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Cum And Get It

Tranny Phone Sex “If you want my body and you think I am sexy, come on and get me now!” Do you remember those song lyrics? That was an awesome song and describes exactly how I feel. If you want this tranny sexy body then come and get it. I will fuck your brains right out of your head and expect you will do the same for me. I will be the dominant one but you can ravish my shemale lusty horny body. Make my dick explode all over face and deep in your anus. And when it is your turn to fuck my nice tight asshole take a hold and don’t let go until you make me high as a kite with all your good fucking.

Wanting A Bit Of Suzi

Shemale Phone Sex David a good friend of mine, was at my house yesterday having a few beers with me. He was complaining about his wife and how she is such a nag and just does not understand him. He tells me that even their sex life sucks because she is such a cold-hearted prude bitch in bed. David knows I am a tranny, we have known each other for many years. David knew me before I decided to become my true self. He tells me how gorgeous I am now that I am Suzi. Regrettably, we have never fucked around before but now I am getting the idea he might want to try some of Suzi. I decided I was going to make the first move on my friend. I remembered one time when he told me his wife hasn’t given him head since their wedding night. I thought this would be a great first move to make on him. So I slipped between his legs and unleashed his manhood. I wrapped my mouth around his cock head and slid my tranny mouth down his shaft. David didn’t fight me one bit. And something tells me I will be seeing him a lot more.

My Tranny Body On Display

Tranny Phone SexI think very highly of myself and body. I know my naked beautiful tranny body should be displayed for all to see in the world. I know that plenty of kinky men have my pics and have hours of jerk off fun with them. But imagine my pictures hanging in a museum. Huge life size pic of me on the wall. I can imagine the boners my pictures will create as they walk by gawking with their mouths open. Hoping their wives don’t notice how turned on looking at me makes them. I guess they will have to make a pit stop to the bathroom to do some wanking. Imagine all the more kinky men I can give jerk off fun to.


Shemale domination pornI went to a bachelor party last night. It was supposed to be a joke for the groom to be. He did not know I was packing a bigger package than him between my legs. Everybody else there was in on it and of course me. The music started and I did my little dance. Pushing my ass in his face and wiggling. Sitting on his lap and grinding my ass on him feeling his bulge getting bigger and bigger. He still didn’t have a clue who I really was. And his buddies were loving the fact he was getting so turned on and a boner from this tranny. He was nibbling on my perky nipples and his hand was making its way in between my thighs. Everybody could see he was moments away from finding out the truth about the tranny bitch on his lap. When he did come across my massive package. He stopped moving for a moment and stared at me. His hand still clearly on my bulge. Then to everybody’s including my surprise he was very pleased with my package and wanted to give me a BJ of my life.


Tranny Phone SexI got offered a ridiculous amount of money to take a certain man out on a date and let him think I was just a plain ole chick. I was supposed to load him up with drinks and coke. Then take him back to my pleasure dome and seduce him. Still not letting him know about my nice 9-inch surprise below. My instructions were to tie him up tightly and blow him into he explodes in my mouth. Then that is when It was my time to whip out my dick and shove it all the way down his throat. You should have seen the look of shock on his face it was priceless. That is when his friends popped out of the closet with the video camera letting him know that everything he has done has been recorded and will be online for the word to see what a faggot he is. I laughed my ass off.

Golden Shower

Golden Shower Phone SexLay down and open your mouth wide. I am going to give you a golden shower. I am going to cover you from head to toes. and fill you fully with my precious gift, my piss. Watching my piss splatter off of your flesh and pour into your mouth makes my dick rock hard and makes me want to fuck the shit out of you. I will tear your ass wide open, and gag you in your worthless mouth as you pass out. I will shoot my load in your throat before pissing on you again to wake your sissy bitch ass up. I am going to use you as my own personal toilet and fuck toy all day long. Can you handle this you sissy bitch boy?

Tranny Chicks

Shemale Phone SexKevin a real submissive client of mine. Loves to spend his money on me. As long as I fuck him with my massive fuckstick, for his pussy asshole. He says tranny bitches are the best. And of course, I agree with his assessment. We are fucking better than a plain old bitch. I can cuddle you in my bosom. And fuck you real good with my cock. Tell me can you handle my big dick? Can you handle me fucking you like a sissy bitch girl? I love to gag you when I slide down your throat. And hear your ass tear ass I slide in balls deep. And if you are a bad little bitch boy. I will whip the shit out of you with my bullwhip and you feel me cumming deep in your ass.

Boy Toy

Phone sexI found a new little boy toy I call him Chelsea. He groveled for my big dick. I had him dressed up real sweet looking like I do all my little sissy boys. paraded him around in front of all my shemale friends. We made him our bitch for the night. I watched his ass get fucked and his hole gape open wider and wider with each dick that entered that ass of his. I watched 2 of my shemale girls have a sword fight in his mouth. It was a hot scene to fucking watch. I was stroking my throbbing dick the entire show. He had cum flying at him from every direction. Watching the cum being pushed out of his ass as he getting fucked. I think this new boy toy of mine is going to work out just fine.

Take My Cum

Bisexual Phone Sex I am going fuck your ass nice and raw. I am going to make you bleed as the bitch below me. You will feel my nails clawing on your back. I am going to pull hard on your ears and your head will yank backward. I will chuckle as I hear your whimpers. I am going to ride your ass until I explode all my thick creamy jizz all in your worthless ass. Then I will shove my dick straight into your mouth for your to clean with your slobber. Sliding in and out of your fuck hole on your face. Feeling you gag on my dick head I grunt out as my jizz runs down your throat. I bitch slap you across your face as you eat my cum.

Piece Of Shit Worm

Tranny Phone Sex Listen here you little piece of worm shit. You are nothing! Your dick is Pethick fucking small. Your mouth amounts to nothing. Your BJ was lame as hell I almost fell asleep. You know nothing about sucking dick. your asshole is fucking loose. You have had a lot of BBC in that skanky nasty ass of yours. The only pleasure I get from you is when I get to use you like a toilet or beat the shit out of you until your flesh tears open and blood comes dripping down. You are good at jerking me off. I guess you get a lot of practice. You are not even worth being around my tranny girls. You would be an embarrassment for me to show you too everyone. I think I will keep you in a small dog cage in the basement.

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