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Juicy Cunt

Wet bald pussy My juicy cunt needs some nice hard cock. And I hear you have a great cock. Can you imagine licking your tongue on my cunt? Licking and playing with my clit. Taking your fingers and sliding them on in. Oh you can you imagine? Because I can. I can feel myself pushing my cunt on your fingers. Moaning softly. Listening to you unzip your pants and pull out your cock. Slipping it up and into my wanting cunt. Ohh I gasp and push my hips back down on your massive hard cock. I can feel your cock fill me completely on the inside. Making me cum hard on your cock. Can you feel my cunt soaking your cock. Hear my moans as you bring me such pleasure?

I Wanna Be Fucked By You

zvunrtCyber Sex Phone Sex I want your cock and no other. I have been hearing the stories about you. And I want you and I want you now. I hear your cock is amazing and feels like heaven when deep inside any hole it enters. I need to experience this for myself. Ever since I heard of how fucking wonderful you are between the sheets. I have been dreaming about you. Waking up and my pussy hurting for your cock. Soaked from my dream of ecstasy of you. I want to experience your cock in each hole for hours. I want to feel you slip in and out of each hole. Slamming your cock in and letting me grind on that hard awesome cock of yours. Giving me hours of pleasure. Countless squirts across the room.

Lot Lizards In Training

Adult phone chatI brought my twin nieces Tanya and Stacy down to the local truck stop. My brother wanted to start getting them to make some money for the family. Still young and real tight so he knew he could make a pretty penny off his girls. And they are real pretty small little titties. Just ripe enough for the pickings. I brought them from truck to truck showing them off and getting paid for their holes. We were there for 5 hours and it was one trucker after another trucker just wanting to use them. I could see that their holes where getting raw. But they are such good girls they never complained not once. They took every cock like they had been whores for 40 years. Ha,they come by it honestly!

Furry Friends

Furry Friends Phone Sex When I get done fucking this guy I get to fuck his furry friend. A little treat he brought over for me to have. He knows how much I like furry cock. How much of a little whore I am for that thump thump thump I only get with a furry friend. Then the way they turn me into their bitch by keeping me there in that position. Not letting me go until every last drop of that seed is released in me. This guy gets all three fuck holes first. Then I get to play with the mutt. He says he is gonna take pictures and plaster them all over the internet with my number on them. I hope I get a lot of responses and that they bring their 4-legged friends with them.

Ragging It

Phone sex Would you fuck me on my rag? I sure hope so. I love getting it on, when I am extra gushy wet. The way that pecker slides with ease with all that natural lubrication. Period is also great lube for the ass. I dig the squish squish noise that is only made during period sex. And let us not forget that when I am on my period I wanna fuck fifty times more than I wanna fuck on any other day. And I wanna fuck all the time on any other day. I can not get enough peckers when my rag is in town. So if you are looking for a ragging fuckalious slut. Cum my way baby! Oh and leave the lube at home.

And Daughter Makes Three

Fantasy Phone SexHaving an awesome three some with my daughter and a guy I met at the bar last night. He came back to my house with me to fuck. And he had a surprise waiting for him. My daughter was horny and so in the mood to fuck. So as soon as she heard I had company she came in to join the fun. I love having 3-somes with her. Her twat is so fucking tight. I love every inch of slutty body. The guy I brought home loved fucking her ass. The look on her face is priceless. He gave her no mercy while fucking her ass. And I loved every fucking moment of it. I cherish moments like these. Great bonding moments.

Golden Shower Phone Sex

Golden Shower Phone SexI am ready to be your whore toilet baby. Got my wee wee pad like a good little bitch. I am on my knees. My mouth wide open for that golden present. My boobs prompt and ready to be soaked. I love it when you take that cock of yours and piss all over me. Fill me full. That awesome freaking taste that only piss can provide. You toilet whores know what I am talking about. The taste, the smell, the way it fills your tummy. The softness and lingering perfume the piss leaves behind on your skin. Gets me all sloppy wet just talking about it. So men next time you are with that special one. Give her a gift she will never forget. Trust me diamonds have nothing on a good golden shower.

Frankie Boy

Phone sex Frankie boy came with his furry friend to have some fun with me and my little one. A little foursome get together you could say. He says my little one’s cunny is so fucking tight. And I love the way his German furry friend fucks me in the cunt. So it is a little exchange between us two. His furry friend cock for my little ones cunny. I think it is an even trade. I love watching her get fucked hard. Her little body bouncing around here and there. As Frankie tears into her. The way I get mounted and then knotted. Being the bitch to this German. Watching my wee ones face. Being Frankie’s bitch. It is nights like these that make me love being a P mommy. And teaching all wee ones the proper way to live.

Surprise In My Shoe

Phone sex I came home yesterday from work to find my grown son (who is visiting for a bit) jerking off in my clogs. I was shocked in what I was seeing but also intrigued David turned around and looked at me. With a smirk on his face. He did not stop jerking off. I asked him “David what are you doing?” He told me to shut the fuck up and to sit down on the bed. I was stunned by his authority towards me. But I must admit a little turned on. He kept jerking off in my clogs, still staring at me, with that shitty smirk on his face. He unloaded right in my clog. Grunting like an animal. He brought my clog over to me and shoved it in my face letting me smell his scent. Then he says “I was here the other day when you brought that guy home to fuck..” Should I tell dad about you being a little slut?” I stuttered out. “Ohh uh, mm, well no, where were you?” He leaned in close and said “You will wear the shoes I pick out for you every day with my load still in them. You will also surrender your ass to me everyday. You will become my Hardcore ass fucking slut mom. No more strange guys fucking those holes.” And with those words he pushed me down on the bed. Rolled me over. Pushed my dress up and plunged his dick inside my ass. I gasped as he tore into my ass. My body pushing against the bed as he fucks me harder and harder. My body tingling, squirting my juices out from pussy, I cried out loudly “Oh David I am your girl.” His grunting got louder and I felt him push his dick deep inside and unloaded a huge load. His heavy body laying on top of me. I knew from this moment on I was his girl.

Shit Anyone?

Adult phone chat This crazy fuck whom I adore. Using me as toilet shit all over my slutty body. He took his shit and smeared it on my body and face. Shoving his fist into my mouth so I could taste all that appetizing dessert. Shoving his fist into my ass and twat. He wanted his shit in every hole. And smeared his shit almost everywhere. By the time he was done I did have shit practically everywhere but my eyes. I love when he starts fisting me forcing his shit deep. For days when I piss it will smell like his shit. My body will linger the odor of his shit as a new perfume. Shit is a fabulous moisturizer for my skin and hair.

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