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Rough Sex Phone Sex P-Daddy Playtime

Rough sex phone sex must be hot for those perverted filthy p-daddy’s that love to tear up that tight bald pussy of some dumb fucking teases. My daughters are the perfect candidates for such a session of hardcore fucking and using of their little holes. It’s almost Pageant season and the little sperm blooms have been absolute fucking terrors. I think it is a fine time to terrorize those two with some spankings of cock in their tight little holes and some big hands on their sweet supple bare flesh of their asses and those unformed titties. I need a dirty daddy to properly discipline these little whores. The only downside is very few can resist fucking their holes and sometimes it’s wat is really needed.Rough Sex Phone Sex


Hot Ass Sex and BBC Fucking Bald Pussy

Who doesn’t love hot ass sex? I mean it’s like such a hot way to fuck and bring on that double penetration, for fucking real, man! These little anal whores of mine are becoming a notorious little duo of anal fucking cum whores, and I am completely to blame for it. That’s right I have turned my offspring into total little gangbang whores for big black cocks. I love getting pounded by those BBC’s and cannot help but want my daughters to experience that pussy ruining huge cocks at a young age. At least they can experience it and know how to properlly service big dicks, but it will certainly ruin it for the average Joe Schmo with a cock under 9inches.

hot ass sex

Cum Slut Phone Sex Sleepover For P-Daddies

So when your a p-mommy with a couple of little cum slut phone sex brats, it’s quite easy to get a small group of girls over for slumber parties. Well sometimes mommy will be entertaining some friends as well. The best little parties are with the girls that are always trying to rebel their parents uptight standards…. they are all skeptical of me due to how young I am, fuck them. Eh, their husbands are probably off fucking men or me. Yeah I put myself out there to get what i want and sometimes it’s just to have a smug fucking smile to these uptight PTA mothers knowing I have control over their daughters and husbands. What’s a girl to do? I have two leeches that need to earn a living also.

Seeing those young mouths suck off big black cocks is always a good warm up for me and the idea of tasting those slits as I guide in those p-daddy rods fuck I get wet and horny!cum slut phone sex

Cheating Phone Sex With Brother-in-law

It’s a super awesome time when I get to move in on my sisters husband and to know he likes the young cunts of my pageant whores to slide his tongue in. I caught him licking the sluts the other afternoon and saw his nice cock out so I had to move in on this and get that bro-in-laws cock in my milf cunt. No way was momma gonna let a cock she hasn’t tried first fuck her sluts, that’s our thing and how it works. I moved in on that raging hard cock and sat my pussy right on that rod as I explained things to him. He didn’t seem to have a problem with fucking me first. In fact I sweetened the deal so much letting him fuck me when it’s something he wanted the whole time, but now he has the ok to fuck some wet bald pussy as well.

Cheating phone sex

Adult Baby Phone Sex Humiliation

Your ex-girlfriend put an ad needing a babysitter for an adult baby phone sex gig as revenge for your dumb ass. I responded and we got to talking and she told me all about you. I was excited to use my teen mommy skills on a real piece of work like you, in fact I needed some of my more dominant skills with a dose of blackmail to really fix you right. She was paying me good and we really hit it off so well I ended up sixty nining with your ex and we made each other cum so good as we tore you to pieces. I was completely motivated for this gig and showed up at your place when you were expecting her to come over for a booty call. You had already started drinking, and that made me happy as I couldn’t wait to humiliate you making you go pee-pee in your diaper.

You were as she said you would be a useless piece of scum wasted and slurring and all over me especially when I said that Loretta sent me over. You had no idea what was in store… I teased you and got you to where you would do anything for me so I tied you down and got your pants off. Fuck you were so hard and the funny thing is that she was right the small cock cage would fit just fine! I caged your little wank and put a diaper on you. You looked so horrified! I laughed as I put the 2 locks on to secure that diaper. Awe look at the baby boy in a diaper! I realized the image wasn’t complete without the pacifier I had for you… one that tasted of Loretta’s cunt juices mingled with the cum from a BBC.

