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Devil Dust To Fuck Me Up

Drugs Phone SexI thought about going on one of those dating sites, I was having a dry spell and am thirsty for cum filled balls. My friend and neighbor suggested I go with one of his friends which later will prove to be a big mistake. He showed me a picture of his friend and he was provoking in an arousing way. I agreed, when his friend got over he chatted with me for a bit and then said here close your eyes and open your mouth, he put some devil dust on my tongue and I swallowed. It was strange but he told me it was candy. I started feeling loopy and lost control of my body, a girl came out from somewhere sat down next to me and started rubbing on my panties hard. I was getting wet and then his friend came over and kissed my lips and shoved his cock in there. The walls were turning different colors and and everything looked like it was closing in and out. I laid down and i was drooling, I could feel I was rubbing my pussy. He pulled my panties to the side and started fucking me while I was kissing this girl and our nipples were rubbing together. He pulled out and came right on our tongues, we were french kissing with thick snot cum on our lips and tongue. We swallowed it and the last thing I remember was her smothering my face with that fat bald pussy.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutuak Masturbation PornI love watching porn as much as the next pervert, I called my fuck buddy over and he came right away. I was picking the porn this time, I toked up a little before hand and got out my silver vibrator. I was wearing my cute baby doll lacy bra and matching panty set. I picked a porn that was a guy and a girl lying on their bed and they were rubbing each other, I want to make this porn real. I started by spreading my legs and rubbing my vibrator all over my thigh and going over my panties right where he could see a wet spot. I told him to come over and take that dick out, I was stroking his dick and he was fucking my bald pussy with the vibrator it felt so good. I loved it that we were doing this and I love how his dick will disappear in my hand. I could feel his balls pull up and get really warm he was about to bust that nut. I couldn’t let it go to waste, I got up and continued to have him fuck my pussy and I put my mouth right on the head of his swollen cock and stroked while sucking and flicking my tongue soon enough my mouth was filled with warm jizz.

I Crave Cock To Much To Be Faithful

Cheating Phone SexI am not the type that should ever be in a relationship, I just need dick way to much. I am talking the thick huge kind, big like a tube a paper towel or more. I love the look it gives stretching open my pink hole. I will never be faithful to anyone, I remember one guy who tried to tame and claim me. I was going to his house all the time when he was gone to fuck his brother and his brother’s best friend. They loved to tag team me and I enjoyed being used as a ragdoll slut toy. I remember how amazing it felt them switching and feeling them fill my cunt up and then take turns putting their dicks in my sloppy cum filled cunt. I loved bouncing up and down while that jizz just squirted out and down my legs and in between my ass cheeks. I also love extreme anal, they would take turns fisting my pretty little ass while fucking my mouth.

Damsel Loves Being A Cum Whore

Home Invasion Phone SexThe other night my I was home alone, my roommate was with her man getting that juicy dick. I was in the living room just minding my own business drinking a glass of wine. I heard the door knob jingle and I got scared, I hid in a closet and soon after 2 men walk into my house. I was trying not to breath to heavy but they were looking through everything. I don’t know exactly what they were looking for. They opened the closet I was in and grabbed me up and carried me down to the basement. The found a chair and tied me down and put duct tape over my mouth. What they didn’t know that they were actually making my panties very wet. I played the damsel in distress and they bought it, I acted like I was trying to get away and the guys came up to me and felt up my skirt and said this bitch is wet. Damn I have been caught, they took the duct tape off my mouth and put both their dicks in my mouth, fucking me super hard and stretching open my mouth. One of them was finger banging me and I was moaning on his dick so much it was almost making him cum. They loved me being their little cumslut and how much I devoured their dicks until they came all over my mouth and chin.

Be A Good Boy And Suck That Dick

Forced Bisexuality Phone SexI can be very persuasive when I want to be. I know my hot teen body does captivate guys, a lot of guys want to fuck me and I am okay with that. There is a fetish I have however that I have gotten to fulfill that I want to do again as much as i can. I love have cock sucking contests to see which of us suck it better. I love getting the guys who are so against it and making them suck those big fat cocks for me. And the guys i have done it with the cocks have been way bigger than their own. This fetish titillates me and my bald pussy gets so wet. I love teasing the guys and showing them my perfect tight kitty. Telling them the way to get it is to suck that fat dick for me. I will take them by the back of their head and place their lips right on that cock. I also love sucking cock with guys and have our tongues massage at the head when we are both sucking for that cream. I am rubbing my pussy right now just thinking about it and much I love us licking the creampie of each others faces and then kiss with it thick on our lips like lip gloss.

