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Big tit phone sexI love meeting younger guys. They are all so eager to get me to the bedroom and they all swear that they will have me chasing their cocks after it is over. They rarely realize the skills I have acquired. Like the little trick I do with my tongue of the tip of their cocks that I have mastered over the years. Or how I squeeze the head of their dick with my pussy as they stroke, it makes their loads shoot all over the place. I’ve been sitting this round plump ass on guy’s faces and cocks for years so it will take more than youth and energy to tame me. They do have better stamina then men my age but they all still tap out from the way I bounce this ass up and down on their cocks. It makes me even hornier knowing that I am making them cum so quickly and frequently. I am rubbing my pussy now just thinking about it. These guys think I’m just your average cougar, but I am far more fierce than that and the way that I tame those cocks is the proof.

To Grandmas house we go!

Gilf phone sexMy grandson came by to spend the weekend with Granny. He told his mom that he was going to do some work around the house for me but I really know why he came by. He misses granny’s sweet pussy. I was the first to ever suck his little dick and let him penetrate me. He fucks plenty of the little sluts his age but tells me all the time he longs for some of Granny’s loving. Once he arrived after school he wasted no time. My boy took off his book bag and immediately dove face first into my pussy, slurping and sucking on my clitoris just like I taught him. He then bent me over the sofa and fucked me long and hard from behind. Pulling my hair and smacking my ass so hard it left fingerprints. The pain felt so good. He then shoved his thumb up my ass as he banged me harder and harder, I could feel the long vein in his cock bulging with every hard deep stroke. When he came his cock shot cum everywhere all over my body, in my hair, and all down my back to my ass crack. My little boy wore me out. After he came he looked at me and asked “Granny has my cock gotten any better.” I lied and told him no because I wanted him to try to prove to me that it had all weekend. For the next 48 hours he put his cock in every hole of mine cumming in each one several times. I still never told him how good he was, I want my little boy to try even harder to impress Granny’s pussy on the next visit.

Super HOT!

Gilf phone sexI traveled over 7 hours just to see my youngest daughter and her new husband. I love visiting them. Not only is it great to be around family, but their newlywed sex life really excites me. There have been times when on visits I have caught them fucking in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, living room, even on the back deck! Every time my daughter is so entrenched in the experience that she doesn’t notice me. But her husband will look me right in the eye while he savagely fucks my daughter. It makes me so wet and I cum all over myself just from watching them.

I was hungry for a late night snack so I exited the guest room to sneak into the kitchen. I could see my daughter’s bedroom door was open and I could hear the passionate sex session they were having. As I attempted to creep past her husband looked up and saw me. He immediately winked and proceeded to fuck her harder and harder. I went on to the kitchen after watching but I could still hear her screams. I rushed to get a paper towel, wiped up the wet stream running down my leg, and opened a soda. As I did this I saw my naked son in law walk into the kitchen and just stared me in the eyes. As I looked down I noticed his still hard cock was covered in his cum and my baby’s juices. He looked up and said. “She doesn’t swallow it all.” I immediately dropped to my knees and told him I do. You know us moms are always cleaning up after our little ones, even the adult ones.

Gilf knows Best!

Gilf Phone SexGranny knows best! These young ones these days think they know EVERYTHING! I love hanging out with the grand ones! It makes me feel so young! And I try to teach them all the things I have learned in my life! Like this last week end. I walked in on my youngest niece trying to suck her little friends dick. She was licking it like a lolly pop! I asked her what she was doing and she actually tried to tell me that she was the best dick licker around! I just had to laugh! I had to teach her, The poor girl had no idea how to suck a cock! First I showed her how to deep throat! I took that cock and swallowed it right down! Then I let her try! She make it about half way before I wrapped my hand in her long hair and pushed her face all the way down that cock shaft! Of course she gagged at first! I had to help her for a few minutes but she did pick it up! My little Sarah is just a chip off the sluts block! She started sucking that cock just like granny taught her! I am so fucking proud of her!

