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Princess Phone Sex and Soirees

Princess Phone SexI may look sweet and innocent, but I can and will fuck your world right up. Whether you take me to a party, a work social, or your parents’ house for dinner – I am the picture of perfection. I will impress each and every person you introduce me to with grace and wit, all the while driving you crazy with little touches, looks, even little kisses and licks of my lips. You’ll know, every minute of our evening together, that the entire time I’m working that room, my mind is thinking about what I’ll get to do to you after. I’ll even be thinking about the potential of finding a quiet, secluded room to hide away with you in for a quickie, and you’ll know it! And, if you struggle to keep that tent hidden, more’s the better! I love knowing how hot you are for me, too, and I can’t wait to get into those pants and give you the most ridiculous blow job before I ride you until you cum so deep inside of me!

GFE Phone Sex in the Morning

GFE Phone SexWhat could be better, first thing in the morning, than teasing your man into a hellacious round of morning sex? I’m nearly always up before him, and I love to get ready just as I know he’s due up. More often than not, he’ll walk into the bathroom, still half-asleep, to find me in there in nothing but my socks. I love the tent his robe makes so early for me, as I run my hands up and down my body in the mirror. I’ll even cock one leg up on the counter, and make sure he sees full well how wet and ready I am for him, if he just comes closer and has his way with me. It never ceases to thrill me when he does. He walks right up behind me and spreads that robe to show his completely bare, totally hard cock, just before he thrusts it deep into me. With my leg still cocked up on the countertop, he drills me, both of us watching our fuck in the mirror. That is the biggest thrill of all, I think. Watching him get hotter and hotter, and more and more lost in the intensity of our lust as my own eyes glaze over. His hands massaging my tits, my hips, all over my body. And, when we cum together, I get to watch our bodies tense and release together. It’s so fucking hot!

Hot Phonesex Date Night

Hot phonesexIt was date night, and I was cute as fuck. We went out, enjoyed ourselves, did some stealthy foreplay at each place we visited. By the time we got back home, we were both ready to roll. Still, I made him wait just a bit longer. I sat him down on the couch, leaned down to give him a kiss. Then, I started the music, and started a little strip-tease dance, because what’s a girlfriend if not his own personal porn star and stripper? I danced for him, running my hands up and down my body, slowly working each piece of clothing off, until I was in just my undies. Then, I sat down on his lap and wrapped myself around him. His hands made short work of my underwear, and I was naked on top of him. He took the time to explore my body with his hands and mouth before he stood up and carried me to the bedroom, still wrapped around him. By the time he laid me back on the bed, his cock was free, and he thrust into me as he laid me down. I kept my legs wrapped around him, pushing him deeper into me with every thrust, and kissed him deeply while his hands just kept exploring my tits and body. I love fucking this man!

Princess Phone Sex Companion

Princess Phone SexHe had a party for work, and needed a sexy, sweet, classy companion for his arm. I was more than happy to oblige. His house was fantastic, and the party was a raving success. At one point, he had to excuse himself to check on something that he seemed a bit stressed about. I excused myself shortly after and found him in his office, intent on whatever it was he was working on. He seemed to have forgotten there was a party going on, and I set about reminding him. I caught his attention and slowly did a strip tease. At first, he was still blinded by whatever was worrying him, but soon, he was completely engrossed in watching my body appear. Young bald pussyI was down to my stockings and heels when he finally came to completely, got up, and walked around his desk to me. His hands stroked every available inch of my body as he pulled me close, wrapping one leg around his hip. In moments, he had my ass propped up on the back of that big, sturdy chair, and was plowing into me like every stress in his body had driven to his dick, and he wanted it all out. Sure enough, it all exploded into me in a giant cum shot, and I was cumming around him. He had no trouble returning to the party after that.

Sensual Domination Phone Sex Day

Sensual Domination Phone SexWe have this one neighbor who’s a complete douche canoe. You know the type, lives next door and always loud in the middle of the night, complains about how loud you are, and just a general butthead to live next to. I realized the other day that I’ve never seen a woman with him. Not at his house, not out and about. Well, being the exceptional princess that I am, I decided that he needed a good lay. Maybe getting out some sexual frustration would help, right? So, I let myself into his house just before I knew he’d be home. I took my top off and left my skirt on to tease him with. When he first walked in, he seemed startled before he started yelling about me breaking and entering. As he started to grab for his phone, I pulled my skirt up and showed him my slick, tight, wet pussy. His hand stopped reaching for the phone. With that, I was off. I finished taking my skirt and panties off, and turned my ass around for him to get a good look at.Young bald pussy I offered him everything I had, and the bulge in his pants told me that he was definitely considering my offer. It didn’t take him long to make up his mind, though. He walked up behind me, touching my ass as though he thought I’d turn on him. When I wiggled it in his hand, he got bolder and ran his fingers down my gash. When his fingers finally plunged into my cunt, I knew for sure I had him. I let him fuck me the entire rest of the day, and by the time I left, I had the feeling that we wouldn’t have any issues with him again, especially since we now have a standing arrangement. 😉

Hot Phonesex – Naughty Secret

Hot phonesex have a naughty little secret – I love to tease my boyfriend. One of my favorite things to do is have everything done, dinner ready, and be lying on the couch when he comes in. I love being in something comfy that makes me feel sexy, lying on the couch with my body all pointed toward the door. Then, I start playing with myself before he ever even gets home, so that my pussy is already wet and my nipples are hard, and my hands are all over my still-clothed body, driving myself into a hyper-sexual state. By the time he walks in the door, I’m writhing on the couch, touching myself, moaning, and it instantly gets him hard as a rock. He pitches such a beautiful tent. I love how hot and bothered he gets when he walks in on me playing with myself, because it always means a hot, hard, fast, frenzied fuck-fest, followed by a night of slow, sensual love-making. Makes me hot as fuck!

