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Sucking My Tranny Dick

Tranny Phone Sex Kevin my dear sweet doggie bitch knows how to suck on my tranny dick. He first starts by gently kissing my inner thighs. I get goosebumps with each kiss then he slowly makes his way to my balls. Swapping between massaging and swallowing my balls. He takes his tongue and licks up the bottom half of my shaft all the way to the top of my dick. I fucking love when he does that shit! He runs his tongue over my piss hole collecting my precum before he wraps his lips around my dick and slides down my shaft. His mouth is so wet and warm. I feel his drool hitting my balls. He always has trouble getting my whole dick in his mouth. But I have no worries I just take my hand and push him the rest of the way down. I love to feel his nose nestled in my balls as I cum down his throat.

Pussy Ass

Tranny Phone SexI love Kevin’s tight pussy ass. I was getting out of the shower and before I could grab my towel I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and it was Kevin on his knees. He was naked and his eyes were scanning my wet naked body. His dick was hard. I saw drool coming out of his mouth. I waved him over with my finger. He crawled over like a good bitch and opened his mouth. He guided my tranny dick into his moist mouth. He knows how to suck my tranny dick. He engulfed my dick sliding all the way down my shaft. I moaned feeling him swallow on my dick head. I let him know how pleased I was by taking him off my dick and flipping him around. The lube of his drool is all I had before I pushed it deep in his pussy ass. He felt like silk against my shaft. It was not long before I unleashed my cum into him. That bitch knows what I like and he knows how to make me cum hard.

Tranny Bitches

Tranny Phone SexMy tranny bitches and I are having a party. And our sissy bitch boys are our sex toys for the night. I love these parties with all these boys around for me to abuse and use for my pleasure alone. I just dig the boys that come dressed as girls with makeup, nails, and hair all done up like pretty little bitches. I just dig the boys that come dressed all manly with their rip rock hard bodies ready to please my tranny bitches and me. We vary in our sadistic sides as dominatrixes. I am very much a sadistic tranny bitch. I love to cause a sissy boy much pain and hear their screams and pleads for my mercy. I love to spread your pussy ass wide open digging my nails into your hips and slam my huge tranny dick all the way letting my balls slam off them.

You Love My Tranny Dick

Tranny Phone SexI am going to pump this dick deep in your mouth before I spread open your ass cheeks and pump it hard in your tight ass hole. My tranny dick is rock fucking hard looking at you bent over the table in front of me begging for my huge tranny dick. Your ass so plump and perfect in front of me. Your asshole winking at me. My dick head penetrates your sweet tight ass. I slowly start to slide all the way in. My balls hit off of you. And I start to pump you a bit harder. My nails dig into your hips keeping you in place because you are being a squirmy little bitch. I pump and pound even harder deep into you. I can feel my balls tighten I know I am going to explode soon I push in even deeper in and let my sweet nectar pour out of my tranny dick. Your ass feels so good tightening around my dick. I pull out of your ass and shove my dick in your mouth. I want you to taste your ass as you clean off my dick.

Surprise I Am A Tranny!

Tranny Phone Sex I get turned on when guys think I am a full woman and not a tranny. Watching them learn the truth when they see my fully hard dick. I love the thrill. We have a great date night than you come back to my house. I get you to sit down on the couch and I unleash your anaconda from your pants. He is already alert and waiting for my nice wet mouth to wrap around him. I slither my tongue around your cock head twirling my tongue of your little piss hole. Drool slips out of my mouth as I slide my lips down your long hard shaft. I start to gag I can feel your cock head hitting my throat and I begin to swallow just on your head. I can hear your groans as you push down on the back of my head. Making me choke on your sweet cock. All of a sudden you explode deep down my throat. I make sure to not waste a drop getting all of it down. You are sitting there completely satisfied and relaxed I lean in and whisper in your ear. “No one knows how to suck a hard dick like a tranny bitch!” with that I whip out my sweet tranny dick and the look on your face is priceless.

Surprise Tranny Dick

Tranny Phone Sex We had a great night of dinner, dancing, and drinking. Now we are heading back to the hotel. You still have no idea about my sweet tranny dick surprise I have for you later. You think I am an exotic sexy woman that you will have a fling with while your wife sits at home with the little ones. We waste no time once inside the room. You start kissing me and feeling my sexy tranny body all over. You are a bit tipsy when I tell you to get on your knees for me. I tell you to close your eyes. I tell you to open your mouth I have something sweet for you to taste. You do so quickly sticking out your tongue thinking you are about to taste my pussy. Instead, I shove my huge hard tranny dick in your mouth and down your throat. Your eyes open quickly and the look of shock on your face makes me laugh. You are embarrassed that you are enjoying my cock in your mouth. You do not want to be labeled a faggot but that is what you are. You knew deep down I was not a true woman. And now if you don’t want your wife, friends, and colleagues to find out you will give me all I want when I want.

Sweet Ass Fucking

Tranny Phone Sex I snap my fingers and point to the floor before my heels. Your such a good sissy boy you come crawling and kneeling in perfect position. I am so pleased. I give you permission to kiss my heels than to kiss my foot. You are so sweet with your tender kisses. I release my tranny dick and it flops above your head. You look up with such lust and open your sweet mouth for me. I slide my dick in so smoothly. I tell you to lube my dick up well for when I take your sweet ass that feels like a warm pussy. You slobber and drool all over my dick. I hear you gag and it is music to my ears. I snap my fingers again and you whip around in front of me. I grab your ass cheeks pulling them apart you asshole staring me down. I shove my dick deep in that sweet pussy ass you have.


Phone Phone sexKelly ex-boyfriend pissed her off. She caught him cheating with a younger bitch and he is with her now. She wants him to pay and she is going to use me to get the job done. I am going to meet up with him at his favorite bar get him drunk, seduce him, take him home with me. He will not know I am a tranny. Not into I have him securely tied down then I am going to force my hard tranny dick into his tight virgin ass. Taking pictures so Kelly can post them on social media and completely humiliate him. She wants the world to see him begging almost craving for more of my sweet tranny dick.

Tranny Seed

Shemale Phone SexI Look at you down on your knees in your little whitey tidies looking up at me. tell me something you little bitch how does my tranny dick taste in your mouth? You look so tasty suckling on my dick. Your mouth so warm and wet you are making my balls ache. I push my dick in your mouth slowly into I feel my balls resting on your chin. My dick head at the back of your throat I tell you to swallow on my head. Like a good bitch, you do as you are told. Awe I can feel your throat close on my head feels so fucking good I shoot some pre-cum into your throat. I grab the back of your head and start pounding my tranny dick in and out of your pussy mouth. You keep your eyes latched with mine. I smoother your face into my stomach and my dick explodes in your mouth. I feel you swallowing every last drop of my tranny seed.

Training A New Sissy

Sissy Training Phone SexI found myself a new sissy boi to train. He is an average male in his thirties with a wife. And like most males his age he secretly craves a strong dominating thick dick with a nice set of bouncing tits. These are the boi’s that come to me. These steamy boi’s are so hungry for my shemale body. They are almost begging for my dominance. I gave my new boi the name of Shelly slut bitch. He was so excited he was about to squirt his load in the pink silk panties I had him wearing. But I am a sadistic sexy tranny and I did not let him squirt his cum. I grabbed a hold of his balls squeezing them tightly reminding him of who I am and who is in control. I turned him around grabbing his ass with both of my hands spreading his ass open. I saw his sweet pussy asshole staring back at me. I plunged my dick into that fuck hole of slamming my balls against him. Shelly is a tight bitch that I am having lots of fun training.

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