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I am calling him Jamie and he really is just a Panty boy phone sex loser. He called me up because he has such a small dick and needed mommy to humiliate and laugh at his prick. I made him put on some cum filled panties. I laughed at him as his chicklet dick got hard. It swelled up and tried to grow, but frankly he was lacking the testosterone to grow a proper dick. I wanted a new little pageant whore and made for initiating Jamie into my tribe. Jamie had to lay down on his back with those gooey cummed in panties on and hold his knees. I sat my freshly fucked pussy and ass on his face and made him clean me up. I called my oldest girl in and told her to put on mama’s strap-on and start pegging his little panty boy ass. I made Jamie clean my holes with his sissy cum eating tongue and my daughter fuck his sweet little man pussy.

Panty Boy Phone Sex

Panty Boy Phone Sex Sissy Nurturing

Panty boy phone sex calls are so much fun for me. As a young mommy pervert with my own little panty boy sissy I love to nurture and play with you guys in your panties. I get really excited thinking about how sexy you look wearing mommy’s pretty panties. I see you jerking in them and wearing my sexy lingerie. I see you posing and looking in the mirror at your little bottom, admiring yourself in my sexy mommy things. I am amused by my boy being all slutty. I will go to my dresser and in the bottom drawer under my knit pants and tshirts is where mommy hides her special toys. I pull something out and smile sweetly at you. I bend you over my knee and rub your bottom. pulling my panties down from your bottom you feel a little special wetness trickle over your bum hole. Before you can ask mommy what that is you feel it. The big head of a dildo sliding in that man pussy. That’s right mommy is fucking your panty boy ass and I will make you squirt in those panties.

Panty boy phone sex

Married Men Phone Sex Blackmail

When it comes to Married Men Phone Sex the mini me’s and I have a blast. I know many married guys that crave hot cunts to violate and cum in. They want the forbidden fruit and they are the ones that uphold the perfect family man persona. These guys have it bad for that young pussy and ass, and my pageant sluts are their weakness. You see, they often have daughters. This young things running around and climbing all over daddy half naked is really difficult for daddy to control his penis. Fathering these young things has got to be the worst, especially when they know how other dads want the same thing. I love the idea of a secret sex religion where these dads bring in their daughters for worship. The worship is the part of a very underground kind of sex party of debauchery. Daughter swapping with other p daddy’s inclusive of plenty of debilitating pharmaceuticals to get the little cunts to play along and be the pliable little cock cuffs. Blackmailing these daddy’s is fun, but the best fun is framing the mothers and removing them from interfering. My p daddy friend has composed of the best plan I must admit.

Married men phone sex


Mommy Likes It Rough

It’s not often that I get a naughty mommy/ son type call where he wants to get rough with mommy. Joseph came by and wanted mommy to invite his sisters into the room and his little brother too. He wanted to have them all play with his big boy penis. Joseph liked looking at those bald pussies and tight buttholes. It was me that got the rough part. Joseph was a naughty boy towards his mommy and siblings. He isn’t my real son, Joseph is my lovers boy and in his teens. He is extremely sexually frustrated and got mommy into a corner. He knew how I like to play with the girls and my son. The way they make mommy money. He knew that if they were taking p cocks for mommy that he could fuck them and blackmail me. He even decided to make mommy his little bitch and pump his cock into my round milf ass as my boy was licking his asshole. Joseph is such a naughty boy the way he gave mommy a hardcore ass fucking that lasted a long time. The whole time he was choking mommy as he thrusted inside my ass. After he filled my ass up the girls were good sluts and sucked big brothers cock clean of mommy’s ass juices.

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Young Bald Pussy To Violate

I’m a bit of a slut. A young p mommy with two little girls and a little boy can be a lot to handle, and expensive. My sperm donors aren’t exactly around since it happened when I was young and they were real pieces of shit. My mother had many boyfriends coming around, younger guys and old men. She was a bit of a whore. Daddy was always on the road but he was sick of my mother’s shit. So just the product of a broken and fucked up suburbia family that was extremely religious despite all that. So now I have 2 bratty little girls and a son. The youngest daughter and my boy are twins. I vowed to be more careful as having twins was quite a load for this young mommy. Thing is, I love fucking and hate condoms. I don’t take birth control either. I enjoy using my daughters also. I make them up like little whores and prance them around in Pageants. I even dress my boy up as a little sissy and prance her around too. They have great little holes for pervert p daddy cocks to violate. They are my money maker’s and I am considering greatly in getting bred again. I love the idea of being a mommy with lactating boobies and an insane sex drive. I think getting the oldest of my little sluts practicing or trained to be bred is awesome also. She really wants to be like mommy, and well she is my mini me The younger one is a bit of a brat and she really needs more daddy discipline. I love the idea of an older man that is well off taking us in and having his way with the three. I just need my freedom more and some spending money and I am happy to let him do whatever he wants with them. 

