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I’m all for phone sex and getting wasted with you is half the fun! I’m a party girl, a p-mommy whore and just totally down for a good fucking time.We can do a ton of blow and throw some shots back while we talk about whatever your filthy perverted mind desires. I want us both to get super wasted together and you start confessing those naughty thoughts you have for that hot young cuny.

You see I have a couple of little trouble makers and they are always up to something sneaky when it comes to men at the house. Both of the girls are little deviant sluts and take after their whore mommy 100% it seems!

So if you think we can party together and wish to have some sweet bald cunt then lets play.

Fantasy Phone Sex With Breeding Whore

Fantasy phone sex is just the thing to get your mind off of reality and enjoy something on the naughty side of life. I’m a breeding whore with two slutkin pageant whore daughters that I can’t help but enjoy whoring them out while I collect the cash and watch the slutkins get defiled. Don’t let their shyness and seemingly innocence fool you, they are a couple of fucking scheming little sluts and always up to being fucking teases.

Show a couple of young teasing whores what they get for being the way they are. They flash you their panties in the mall and giggle as they brush by you seemingly innocently and accidently brushing against your already hard to control raging cock. You’re now sporting a noticeable hard on and need to get relief and you see me with the girls then… So what would you do in such a situation… would you watch and follow us home and then take what you feel is your right? I bet you would fuck the little tight slits of my girls while I was forced (chuckle) to watch. Oh and maybe you decide to fuck the hell out of this breeding mommies fuck holes also.

Fantasy Phone Sex

Breeding Phone Sex with P-Mommy Rita

I’m a breeding phone sex p-mommy whore that loves taking cumloads in my womb for making some hot offspring to whore out later. Yeah I have a couple of little whore already, little fucking pageant brats and they really deserve the punishments they endure sometimes. Like the bare bottom, opened palm spanking on their sweet little bottoms.

I love watching the sluts get their fantasy raped bald cunts slammed with hard fuck rods and the way those cuny’s look after a good fucking… Those stretched out fuck holes dripping with jizz and so pink and swollen are the lips. Such a delicious site for my cuckold perverts… so no, we aren’t done using these little brats yet!

What would you like to do to a couple of bratty pageant sluts?

Breeding phone sex

Phone Sex With Young Milf and Lil Ones

I’m a horny P-mommy ready for hot phone sex with my offspring and you. You best be a perverted p-daddy to really enjoy my daughters with me. It’s just really awesome watching you perverts play with those bald cuny’s and sweet succulent slit. Licking this young pussy is a fucking dream for some of you guys and you cum just thinking about it. I will make it more than a dirty thought with my slutkins’ legs spread and ready to get fucked. I’m not going to interfere I’ll only help you penetrate that super tight fuck hole. The girls’ have the cutest puckered rosebuds just screaming penetrate us. I want you to sodomize my slutkins while in their pageant dresses. Help train my slutkins well in the art of anal fucking.

Phone Sex

Slutkins For Fantasy Phone Sex

As a naughty p-mommy with a couple of pageant whore daughters we enjoy fantasy phone sex sessions of the most taboo kinds. These little ones of mine are deviant little cock sluts and really can do quite the job in draining those balls. In fact having all three of us on your dick is a mans wildest dream and you get the special attention of all three of us attending to you. Your a very lucky man to have such the delight we offer you.

I really hope to be able to slide my mommy pussy on the fuck rod that my two daughters have worked into a throbbing rod. Once your fuckstick gets nice and slippery with my mommy cunt juices then we will work that rod into each of my little ones hot cuny’s and see how long it takes you to shoot.

Fantasy Phone Sex

Family Fun Phone Sex With P-Mommy Rita

Family fun phone sex with this p-mommy and my two slutalicious young freaks is an awesome time to get off. I know how badly you desire to fuck young girl pussy and well… I have two daughters for the fucking and me makes three for a spectacular way to empty your big full balls full of cum.

Come by some time and pay the three of us a visit. We can have a few drinks and let’s look in on my girls while they sleep and see how far you can go with them. Maybe, if your lucky you can pull their little panties down and finger that slit, pull your dick out and see how good she will suck it. If things go really well, you may be the luckiest p-daddy and get a chance to penetrate a tight bald cuny.Family Fun Phone Sex


Cum Slut Phone Sex W/ Young Mommy Rita

My munchkins are total cum junkies just like their mama and the biggest fucking teases, well guess that’s also much like mommy also! Cum slut phone sex is a specialty for the three of us as they were raised on sucking cum from cocks as much as they sucked milk from mommy’s tits. You can imagine how things get around here when the p-daddy’s I know come over! It’s like a mother fucking brothel house with the two little sluts. They love getting all whored up and play games like hide-a-cock with the guys. I bet you can guess some of the best cock hiding places with these two!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

It’s just really an essential around here that we get a lot of cock since the three of us are insatiable fucking whores and we share everything, and yes even those gooey loads get shared between the three of us. We are either sharing in sucking and licking a nice cock to lapping up cum puddles from various fuck holes no load goes to waste in my house.

Cum shots on tits

Help A Pageant Mommy Breed

Mama Rita needs some breeding phone sex juice for the little ones and myself. You see the two pageant sluts really need to get the practice in for being good breeding whores just like mama. So, we are taking applications and ejaculations to start the process of getting these young bald cunts fucked and bred with that magic batter.

I am considering having a breeding training party where we get the highest sperm count of those that applied to attend and make it a test drive fuck fest for the three of us to really get that practice in. Not like we really need practice, more like we really just need to see how soon the little ones will start to develop the ability to make some slut offspring.

I’m thinking we may need to do a few of these test runs… what do you think? Maybe you can give us a test performance and see if you qualify.

Breeding Phone Sex

Furry Friends Phone Sex w/ Slutkins

A nice weekend is awaiting us as my slutkins are really excited to see their friends and have furry friends phone sex! I love being a p-mommy of these two dirty wee ones and it is never a dull moment when the furballs are around. They get so excited and that makes the slutkin duo really giggly and excited. They love to show off for mommy’s male friends and the guys love the slutkins and furry guys playing together.

Furry Friends Phone Sex

My girls went to the mall today and we all got some yummy shades of nail polish to do each others toes up all nice and pretty with pastel pinks, lavender and peach. They even got some flavored lip glosses to really have fun with those red rockets that they would be sucking on later! I know your dying to hear about the girls’ funtime and to maybe even cum all over all three of ours pretty painted toes.

Hot Phonesex MILF Desires ALL Your Cum

I’m a horny p-mommy with a couple of little slutkins that are dirty ball sucking little whores for hot phonesex fun. That’s right I have quite the package deal with my offspring tag-a-longs. I only hope we get a good fucking party going tonight and we can satisfy our needs. I have the party favors and the hot young pussy to fulfill any man’s needs… but we require a few good cocks to fulfill our needs and the stamina to keep us satisfied.

Nothing like these sweet bald pussies to take those loads in and the puckered pink assholes of these two is a sweet fucking treat for that manly cock and thick creamy loads to seep out of. I love sitting my youngests sweet ass on her sister’s face to push all that sweet brown tinted jizz into her mouth. These two lick some ass like good little whores.

Hot Phonesex

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