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Adult phone chat with Stephanie

Adult phone chatMy favorite toy is this big fat blue 11 inch dildo baby. I love shoving it in my wet little cunt so fast when you talk really dirty to me baby. I love when you tell me how you will bend me over and wrap my hair in your hands and fuck the shit out of me. I get so sloppy wet it drips all over my fingers, I love taking those fingers and soaking all the cum off of them. I like to let you listen to me suck them and I make sure I make it nice and sloppy. Would that turn you on baby? If it would then you should call me and lets get fucking nasty, I like getting really fucking nasty.. The nastier the better, don’t you think?

Cum slut phone sex with Stephanie

Cum slut phone sexI love having a cum slut phone sex all night long and telling you about all the nasty things I do with cocks. I love being a little submissive cock tease, and sometimes I tease so hard the guy just holds me down and fucks all my holes and fills them. I love putting up a fight and screaming and moving around but honestly I am begging for it on the inside. I love being taken advantage of and treated the way I should be, like a submissive fuck pig. I love when guys degrade me and put bags over my head or draws slut on my forehead, have you ever degraded a girl? You should try on me, I am a perfect candidate for you to start with.

Adult phone chat with your new master

Adult phone chatDo you wanna be my adult phone chat slave? I want you to be my little bitch tonight, do you understand? I love taking men and treating them like little sluts that they are. I want to dress you up in a little skirt and put my panties on your cock, you would like that wouldn’t you little whore? I would get a big thick dildo and make you bend your little ass over and fuck your little asshole, and maybe you will get lucky and I might jerk you off. I see your cock getting hard just looking at my pictures, you have to call me now. You can’t look at my pussy for free you little slut. I want to show you how I can please you baby.

Adult phone chat with stephanie

Adult phone chatAdult phone chat baby? I wanna talk to you and listen to you jerk your cock while I talk dirty and nasty to you. I want to bring over your friend and let me suck and fuck both of your big fat cocks. I want to feel you guys in all of my holes and make sure you fill me up over and over again. I know you want me to hop on your cock and bounce my little ass up and down while my cunt grip your shaft. I am pretty much into every fetishes and I just want to get fucked and filled with cream. I want you to treat my like dirty slut because that exactly what I am. I am just a nasty phone sex whore here to be used by you.

Human sex doll

Cheap phone sex I have been talking to this guy who loves to beat me and make me his little human sex doll, and I couldn’t complain I love it. I love when a guy uses my holes as holes to fuck instead of treating me like I am a person. I want to be treated like a sex object and when he guy treats me like that, that is when my pussy gets dripping wet. I love being tied up and dominated, and just used for your pleasure and not mine. Even though I get pleasure from when you fuck me like a fuck pig you are. I can not beg you enough to dominate me, and use me like a little whore. Let me be your nasty slut!!

Fetish phone sex whore

Adult phone chatWhat kind of fetishes do you like? I have lots of favorite fetishes but my main was is a being a little submissive, and I love being roughed up while you pound me hard. I would want you to bend me over and grab my hips and bending me over where I can’t move, and I want you to grab a fist full of my hair and pull as hard as you want. Do you think you will like that, and don’t worry if I don’t because your cock is all that matters. I want to be your little fuck pig slut for as many nights as you want. I will do whatever you want to unleash the cream that is built up in those big balls.

Let me be your whore

Adult phone chatWhat could be better than sharing a hot young slut like myself with your buddies after work. I love being shared like a submissive whore and If you think you can do the job than I want to know. I love having my tight holes filled as much as possible, and please don’t stop till I am busting full of cum. One of my favorite things is getting tied up with my hands behind my back and getting spanked till my ass is red and swollen. I also love getting my cunt pounded as you whip my ass and make me beg for you to fuck me harder. I just am a nasty little submissive slut who needs cock everyday, and I just have to be filled with cum to feel like a perfect little whore I am.

A Dirty Fucking Whore

Adult phone chatYou know what is better then a slut on your cock? Is a nasty fucking slut on your big rock hard cock, and believe me I will give you the best fucking pussy you ever had. I also like slurping on your big shaft and I definitely won’t forget about your big balls. My pussy gets so wet you would think I just squirted all over you but that is just how dripping wet I can get. You can also fuck my ass as hard as you want, and just be nasty to me. I want you to treat me like a nasty fucking whore that I am. I just love cock, if you have a cock than I want it in my dripping wet pussy.

Use my cunt anyway you want

Adult phone chatMy pussy is wide open ready for your big hard cock, and I honestly love bending over and getting fucked like a little slut. I like when a guy just takes control of me and used me like a live blow up doll. You can fuck every hole and you can fuck me how hard you want, and you can be as rough. I love that feeling of being that fuck toy for every guy I meet. You could take me home share me with your friends and I promise I can take all the loads you can give me. If you want a tight little pussy slut who will make you so happy then I am your girl for the night baby, I promise.

Use and Abuse Me

Cheap phone sex Do you need a little submissive whore to train? I love being taken control of and used to whatever you want. One of my masters came over yesterday and taught be a lesson because I was not sitting at the door with my mouth open waiting for his cock like I was supposed to. So he bent me over and started to spank my bald bare pussy until it was all red and swollen. Then he made me lick his cock clean because it was all sweaty from him working.  I get so much pleasure from pleasing you master. I promise I will do whatever you want, and I will make sure to please every inch of that hard cock. I want you to use me and abuse me.

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