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Cum Slut Phone Sex: I Love the Taste, Feel & Look of Jizz

cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex is perfect for me. There are many things I enjoy like cheating on my husband with teen boys and big black dicks. What all the men I fuck have in common is cum. I love the feel, look and taste of cum. I love a creampie and a facial. I love swallowing too. Yesterday morning, the neighbor boy came over before school to fuck me. He arrived after my husband left for work and after my two step sons had fucked me. I was about to hop in the shower when I heard the doorbell. I slipped on my jeans to see who it was. I should have known it was the boy next door. School was back in session after the snow storm finally. If I had been thinking, I would have answered naked despite it being 30 degrees outside. I wriggled out of my skin tight jeans and blew his teen dick knowing we were going to fuck with my pussy full of cum. He just thought I was extra excited to see him. He fucked my pussy pie and deposited the third load of cream in me. It wasn’t even 9 AM yet and I had three loads of cum in my cunt. I wanted to savor some of it, so I pissed it out in a cup. I drank it; swallowing some and spitting the rest on my tits. I sucked it off my boobs on my first phone sex call.  I am such a dirty cum slut.

I Love Mature Phone Sex Fantasies

mature phone sexI love mature phone sex fantasies. I particularly enjoy being a mommy. I am a stepmom to two boys. I raised them and when they became teens, my house was like a porn studio. Two horny teen boys and a sexy MILF in her sexual prime. You know something is going to happen. I wanted my own offspring, but my husband had a vasectomy after his sons were born. I always joke that his boys are better men than him. He likes the teasing. He is a cuckold without the fluffing and stuff. He would never suck his sons’ cocks. He will watch me suck their cocks, however. They visited from college this weekend for the Super Bowl. A family tradition with their dad. Of course, I had my fun with them while they were home. They have what I need: hard working cocks. My husband was my sugar daddy. He still is, it is just that his dick doesn’t ever get rock hard anymore. He likes watching me with other men, especially with his boys. They call me mommy while we fuck, which gets my pussy so wet. It is taboo to fuck your own sons, which makes me wish I had a few of my own. This weekend the boys kept talking about impregnating me as they came inside my pussy. I am close to my expiration date, but not dead yet. Being a phone sex mommy and a dirty stepmom has prepared me for motherhood. What do you think? Is 43 too old to be pregnant for the first time? My tits and my ass would get even bigger. I know at my age I am more reproductively challenged, but I am hoping for the best. I think I would rock motherhood. I am good at taking care of needs!

Cheap Phone Sex MILF

cheap phone sexI love being a cheap phone sex whore. I may be a trophy wife, but I am cheap and easy. The paperboy this morning came to collect his $10 for the week. I had no cash on me, plus I was out of checks. I asked him if he had the Square. I figured this is the modern age, there had to be a way to pay. I guess school boys are a cash only operation. I asked him if I could pay him tomorrow. He gave me this shit eating grin and said, “Let’s barter.” I sold my milf pussy for $10. If that is not the definition of cheap, I don’t know what is. Honestly, I would fuck him for free. I am a slut wife who is always on the prowl for young working stiffies. No one has a harder cock than a school boy. No one can rabbit fuck like a school boy either. I let him fuck me until he came, which was just shy of three minutes. He was a virgin. I blew him and he got hard for the second round at my hairy pussy. This time he lasted 4 minutes and 22 seconds. He wanted me to time him. I assured my horny paper boy that he would just get better with practice, so we worked out a deal. I will fuck him every morning and in exchange, I get a free paper. I wanted to tell him that I would be happy to fuck him and pay for the paper, but he enjoyed thinking he was making me work for the paper. He drives a hard bargain. He got up for school a boy, but he was going to school a man. I can’t wait to tell my husband how cheap and easy his phone sex wife was today.

