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Parent Teacher Conference

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Have any of you ever been to one of these cluster fucks?? First off they give you a time, then when you show up you are waiting for another family to get their asses out of the damn room.  I don’t even know why I had to go.  My girls bring home straight A’s, granted they aren’t in the higher grades but still, wtf?  I had to go for an interview to work at a gentleman’s club and I wouldn’t have time to go back home and change so I showed up wearing something short, tight, and with high heels. 

My girls weren’t at all embarrassed, but the other parents were looking at me like my tits were falling off me due to some horrible virus.  I was standing outside the room just waiting, and waiting.  I could hear them talking and laughing.  Laughing? I knocked on the door. The teacher came to the door, opened it and held up her finger but she took a good look at me she said, “Can I help you?” I told her I was there for my conference and I have an interview so could we please get this going.

She shut the door again without saying a word, then I heard this bitch say, “I’m sorry about that, someone is complaining but we can take our time, it’s alright.”  I’m sorry, not sorry, but no the fuck you cannot take your damn time.  I opened the door and walked in.  I was pissed.  The Dad that was there smiled at me and his little boy’s eyes were wide.  His wife however looked like she was smelling a dead rat. Fuck her.

I made it clear that I have to do the conference, now!  She said good-bye with the most pissed off look on her face to those parents.  I said to the guy, “Hey, look me up when you want to fuck something other than a pile of dirt.”  He laughed but his wife looked like she was going to cry, good.  Stuck up cunt.  I sat down and did the conference.  Learned that my girl was getting straight A’s, I told the teacher to only schedule a conference if something was wrong from now on and that if she didn’t stop looking at me like I was a piece of shit I would punch her in her damn face, then left.

I hurried to my interview, as I walked in I wasn’t paying attention and bumped into … guess who? The Dad from the conference before mine.  He smiled and laughed.  I asked him if he was stalking me, he said no.  I had my interview, got the job, then went to leave and the Dad was still there.  He asked me if what I had said earlier was true.  I told him it was.  I took him back to my place, my one daughter recognized him as one of her classmate’s Dads.  He asked me if she would say anything, I told him not to worry about it.

I told him that I always wanted to blindfold someone and he let me.  I wasn’t going to fuck this loser.  He almost cost me my job by almost being late to my interview. I motioned to my daughter to get undressed, she almost giggled, she scrambled on top of him and took his cock into her little pussy as far as it would go.  He pulled his blindfold off and was about to lift her up off of him when he saw me with my phone.  I took pictures, I’m not stupid.  Plus, he looked horrified but he sure did shoot his load pretty quick.  He ran out of my house, that’s what he gets for causing me issues, now I just wonder what I should do with these pics.

Why I Love The Fall

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This is my very favorite time of year.  It is a very sentimental reason too.  Back when I only had one of my girls we had just got done trick or treating and I was giving her a bath while I was putting making up and doing my nails when she looked at me from the tub, pointed at my pussy and said, “What is?” Then she looked down at herself and pointed.  I smiled at her and got down on my knees by the tub and pointed to her little cunny and said, “Pussy.” Then I stood up and said, “What’s this?” and pointed to my own.  She looked up at me and said, “Pussy.” Actually it came out more like “uppsy” but she was close enough.

That began my journey as a P-Mommy.  I showed her all sorts of things about her body, mostly when she was taking a bath because I would get into the tub with her.  It wasn’t scary for her this way, she just knew her Mommy was in the tub with her and she was touching Mommy and Mommy was touching her.  Every day I would take her for a walk in the crisp air, making sure to be out long enough to were we were a cold when we got home.  We would make a game out of who could get their clothes off the fastest and under the nice warm blankets on Mommy’s bed.

This is where the play time went a little further.  There are so many wonderful memories of the first taste of her, the first time she kissed my clit, the first time she fingered me, the first time we deep kissed.  With each one after her I made it a tradition to start the grooming in the fall, it is what I did with all my girls.  I love my girls, I love what they do for me when I need to them, and how they helped make fall my favorite time of the year.

Fucking Drunk and High

Family Fun Phone Sex

Once in a while I like to get away from the girls for a bit and go out.  Last night I was able to do that, I got a babysitter and off I went.  I met up with my friend Julia, who likes to play with her little ones like I do, that’s how we met actually.  That story is for another blog though.  Her and I stopped at her guy’s place to get some gear then we went to a bar.

It had been so long since I had been away from the girls that I felt weird being without them.  One thing that was good though was that we didn’t have to pay for one single drink.  The guy that owns the bar likes to stop by Julia’s house now and then and stick his dick into her daughter’s ass to help wake her up for school.  Julia says that she doesn’t like it at all, but it gets her free drinks so she will just have to put up with it until her sister is a little bit older, then she will be able to take over for her older sister.

