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mature phone sexI am a mature phone sex operator. At first, I was offended by the category, but when I realized it would bring me all the young guys hot for a MILF, I was all on board. It is funny. When I was a teen and a coed, I was all about older men. I even married an older man. I thought an older man could please me better. They knew how to worship my pussy. They made sure I came before they came. They had money to spoil me too. As I have aged, my needs have changed. I just want a good hardcore fucking. Ass or pussy, it doesn’t matter if I have a hard cock that works. I don’t need to be spoiled. I have my own money now for that. What I don’t have is a hard working cock that can fuck me several times a day. Luckily, I live in an area ripe with young boys. All the boys know I am a bored trophy wife. I love being that woman. The woman that never says no. The woman who makes boys men. Every day a new lad shows up for his introduction into manhood. Charlie was waiting for me when I came back from walking the dog. He was nervous. Cute thing. He struggled talking to me, but I knew what he wanted. When he finally got enough nerve to speak, his cock was down my throat. He asked me if the rumors were true. I wasn’t sure what rumors he heard. There are so many about me anyway.  What he wanted to know, however, was if I had hair on my pussy. His generation doesn’t know hairy pussies. Poor things. I spread my wet hairy pussy for him. He joked about my pussy having a coat. Perfect opportunity to teach a boy about eating pussy. I sent him to school a man and smelling like mature pussy.

Hot Ass Sex with a Hot Ass MILF

hot ass sexHot ass sex is all I have now. I am a mature woman. My days of lying there like a dead fish saying, “oh baby oh baby oh baby,” are over. I will not endure bad fucking. My pussy is spoiled. When I was younger, I was a black cock slut. Black men were attracted to my big ass and big tits. They were players, however. None of the black men I fucked wanted to spoil me, or take care of me for life. I traded in good fucking for security. I am a trophy wife now. Luckily, as my husband as aged, he has realized he can’t satisfy me anymore and I have his approval to fuck whomever I want. On occasion, he likes to watch. I fuck his sons. I fuck neighbor boys. I fuck hung men I meet out an about. Every day, I look for cock. Every day, I find it too. Men don’t turn down pussy. This hot MILF needs white pythons and black anacondas. Yes, I am a size queen. My husband is a big boy. It just doesn’t work like it once did. When I was younger, I was all about older men because they knew how to please women in and out of the bed. Now, I don’t care about age. Younger men, in general, have harder, better working cocks than men my age or older. I struck gold yesterday. On my way home from the corner store, I picked up two teen boys playing hooky from school. I got my swirl on with a black and white young boy. Both were happy to fuck a trophy wife. Beautiful cocks too. Hard, long, thick with balls full of cum. I let the black boy hammer my ass, while his friend took my cunt. Together, they made this phone sex whore very happy.  Can you?

My Hot Squirting Pussy is Waiting for You

hot squirting pussyCan you give this slut wife a hot squirting pussy? It only requires a couple of things. A cock bigger than 6 inches and the ability to pound my pussy. A 6 inch cock can do the trick if it has some girth. Fuck me deep and hard and you will see that squirting is real. I do think many squirting videos are fake, but I have been a squirter for decades now so I can tell the real shit from the fake. I was like 19 the first time it happened. I was getting fucked by an 11 inch black cock. He was a guy I picked up in the club, so I never saw him again, sadly. I though he hit my bladder. This was before Internet porn was all the rage. Computers were just in businesses then and the world wide web was not yet a thing. The guy that was fucking me told me he had heard a rumor that some women when the G spot is found will gush their girl goo everywhere. He thought it was urban legend. I was just praying I had not pissed on a guy. Flash forward another decade, same thing happened with another big cock. Not a black one this time, but my stepson’s thick 7 inch cock. He was at an age he could hammer the shit out of a pussy. Unlike the first time I squirted, this time I had a lover I fucked all the time. My stepson was dead set on making it happen again and again. Weeks of practice and we found the right angle and speed to make me squirt again and again. I love teaching young guys how to have squirting phone sex with this sexy MILF. Better bring an umbrella, because I am going to rain all over you.

