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I Love Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sexI love being a submissive phone sex slut. I was born submissive. Daddy trained me right. I was at this new fetish club over the weekend.  I wanted to check out the men. A girl like me can never have enough masters, right? This tall handsome man spotted me the moment I walked in. Girls can go solo to the club, but men need to be accompanied by a woman. Odd right? We are the subs but the masters can’t get in the club without us. This guy was with a sub but the way he was looking at me, I knew he wanted to trade her in for a younger model. He wanted to trade her in for me. I approached him to let him know I was down to play if he was. He blindfolded me, and we went into a room. I was nervous. I didn’t even know his name. I could feel him restraining my arms behind my back. It was exhilarating not knowing what was going to happen next. I heard him crack a belt. The next thing I knew that leather strap hit my back like I was a slave. I wanted to be his slave. For a couple hours I was his submissive slave.  I got about fifty lashes on my back. I could feel the welts forming and the blood trickling down my back. My young bald pussy was soaking wet, but I was forbidden to touch it. He took off my blindfold and skull fucked me. His cock was hard as a rock from whipping me. I gagged on his cock. He was ramming it in with such force that I came close to puking on his dick. When he finally nutted, I could breathe. He took off my restraints and thanked me for a pleasurable time. I was hoping for his name and number, but it was just another random encounter at the fetish club.

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Daddys Girl Phone SexI love being daddy’s girl. For as long as I can remember, I have been his little angel. Mommy use to mind, but I think she has come to accept the fact that I am daddy’s #1 girl. One time, when I was still a school girl, he had a surprise for me. He had a friend who wanted to meet me. This friend was daddy’s age. Mommy was passed out from valium and booze. She wouldn’t have heard an earthquake, let alone my screams and moans. Daddy had never shared me with anyone before. I was confused, but being a good girl, I always did what daddy said. I still do. Turns out daddy owed this friend a hefty sum of money and he didn’t have any means to pay it back. That is when daddy came up with the idea to rent my baby girl pussy out. He told me that if I loved him, I would do whatever his friend wanted. I was scared as fuck. This man was black and burly, extremely tall. He seemed rough, not like daddy at all. His cock was huge. I tried to hold back the tears as daddy’s friend penetrated my bald little cunnie. Daddy’s dick was half his size. This was the first dick other than daddy’s I had ever had. It was like losing my virginity all over again. I cried as his big black cock pushed its way into my tiny pink cunnie. Daddy gave me a shot of something called Fireball to help relax me. Daddy was watching my little holes get violated. He must have enjoyed watching because he was stroking his dick while he watched me try to take that monster cock in my itty bitty pussy. It hurt like hell, but I focused on being a good girl for daddy. That was the first time I was daddy’s little hooker. But, it was not the last. Daddy quickly learned that selling my little pussy and ass was the solution to poverty.

I Love Pounding My Slut

Strap-On Phone SexI get a hankering for sexy pussy every now and then. Even though I am a secret sub slut, I am also a dom to the right bitch. I have a nice strap on and the perfect whore who let’s me do anything I want to do with her. She has no limits at all and I sometimes will pimp her out and make guys pay for a session of me manhandling her tiny hole with a fat black cock. This one vibrates on my cunt as well. Tonight was the night that she was going to be pimped out for me and make me that cash like a good cash cow. I had my cock on and her tied down with a gag and they started putting their cash on the table. I made a couple of the guys with their cocks out come over and spit on my cock and swallow it down like good piggies. I then shoved them away and held her pussy open and slid my dick in and was pounding away and I came quick but she needed to feel it. I pounded her harder and harder this bitch is going to ejaculate or fuck it. I was rubbing her clit while pounding her, I told some of these loser to come over and catch this milk in their mouth and they did. I made a good 2,000 for the night everyone walked away happy.

My Married Playmate

Fetish Phone SexThere is this guy I fuck around with from time to time and he knows about my obsession to be tamed secretly for the moment. I also have this insatiable appetite for being chaos and being a homewrecker. I love that I am someone he is risking his marriage. I love meeting him in his office and wearing my sexiest bra and panties with a matching garter belt and stockings. I tease the fuck out of him and bend over so you can see my hot little teen ass and I say “tell me when daddy” that must drive him wild because he will come over to me and pull my head back and kiss my neck hard while fondling my perky breasts. I love when he takes my bra off and picks me up and and I am facing him and he plays with them hard nipples and i can feel myself getting so wet. He has to put his hand over my mouth, his wife might catch us. He puts his nice, smooth dick inside me and I wrap my legs around him and start bouncing off the desk with him pounding me. The sound of us moaning and breathing heavy makes me orgasm hard, i love when he comes inside my pussy. I whisper “cum in my pussy” and he does hard.

