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All That Jizz

Cheap Phone Sex My girls and I are gonna line up for you. We will be naked and wet. We are gonna drain. And when you think you don’t have another drop to give us. We will drain you even more. As soon as you give one of us that jizz, another one of us will be there to get you nice and hard again. Who need viagra when you got a whole bunch of whores to get you going. We will make sure you get to put your jizz in every single hole we have. We all want to be filled by your cock and cum. And when you are done stretching out our holes. And absolutely not another drop of your jizz to give. Then sit down and enjoy the show that we will put on for you.

Love The Looks

Phone sex I went to the local market today. A huge wholesaler place that sells everything. I like to walk around in a short fucking leather skirt no panties and low cut button down shirt with no bra. I love the looks I get for those men. I can see the undressing me what little clothes I have on in their minds. They look at me like a piece of fuck meat. Those stares makes my cunt just gush for more attention. Oops my purse slipped off my arm. Now I have to bend all the way over slowly to pick it up and slide it back on my arm. I know the bottom of my pussy hangs out when I wear this skirt. So I made sure to spend a few extra seconds bent over. I knew there were some horny men enjoying the show.

Did Mommy Fuck You?

Phone sex fetishDoes your mom fuck you? Did she fuck you when you were a little bratt? That totally blows if she doesn’t spread her legs and offer her wet warm holes to you. I always spread my legs for my boys ever since they could move around. Honestly it started when they would feed of my boobs, but they would crawl around naked and I would play with there little wee dicks and let them touch my hot wet pussy. I have been there for my sons whenever they need me. I love making their dicks cum and as they got mature so did their style with fucking me! Now they know exactly how to treat mommy! They have no problem using any of mommies holes. In any way they want.

Dirty Girl

Wet bald pussyWho’s looking to fuck a dirty girl like me? The only thing I won’t do is say no! I love all sorts of cock, any size, any color, and all males. The man and the furry friend cock. Take that cock of yours and shove it deep in my mouth until I drool. I will scream on your cock as I get mounted from behind, from our furry friend. And when your ready to shoot your big fucking load shoot it all over my face. Get me in the eyes hair and tits if you want to baby. I will stick out my tongue like a greedy bitch trying to get a taste or 2 of that sweet cum in my mouth.

A Nice Surprise!

Cum Slut Phone Sex My brother showed up out of the blue the other day. He lives far away and I didn’t even know he was coming for a visit. It was a great surprise to see him. We talk all the time over the phone but I haven’t seen him in a couple of years. He just showed up at my door. He said he was missing my cunt that it had been to long. I gave him a big hug and could feel his dick was already hard as fuck. I started rubbing on it with my hand. And he unbuckled his pants and belt and slid his clothes off. I licked my lips seeing is dick after all this time. I dropped to my knees and like always I begged for his dick in my mouth. He was nice and did not make me wait he gave it to me in mouth. His dick, his cum, and his balls.


Phone sexI love BBC! Those big fucking black men fucking the shit out of this white slut. You know black men got some huge mother fucking dicks. I get stretched out every time I fuck a Big black man with his BBC. My cunt hurt for days afterwards but I don’t mind. It just reminds me of all the cumming I had done with those BBCs. I like watching a huge BBC pushing into my cunt watching it against my white skin. Feeling that huge cock push against my wall. Stretching me out to fit his entire cock inside me. I go freaking wild when they cram that cock in my mouth and down my throat gagging me. Trying to shove as much of their cock in as they can before I puke up.

Ad For A Gang-Bang

Cheap Phone SexI am putting in an ad for a 30 guy and furry friends gang bang. I wanna take every cock in every hole and I wanna be the only whore there. I am a greedy fucking bitch like that! I want my ass and cunt filled with so much cum that it is a constant drip leaking out of me. I want my stomach so full of that yummy jizz. That I wanna puke when you mix your piss in with it. I want all 3 of my holes stuffed full of cock. Maybe you can get 2 cocks in one hole and gape the shit out of me. I want to be fucked until I am raw. I want to be used until I pass out and when I wake up I am still being fucked hard.

Tag Team My Man

Mother-Daughter Phone Sex My daughter was visiting me for a few days. She is a little slut just like her mama I taught her everything she knows from when she was a wee one. She had never met my new boyfriend. We love to share our men and I told her tonight he was coming over. He knew my daughter was up visiting but he did not know that we like to tag team men together. I figured that would be a nice little treat for him. When he showed up later my daughter and I was dressed in matching slutty outfits. We had already started partying and was ready for my man when he showed up. We basically attacked him as soon as he popped in to the house and he was not saying no. His cock got real hard real fast. My daughter and I got his cock in all 3 of our holes. More than once.. A great bonding night for all 3 of us.

Forcing Me Hard

m Fantasy Phone SexI have this desire to be forced to have sex and to be a toilet. I do not care if that is 1 guy, or 2 guys, 3 guys or more. I want to fight back so expect a real hard time. I am not gonna be my usual slutty self. And freely open all my holes for your cock. I want a fight and I want you and/or friends to join in on the fun. And do not forget to use me as toilet. Piss on me or in me. Maybe piss on the floor and force me to roll around in it. Laughs, again expect a fight from this slut. I know I never use the word no. I really do not care for that word. However this time that is all I am going to say to you. No!


Blackmail Phone Sex I have a caller that sends amazing shivers down my spine when he calls. He want to blackmail his mom. He wants to blackmail her into fucking her hard, spanking her, and use her shoes as his personal cum dumpster. He caught her fucking around on his father who is away working a lot on the road. He has all sorts of evidence. I ask him every time we chat if he has done it yet? He always says no and asks “why you think I should?” I say no but secretly I want him to do it. If she is into it then she is a good mommy. But if she is not into it and is doing it to keep his mouth shut from telling his dad. That is such a freaking turn on either way it goes. Oh that makes my pussy so wet. But until he decides to go forward with the plan I will be here for him. I will be his girl for him to do all these things for him.

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