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Gilf phone sex

Granny loves to see those little bodies with and without clothes. I love to undress them till their naked, touch those smooth tiny bodies all over and then go right back up and give them a sweet kiss. They love this kind of attention, well really any attention they can get from me. I give it all to them – that’s for damn sure. I make sure they learn and experience everything, I never thought I would love being a grandma this much but I do. It’s even better than being a Mommy because I get to do whatever I want, it’s just the rules. Whatever I want to those tiny pussy lips and hard little cocks. Suck them, lick them and test those limits. Let’s see who really wants to be Granny’s favorite. If you’re my favorite we’ll get to spend some special time together and then ice cream, a movie and of course a lovely surprise treat from granny and my very favorite toy. My strap on toy…that big black one that looks like a real cock, and basically feels like one too. I know that will be used on my favorite little darling in a surprise with our one on one sleepover. I can see that little slut of a granddaughter of mine is willing to do whatever it takes to impress me, she is showing her little body off and it is clear she wants to be fucked by granny.  I pull her aside and take her up to my room; my big huge tub is waiting and is full of bubbles. I know that she wants to get naked and jump right in but I make her do something first, lick this waiting pussy because I know  watching her naked body playing is going to turn me on the whole time. She is so good at licking her Granny’s pussy, she licks it up with pleasure. Then she hops right into the tub, ready for that and then whatever I have planned next.


Young and Hung!

Gilf phone sexI overheard my grand daughter telling her friends what a great fuck her boyfriend was. I normally don’t go for such young green boys. I like a boy who knows how to fuck good. This grandma to be man handled. But it really turned me on how my she was going on and on about how big his dick was. And I can not pass up a big fat dick!  I needed a taste of that big dick. So when my sweet grand daughter were out I invited David over. I texted him and let him know I was upstairs and needed his help. When He came in my bedroom I was sitting on my bed with my large tits around my bed post. Naked except the pearls I was wearing. I started to pull myself up and down the bed post. Rubbing my hot pussy against the wood. When he finally looked me in the eyes. I told him granny was going to show him how to fuck a real woman. I took that big dick out and my grand daughter was right. It was a good 10 inches. I could tell I was the first woman to wrap my lips around that big dick. He made this squeaking sound as I sucked and licked that monster dick. By the time I pulled that dick out of my mouth my pussy was dripping wet. I made David Lay on the bed and I climbed right on top of that monster dick. He filled me up so good. I took every inch. I rode that monster dick till he came in me 3 times. That boy really knows how to treat an old lady!

Grandma and Loving It!

GILF phone sexThere really is nothing quite like being a grandma…I don’t have to have any rules at my house! No discipline needed with Grammy! Only fun at my house and lots and lots of it. Those little ones are loving staying at my house over Christmas break, I almost wish they could be here forever, my needs never stop cumming. And my friends never stop calling either. They wanna play with my little grandbrats and I am happy to share their tight tiny bodies too! Sharing is caring and it makes it all the more fun. Sure, I could use my strap on, but there’s not a hot sticky load in there that is going to fill them up! So I’ll gladly take any cock that wants to play with me…and them of course. How could you say no? I mean look at me – I am hot enough to be their Mom! And them, well no one ever can resist those cute little bodies and waiting snug holes! Wait till you taste the youngest one, her pussy is sweet and pink, shiny after you start giving it a good little lick. Her cute little moans for more will drive you crazy! You’ll be fighting to not bust your load right away! Mmm, I am getting so turned on thinking about it, good thing they are only a couple steps away and ready to play!

Training time!

Mature phone sexMy eager little student slut from next door came by today. She said she had been trying the things she learned from me on the boys at school. She told me how funny it was to watch their facial expressions as she made them cum. She then told me she wanted me to teach her to take two dicks at once. I quickly grabbed my strap on, my biggest dildo, and my bottle of lube and led her to the guest room. Her asshole looked so good being slowly stretched by that 10 inch plastic cock. She cried and moaned so I didn’t go to deep at first. Just enough to where I knew she could feel her holes stretching. Once I got it that deep I fucked her little pussy nice and hard with my strap and she eventually loosened up and took them all the way at the same time. Her moans were so loud that my little man came in and watched us as she began to come. The explosion of juices was so huge that I had to mop up the mess on my floor. When I finished she said she thinks she is ready for the real thing.

Young Guys

Gilf phone sexSome young guys were campaigning for our next mayoral candidate door to door in my neighborhood. They were both in their mid-twenties, very well dressed, and looked the part of politicians themselves. I knew there was more to them so I invited them in. I pretended to listen to their whole presentation about change and hope but I constantly licked my lips and made fuck faces to whichever of the pair was not speaking. I caught them both staring at my tits and ass as I made excuses to enter and exit the room constantly. Finally one asked could they help me with something else. I led the two young men to my room where they double penetrated me like the slut that I am. They took turns going in my ass and pussy, stroking and pounding and giving me the good fucking I imagined when I saw them approach my porch. One stayed in my ass while the other walked around to the front and face fucked me with all his might. As he flooded my throat his partner flooded my asshole. They left a sticker for their candidate and left. I’ll give them this, they earned my vote.

Such a Good Boy!

