight little hole. That is when I had to step in. I had to tell him to wait. He had to repeat the phrase. “I deserve this. I am the master of my domain. And I deserve this” I made him say it three times before I let him plunge deep inside that tiny whore. She was so small he had to grab her hips and force himself inside of her. Over and over again. Until he finally came so hard making that whore his little cum dumpster. A major breakthrough!

Sexy Sugar Baby

young bald pussyI love being a young sugar baby. Guys go ape shit for my young bald pussy. I am legal age, but just barely. I am on the special arrangements site. It is not escorting, but sex for a high-class night is implied. I don’t mind fucking some fat old guy if he is filthy rich. Last night, I had a date with a grandpa. He was a total silver haired fox. He is a Hollywood producer. He likes something young and pretty on his arm for fancy events. He took me to this swank Hollywood party last night. I was having fun checking out all the stars in attendance. We were dancing and I felt his boner. For an old guy, he had a stiff dick. I told him we should take care of that before people noticed. We ducked into an empty room. I showed off my cock sucking skills. My first grey haired cock. But honestly, it wasn’t gross or anything. His cock was bigger and harder than many guys thirty years younger. He shot a big load in my mouth. That was just the first load of many that night. He said he was twenty the last time he had a boner like that. I got a super huge wad of cash from him as well as a few super huge wads of cum. I can make a dead man cum!


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