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I like to watch!

Mommy phone sexOk. I admit it! I like to watch. When I get really fucked up. I mean flying high and edging all the way. I want a show! I want to see how hard you can fuck my little ones! I dont mean I want some nice soft love making. Fuck that shit. I want to see hard core! I want to see fisting both anal and vaginal. I want to see hard core, deep penetration. I want to see fucking. I want to hear the begging and pleading! I want to feel my little sluts getting fucked! Use them like little whores. Treat them like the trash they are. I made those little sluts to be used!  I need to see them. I want them to beg. I want them to watch you gape open ever single whole! Do it to them. I want to watch!

Great Summer!

mommy phone sexIt’s been a great summer…it’s been a very Active summer. My little brats and my friends all had the hottest time. Well, maybe not my ‘sweet angels’. Sure I love them more than anything, but sometimes they are SO whiny. But I’ve really been needing them to give it up for me, it’s summer so it’s time to party. These 3 sluts needed to earn the treats I needed to get fucked up. My youngest was still complaining from her ass being raw from last weekend…but did she really think I cared? I had a guy that wanted both of those incredibly tight and tiny holes and I was going to get plenty of party favors for it. I was happy to help him, my high was strong and so was his and I knew he’d be pounding that pussy for hours. It’s so small it bled on his cock as he ripped it wide open but I just coaxed him to fuck her harder! She’s just like Mommy, whether she knows it yet or not. Once her cute cunt was filled with cum, and her ass equally pounded and her mouth covered with drool and cum I took her home for bed, no bath – mommy was way too high for that.

I need a break


Hot ass sexAll these little brats are driving me crazy. Spring break is the worst! I just want some peace and quite again. I like to stay up late and party and I don’t want to get up at 7 am to feed little bitches. So I did the only thing I could think of. I rented them out! Some of my regs wanted to take a slut home with them. And I don’t have a problem with it. I tripled the normal rate. And I packed their bags. My youngest went with Ron. He is a total ass man! I am sure her tiny ass will be stretched wide open by the time she comes home. Kathleen went with Bob. He has a bunch of brothers to share her with. They really like to watch their own cum. So she will be covered from head to toe in cum, when she comes home. And my oldest. Well. She went with old man Dourly. He likes to get high and go for hours. Plus his meds make it so hard for him to cum. So she will be well used for hours. Both her ass and her pussy. But she is such a whore she can handle him. And I get the sweet joy of a few days off. And a bunch of cash to get high and party…mmmmm what should I do first?

Give it to me!

drugs phone sexI’ve thought of a great idea. I know exactly how my little brats can take care of Mommy today! I’ve been thinking about how I can get some extra money flowing into my pockets. Those bills just never stop and the only way I can think to make quick and easy money is through my little ones. Especially this youngest one I just had. She’s so little and I know she’ll bring in the big bucks when I pimp her out for a hardcore video. Most would find that sick and revolting but the thought has my cunt wet. I am just thinking about how many men would be dying to get their hands on my barely fresh out my womb little one. She’s sooo tiny and her little pussy is itty bitty and bald. It’s just the tiniest little cunt ever and I can imagine her tight puffy cunt wrapped around all these big hard cocks! Crying and screaming from the pain, but I’m not going to help her. She’s paying my bills and she’s taking care of that perfect powder Momma loves sooo fucking much. She can cry all she wants to, this is going to end until the movie is over, and there are plenty of guys to fuck her for at least an hour. They all cum so quick feeling her tight little pussy squeezing their dicks. I am already looking forward to the next one…more cum and cock for my little one.

Working for Mommy!

Drugs phone sexI just rolled out of the car. I must have fallen asleep last night pimping the dirty sluts out. I got scared at first I couldnt find one the whores. But I found her down the alley naked asleep on the ground! She was covered in cum and looked disquesting! I was about to take her home to clean her up when this bum came around the corner. I saw how he was looking at my little slut. And I asked what he had to offer? He didnt have much I wanted until he pulled out his stash! I pushed the little whore at him and started doing a line right there. He picked her up and pushed her over the end of his shopping cart. And started fucking her right there. I could hear her gaging from his stench. But I really dont give a fuck. I am going to have to hose her off in front of the house before I can let her in to shower! He finished up with her and we got the fuck out of there! A hard days work. I may even let her take a little nap before we start again.

Mommy needs her bills Paid!!!

