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Grandma Juicy Pussy

Gilf Phone Sex “Show me your grandma pussy,” My grandson demands to me. I look at him with my big huge eyes. “Remember what I told you, I want you to be my grandma whore only! I know you are fucking your other grand ones and that is going to stop right now.” I nod my head, not knowing if he truly means what he is saying. But for now I am hot in my pussy and I am going to do what he says. He starts undressing me and I lay there watching him, he’s already naked and his dick is huge just for me. I whimper a little and he decides he needs to hold me down to suck on my big grandma sized tits. He’s moaning and stroking his big dick, I am squirming under his big body. He takes this as another sign, that I must be tied up. After he tied me up and gagged me with my own panties he doesn’t care anymore if I cry or struggle he just wants my grandma pussy. It happens quick, I guess a pussy as old as mine makes for a quick cum, but he left me tied up to come back for more later here I lay in a pool of cum and blood.

Grandma Creamy Cum Filld Pussy

Gilf Phone Sex RMy grandma pussy is so wet, my panties are always covered in my white creamy cum. Any guy that wanted a creampie worthy pussy would come straight to me! A perfect submissive grandma that is always ready to be stuffed, always ready to tease and always ready to worship that big throbbing cock. When I am not getting the cock I crave I have plenty of toys to fill my pussy up with, they are all pretty and girly like me. My favorite is a large purple vibrator that’s so thick in my grandma pussy, I rub it against my clit while I insert a medium sized butt plug into my equally horny grandma ass. Once I got it nice a lubed up, I decided to use my other toy, the one that sticks to my entertainment center for me to ride it. Bouncing my creamy grandma pussy on that toy, and loving the toy stuffed into my grandma shit hole. I feel like such a whore doing this it only makes me wetter, and more turned on. I would love nothing more than to be a horny grandma whore for my grandbrats, a sexy grandma that’s obsessed with sucking cock. I will take anything I can to get my fix and get my pussy dripping with cum. How did I get to be such a slutty grandma?

Grandma Son And Grandson 3 Some

Gilf Phone SexMy dearest oldest grandson Greg loves fucking me. He has ever since he was a little twat and under his daddy’s thumb. Greg would come over with his daddy and I would make a special dinner with all the trimmings. I would mix some sweet tea with rum Greg loved the way it tasted. After dinner, us three would make our way to my bedroom. Greg loved this special bonding time and would jump up on my bed taking off all his own clothes. His little young body was so gorgeous jumping up and down on my bed yelling “Hurry up grandma and Daddy hurry up!” He was so excited and we couldn’t strip fast enough for the little bugger.

Thinking Of When We Fucked Last

Gilf Phone Sex I am just laying here thinking of you my sweet grandson. How yesterday you came over to visit me and we played such kinky games together. I love teaching you new games to play and yesterday I taught you how to play sexual Monopoly. Too bad we did not get to finish the game. But watching your sweet young body and feeling your warm tongue on my clit made me go crazy. Your dick was so hard for grandma Rose and my pussy was so wet for you. I took you right there on top of the game board. Jumping on top of you and riding you my sweet grandson. My pussy loves the way your young dick feels as I slide up and down your shaft. You are going to make grandma Rose squirt all over you.

Grand Wee Ones Orgy

I have so much love to give to my sweet grand wee ones from the wee little bitty ones all the way to the teenage ones. Ralph is one of my oldest grand wee one. When he is around I like to get him and the little sweet ones together for some kinky play. I strip them all down to their naked bodies and have them sit on the floor. Once the little ones are settled I strip down Ralph and myself. I want the little wee ones to see what their bodies will look like in a few years. I show them how hard Ralph is and I let them feel his cock. They are so cute about it giggling and so curious at the same time. Carla wanted to put Ralph cock in her little mouth. She remembered me doing it from last time. I thought that was so sweet of her. I guided his cock to her little mouth and she opened it as wide as she could. He got his cock head and a little bit down his shaft in there. The loving grandma I am I took the back of her head and pushed it further down his cock. Everybody heard her gag and choke. Awe, a tender sound that was to hear. My grandma cunt got gushy. I put two fingers in Carla’s cunny feeling along her lips and she was wet too. I prompted us all to head to my bedroom. It will be more comfortable in there for us all on my big California king size bed.Gilf Phone Sex

My Dear Sweet Grandson

Gilf Phone Sex Grandma Rose is waiting for you, my dear grandson. I have tons of fun stuff for us to do this weekend. When you arrive you give me a big kiss and hug. I wrap my warm loving arms around you. I grope you sweet ass before Leading you into the kitchen. We are going to bake chocolate chip cookies and get nice and messy. After we have a few right out of the oven warm cookies. I take your hand and lead you into the bathroom. I get the bath water just right and add the bubbles. I strip your clothes off of you. I rub my hands down your little body. Your wee little cock growing before my eyes. I tell you to take off my clothes. I take your hand putting it between grandma’s cunt lips. You feel my wetness for you. I pick you up and we get in the tub. I make you stand up and I start to suckle on your little wee dick. I love the way you taste grandson. Better than your daddy tasted at your age. I tell you to push your little hand and arm into my cunt fuck hole. And like a good grandson you do as grandma askes. I push your mouth onto my nipple and I tell you to start suckling and to take a few nibbles. I see that you are enjoying grandma’s nipple and that makes my heart melt. The fun is only going to get better as the weekend goes on my dear grandson.