We were sitting there and these two guys came over.  We danced with them a few times, and when it came time to leave we went home with them.  When we got into the hotel room one guy grabbed Julia by the hair and pushed her up against the wall.  I wasn’t even all the way in the room and tried to turn around and leave, but I too was grabbed and tossed onto the bed.

The guy who had Julia swung her around and back handed her across the face hard.  Then the door opened and I knew exactly who it was.  It was Julia’s ex-husband and he looked super pissed.  He looked at me and asked me what I was doing there and I told him that I was out with Julia.  He told the one guy to take me in the bathroom and do what ever with me, that he needed to spend some time with Julia.

I was picked up and shoved into the bathroom.  I fell backward against the tub and almost fell in.  The guy sat down on the toilet and lit a cig.  He then asked me if I wanted on, I said, “Hell yes.”  We sat there for a bit, then he pulled out some coke.  He shared with me, then to show my appreciation I got on my knees and sucked him off.  It took forever because of the coke, but that just meant that I could have his cock in my pussy, and ass before he finally came in my mouth.  

Meanwhile in the bedroom Julia was almost screaming, but I was high and really didn’t give a shit.  That’s how I get when I’m drunk and high, I don’t care about anyone else but myself.  We were in there for a good amount of time then there was a knock at the door and we went out.  Her ex-husband threw her purse at me and told me to pick her up and get the fuck out.

Julia was a mess, but not as messy as my pussy was from that one guy’s dick.  


Abandoned and Bred

Breeding Phone Sex

I had a dream last night about my girls and I.  We were taken from our beds by men who where dressed all in black.  They didn’t have their faces covered but they didn’t speak either which was super creepy.  They put us in a car and took us to an abandoned building.  I know the building because I used to walk past it every day when I was younger, before I became a Mommy.

Once inside we were put into some sort of container.  I want to say it was one of those big shipping containers, but it was a dream and not all things are clear in a dream.  We were pounding on the sides of the container, trying to open the door so we could get out.  My girls were crying, and I was trying really hard not to lose my shit.

The next part of the dream we were outside of the container chained up, there were mattresses on the floor, and some dog dishes.  I could see something like mac and cheese and water.  One of my girls was down on her knees eating from one of the bowls.  This loud whistle blew and we all stood up straight.  In came some men, they were all talking then they would point to which one of us they wanted.  The girls were all looking at me and so were the men.  They all pointed at me so I was grabbed.  I was taken into another room where I was put on a steel table.

The next thing I knew I was giving birth and all those men were sitting around watching me.  Then I was back chained up again.  We were left in the dark, the mac and cheese never ran out.  Why mac and cheese, I have no clue. lol  I was just going to get down on my hands and knees to eat when I saw that all three of my girls were pregnant and they were being taken away.  My last thought before I woke up was that we were breeders, that was our sole purpose.  The dream felt so real that I looked at my stomach when I first woke up just to make sure I really wasn’t pregnant.

A Family Of Cock Sucking Whores

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

I love being a P-Mommy, and I love to show off my little bitch’s mad fucking, and sucking skills.  They are be coming professionals at it.  If there were an Olympics for it, they would take home the god damned gold cock!  Marcus asked me if I would like to do a special event party with my girls.  I told him I am not a charity so I wouldn’t do it for free.  He laughed and said that he knew that.  He told me that if I were to show up and just do what they wanted there was three grand in it for me.  Fuck yeah!

A package arrived the day of the party, it contained the smallest leather outfits I had ever seen.  Two spanking skirts, and one cat suit that was crotch-less for my youngest.  I mean they were pretty fucking cute, and they fit!  I had some stuff for myself too, boots, gloves, a collar, and a latex dress.  I was starting to get what the theme of the party would be.

A car showed up around 7 p.m. and we got in.  All of us were wearing long coats because walking out of your house to get into a car toting your little ones behind you dressed up like BDSM sluts might be frowned upon by my nosy neighbors.  We were taken to the back of the house then let in.  Once in our coats where taken, then we were taken downstairs into a room with a lot of other Women, Men, and little brats.  We were all dressed up in the same manner.

We were all down there for a very long time, then finally the door opened up and we were taken upstairs, as soon as those little bastards, and bitches reached the top of the steps they were grabbed and taken off.  The same thing happened to us adults.  I was shoved into a side room, cropped, then made to suck cock after cock. My jaw was so damn sore, and I was so thirsty.  I am not sure how much time had gone by, but at some point my girls were brought in with me.  Their lips were bruised, their make up smeared, their hair all messed up, so I knew they had been used.

