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phone sexPhone sex is the perfect job for a slut wife. I get to cheat on my husband virtually and in real life. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have married for money. I can make my own money with a body like mine. Now, I am very grateful that I got to fuck his sons. Until they came around, I never fucked younger guys. Now I almost exclusively fuck younger guys. Even though my husband enjoys hearing about my sexual exploits while he is at work, I’d rather be unmarried and be a whore.  I talked to him about a divorce over the weekend. I mean why would a guy want to stay married to a woman who has not fucked him in decades? I humiliate him daily when I boast of the better men I fuck. He said if I divorced him, he would make sure I didn’t get a dime. It finally hit me that he loves being humiliated. I think guys married to cheating whores like me, enjoy knowing that other men are taking care of their wives. He told me I can fuck whoever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want. He just wants to hear about it. It is win win for me I guess because I can have my cake and eat it too. A girlfriend of mine said she tried to leave her husband too, but he preferred being married to a slut wife. She also told me, younger men prefer married women. They want to fuck cougars and milfs, but they don’t want to settle down with one. Makes sense. I would never marry a younger man unless he was super rich. I guess I was silly to think about divorce. I have it made. I get to be a cuckolding phone sex queen on and off the phone.

MILF Phone Sex Slut

This milf phone sex slut is always on the prowl for fresh young meat. My stepsons are college age boys now, but they gave me my taste for teen cock. The older I get, the younger my lovers have become. Men have been fucking young women for centuries. Guys high five each other but other women shame women who are getting some young dick. I have been fucking this new neighbor boy for months now. Sure, he is still in high school, but I didn’t take his cherry. This boy had game long before me. His mother came home early from work and busted me giving him head. She was not upset he skipped school. She was upset I was blowing him. She started calling me a molester and a slew of other horrible names.  Turns out mommy dearest was jealous. She wanted her son’s cock and was upset another hot woman got there first. I told her we could share him. The boy has ten inches and is horny 24/7. One milf isn’t enough for a teen boy. I had her take a Xanax to relax her. Before long, she was naked blowing her son while I munched on her cunt. She was super wet. What started out as a hot MILF fucking a teen boy, turned into a dirty threesome. I got to help a mother fuck her biological son. That was a first, but it was very hot. I don’t mind sharing a young boy. I shared my stepsons with my friends all the time. Made me start thinking about finding a hot man with a young girl to fuck. I would share daddy’s cock as well as a son’s cock.  What can I say? I’m not just a phone sex whore. I am a real whore too.

Cuckolding Phone Sex

cuckolding phone sexI have been doing more and more cuckolding phone sex calls lately. My step sons heard me shaming a guy on the phone for being unable to please his wife. They thought it was hot that I refused to fuck the dude’s little dick. When they heard me talking about black cock being better than white cock, they got worried. When I was done with my call, they asked me if I really felt like that. I don’t know if you know this about me, but before I got married, I was primarily what they call a black cock slut. I am a curvy woman. Black guys like women with thick thighs and a juicy ass. But, when I started fucking my step sons, I pretty much gave up being a black cock whore. I liked being a dirty step mom. My stepsons have nice cocks too. So, they aren’t anacondas; they fuck me good nonetheless. I don’t think I can chose black cocks over white cocks, so I will just be a dirty whore who fucks all cocks. My step sons got so excited hearing me talk about just being a color blind cock whore, they tag teamed me in the living room. One of the boys took my ass while the other boy fucked my pussy. I was so wet; my pussy was dripping on the shag carpet.  My husband came home early and busted me with his boys. Talk about a good cuckold. He sat down and enjoyed the show while his boys took care of their daddy’s sexy wife.

Phone Sex MILF Sheila

phone sexPhone sex is a fantastic job for a trophy wife. My husband leaves for work and I get on the phone to talk dirty. I’m in my sexual prime, so I must get my orgasms where I can. Nothing wrong with talking dirty and mutual masturbation. That’s right.  I play with myself too. That is the reason I do this. I want to cum as much as my callers want to cum. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I stayed up later than usual to have some dirty talk. I was talking to a guy who loves hairy milf pussy. We were doing a naughty neighbor roleplay, when I realized, my blinds were open and the teen boy next door was jacking his cock watching me rub my hairy pussy. I told my caller and he almost nutted right then. I pulled my chair closer to the window and spread my legs as wide as the sky. I got out a big dildo and started fucking my wet hairy cunt. My caller could hear how wet I was. The neighbor boy could see how wet I was from his window. I could hear my caller nutting while my neighbor boy shot a big load on his window. It was such a hot call because I could hear one guy cumming and see another one shooting his load at the same time, which made me cum with them. This is why I love naughty neighbor phone sex. I always have a real neighbor willing to contribute to the call.

