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The best cocks are the really big thick and long ones. And if you want a really long and thick cock, the black ones are the best. I was drunk at a party and getting really nasty. I was flirting with two guys from the basketball team and things were getting fucking hot. My boyfriend was there, but my cunt was too wet to say no. I went upstairs with the two big athletes while he was busy playing beer pong. Things got hot and heaven inside the room and soon they were both sawing their huge black cocks in and out of my pussy and mouth at the same time. My worst fear happened though and my boyfriend walked in on me being fucked by both of them like a whore. I started to apologize and cover up at first, but something came over me and I just paused there and let them continue to fuck me. I loved being a dirty whore for these two big dicked black guys and that my boyfriend was seeing me spit roasted. I just kept sucking and fucking them and looked him in the I and told him that I couldn’t help myself. That I’m a whore for black cock and it’s so much better than what he can give me.

My boyfriend stormed out of the room and they continued their hard fucking. I was feeling like such a nasty slut that I begged them to get the rest of the basket ball team in there to fuck me with their huge black dicks. I wanted the whole team to gangbang my pussy and ass and fill me up with their cum. They sent them a text and soon I was getting exactly what I wanted, being passed around like a piece of candy for dozens of big black cocks. My poor boyfriend was probably at home in tears, but I didn’t care at all. I was getting a hardcore ass fucking by all these guys!

Let me be your whore

Teen phone sex

I want to be your whore. I want you to use me like a piece of meat. Fuck me however you want, just as long as my body is being used as your cum receptacle. I hooked up with a guy last night who totally dominated me sexually. He made it clear he just wanted to cum and didn’t care about anything else. He was tall with a really big cock and pushed me up against the wall and pulled my panties to the side and jammed his hard cock into my wet bald pussy. He pounded me while holding me like a doll and used me to milk the cum out of his big dick. I don’t know why, but being used like a slut just made me even wetter and more turned on. I want to experience something like that again. Call me and use me.

Fuck me in the ass

Anal Phone Sex

I woke up this morning really horny and craving one thing: a cock in my ass. It didn’t take long for me to find a guy willing to oblige me either. I got on my phone and had a fuck buddy over to satisfy me and fill my tight ass with his big dick within the hour. He bent me over and licked and tongue fucked my asshole for a little bit, teasing me and building up the excitement. He had me begging him to fuck my ass within minutes of feeling his tongue flicking at my back door. I pressed a vibrator to my pussy and let him fuck my ass as hard as he wanted. I came so hard with him buried balls deep in my asshole and soon he was cumming in my ass too. Without missing a beat, as soon as he pulled out I immediately turned around and sucked his cock clean like a good slut.

Shyla and Serenity share a black cock

Phone sex

2 girl phone sex calls are my favorite! My sexy friend Serenity and I got to have some fun with a very well hung caller.! We got to play with our tight pussies while listening to him stroke his huge black cock. He sent us a picture of it during the call, and it was so big it made our mouths water! His BBC had to be at least 12″ long and nearly as thick as my wrist. Even a cock that big still isn’t too big for a couple of whores like Serenity and I though! Seeing pics of the big cock and listening to him stroking it was hot enough to have us both rubbing our pussies and moaning into the phone. The best part though? When he got Serenity and I both to cum before hearing him grunt and shoot a big load of cum of his own.

Black Cock Phone Sex


I need to be licked

Sexy college girl porn

I’ve just been so horny all day. I’ve masturbated and played with my pussy over and over, but I’m still not satisfied. What I really want is for a man to come lick this Young bald pussy and make me squirt. Riding a thick cock is always a lot of fun, but there’s really nothing quite like being eaten out. All the pleasure is mine, I just get to lay back while you taste me and run your tongue up and down between my pussy lips. Or maybe I’ll have you lay on your back and I’ll straddle your face and let you lick me like that. You’d like that wouldn’t you? A sexy young coed sitting on your face grinding her cunt into your mouth until she cums over and over again and has your face drenched in pussy juice. For a lot of men, that probably sounds like heaven.

Shyla Loves BBC

Black Cock Phone Sex

I have fun on all my calls, but by far my favorite are my BBC callers. I had so much fun this morning on a call with a certain special someone with a 12″ BBC. Waking up and getting to cum listening to him stroking his huge cock was probably the best way I can think of for a girl to wake up! I played with my pussy and got so drippy wet listening to him talk dirty and hearing him jacking off. He told me to get the biggest dildo that I own and close my eyes and slide it inside of myself and pretend that it’s him. I pumped the big rubber cock in and out of my wet bald pussy and moaned his name into the phone. By the time I was climaxing, I was practically screaming his name into the phone as I squirted all of the bed sheets!

Gang Bang

Gang Bang Phone Sex

I thought my Sunday was going to be a boring day with no action, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Late in the afternoon I got a call from one of my fuck buddies asking if I wanted to have some fun with two of his friends. My pussy started getting wet instantly. They came over and he wanted to watch his two friends fuck me first while he stroked his dick and watched. I had one in my ass and one in my pussy pumping out and making me scream with delight when he finally decided to join us. He walked over and grabbed me by the hair and jammed his cock into my mouth and down my throat. He fucked my mouth while they fucked my other two holes and made me cum like a whore. His friends pulled out and squirted a load on my face, but he had other plans. He wanted to fill his whore’s ass with a load of cum. He pounded my ass and filled it full of jizz while my face was still covered in their cum.

Girls just wanna have fun

Bisexual Phone Sex

My lez roommate has the sweetest tasting little pussy. When I’m in the mood to lick some cunt I just call her into my room and spread my legs and show her my dripping wet slit. Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I knocked on her door and asked if she could help me out. I pulled her panties down and started to lick her Wet bald pussy and she tasted like heaven. Don’t get me wrong, I love cock, but sometimes I just want to bury my face in a hot pussy and just lick it for hours. I licked her slit until I made her cum a couple times and made her squirt all over my face, but I didn’t stop there. I flipped her over and positioned my pussy right above her mouth so she could lick me while I licked her. The two of us stayed tangled up in the 69 position for another hour, just munching each other’s pussies and cumming over and over.

Solo time

Sexy college girl porn


I love sex, but I have a high sex drive and don’t always have someone around to help me get off. That’s okay though, because I have pretty much every kind of sex toy you can think of. I love playing with my Wet bald pussy with a vibrator or my fingers. Or sometimes I really like to stretch my cunt out and fuck myself hard with a nice thick dildo. I could spend hours in bed making myself cum over and over again. This morning when I woke up, I was so horny, but alone. I had the whole house to myself and so I decided to watch porn on the couch while playing with a vibrator. I found a nice hot video to watch while working my pussy with the vibrator and pinching and rubbing my nipples with my free hand. I came so hard and so many times that I left a big wet spot on the sofa cushion. Oops!

Ass to mouth

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

I love being fucked in the ass. I’m a nasty whore too, and unlike a lot of other girls I’m not afraid to go ass to mouth. I had my ass fucked nice and hard by a big thick cock last night . After sucking his dick and getting him nice and sloppy wet, he pushed me on my back with my ankles by my head and started working his big dick into my tight back door. Once he got the tip inside, he gave it a big push and shoved the rest of his length into me. I let out a big gasp and begged him to fuck me in the ass as hard as he could. Before he came, he pulled out of my ass and had me clean his cock off. I sucked all my juices off of his dick like a good little slut and then let him shoot his load into my mouth.

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