Fathers Day

Gilf phone sexI have always loved Fathers day! Well any holiday I can use to fuck my son is a great day! My boy is a Dad of his own now. But we will always have that special bond! That loving connection! I called him over this morning for his favorite thing in the world! I let him fuck these big beautiful tits of mine while I stuck my finger in his ass and wiggled it around. Then I sucked his cock again like I did when he was young! I just wanted to give him the best fathers day I could! And He loved every minute of it! And I loved how much he came in mommies mouth and all over my tits!


Mature phone sexI know its cliche but I really love to bake after getting railed by some hot young stud, especially after having him cum loads of jizz into my mouth. I can fondle the balls and work the shaft back and forth with my mouth dripping wet wrapped around that rod as I have him throat fuck my face. I love feeling the rigged veins of a cock as I glide my hand over it while my lips follow closely behind making him moan and instinctively thrust toward my tongue which I use as a bit of bonus to slurp and whirl around the head and the tip. Feeling it grow even bigger than it already is as he comes closer to bursting down throat just makes me even wetter and I can’t help but to work it even harder and ram my face back and forth into his torso until finally I get that sweet taste I’ve worked so hard to get. 

Fun Time

Mature phone sexThere’s something about an older woman’s body that has a thickened and filled out shape that young skinny girls just can’t recreate. Even with their fake fat asses bouncing on the tv, none of them can really ride a hard cock like this granny can. A round, plump and warm figure is what makes the loving just that much better and this gilf can give it to you. I want you to show me the knew tricks while I can keep using the moves that have worked for ages. When I big daddy is fucking me and grabbing at my fat sweaty thighs I can feel myself getting hot in the face and wet in my cunt and it just begs for more, thicker and harder than anything I’ve ever felt before. I’ll show how comfy this body can be with your cock buried deep inside of it, in any hole that you can think of to fuck just any way you want to fuck it. 

Lay With Me!

Mature phone sexI miss the warmth of another body in bed with me. At my age sometimes it’s nice to start slow and inevitably working our way up being handled rough. I think these old bones can still take it. I can’t wait to find out. I’ve come to find that a soft bed, a full belly and empty balls is all a man really needs in his life. Guys are always surprised how well I can jerk them off, or how easily I can deep throat their cocks, but it just becomes so easy when you know exactly what you are doing and knowing just the right moments to suck on the tip or lick their balls, when to go faster and when to go slower. I’ve done this a thousand times, and even though no dick is the same, the road to pleasure usually travels in the same direction. Eventually it just becomes second nature. 

Time for a Swim!

Mature phone sexA good swim is always so nice and refreshing. It’s the perfect thing to keep myself in shape and active. It’s also the perfect excuse to show off how sexy I can still be after all these years. Especially when I catch the boys staring. They’re always so shy and cute at public beach, afraid of getting erections for everyone to see, but when I see them getting a hard-on for me I get as close as I can to them and make sure it’s alright. That Granny’s seen enough cocks in her life to know exactly how to fix their little problem. The showers make for a great spot to take care of them, too. Still dripping wet, head to toe, holding his balls in my hand while I suck the cum out of his cock over and over again. The handicap stalls even have perfect railings to get a good grip while their cocks ram my ass.

Grandma knows what you need!

Gilf phone sex  I met the CUTEST little fellow today. He showed up asking if I needed my drive way shoveled! He was just adorable! The entire time he was starring at my chest. He even got a little hard on. Which had to be difficult since it was so fucking cold outside! I invited him in to get warm. Little John from down the street! He was growing up so very nice. I could tell by the bulge in his pants! VERY VERY nice! I couldn’t wait to get into those pants! I think he knew too! I reached down and pulled out his 8 inch cock and sucked him like he has NEVER been sucked before! I even let him cum in my mouth which I really loved! I am a cum whore. I told him that he could come back every day. And damned if he isn’t! I love making new friends!

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