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Your Balls Look Funny

crossdressing phone sex

Your balls look so funny in those fishnet stockings, sissy. The way the hairy testicles poke out and that itty bitty little joke of a cock barely hangs in that thong. I can’t help but laugh at what I am seeing right now. Playing dress up with you in ladies underwear gives me a total kick and gets my rocks off. I love taking humiliating photos of you for blackmail purposes later just in case for some reason you decide that you don’t think you need a sissy trainer anymore. I know that won’t be a single issue though because you’d be worthless without your princess telling you what to do. Pout those lips out now so I can put this super cute hot pink lipstick on you. And let’s go ahead and adjust the curly blonde wig. Slip on those high heel shoes and the skirt but pull it up nice and high because I wan to be able to see those silly pathetic balls hanging out. Now let’s hang this sign around your neck. Can you read it, sissy? It says “Property Of Princess Paris- Please Spit In My Face!” – now it’s time to go out into the wild with you dressed like that while I video the entire adventure for my own pleasure. Good job, sissy. Next time maybe I’ll let you have a sissy friend join you.

Obey Me

Hot Ass Sex Paris


I’m glad I’ve got your attention finally, slave-boy. It’s been strangely awkward lately and I am thinking there may be some unanswered questions, although I’m not sure why. You are to obey me. And tonight I have brought a very sweet and cute little friend with me. It’s my sister’s son and he is beautiful, right? I know you’ve always been so scared you might be attracted to boys and I think it’s time we face the fear. Get down on your knees and pull his young and pretty uncut cock out of his gym shots. Smell that fresh penis- doesn’t it seem like it would just taste so yummy. I want you to give him his first orgasm and you don’t have a single say in it. You have to obey me. Suck harder, take your hand and finger his sweet tight ass. Look at his fresh little face. He’s never even been kissed. Now- get down on all fours. We are going to teach this cutie how to fuck and I can’t think of anyone better to have him learn on than you. Spread your ass cheeks apart and take that young cock straight into your rectum. Don’t be afraid to squeal, I want to hear you in pain and pleasure. He grabs your hips and blows his entire load into your asshole. I know you didn’t really want to do it but that’s where all the fun lies in the game for me. I bet you’ll behave from now on, right?

Better Do What I Say

sissy phone sex

I gave you a direct order to show me your new frock but you disobeyed me and now you’re
to have to be publicly embarrassed, sissy. Put on that outfit with your little tiny frilly
panties and be prepared to hold up this sign that says “Paris’s Sissy Bitch” out front of your drive-way.
You have to wave to all the passersby with your pretty little white gloves on. Pinkies out, sissy!
Hold that sign up nice and high. Are you embarrassed? Of course you aren’t! You’re proud to be my little
sissy bitch boy. You’re thrilled to do what ever your Princess says, correct sissy? That’s what I thought.
Now show the entire world how silly your cock looks shoved into those tiny panties and how femme you look
in the pretty fishnets I picked out for you to wear with your new dress. Wave hello and hold that sign up
proudly- you are my sissy in training! Now for the next step of your punishment..

Fin Domme Princess

Financial Domination Phone Sex

Okay so if you’re going to keep enjoying this beautiful pussy, I’m going to need you to take
care of a few things for me. Firstly- I need to be able to go shopping at least 3 times a week,
be able to buy whatever the fuck I would like and I need you to just hand the card over without questions
or any second to think about the total on the register. Second- You do whatever The Princess says.
That may mean I want you to lick my asshole clean three times a day, it shouldn’t matter because
you are my man and not the other way around. Third- Don’t ever tell me the N-word. I am talking about
“No”. I don’t understand it, I have absolutely zero clue what it even means. I’ve never heard it before
I cannot relate. Now that we have our rules all set up, get down to those knees and worship me. From my pretty
pink toenails up to every single blonde hair on my head. Any questions?

I Caught You!


Sissy Phone Sex

Well sissy slut- you’ve gone back a ways on your training. I saw you out with your wife and cornered
you at the restroom. I demanding you allow me to follow you into the bathroom so that I could make sure
Of course when you pulled down your business casual slacks, I was majorly disappointed and rightfully
it was now time to punish you, sissy. “Bend over!”, I demanded. It was time now for you to have to sit
all night long with your wife during dinner wearing one of my favorite big butt plugs. It was much
larger than anything I have ever made you take. Now put on these panties and leave those grown-up big boy
panties in the trash bin. You are a sissy, not a man! Now you look super pretty. As additional punishment
for not following my rules, you have to walk out of this bathroom wearing some pretty pink lipstick.
I wish I could of been at the table to see your wife’s reaction but I’ll just wait to hear all about it
once you report for duty tomorrow back at my playhouse. You promise to be a good sissy now?

