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Drugs-Phone-Sex-PennyMy little slut came home today and told me some man gave her a bag of stuff. He left a number and said call for more. I took the shit that this rookie dealer gave her and was rather impressed with the quality. Since it was so good I called him and told him what to bring me. Just as I suspected some young punk with spiked hair and tattoos showed up at my door. But his jeans were so tight I could see the actual vein that ran from the top to bottom of his cock. I told him I couldn’t pay once he got there and asked could we settle the debt any other way. He was so young and nervous I did the work for him and dropped to my knees and started sucking that pole of a cock of his. I sucked his cock, licked his balls, and played with the rim of his ass until the little bastard almost drowned me with that massive load. He just kept cumming and cumming, all while holding the back of my head so I couldn’t get away. It was worth it, the little fucker left an extra bag because my head was so good. Wait until he meets the rest of my little sluts.

Paying My Due’!

Drugs phone sexI have not been keeping my word lately. My dealers have been fronting me some stuff ad I haven’t been coming back to pay them at all. It is three guys mainly and I knew they were pissed at me. They showed up at my front door this morning together. I didn’t even know they knew each other. They told me they knew the game I was running and that it was going to stop today. They forced me to my knees and told me I was going to pay my debts with my pussy, mouth, and ass today. All three pulled out their huge black dicks and started making me suck them all at once. Once they were all nice and hard and wet two of them began to double penetrate my cunt and anus while the other guy remained standing in front of me fucking my face. They ponded came and rotated till all three of them had blown a separate load in each hole of my body. My jaw was sore, my legs were numb and my ass was gaped. They said I was a good opeing act and asked my my little whores were getting home! I know the sluts are gonna pay for me being such a bad mommy. But that is fine with me! Beside… I have already worn them ½ out!


Drugs phone sexI love when my dealer puts powder on the tip of his massive cock and makes me suck it off. A throbbing dick in my mouth is always enough to get me turned on but adding sweet candy to it just makes it that much better. And pretty soon the natural high a slut like me gets from sucking dick is even more enhanced. When he jams that coke covered cock in my throat and I feel the rush from it being coated I just want him to fuck my face more and more. And I swear it does something for him also because his cum always taste just like its coated in powder. And the explosion of his spunk in my mouth gets me higher than any rush up my nose ever could. And when he fucks me my pussy lips tingle the whole time and I squirt uncontrollably. I hope he ask me to blow him today. A botch really want to get high and get fucked at the same time.

Making a Bitch!

Drugs phone sexI can’t help my addiction. I’ve been on this stuff since I was a kid and now it’s like I can’t function if I don’t powder my nose two or three times per day. Of course this is expensive so I have to do things to get money I’m not always proud of. I’ve stolen from my neighbors, my kids, and my friends. I even pimped out my daughters so I could have enough money to stay high. After selling her pussy online for a few hours every day I had enough to buy my daily supply. She was such a little slut she loved it anyway. She always said the only better to do than suck and fuck all day is to get paid to suck and fuck all day. She even blew my dealer for me whenever I was short on cash so I could get my supply. His name was black and he was just that; big and black as night. I would watch as she sucked him off. His cock was so huge she couldn’t get her mouth around the head and he would face fuck her until her lips stretched far enough. He would cover her face in cum and make her eat all of it. The happy slut did it though and I had what I needed every day.

Drugs phone sex

One day my little whore was at school and I was short on cash. I went to D and asked him to front me and tomorrow I would have the cash and her to make up for it. He said no. I said, “Well what can I do?” He told me I knew what he needed and he needed it now. I said, “But she is not here?” He replied that he knew and he didn’t care. I offered to please him myself but he didnt want me. He told me he had been to prison and he liked making guys his bitch and making them suck his cock and today he wanted to have some fun. He wanted me to bring him fresh meat to fuck. I knew just the perfect guy! He was such a loner. I have never seen him with a girl. Everyone except him knows exactly what he is. I went to his house and told him I needed his help. I lied and said there was a puppy stuck in a whole. I knew his bleeding heart would work for me. He followed me all the way to D’s. When D saw Eric he smiled from ear to ear. Eric was ready to run but D pulled out a Gun! D told Eric that he was going to eat his cock or a bullet and he better pick fast. Eric dropped to his knees. D pulled out the biggest blackest cock I have ever seen! And he slapped Eric on my lips with the dick. Eric didn’t want to open his mouth but when he heard that gun cock he opened his mouth. That big black bull forced his huge dick right into Erics mouth all the way to his fucking tonsils. D grabbed the back of Eric’s head and face fucked his mouth like it was a pussy. Eric was gagged and spit everywhere and it only made D harder. When he finally pulled out Eric was gasping for air but his throat was quickly filled with what seemed like a gallon of spunk. Eric spit it on the floor and I heard the gun cock again. “My bitches swallow my babies, now lick it up!” Eric licked all the cum he didn’t swallow off his face and floor. Eric just sat there. Like D owned him now. I dont give a fuck. De gave me double what I asked for in the dope. And I’m going to fucking need it tonight.

Mommy Needs!

Mommy phone sexTwo things I have to start my day with, a good hit up my nose and a good cock in my cunt. The candy wakes me up and makes my whole body tingle. The cock gets my pussy flowing and my mind running on what I am going to do today. Whether it’s whatever guy got me high, my dealer delivering early, or my dildo that I keep right next to my bed; I have to have my sunrise cock. Many times my dealer will wake up before me so he can start his day off with one of my little sluts. He says he just loves the way their pussies change color when he stretches them with his huge cock, and their cries from the pain turn him on and make him harder. He floods their pussies and then goes in their asses just so they can moan and whimper more and his cock gets hard again before he fucks me. And those little sluts better do it every time. Mommy can’t have her cock or candy if those little fuckers don’t take that cock; and mommy is going to get her cock and candy.

