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Blow Jobs At The Rest Stop

Phone sex I like going down to the local rest stop and giving out free blow job. I wait in the men’s bathroom. Letting all who enter the restroom know that my mouth is open for free blow jobs. They had no idea I was a tranny. I made sure to dress like a little slutty bitch. They all thought they were getting head from a chick. I chuckled to myself every time I had a cock in my mouth. These stupid men saying how good I was at giving head. Telling me how well I know a mans cock. Of course I do. I have a cock and I know how I like my cock sucked. Laughs, of course I kept that information to myself.


Tranny Phone SexI love pissing on sissy boys. In them or on them. Sometimes I piss on the floor and make them lick it up like a doggy would. Or have them roll around in my golden present. All depends on my mood and how sadistic I feel. Pissing on a bitch boy is such a power trip. Truly marking my territory. Showing you how beneath me you are. That I use you as my toilet. I love to use sissy boys as furniture, whipping post, ashtrays, servants, and fuck holes. But pissing on them or in them. Is a thrill like no other thrill. Watching the piss splash off their flesh. Using their sissy boy mouths clean my cock after ever piss. Filling those bellies full. I am precumming now. I am going to have to piss on my sissy bitch boy and then shove my cock down his throat.

Boy As Toys

Tranny Phone SexDominant Trannies like myself see all you boys as fuck toys. Were you aware of our view of you? Well it is true. We see you as toys to please us. Your fuck sticks are a joystick for us to play with. Your nice tight asshole is a cave of pleasure. Your tongue and mouth is a nice warm sensual massage for our cock. When we have our tranny parties and a few boys come along as the party favors. I like to enjoy each aspect of each boy before me. Their mouth, their ass. And then let them fuck me hard with that joystick. I love to taunt and tease them. Bring them to the edge of cumming and then refusing their pleasure. After they have giving me my pleasure so many times before. Lol!

Trannies The Best Of Both Worlds

Tranny Phone SexTrannies are the best of both worlds. We have tits. Dick. And a asshole to fuck. We make the best dommes better than any twat out there. Any boi who has had a tranny dominate the shit out of them will agree. Any man who tries a tranny, melts beneath us and turns into a boi. Willing and eager to please. When you are with a tranny a spell comes over you and you are in awwe. You never experience an orgasim as you do with a tranny. The intensity there is when a tranny is in charge. No one can resist a tranny not even a bitch. A bitch under a tranny spell will obey just as well as a boi. We are shemales. We are greater than man or woman.

Sissy Phone Sex

Sissy Phone Sex I love sissy bois! Treating them like the little bitches they are. Turning their asses into my cunt to fuck. Making their mouths My cum dispenser. Tearing their sissy bitch boi bodies up. And fucking enjoying every moment of it. I love to here a sissy squeal underneath Me. Feel his body turn into a bitch, turning him into My property. Letting them beg for My attention. Crave for my cock. Allowing them to want My pain that I inflict. Little sissy bitch bois deserve only to serve a Shemale Tranny like My Girls and Myself. No man or woman can handle a sissy. They do not know the special knack for putting you in your places and keeping you there.

From Men To Bitch Bois

Tranny Phone SexLove making sissy bitches bois out of men. No matter how macho a man is when a tranny like me gets a hold of him. He turns into a bitch. No one can resist a tranny. I have a hole, nice fucking tits, and a cock. No stupid female has nothing on me. And every man turns into a boi when in the presence of shemales. My cock is nice and perfect for you twat ass. I see how you look at my body when you think no one is looking your way. I can see the bulge growing between your legs. I will bring you to your knees, Make you beg for mercy, Have you squeal like a pig to cum. I will tear that ass up, pounding hard as you jizz all over the floor.

My Shemale Girls

Shemale domination porn My Shemale Girls and I like to play with My favorite pet. So compliant he is. Such a good little sissy bitch boi. My pet knows exactly how to please each and every one of us. My pet was very trainable. Like he was born to be My slave, My sissy bitch boi. My one Shemale Girl thinks he is just the best little whipping post. Another one of My Shemale Girls thinks he has the best tongue for slurping on Her cock. And the other one thinks that his sissy bitch boi ass feels tighter than any pussy any bitch has out there. I agree with all their opinion. My favorite however is the obedience and delight in which he does all these things for Me.

Straight Guy. Not!!!

Shemale domination pornI met Derrick two weeks ago. He thought I was a hot bitch. I played along letting him believe I was all female. I let him buy me drink after drink. Shot after shot. Then back to his place we went. He were fooling around being wild and knocking things over. He was kissing on me and feeling up my tits. Then he went towards my skirt and felt my cock hardening between my legs. He jumped back was in shock. I laughed at him. “Baby you are hard as a rock. You know you are into this.” I said this as I grinded my ass up against him. He tried to muffle his moans. But he grabbed my hips and pushed me against him. And gave me a night to remember.

His Reward

Phone sexI Am a very sweet person. But only to a very few. I Am very strict and expect complete obedience. My pets will tell you this. They will also tell you that I Am a sweetheart when I get what I want. I have a sadistic side and caring Mommy side. My one pet likes it rough really rough. Which is pleasing to Me. So to punish him I must ignore him and put him in his cage. That is punishment to him. If I were to beat him. He would enjoy that too much. But when he is good and my sadistic side hits. He is My favorite pet to play with! I love to fuck the shit out of him. And to torture him. A bunch of My sweet Shemale friends came over to visit Me. And since My pet was behaving so well I decided to let him be the toy We play with. We binded him up tightly to a stripper pole, so that he could not move on his own. We put tape over his mouth so that he could not speak. And we had our way with him. He was whipped. Pissed on. We teased him to the edge and then denied him his pleasure. How did he asked for permission to cum you ask? Blinking 3 times when he wanted to cum. Over and over We denied him that. Putting his dick in Our mouths. Sliding his dick into our ass. Fucking the shit out of his ass, The two girl kneeling on the floor both had their cocks in his ass at the same time. You could hear his ass tearing, as it was forcible stretch opened. Just watching that and hearing ass tear. Seeing the marks from the whip across his body. Hearing his screams of pleasure echo the room. All this made Me shoot a fucking huge load of My cum right in My pets face. Making sure to hit his eyes and hair. In fact all My friends and I orgasm several times playing and torturing My pet. After We had Our fun and was done with him. We released him from his ropes. And allowed him to clean up the cum that made it onto the floor with his tongue. And yes he was allowed to jerk himself off until he unloaded his load. But of course he had to clean that up also. And all this was his reward for his obedience

What You Will Do

Tranny Phone SexI want you to start with worshipping My feet. Softly kissing as you work your way up My leg, onto My thigh.  As you make your way to My massive fuck tool, you may kiss and wrap your fuck hole on your face around Me and slide down My shaft.  Take your hands and massage My balls.  Gag and choke on My cock,  slide all the way down until you feel My balls at your chin. I want to feel your drool on My skin.  Then take your hungry fuck hole and shove My balls deep in that mouth.  I want every inch of My balls in your mouth. I want My balls slobbery soaking wet with your drool.  Hearing you moan.  I know how good My dick taste to you. I want you to make Me cum deep your greedy fucking mouth.  I want My dick so deep in your throat Cumming and cumming draining every last drop into your stomach.  Then as a special treat I am going to piss in your throat to wash down the cum.  You are welcome!.

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