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Sensual Domination Phone Sex in the Morning

GFE Phone SexHe loves catching me first thing in the morning, when I’m trying to get my day started. I don’t know what it is, but he likes to catch me still in my panties and tank, no makeup, hair down, looking like I just stepped out of a horror movie or something. He says I’m sexy as hell before I put my face on for the day. It turns me on so much when he tells me how hot he finds me, and that always leads to sex. So, as I was already half-dressed, I just finished stripping my panties and top off, dropped to my knees, and sucked his dick right into my mouth and down my throat. His hands wrapped up in my hair, and he let me have my way with his cock, holding still as I fucked him with my throat. When I was horny enough, I climbed up his body, wrapping myself around him, and slid straight down his cock. He turned us so that he could set me down on the sink, and he grabbed my hips as I fell back against the mirror behind me. Then, a wicked grin spread on his face, and before I knew it, I was facing my naked image in the mirror as his cock drove back into me. I looked into his eyes, and he stared straight into mine through that glass, as he started drilling my cunt, hard, and deep. My tits bounced, my mouth dropped into an “o” and my eyes glazed over. He reached a hand up to wrap around my throat, and watching him fuck me like that drove me right over the edge. Watching myself cum was so fucking hot, and knowing that he was cumming deep inside me as I did kept my orgasm shooting off for several minutes after. That was a mind-blowing experience!

Hot Squirting Pussy Likes Porn

Hot squirting pussyI realize a lot of girls would have trouble admitting that they watch, and are into, porn. I really don’t understand that, though. Like, there is not a thing wrong with enjoying porn. My boyfriend’s been out of town for a few days, and I am a horny slut. So, last night, as I was winding down for bed, I was wet as fuck, and my pussy was begging for an orgasm. I turned on one of my favorite videos about tiny twats being destroyed by big, beautiful black cocks! Before the first scene passed, I was pulling my tits out of my bra and grinding my pussy on the couch through the bottoms. I slid my hand down into my panties, over my clit, and started working them up inside of myself. I wasn’t getting what I needed like that, though, so I wound up taking my clothes all off. I moved over to the living room and lay back on the couch. I threw my legs up in the air in a wide “V” and slid fingers into both my pussy and ass, working them at the same time. My thumb slid over my clit repeatedly, and as I watched, I got closer and closer to cumming. Then, I was squirting all around my fingers and all over the coffee table. I mean, I have no trouble getting myself off, but porn makes it so much hotter. Why would you deny that?

Exhibitionist Phone Sex After Work

Exhibitionist Phone SexHe came home from work early, and was nice enough to text before he got home. I decided to surprise him by sitting naked at our patio table. When he got home, opened the gate, and walked around the corner, he saw me there in nothing but a smile, waiting for him, and was instantly hard. Well, that’s just how I like him, so I got up and walked slowly over to him, making sure that he got a good glimpse of every part of my beautiful body in the process. Right there, in our back yard, I slid my hand into his trousers and pulled his cock out. I dropped to my knees on the soft grass, and took the entire length straight down my throat, just like I know he likes. His hand dove into my hair and pulled my head forward, pressing my nose into his groin, and he started to slowly and gently fuck my face. I stroked and massaged his sack and ran my other hand over his ass cheek, and then between them. His balls were so full already, and his hard cock was throbbing in my mouth. Wet bald pussyI pulled back off of him, spun around, and gave him my ass in the air. I even put a hand back to make sure my puckered little hole and my gash were easy access. When his dick was finally in me, I gasped out my pleasure and relief at the fullness. His cock moving over my g-spot is just heaven on earth, and when he pushed into me as deep as he could go, I couldn’t help but cum. I let him fuck me in our back yard until he came in me twice!

