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Young P Mommy Loves Incest Phone Sex

I’m always hot and wet over the incest phone sex calls I do, they are my bread and butter along side the p mommy and p daddy fun we have. It is only limiting yourself if you don’t explore the dirtiest yummiest desires that you keep in the back of your mind. Like for me, for the longest time my desire to lick the young bald cuny’s of my offspring just had to be fulfilled and explored more. I needed to share such experiences with other parents that felt much the same, and to suck on that young penis, of such a taboo age I could not help but need it. I nurture the little tikes and they love their p mommy and the p daddy’s also have a great like for me as I assist with their deepest desires. Hell I can even play a good teen whore for daddy types.

Incest Phone Sex

Violate My Princess’s Fuck Holes

You need a little R and R daddy and I have the perfect outlet that will both relax and excite you and your perverted desires. What do you say about taking on a couple of little darlings that are really bratty with princess phone sex? I tell you what, these two need some discipline that only a true perverted daddy can offer up to them. I want you to violate their fuckholes and force them into doing filthy things for you. These two have a really bloated perception of themselves that needs to be smashed. I think the best way is to force them into prostitution and sell their little bodies out to other p-daddy’s to use and abuse to their liking. I know these two can make me some bank and I know your the sugar daddy we need to assist.

Princess phone sex

Hardcore Phone Sex Party Weekend

So here we are the start of Summer with this extended party weekend to get wasted, fucking high and kinky as fuck. I’m all about being kinky and helping some partying perverts fuck some young bald cuny’s and mommy’s cunt also in need of some little tongues on it while I take your dick with some hardcore ass pounding on this hardcore phone sex weekend.

Sometimes we get really dirty together and have some hot pussy licking with some sweet cocktails juicing up these tight little twats. You want to watch this p-mommy and her two slutkins get it on together or do you want to join in… My guess is you plan on getting that prick wet in some hot wet snatch and I sure do hope that hot anal sex is a part of the fun also!

Hardcore phone sex

Fantasy Phone Sex P-Mommy Pimp

Fantasy Phone Sex

I’m a filthy p-mommy pimp that really gets into partying and pimping out the two offspring slut dolls of mine. I never want to work some boring fucking job when I have a gold mine that fell from my snatch. Fuck I whore myself out just as much and it’s fucking great. I get my fix for partying and some cash for my living expenses and shopping addiction. I really don’t think I could ask for a better life.. well other than having a few sugar daddy’s to make it way easier!

I love to fuck, and that’s obvious as it is obvious that I started fucking early, and I don’t care what others think of me they are just jealous! My tight body and the ability to look like a little sex doll myself does it for other perverts that like a range of young girls, my daughters and I often share cock and fun. Join us some time.

Drugs Phone Sex For the Win and a Fix

Drugs phone sex

Well it’s the end of the month and that means it’s time to scamper about and get the rent money together! My slutkins and I have been busy getting them ready for the Summer pageants and that means we have not partied not whored about near as much as we should have been and I am finding myself Broke! So we have decided to through a little shindig and invite all of the dealers and their colleagues to come and will be whoring about the whole weekend. We are coke whores for our fixes and real whores for that green cash money that is needed for the bills. But this pussy is worth it. Seriously a mommy and two fucking young bald cunts to play with?! Who’s in?

Fantasy P-Mommy Rita Needs Money

Fantasy phone sex with this coed p-mommy that has two offspring sluts is in need of money and we can negotiate. I’m open to all types of negotiations in regards to pimping out my slutkins that are a couple of teases. We do pageants all the time and the judges love to come by and inspect the girls prior to giving me a break in the registration costs.

They will have my girls do a sexy striptease and then show off their bodies to let the Judges inspect the bald cunies and those pink puckered assholes. They love testing the girls on their oral presentation with their big cocks as the tool for the test. The cock sucking little wenches pass with flowing jizz fountains of applause.

Fantasy Phone Sex

Breed Me Party With Slutkins

It’s time to train the slutkins to properly fuck and take that seed deep in their little cunts as we party with drugs phone sex fun. My little pageant brats need to really step up their earning potential and that means preparing them properly to be good breeding whores. I of course am taking submissions for the next breeding prospected sperm donor. In other words who wants to cum and work on knocking me up?

I love making excuses to party and fuck but who am I kidding it’s a daily party over here as that is what we do on the norm but we really need to get this mama pregnant for future revenue and fresh meat for the continuation of my p-mommy ways.

Drugs Phone Sex

P-Mommy Rita Pimps Her Crew

Phone sex with this naughty p-mommy is going to be a wild wild ride and ball draining fun is going to happen! I’m a pimp to my offspring of two pageant whores that have been trained to really know how to please dick. I make these two slutkins of mine work for their keep and trained them young in how to please dick. The two slutkins of mine can really work your fuck rod into a throbbing, cum shooting tool of great pleasure. To get the chance to play p-daddy, a perverted p-daddy at that is really a fucking treat. I will always be in attendance and assisting in the penetration of those sweet pink pussy’s by your manly dick. I love to share cock with both of my girls and we really give the pageant judges fulfillment and release in some of the hottest ways. Imagine fucking a mommy and two daughters together and having the three of us sucking the poison from that cock.

Phone Sex

Fantasy Phone Sex P-Mommy Loves Incest

Get that perverted fix with my Fantasy phone sex. I am all over the whole P-mommy circuit in my town letting as many perverts that are willing to pay good money for some hot fucking action. I’m a young p-mommy of two sassy little fuckdolls and boy are they fucking good girls once we condition them to the moment. They can be real brats, but for the most part fucking love the attention and all that is involved with me pimping them out. I am always with them and usually participate. I find many pervs are even more turned on with mommy and her two daughters performing pussy and ass licking on each other and for us to share a dick, oh my!

We want to have a full night of fucking as we have some financial needs to be met for the Spring season of pageants!fantasy phone sex


Just Fucked Pussies

Hot Phonesex

With these two fucking slut daughters of mine being active pageant whores, I had to find a way around the entrance fee’s and to afford all the costumes and pageant theme items to keep them on top of competition, after all bringing home the wins is how they make mommy’s lifestyle workable. Well that and taking part as a breeding whore which offers a substantial reward once conception is confirmed.

These two are a p-mommy’s pride and my bread and butter. So, I love to set up with the judges to come out and give them a thorough physical as to inspect the goods. I love to have the two dressed in their pageant formal with their whore make-up on and give the judges a little strip tease to really show off their assets. Once the two are stripped down they get a thorough fingering of that bald cuny, that tight pink puckered asshole, and a test run of their oral skills.

The best part is the approval rating of a couple of little slutkins with cum plastering their pretty little faces. I certainly hope they pass the inspection and skill test in the morning, but I have no doubt things will be creamy as the creampie mommy is sure to get in the end.

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