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Young bald pussy, ready and waiting!

Young bald pussy SabrinaI have a young bald pussy all ready and waiting for you, baby! I didn’t take the time to keep my pretty pussy perfectly smooth for nothing! You know, they say every time a sexy bitch like me shaves her legs and doesn’t get fucked, a unicorn dies. Who am I to murder helpless unicorns? So, naturally, I make sure every day to get fucked as many times as I can, by as many rock hard dicks as I can!

I did especially well today, I was leaving the salon, where I just had gotten my cunt, ass, and legs all nice and smooth. Within 5 feet, I had a guy hornier than an ally cat, and all but begging on his hands and knees for a fuck. How could I turn such a sweet thing down?

It was so wildly out of character for me to have such a delicious, raunchy, grunge fuck right there behind an ally dumpster! And I fucking loved it! He had a huge cock for me, and when he popped his top all over my pretty little titties, he came so much that I looked like I was a dipped candy!

Vacuum Fetish Phone Sex Fun!

Fetish phone sex

Vacuum Fetish Phone Sex is probaly something you haven’t heard of. But, if you have, you know it’s totally a new experience! I never knew the damned thing was worth anything beyond cleaning the house, but, was I ever wrong! I got done with most of the upkeep of my place, and was getting all sorts of fucking horny! Wondering how I wanted to fix it, I looked down at the vac hose in my hand. It was so long, round, and wide, my pussy positively started to drool!

So, giving in to my curiosity, I switched it to low, and put it slowly up to my nipple… Oh my! I groaned out loud as the machine sucked my nipple into the hose! Between the suction, and the vibration, it felt so fucking good! I went back and forth between my tits, sucking and sucking, making them both hard, horny peaks!

I had to try more!

leaning back on my loveseat, and spreading my long legs, I lowered the hose towards my hard, horny clit. Holy fucking hell! I had never had my clit sucked that hard! It was so intense, it almost hurt! Before I could come, I popped it off, and started sliding it into my horny cunt! My kitty went crazy! It hummed and hummed as I fucked myself with it, rubbing my clit to a massive explosion!

Who knew cleaning could be such fun?

Eat my Young bald pussy!

Young bald pussy SabrinaWho doesn’t fucking dream of eating a young bald pussy like mine? Just imagine this. you walk in, and there I am, all fucking naked, my legs spread high and wide, asd my pretty little smiling face begging you to come tongue fuck me. You drop to your fucking knees, and stare at my pretty kitty. So neatly kept, with my little tiny runway stripe of fine hair right down the center, leading you right where I fucking want you! You lean in and draw a nice long sniff, taking in the heady, fresh scent of my horny wet pussy. You mouth starts to water, and you can see my flesh glistening from how fucking turned on I am. Dip the tip of your tongue onto my clit, and feel my body jerk as you make lazy circles, writing your name around, and around. Hear my gasp when you delve your tongue deep into my little fuck hole, and feel my love juices flow over your tongue.

Let me grab your head and face fuck you while I scream a squirting orgasm all over your mouth!

Anal Phone Sex by Sabrina!!

Anal Phone Sex by Sabrina!!

Want to get real fucking kinky with me, my lover? How about y9u let me explore your body a bit? I so love how you brush my flesh with your fingers. How you raise goosebumps all over my body, and turn me on so easily, and so fiercely! Every moment, of every day, all I can think about is being with you.

Pressing my body against yours, feeling your warmth, getting you into me. Almost constantly, my body reacts to the mere thought of yours. My sweet little pussy is always so wet, my little clit so hard and throbbing, yearning for your attentions. Hungry for your hard dick.

But I also crave doing the same to you. I crave how I make your cock so hard by walking into the room. I crave how you gasp when my tongue flicks across your dick, before burying you utterly, and completely in my throat. Hearing you moan and beg me not to stop only builds my own orgasm.

When my fingers go exploring, delving into your own secret hole, your body twitches and writhes in the sweetly sore pleasure I bring you, taking you higher, and higher! With every stroke into me, I delve deeper within you, stroking that little special spot inside you.

And when you come, when you paint me with the evidence of your own ecstasy, my own orgasm is so powerful! 

Over and over again, I need you more.

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex For Me!

Ass To Mouth Phone SexI fucking love how taboo ass to mouth phone sex is! For me, the more taboo the sex, the hotter it gets my sweet little pussy! I was out on the yacht with my most recent… flavor… and of course I had to get rid of some tan lines! Laying face down on my towel soaking up some rays, I heard my caller walk up, and felt him straddle the back of my legs. I thought he was just going to rub more tanning oil into my soft flesh, until I felt his hard, heavy cock pressing into my ass cheeks! Immediately I was fucking hot and horny, raising my hips up to give him better access. He spit on my little brown rosebud and shoved his package deep into my body, gaping me wide the fuck open. I moaned nice and lout like the whore I am, and nearly came right then and there! He was fucking the shit out of me when he stopped and pulled out. Grabbing my hair he pulled me up to my knees and presented his dirty dick tome.

I didn’t fucking hesitate! I cleaned that cock and earned a wonderful facial of thick, dripping cum!

Can I clean your cock, too?

Superbowl phone sex fetish!