I was made to lay down on my back, then one by one my daughters stood over me before squatting down so I could eat the cum out of their little cunnies.  There was so damn much of it.  My littlest one had a cum glaze on her soft little snatch.  After the cleaning we all went back to sucking cock again.  When the night ended I was given the money, put in a car and sent home.  

Today the girls and I are going shopping.  We sucked so much cock that all of have raspy voices, and very sore throats.  My girls said they hated the party, but I fucking loved it, and of course this wad of cash I have.  

The Girls Learn A Lesson

Bondage Phone Sex

Oh boy, did my girls not like our last visit time with my dealer.  They had been acting up all day but I had to stop and get some of my ‘medicine’ before we got home.  There was some sort of show on that they wanted to watch and were going to miss it.  They were just bitching and would not stop.  Marcus told them that they needed to shut the fuck up while we were getting my medicine.  Did they listen, no they did not.  It’s not like their Daddies are around to help me discipline them, so once in a while Marcus will step in.

He told them straight up that they were acting like little cunts and should shut up when told to do so. The littlest one told him, “You aren’t my Daddy.” That just pissed him off, he yanked her up by her arm and tossed her on the sofa.  He smacked her hard on her ass and told her that not only did she need to learn a lesson but so did the other two.  He left the room for a short period of time then called to me to take them upstairs.  They were begging me to not take them up there, he came flying down the steps.  One by one he grabbed them and took them upstairs. 

One by one he hogtied them.  The rope was so tight that I had to tell him to not tie up their wrists too hard because I wouldn’t be able to explain away the rope marks on their wrists.  He reluctantly agreed, so he re did the ties, he had them with their arms behind their backs, upper arms secured tightly.  He put gags in their mouths, and had them stand against the wall.  He went up behind them to place his hand on the back of their necks to make them bend forward.  He told them to keep their heads pressed up against the wall, spread their legs, then stick their asses out.

He took off his belt and started to whip their asses.  He would stop every once in a while to finger fuck their tight little holes, he would wet his fingers then shove them right up their bruised and welted up asses.  Then after he was done covering their asses in strap marks, he would whip their tiny little pussies with the belt.  He was swinging it up between their legs, they yelped, cried and screamed in pain against the gags. After he was done with their whippings, he laid them down on their backs, and fucked each of their red, raw pussies.  He even managed to get the tip of his cock into the littlest one. 

I sat back and did a few lines as I watched.  The whole time he was doing this he was telling them what little shits they were being and how they needed to listen.  You know, I think Marcus would actually make a good Father because after he was done with my girls they were good as gold.  They have been very polite and haven’t complained about anything at all.  I have to say it’s nice not to hear their shitty little voices whining anymore.

Anonymous Notes

Age Play Phone Sex

The first note I found was tucked under my windshield wiper.  I just tossed it away, then forgot about it.  I had to, I was afraid to have any reaction when I read it.  Then came the second one, I found it mixed in with the mail.  It was handwritten and said, “Would your girls like to play with my boys? Text this number if so …”  Yeah, I wasn’t going to do that.  The third note was hand delivered, with some flowers.  This time there was more information included on the note.  It gave me an address to show up at, alone.

I thought since my girls wouldn’t be with me I couldn’t get into any sort of legal trouble. I showed up, the door was opened by a man I had seen dropping his boys off at school.  He smiled when he saw it was me.  He brought his boys out, I watched as they sucked his cock, and rode both of them.  They were good boys.  He said that he wanted to see them have sex with my girls, because the boys really liked two of my girls.  Aren’t crushes cute?

I went right away to get the girls.  When we finally got over there, the Dad of the boys was so fucking hard.  The little ones played with each other, it was so fucking hot.  The Dad fucked me while the “play date’ was going on.  Watching my girls having those little dicks slamming in and out of their pussies, and them with these looks of pleasure on their small faces made me cum so hard.  The boys not only played with my girls, but they played with me as well.  Tiny dicks fucking my hot, wet pussy while my girls sucked their Dad’s cock  was fucking incredible.  I have never watched my girls with boys their ages, but I have to say we will be visiting them a lot!

P-Mommy Play Time

Drugs phone sexToday our toys arrived.  My girls have seen me using them on myself, they have even used them on me from time to time.  My oldest asked me a couple of weeks ago if she could have one, so I did a little bit of online shopping to find some for the girls to practice with.  Just because they have used a toy on me doesn’t necessarily mean that the girls would know how to use the toys on themselves.

I decided that we would have a play session.  I gave them each one toy, even the littlest one got one.  She actually giggled when I handed it to her. I told them to settle down and get undressed.  Before we started I made them each take some of Mommy’s “medicine”. I got on the couch while they laid on the floor in front of me.  They spread their little legs, just like their Mommy.  I started to rub my clit, they did the same.  Seeing their little fingers running over their soft mounds almost made me cum before we even got to the practice part. 