Young Bald Pussy

Impregnate Me

I am such a breeding whore ready for some hot MILF Phone Sex. You’re my brother’s son and your daddy told you all about how I came to be such a p mommy whore. What am I do say when you come to me and want to breed me? I can’t deny that I took my brothers cock many times as a young blossoming teen. It’s wrong of me to deny your desire to fuck me since it’s obvious I like fucking with the pageant whores and my boy around. I loved being pregnant with them and it’s something I am looking forward to again. The way my pussy feels when things start growing inside. That throbbing cock as it pumps my milf puss. It’s so fucking hot to get stuffed with a cock and when I feel it pulsing and that slutkin batter flows. I am in complete fucking ecstasy and my mommy pussy starts to squirt all over that incest cock.

MILF Phone Sex

Little Cum Slut Phone Sex Sissy

What’s not to love about a little cum slut phone sex sissy son? I’m a young mommy, yes. So it’s reasonable to understand that my 3 little ones are young tender little playthings. I make them all up as babydolls because it’s always so much fun. I started the girls in pageants and my son got jealous and wanted to be a pageant whore also. His sisters love to dress him up and make him a her and pretty like them. I decided to get all three of them in a pageant and had the rules bent just to accept my young man in it. It’s not every day that there’s this kind of request. I know it could cause an outrage but I worked something out with the head judge and coordinators. My three little pageant princesses will be putting on a private show for them and they will get a special hands on try out with all three. These guys have a love for young bottoms and my three will serve just fine for the three of them. I think its exciting to get their little bottoms fucked and spanked. I just hope the three of them get to compete in the pageant and the other mothers need not know about the special 3rd princess of mine.

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Slippery Bald Cunts For Daddy

Slippery bald cunts are a daddy’s dream when he wants Age Play Phone Sex. I love it. I love to play with my littles pussies and those itty bitty penises. It’s exciting when mommy has a new friend visit. I think the girls and boys both really enjoy the attention. I love to have my pageant sluts dressed up in their pretty pageant gowns or their bikinis. I make sure their little camel toes really show off in those tiny white bikinis and will always get their bald cunts wet to show their pink off. Their little bubble butts are so sweet for the plucking when those bikini bottoms are riding up between their cheeks. Those bitty nipples so tender and mauve under that little triangle of fabric. They will dance around for you and show all their little pageant slut moves. I think it’s a fine time to get over here and taste some forbidden fruit. My little guy is always looking so sweet to walking around playing with his peepee in his swim trunks. I bet you want to play with that sweet little penis and his puckered boy butt.

Age Play Phone Sex


Young Bald Pussy For Breeding

Young bald pussy

   I’m a mama that’s young and I can’t help but need to be bred. I want my two daughters to start practicing in being bred with mama. The best time for this mommy is watching her young fuck dolls getting their young bald pussy holes fucked. We love to have them creamy with breeding juice from daddy’s big hard cock. I’m happy to assist and make the little pageant whores spread right for that p daddy cock. I know you fantasize about impregnating a sweet young thing. I actually had my own fun with my daddy as a young girl and loved it. Why else do you think I got pregnant so young? I became a little cock whore and that is exactly how I am raising these little cock teases. They are pageant whores after all, and I make them give it up for the pageant judges all the fucking time.

Anal Phone Sex For Young Tight Holes

My three little ones have been hard at work getting their young tight holes warped with hot anal phone sex. It’s been delightful to service the delivery guys that have been dropping our groceries and packages off. I make an effort to call on different delivery services to get a wild mixture of cocks for my little ones, and for my mommy holes. I won’t let the offspring threesome get all the cock. I’m a naughty mommy to pimp the little bitches and I am going to get my share of fucking also. The UPS guy was a big black man and took some persuading. He tried telling me he was a family man. Well that’s awesome for me because I have a family in need of a nice build family man that would be so kind as to help this hot young single mommy out with something heavy and full to drain. Well, yeah, it was his cock and it was heavy and full by the time I walked him to the girls’ room. We had some family fun phone sex with him. He loved those young bald pink pussies to pup his big dark brown cock into. We drained him good all over mama’s face.

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