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MILF Phone Sex My bedroom window lines up with the young teenager’s window living next door. I leave my curtains open and often give him and his friends peep shows. I know they are looking and gawking and I love it. It turns me on so much it makes my pussy vibrate in my panties. Tonight I see them with their phones taking pictures and I love playing it up for them. I take out my dildo and blast my pussy. They are so young and so loud about watching me I have to pretend I just don’t hear them. They are a bunch of teenage sluts and I am a Milf who needs to get fucked by some young meat soon. My pussy is drenched and they have watched enough. I look out the window and wave them over with my finger. They were falling over each other trying to get to me. I could hear the thumping as they entered my house running to my bedroom. Those teenagers surrounded me like a pack of wolves ready to feast on a meal.

BBC Surprise For Me

Cum Slut Phone Sex Cousin Amy and I are very close. We have been since we were wee ones having sleepovers together. She moved to the city a few months ago and last week I took a mini vacation to her house. Amy told me she had a surprise waiting for me. I couldn’t wait to get to her. When we were wee ones we played with each other’s naked bodies. Fondling and licking each other’s little cunnies. I remember she had such a sweet taste to her. I could only imagine how kinky the surprise was she had for me. My panties were getting wet the closer I was to her. She greeted me with a big bear hug and wet sloppy kiss just like old times. I looked up and standing behind her was a huge sexy black man naked with a 10 inch thick BBC. My mouth dropped open watching him stroke that long black fuck stick. He was my surprise! Amy knows how much I just fucking crave that BBC. And where I live there are no BBC for me to get a hold of and fuck. I took his BBC for hours squirting fucking hard all over him.

Making This Milf Beg

Hot squirting pussy You sit there pretending not to see me staring at you. You are playing hard to get. I am rubbing up against you and moaning softly in your ear. I know you want this Milf and I want you too. I slide my hand up your leg and down your jeans. Slipping my hand under your boxers. Your dick already hard. You are still acting like you don’t care. I know what you want. You want me to beg for your dick. You want me to plead for your dick to fuck all my holes. I give in I need you so much I start to grovel and beg. Moaning and pleading for your attention. Finally, you give me what I want and shove my mouth down on your dick.

Family Whores

Hot ass sex Trish is my niece and loves to be a whore just like me. We went out clubbing last night. Not to go dancing but to find young good looking guys to fuck. we set our eyes on two brothers and picked them up right away. They were getting a sexy hot young slut and sexy hot Milf whore, they gave us no arguments. They drove us back to their house a nice cabin in the woods perfect for fucking all night long. One of the brothers brought out a huge bag of coke we mixed that with some drinks. I remember tearing the clothes of off Trish and sucking on her engorged clit. The brothers were watching and then we could feel their hands all over us. Their dicks pressed against us getting hard. The brothers started to take control of us throwing us around and swapping between the both us as if we were ragdolls.

Craving BBC

Fantasy Phone SexI was craving some BBC! My boyfriend is a white guy with an average white dick. Lol, and he fucks me like an average white guy. I need a sweet big huge really thick dark cock. Black men know how to pound a white whore like me. They love to see their dark flesh disappear and bounce against creamy milky white flesh like mine. Black men are very dominant and want to pound the shit out of a white whore. White men are more gentle and boring. I took myself to the bar and I picked out a sexy black man and with thirteen-inch thick as hell BBC. I took him back to my place and fucked him right in front of my boyfriend. Lol, maybe my boyfriend will learn a new trick or two.

Bent Over The Classic Car

Hot squirting pussy I was walking my pup and Tommy the young built stud next door was outside buffing his car. My pup stopped and took a twinkle in his yard. I went to tell Tommy I was sorry for my pups mess. And before I got my sentence out he had me bent over the hood of his classic car. He hiked up my skirt and slid his thick cock right in my hot wet cunt. I yelped he felt so fucking good. His balls slapping off me as pounded me. Getting deep into my cunt into he was bouncing off my wall. I started to squirt and cum all over that car and then I felt his nut inside me pressing his body tightly against mine. Before he pulled out he told I better lick my cunt mess off his car or I was going to get a good spanking. I did such with fucking pleasure.

Looking For Fuck Partners For Me And My Girls

Fantasy Phone SexI am a milf looking for partners for casual nasty hot sex. I have two little sweet young girls that love to play with mommy and her boyfriends. Giggles, not that any of these men are my boyfriend they are mostly just random guys I hook up with to fuck as much as possible. The young bucks that answer my fuck ads are looking more to fuck me but have no problem with my girls watching and even playing some. the older gentlemen who answer my fuck ads want more of my young girls to join in the fun and they want me to help guide them along. Which I got to say is the biggest fucking turn on for me!

Teenage Dick To Mold

Family Fun Phone SexThe hot teenage stud next door slipped over to my house this morning. He has a fetish for sexy slutty Milfs like me. I happened to be the lucky Milf living next door that gets his young dick. He slips over almost every day sometimes several times a day. There is no foreplay with a teenage dick it is straight to business. But a great thing about a teenage dick is that the right Milf can train that teenager dick and mold him into the perfect young stud fuck toy. And that is what I do with him. I got that boy munching on pussy and fucking all three of my sweet fuck holes just the way I fucking like it.


Cheating Phone Sex As soon as your wife’s car its the end of the driveway you are out the back door sneaking into my back door. I just dig how you waste no time undressing as you walk thru my house making your way to me. You take me by the neck and shove your cock in my mouth. Something that prude you are married to never does. I feel your cock slide down your throat. I gag and choke and drool drips down on your balls and my tits. You grab my hair and shove my mouth down to your balls. Your cock tickling the back throat as I gag. You pump hard three times and explode deep in my throat. Mmm, I taste your creamy cum as your seed fills my stomach. You pull out of my mouth and wipe your cock on my face. Turning around you walk back leaving me there like the whore I am.

Sisters BBC Boyfriend

Fantasy Phone SexI went over to see my sister Stacy. She called me up to tell me about her new black boyfriend and his huge motherfucking BBC! She said I just had to fuck him that he was that good. He made her squirt for hours into she passed out. I definitely wanted some of that BBC if he was that fucking good. I got ready and went over when I got there he was already stroking his cock waiting for me to arrive. He had a twelve inch BBC and thick as hell. I jumped right on that dick of his! When he first shoved that thick dick inside me I could feel my cunt stretching and tearing. But once he got it all the way in my cunt started gushing.

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