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Hot Ass Sex With My Sister

Hot ass sexMy lil sis and I tag teamed two brothers. We tag teamed them with our asses only. We wanted only our asses fucked. We did not want cunt fucking. We were not in the mood for mouth fucking. But we both were craving ass fucking. And that is exactly what we did. Fucked these two brothers with our asses. Switching off between the two of their cocks. Kissing, and fondling each others cunts. While we slide smoothly up and down on their huge fuck rods! My lil sis and I had so much spooge in our asses that we leaked for hours. Even as the brothers were still fucking us and filling us up with even more spooge, We kept on leaking.

My Daughter And Me

Mother-Daughter Phone SexMy girl is such a good whore. Has been ever since she was a little one. Always interested in what I was doing with the men that showed up to play with me. I remember one time when she was just a little wee one. I was getting fucked by this guy I just met in the bar that night. We were making a lot of noise as we came thru the door. Trailing back to my bedroom we were making a loud rucas. My daughter came popping in the room. At first we did not know she was there watching us from the bottom of the bed. I was so into sucking this guy I was not even paying attention to her. When I looked up I spotted her watching me give head to this guy. (Sorry I keep saying this guy, but I do not remember his name. One night stand and all.) She smiled at me and jumped on the bed. I sat up and brought her to my lap undressing her from her clothes. I took her hand and wrapped it around his fuck rod and was sliding it up and down. I took my tongue and licked at his shaft. He was totally fucking enjoying this, his precum was seeping out. I told my daughter to take her tongue and lick up his precum. She did and she really enjoyed it. I think this is the point when she knew she wanted to be a whore just like me. Ever since this time she has wanted to join in when I was getting fucked as much as possible. And now she is a great little whore. Always wanting to fuck. Never says no to anyone or anything. And knows most of all her best asset is her body.

Need Cock For This Pussy

Hot phonesexLooking for cock for this hungry pussy. Lots and lots of cock! Big cock. Little cock. Old cock. Young cock.  Family cock. Married cock.  And lets not forget our furry friends cock. I just am craving lots of cock. Not that I have not had plenty of cock in the last few weeks and days. But I want more cock. I am craving so much cock that I want two cocks an hour for my pussy. (Laughs) you can have any hole you desire really. But my pussy is the hole right now craving the cock. I need more cock.  And until more cock cums my way. I am gonna keep a big fat 10 inch dildo in my pussy.  That I will grind on.  I will remove the dildo only when cock cums or I have to piss.  Maybe this will cure my craving.

Can You Fuck Me Like This?

Hardcore Phone SexCan you fuck me like this?  Fuck me so hard I wanna cry as I cum. I hope so.  I love being fucked this hard.  So fucking hard it hurts, but feels fucking amazing.  Very few people fuck me like this.  Sad but true.  Hopefully you will be one of the ones to fuck me like this.  Just slamming your cock deep in me.  Relentlessly with out care as you tare into my holes.  Hearing them rip as you keep going in deeper and harder.  Feeling the tears come down my cheek.  My cunt squirting out.  Making a mess on the bed.  Feeling your balls swell and tighten as they hit my ass.  I smile knowing about to get your cum coating my cunt.

Give Me That Cum All Night Long

Cum Slut Phone SexI love cum!  Cum in the throat.  Cum in the cunt.  Cum in my ass.   Cum on my face.  Cum in my hair.  Cum on my boobs.  Cum on every inch of me.  Cum taste so sweet in my mouth.  Cum feels so good deep inside my cunt and ass.  Cum feels good as it coats my stomach.  Leaving the after taste of cum in my mouth.   And when cum is on my body, the cum Moisturizes my skin.  Leaving my skin so silky.  Cum makes my hair shiny and smooth.  Cum all the way around is great for the body, inside and out!  And let us not forget that awesome package that delivers all that yummy cum.  ~Naughty Reanna

Golden Shower

Golden Shower Phone SexCum baby I want you to do this to me. Make me into your toilet. Give me a golden shower.  I wanna feel you warm piss hit my flesh.  The tingly sensation as I feel you piss hit my mouth and slide down my throat.  I love the smell of piss in my hair.  I am craving a golden shower from you. Piss on my whole body. Piss in all three of my greedy holes.   I will plead for you piss if you want.  Crawl around on all fours begging like a bitch dog in heat.   Maybe we can get together a play this fetish of mine out.  I love to be turned into a toilet.  And I would love for you to be the one to give me my golden shower.

Apples In The Ass Yummy!

Anal Phone SexI remember the first time I ever had an apple shoved up my ass. And I fucking loved it baby! Now I keep plenty of apples in this house. Shove an apple up my ass and start munching baby.  I think I look fucking adorable.  Like a stuff pig ready for fucking.  Would you eat off this apple? Then fuck me hard and good with your cock in my gaping ass?  I bet you would.  And I bet you would fucking love it.  Just like I fucking love it.  Nothing juicier then an apple  soaked in ass juices. Make my cunt squirt with that apple in my ass. You will never look at apples the same way once we play together.   And apples will become your favorite fruit.

My Sons Friend A Great Dominant

Submissive Phone SexMy sons friend Sam I have known practically his whole life. Sam has been friends with my son since they were little. Now they are all grown up.  And Sam is great of taking control of this milf.  I never knew he was a dominant person.  Until one day he took control of my body and was telling me how it was gonna play out.  Telling me he was gonna take me any way he wanted.  Any time he wanted.  I was so turned on by his behavior I started humping the air, my cunt started to leak on my thighs.  Sam saw all this and just laughed at me. Saying ”  I always knew you were a whore and now you are my whore at my beck and call.  I could not help it I squirted clear across the room just by hearing his words. So demanding so in control.

My God Son Breeding Me

Breeding Phone SexI was spending a few weeks with my friend and my god son Tony. Just hanging out having a nice vacation. Noticing Tony has grown to a very young built good looking guy. I could not help but notice his muscles and nice tight body. He must of notice me starring at him.  Because my second to last night there.  Tony slipped into my room and climbed into bed with me.  He was naked and his cock was huge against my ass.  I got wet just from feeling his huge cock at my ass.  I rolled over and looked up at him.  He stared down at me and started sucking on my tits as he climbed on top of me.  Sliding his cock deep into my cunt.  I moaned as he began to fuck me.  His cock feeling so good deep inside.  He leaned down and said “Aunt Reanna I am gonna breed you.” I cum so hard just hearing those words out of his mouth.  Feeling his cock explode his seed deep in my cunt.  Mm  I can not wait to have Tony’s little one.

Masturbating With My Furry Friend

Mutual Masturbation Phone SexI guess I should be more quiet when I masturbate cause I always seem to attract some kind of attention. Last night I was masturbating in my living room with my dildo. And it was feeling so ultra good when I all of a sudden felt the nose of my furry friend sniffing at my cunt. I slid the dildo out of my soaking wet cunt and slipped off the couch. On to my knees. Placing my ass to his nose. I could feel him sniffing. Then feeling him scratch my back as he jumped up. Feeling his cock at my cunt hole. His cock finding his way into my waiting wet cunt.  I moaned loudly as he started to fuck my cunt.  Sliding fast in out of me making me his bitch.

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