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BBC baby

Black cock phone sex   Putting your black cock inside of me? Please. Choke my ass with that cock, put it right down my throat and make me gag. I love pain I live for it. Dominate my little pussy hole. I cant stop thinking about how much I enjoyed some black dick in my life. The other day a tall, dark and handsome business man walked up to me gave me his business card. Yes sir I had to call and flirt. He came over and he ate my pussy unstill I squirted all in his mouth. Then he squatted right over me and chocked my throat with that huge cock. When I got it all wet and ready he got me from behind pulled my pussy apart shoved his dick in and made me hurt, hurt so good. Leaning me against the couch he blew my pussy right up he had so much cum I could fil it just coming right out. Not having black cock in awhile really made me not ever want to go back. He knew how to dominate this pussy. Would you?

Anal slut

Anal phone sex  The feeling of his fat cock in my ass hole is just what I need. Anal days are the best days. Do you agree? If so lets get to it. When Tevin drives his cock so far in my ass I make the best moaning noises just for him but he’s not always here. So its great to talk dirty over the phone when cock might not be right in your face. My shit hole loves to be filled and licked all up. Being a naughty little submissive whore for men that want it just as much as I do makes my day. Tevin fucks every hole in my body and licks my pussy and ass hole clean. Are you getting freaky as much as me? Kinky boys are on my side. Pain is pleasure. Fuck with me?


Master gets me on my knees

Fantasy phone sex

  I get down on my knees and do whatever you ask. You can spank me, make me bark, suck your cock whatever you want me to do. Master says I’m a lot of help not only do I get him off but I walk around on my hands and knees looking for things he has misplaced he loves to watch me sniff around to look for things a little cute pup he says I am. I have every color collar you could imagine. Must I say how cute I am in them. Do you feel like having a little whore like me do whatever you want whenever you want? I’m here to always do what you want. I’m in the mood to ride a big cock and to be told what to do. Can you?

Ass fucking oh yes

Hardcore ass fucking

   Having loads of hardcore ass fucking are you? If not this is your chance to spank me as hard as you can while you ram that big hard cock inside of my puckered up ass hole. Do you want to bend me over and take control of me . I love to be your submissive whore. I do whatever you want. Tonight I’m having a party with my master and a few friends we are drinking and playing games. I’m sure ill be the center of attention all night long. They get to play with me whenever they want. Tonight should be fun I love wining cock prizes and having hot ass sex getting to feel every ounce of cock juice fill my belly and ass hole up. I love when it oozes out and drips out.  Are you wanting to fill a sexy submissive slut up? 

Pain slut whore

Anal phone sex

 If my holes are not all filled up when you fuck me that’s a problem. They better all be filled or ill bite your cock and make you bleed then make you clean it up with your mouth trust me I have done it. So treat me like that cum fucking whore that I am.
 Leaving in a week for a trip so I need to get all the dick that I can get before I leave, the other day I had 10 guys run right on through me my master always has them planned and lined up even if I’m sore I have to take it but I guess I like it. Being a pain slut is fun. Sucking dick is a treat to me. If I’m not sucking one or getting fucked I’m not happy.

Worshiping cocks forever

cock worshiping phone sex

Yep he owns me, and yes I never get a break. Why would I? Whores like me deserve every bit of it.  He said you cant give me a break either. I have to tell you that I am a skanky whore that will always worship that cock. Yours especially. I crave the taste of that cock. I crave your sperm, draining those balls for you is what is needed. That is my job. I’m a bad little girl that is whipped and punished everyday. Being tied up and being your little cock slave until I get that sperm right into my stomach.

Do you have what It takes to talk to me the right way? I’m a dirty submissive whore I believe all woman should be treated like how I am. I respect men and I am lower . Getting on my hands and knees and worshiping your dick is what I do. So please tell me how I will please you? I’m ready to worship you and your dick.

When I make a mistake

Bondage phone sex  I can never be a good girl for some reason. The harder I try the more I screw up. I always say its my fault to my master when deep down I know that he just gets mad at me, and wants to torture my body. Yesterday I asked him if he wanted to get something eat for breakfast. He got so angry that he told me ” Bitch you know I have to smoke weed first” and pulled me by my hair all the way down stairs to torture me because I didn’t ask a question right. He shoved my mouth open shoved it with food and his cock, ” hungry now bitch he said” He told me I needed to start asking smarter questions and to stop being ignorant. He can be a little rough sometimes. He makes me do phone sex so I have some what of an income so he can take it all and so he can be sure that when he’s at work that someone else is getting the job done, like talking to my dirty ,calling me stupid and getting off on my sorry submissive ass, is what he says. I’m here for your every pleasure and I do whatever you tell me to. I always have punishments. In my masters words ” DONT PLAY NICE PLAY NAUGHTY”‘ I am very much use to the abuse and I will never have it any other way.

Built up anger? Take it out on me

Bondage phone sex

  Watching my self get tortured is pretty sexy. I take it so well. Are you into bondage phone sex? I love to talk about what I have been through or even what you would want to do to me. I have been treated like a dog and just a piece of shit. You can talk to me anyway you want because I’m already to the lowest point I could possibly get. I’m always kept in a cage or tied up because that’s what I deserve. I have been doing this for quite sometime. My master makes me do things you possibly wish you could do to me. Built up anger? Do u need to get it all out? I’m a perfect dirty nasty little cum slut loser to do it to. Lets have some fun. I have to worship you and your every need.

pretty pussy is wet just for you

hot ass sex   My pussy has been so wet thinking about the dick I got last night. We fucked on the counter in my kitchen. I met him through a mutual friend of mine. We had drinks and dinner and I couldn’t stop I knew I had to fuck him right then. He took the time to kiss all over my body and he just didn’t want to stop eating my little pretty pussy. He put chocolate all over my clit and licked it all up. Food play is so sexy. Andy wanted to keep fucking me. I even sucked his big dick seeing that pre cum made my pussy wet as fuck. I got on top and started fucking that dick jumping up and down on making him know that I’m what he needs. We both came all over each other. I need a man that can let me fuck him whenever I want.

855 -fuck a hoe up

female bondage

I just got fucked over by my boyfriend slash master. Have you ever been fucked over by someone so bad that it changes you? He cheated on me with this cum fucking whore. Now our thing is I’m aloud to get fucked by who ever. He is not aloud to stick his dick in anything else but my pussy hole. Well I found out about this stupid little hoe from a friend.
Usually I’m the type to be a pillow princess you take control and do whatever you want to me. Well not tonight. Let me tell you what I’m going to do to this dirty chewed up bubble gum pussy bitch? Take her to the woods, undress her until she is naked. Tie her up to a tree fuck her pussy with the biggest stick I can find, have a few of my guy friends torture her cunt, slice her body up and make her eat her own flesh. Hearing her cry and beg will be music to my ears.
I’m a twisted bitch but just for the night. I might only listen to my masters voice but tonight this bitch will be listening to mine. Have any great ideas for me to show this nasty cunt that she fucked up? let me know.


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