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Tranny Phone SexI snap my fingers and point to the ground right by my feet. My sissy bitch crawls over quickly and kneels before. I pat him on the head and tell him he is a good slut. I put my heel on his thigh and twist slightly. Worship my feet with your mouth. Your lips are so soft pressed up against me. He loves on my toes sucking them into his mouth. Awe, I stroke my dick above his head shoving my toes deeper into his mouth. I love the drool that pours out of his mouth down his slutty body. His dick is as hard as mine. I wipe my precum on the top of his head. I grab him by the hair and bring his mouth up to my hard tranny dick. His mouth falls open and takes my dick with such grace. I fuck his mouth like his tight asshole. Pumping in and out of His mouth. Aww, gawd he makes me cum in his warm mouth. My dick jerks in his mouth as I get the last drops of cum out. I pull out of his mouth and kiss him softly touching tongues and tasting my own cum.

Tranny Fucking

Tranny Phone Sex“Keep fucking her sexy tranny ass my bitch boy” I yell out loudly. “Daisy is enjoying the pounding you are giving her ass.” Daisy is yelping every time her ass G-spot is hit. I sit in my chair stroking my dick getting it nice and hard for her mouth. I love watching daisy’s big fat dick flop around it is making me bat shit crazy. Now it is my turn my dick is rock hard and ready. I stand up walking over to her lusty mouth and plop my tranny dick right in. Awe her mouth so fucking wet and warm. When my bitch boy hits her G-spot she tightens around my dick. How fucking hot is that! Further and further I push in feeling my dick slide down her throat.

Full Blown Tranny Lover

Phone Tranny Phone Sex I was just giddy over the way you were checking me out downstairs. The intensity in your stare sent shivers down my spine and made my tranny dick stand up and take notice. I wasn’t sure first if you were staring at me because you knew I was a tranny or because you just thought I was super fucking hot. You had a Della mafia look about you and it was sexy as hell. I was hoping our night would end up this way me tight in your arms up in your hotel room. I love the way you kiss me your hands all over my body groping me hard. You come across my tranny surprise. You pull away from my kiss and look at me with such a stunned look. I giggle softly and whisper in your ear. “It is ok sweetie you are in for the fuck of your life.” I kiss you again before wrapping my lips around your dick. My tongue teases your head before I slide all the way down your shaft. I whip my sweet yummy tranny ass around putting my dick at your mouth. Your instincts kick in and you wrap your lips around my tranny dick. Your mouth so fucking warm and wet and loving my dick. After tonight you will be a full blown tranny lover.

Toilet Slave

Tranny Phone SexI need to piss in a bitch boys mouth. Giving him all my golden nectar to drink. I put my dick all the way in his mouth laying the head in his throat and I release. He swallows every drop I give him and sucks on my dick for the rest of it. I know he enjoys being a toilet slave for me. I bend over in front of him and he starts reaming my ass. His tongue slipping in and out of my tight ass hole. I give you permission to fuck me in the ass and make me cum all over the place. You spread open my ass cheeks wide and give me exactly what I want. Pounding me harder and harder making me explode everywhere.

Tranny Phone Sex

Tranny Phone SexI love the way you spank my ass as you fuck my plump hole hard. You feel so good invading my ass just the way I like it. I fit right in your lap and your dick is perfect for my ass. My g-spot is just zinging every time you press up against it my balls are getting tighter I am about ready to shoot my load in your face. I can feel it building deep inside myself. The look on your face says volumes. You love it when I cover your face. You love my tranny facials. You keep pounding in my ass and I can’t hold out anymore. As much as I try I lose all self-control shooting out my cum my dick pointed right at your face. The first shot hits your eyes blinding you. I see you trying to catch some in your mouth. Such a tranny cum lover whore you are. My nasty bitch.