Cock Slut

Cock Worshiping Phone SexI have always been a cock hungry whore, I can never get enough dick. I love it in multiples, I love talking to men and them letting me worship that big fat prick they have. I lie here and rub on my bald twat while I tell men how much I love their beautiful manhood and beg them if I can lick it oh please let me lick it. I have a neighbor who will bring over loads of men and I get to go kiss each head and ask if I can please put it in my mouth and then I get fucked like a dumb whore that I am and hard in my face. I love when that load unleashes and gushes down my chin and onto my breasts and then continue to get my mouth fucked with 3 cocks in it. I am desiring your cock right now, please give it to me.

Craving That BBC

Adult Phone ChatLately I have been thinking about doing some live streams hoping to reel in like a big catch some nice BBC. I haven’t had any in a while and I would love for an audience to see how intense and enormous one really is. I love extreme anal and that monster of a dick that only a chocolate brother could have will stretch you so wide you could fit a football up your ass. The good thing about that is I love being a human cum dumpster so can you imagine the loads of cum that will flow out of my ass like a river. I am lying here so wet right now thinking about the times I have had a BBC and being used as a cum rag. I need that again, I am going to soak this toy like I would a big fat black dick.

More Country Boy Dick Please!

Fantasy Phone SexOne day when I was out hitchhiking this fellow by the name of country boy came and picked me up and at first he seemed quite sweet, I had no idea that he has a ravenous desire for my pretty little cunt. After this day I know I will be walking along this road again to get more of that nice fat cock. He brought me to his little house just on the outskirts of town and of course I was dressed up like a slut. I went into the house and he immediately told me to undress like the whore I am, I did and he came up and started kissing me and rubbing on my pussy. He loves hairy pussy so I need to grow more out for him next time. He got down and was licking my sweet wet pussy and his big dick was so hard. He laid down and had me get on top of him and riding his cock so hard it felt so damn good. He cock and loaded a big one deep inside of me and then he put me on his face and scooped it out like someone trying to get the last bit of ice cream of the tub.

I Was A Cuck

Fetish Phone SexI went to the health club the other day, I really need to start working out again. I was dressed in my cute black halter top with no bra of course and my yoga pants. I got on the machine and the way my legs were squeezing together was making my pussy tingle. I decided I had enough for the day and I went in for a shower to cool off. While I was showering I heard a noise and I listened closely. People were fucking in the shower next to mine that turned me on so I was rubbing my pussy and they must have heard me and told me to come over. I did and I got to lick his cock as it was going in and out of her pussy while I continued to bang myself. I came so hard and so did they. I got up and walked back to my shower and finished it.

I Love Being Used As A Cum Rag

Blowjobs Phone SexI had come back into my apartment after a jog and I was in complete shock when I saw my neighbor whom I had given a key to along with 5 other guys. He commanded I get naked and get on my knees. I did and they all were closing in on me like a swarm of birds to food. I had 3 big fat dicks in my mouth and they were fuckin hard, it was stretching my mouth open really wide. I got my ass end lifted up and soon enough I had a cock in my ass and pussy. All of my holes were being fucked and I was a sex toy for their taking. I was gagging and drooling all over 3 cocks in my mouth was to much. One of the guys pulled out and peed all over my hair and then was jacking off calling me a dirty bitch, a slut, when he came he said “that’s right dumb whore take it”. They all pulled out and was peeing and jacking off on me, I was being bathed in come and piss and it made me so wet.

Devil Dust To Fuck Me Up

Drugs Phone SexI thought about going on one of those dating sites, I was having a dry spell and am thirsty for cum filled balls. My friend and neighbor suggested I go with one of his friends which later will prove to be a big mistake. He showed me a picture of his friend and he was provoking in an arousing way. I agreed, when his friend got over he chatted with me for a bit and then said here close your eyes and open your mouth, he put some devil dust on my tongue and I swallowed. It was strange but he told me it was candy. I started feeling loopy and lost control of my body, a girl came out from somewhere sat down next to me and started rubbing on my panties hard. I was getting wet and then his friend came over and kissed my lips and shoved his cock in there. The walls were turning different colors and and everything looked like it was closing in and out. I laid down and i was drooling, I could feel I was rubbing my pussy. He pulled my panties to the side and started fucking me while I was kissing this girl and our nipples were rubbing together. He pulled out and came right on our tongues, we were french kissing with thick snot cum on our lips and tongue. We swallowed it and the last thing I remember was her smothering my face with that fat bald pussy.

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