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Married Men I Am Coming For You

Married Men Phone SexI have this hankering to fuck married men on the phone or in person. I love married men because a lot of them aren’t satisfied with what they have at home. I know a lot of you married men fantasize about my tight teen body, and what I could do that your pathetic wife isn’t willing to do for you. I won’t tell her what you want to do to me, you see my thin sexy body. I have those perky breasts which her tits have probably been taken over by gravity. Just think I can be your little secret, and you can cum to me and fuck me anytime you want. I also love deep throating, tell me what guy wouldn’t love to fuck my face balls deep. I am calling all men especially you married men for lots of fun. Just take a look at me and tell me how you could resist.

Come Tell Me Your Fantasy

Fantasy Phone SexHello and I want to chat with you, I love phone sex especially fantasy phone sex. I and you can be anything we want. The best part is if you have those nasty secrets or fantasies that you don’t feel like you can share with anyone, well guess what? You can share those with me, I am a defiant, submissive little bitch. I want you to call me and I encourage women to do the same and let me know what your fantasy is no matter if it is vanilla or morbid. I will never judge you and I want to hear it, and trust me I have probably heard it before. So don’t be afraid, there is no need to be and I will be waiting here for you.

Paypig Wanted

Financial Domination Phone Sex

I know I am very attractive girl and girls like me get what they want. I love finding lame, pathetic paypigs to pay my way in life. I mean I get to live that lavish lifestyle on your dime and not have to pay a thing, that is what you are for. To give this princess all your hard earned money, yes right into my bank account. I won’t even let you come until I have raised that rate, you pathetic fuck. That is right drop it all, I will make you pay $20 a minute and I might still not let you cum until you have dropped a nice tip. But you know that you are only good for your money, you don’t actually bring pleasure to women. I think it would be great to have that kind of phone sex lol.

I Want To Give You A Sloppy Blowjob

Blowjobs Phone SexI love when guys call me up and want a detailed description of a hot blowjob. I love sucking dick, I am what you would call a nympho. I love when a guy is watching a movie and walking up to him and just start rubbing my hand over those nice gym shorts. I love those because you can see the cock so good. I would love to have a hot, horny guy call me up and tell me how you want me to suck your cock and exactly what to do with that nice fattie in your shorts. I want to be the slut you have always dreamed about. So let’s do this have some nice blowjob phone sex. I will be waiting for you horny man.

I Want You To Tease Me

Light Bondage Porn

I have this desire to be controlled. I am very unruly and I want someone to be strong enough to handle me and take this bitch down. I want to start out with the light stuff like tying up and blindfolding. Teasing me with your dick and making me lick it soft and slow and then shoving it down my throat. I want you to come down and tease my body with a feather and then shove your dick right in my pussy and make it super raw but still teasing my nipples and making them so hard so I can come hard on your dick. And I want you to come back up and squirt that jizz all over my face making me a cum dumpster.

Filthy Slut Wants Your Creampie

Creampie Phone Sex

Tonight is one of those nights where I have been sitting here playing with myself and fantasizing about all that jizz I want. I want someone to come into my room and lay on top of me, and come grab my hair pull me up and make me suck their cock. I do love slobbering all over a hard knob. I want to be treated like a total cum whore like I am. I want you pick me up and throw me over the couch or put me on the kitchen table and ram your cock inside and fuck me till you fill me up and don’t give me a chance to jump off keep going, make my cunt raw! I want all the jizz I can get, I know you have it for me.

Cyber Sex Phone Sex

Cyber Sex Phone SexEver since I got my new laptop, I have been going on different sites and looking for chat rooms late at night when I can’t sleep or what not. I have found a few and I love the anonymity of being on the net. It’s fun it is almost like a fantasy land, I have found some cool guys at least I think they are guys to talk to. Our conversations even get very sexual, I let them in on my secret obsession of being dominated but I am very defiant and need a lot of discipline. I just don’t know if there is a guy out there who can handle a bitch like me. I love rubbing my pussy with one hand while I type to them in detail about blowjobs and different positions.

I Won’t Let You Cum

Tease & Denial Phone SexSince we are in the new year now, don’t you think we should make this the sexiest for both you and I? I want to be the one walking into your bedroom with my little satin panties on and wrapping my juicy lips around the head of that cock. I want to press my tongue hard on the head and lick around and suck gently like I am licking the tip of an ice cream cone. I want to slide my mouth down as far as it will go and massage your big balls with my soft hands. Just keep going up and down when I feel like you are close to climaxing just take my mouth off and slap those balls gently and deny you of the most amazing orgasm you could have had.

College Coed Sex

College Coed Sex

I want to go to college but right now is not my time lol. I do have access to get into the University here and go on a computer, no one ever questions me because I look like a student. I love parading around in cute little skirts or tight pants. The guys here at college are way hot compared to like high school or something. I love looking at all the hot BBC and I will catch a guy with a nice fat prick in his pants. I see this one hot guy looking at me so I motioned for him to come on over and follow me to the bathroom. He did and we went into the stall and started kissing hard. He was putting his hand up my skirt and I could feel how hard he was getting. He picked up and put it inside and pounded my box raw. I could tell he was about to come so I got down on my knees and tilted my head back and stuck out my tongue letting him cum on my tongue.

Come Spoil Yourself When The Wife’s Away

Creampie Phone Sex

You know what I think is a really amazing idea? YOU getting some time with the slut of your wet dreams on the line while your girlfriend or wife goes for those sales Tuesday. So you will be sitting there all alone and more than likely horny, I mean you sit and take care of everyone else. So who is there to take care of you? Me and many other sluts that will be available to talk with and have the best orgasm of your life. There will be so many to choose from all day long, don’t wait around make that call. We even have specials, I know there is something for everyone. What the wife won’t know won’t hurt. You probably didn’t get your happy ending, so take advantage Tuesday when you will have  that time to yourself to indulge. We will look forward to hearing from you.Cheap Phone Sex

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