Thanks For The Job, Daddy!


Fetish Phone Sex


It’s was such a good idea for you to hire me as your personal assistant so that
we could play while you are at work. I know how much a good hard flogging really
helps you focus before an important meeting. Being your domme-y Princess just feels
so right and it gives you a sneaky way to give me money now without your wife or business
partners being hip to what’s really going on. I think it’d be really cute if you sat at
your desk across from mine and watched me play with my pussy while you stuff the
biggest butt plug we could find up your ass. Doesn’t it drive you crazy knowing I actually own
you? You’re a grown man but you love nothing more than being my little bitch at the end of
the day. To everyone else you’re a strong no-it-all guy but with me, your Princess, you are just
a filthy slut. Under that suit you’re wearing silky pink panties and a matching bra. How
cute you look too, might I add. So daddy, I don’t have to worry about any bills next month- correct?
It’s the only way you can keep this Princess happy. 😉

Spanking Sissies

sissy phone sex


I take sissy training super seriously. That’s why when one of my sissies gets out of line or doesn’t follow the curriculum I have to punish you in ways that are unexpected, slightly sadistic and most of all effective for the path of learning as as training. You didn’t wear your panties every day to work under your suit, sissy. Spankings it will be. You didn’t move up a size in butt plugs either- more spankings, sissy. The list goes on and on for reasons I should, I could and I will correct you. What’s the point in the training process otherwise?? When you’re being taught your new femmed ways by a “Class A” trainer, you can expect to always have homework. Failure to show your work will result in correction to the 3rd degree. Thank you for your understanding, sissy. Now- you’re already late for class this evening so pick up that phone and let’s discuss your punishment.

Fun With Diapers

adult baby phone sex


Sissy, you finally confessed something to me that I never thought would happen but here we are- You love wearing diapers and live behind the scenes as an adult-baby! That’s just so cute- so let the Princess put you into your crib for awhile until you make a big doodie in your diaper. Don’t worry, I’m going to change you but first let’s cut a hole right where your asshole is and let me fuck you through that diaper with my strap-on. Don’t cry little one, you love having that grow up man-ass pounded through your nappy. Here’s a rattle for you to shake in case the Princess pounds too hard. Here’s a bottle full of the princess’s very own tee-tee for you to sip on too, sweetie. Just let me do what I need to and make sure the Princess enjoys every moment of your messy little diaper. Good boy! Now off to sleep you go in that cradle till tomorrow. Ni ni 😉

Sugar Daddy Dollar Is My Favorite PayPig

Financial Domination Phone Sex


My sweet sugar daddy- you are the best cash cow a findomme princess could ask for! You give me credit cards, gift cards and wads of cash- all because it just makes you feel so good to know your little princess is being taken care of. I make it worth it too. Letting you rub my feet, sending you sexy selfies all the time in the cute outfits you buy me. You even got rock hard when we went to pick up my new bed for the apartment you just bought me by the ocean! You’re more than just a human ATM for me though, you’re my rock. I know if I need anything I can ask you for it and you’ll hand it right over. I’m the luckiest fin domme gal out there and it’s thanks to you. The thrill you get from hiding the credit card statement from your wife is unmatched and you love knowing how comfortable my life is because of you. I always send you pictures of my fresh mani & pedi – you love my pretty little hands and feet, especially when they’re wrapped around Daddy Dollar’s big cock. It’s time to start decorating this place and I am going to need a lot help. Wanna ring me up tonight while the wifey is asleep so I can give you my list? 😉 $$$

Rabbis Gone Wild

Blasphemy Phone Sex


Rabbi Katz has been with my temple for years now and honestly I wasn’t shocked even a little bit when he showed up at my play place to interview as a new sissy. I had a feeling he wore soft and silky panties under the rest of his clothes all the time anyway and it was great that we already had an established relationship. We went through the list of my requirements- which mostly just comes down to the ability to make sure I keep my lifestyle and secondly being able to take a strap-on like a professional bratty whore. He wasn’t ready for the shadowing session though- where I brought you into the room. I silently walk you in on a leash- you on all fours of course! Tied you down the flogging post and you look so beautiful with that cute dress and thong, barely covering your large and burly body. “Rabbi, are you ready?”, I say as I turn to him with that glimmer in my eye that I only get when I am about to have my way with one of my “little ladies”. I then shove a butt plug inside you, attach clothespins to your nipples and crack my whip. Knocking the pins off first with Indiana Jones precision and then giving you first tiny then progressively harder pops to your cock- still cutely covered by sheer fabric from your thong. Rabbi Katz sat through the entire session, trying hard to not touch himself. I always have a second round to my interviews though- what kind of show should we give him tonight?

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