Phone sex fetish SabrinaSo I would totally love to tell all my phone sex fetish BFs how I didn’t miss a moment of Super Bowl LI from  Patriots receive the kick-off from the Falcons, to the  New England Patriots making the most incredible comeback in Super Bowl fucking history with Tom Brady hitting up James White for his third touchdown to our fucking VICTORY! But, I missed a few bits and pieces, I’m sorry! I get so fucking turned on my football! I was trying to pay attention between kick-ass commercials, but I just had to satisfy my hunger for some game day dick! I had a few friends over with huge trowser snakes and I had to suck on something! So I whipped out a yummy meat rocket and started slobbing that knob! Soon the other 3 guys joined in fucking my glorious little holes!

Gaga did great with her halftime show, but having my rosebud gaped and filled with delicious jizz was way more entertaining!

Maybe me getting fucked is my lucky victory routine? What’s yours?

Hit me up baby and we’ll celebrate together!

Phone sex fetish is my specialty!

phone sex fetish SabrinaI’m the sweet and twisted girl generally, but I have a phone sex fetish side that comes out once in a while! Some times I tire of my lace, pearls, and finer things, and crave leather, latex, whips and chains! When I put my power boots on, zip up my dress, and grab my whip, the adrenaline surges through my blood, pooling behind my hard, throbbing clit. My lover awaits me, thong-clad and on his knees. Perfect for licking my boots and begging to be a good enough slave to earn the privilege of servicing my perfectly trimmed pussy! I lead him about by his pretty-boy leash, as he kisses the ground behind each of my steps. I cave in to his pleadings, and allow his tongue to be blessed by tasting my pretty little cunt. He does so well, I need more, so I command him to lay back while I climb atop him. His cock is so painfully hard, straining against his own flesh, quivering and twitching within me. Bouncing and grinding along on him, my kitty builds and builds, soon I squirt, spraying my orgasm all over his abdomen, while he surges into my belly over and over again!

Good boy, good boy.

Hard fucking adult phone chat

Adult phone chatAdult phone chat is the perfect time for me to enjoy a hard, violent fucking! I’m a princess who likes to be taken care of, as I should be. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not every bit as fucked up and fucking twisted in the bedroom! Why stop at choking, spanking, and pulling my hair? There’s so fucking much more to explore! I have some very tight, tiny, perfect little holes that I relish getting gaped and fucking filled! Pick out my biggest, thickest toy, shove it deep in my perfect, bald cunt while your yummy hot rod fucks the shit out of my puckered little rosebud asshole! How’s that for a start? Like I said, a start, I want you to pop that dick out my cute little asshole, and ram it down my fucking throat! Make me clean it off, spit on it, and suck it hard while my experienced fingers roll and massage your balls as they tighten. Pull out when you cum, spray your hot, thick, yummy load all over my pretty face, in my mouth, and all over my bit, perfect tits. Worship my body with jizz and pay homage with marks on my porcelain flesh!

These are just a few games I like to play, what about you? How nasty can we get together?

Wine, dine, and dick

GFE phone sexIt’s true that I am very in love with myself, I have plenty of reason to. I like who I am, and look at me? Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to fuck this body? Perfect tits, porcelain skin, legs that go on for miles, an ass like two peach halves just waiting to be eaten. I want to make love to me, and I do quite often.

I love being pampered. Take me to dinner, buy me pretty things, give me your money and I’ll give you your dreams! But I desperately love a good, hard fuck! Treat me like a princess during the day, but make me your little whore at night! I want my ass marked, not just gaped and filled! Worship my cunt with your teeth!

Make me do things you’ve only read and dreamed about! It turns me on so hard to look deep into your eyes while your dick rams deep into my throat, disappearing over and over between my pretty, full lips. Bruise my soft breasts as you crush them fucking me from behind. Make me grip and ride that hot man meat, and fill me with huge, luxurious loads of hot, sticky jizz.  Make me feel precious, then let me be filthy!

Tell me, are you man enough to let me be as naughty, nasty, and twisted to you?

Wedding teen phone sex

teen phone sexOne of my teen phone sex callers got a hold of me to let me know he was getting married the day after Christmas! I was so happy for him to find his “one!” He told me he absolutely had to see me beforehand, and have one last, final, wild fuck before he met her at the altar! So I arranged something super fucking hot for him! I went to the hotel where the whole wedding party was staying. I rented myself a room right underneath his. When the time was right, I messaged him to come down to the next floor to this room number. When he walked in I had a special spread all ready for him! I was in a veil and some super slutty bridal lingerie with my stockings and high heels.

His cock sprang hard to life looking at me, and I had it whipped out nearly before he could get the fucking door shut! I wanted to give him an ultimate fantasy phone sex time. And I knew that a slutty bride role-play was his favorite phone sex fetish!

I dropped to my knees and while I shoved his cock into my throat his hands were urgently dragging at my bra, desperate to hold my tits while he pumped into my face. He gave me a hot face fucking before moving on to my other holes. We fucked like wild animals, careful not to leave any marks (on him, anyway)

It was so fucking hot knowing he was making me scream with orgasm right under her feet. Knowing she could hear us, and wouldn’t have a clue that it was him.

What do you think? Do you have a sexy fantasy? I’d love to hear about it!

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