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Tranny Phone SexI like to swap partners with this other couple that is just like us. She Danielle is a tranny too and her boy Mark as an amazing fuck stick. Long and thick and he is a latino. Mark is one of the few I will let fuck my hole. My boy is a bottom and Danielle loves to switch it up at times and gets to be the aggressor. She has a bit of a sadistic side to her. Watching her whip my boy as she fucks him with her pulsating stick. I jerk up and down my shaft. Mark rimming my ass. Sucking on the back of my balls his tongue in and out of my asshole getting it nice and sloppy wet. My dick growing in my hand seeing my pre cum spurts out. Feeling Mark slide his latino fucking stick nice and smoothly hitting my prostate. My ass tightening on him as he pushes thru my ass muscles to hit that g-spot. Making me explode all over the floor. Mark whispers above me good girl as he picks up the pace. I look up again to see my boy all marked up and still getting fucked hard himself.

Good Cock Sucker

Tranny Phone Sex Come kneel before me. Snapping my fingers as you come crawling across the floor to my feet. That is right sissy bitch. I extend my leather boot out for you to kiss with your tongue. Petting the top of your head as you shine my boot with your lovely kisses. Standing above you I whip out my nice throbbing cock. I give you permission to kiss the head of my cock. You will beg like a good sissy bitch for that scrumptious cock of mine to be put into your mouth. I will grant your request with a smile and then shove it deep in your warm wet mouth. Slowly at first, feeling your tongue swirl around my cock. Picking up the pace of fucking your face hole. My balls hitting off your chin. Oh sweet sissy bitch I can feel your throat. My balls tighten holding my cock at throat. Spurting my hot cum, feeling your throat swallow on my cock head. Taking all that I offer you.


Tranny Phone SexMy friend and I wanted to get revenge on this asshole who offended her. No one fucks with one of my tranny chicks. He had never seen me before. So one night I went to his favorite bar and was flirting with him. I was giving him all the signals that I wanted him to take me home and fuck me good. He completely thought I was just an ordinary chick. I kept feeding him alcohol getting him as drunk as possible. Towards the end of the night I convinced him to come home to my place. He came with no argument. I chuckled in my head knowing he thought I was all woman. I get him back to my place and I let him know I was a bit of a dominatrix. He was totally into this kink of mine. I binded him down tightly. I cut his clothes off him leaving him naked. That is when my friend popped out of the closet with the video camera. He was pissed to see her. And that is when it all clicked for him. He knew I was a tranny too. He yelled for us to let him up but he laughed and did no such thing. We took turns fucking him and holding the camera. He was humiliated knowing this was going to be on the internet. We volilated both his holes. Gaping his ass wide open. He kept cumming on camera which upset him more. He knew we would tag everybody he knows and everybody would see how much of a faggot he truly his.


Tranny Phone SexA guy called me a fuckalicious freak in bed! I laughed in his face and said why cause I got tits, dick, 2 holes to fuck. Or is it because I can top and bottom on your ass? I like to get my dick sucked by your warm fucking mouth. And yet I will let you pound the shit out of my ass. Depending on my mood. Is this what makes me a fuckalicious freak? I think it is because I turn into a wild animal in bed. Thrashing and clawing at your body. Letting you fuck me real good, then I turn into the black widow and take control of you and your sissy body. Turning you into the little faggot we all know you are.

Playing With My Girl

Sissy Training Phone SexI brought my pet sissy boy over to visit my dear friend Clarissa a few days ago. She is not a tranny like I am. But she is fucking great to play with. And like me she knows how a sissy boy needs and wants to be treated. He humiliated the shit out of him and enjoyed every fucking second of it. We called him names. Made him take BBC in his ass. Took pictures for all over social media. Clarissa whipped him a bit and I shoved my cock in his mouth. Gagging him and he was still getting fucked in the ass. We brought him to a crying slobbering mess. And when we were done he thanked us all. Good sissy boy!


I want this to be you sucking on my cock. Suck on my cock like a wee one with a bottle. I am going to grab you by the back of the head and push you onto my cock. Shoving my cock down yShemale Phone Sexour throat. Feeling you gag as I order you to swallow. I love that feeling of your throat closing around my cock. I want you to massage my balls as I continue to fuck your mouth like your ass. I am gonna cum deep in your throat. Filling you full. After that I will fall back in my chair. Smoke a nice joint. Get a drink. Then fuck you in that tight ass of yours. So get ready cause this tranny is coming your way.

Tranny Sex

Tranny Phone SexA guy called my escort service I work for. Looking for a girl like me with tits and a dick. He needed a big cock to fuck his ass and mouth. I got myself already looking slutty as ever. And I met him at the apartment I meet all my Jons at. He was a good looking guy. Something I can fuck for hours. I went straight for his cock shoving it in my mouth I had to taste it. Then I rolled him over and spread his ass cheeks. OH! His asshole looked fucking amazing. So nice and perky just for my cock. I asked him if he wanted my cock in his ass and if he did to push his ass back on my cock. Which the little bitch did. That is right everybody wants to get fucked by a tranny!

Tranny Girls And Sissy Boys

Sissy Phone Sex My tranny girls and I put out a ad Looking for a sissy boys for one of our tranny parties. We like to enlist new sissy boys from time to time. Get fresh meat for us to play with and occasional we find a diamond in the rough and decide to take him on for training. It is fun to play with new meat. Especially the shy ones who want to explore. Their cocks are hard as a rock. But they are embarrassed by the humiliation they know they are about to endure. I love to see their faces all red and embarrassed. As they are tormented by my girls and I. I love to hear them beg for more as they cum and cum.

My Surprise

Cheap Phone SexMy boss thought he was gonna put a fast one pass me the other day. But I ended up putting the fast one on him. He did not know I was a tranny. He was “threatening” to fire me unless I gave him some pussy. I chuckled on the inside. But I gladly got on my knees in front of him and took out his cock out of his pants. Slowly starting to stroke it as I slide my mouth down his shaft. Softly moaning. Massaging his balls getting him nice and rock hard. He was loving my bj grunting and moaning. I smiled at him and I asked “Are your ready for my pussy?“ He stuttered out the word yes. I laughed out loud and when I lifted up my skirt and down my panties he saw that I also had a huge dick like his and the look on his face was priceless.

My Dirty Little Secrets

Tranny Phone SexI love when I take a guy home, with him thinking I am just some ordinary chick he is picking up in the bar and getting lucky with. I get him nice and rock hard. Letting him play with my tits as I play with his dick. And when I know I got him to that point of wanting into a nice wet hole. I lean in and reveal my surprise that yes I have a dick just like you. Do you know I have never had one guy stop me or say anything negative. I think they are so turned on by my blow-job skills. (I mean come on nobody can suck cock like another man. We know how to do it right.) That they want to see what else I can do better than a bitch could do.

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