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His Reward

Phone sexI Am a very sweet person. But only to a very few. I Am very strict and expect complete obedience. My pets will tell you this. They will also tell you that I Am a sweetheart when I get what I want. I have a sadistic side and caring Mommy side. My one pet likes it rough really rough. Which is pleasing to Me. So to punish him I must ignore him and put him in his cage. That is punishment to him. If I were to beat him. He would enjoy that too much. But when he is good and my sadistic side hits. He is My favorite pet to play with! I love to fuck the shit out of him. And to torture him. A bunch of My sweet Shemale friends came over to visit Me. And since My pet was behaving so well I decided to let him be the toy We play with. We binded him up tightly to a stripper pole, so that he could not move on his own. We put tape over his mouth so that he could not speak. And we had our way with him. He was whipped. Pissed on. We teased him to the edge and then denied him his pleasure. How did he asked for permission to cum you ask? Blinking 3 times when he wanted to cum. Over and over We denied him that. Putting his dick in Our mouths. Sliding his dick into our ass. Fucking the shit out of his ass, The two girl kneeling on the floor both had their cocks in his ass at the same time. You could hear his ass tearing, as it was forcible stretch opened. Just watching that and hearing ass tear. Seeing the marks from the whip across his body. Hearing his screams of pleasure echo the room. All this made Me shoot a fucking huge load of My cum right in My pets face. Making sure to hit his eyes and hair. In fact all My friends and I orgasm several times playing and torturing My pet. After We had Our fun and was done with him. We released him from his ropes. And allowed him to clean up the cum that made it onto the floor with his tongue. And yes he was allowed to jerk himself off until he unloaded his load. But of course he had to clean that up also. And all this was his reward for his obedience

What You Will Do

Tranny Phone SexI want you to start with worshipping My feet. Softly kissing as you work your way up My leg, onto My thigh.  As you make your way to My massive fuck tool, you may kiss and wrap your fuck hole on your face around Me and slide down My shaft.  Take your hands and massage My balls.  Gag and choke on My cock,  slide all the way down until you feel My balls at your chin. I want to feel your drool on My skin.  Then take your hungry fuck hole and shove My balls deep in that mouth.  I want every inch of My balls in your mouth. I want My balls slobbery soaking wet with your drool.  Hearing you moan.  I know how good My dick taste to you. I want you to make Me cum deep your greedy fucking mouth.  I want My dick so deep in your throat Cumming and cumming draining every last drop into your stomach.  Then as a special treat I am going to piss in your throat to wash down the cum.  You are welcome!.

Special Day

Sissy Training Phone SexI get play time any time I want. But today is a special day.  Today is My pet’s birthday.  And on his special day, he will get My private attention.  I think birthdays are a wonderful thing.  When it is a pet’s birthday they receive My cum, and My sole attention.  It is a day that brings us closer together as Owner and pet.  When it is a pet’s birthday I bring them into My special room which is off of the dungeon.  This room is not open often to My pets.  Only on special days, and when I Am extremely happy. Otherwise the door stays shut.  But not today.  Today the door is open for My pet’s birthday.  After he crawls in and I walk I will shut the door.  This is My pet’s special day and only he will enjoy.

I Am A Fuckalicious Freak!!!

 Tranny Phone Sex I always new I was an awesome freak! But now I realize I Am a fuckalicious awesome fucking freak! I have a great cock. A fabulous pair of tits. And a fuckalicious ass. I have the hole fucking package. Better then any bitch or man. I know you are agreeing with me after looking at My pictures.  I think your cock would feel real good deep in My ass.  I bet your mouth feels real good for draining My cock.  You and I should get together and get fuckalicious freaky in the bed.  On the kitchen counter.  Up against the wall.  Down on the floor.  Fucking and sucking until we both have no more cum left in us.  What do you say?  Can you handle this with Me?  If so I am waiting for you another fuckalicious awesome fucking freak!  Just like Me!

Punishment For Bad Pet

Tranny Phone SexThis is one of My pets. He was a bad and now he is getting punished.  His dick will stay like that for at least three days.  But probably longer.  He hates to be feminized.  So that is exactly what I am doing.  Turning him into the bitch that he is acting like.  Everyday I will take pictures and post them on the internet Making sure to send links to all that I know.  Maybe then he will learn how to behave.  To obey.  To respect.  I am very strict  with My pets and bois.  The minute they step out of line I get angry and mean.  I turn into a sadistic tranny asshole.  Tomorrow he will be in full little girl dress.  With a 12 inch dildo in his ass.  An 8 inch dildo in his mouth.  Both dildos will stay there all day.  This pet will learn to not be a bitch!


