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GFE phone sex

 Currently looking for a man I can tell all my secrets too, dirty fantasies and role play with. Ask each other how our days were. Its such a relieve. Its been so long that I had someone to share life with. Guys that fuck me now some want relationships but don’t want to take the time to find what turns me on what makes my pussy drip, what I like to eat, what my favorite ice cream is. I don’t want some cock that can’t please me the way I deserve. I’m hungry for great dick, but also, great conversation.  Come and please me and let me please you. My body needs some erotic play.  Lets dance and then come home and make sweet love.

Pony rides

Fetish phone sex I love to dress up every where I go. Cos playing is much fun I enjoy it when I meet someone that enjoys it as much as me. I haven’t really had anyone in awhile to play along with me. Its almost like acting and I would love to act. I have been taking pictures of myself dressing up. I was super woman earlier, a cop, a naughty nurse and now i’m just being sexy for you waiting for a call. I am thinking about being a cow girl waiting to ride my pony (;

I want to be your cow girl that shows you how much I love to ride. Take off my clothing one piece  at a time, and enjoy my smooth, body that will have your dick standing so hard. Touch me softy , but grab me tight, kiss me sweet , but bite my lip, You make my mouth water,  just waiting for my lips to be wrapped around that pretty head. Shove it deep down my throat while I open your ass hole up with my fingers, 1 finger now two. Sucking hard while I massage that prostate for a few minutes. Then, jumping on that pony with my creamy wet pussy I start to ride and when I ride , I can ride as long as the pony lets me . I don’t stop, Grinding and tightening my pussy just for you. Now come, and take me on a ride really baby.


Married men phone sex

 I have a problem with picking men up that just so happen to be married. It’s a challenge but it is also very scary at the same time. They either fall in love, leave you randomly with no explanation, or their wife gets involved. Yes, it has happened this way to me every time. Like, Cant I just get a good few fucks in with no damn issues? Young men don’t make me wet enough I guess I just have a thing for married men. Home wrecker ? Well Yes you can call me that. The other night I met a man in a bar and he seemed perfect, sex was great. I just met him and he lasted long enough and fucked my pussy while he finger fucked my tight ass hole. You cant always find that where the man does an amazing job. Well , anyways seemed like a perfect thing until he told me after our great night that he was working things out with his wife.. Like, okay dude. Fine I got a great fuck in but when am I going to find a fuck buddy that good that can come over twice a week the days I don’t have someone like you to talk dirty to me.. Get me? I just cant help that I love chasing what I cant have.. But, I do enjoy other things call me to find out what my young pussy likes.

In my mouth

Blowjobs phone sex Collecting pictures of me sucking dick. My tongue out mouth open turns me on more then you know. My stare will make you stay hard and fall in love. Take me anywhere and I’ll suck and fuck. Today I was at the mall and I kept getting hit on he took me to lunch and we went in the bathroom and I bounced right on his cock in the stall as he just sat so confused and he had no idea he was going to score pussy that quick. Well I am that good , and that fast. I sucked all my juices right off his head and balls. I love the way I taste. I had to have some dick today, And i want more tonight . Talk to me make me cum.

Great times

Gang Bang Phone Sex  My boyfriend and I have been waiting to have a three sum and for a gang bag. We both love pussy and cock. He sucks I suck. We have so much in common and have so much fun. I took the guys out after they got off work. Then, we went to back to our place and had a picnic. Food, and sex is the best combo. Cody my man started sucking Kyle’s cock and then they all spread my lips kissed me and spread my holes. I got fucked in every hole of my body. I could barley take it but I did. I have never seen so much cum. My pussy was dripping from excitement of cocks every where. I love to make my man cum or really anyone (; We have some great fantasies help me out and I’ll help you baby.

sexy act

Incest phone sex

 I did the most arousing act yesterday. I would really love to do it again! You wouldn’t even believe it. While my boyfriend and I were in the middle of fore play. I got a call on my cell and he made me answer the phone just as i started slobbering all over his penis! I did not want to answer, I just wanted his cock crammed in my throat but he insisted. It was my brother! Hearing my older brothers voice while sucking on my boyfriend somehow caused my pussy to drip. He was just calling to see how his little sis was holding up. I was holding my ass open for my boyfriends cock. It was so hot! I came so much from my boyfriend going in and out of my tight tiny ass hole to my brothers voice. Please call again brother! is what I think now when my boyfriend is all the way deep in side of my hot my body. And you know what ? He enjoys it to so give me a call so my babe and I can enjoy our nasty hot wet sex.

Rough me up

Pain slut phone sex

 My body aches for calls from you telling me what you want to use on me besides just your dick. I want to hear some hard core ass fucking, I dig pain because why? then comes pleasure. Kiss me softly, rub me roughly. My pussy lips are all yours. Suck them and clamp them. Drip wax down my body make it burn so you can slide that cock in easier. My pussy is ready to tighten up around you feel those veins and how stiff I make you. Warm me up baby, fuck me upside in my swing, tie me up make me beg. I love to beg. When I cum from the pain and torture you put me through its my turn. And, I always will get what I want. Your sexy kinky goddess, Ill make that ass hole pucker up and make you cum like you never have, Let me voice guide you all the way to the right place xo

Vision into reality

Blowjobs phone sex

 My ass has just been craving anal. I have been wanting my first gang bang but could never get it. But yes finally happened and I my body just fell in love. I have always been with little pussies that were incapable of giving me what I need. A girl I work with has been having everyone come over and I met some people that I just knew would be down. We drank set up for hours and i of course had two guys fighting for my attention. I knew they were just as dirty as me. I’m ready to get fucked by both I was hoping they would know that. I told them that they should meet me at my house. They got my number and actually showed up. My vision was actually about to happen. I had plenty of beer and and we started out talking and it just turned into me getting my ass turned over, choked and played with. I enjoyed it though This wont be my last one. I am sore and that’s how it should be. Let me turn your visions into reality and drain those balls baby.

Cream pie babe

Creampie Phone Sex    Make a sloppy mess all over my pretty pussy. I love a married man giving me the best anal and pussy cream pie that he can. My fuck buddy came over to bend my little ass over and spread me open to bust his balls all over me. His wife has no idea that he has been coming to see me for awhile. I’m sorry I’m just the best and he cant just enjoy his wives pussy. It makes me so wet thinking about how he tells me that I’m so much better. Maybe woman just get lazy and they give up pleasing their husbands. I continue to make things exciting baby. Give me a call and I’ll tell you all the little nasty things I’m into. I might have a sexy body, pretty face but I promise to make every moment with you everything you desire and need.

Love pussy

Bisexual phone sex


Going out Thursday and its ladies night. My girls are taking me out a bunch of my lesbian sexy babes. The last time I went out with them I ended up fucking my girls girl , what can I say they always want a fem. Aka a girl who looks as sweet as I taste. I mean its a lot of fun my exes always loved the fact about how open and how much I’m willing to fuck. Anyone or anything get me ? Its so much fun to me meeting new people and getting new dick and pussy whenever I please so I am so ready to meet some new pussy next week. I love a challenge maybe I’ll get one and I can use my new toys.

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