Gilf Phone SexMy Grandson came by after school this weekend and said he was going to do some house work for me. He knew fall was coming and he wanted to make sure granny had fire wood. It sounded nice but he knows I wanted his wood to make me hot and burning. He actually did spend the whole day in the yard chopping wood. His young ripe muscles looked good enough to bite off as he swung that ax. I told him to hurry inside and clean up. I followed him to the shower and cleaned granny’s baby while making him dirty at the same time. I lathered his whole body in soap then bent over the stream of water and let him fuck granny’s pussy under what felt like a waterfall of hot water. His strokes were so deep and fast that the soap water and pussy juices splashed everywhere. He gave me that wood alright and I felt an orgasm start to burn inside right as he blew that thick load right inside of granny’s tight cunt. He stood behind me with his cock inside me for a while as I shook and came on his dick. He then got out and went back to work. Granny has such a good boy.

Out of this world FUCKING

Gilf phone sexI had the Strangest dream last night! I was a female space explorer. I travel light years in hours, constantly finding new worlds and species and yet and still I can’t find any cock. Half of these beings are so ugly that I wouldn’t let them touch me let alone fuck me. And some don’t even have cocks so there is nothing they can do to help me anyway. The other astronauts and scientists on this ship are so fucking nerdy that they honestly turn me off. I even tried to give the best of the worst a shot and the nervous little prick couldn’t even get his tiny little pecker hard. How difficult is it to get fucked in space, god this is frustrating.

Gilf phone sex

Often I daydream about us catching some intergalactic prisoner. He is eight feet tall, has three legs, four arms and two cocks. His sentence is death so just before we deliver him to his home planet I go into his cell and give him his last go round with human cunt. His two cocks would both be so massive that he could stretch my cunt and asshole simultaneously. With those four arms he can grip my ass cheeks and squeeze my tits all at the same time. Plus his thrust will be so forceful having fifty percent more leg power than any man. It’s making my pussy wet just thinking about that Alien dick pair fucking the life out of me. Of course I can’t let him cum in me but his space spunk is so much it covers my whole body and makes me smell of his sperm for days. And I would happily smell like that space spunk to please this horny pussy right now.

When I woke up I realized… I cant go to bed horny again!

Still works Fantastic!

Mature phone sexMost of the men my age repulse me. They are so old, fat, and flabby. Their cocks have all shrunken to the point where I know they can’t please me. And when they approach me I send the unattractive bastards away quickly. But today an older guy approached me that was actually worth my time. He was tall with salt and pepper hair and he possessed the body and bulge of a man in his mid-20s. He walked up behind me grabbed my ass and asked “does this thing still work?” He looked so sexy that my only response was “Let’s find out!” Soon we were in his SUV and he was shoving every inch of that cock in granny’s pussy. He squeezed and rubbed my ass cheeks as I rode his cock. And he thrust so hard and fast into my cunt that I couldn’t believe this guy was a grandad. He flipped me up and fucked me from behind before shot a load of spunk all over my ass cheeks. His only words were “yeah that shit still works.” Then he put me out of his car before I could even get my panties on. Good to see some men my age still know how to make an old slut feel good.

Teaching Time

Gilf phone sexIt is almost time for back to school and my granddaughter called to come and see her granny. He she is such a good little slut, she has craved pussy and cock since she was a little girl and I taught her everything she knows about fucking. She told me she wanted to stretch her pussy out some more before she fucked any off the older guys in her news school. She sat down next to me and started rubbing my pussy and asked me to please get my big strap on and stretch her pussy out. I told her no, but only because I was going to make her eat my pussy first. She did, coming up from sucking my cunt every so often just to ask please. I shoved her face beck in my puss. Once I squirted and came a few times I agreed to fuck her like she asked. I got my 12 inch strap on and the lube and got that big plastic cock nice and wet. I took the tip and teased around her cunt for a second before shoving the whole shaft into her nice and deep. She screamed and moaned but I fucked her for so long and hard that she won’t have any problems taking those older boys cocks at school. She must have come 10 times or more. When she got up she asked if tomorrow I could do her asshole. That is why I love her visits.

Making New Friends

Gilf phone sexA young couple caught my eye today. As I was out just taking a walk I saw them walking their dog and the young guy kept staring at me. I decided to flash him a tit since I thought he was cute. He grabbed his wife’s shirt and flashed her tit to me and they both just smiled. He winked and gestured for me to follow as they got up and left. I did and soon we were back at their apartment. The young wife said she loved to watch him fuck older women. I quickly came out of my clothes and dropped to my knees to blow him as she sat back and watched. She rubbed her freshly shaved pussy hard as I gobbled his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and face fucked me, and granny likes it rough. I pushed him back on the couch and hopped on top to ride his swollen long dick and upon entry to my pussy I started to cum repeatedly. The wetter my pussy got and the more I squirmed the deeper he shoved that cock in my cunt. I felt something behind me and his wife was licking my ass as he fucked me. The sensation was wild. And when he came all inside of me she cleaned it up like a good slut. Sucking my pussy lips clean and even sticking her tongue all the way inside my cunt to get every drop. After all that we exchanged names and numbers and I left. I will see them again.

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