Submissive Phone Sex with Shannon

Submissive Phone SexHe showed up at my door, pounding on it like there was an emergency. When he all but slammed it behind him while grabbing me and pulling me to him, I knew what that emergency was. His lips were on mine, and his hands were nearly ripping my clothes off of me. Then, I was on my knees, and his dick was rubbing my titties, my nipples, before making a b-line for my mouth. He started fucking my face hard and steady. His hand was wrapped in my hair, and he was treating my throat like it was my pussy. Once he decided that he’d had enough of that, he turned me around and had me on all fours, ass in the air. He started to lick my pussy and my ass, alternating between the two with his mouth and fingers. He drove me wild like that, then flipped me over and tossed my legs around his neck. He shoved his dick into me and started fucking me fast and deep. Just when I thought he was going to fuck me til I came, he was flipping me back over and around, plugging my asshole. He yanked my hair back, drilling my hole and fingering my clit. The pleasure and pain of it was amazing! Finally, he flipped us around to spoon, his mouth on my right tit while his left hand cupped my left from underneath me. My ass was pressed up against his abdomen as his cock dove back into my wet and waiting cunt. That time, he drove me all the way to orgasm, then pulled me up and came all over and in my mouth! It was a wild time!

Exhibitionist Phone Sex Princess

Exhibitionist Phone SexIt’s getting cooler, now, but it’s still nice and warm out during the day. I couldn’t resist hanging out nude on my back patio. Well, I noticed that some of the neighbor boys were playing peeping tom, trying not to be noticed through the couple of little gaps in the fence. They weren’t very quiet about it, though, so I decided to play evil bitch. I walked into my house, laughing to myself at their moans of disappointment. When I walked back out a bit later, still naked as can be, I could hear their excitement. I settled back down, and pulled the vibrator I had in my hand into view. I started it up and rubbed it over my clit, and I didn’t even care what they were doing anymore. I got into it, playing my pussy like a piano with that toy. Over and around my clit, into my pussy, back to my ass, and back around to make another round. My free hand started playing wherever the vibrator wasn’t, and in no time at all, I was having a mind-blowing orgasm, and I heard a couple of them getting off, too. So, I kept it going, making sure that I had a couple more. By the time I had finished, it sounded like all of them had had a chance to get off, so I considered my work done. I winked their direction before heading inside for a nice soak in my tub.

Hot Ass Sex – Masturbation

Hot ass sexWe had some amazingly hot sex at the end of last week, including using one of my pretty beaded necklaces as anal beads. Well, this weekend, I got really hot and bothered while he was at work, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about how it felt having those beads worked up inside of me, then pulled slowly back out. The way his cock felt thrusting into me while those beads were worked out of me had my pussy all hungry again. So, I grabbed the beads, lay on my bed, and started trailing them over my body. I ran them across each of my nipples, down over my stomach, along my abdomen, and straight to my pussy, with my other hand trailing right along with it. By the time I got to my cunt, I was so fucking ready. I let the beads fall over my clit, down along my pussy, until they started to pool near my ass. That was when I started stuffing them into my tight little hole. I forced almost every last bead inside of me, then started fingering my clit and pussy with my free hand. I rubbed myself, finger-fucked myself, and slowly started to pull those beads, one by one, out of myself, going back over that night in my mind. I came so hard that my body shook with it, and I just kept going. Oh, I can’t wait until he gets home from work today so I can fuck the ever-loving shit out of him!

Hardcore Phone Sex GFE Slut

Hardcore Phone SexHe came in from work, and I was already waiting for him. He’d told me at lunch what a crap day he was having, so I had put on one of his favorite outfits and I was ass in the air when he walked in the door. Without even looking, I knew he was ready. I heard his pants hit the floor, the door slam, and then him make his way to me. His hands ran over my ass before one of them plunged fingers deep and hard into me. I knew he would hit it hard, I was expecting it, so when he drilled his way into me, pulling my hair and hitting hard and fast and deep, I was ready for it. He undid my top after a bit, letting it fall off of me. He drug me around by the hair so that I was over the couch, and he pushed my chest and head into the couch as he drilled me from behind. Even that wasn’t deep enough for him. He lifted my hips up, making me stand for him as he drilled me, keeping my chest and head buried in the couch. That was when he found the exact angle he wanted, and he pummeled my pussy and ass, fucking so hard that our skin smacked together loudly. It hurt, but felt so good, too. I love that hardcore fuck he gives me!

