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Mommy Is Here

Cyber Sex Phone Sex My son came home all upset today. He had a huge fight with his girlfriend. Apparently, she is being a prude and doesn’t want to put her mouth on my son’s dick. what a fucking bitch! Who does that little cunt think she is denying my son something she should be happy doing. I sat down next to him and rubbed my hand up and down his thigh. “Don’t worry if she won’t give you what you deserve and need mommy is here for you.” And with that, I unzipped his pants and took his dick from his pants. I wrapped my lips around his dick and slid softly down his shaft. I moaned to vibrate him as I slid back up his shaft. If she was not going to take care of my son like she should then I was going to do it for her.

Furry Friends

Furry Friends Phone SexSometimes man cock is just not enough. Sometimes I need a little extra friendly mutt dick. Giggles. I know you know exactly what I am talking about. When I am on all 4rs with my ass perched out. Peanut butter smeared along my wet cunt lips and a big old shepherd mutt tongue lapping at my juicy cunt making my whole body quiver. His mutt dick starting to make an appearance as he gets hard. I gasp as I hear him jump and I feel his claws dig into my fleshy back. His mutt dick finding my cunt hole and rapidly sliding in and out. I can feel his weight leaning against my body and pushing me down. His mutt dick pushing deeper into my soaking cunt, I can feel my body shake all over as he gives me his special knot. I can feel him swelling making me his bitch. Oh yes! Feeling the pain as he attaches himself to me and that is when I start to explode all over his wonderful furry mutt dick.

Fun In The Dressing Room

Cyber Sex Phone SexI was walking around the clothing store looking for some new silky lingerie, panties, and bras, I found some very cute things that I wanted to try on. I made my way to the changing room. As I was slipping on a pair of matching panties and bra I could hear 2 male employees talking about my slutty body. they called me a cougar whore and talking about wishing they were in the dressing room with me. My twat already dripping down my thighs I opened the door with just he silk panties and bra I was trying and invited them both in with me. I heard you men talking about me I said with a giggle in my tone. And I want you 2 to know that comments about me turned me right the fuck on. I got on my knees, opened my mouth and said let us start with this fuckable hole.

David And No Creampie

Biggest cum shotI was fucking David today and my face is a huge fucking mess. He exploded 4 times and all 4 times on my face. I was hoping for a creampie. At least one in my cunt or ass. I didn’t care which hole. But no he wanted it all on my face. And when I tried to open my mouth to get a little taste. He yelled at me and told me to close my mouth. I was pouting a bit. I thought maybe at least one hole. He fucked me fast and steady in each hole but left me no presents. He said a nasty whore like me needs to be marked so all know what a  dirty little whore I am.

Auntie Reanna

Family Fun Phone SexTony has been munching on my cunt since he was an ankle biter. He is my nephew and knows how Auntie Reanna likes her cunt taking care of. He was so easy to train on exactly what to do to make me squirt all over his face. And now I easily get 3 or 4 fierce squirts before he is done. Yes, he is that good! That is why you need to get brats when they are at the right age. This way you get exactly what you want how you want. I am always looking for a nephew to love. So come by and see Auntie Reanna for some special loving that only an Auntie like me can give to you.

My Crazy Girls

Party Girls Phone Sex When I get together with my crazy girlfriends we are known as the fuckalious freak sluts!! We get together for a fuck fest night. First, we go prowling for 1 or 2 guys for all of us to bring into our whore orgy. We don’t want too much dick getting in the way of all of our cunt munching. But we need a couple guys there for to play sword fight in our mouth with and other fun little games. Munching on some good pussy, sucking all that cum that just got deposited into her fuck hole and getting fucked by some good cock right after. And getting to watch the live porn show play out in front of me turns my cunt into a slip and slide for cock.

When The Wife Is Away

Cheating Phone Sex I was home the other day and thought I would take the day off from being a whore and get a few things done around the house. My reputation for being the neighborhood whore was not going to give me the day off. Right after breakfast, I had a knock at the door. It was the Stan he lives 3 doors down. His wife must be at the grocery store or running errands. That is the only time I see him. His wife doesn’t take it up the ass or in the mouth. And that is the order he takes both my holes. Unfortunately, he doesn’t last long, But he gets me started and after he blows his load and leaves, I finish myself off with my dildo and vibe.

Love To Party

Party Girls Phone SexMy girls and I love to party. When we get a hold of a few willing men. A few men who are going to let us have our way with them, and play with them any old way we want. It turns into a wild freaky night. Cum flies everywhere, from everyone. Everywhere you turn sluts and men are bumping uglies. Watching my girls squirt their juices all over the fucking place as I am getting cock pounded in my holes. I go fucking crazy watching all the fucking going on around me. My cunt soaked with all my thick juices running down my thigh. I am screaming from the pure fucking pleasure my girls and I are getting from all these kinky, horny men.

Cousin David

Hardcore Phone SexMy cousin David came by and saw me yesterday morning, I was being a bit of a brat and purposely did not wear his favorite pair of clogs of mine that he likes so much. I knew this defiance would earn me a beat red spanking. David straight away put me over his knee, pulled my skirt up and my panties down. He barehanded spanked me. It hurt like hell and I loved every fucking moment of it. I could feel the heat coming off of my flesh. He kept slapping and slapping my bare ass I could not stop squirming from his slaps. Then to my surprise, he bent me over and fucked my ass raw fucking dry! I love having my ass fucked, but damn not fucking dry. A little extra punishment he said. If I would have known dry fucking my ass was going to be involved I would have worn the right clogs.

Coke And Fucking

Mother-Daughter Phone SexDaughters and mothers have so much fun together. At least my daughter and I do. Cindy is a great little fuck. I taught her well. Now we like to go to clubs together and find a guy we can take home and fuck together. We found this hot horny guy. Who was willing to take on the challenge of the both of us. When we got back to my house. My daughter brought out a little coke surprise. She was holding back. She knows how fucking horny I get when I am snorting that white shit. I took 3 nice long lines just for me. I waited for the drip to start happening. Awe and when that drip did start so did my cunt. I could feel the wetness building and that is when the real fun started. I attacked that nice fine of man meat that was standing in front of me. My daughter sat back and watched just for a minute or 2. Then she got her horny little ass involved. It was a night of fucking cumming and snorting.

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