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Our Dirty Little Secret

Tranny Phone Sex Shh, no one has to know. We can keep this dirty little secret between us. But you’re not fooling me. I know you crave a pretty shemale like me. I am the perfect mixture, a sassy sexy look you’d never know I was packing a thick juicy cock for you to play with. I can be a good switch, both taking your cock in my mouth like a greedy little whore, swallowing your full balls to the back of my throat. Your girlfriend, your wife no one has ever sucked your cock so good. No one can make your cock throb and ache like me. You want to stuff your horny dick into my tight little ass and I welcome it. I love my hole to be stretched, to be filled with my favorite warm sticky treat. Once you’ve had your fill, it’s my turn I will be milking your mouth. You’re so good at sucking my big precum covered cock, there’s no way I would ever believe this is your first time. You accept it in your throat, doing anything to please the pretty tranny using your mouth. Mmm, now that it’s perfectly lubed up with your spit it’s time to stretch your hole. It’s cute because you start to pretend you don’t want it when you feel my head putting that pressure on your tight little asshole, but soon you are accepting my cock, begging for more, begging me to go deeper, harder, faster, rougher. Your pleas are not gone unanswered, I am here, after all, to give you the best fucking of your life, something no one else can, something you’d never forget.

Shemale Fucking

Tranny Phone SexAll the boys love my tranny body. Even the straight ones! They like to pretend they haven’t a clue I am a shemale. And I just seduce them with my girly charm. But when they see my dick there is never much resistance. And the little bit of resistance I do get is more for show than them wanting me to stop. They say “no your a man” but they bend over and show their sweet pussy ass to me. These men are the ones that secretly play with their wives dildo. Jerking themselves off as they plunge that dildo in out of their asses. But when that is not enough they coming looking for me or anyone of my sexy shemale friends.

Boot Licker

Sissy Phone Sex “Lick my boot” I said to the best little bootlicker. He shines my boots with his spit and tongue before I let him put that pretty little mouth of his around my tranny dick. He has to earn the taste of my tasty dick and he knows it. If he does not shine my boots to my standards instead of giving him my dick I will fuck his pussy ass so hard with a baseball bat leaving him a gaping bloody mess. This time he did a beautiful job getting his tongue in every crevis and even licking up the dog shit I purposely stepped on outside right before he entered my home. He was grossed out licking up the dog shit but he did it knowing what his reward would be in the end.

Best Dick Sucker

Tranny Phone SexI called Joe to come over to my house he is the best little dick sucker I know in this town. His mouth has skills no woman can compete with. He twirls that tongue and does a sucking action with his throat all at once. Drives me fucking insane. I have to hold myself back from cumming in his mouth right on the spot. Sometimes I can’t and my load just clobbers the back of his throat. And like a little one to a bottle he nurses it all down in his thirsty throat. His fuck hole in his mouth is better than his pussy ass. When I call that bitch over he knows I want him on his knees instead of on all fours.

Billy Loves My Tranny Cock

Tranny Phone Sex Billy loves my tranny dick and my sexy body. We met about three years ago. He is married and his wife does not know about his shemale fetish. She has no idea about his secret craving for sucking dick. If she knew she would divorce him and take the brats far away from him and he would never see them. He sneaks over to my house every chance his wife is not looking. I love having her husband down on his knees looking up at my tranny cock. His mouth watering just looking up and seeing my dick head bouncing inches away from his mouth before I shove it in his mouth. When my big tranny dick is sliding in and out of his wet mouth I think of him fucking his wife and kissing her. But the whole time he is fucking her I know he is thinking of me. The thought of that makes me cum hard in his mouth every fucking time.