Shower Me With That Warm Pee

Golden Shower Phone SexI love being treated as dirty fuck pig, I have that secret obsession with being controlled with a lot of discipline. I guess a punishment would be a nice yellow golden shower, but, to me it really wouldn’t be a punishment per say. You could have me in a white shirt so when I get soaked with your piss it will be like I was in a wet t shirt contest, able to see my nipples right through. I want to hear you jacking off while you tell me how much of a whore I am and how i deserve to be treated that way. I want you to pee right in my mouth and make me swallow it while some dribbles out on my chin and maybe you could even have a few friends and I they could pee all over me and I rub it in my hair and have a collar around my neck so I can easily be pulled. I want those fucks to come in my mouth mixing it with the piss. I love rubbing it all over in my hair and down my shirt with my nipples hard.

Fucking And Fogging Windows Is Fun

Biggest Cum ShotI love going out in one of my many friends with benefits cars. I love dressing super sexy with short skirts or little black dresses with no panties on. Soft music is perfect going for the night drive. I put my hand up his thigh to let him know I am feeling horny, and he finds this public parking lot. He pulls over and starts playing with my hair letting me know he feels the same. I get over on his lap and the heat from us breathing is starting to fog up the windows, I love grinding on his lap and feeling that big fat dick get hard. I pull it out and stroke it dry and pull my pink lacy side and spank my cunt like I am a bad girl. He moans it must feel good that his dick is starting to get wet. His head is so fat and it opens my lips and starts sliding up and down with my clit getting hit by the head and I moan so loud. The windows are getting even more fogged up and I put my hand up and it makes a print and then I take it down. I slide down on his big dick feeling it stretch my tiny pink hole open. I started bouncing up and down harder and faster and he was biting and sucking on my nipples. Someone could come by and look if they wanted to see us fucking. I go all the way down and grind my hips and get him to come all inside of me and then I got up and pushed it out, put it on my tongue and then sharing it with him.

Sensual GFE With October

GFE Phone SexEven though I am hard bratty teen slut, I can be a very gentle loving soul. I love treating men who deserve it like gold. I love dressing up in my slinky dresses with matching open toed high heels. I want to make you a nice dinner and be that ear that you need to lend your vent to. I want to hear all about your day without the complications of a relationship. I also want to be the one to give you the best blowjob you have ever had in your life. I love rubbing a dick over the pants and feeling it get super hard. I love the first flop of it coming out of some pants and slapping up against your stomach. I will take that cock and rub your balls so slow and cup them with a nice massage and then I will take your cock and lick the head gentle and make love to your dick with my warm wet tongue. Put your hand on the back of my head and put my mouth all the way down so you can see my throat puff out. I want you to fuck my mouth like it’s my tight teen pussy. I want you to stop before you come and I will flick your head and stick my tongue in the pee hole sucking out the precum. Fuck my mouth again until you bust that nut!

Give Me That Money Shot

Biggest Cum ShotI am ready for you to come over and come get some yummy breakfast. I am dressed naked except for my high heels on that are black and open toed. I will pull out your chair and and rub your shoulders a little, I am sure you have had a stressful week and need that before you eat. I bring your breakfast and as you are eating I am down on my knees with your cock out in my hand. I spit down on the head and stroke it down very slow, putting the head in my mouth. I am crouched but still have access to my delicious creamy pussy. I put two fingers in and start fucking myself while I go down deeper and come up making the swirls around your purple head. I want that creamy load and I keep stroking, I feel your balls tighten and I can tell you are going to release and I close my eyes and keep stroking and I feel the warmth go from my forehead and cover down to my chin.

Married Cock Is Some Of My Favorite

Cheating Phone SexI love that I am the one you call because wifey isn’t satisfying you. I know you can’t resist my tight teen body and clean tight pussy. I will do what she isn’t willing to do and even submit to you but I need your discipline. I am a cock hungry slut who will never tell you no, in fact right now I have 2 fingers in that wet puss just waiting for your big, fat prick to come fuck me hard. I want you to lay your tongue on my body and work down from my neck to my nipples, making slow soft swirls around my nipples and then flicking and sucking them. I love the feel of your hands roaming from my thighs and touching my warm pussy over my silky pink panties. The kind she would never wear, I love to be turned over and have you bury your face in my ass and take in all my glory. I want you now and always I love to satisfy a married cock and I have that nice thick spit, looking up at you while I suck that fat head and stroke down to your balls. I want to suck on those balls all night.

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