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Oops I am A Tranny Not a Bitch With A Pussy

Tranny Phone Sex Those sexy men who wanna believe I am a chick that tricked them into being with a tranny I love to play along with them. They know I am a sexy tranny but they do not want to admit that they want a dick and not a pussy. So instead they pretend that they didn’t know I was a tranny and act shocked when I pull out my sweet tranny dick. I hear “Oh no I did not know you had a dick I am not gay.” Lol, Yes you are and that is why you are here with me and not a chick with a pussy. They say they do not want a dick but they all want my tranny dick deep in their tight asshole fucking them hard into we both cum.

Tranny Bragging

Tranny Phone Sex I have some bragging to do about being a sexy motherfucker tranny that I am. I have a fabulous pair of tits. An awesome long nine-inch dick. A wet warm mouth and a nice tight pink asshole. All this in one tranny sexy package and that package is me. No bitch can suck your dick as I can. No bitch can fuck you in your mouth or ass as I can. I know exactly how to make you explode not just cum but fucking explode. A bitch has no fucking clue what a man like you needs wants or craves. They think cause they got a cunt that is all they need. But we all know it takes more than that to satisfy a man like you.

Making Men My Bitches

Shemale Phone SexI dig a good fucking blow job from a wet man’s mouth. The way their lips feel as they slide down my tranny shaft. I look down at the man on his knees and I can see he is so desperate to please me. My tranny body has him in a trance and under my spell. I order him to turn around commanding him to get on all 4rs. I kick his legs wide open spreading his ass cheek with my hands. I see his tight asshole pulsating for my tranny dick. I jam two of my fingers deep in his ass twisting them before I pull my fingers out. With a wicked laugh, I shove those same two fingers of mine in his mouth down his throat. Making him taste his sweet ass juices. Bringing my dick head to that puckered tight hole of his as I slide smoothly in his ass. Making yet another man my bitch.

Sexy Tranny BItch

Shemale domination pornI know what a sexy tranny I am. Men hit on my sexy tranny ass left and right. I think it is so cute how they think I am a bitch without a dick. But as you can see I can tuck my dick really well. I love getting hit on and playing along with them just letting them think I am just a bitch with no dick. Sometimes I let them in on my fabulous tranny secret and sometimes I do not. But they all have a good time with me. A tranny knows how to take care of a man. Unlike a plain bitch. Plain bitches have no clue what a real man really needs, wants and craves.

Tranny In Charge

Cheap Phone SexI am the tranny in charge. I bring the boys to their knees and on all fours. Even the stupid ones who think I am just a plain ole chick when they find my dick they are under my spell. They become putty in my hands and beg for my dick deep in their ass. They want me to pound them like the bitches they fucking are. I will use your whole body to make me feel good. I am going to rip your ass open and when I explode my seed deep in your ass. I am going to bring my dick to your mouth for you to clean your ass juices and my cum off me. You will gag, cough, and drool and fucking love every minute of it.

Sissy Kevin

Shemale Phone SexI have a sweet sissy boy his name is Kevin and he loves his Mistress tranny Suzi. I own him and make him do anything I want. He begs for my abuse and use. He craves for me to humiliate him. And he thanks me for every bit of it. I keep him naked most of the time. I only allow him to wear accessories like nipple and ball clamps with weights on them. Sometimes I dress him up like a little pretty girl and parade him around on the streets. He gets so embarrassed his face will turn beet red. It makes my tranny dick so fucking hard watching him in that girly outfit being treated like a bitch by complete strangers.

Tranny Dick

Tranny Phone Sex I am a dominating tranny. I like things my way. I like to take control of the situation and get exactly what I want out of a man. I love when men think I am a bitch with no dick. They haven’t a fucking clue that later on they are going to get it up the ass and in their mouths. And they always fucking love it. They act shocked or surprise but it is obvious they are into my big 9-inch dick! I have a radar for men you claim to be straight but really are faggots underneath. I draw them to me like moths to a light. They may have little ones, wives, or a girlfriend but that is all a show for the outside world. What they really crave is a nice tranny cock.

Hook Up And Fuck

Tranny Phone SexI am on this one hook up and fuck site portraying myself as a full-blown bitch with no swinging nine-inch dick. I fucking love it! These men whine and dine me and they don’t have a clue. Even at the end of the night when it is time to get busy and fuck only a select few find out about my little secret. I either give them oral or my nice firm tranny ass. When a man is horny it is easy to hide my dick from him. The few that do find out I know they can handle a tranny and that they really need a cock up their ass or in their mouth more than they need to think they are with a bitch.

Heel And Foot Fetish

Sissy Phone SexAre you a boy with a heel and foot fetish? I love having you lick and lap at my heels. Kissing my heels worshiping them like the little bitch you are. I love to watch you pant like a dog as I slip my heel off and let you take a look at my beautiful tranny foot. I give you permission to kiss my foot and you thank me as you eagerly start to worship my foot. Giving me a foot massage and a bath with your worthless tongue. Watching you makes my tranny dick rock fucking hard. I grab you by your hair and force your mouth down on to my dick. Pumping my dick into your mouth listening to you gag as your drool runs onto my balls. Every tranny needs a heel and foot fetish boy it is a wonderful thing to have boys worship every part of my tranny body.

Tranny Dick

Tranny Phone SexI want you to crawl over to me on all fours like a bitch in heat. Grab my hard tranny dick with one hand and start jerking me off. Take your other hand and massage my balls. Take your tongue and lap up and down my shaft and twirl your tongue around my tranny dick head. Then I want you to place your lips around my dick head and slide down my shaft. I want you hungry for my dick. I want your mouth to swallow my tranny dick up. I want your chin resting on my balls. I want your nose nuzzled against my me. I want to feel you trying to breath past my dick. I want your drool pouring down on me. Show me how hungry you are for my dick.

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