MILF Phone Sex and Prostate Massages

milf phone sexMILF phone sex is what you need. It is what every man needs. No matter how old you are, you need an older woman who knows things. Even my husband who is older than me, wants an older woman to teach him new tricks. My husband doesn’t get hard easily these days. He is much older than me. I am in my 40s, but he is almost 70. He has always been cool with me taking lovers, even when those lovers were his jailbait sons. My husband is a cuckold, but I love him. I don’t really do the humiliation thing with him. He doesn’t fluff cock like some cuckolds. He has a nice cock. It is just that it rarely works. I got him a present over the weekend. A sexy mature dominatrix who specializes in prostate massages. She has a lot of elderly clients. She helps drain their balls when they can’t keep erections. I thought she could teach me a few tricks too. She wasn’t as old as my husband, but she was older than me. A sexy GILF in leather arrived at my door as scheduled with a bag of tricks. My husband was excited for a ball draining. Do you like prostate phone sex? I now have even more knowledge on how to get all the cum out of backed up balls. I watched this sexy old mistress massage my husband’s prostate with a variety of tools ranging from a prostate massage wand to her fingers. My husband had the erection of a twenty something year old boy for the first time in ions. Damn it was hot to see cum flowing out of his old broke down dick after so long. My husband has a decent sized cock; the problem is his health. Here he was in front of me with an erection without Viagra. I took advantage of his hard wood and fucked my husband for the first time in over a decade. Now that I have some new prostate tricks, I may be able to fuck my old husband more often. Don’t worry though. I will still fuck young boys. I am not stupid.

Big Tit Photos to Keep You Warm

big tit photosThe neighbor boy asked for some big tit photos. He has been home all week from school because of the weather. Sadly, so have his parents. It is so extremely cold, that the city is on lockdown. Even the malls are closed! His parents are Mormon and not the good multiple wives kind of Mormon either. If they knew I was fucking their teen son, I’d be arrested. Mormons take a vow of chastity until marriage. Can you believe that shit? I have corrupted their horny teen son. I am going to keep corrupting him too because he has 8 inches of hard meat. He needs very little down time to get erect again. His balls are an endless supply of cum. He is adventurous in the sack and eager to please. I won’t give up this boy without a fight. Once he got the selfie picture of my big boobs, he started sending me dick pictures. I encouraged him to make some mutual masturbation porn with me. I made a video of me playing with my hairy beaver and he made me one of him jacking off. We have been masturbating non-stop the past few days that it almost feels like we have been fucking. I can’t wait until it is as warm outside as it is in my pussy.

Cum Shots on Tits

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits is what he wanted to see. I always agree to cum covered tits. Why wouldn’t I? I have ample boobs. They make a great shelf for cum. “He” is the boy next door. He has been out of school all week because of the cold. His parents go to work and he comes over to my place. Every day he shows up, I know he has been prepping with milf porn because he always has something new he wants to try. Monday, it was anal sex. Tuesday, he wanted to see my hairy creampie. Wednesday, he wanted to see if he could give me a hot squirting pussy, which he could. I am an easy squirter with a big enough cock. Yesterday, he wanted me to peg him, which I was happy to do. And this morning, he wanted to titty fuck me and watch me lick his cum off my boobs. That is also something that is easy to do when you have big tits like mine. Fake or real, a woman with big boobs can lick cum off her own nipples. Sadly, I won’t see my teen sex addict this weekend because my husband will be home as will his parents. But, I bet you can keep me entertained!

MILF Phone Sex Keeps Me Warm

milf phone sexMILF phone sex will warm your cock up and my hairy pussy on these cold winter days. I was all bundled up like an Eskimo to go to Starbucks this morning before I started my shift. I was up late last night getting tag teamed by my step sons, so I needed some expresso to wake the fuck up. It was so cold, my car wouldn’t start. The cute neighbor boy came over to see if he could start my engine for me. I assured him my engine was moving, just not my car battery. He started flirting back. He had another snow day from school, so he was home all alone. My dirty old mind was swirling. He told me I had a dead battery. I invited him inside to warm up. I offered him some hot cocoa, but all he wanted was a hot pussy. Hot wet milf pussy. As soon as we were in the kitchen, he had me pinned against the stove. I grabbed his cock out of his pants as he put his cold hands up my shirt. My big fat titties warmed him up, just like his cock warmed me up. Before long, his hard, teen cock was inside my hairy pussy and we were on my marriage bed fucking. I rode him reverse cowgirl style, so I could rub my clit while we fucked. I wanted the biggest cum shot up my married pussy. I also wanted to squirt and see it shoot all over my dresser mirror. Both wishes came true. Between the two of us, we came a gallon of cum. I didn’t need a Starbuck’s overpriced coffee to wake up. I had the cum of a high school boy inside me to do just that. I have been working with a cum filled cunt all day.