Fantasy Phone Sex with Shannon

Fantasy Phone SexWhen a girl sees something she wants, she goes after it. I saw him from the plaza, and I just knew that if I didn’t take the chance, I’d regret it. I walked up to him and introduced myself, asked him if he’d like to buy me a drink so we could talk. I guess he liked what he saw, too, because he took me up on my offer without any hesitation. By the end of our drink, we both knew what was about to happen. He walked me back to his place, which happened to be a few buildings down from where I saw him. He had a small place, but it was very nice, and when he took off into the kitchen to make coffee for us, I saw my opportunity. By the time he came back, I was standing next to the door into the living room, completely naked, ready for whatever he could bring. When he saw me standing there like that, it was over. He wrapped me up in his arms, lifted me, and kissed me all the way to the bedroom, while I held myself wrapped around him. His hands ran up and down my skin, touching every place he could reach, as his tongue explored my mouth, then my nipples, then my pussy. His fingers dipped into me, and I felt that strumming that meant I was closing in on an orgasm. Then, he pulled his fingers, slid up my body, and his cock drove its way straight into my core. That pushed me right over the edge, and I was flying, wrapped around him, moaning and screaming his name, as he kept fucking up into me, keeping that beautiful orgasm going.

Sensual Domination Phone Sex in the Morning

GFE Phone SexHe loves catching me first thing in the morning, when I’m trying to get my day started. I don’t know what it is, but he likes to catch me still in my panties and tank, no makeup, hair down, looking like I just stepped out of a horror movie or something. He says I’m sexy as hell before I put my face on for the day. It turns me on so much when he tells me how hot he finds me, and that always leads to sex. So, as I was already half-dressed, I just finished stripping my panties and top off, dropped to my knees, and sucked his dick right into my mouth and down my throat. His hands wrapped up in my hair, and he let me have my way with his cock, holding still as I fucked him with my throat. When I was horny enough, I climbed up his body, wrapping myself around him, and slid straight down his cock. He turned us so that he could set me down on the sink, and he grabbed my hips as I fell back against the mirror behind me. Then, a wicked grin spread on his face, and before I knew it, I was facing my naked image in the mirror as his cock drove back into me. I looked into his eyes, and he stared straight into mine through that glass, as he started drilling my cunt, hard, and deep. My tits bounced, my mouth dropped into an “o” and my eyes glazed over. He reached a hand up to wrap around my throat, and watching him fuck me like that drove me right over the edge. Watching myself cum was so fucking hot, and knowing that he was cumming deep inside me as I did kept my orgasm shooting off for several minutes after. That was a mind-blowing experience!

Hot Squirting Pussy Likes Porn

Hot squirting pussyI realize a lot of girls would have trouble admitting that they watch, and are into, porn. I really don’t understand that, though. Like, there is not a thing wrong with enjoying porn. My boyfriend’s been out of town for a few days, and I am a horny slut. So, last night, as I was winding down for bed, I was wet as fuck, and my pussy was begging for an orgasm. I turned on one of my favorite videos about tiny twats being destroyed by big, beautiful black cocks! Before the first scene passed, I was pulling my tits out of my bra and grinding my pussy on the couch through the bottoms. I slid my hand down into my panties, over my clit, and started working them up inside of myself. I wasn’t getting what I needed like that, though, so I wound up taking my clothes all off. I moved over to the living room and lay back on the couch. I threw my legs up in the air in a wide “V” and slid fingers into both my pussy and ass, working them at the same time. My thumb slid over my clit repeatedly, and as I watched, I got closer and closer to cumming. Then, I was squirting all around my fingers and all over the coffee table. I mean, I have no trouble getting myself off, but porn makes it so much hotter. Why would you deny that?

Exhibitionist Phone Sex After Work

Exhibitionist Phone SexHe came home from work early, and was nice enough to text before he got home. I decided to surprise him by sitting naked at our patio table. When he got home, opened the gate, and walked around the corner, he saw me there in nothing but a smile, waiting for him, and was instantly hard. Well, that’s just how I like him, so I got up and walked slowly over to him, making sure that he got a good glimpse of every part of my beautiful body in the process. Right there, in our back yard, I slid my hand into his trousers and pulled his cock out. I dropped to my knees on the soft grass, and took the entire length straight down my throat, just like I know he likes. His hand dove into my hair and pulled my head forward, pressing my nose into his groin, and he started to slowly and gently fuck my face. I stroked and massaged his sack and ran my other hand over his ass cheek, and then between them. His balls were so full already, and his hard cock was throbbing in my mouth. Wet bald pussyI pulled back off of him, spun around, and gave him my ass in the air. I even put a hand back to make sure my puckered little hole and my gash were easy access. When his dick was finally in me, I gasped out my pleasure and relief at the fullness. His cock moving over my g-spot is just heaven on earth, and when he pushed into me as deep as he could go, I couldn’t help but cum. I let him fuck me in our back yard until he came in me twice!

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