Bratty Girl Phone Sex & Jello

Bratty Girl Phone SexOne of my favorite boy toys decided that he wanted to help out with a charity drive. He asked me to help, but when he told me what he wanted me to do, I flat out told him no. So, he pitched his logic and opinions to me, and made a very convincing argument. I told him I’d do it, but he’d better treat me like a fucking queen, instead of a princess, from now on. He kissed me and told me he promised.
The night of, I got suited up in my string bikini and shook off the case of disgust at what I was about to do. I walked out, climbed into the pool of jello, shook hands with my opponent, and then we got down to it. She was quick and limber, so I was thrown into the jello first, but I took her down with me. We rolled a bit, and jello was in my hair and all over me before the first 10 seconds had passed. She tried to pin me, but I kept slipping out of her holds, and eventually managed to pin her. At one point, though, she undid my bikini bottom and it fell off, which had me scrambling to catch it and fix it. She took that opportunity to push me down and pin me. I got jello all up in my pussy, and she made matters worse. She shoved more into me, literally forcing it up there with her fingers. I was torn between revulsion and lust. It wasn’t fair, and she wound up pinning me and winning the match. In the locker room after, though, it was on. She all but climbed on top of me, shoving her fingers into my sticky-wet cunt, kissing me. We fucked in the locker room, the showers, even in the hallway outside the locker room afterward. I took her home with me that night, and my boyfriend could not have been happier with the result.

Fetish Phone Sex for Dessert

Fetish Phone SexWe made sundaes the other night, and things got out of hand! I made a nice, warm caramel sauce as he pulled the ice cream out of the freezer. I stood at the stove stirring the sauce in my big t-shirt and panties, and he walked up behind me. His arms came around me, and that cold tub of ice cream landed right on my left nipple, instantly hardening it. The longer it sat there, the more sensitive my nipple got, until I had to ask him to move it. Once he realized what had happened, he pulled the sauce from the heat, turned the stove off, and pulled me away from it. He set the ice cream down on the table and took my panties and shirt off, licking and stroking my nipples. Then, he opened the ice cream, scooped a bit out, and rubbed it over my nipple, making sure my nipple was nice and taut from the cold before wrapping it with his mouth. Young bald pussyThen, he took the warm caramel sauce and poured that over the other nipple, allowing it to cool as he applied more ice cream to the first. His cold fingers found my clit, and I shuddered even as my clit got hard and my puss flooded. He buried those icy fingers in my cunt, filling me with that cold sensation, and then pulled them out and covered my pussy in warm caramel sauce, and dropped a spoonful of ice cream onto the opening. The different sensations came together to turn me into a shuddering pile of begging. My pussy was begging for him even as my mouth was begging him to hurry. By the time his mouth covered my cunt, I was nearly frantic with desire. I came hard and fast, and then he filled me up. We spent the entire rest of the night making love. The ice cream didn’t survive, but damn, that was hot!

When Your Girlfriend’s a Brat!

Bratty Girl Phone SexShe caught me in the sauna with my dildo in my cunt, steady plugging away at my pussy. On the one hand, I was embarrassed, but on the other hand, it turned me on enough that I got off hard and fast just then. I guess that turned her on bad, because she suggested we go home together, and I just knew that he would adore her. She was small and thin and her body was fucking perfect. We played together, keeping each other wet and ready for the next hour or so, until he got home. GFE Phone SexHe walked in the door to her wrapped around me from behind, fingering my pussy, our naked bodies pressing close together. His eyes lit up and his dick was instantly hard. Now, normally, I would have taken that and run with it, sucking and fucking his cock with her, but I was feeling like quite the little cock-tease, so we just told him he could stay and watch, even jack off, but he couldn’t touch. He sat in the chair, pulled out his dick, and started stroking as she laid me out on the floor. Her perfect body slipped down alongside mine, and she started off with her tongue and fingers playing around with my cunt right in his view. However, she quickly pulled my dildo from the spa out from beside her and started slipping that over my clit and into my cunt. She fucked me so fucking hard that I had an explosive orgasm, and squirted all over the floor, and even his feet. He came all over himself at that sight, and we were just getting started!Wet bald pussy

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