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Lot Lizard

Adult phone chat I make major cash when I am being a lot lizard. All those truckers in and out of the rest stop looking for a cheap quick fuck. I charge twenty dollars a pop for one cum load. And then move on to the next hard dick looking to unload. I move from one truck to the next giving blowjobs, spreading my ass cheeks for spreading my legs. If they want more than one hole than it cost extra. If they want to cum twice it will cost them extra. If they want more than ten minutes it is extra. There are a lot of truckers that are coming and going and I need to hit as many of them as possible to get my full maximum payday.


Family Fun Phone Sex My stepson stopped by to visit with his dad yesterday. He is such a hot young stud. I have been watching him grow for years but never made a move. I have flirted with him and he has flirted back with me but we never took it to the next level. Yesterday, when his daddy went to the store to pick up food to grill for a special dinner, things got hot and heavy between me and my stepson. We were doing our usual flirting back and forth but this time he grabbed me by the back of the neck and kissed me deeply on my mouth. His tongue was so forceful and felt like butter against my own tongue. I ripped off his pants and shoved my hand down his boxers. He was bigger and thicker than his daddy. He twisted me around and bent me over the kitchen table moving my panties to the side and slammed that big dick right in my ass. He pounded my ass into we heard his daddies car pull up. We never told his daddy what happened it was and still is a secret that we have between us. Lol, and I know we will be doing that again it was too fucking good not too.

Taboo Shit

Adult phone chat Last night was amazing! I met a stranger at the mall out of all fucking places. We were in the food court and he was sitting at the table next to mine. We struck up a sexual kinky conversation that made my cunt drip all over my panties. He was into some real taboo shit. And I mean literally shit. He wanted me to take a huge shit right on the floor and he wanted to smear it all over my body. He went on telling me after I was a covered in all my shit he was going to take a big glob of it and start fisting me in my cunt getting that shit all up in there. And for the finale, after I was done squirting he was going to shove a big log of my shit in my mouth for me to munch on. Everything he said was making me wetter and wetter. I whispered in his ear I would love to go home with you right now no more talk I want everything done just as he said.

Cousin Ron’s Cock

Cum Slut Phone Sex It is so fucking hot to see cock slither in and out of my wet fucking pussy. But it is even hotter when it is a family cock. This time it was my cousins Ron’s cock. I have not seen him since we were little brats playing doctor in behind his daddy’s shed. He was only up for the weekend to visit family and he promised me we would have dinner on Saturday night. I made a special dinner and had plenty of wine to go with it. I wore my sluttiest teddy and a pair of heels. I wanted to give him something sexy to look at during dinner. We flirted and reminisce about old times all through dinner. After dinner, we moved into my living room where I have a full-size wrap around couch. I couldn’t hold myself back anymore I straddled my legs across his lap and started kissing him. I wanted him now no more reminiscing no more flirting now it was time for straight family fucking.

Next Door

Blackmail Phone SexMy next door neighbor an ugly fat guy caught me fucking around on my boyfriend. My window was open and he was outside of it jerking off watching me get fucked in my ass. I did not know he was there but seconds after my lover left my fat neighbor was knocking at my door. He had such a shitty grin on his face when I opened the door. And that bastard didn’t even say a word when he just walked into my house without even an invitation. I got smart and was like “hello did I say come in?” He turned around with such a cocky attitude and said: “bitch I just saw you with another man and if you don’t want to lose your cozy sweet deal here with that Dr. boyfriend of yours you will do as I say cunt!” I knew I was screwed I can’t have him ratting me out. I begged him not to tell and told him I would do anything he wanted anytime as long as he kept my secret.

Breeding Bitches

Breeding Phone SexI love watching a younger bitch get fucked hard and get her own little one. My niece popped over my house and was pouting. She was telling me how she can’t find a good guy to have her own little brat. I told her she needed an older man to give her what she wanted and I knew of the perfect guy. I had my friend Steve come over. He is an older gentleman who loves breading young fresh sluts. Steve has a bunch of his own brats and my niece was perfect for him. She is also an eager to please kind of slut and always wanting to try new kinky things. Watching them fuck is going to be fucking awesome but this time I am too horny to just watch this time it is turning into a 3-some.

Missing Out On Ass To Mouth

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex Not many sluts know what they are missing out on when they refuse to go from ass to mouth. Fortunately, I know the fun of it. With a clean ass or dirty ass, each has its own unique perks. My ass cleaned mixed with his cock juices has such a sweet sugar taste. My ass dirty mixed with his cock juices has such a tangy taste with some yummy little chunks. One of my kinkiest customers wants my ass dirty. He does not want me showering for three days before he comes knocking on my door. I make sure I don’t even wipe my ass properly after taking a shit. He is a rich mother fucker with some crazy sick fetishes and pays me a bucket full of cash for my nasty services. He goes nuts when I smear my shit all over his hairy body and when we fling it to the floor to roll around in the mess. I don’t have many clients like him that are that nasty when it comes to their fantasies. But I must admit he is one of my favorites. I get very excited when I see him his name show up on my caller ID.

Delivery Men

Fantasy Phone SexI often times order stuff from the internet. Not that I really need anything I just love to seduce the men who delivery me my goodies. I track when they should be showing up at my door and when I answer I am wearing only my lacey robe open of course and a pair of heels. I have a reputation among the delivery men the ones that come knocking at my door know exactly what they are getting tipped. I invite them in and before I sign for the package I have their package slurping in my mouth. I get a nice load in my mouth before I send them on their way. I make sure I get goodies sent to me at least four times a week.

Clean Ready Bare Cunt

Wet bald pussy I am such a horny slut! Fucking, cock, and cum are all I think about and dream about at night. I make sure my cunt is nice and ready. I never want to be caught off guard and my cunt not be up to par for that yummy cock. I have gotten cock in gas stations, grocery stores, Mall shops, car garges, and the list goes on and on. Most of the cock I get at these places is to get whatever I am getting for free or a discount. But often times a guy that catches my eye looking at me up and down in my little slutty outfit and I know exactly what they want. I will wave them to follow me with my finger and lead them into the nearest public bathroom I can find.

Young Meat To Fuck

my nephew came over to visit me with some of his horny little friends. My nephew was playing the big shot to his friends saying that he knew the perfect hot milf who just loves to fuck any young hot teenager. I got really excited about seeing the young fresh meat walk thru my door. My nephew gave me a heads up he was on his way over so when I greeted the young bucks I was wearing only a bra, panties, high thigh and high heels. All their mouths dropped as they stared at my slutty milf body. they were practically drooling and falling over themselves to get to me. What an ego boost they were giving me. I lead them all into my bedroom fucked each one of them. Making sure they all left my houseCheap Phone Sex with big smiles and drained balls.

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