Cum Slut Phone Sex: I Barter for Jizz

cum slut phone sexI’m quite excellent at cum slut phone sex. When it comes to cum, I am a greedy whore. Even when I was a teen girl in the 80s learning how to give blowjobs, I swallowed. It wasn’t that I thought it was polite to swallow. It was because I liked the taste of cum. In my younger years, I would blow strangers just to taste cum. I was very disappointed when I married a man with a nice dick that stopped working soon after the honeymoon was over. I became a slut wife more so I could fill my sweet tooth for cum. I could get myself off with a suction cup dildo. I can give myself a hot squirting pussy. What I cannot take care of on my own is supplying myself with man seed. When my stepsons where still living here, I would hoard their cum and freeze it. They never ran dry for their sexy MILF stepmom. I would mix it in my smoothies or do a protein shot when a craving came on and they were not home. Now that they are in college, I still do that, but I find myself needing way more than they can supply. I have made a deal with the paper boy. He is too young to give me the loads I need, however, he is crafty. He has three older brothers who jack off non stop. He bargained their cum with me. Promised me he could get his brothers over here several times a week if I would blow him every morning before school. When you think about it, it is a winning situation all around. A young school boy gets head daily from the neighbor slut wife. Three teen boys get sucked and fucked by a hot MILF. And, a slut wife gets the cum she wants and needs. I wish I had thought of the idea myself.

Hot Ass Sex with My BFF and Brian

 hot ass sex

Selina and I had hot ass sex with Brian the other day. He is a friend of ours who appreciates big booties and large breasts. We have each fucked him solo, but this was our first time sharing him. Selina and I have ample T and A. We worked together and play together. Two big asses are always better than one. Just ask Brian. He has a huge cock. No, he isn’t black. Big things come in all colors! His cock is so big, that he knows it takes two sexy MILF’s to handle it properly. Selina and I love sharing cock together. We made an ass sandwich for Brian’s albino python. He thumped our asses, then slid himself into our big beautiful buns. I must say, I love having phone sex with hung men and my BFF.

phone sexSelina is a great cock sucker. I am not bad, but she has bigger tits than me to help her deep throat big cocks like the one dangling between Brian’s legs. Hung and handsome, we hit the jackpot with him. We took turns worshiping his cock and his balls. We did some fine motor boating too. Brian is more of a man than most men, so it takes two greedy cum whores to milk him properly. When Selina was enjoying his big cock doggy style, I was enjoying his balls and her swollen clit from underneath her. I could see firsthand how his cock gapes fuck holes. I couldn’t wait for my turn.

cum slut phone sexSelina and I got next to each other with our big round asses touching so Brian could take turns giving us his great white whale of a cock. These two sexy BBWs were in heaven. We are both cock size queens and cum whores, so we only want the best cocks out there. We are just lucky Brian appreciates big tits and even bigger asses. Do you? Cum slut phone sex is better with two greedy cum whores!

Cheating Phone Sex: Slut Wives Like Big Dicks

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is what a slut wife does best. If I cheat on my husband in real life, then cheating on the phone is no problem at all. I have a few big dick lovers who call me because they know I am a cheating whore. I am a phone mistress. Not all my big cock phone lovers are black either. I don’t classify myself as a black cock whore like some women. I am a cheating whore. I like younger men, older men, men my age. I will fuck white guys, brown guys and black guys. I will fuck married men and single men. What I won’t fuck is a small man. I am a full figured MILF. I need something I can feel as the saying goes. I don’t need a monster cock, but I do need something I can feel going in and out of my pussy or ass. I don’t want to ask, “Is it in yet.” If you have small cock, don’t tell me that unless you want small cock humiliation phone sex. There is nothing more disappointing than a sexy voice telling you he has four inches hiding in his boxers. My response is going to be sarcasm. Of course, it is hiding in your boxers. It’s lost its so small. Put on some panties and keep that little pickle secure. Don’t want him hurting himself. A slut wife is a cock size queen. She is also brutally honest and not desperate for cock. For every tiny dick man, I have 20 well hung studs waiting to fuck me properly. So, don’t over estimate your power with me. If you don’t have a decent cock, don’t expect to fuck me.  The same goes for broke down dicks. My husband is proof positive that even big dicks get no love if they don’t work. What good is 9 inches if it never gets hard. My husband made me the slut wife I am today.

Hot Ass Sex with a School Boy

hot ass sexHot ass sex is all I have. I am a horny MILF and bored trophy wife. I spend my days fucking while my husband is away at work. A slut wife’s work is never done. This morning, a neighborhood high school boy stopped by on his way to his first day of school. Hard to believe that schools are back in session already, but that is a good thing. More young boys up bright and early with hard cocks that need attention before school starts. I am up early playing the good wife: making my husband breakfast, serving him fresh coffee and having his briefcase all ready for him when he leaves the house to catch the train. My husband works hard, so I can play hard. I played with a hard, teen cock this morning. Zeke had heard rumors about the horny milf at the end of the street, so he stopped by to see if what he heard was true. I asked him what he heard. “That you like young boys with hard cocks and you take it up the ass,” he said with hope in his voice. I lifted my skirt up to reveal my round, large bare ass. His jaw hit the floor. I told him to lick it before he sticks it. He buried his face in my big booty. I moaned loudly as his tongue licked my two fuck holes back and forth like a speed demon. He even inserted some fingers into my pussy as he rimmed my asshole. He spit on his young cock, pulled my ass cheeks apart and gave me a hardcore ass fucking for breakfast. Served me up a side of cum too. This young boy had stamina. He fucked me so long he missed his school bus. I drove him to school. Seeing all the young teen boys reminded me of my stepsons when they were younger. I think I need to become a substitute teacher to check out all the teen talent.