Secretly Crave Dick

Tranny Phone SexMen who secretly crave dick but too ashamed to admit it always seem to seek me out. With clothes on you never know I have 9 inch swinging dick between my legs. They want me to seduce them so they have no blame. I am totally down for that action. The reasons why? There are two reasons. One because these are the men that come to me with nice tight asses and very often virgin asses. And two that makes me in charge on how the night will go. My cup of tea you might say. It is Christmas to me to get a nice tight virgin ass. I like to say I start out soft with newbies but even with my fingers, I get a little rough. These men have been craving dick for so long and still can’t bring themselves to find another man to do the deed they need to come to a sexy tranny to alleviate some of the guilt off of themselves. I often times turn them into little bitches making them beg for more of my dick in their pussy ass and bitch mouth.

Tranny Me

Tranny Phone Sex I am almost like a dream to you. You know you want me but you can’t bring yourself to admit it. You see me around town and in the bars but again you are too timid to approach me. You are afraid what the others will say when they see you hitting on a tranny so you stay away. I have noticed you for months watching me and I notice when your bulge grows. But I act like a dumb tranny and pretend I don’t notice. But I don’t allow you to get away without me teasing the shit out of you every time I see you. I bend over in front of you giving you a nice shot of my cleavage or of my nice round ass. When I walk past you I make sure I brush up against you. I know you notice but again you are too embarrassed to say anything. One of these days you will break and beg for my tranny dick deep in your pussy ass and wet warm mouth. But into you grow a pair of balls I am having much fun teasing you watching your dick get hard just for little ole tranny me.

Tranny Phone Sex

Tranny Phone Sex That dick of yours is rock fucking hard and looking mighty yummy tonight. I stroll over slowly to where you sit. We make eye contact and I kiss you softly. My hand flows down your chest. I tug playfully at your chest hair. My mouth follows my hand kissing down you big manly chest. My hand stroking your cock before my mouth gets a hold of your package. My tongue swirling around your shaft as my mouth slides down. Mm my tongue tastes your precum and that makes my tranny dick even harder than I was before. I straddle on top of you taking your dick to spread my ass cheeks wide open. I put your dick at my asshole and I glide down your shaft that was already lubed with my mouth. My ass fits your dick like a glove. I pump my ass up and down. Your dick bumping into my G-spot. I ride you faster. Jerking myself off. I am getting ready to cum hard and it is all because of you.

Forced Fucked

Tranny Phone SexMy submissives have been on their “A” game with pleasing and worshiping my big tranny dick that I planned a treat for them. I brought them home a homophobic man to force fuck. This man was at the bar all over me but talking about trannies and faggots needing to be burned alive. I have seen this piece of shit. several times in the bar acting all macho man but tonight I was making my move. I flirted with him rubbed my body tight up against him and whispered in his ear “would you like to come home with me and fuck me all night long?” He pulled me tight up against him I could feel his dick hard pressed against me. And we whispered back in my ear. “I am going to fuck your brains out tonight.” I giggled to myself he had not a clue what was in store for him as soon as I got him home. My submissives were waiting for us as we entered into my dark house. I was sloppily making out with him distracting him. He never heard my submissive walk up behind him and hit him over the head. When he woke up he was naked tied to a bed and he had a dick sliding in and out of his ass. He looked over at me and was shocked to see me stroking my dick and not fondling a pussy. My boys had so much fun with him they fucked the homophobic right out of him.

Everybody Loves Tranny Dick

Tranny Phone SexI have two types of clientele. The first type wants to pretend they don’t know I am a tranny. I get them drunk and then seduce them into they are overcome by me and melt like butter under my big tranny dick. My second type of clientele knows I am a tranny and wants me to control them and turn them from the men they are into sissy boys under my feet. The first type is men who can’t admit they crave dick. That is why they don’t go after other men but instead go after a beautiful tranny like myself. I look like a woman I have always had girly features. This way they don’t label themselves as gay. And fucking a tranny that looks so feminine leaves them guilt free. The second type of clientele I have is straight out sissy men. They want to be controlled and turned into my special bitch. These sissy men love my look and my big fat tranny dick.

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