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I love sex, but I have a high sex drive and don’t always have someone around to help me get off. That’s okay though, because I have pretty much every kind of sex toy you can think of. I love playing with my Wet bald pussy with a vibrator or my fingers. Or sometimes I really like to stretch my cunt out and fuck myself hard with a nice thick dildo. I could spend hours in bed making myself cum over and over again. This morning when I woke up, I was so horny, but alone. I had the whole house to myself and so I decided to watch porn on the couch while playing with a vibrator. I found a nice hot video to watch while working my pussy with the vibrator and pinching and rubbing my nipples with my free hand. I came so hard and so many times that I left a big wet spot on the sofa cushion. Oops!

Ass to mouth

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

I love being fucked in the ass. I’m a nasty whore too, and unlike a lot of other girls I’m not afraid to go ass to mouth. I had my ass fucked nice and hard by a big thick cock last night . After sucking his dick and getting him nice and sloppy wet, he pushed me on my back with my ankles by my head and started working his big dick into my tight back door. Once he got the tip inside, he gave it a big push and shoved the rest of his length into me. I let out a big gasp and begged him to fuck me in the ass as hard as he could. Before he came, he pulled out of my ass and had me clean his cock off. I sucked all my juices off of his dick like a good little slut and then let him shoot his load into my mouth.

Red Lipstick

Cocksucking Phone Sex

I went on a date last night with a guy who had a serious thing for women dressed like whores and wearing heavy makeup. I did my hair and eye makeup and I was looking smoldering hot. I finished the look with a shade of blood red lipstick smeared across my lips. When he saw me in my tight dress, sky high heels, and dark red lips, I could see his cock starting to bulge through his pants. We went back to his hotel and I pushed him back onto the bed and did a little striptease in front of him and took off all my clothes except my heels and black thigh high stockings. I pulled his cock out of his pants and started to suck him. My lipstick smeared all up and down his cock as I licked and sucked him from his balls to the tip of his dick, before sliding him all the way into my mouth and throat. I bobbed my head up and down while stroking his balls and rubbing my little wet bald pussy with my other hand. Sucking a big cock makes me so wet and turned on. He squirted a big thick load of cum into my mouth and I swished it around and let a little bit drip out of the side of my mouth. I wanted to savor the taste and I know he loves seeing me with his cum in my mouth. I wanted to leave a lasting impression on him, give him something to think about days from now when he’s alone and stroking his cock. I want him to crave me and have him begging me to come back and fuck and suck him again. After swirling his cum around in my mouth a little bit more, I swallowed it all down.

Kinky Couple Calls a Phone Sex Line

Coed phone sex

I love it when couples call my phone sex hotline and want to have fun with me. The more the merrier! I had a guy call me last night and he had his kinky girlfriend in the room with him and the phone on speakerphone. They wanted me to direct them and tell them exactly what I wanted them to do with each other while I listened. I had him licking her pussy while she was tied to the bed and I could hear her moaning while he lapped at her cunt. Listening to her orgasm and moan in pleasure got me so fucking turned on I just had to use my vibrator on my wet bald pussy while I listened. After I had made him eat her out for a while, I directed her to get on her knees and then had him lube up his cock and slowly slide it into her ass. Hearing the sound of his balls slapping her while he fucked her ass nice and hard sent me over the edge and I came at the same time they did!

Girl on Girl

Bisexual Phone Sex

I love cock, but I love licking a nice wet pussy or playing with a pair of tits too. I guess you could say I’m bisexual. My roommate is a full blow lez and she just can’t get enough of licking this wet bald pussy of mine. She got so drunk last night she stumbled into my bedroom instead of her own. I was playing with my vibrator under the blanket. When she saw what I was doing, she climbed into bed with me and took the vibrator and started rubbing my clit with it while fingering my pussy. Soon we had stripped all of our clothes off and I was sitting on her face as she lapped at my cunt and I squeezed her big round tits in my hands. I came on her face over and over again!

Cam-whoring for cash

Sexy college girl porn

College is expensive. If I didn’t sell my pussy in various ways, I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to school at all. I started thinking of ways I could use my naturally high sex drive and sexy body to make money. It’s fun, fast, and easy. I just get paid to get fucked by horny men or play with my little hot squirting pussy on camera and let them watch. Men practically throw cash at me for a chance to get get a peek at this tight little cunt of mine. It’s a lot of fun for me to get off on camera while guys are watching too. I get a kinky little thrill out of knowing I’m being watched by strangers who are stroking their cocks thinking of me. I just spread my legs and finger my pussy while the camera rolls and make myself cum over and over again!

Guided Masturbation

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

I love it when I’m having phone sex and the guy takes control and tells me exactly how he wants me to fuck myself while he listens. I’ve got pretty much every kind of sex toy you could ever dream of, just tell me which one you want to use on my pussy, and I’ll do it. Or maybe you want me to take one of my toys and put it in my ass, it’s up to you, baby. I just know it really gets me off when you tell me how you want me to make myself cum. You’ll hear my vibrator buzzing on my clit or my dildo pumping in and out of my pussy. The best part though, is when you hear me moaning in ecstasy and having a back arching orgasm from everything you’ve made me do. Stroke your cock while directing me, and we can cum together at the same time.

Sissy cock torture

Teen phone sex

A sissy with a tiny little cock wanted the privilege of cumming for me, but first he had to earn it. I took a heavy weight and tied a rope around it. The other end of the rope was attached to a clamp, which I hung on the tip of his tiny little cock. He whimpered and begged me to let him have a taste of my pussy, I granted him that, but first I dropped the weight and yanked the clamp off the tip of his cock and made him squeal like a little piggy. Only once I heard him squeal really good did I let him lick my pussy. He was a horny little sissy and soon he was begging me to let him stick his tiny dick inside of me. I won’t fuck anything under 7 inches though and this greedy little piggy needed to be taught a lesson for having the audacity to ask to fuck me. I clamped the weight to his balls and let it hang in the air while he whimpered and stroked his little cock until he came.

Cucumber fuck

Teen Phone Sex

I was home alone and feeling really horny and naughty and wanted to try something new to try. I have lots of toys, but I’ve gotten kind of bored with them. Then I had a really devious idea. My roommate had just bought a bunch of fresh veggies, including a couple cucumbers. I grabbed one from the fridge and took it to my room to have some fun. It was cold from the fridge, but that just added to the new experience. I teased myself with the big vegetable at first, before sliding it into my tight cunt and pumping it in and out . It felt just as good as any dildo, and soon my pussy was creaming hard and dripping all over it. I came hard and soaked the cucumber with my cum. Instead of washing it off, I just popped it back in the fridge for my roommate to eat. Maybe she’ll enjoy the special sauce I added to it.

Wet bald pussy

Black Cock for Sissy

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

My little dick sissy paid me a visit again. He begged for the privilege of fucking my ass or pussy, but I wouldn’t allow it. I laughed at him and explained, I don’t take cocks under 7 inches and that I wouldn’t have even been able to feel a cock as tiny as him in one of my holes. Instead, I allowed him to lick my pussy and ass, but first he had to earn it. I brought over one of my more well endowed friends to show this little sissy his place. My friend has a huge 10″ uncut BBC, you see. And he used my little sissy as a play toy for a day. I made him suck my friend’s fat black cock so he would know what a real man’s cock is like. He was such a little sissy faggot that eventually he was begging for the big black cock in his ass. I allowed him to lick my pussy and make me cum while his ass was fucked and stretched by a big black dick.

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