Anal Phone Sex Gang Bang

anal phone sexAnal phone sex is something I love. I have a big ass built for big cock. Black, white, or brown, I don’t discriminate. Only thing I discriminate against, is a small dick. I am a sexy milf. My days of small dicks are over. If I am going to get pounded, I want a big dick that is thick. Antonio had just what I wanted. Just what I needed. He was half my age, but twice the size of my husband. My husband’s cock doesn’t work like it used to, so I am a cheating whore. I brought Antonio home to fuck. He still lives with his parents. They likely would not approve of a white women coming into their home to get a hardcore ass fucking from their son. My stepsons were home. I was not expecting them because they are at college. They came home to surprise me. They wanted my ass. They weren’t happy that I had a black boy with me. They have nice cocks and they love fucking me in the ass too, but Antonio was thicker and younger. I have a big enough ass to satisfy everyone. I did all three of them. It was an ebony and ivory anal gang bang. My stepsons were trying to out fuck the black boy, but Antonio was more focused on me than competing. Perhaps he knew it wasn’t a competition. That made him all about my pleasure. He made me squirt with his cock up my ass, never touching my clit. He filled my ass up with a gallon of cum. My step sons didn’t do too bad either. My asshole was gapping and filled with cum. Just how I like it. I was just sad my husband wasn’t around to see the hot anal action. He loves a good nasty show.

Phone Sex Whore Sheila

phone sexPhone sex is not a job I ever thought I would do. Honestly, I never thought I would work because I am a trophy wife. I didn’t marry for love. I married for security. I am not so unlike other women. My husband is over 20 years older than me. I was once a hot teen slut who had snagged a sugar daddy for life. As it became more and more obvious, that our sex life was over, I began to think of ways to get out, but I needed money. I thought being a phone whore was a good idea because so many men love a hot milf and a horny housewife. In the beginning, I did it on the down low from my husband. Only the my stepsons, who I was fucking knew what I did when my hubby left for work. They thought it was hot since I was often playing mommy on the phone. My husband busted me one night. Instead of being angry, he was turned on. He liked knowing I was sharing my sexual exploits with strangers. Even more, however, he liked knowing that I was shaming him with my cheating phone sex tales with his own sons. He was as hard as he had been in a decade reading one of my blogs about fucking his teen sons. Turns out my broke dick husband enjoys being publicly humiliated and cuckolded. Our marriage has been better since I started this job. There are no secrets between us anymore. He loves that his sons take care of me in the way he cannot. My husband reads my blogs before work every day and jacks off. He particularly loves listening in on calls where I am a cheating whore shaming his broke down dick. Perhaps you want to be my phone stud?

Cheating Phone Sex Family Fun

cheating phone sexIf you are married and call a phone slut, you are having cheating phone sex, even if that is not what you are calling for. If, I fuck another man in front of my husband, I am still a cheating slut even though he loves to watch. Tony is my husband’s partner at work. Him and his son were over last night for dinner. Tony and I have been having an affair for years. Tony thinks my husband doesn’t know, but he does. Tony would likely lose respect for my husband if he knew he was a cuckold. Now my husband isn’t a fluffer type of cuck. He loves to watch, He will have a creampie too, but he has no desire to suck cock. He has a decent sized cock, it’s just an old cock that doesn’t work like it did twenty years ago. Voyeurism helps him get an erection. I bet it would you too if you watched your wife fuck another man. I was not expecting anything but dinner last night as Tony’s teen boy joined us. I had the surprise of my life when I found out there were no secrets among the men, just me. Tony knew my husband was my cuck. Tony’s son knew his father was cheating on his mother with his partner’s busty wife. And, everyone knew I was fucking Tony’s son too, even Tony. Tony wanted to try his hat at being a voyeur like my husband. Tony’s son wanted to cuck his father. I didn’t care what the men had discussed, I just wanted to get fucked. That I did. Tony’s son hammered my pussy with his young teen cock in front of my husband and his own daddy. This boy was born to cuck men. He told his daddy his dick would never be as hard or as full of cum as a teen boy’s cock. He was right there. He told my husband his broke down dick didn’t deserve my MILF pussy. Right again. The two grown ass men came so hard being humiliated by a high school boy. Needless to say, I had a hot squirting pussy from the combination of a rock hard teen cock and cuckolding.