Tranny Phone Sex

Tranny Phone SexLet’s be real, everyone thinks about Tranny Phone Sex. However, not so many are lucky enough to find a girl with a juicy cock like me. I will never forget hearing all the frat guys talking late at night drunk and all able to come clean to their craving ways. Their stories included mostly the same stuff, classic really. Each and every one of them had been able to come clean to a girl at some point, finally able to take off that dominate mask and allow themselves to be submissive. They all definitely loved it too, as their cocks were hard as they talked about getting their ass eaten, fingered, and fucked with toys and strap – ons. Some of the more daring ones bragged about how they sucked the toys and cocks like their girlfriends, loving the way it filled their mouth. Some were lucky enough to get to have their asses filled then their mouths fucked with the same toy seemed to be the most submissive, loving the humiliation and degradation. Every guy wants to be submissive, and most are clueless to the extreme pleasures that are located in their ass, their own G spot to violate.


Tranny Phone Sex I have a caller who is begging me to set him up with one of my tranny friends in his area. Unfortunately for him, my two tranny bitches in his area are out of town working on various projects. He has said his ass is a virgin but fantasies about me taking his ass virginity if we lived closer. That got me thinking about how I would take his pussy virgin ass. I would dress him up like a sissy bitch. Full makeup, nails, and hair all done up. He would have a very short mini purple skirt with no panties. I would have him dance for me and show me his sexy sissy body. Then when my dick was nice and hard from his show. I will command him on all fours like the bitch dog in heat I know he truly his on the inside. I will wrap a purple studded collar around his neck and attach a leash to it. I will walk him around like a dog humiliating him before I take his ass. Shoving my dick in his mouth for lube before I shoved it in his ass. Making him choke and gag is the sound of sweet music to my ears. I walk around behind him and spread his ass cheeks wide. Looking down at his tight bunghole before I plunge my tranny dick in deep and hard. Taking his ass and owning it.

Tranny Phone Sex

Tranny Phone SexEvery phone call I do is all about the fantasy of fucking a charming tranny like me. I truly enjoy phone sex but I have the pleasure of getting dick and giving my perfect dick in real life. I love being a switch. I am more dominant but I can’t help that my submissive side needs to come out and play too. Most men are drawn to me because my dick isn’t too intimidating. I just take their mouths or ass and make it mine, I always start with being sweet and submissive and then turning into my dominant tranny self. I suck you off and you suck me off right? Mmm, you claim to me that you have never had a cock in your mouth. And you don’t know how to do it and I am too big for your mouth. But I don’t want to listen to these excuses. I do what any tranny would do and force your mouth open to shove my ready dick into your whore mouth. I laugh as you barely resist. Clearly, this is what you wanted. So freaking obvious what you want. You just want to be used up like a little slut and I can do that for you. Beg all you want it turns me on.

Our First Date

Tranny Phone SexWe are on our first date. You have the manners of a gentleman. You tell me how beautiful I am. We drink the night away and go back to my place. We begin to make out and your hand gropes my tits. I arch my back. Your hands all over my body and I don’t stop you. My flesh trembles with pleasure. Your hand slides over my dick and you stop. You have a look of not sure if you felt what you think you felt. I pull up my skirt and down my panties to reveal my big tranny dick. You tell me you are not gay but you can’t stop staring. I know you want to play with me and I make it easy for you. I put your dick in my mouth first letting you feel how fucking amazing it is to get a BJ from a tranny. Much better than any bitch with a pussy can give you. You relax on the couch allowing my tongue to twirl all around your shaft. I make my move I straddle on top of you making us in a 69 position. You open your mouth and allow my dick to invade your soft mouth. You thrust your dick deep in my mouth. Your mouth may say your not gay but your body says a different story. You give into my mouth and I give into yours. We feed each other our cum. I get off of you and kiss you deeply mixing our cums together.

Sucking My Tranny Dick

Tranny Phone Sex Kevin my dear sweet doggie bitch knows how to suck on my tranny dick. He first starts by gently kissing my inner thighs. I get goosebumps with each kiss then he slowly makes his way to my balls. Swapping between massaging and swallowing my balls. He takes his tongue and licks up the bottom half of my shaft all the way to the top of my dick. I fucking love when he does that shit! He runs his tongue over my piss hole collecting my precum before he wraps his lips around my dick and slides down my shaft. His mouth is so wet and warm. I feel his drool hitting my balls. He always has trouble getting my whole dick in his mouth. But I have no worries I just take my hand and push him the rest of the way down. I love to feel his nose nestled in my balls as I cum down his throat.

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