I brought the toy to my mouth and sucked on it while working my pussy, the girls followed along.  It was sorta cute, they were paying attention better then I have ever seen them do.  Then I started to fuck myself, I told them just to do what I was doing.  The littlest one was having a very big problem because she kept trying to press it completely in, and it wasn’t working, she is just too tight. Her sisters had to help her out.  Watching those two work a toy into their little sister’s tiny little pussy hole was amazing.

All practicing stopped and I called them over to suck on my clit, and my tits.  I licked each of their tiny slits one by one, we played for the rest of the afternoon.  I had such a great time, and the girls got some pussy practice in, all in all it was a great day.

The Bite That Ties

BDSM Phone Sex

One of my little mother fuckers decided to bite a guy’s ball sack.  The shit hit the fan! I was in the room next to where they were smoking away when I heard a howl with a lot of swearing mixed in.  I ran in to see my little stupid bitch getting slapped so hard I thought her head would fly off.  I asked what was wrong, although I had an idea because he was holding his nut sack.  Others were in there now, he was saying how she bit his sack, not just a little nip, but a full on bite.

I was grabbed, my girl was screaming, trying to grab me, I told her to get the fuck off of me.  I was taken into a room I had never been in before and tossed onto a bed.  Three guys had me tied up in no time.  Seems I was the one who was going to be punished for the bite.  Saying I was pissed doesn’t even begin to cover it.  I tried telling them that she should be punished, not me, one of them shot back, “You trained her!” Fair enough, but Makayla was going to have hell to pay when we got home, especially since I didn’t know what the fuck was going to happen to me.  I don’t get my gear from the most Christian people, they aren’t the forgive and forget type of men.

The rope was cutting into the back of my arms and the gag was shoved into my mouth then tied super tight.  I almost pissed myself, I was honestly fucking scared.  Do you know what these fuckers did? First off they flipped me over and one after one they fucked me, dry.  My ass is still tender, my poor asshole.  Then my tits were bit, pinched, and pulled with what I think was a pair of pliers.  My girls were brought in to watch, they were visibly shaken and sobbing.  I mean it was brutal.  

I passed out twice that I can remember, and I have bruises on every part of my body.  I thought for sure at one point that my insides were being pulled out from how much fucking that was done to me.  The sack guy came in and told the girls that if ever one of them ever tried to be a smart ass like that again he would make sure that he would bury them alive along side my dead body.  See, so not Christian at all. 

When we got home I asked Makayla what she was thinking.  She said that he told the other guy in the room that they weren’t going to give me my shit when they were done with my daughters.  Let’s face it, it isn’t like I could go to the damn cops about what happened.  When she told me that I was glad she bit him, as a matter of fact she should of just took his whole cock off.  She said she was sorry that I was punished for what she did but she was just trying to help her Mommy.

I told her I wasn’t mad, because that was the best fucking excuse I have ever heard to chew on some guy’s nut sack.  Sure the beating hurt, but I am sure he is in much more pain then I could ever be.  Good girl Makayla, Mommy loves you sugar!

Against Their Wishes

Rape phone sex fantasies

There are times when my little bitches need to learn a hard lesson.  They start thinking they are the shit because there are a lot of guys who want them.  They think they are something special.  I made a few phone calls, I had to stop that thinking pretty fucking quick.  They are nothing more than little cunts that get me what I need.  I told them that we were going to the store and to get in the car.

I drove them to a house where they had never been before.  I told them that I had to make a quick stop at a friend’s house, to just go and walk in that I had to get my purse out of the trunk.  I watched as they walked up the steps, they opened the door and were quickly snatched up, I heard part of a scream and smiled.  I walked into the house, there was a lot of noise, pleading, begging, crying, sniffling, whimpering, yelling.  

You see that phone call I made was to this guy who contacted me a long time ago.  He wanted to take the girls in a violent manner.  I kept his number in case I ever changed my mind about what he wanted.  Today was the day I changed my mind.  They needed to learn their place.  Which is on a cock, even if it is rammed into them dry.  

I sat in the living room playing games on my phone while I listened.  One of the slaps was so hard that I thought for sure there would be a huge bruise.  I started to think up an excuse to use if anyone asked about it.  More crying, more pleading, more slapping.  This went on with a couple breaks in between each assault. After about forty minutes I thought that they had learned their lesson.  I walked into each of the bedrooms and collected them. When we got in the car they were still crying.  I explained to them about what got them into that situation.  They all said they were sorry.  

I told them if they ever acted like that again that I would take them back to that house.  They promised me that they would be good, only time will tell.

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