Mommy phone sexBills are really piling up. I cant believe how expensive gas is.. not that it matters cause my car broke down. So I am just gonna need to make more money! I know my girls have been really working it. But its not enough. It will never be enough.  I really don’t care if they have to take 3 or 4 cocks a day! Mommy needs some bills paid! And those fucking little sluts are going to get mommy paid!  I have barely been able to keep my supply coming in. Even my pills have gone up. But it’s ok cause I figured it out. I bought all these sexy little things. And I cut them down and sewed them up to fit my little ones. Fishnet stockings. Tiny little g strings. And of course little half cup dimi bra’s. Now they can earn me some money! They can be such good little whores! They are getting so good at sucking and fucking hard cocks! They are really learning to take a big cock and milk it. Just the way mommy taught them.

Branching Out

Drugs phone sexI have been fucking going crazy! I couldn’t find any good shit. All my dealers are out! Fucking feds cracking down on everything. It has been almost a week. And I am ready to claw my eyes out. So desperate times calls for desperate measures. So I threw caution to the wind. I dressed me little sluts up like the whores they are. Tiny little dresses and high heels. Little see thru shirts. And I took them to the local truck stop. I dont like to take the chance of my fuck toys out. But I just cant help it. I need a fix bad. And it didn’t take long. I knew instantly when a dirty old man got a woody looking at my littlest slut. She was sitting on the floor. Playing with her doll. The way he looked at her. Like he was about to rip her apart! I walked right up to him and offered him an hour alone with the slut. He could do what ever he wanted as long as he gave me my powder. It took him over an hour to find my stuff. And the entire time he had his hand in his pocket jacking his cock staring at my little slut. When we finally did the hand off… He grabbed her so hard and pulled her into his truck. I could hear her clothes being torn off and her screams. I just don’t care.

Pride and Joy’s

drugs phone sexMy little ones are my pride and joy and they can be yours too! I am single, yes. I don’t have anyone to play Daddy with…and I know the little ones are just yearning for a big throbbing cock to cum their way. Those horny little ones…always making me so turned on. I know they do it on purpose. They run around naked and suck on my tits for the nonexistent milk. All dried up on my tits but certainly not my pussy. All I do is rent these whores out for my fix and my bills. I’ve got two dealers now. The one that’s nice and brutal on my babes and the one that likes to play Daddy too…which one are you? Are you the type to give me a line and have me watch and listen as my little ones scream and cry for mercy? Watch as you rip open those tiny assholes and see you stretch them out. Mmm…I love to watch, it’s enough to make me cum but I know there is more in store for my little ones so I wait and watch for more. Watch as my babes get fucked like little whores, just like Mommy gets fucked. They’re so much more useful than I ever imagined…my little angels forever!

Fair Trade!

Drugs phone sexI have been in a bad way lately. I normally get my fix 3 to 4 times a week. This week my dealer went out of town. And I couldn’t get a hold of anything. I have been on the phone and reaching out to everyone I know. But I couldn’t score shit! I got so desperate I took a big chance. I went door to door. I know where the dealer are. So I dressed my little whores up. Stockings and tiny sheer slips! I marched those little whores to every single dealer I could find. And offered up their tiny little pussies for payment. I was getting worried no one would take me up on my offer until the last house. It was a nasty house. Really delappedaed. Run down and tore up. The guy that answered the phone was rough. He actually scared me a little. But I really didn’t give a fuck. I needed my fix! I offered him the whores and normally I want to watch. I get off on watching. But this time he made me wait outside. I was doing lines off his front porch listening to my little sluts screaming as there clothes were being ripped off. After I started flying high I peeked thru the window and saw my youngest slut face down on the floor while this ass hole was pyle driving deep in her tiny little cunt! I came right then and there! I watch for hours as he used my sluts only stopping long enough to do a line! Best night of my life!

A White Christmas!

Hot Ass SexMy dealer has been on a binge lately. Wanting tight little pussy constantly. It is like he is addicted to my little sluts. There tiny little cunts are stretched and swollen. They can barely walk! But I dont give a FUCK! I am getting more powder than I can even take! He can fucking use them up as far as I am concerned! And then today he asked if he could “RENT” them out for a party he is throwing! I got so fucking wet just thinking about it. Watching them get passed around from cock to cock. Fucking turns me on so fucking much! And the fact I will have all the powder I can take! OMG it really is Christmas! I am thinking about putting little bell nipple clamps on them. Just so I can hear jingle bells when I am flying high! I love being a mommy!

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