Price to Play

Drugs phone sexI was so pissed today. I went and gave my drug dealer the best blow job ever. I licked that fuckers balls and everything. And the bag of candy he gave me in return is the weakest shit I have ever had. I think the asshole did it on purpose because he laughed when I called him on it. I had to get my release somehow so I called my little ones to the room and took turns stretching them out with my dildo. Watching their tiny pussies turn pink and stretch to their limits turned me on and had my cunt very moist. I couldn’t help but play with myself as I listened to their moans from my plastic cock penetrating them so deeply. Their cries got to be so loud that I made the one getting fucked eat the others pussy, that way the little cunts whimpers would be muffled by pussy lips. Fucking and punishing their asses was almost enough to make me remember that I wasn’t high. Tomorrow I’ll go fuck for some better stuff, and if it isn’t better I’ll just come fuck them up again.

Hurt so GOOD!

Hot ass sexA new dealer moved in to town recently. He is a big black guy with huge muscles, tattoos, long hair, and a cock bulge you could see through his pants effortlessly. When he saw me he told me he has whatever I need and of course he gave me a free fix. He must like me because he gave me a few more free but the last time I saw him he told me I’m going have to pay something for all of this dope he gave me. I went to his house that night and he had a huge sack on the table for me. When I reached for it he pushed me on the table and yanked my tight yoga pants off my ass. I never wear panties so my pussy was easy for him to get to. He rubbed his fingers on my clit and his hand was so big that he stuck his thumb in my ass at the same time. The feeling of my ass stretching made my pussy pour like a faucet and he thrust his thumb in and out of my asshole while finger fucking my pussy just as fast. I heard his pants unzip and when he slapped my bare ass with his cock I thought he hit me with a baseball bat it was so big. He put his hand over my mouth and shoved that massive head in my pussy. I started to scream but he just covered my face tighter, and then yelled “shut up bitch!” He fucked me so hard and fast that I felt my pussy stretch farther than it ever has. He slammed in so hard that I felt his huge balls swing up and slap my clit with every stroke. It hurt so badly but I loved it so much. He then pulled out spun me around and pushed me to my knees. As soon as my cock hit my lips I knew he was going to cum and I almost drowned in all the spunk he shot into my face. It was in my eyes, nose, and filled my throat. He slapped me with his cock before ordering me to take the dope and leave. I can’t wait too see that huge cock stretch one of my little sluts pussies!

Special Delivery!

Hot ass sexIt was time for my dealer to come by and give me my weekly fix. I made sure my little ones were all around and close so he could pick which one he wanted to give him his fix. When he got there he said he had a special surprise for me, something new called crystal. He gave me so much that I ran to the back room to start my fun. Meanwhile he took my little one with the blonde pig tails to the den and closed the door. As soon as I took the crystal my mind went haywire. My pussy got immediately super wet, and my nipples were so hard and sensitive that I couldn’t stop rubbing them. I went to the den where I knew he was fucking my little one real good. I opened the door and to my surprise he wasn’t stretching that tiny pussy yet. She was kissing his dick while giving him a slow hand job with her spit as lube. His cock looked so huge with those little fingers sliding up and down the shaft that I started cumming just looking at them. He said he knew I would come in and he made me suck his cock while my little one sat on his face and fed him that sweet tender pussy of hers. He must have been high too, because the more she poured her juices on his face, the more his cock would throb in my throat. It was jumping and bulging so much it made my pussy so wet. And when he came it exploded like a volcano. I swallowed it all but it was so much cum that it felt like my stomach was full. He then made me lick his face clean of my baby’s juices and he left. The crystal was nice, but I think the fuck session was better. Can’t wait till next week’s delivery.

Fair Trade!

Mommy phone sexHis Cock felt so good in my ass. I didn’t have the money to pay my dealer today so I let him have his way in all my holes so I could get what I needed. The sensation of his cock throbbing as it was going in and out of my tight asshole was almost as good as the candy I just snorted up my nose. After he finished making me his cum bucket, and I rather enjoyed that I must say, he offered me a deal. I could get high all week for free if I let him pick out one of my little ones to ravage. Those little sluts know they better fuck when mommy tells them to and for free powder they better show what those little pussies can do. So he comes by and picks out one of my little sluts and takes her to the room, I follow to watch to make sure she does well, and that slut is a pro. She swallowed that whole cock into her throat, gagging and spitting the whole time but she never stopped sucking. Then when he bent her over her cute little pussy stretched just far enough to squeeze his massive dick as he thrust in and out of her hole. As he moaned about how good it was she begged him for more of his dick. “Please let me swallow your cum” she screamed as her bald little pussy got pounded. He then pulled out and bust all over her face and mouth. She swallowed what she could but most of it ran down her body. She cleaned it up with her hands and told him thank you. He threw the powder on my bed and left. More of the good shit for mommy, my sluts know just what I need.

Rent is Due

Mommy phone sexThe landlord came by today because I didn’t pay him. I spent all of my money on Powder and my babies haven’t made it back yet. Those little fuckers better step it up. But when he got her he was so pissed and I was so high it made it worse. One of my little ones saw what was going on and walked through the room naked just to distract him. I saw him stare and lock his eyes on her. He said maybe we could work something out. In the end I let him pick which of my two babies he wanted most and he fucked them for hours. I know he was surprised that they could take his whole dick so well but I have trailed them all for a long time. He stretched their little asses and came on both of their cute little faces and then watched them lick each other clean. Now rather than paying him every month I just let him get my babies whenever he wants for free. I guess these little sluts stepped up.

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