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Drain your balls in me please

Adult phone chatOne of my favorite things to do is when I get home from being out all day and I take my white lace thongs off and they are complete soaking wet. I will take those panties and stuff them up my tight fucking pussy and make them extra soaked with my cream. Then I will mail them to one of you perverts and you take them out and jerk your cock with them on. I love just having my panties pulled to the side and just shove your cock in my little fucking asshole. I like to have my little puckered asshole fucked really hard and after you fuck my little asshole I wanna turn around and suck your cock and then you can put it in my tight little fucking cunt. I want you to drain your fucking balls in both of my little fuck holes.

Wanna treat me like a slut, Please do!

Adult phone chatHaving two guys at once is a normal day of the week for me. I like feeling my holes filled with thick man meat, and its even better when they treat me like the whore I am. That’s it always a mandatory thing when you fuck me is that you treat me like a fucking slut and smack me around fuck all my holes. Make sure you show no mercy when you fuck my holes, if I say stop you better keep going. I might act like a little bitch but I am defiantly can take lots of pain. Because that’s what I am is a dirty little pain slut and you better do me right. You should call me and teat me like a good little slut, and I promise I will be good for you.

Wanna be my sugar daddy?

Adult phone chatYou know I am tired of my old sugar daddy, he never comes through on my money or the dick. I am on the hunt for someone that likes a submissive slut who can suck a golf ball through a water hose, if you know what I mean. I am super nasty and I will do anything you want because I am the most submissive skank you will ever meet. I like to ride big fucking dick until you have filled me so many times with cum it’s just dripping out of me. I like the feeling of having your cock in my pussy and I am reaching around fingering your asshole. If you want a submissive whore you want to spoil then I am the girl for you baby.

Let Stephanie take care of you

Adult phone chatDo you like tight litt fucking cunts? Well my cunny is bald and when you open me up its nice and pink ready for your big hard cock. I love being so filled I can barely walk when your done. Do you like picking up little sluts off the streets and using them however you want? Well that is what I do all day then I come home and I am just a little phone sex whore for you guys all night. My life is to please cocks all day every day and that is exactly what I do baby. I will do anything to please you and that means I will worship your big fucking cock and expecially those balls, I love cum and I will make sure I milk you just right.

Two cocks at a time is the only way.

Adult phone chatGetting fucked by two guys at once is a every day thing for me.  I love feeling my holes being filled two at a time because why wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you want a whore that could take big fat cocks in all her holes, well you found your girl then. Being a nasty fucking whore is not just something you choose but its a life style. I will be on my knees ready for masters cock no matter when or where, so how about you call me and let me show you how nasty I can get. I love laying on one guy and grabbing his cock and shoving it in my tight asshole then another guy can get on top of me and get right into my tight slit.

Come show me what you got

Adult phone chatI can’t help the urge of wanting to get my tight little cunt and man handled. That’s why I always have to be out finding new big cocks to fuck, and you could be one of them. I don’t care about size, color, or thickness I just care about big fucking cock and getting both of my tight holes fucked. Yesterday I found a couple strangers and brought them back to my trailer and let them take turns on my cunt and asshole. At one point I had 2 cocks sharing each hole and I couldn’t be happier. Do you think you could handle my nasty fantasies? I can get really nasty and believe me I will be down for whatever you would want to do with me.


Being a cheap phone sex slut tonight

Cheap phone sex Being a nasty little slut really has its perks. I love sitting at home and rubbing my tight wet cunt and talking dirty with you every night. I like knowing the fact that you call me and I can get you off better then your wife turns me on so much. I asked for a day of getting dicked down for Christmas and that is exactly what I got. I got to fuck about 6 guys in one day and my cunt and asshole couldn’t be happier. I want to tell you all about it as you jerk your fucking cock for me I wanna hear you shoot your load all over your hands and I will clean it up for you baby like a good little fucking slut I am.

let theresa take care of you

Adult phone chatI am pretty much a little fuck doll you can do anything with. My new favorite thing to do is watch the nastiest porn I can find and fuck my tight wet cunt with my huge 11 inch dildos. When I get a call that wants to hear me fuck myself those are my favorites because I can show you how creamy my fucking cunt can get. I always wake up with a soaking wet cunt and I am so ready to be fucked, do you have some big cock? Please, I want you to degrade me and call me for what I am, a nasty fucking little slut who will do anything for some cock. I will get on my fucking knees and beg like fucking dog if that’s what you want baby.

Use my please Daddy

Adult phone chatI have been thinking all day about what I would do with a big fat thick cock and some naughty toys. My cunt has been pulsing and throbbing all day waiting for all your guys to call so I can just fuck my tight pussy with my new big 12 inch dildo that I am just dying to use. I like pretending its your big cock and I try to fit it all inside my tight cunt while your telling me all your dirty dark fantasies and we play them out. I am a 100% submissive so you can use me as much as you want baby and do whatever you want to my tight little body and I promise I am tougher then I look daddy.

Bondage whore Stephanie

Bondage Phone Sex

I need to be treated the way I deserve. Do you think you could do that master? Last week I had sex with over 20 strange men and of course I didn’t use protection because the risk is what makes my little cunt wet. I went to the bar and just picked up every guy I seen and let them bang me by the dumpster and I went the next one. I love being a dirty little cock sucking slut who lets every guy fuck all my holes. I didn’t shower all week so I can feel all that cum built up in my tight little cunt and my rosebud little asshole.

I need you tie me up and give me all the pain, I wan to cry and beg for you to stop. But I need you to not stop and teach my little cunt a lesson. I wanna to learn how to be a good little girl instead of the nasty little bitch.

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