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Fun Night Out

Adult phone chatI went out with the sexy grocery bagger from the store last night. By going out, I mean fucking him outside where anybody could have seen us. He took me and laid me over the hood of his car in the parking lot of a movie theatre. He pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties out of the way. He then started fucking me rough and hard all over the hood of his car. He slams into me making me scream out over and over. We see multiple couples and groups see us fucking, and even people come to investigate. We were having too much fun to give a fuck. We keep going until he cums deep inside me and then puts me in his car. Best night out ever.


Adult phone chatLast week I had a ton of fun. I got bent over my teachers desk, and finger fucked by him, then he rammed me hard and good. His cock slammed into me, I could hear his balls slap against me as he fucked me. My pussy being so wet you could hear the sloppy wet noise his cock made as it entered and exited my pussy. I was screaming and moaning and he was groaning and moaning as he fucked me harder and harder. We fucked like this for an hour or so and then he pulled out, turned me over and shot his hot load all over my face. I happily licked it up as he stood there grinning down at me. Worth the B+ I now have in his class.

Older Men

Age Play Phone SexI have always been into older men, I never have been the type who liked to date, or fucked guys the same age as me. They never seem to know what they are doing when they are younger so I like a guy who knows how to make me cum and really leaves me satisfied. I especially love fucking men who are married because they know how to do it they just don’t get the time of day from their wives. They miss having a sweet little pussy open for them to use any time of day and I gladly give them that. I give them someone who really wants them and loves the feeling of being used as a fuck toy. I love being that girl for them. If you need a girl like that just let me know.

Netflix and Chill

Adult phone chatSo I thought Netflix and Chill was total bullshit; that was before I met Caleb. This guy is amazing and so very sweet, I wouldn’t think to sleep with him but he snuck up on me. I thought that he was just being a sweetie then next thing I know his lips are all over me. I feel his hands grabbing my breasts through my dress, then a hand sliding up from the bottom of my dress. He starts to tease me through my panties making me moan and squirm. After a few minutes I can’t help but push him down on the couch. I need to feel him, if he is gonna get nasty so am I. I climb on top of him and at first we dry hump then I pull his cock out of his pants. He pushes my panties out of the way and I slip right on his cock. His cock feels so good and he touches me just right. Damn this guy knows what he is doing; I cum within a few seconds of his touch. This little sneak knew how to get me, acting like we were just gonna hang, now I have him balls deep in me making me scream. Seems like a great way to end the night!

Good Neighbor Girl

Naughty Neighbor Phone SexI am always the good neighbor girl for my sexy lovers. Well maybe the girl up the street for some but I seem like the perfect girl. I am the girl that men long for, a sweet little girl who they have watched and grow into something so sexy. I gladly fill that role, fathers and husbands aren’t the only ones who notice, so do their sons. I am the girl everyone wants and I want everyone. I love getting laid down by a strong sexy man who knows how to fuck a girl and really use my pussy and then to slip into their sons room and show them what their dad just did to me. I learn from my older married men and then teach the young how to really fuck a girl. I want them to be what I really like, to be a man who gets married but needs pussy all the time that they will get it from anyone, even good neighbor girls. Don’t forget about YOUR good neighbors this week, good neighbor day was Wednesday, September 28th.

Cheating is fun

Cheating Phone SexI love getting a nice hard fucking from a married man. To know he would cheat on his wife for some little slut like me makes me so god damn wet I just can’t help myself. My favorite part though is getting roughly fucked in their bed. To know that every night they share that bed, and now my naked body has wiggle all in it. It is enough to get me off just thinking about it. The thought that they don’t know their husband made a teen girl cum so hard she arched into him. To think that she doesn’t know he cam deep inside me on their bed, it is all a huge thrill for me. I wish they could only know how hard he fucked me, and how he told me he loves my pussy and it is the best he has ever had. Though they will never know and I love that dirty secret, just looking at their wives clueless faces makes me soaked.phonesex

Teacher Appreciation Week

Barely Legal Phone SexTeacher appreciation week is the best week ever. We all have a favorite teacher that we love to spoil, min is Mr. Jones. I have decided I know how I wanna show my appreciation for him this week. I wait for him after school in his office, he has a parent teacher conference this week so I know exactly when to sneak in and wait. He comes back into his office after them every time, so I wait for him, lying naked on his desk, playing with myself. As he comes into his office he sees me spread out and he stops cold in his tracks. I quietly say “Happy Teacher Appreciation week Mr. Jones.” I tease myself the whole time, moaning building myself up. He grows hard and I watch him tease his cock through his pants. I cum at the sight, he watches my body spasm and decides to finally come over; he unzips his pants and slides right in my soaking wet pussy. Best Teachers Appreciation week ever!

I love sucking cock

Blowjobs Phone SexSucking cock is one of the things I am best at. I might suck at math, science, history, english, really anything that has to do with school that isn’t working out or dancing and singing. I know though that I have the best mouth any man could ever have. I know how to swirl my tongue and really get into it. I even get my head bobbing and wiggling so I can suck that cock perfectly. I sit all pretty acting all sweet but then next thing you know I have your cum in my mouth and my lipstick is all over your cock. I know how to lick and swirl my tongue to have a guys knees start to go weak and make it hard for them to stand. I once made a man cum in less than a minute from how fast and hard I was sucking while swirling my tongue all over his cock. He started to fall as he came and once he did he collapsed.

Finding a Teacher

Hot phonesexI always hate the end of summer, though with the end of summer comes hot teachers. Oh my god, my love for a sexy married man who is smart is unreal. I always find some hot teacher to become the beloved teacher pet of and this year is no different. I already have my eyes set on Mr. Johnson, newly married and very hot. I am already getting his attention, leaning over right in front of his desk so he can either see my tits or my barely covered ass and pussy. Then yesterday afternoon when I went into his classroom to get some extra “help” I watch him get harder and harder the more he looked at me. I made sure to touch him every chance I got and to drop things often so I could bend over for him. By the end he was practically breaking his zipper in need of me. I can’t wait to get some more help today, hope he doesn’t mind.

Hot Ass Sex with Shyla

Hot ass sex

I love having some hot ass sex the feel of a cock deep in my asshole makes me shiver and cum. Every chance I get when fucking these father’s of girls I know I make sure to get them to slam it into my tight little asshole. The faces they make when I ask are so great they want that hot ass sex but their wives never want to do. Every guy wants to but their cock in a young girls asshole but rarely ever get to. I give men ever chance cause of how much I love hot ass sex and I know the need they have for it. I can’t wait for my next chance to have a cock in my asshole, especially having it cum deep inside.

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