Big Black Cock Phone Sex

black cock phone sexBig black cock phone sex is not my specialty, but guys know I am a retired black cock whore. Retired, not dead. I didn’t completely give up being a black cock loving whore when I got married. It was just that I discovered boy cock. Sure, a teen boy doesn’t have a cock the size of a black man, but he does have something on the black man. Stamina. Last night I discovered the best of both worlds: a young black cock. My stepsons have a friend from high school with an adopted black brother. He is still in high school, but he came over Christmas Eve night with his brother to play video games and hang with my stepsons. When I saw how he has grown, my predatory nature kicked in. I stole him from the boys and took him into my bedroom. Oh my, how he has grown. His cock was bigger than his brother’s cock. Fuck, he was bigger than both of my stepsons if you combined their dicks.  Santa brought me a big black young cock. I gave him head. I couldn’t resist sucking his BBC. He grabbed my head and started throat fucking me. I thought I might gag, which is hard to do to me. I am a big dick sucker. He was impressed. He said none of the girls at his school, the teachers included, could handle his meat. When he came in my mouth, there was so much cum that strands of junky jizz came out of my nose. There was no way to hide the fact that I had just orally molested the youngest and hugest boy in the house. When I joined the boys for some video games, I was wearing the biggest cum shot in my hair. I had some how missed that when trying to get my shit together. The boys figured I needed more cum, so they circle jerked on my face and tits. Best Christmas Eve ever.

Phone Sex Milf

phone sexThis phone sex MILF wants to wish all her perverts a Merry Christmas. Have you been naughty or nice this year? I am always naughty. My stepsons are home for the holidays. They are in college, but still come home several times a year. I sure have missed them too. They are the reason I like younger guys. Their daddy was twenty years my senior when I married him. When I was younger, I only dated older men. I was a busty sugar baby kind of young girl. Now that I am in my forties, I find myself in the cougar role because older men have dick issues like my husband. My stepsons have been insatiable since they came home too. They keep telling me how the college coeds are nothing but cock teases. They have also complained about all the rules young girls have like not nutting on their faces or fucking their asses. What is wrong with the younger generation? I love cum shots on my face as well as cum shots on tits. I have big jugs and I like them decorated. Last night, the boys used my big tits as target practice for their cum loads. Not to say they don’t love cumming on me, but I think the real thrill for them is watching me suck their cum off each tit. When you are endowed with big breasts, you can suck your own tits. Turns out my husband was spying on us. We were in the living room by the Christmas tree and the fireplace, not trying to hide the fun. About the only thing that gets his old dick hard anymore is watching me with other men, even his sons. Actually, especially his sons. He loves when they call me mommy as they fuck me. He was in heaven all night then because his horny boys called me mommy and fucked all my holes. It is so good to have them home for the holidays.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Whore & Her Creampie Loving Hubby

cum slut phone sexI am a cum slut phone sex whore. I can’t get enough jizz, especially boy jizz. I have this teen boy I am grooming. He is a neighborhood boy who loves my big tits and fat ass. He comes by every morning on his way to school to eat this milf pussy. He loves that I have hair on my puss because no modern porn star does. I have been teaching him pussy licking skills. Clearly, he has been paying attention because he makes me squirt. Very few men can make me squirt. My stepsons took a year to learn how to eat me to a hot squirting pussy frenzy. This boy took a couple weeks. He did something rather bold last night. He snuck into my bedroom window and fucked me while I was in bed with my husband. He knows my husband can’t satisfy me, but he doesn’t know my husband is a cuckold. My husband loves that I have sexual partners. He was the one who encouraged my relationship with his sons. He knows about this teen lover I have, but my teen lover thinks my husband is in the dark. I think it adds to a young boy’s milf fantasies if he thinks the husband doesn’t know. My husband woke up as this teen stud was pumping his young dick inside me, but he is a good cuckold. He acted like he slept right through it. As soon as my young stud left, my husband was between my legs licking up my creampie. My husband is a creampie  whore. He doesn’t give me a squirting pussy eating me, but  he does give me immense pleasure cleaning me up like that. It must be humiliating for a man in his sixties to eat a teen boy’s cum out of his wife’s cunt.  But, then again, maybe it isn’t. My husband seems to love it.

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