Mature Phone Sex with Sheila

mature phone sexI am a mature phone sex operator. At first, I was offended by the category, but when I realized it would bring me all the young guys hot for a MILF, I was all on board. It is funny. When I was a teen and a coed, I was all about older men. I even married an older man. I thought an older man could please me better. They knew how to worship my pussy. They made sure I came before they came. They had money to spoil me too. As I have aged, my needs have changed. I just want a good hardcore fucking. Ass or pussy, it doesn’t matter if I have a hard cock that works. I don’t need to be spoiled. I have my own money now for that. What I don’t have is a hard working cock that can fuck me several times a day. Luckily, I live in an area ripe with young boys. All the boys know I am a bored trophy wife. I love being that woman. The woman that never says no. The woman who makes boys men. Every day a new lad shows up for his introduction into manhood. Charlie was waiting for me when I came back from walking the dog. He was nervous. Cute thing. He struggled talking to me, but I knew what he wanted. When he finally got enough nerve to speak, his cock was down my throat. He asked me if the rumors were true. I wasn’t sure what rumors he heard. There are so many about me anyway.  What he wanted to know, however, was if I had hair on my pussy. His generation doesn’t know hairy pussies. Poor things. I spread my wet hairy pussy for him. He joked about my pussy having a coat. Perfect opportunity to teach a boy about eating pussy. I sent him to school a man and smelling like mature pussy.

Hot Ass Sex with a Hot Ass MILF

hot ass sexHot ass sex is all I have now. I am a mature woman. My days of lying there like a dead fish saying, “oh baby oh baby oh baby,” are over. I will not endure bad fucking. My pussy is spoiled. When I was younger, I was a black cock slut. Black men were attracted to my big ass and big tits. They were players, however. None of the black men I fucked wanted to spoil me, or take care of me for life. I traded in good fucking for security. I am a trophy wife now. Luckily, as my husband as aged, he has realized he can’t satisfy me anymore and I have his approval to fuck whomever I want. On occasion, he likes to watch. I fuck his sons. I fuck neighbor boys. I fuck hung men I meet out an about. Every day, I look for cock. Every day, I find it too. Men don’t turn down pussy. This hot MILF needs white pythons and black anacondas. Yes, I am a size queen. My husband is a big boy. It just doesn’t work like it once did. When I was younger, I was all about older men because they knew how to please women in and out of the bed. Now, I don’t care about age. Younger men, in general, have harder, better working cocks than men my age or older. I struck gold yesterday. On my way home from the corner store, I picked up two teen boys playing hooky from school. I got my swirl on with a black and white young boy. Both were happy to fuck a trophy wife. Beautiful cocks too. Hard, long, thick with balls full of cum. I let the black boy hammer my ass, while his friend took my cunt. Together, they made this phone sex whore very happy.  Can you?

My Hot Squirting Pussy is Waiting for You

hot squirting pussyCan you give this slut wife a hot squirting pussy? It only requires a couple of things. A cock bigger than 6 inches and the ability to pound my pussy. A 6 inch cock can do the trick if it has some girth. Fuck me deep and hard and you will see that squirting is real. I do think many squirting videos are fake, but I have been a squirter for decades now so I can tell the real shit from the fake. I was like 19 the first time it happened. I was getting fucked by an 11 inch black cock. He was a guy I picked up in the club, so I never saw him again, sadly. I though he hit my bladder. This was before Internet porn was all the rage. Computers were just in businesses then and the world wide web was not yet a thing. The guy that was fucking me told me he had heard a rumor that some women when the G spot is found will gush their girl goo everywhere. He thought it was urban legend. I was just praying I had not pissed on a guy. Flash forward another decade, same thing happened with another big cock. Not a black one this time, but my stepson’s thick 7 inch cock. He was at an age he could hammer the shit out of a pussy. Unlike the first time I squirted, this time I had a lover I fucked all the time. My stepson was dead set on making it happen again and again. Weeks of practice and we found the right angle and speed to make me squirt again and again. I love teaching young guys how to have squirting phone sex with this sexy MILF. Better bring an umbrella, because I am going to rain all over you.

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