Hot Ass Sex With My Boi

gh Hot ass sexThis picture makes me so fucking hard every time. This was some hot ass sex. I love fucking My boi with this two liter bottles. Immediately after taking this picture I shoved My nine inch hard cock in his mouth an down his fucking throat. I love gaping his ass hole turning it into a cunt. Hearing his cries and moans. As he goes from pain to pleasure.  It took almost an hour to get this two liter bottle into his ass.  I worked the bottle in slowly in circular motion.  Pushing the bottle in inch by inch. Until the bottle was barely showing out of his cunt ass.  I am jerking off my fucking hard cock now.  Just telling you about the story behind the picture, Makes Me want to cum so fucking hard.

In Charge Suzi

Submitting To Yummy Black Cock, Teasing My Pet

BBlack Cock Phone SexI submit to black cock. White bois are weak. Black Men are strong. I willingly submit on my knees to black cock. It gives Me great pleasure to please black cock as My pet kneels on his knees. Watching Me.  As his dick grows harder. Not allowing My pet to touch his dick at all. Teasing My pet as I please real black cock.  Making the yummy black cock cum deep in My holes.  Hearing as My pet whimpers.    Making My pet watch as I please another.  Then watching as the black cock takes My pet for his own.  And fucks the shit out of My pet’s mouth and cunt ass.  Tearing into My pet with no mercy.  Watching as the black cock cums in both My pet’s holes.  And not once do I allow My pet to cum.  I make My pet go to bed with a rock hard dick and no release.  My pet’s pain is My pleasure.  Tomorrow I will allow My pet to cum in a cup and drink it for his breakfast.  It is the best source of protein there is.

Looking For Cunts To Breed

Breeding Phone SexI am not into cunts at all. But I want a little Me. So My sissy bitch boi and I went on the prowl looking for a cunts to breed with. We went to the local bar where My sissy bitch boi acting as decoy was flirting with the cunts I picked out for him to flirt with. See it will be hard to get cunts to breed with a tranny. So I use My sissy bitch boi to lure the cunts to My home. I make sure My bitch boi gets them nice a drunk and they think there gonna have fuck My sissy bitch boi.  Once inside My bitch  boi gets the cunts stripped and  to the bedroom.  That is where I come in and force Myself on these cunts.  The cunts try to fight but I always win.  And I have My bitch boi helping Me hold the cunts down.  As I seed them making them pregnant with My little one.  I do this every couple of months or so.  The only thing cunts are good for are for breeding.

What The Hell Is That?

Humiliation Phone SexLaughing My ass off!  What the hell do you call that thing? Laughs is that your dick? More like a clit then a dick.  Defiantly  does not deserve the title of cock.  I have seen bigger clits on bitches.  Does cum even come out of that little clit you got there?  Or do you squirt like a bitch?  Laughs!  I bet you can not satisfy  any body with that little clit.  You are weaselly little thing.  Would you not say?  I bet when you do squirt out of that little clit, you sound just like a bitch.  There really is nothing Man about you.  You have clit for a dick.  you have no balls to stand up for yourself.  If your married your wife is finding  better Cock real Cock somewhere else. And I do not blame her.  Your a worthless little bitch and we all know it.

Jerking Off To Tease My Pet

Mutual Masturbation Phone SexI love to jerk off My cock to tease My pet. Putting My pet on his sissy boi knees in front of Me. I am sitting in a comfortable chair only a few inches in front of him. So that he can smell My cock as I tease him and jerk off in front of him. Not letting him touch his own cock. He looks at Me with greedily eyes, He starts to begs for My rock hard cock in his mouth. I tell him “no” as I continue to pleasure Myself.  Teasing him as precum spurts out of My cock.  I groan and grunt loudly digging My heel into his thigh as I start to shoot My cum all over  the floor.  My body pulsating.  Seeing the disappointment on his face as he did not get to swallow My cum.  Smiling down on My pet I say to him. ”  Good sissy boi pet you may now roll around in My cum like the doggy you are.”  With such happiness and eagerness he rolled around in My cum until it was all cleaned off the floor.

In Charge Suzi


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