That’s right you little cheating bag of cum eating shit! I am in control and I have only just started… you will need to call and work this scene out and see where we go with it… my slutkins are more than happy to help mommy out here also. Maybe a golden shower will be in store… or cocksucking… maybe I will just have to spank a bad boy and not let him cum…

Adult Baby Phone Sex

Babysitter phone sex

Cum Slut Phone Sex Sissy Cum Eaters Get Some Now

Santas elves are naughty little buggers with huge cocks that really know how to stuff my P-mommy cunt really good. I always volunteer to be one of Santa’s little helpers to gain new playmates for the little santa whores I popped out of my teen cunt. These elves are some outstanding fucks and really enjoy mommy and her whores well, as does Santa. We always get some special gifts and you should join me for some hot cum slut phone sex and be the cum eater you crave to be.

I have a couple of Santa’s helpers coming over later with their Big Black Cocks to pound the fuck out of my cunt and maybe you can be the clean up Sissy you always dreamt of being or I can just let my mini whores enjoy all the goo for themselves. I bet you would love to be Sissified by my whores and a slave to BBC.

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Short On Rent

Rent is due in a few days and I haven’t close to enough to pay and avoid the possibility of being evicted with my two pageant whore daughters. I had to come up with something quick and figured a visit to the city park with a playground that all the pervs like to gather in and watch the young ones waiting for a stray to take home and play with. Dressed all cute and sexy the girls and I head off to the park as to stalk the stalkers and find one with the bank account to pay well for this young bald pussy with the special kink value of mommy too. It’s always easy to spot them and easier to catch their eye and lure them into my twisted web blackmail, seduction and money.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Teasing Married Men Phone Sex

The guy next door is such a filthy pervert and he’s even got a hot wife and adorable daughter. You see the thing is, is that he can’t seem to keep from watching my daughters and me and I have caught him watching us with his dick in hand and really wanking hard to us. I am always out in the yard with the slutkins and often my girls are dressed for some kind of pageant. We are often practicing some performance for an upcoming pageant or out sunbathing in our bikinis, but really what does it matter, he is always watching and always getting worked up. One afternoon my girls and I paid a visit to his wife and daughter and we got them a little drugged with a special cocktail and managed to take advantage of the two. So when Mr. Davidson returned home we were all up in the bedroom naked and making out hardcore. Yes, we were fucking his wife and daughter and he was completely unable to contain himself and was hard as fuck instantly! If you really want to know how this went or maybe take it from here… build on your own kinky call then don’t hesitate!

Married Men Phone Sex

Get Your Kinks Out W/ Phone sex

Phone sex is such an underrated thing for so much pleasure and understanding to be gotten from it. I find it a wonderful way to explore new kinks and get into the space where you are completely taken by these fantasies and cum really hard. One special kink is pretty fucking dirty and my girls are great at being dirty little scat mistresses just like mommy.

We had a neighbor once that begged me to let my girls eat some greasy food and take a shit on his dick and face. The two girls giggled and played along so well! They had no issue squatting and pushing out that ass mud all over his hardening pud and in his greedy fucking mouth. They went down on that cock and shared in some shitty cum laced kisses then vomiting on his dick as an extra treat. He loves jerking off in the waste of warm body fluids. What kind of filthy kink will you bring us?

Phone sex

Forced Feminization Phone Sex W/ Rita

I know you are craving for some really naughty mommy to make you her special little slut, aren’t you? You can deny it all you want but forced feminization phone sex is the very thing that gets your cock aching. You want me to put you in pretty silky panties and oh my the way your cock awakens when that silky fabric is taught against your flesh, or maybe we forego the panties and go for the silky sheer pantyhose and oh my the way that bulge grows when you feel those silky things on your legs, ass and groin. I almost bet the recum is dripping at this point. We then find a pretty silky cami top for you to wear or a silky slip. Oh you feel so feminine now. I will teach you the art of sucking cock next to make you a really good bitch.

Forced Feminization Phone Sex

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