Anal Phone Sex: Cum in My Bum

anal phone sexAnal phone sex is a favorite of mine. Look at my ass? I took this picture for a caller who appreciates a nice round thing in his face. He gets sprung. This baby has back and lots of it. I needed a good ass fucking last night. My stepsons were at the beach. My husband has a limp dick. I decided to hit the mall. Malls were always filled with teen boys when I was a teen girl. What young high school boy wouldn’t love fucking my MILF ass? I put on a spandex mini skirt like I wore in the 80s when my ass was smaller and a tight tee-shirt. I forgot the panties and bras. Malls are usually cold from the air conditioning being cranked up, so I knew my nipples would get attention if my ass didn’t. I was not in the mall more than 5 minutes when a group of boys started following me around. I accidentally on purpose dropped my purse so I could show them my hot ass and hairy pussy. I heard the gasps. I turned around and asked them if any of them were up for giving me a hardcore ass fucking. No surprise they nodded their heads in unison. I was in a mall. Not too many places to fuck. Once of the boys said Macy’s had a big family bathroom, so that is where we headed. Some eyebrows were raised as we all went in together. One of the boys called me mom, which made me wet. I knew we wouldn’t be in there long. High school boys don’ last long. I bent over the sink and got the hard ass fucking I needed. Three boys each plowed my ass so fast I thought they were race car drivers. Filled my bum with cum. That was an itch I needed scratching. The boys came out of the bathroom with that “I got laid look.” I came out with a smile, a funny walk and cum dripping down my leg.

Cum Slut Phone Sex with a Trophy Wife

cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex is something I excel at being a slut wife. My husband goes to work and I chug cock. My husband knows of my many infidelities. In fact, he enjoys hearing about what a cum slut I have been while he is working hard to provide for my trophy wife lifestyle. Summer is the time in my neighborhood to be a slut wife too. College boys and high school boys are all home for the summer. They all know how to find the hot milf on the block who enjoys sucking cock.  My husband was not gone more than 5 minutes when some neighbor boys rode their bikes to my place. They woke up with hard dicks and decided my mouth would feel better relieving their morning wood than their hands. I was glad they showed up. I was hungry for cum. Boy cum goes great with coffee in the morning. I have two step sons that are with us for the summer while on break from college, but they are at the beach this week with friends. Three young boys with hard dicks and MILF fever was all I needed to start my day off right. I let them blow bang my mouth knowing they would cum quickly. I planned on getting them hard again. My husband cums once  and he cannot muster another load until the next day; a young stud, however, is hard again with cum filled balls in 15 minutes. Those boys acted like they had won the lottery getting to fuck a stacked mature woman. I had cum in my belly, now I was ready for cum in my pussy. They weren’t as endowed as my step sons or some of my grown lovers, but when they all put their cocks in my wet pussy at once, it felt like I was being fucked by a tree trunk. A slut wife’s life is the best.

MILF Phone Sex at Church

milf phone sexThis MILF phone sex slut went to church and found God this morning. I am hardly religious, but a friend of mine found her boy toy lover at church, so I thought I would give it a whirl. I dressed mildly inappropriately so I could get attention, just not too much. I am stacked. Any young boy would notice me regardless of what I was wearing. I did catch someone’s eye. The preacher’s son. Oh, my he was a handsome thing. Virgin too. MILF fever was all over his face. He was drooling as he stared at my big tits. I should have waited until we were off church grounds, but I wanted him so badly. I exited the pew to use the bathroom, hoping the boy would follow. He did. I knew he would. He couldn’t take his eyes off me. I pulled him into the bathroom room with me. I molested that young boy while his daddy preached about sin to the congregation. I love sinning. Sinning is fun. I sinned with a young boy in a church bathroom. I let him fuck my pussy and give me a hardcore ass fucking while his daddy droned on from the pulpit. I slithered back to the pew with the preacher’s son ‘s cum leaking out my ass. I need to find God more often.

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