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Tranny Dick

Tranny Phone SexI want you to crawl over to me on all fours like a bitch in heat. Grab my hard tranny dick with one hand and start jerking me off. Take your other hand and massage my balls. Take your tongue and lap up and down my shaft and twirl your tongue around my tranny dick head. Then I want you to place your lips around my dick head and slide down my shaft. I want you hungry for my dick. I want your mouth to swallow my tranny dick up. I want your chin resting on my balls. I want your nose nuzzled against my me. I want to feel you trying to breath past my dick. I want your drool pouring down on me. Show me how hungry you are for my dick.

Shemale GangBang

Phone sex This is Kevin. He is one of my favorite sissy bitches to use. He is also the center of our shemale gatherings. He loves me so much there is nothing I can’t do to his sissy ass. The more pain I give me the more he wants to shoot his sissy load. When I piss in his mouth he begs for more of my piss. Kevin is always at my feet eager to please me in any way. He is such a good sissy bitch and so in tune to his Miss Suzi needs, cravings, and wants that half the time he knows what I want before I can say the words out of my mouth. For instance the other day I was sitting down and needed a footstool. Before I said anything Kevin was in position on all 4rs with his back arched ready for my feet. Every shemale should be so lucky to own such a special sissy bitch boy like I do.

Sweet Tranny Body

Tranny Phone Sex I love displaying my sexy tranny body. I know I look fucking good. I am a dominatrix tranny that brings men to their knees and makes them good little sissy boys. Whenever I flash a little description and a hot pic of myself on one of my many porn sites. I get new clients just wanting one of my many services. There are many ways to turn a man into a sissy bitch boy. Spanking them choking, flogging, degrading them and making them crawl around on all fours with a leash and collar on. And the best part is they beg for it. They crave it. They want me to rule over them giving them exactly what they have craved for years.


Bisexual Phone Sex My tranny girl Tonya has got a sissy boy who can give you an out of this world freakalicious blow job. She has been molding him for some time. Training him in the art of head. Every couple of weeks she sends him my way for a review of his skills. And she does not want me to be easy on him at all. She wants me to be my kinky sadistic little tranny self and show him no mercy. He barely has a gag reflex and I like to stuff my swollen dick deep in his throat. I try to gag him and it is so fucking hard. He swallows on my dick as it creeps down his throat. I stuff his nose against myself and hold him by the back of the head. Drool will be pouring out of his mouth and he still is not gaging. I go on for hours with this sissy boy at times trying to get him to gag on my dick.

Foot Fetish Sissy

Foot Fetish Phone SexMy girl Clarissa is a dominatrix like me. We both love dominating the shit out of our sissy boys. Well her one sissy was such a good boy this week she decided to give him an extra little bonus. He has such a foot and shoe fetish always begging to lick someone’s shoes or feet. My girl Clarissa offered both of her feet and shoes, she offered her other two sissy boys feet and she put them each in a pair of high heels. Then she offered him to me. I have had his services before and she knows how much I enjoy them. He is so good that it is like a wet tongue massage for your feet and my shoes are always sparkly clean.

Old Chum

Cheap Phone Sex Last night was really interesting for me. I was with an old chum of mine who knew me as a man and never as a sexy tranny bitch. I have not seen him for many years until yesterday. I was dancing my tranny ass off at a nightclub when I spotted Dan sitting at a table staring in my direction I thought maybe at first he recognized me so I danced my tight ass over to where he was sitting. He smiled at me grabbed my hand and kissed it. “My name is Dan and yours is?” I went with it when he introduced himself to me and told him my name was Suzi. He absolutely did not recognize me at all. I kept pondering back and forth in my head on whether to tell him who I was or wait until I spring my big dick on him and then blurt out who I really was. What I decided to do was really wicked and bit cruel. But anybody who knows me knows I have an evil sadistic side. Maybe too sadistic to even write about it here. When we chat on the phone I will tell you all about it.

Open Auditions

Phone sex fetish I am putting out an open audition for a sissy boy for a fetish party I will be hosting. I am looking for a boy to have nasty play with. This sissy boy needs to have the following qualifications. You must enjoy being pissed on and pissed in. Your mouth and asshole will be pissed in, this is not optional if you are one of the lucky few selected. You must enjoy being used by several tranny bitches like myself and our black friends with their BBC. Both holes will be used harshly and your ass will be gaping. You will be fisted and we always try to get elbow deep. You will not only be a toilet slut for all that show up but you will also be the slut for the night. Expect to roll around on the floor in cum and piss. Expect to be degraded, spit on, whipped, kicked, punched, and slapped around. You will be no more than our sex toy, and a toilet. There are very few sissy bitches who can handle such tasks with grace and gratitude. If you feel you can meet these qualifications and feel this is something you wish to have a future in then call me for your interview.

Shemale Freak

Shemale Phone SexI am a shemale freak! Freaky deeky to the fucking core baby. Fuck this: “Ohh you are confused on who are.” Uh no you, dumb bitches, I know exactly who I am. I know my tranny ass is way fucking better than you ordinary boys and girls. I have a dick, tits, a nice wet mouth, and a warm tight asshole. I got the best of both genders. I have all the right parts for having fun and fucking women and men. I knew my whole life I wanted to be a tranny, and as soon as I could I transformed myself into one I fucking did. And look at me now. Looking how fucking good I look! I am one of the sexiest tranny bitches I know.

Cum And Get It

Tranny Phone Sex “If you want my body and you think I am sexy, come on and get me now!” Do you remember those song lyrics? That was an awesome song and describes exactly how I feel. If you want this tranny sexy body then come and get it. I will fuck your brains right out of your head and expect you will do the same for me. I will be the dominant one but you can ravish my shemale lusty horny body. Make my dick explode all over face and deep in your anus. And when it is your turn to fuck my nice tight asshole take a hold and don’t let go until you make me high as a kite with all your good fucking.

Wanting A Bit Of Suzi

Shemale Phone Sex David a good friend of mine, was at my house yesterday having a few beers with me. He was complaining about his wife and how she is such a nag and just does not understand him. He tells me that even their sex life sucks because she is such a cold-hearted prude bitch in bed. David knows I am a tranny, we have known each other for many years. David knew me before I decided to become my true self. He tells me how gorgeous I am now that I am Suzi. Regrettably, we have never fucked around before but now I am getting the idea he might want to try some of Suzi. I decided I was going to make the first move on my friend. I remembered one time when he told me his wife hasn’t given him head since their wedding night. I thought this would be a great first move to make on him. So I slipped between his legs and unleashed his manhood. I wrapped my mouth around his cock head and slid my tranny mouth down his shaft. David didn’t fight me one bit. And something tells me I will be seeing him a lot more.

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