Eating Grandma’s Pussy

Cyber Sex Phone Sex My little grandson loves eating grandma’s pussy. I just started teaching him a few weeks ago and it is his new favorite thing to do to grandma. I think it is wonderful! He has been coming over every weekend. I make it a special time for both of us. When I picked him up from school I asked him what he wanted to do first and bless that little boy’s heart he said I want to lick grandma’s pussy. I gave him a big hug and he followed me into my bedroom. I stripped his clothes off of him I wanted to see and feel his sweet little body. He was a good boy and took off grandmas clothes. I gave him my nipple to suck on with his soft lips. I stroked his little cock and moved his mouth down to my pussy. His tongue so gentle against my clit. His hand was small and he could get the whole thing and most of his arm in my pussy fuck hole. I smashed his face between my pussy lips. Smearing my grandma pussy juices all over his face. He was making me squirt all over him. He tells me I taste just like candy bringing a smile to my face. I think I will train him to be grandma’s special sissy grandson.


Gilf phone sex

Granny loves to see those little bodies with and without clothes. I love to undress them till their naked, touch those smooth tiny bodies all over and then go right back up and give them a sweet kiss. They love this kind of attention, well really any attention they can get from me. I give it all to them – that’s for damn sure. I make sure they learn and experience everything, I never thought I would love being a grandma this much but I do. It’s even better than being a Mommy because I get to do whatever I want, it’s just the rules. Whatever I want to those tiny pussy lips and hard little cocks. Suck them, lick them and test those limits. Let’s see who really wants to be Granny’s favorite. If you’re my favorite we’ll get to spend some special time together and then ice cream, a movie and of course a lovely surprise treat from granny and my very favorite toy. My strap on toy…that big black one that looks like a real cock, and basically feels like one too. I know that will be used on my favorite little darling in a surprise with our one on one sleepover. I can see that little slut of a granddaughter of mine is willing to do whatever it takes to impress me, she is showing her little body off and it is clear she wants to be fucked by granny.  I pull her aside and take her up to my room; my big huge tub is waiting and is full of bubbles. I know that she wants to get naked and jump right in but I make her do something first, lick this waiting pussy because I know  watching her naked body playing is going to turn me on the whole time. She is so good at licking her Granny’s pussy, she licks it up with pleasure. Then she hops right into the tub, ready for that and then whatever I have planned next.


Young and Hung!

Gilf phone sexI overheard my grand daughter telling her friends what a great fuck her boyfriend was. I normally don’t go for such young green boys. I like a boy who knows how to fuck good. This grandma to be man handled. But it really turned me on how my she was going on and on about how big his dick was. And I can not pass up a big fat dick!  I needed a taste of that big dick. So when my sweet grand daughter were out I invited David over. I texted him and let him know I was upstairs and needed his help. When He came in my bedroom I was sitting on my bed with my large tits around my bed post. Naked except the pearls I was wearing. I started to pull myself up and down the bed post. Rubbing my hot pussy against the wood. When he finally looked me in the eyes. I told him granny was going to show him how to fuck a real woman. I took that big dick out and my grand daughter was right. It was a good 10 inches. I could tell I was the first woman to wrap my lips around that big dick. He made this squeaking sound as I sucked and licked that monster dick. By the time I pulled that dick out of my mouth my pussy was dripping wet. I made David Lay on the bed and I climbed right on top of that monster dick. He filled me up so good. I took every inch. I rode that monster dick till he came in me 3 times. That boy really knows how to treat an old lady!

Grandma and Loving It!

GILF phone sexThere really is nothing quite like being a grandma…I don’t have to have any rules at my house! No discipline needed with Grammy! Only fun at my house and lots and lots of it. Those little ones are loving staying at my house over Christmas break, I almost wish they could be here forever, my needs never stop cumming. And my friends never stop calling either. They wanna play with my little grandbrats and I am happy to share their tight tiny bodies too! Sharing is caring and it makes it all the more fun. Sure, I could use my strap on, but there’s not a hot sticky load in there that is going to fill them up! So I’ll gladly take any cock that wants to play with me…and them of course. How could you say no? I mean look at me – I am hot enough to be their Mom! And them, well no one ever can resist those cute little bodies and waiting snug holes! Wait till you taste the youngest one, her pussy is sweet and pink, shiny after you start giving it a good little lick. Her cute little moans for more will drive you crazy! You’ll be fighting to not bust your load right away! Mmm, I am getting so turned on thinking about it, good thing they are only a couple steps away and ready to play!

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