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Get Your Kinks Out W/ Phone sex

Phone sex is such an underrated thing for so much pleasure and understanding to be gotten from it. I find it a wonderful way to explore new kinks and get into the space where you are completely taken by these fantasies and cum really hard. One special kink is pretty fucking dirty and my girls are great at being dirty little scat mistresses just like mommy.

We had a neighbor once that begged me to let my girls eat some greasy food and take a shit on his dick and face. The two girls giggled and played along so well! They had no issue squatting and pushing out that ass mud all over his hardening pud and in his greedy fucking mouth. They went down on that cock and shared in some shitty cum laced kisses then vomiting on his dick as an extra treat. He loves jerking off in the waste of warm body fluids. What kind of filthy kink will you bring us?

Phone sex

Forced Feminization Phone Sex W/ Rita

I know you are craving for some really naughty mommy to make you her special little slut, aren’t you? You can deny it all you want but forced feminization phone sex is the very thing that gets your cock aching. You want me to put you in pretty silky panties and oh my the way your cock awakens when that silky fabric is taught against your flesh, or maybe we forego the panties and go for the silky sheer pantyhose and oh my the way that bulge grows when you feel those silky things on your legs, ass and groin. I almost bet the recum is dripping at this point. We then find a pretty silky cami top for you to wear or a silky slip. Oh you feel so feminine now. I will teach you the art of sucking cock next to make you a really good bitch.

Forced Feminization Phone Sex

P-Mommy Lactating Hand Whores

What’s your pleasure sir? Is it to have your cock manipulated by little hands while you suck on this lactation phone sex whores breast? Maybe you would like to have intercourse with the little manipulative slutkins while they feed on breast milk suckling at mommy tits… or maybe fuck this p-mommy while I feed the little ones? We have a voracious love for cock and getting those cheating husbands off with our kinky fucking fun. Just know it’s all our dirty little secrets that those pesky wives need not know about. We can get out all of those filthy desires and come up with new ones that will drive you wild and horny. We love to please perverted men and know you will appreciate our skills.

Lactation Phone Sex

Sexy College Girl Porn For Wanking Off

It’s a end of Summer bash All Weekend Long and I want to get off with you while we watch some Sexy College Girl Porn together and judge their cum drinking skills! I’m a porn addict and why the fuck do you think i love to do what I do so much and make my little sluts act like porn stars and look like mini pornstars for their pageants? Because I’m Obsessed with porn and being a cum slut, and they are as well! Really we have some of the best times, my slutkin whores and me, we love to tease men together and entangle them in out naughty web of seductions and manipulations. Maybe this Spider mommy will catch a new fly for our naughty fun as an p-mommy of incestuous molestations with perverted fuckers.Sexy College Girl Porn


Party Whore P-Mommy

Drugs Phone Sex

   I love to fucking party and drugs phone sex are my two favorite things combined into some hot fantasy fun as fucking is a top priority for me and my offspring whores, and it’s a daily requirement of protein packed jizz. My little whores are the best time especially when we get them fucked up. I love to get the two a little fucked up and watch them get their bald little cuny’s destroyed and those puckered pink assholes destroyed. I couldn’t wait long after popping the second out to reallize I needed to make them into my personal slave trade and cash in on that shit. I’m currently seeking a good breeding to add to my slave tribe of money making little taboo sex whores. Maybe you can help?


P-Mommy Party Whore Phone Sex

I was having some of the hottest phone sex sessions while attending a party with my little ones where there were some really kinky p-daddy’s and perverts. We were all so very high and horney and that all leads to some extremely interesting times at these parties where the snow is everywhere and cum was gushing out of every crevice of our bodies, and we fucking love it. These high end partying execs really pay good to get the forbidden fruit and their kinky p-mommy.

It was not far into the evening when i had a proposition from a few guys that really wanted to jerk off on my girls and my feet, and to maybe even give them a little foot play on their pervert cocks. We loved it, the slutkins got really giggly over their pretty toes being showered and plastered with loads of chode. I hope we can play naughty together soon.

 Phone Sex

Young P Mommy Loves Incest Phone Sex

I’m always hot and wet over the incest phone sex calls I do, they are my bread and butter along side the p mommy and p daddy fun we have. It is only limiting yourself if you don’t explore the dirtiest yummiest desires that you keep in the back of your mind. Like for me, for the longest time my desire to lick the young bald cuny’s of my offspring just had to be fulfilled and explored more. I needed to share such experiences with other parents that felt much the same, and to suck on that young penis, of such a taboo age I could not help but need it. I nurture the little tikes and they love their p mommy and the p daddy’s also have a great like for me as I assist with their deepest desires. Hell I can even play a good teen whore for daddy types.

Incest Phone Sex

Violate My Princess’s Fuck Holes

You need a little R and R daddy and I have the perfect outlet that will both relax and excite you and your perverted desires. What do you say about taking on a couple of little darlings that are really bratty with princess phone sex? I tell you what, these two need some discipline that only a true perverted daddy can offer up to them. I want you to violate their fuckholes and force them into doing filthy things for you. These two have a really bloated perception of themselves that needs to be smashed. I think the best way is to force them into prostitution and sell their little bodies out to other p-daddy’s to use and abuse to their liking. I know these two can make me some bank and I know your the sugar daddy we need to assist.

Princess phone sex

Hardcore Phone Sex Party Weekend

So here we are the start of Summer with this extended party weekend to get wasted, fucking high and kinky as fuck. I’m all about being kinky and helping some partying perverts fuck some young bald cuny’s and mommy’s cunt also in need of some little tongues on it while I take your dick with some hardcore ass pounding on this hardcore phone sex weekend.

Sometimes we get really dirty together and have some hot pussy licking with some sweet cocktails juicing up these tight little twats. You want to watch this p-mommy and her two slutkins get it on together or do you want to join in… My guess is you plan on getting that prick wet in some hot wet snatch and I sure do hope that hot anal sex is a part of the fun also!

Hardcore phone sex

Fantasy Phone Sex P-Mommy Pimp

Fantasy Phone Sex

I’m a filthy p-mommy pimp that really gets into partying and pimping out the two offspring slut dolls of mine. I never want to work some boring fucking job when I have a gold mine that fell from my snatch. Fuck I whore myself out just as much and it’s fucking great. I get my fix for partying and some cash for my living expenses and shopping addiction. I really don’t think I could ask for a better life.. well other than having a few sugar daddy’s to make it way easier!

I love to fuck, and that’s obvious as it is obvious that I started fucking early, and I don’t care what others think of me they are just jealous! My tight body and the ability to look like a little sex doll myself does it for other perverts that like a range of young girls, my daughters and I often share cock and fun. Join us some time.

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