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 Tranny porn pictures arouse your sleeping monster. But baby you need more than a picture, you need me to seduce that trouser snake with my mouth and tease you with my bubble ass. I will spread my ass cheeks and you can see my sweet brown eye ready for deep penetration. Watch as I fuck my sweet tight hole with this thick carrot. Don’t you wish that was your man meat baby? Oh yes, it feels so good. Can you get as hard as this carrot that is pushing against my swollen prostate? My lady dick is so hard for you, “On your knees now bitch! Suck me off as I fuck my ass with this veggie bitch boy!!” Take this carrot out of my ass and you can suck my shit off and then use your tongue to fuck my sweet ass. That’s right taking this hot ass sex and cumming for Mistress Nikita! I need to pump you full of my sperm and then insert a butt plug and make you hold my cum all day long. 

Trannys Love Trannys

Tranny Phone sex

Tranny phone sex Nikita has a slutty tranny on tranny tale for you. I was putting on a sexy drag show with my friend “Cinabonnie” SHe is a sexy blonde who has a nice thick cock that she loves to shove up my tight ass. We got a little drunk and took a taxi to her apartment for some hot cum filled play session. We were all over each other in the taxi and our driver started stroking his cock as he drove. We giggled and pulled out our cocks and began stroking for him as well. By the time we got to her place he shot his load all over himself and told us the ride was free if we took his number. Well, we pulled him out of the front seat and led him upstairs where we proceeded to fuck each other and have him suck us off. ANd of course, I got to pound his virgin ass with a hardcore ass fucking. He will be farting my cum for a week.

Chicks With Dicks

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Shemale domination porn turns you on.  You would love to be the star in my tranny flick wouldn’t you baby. Something about us chicks with dicks drives you crazy.  You want to know how it would feel to get your ass opened up so wide and have a hot pulsing cock buried in your ass. Your girlfriends’ strap just is not cutting it anymore. Your scared to ask her for deeper and harder penetration, thinking she would call you a fag boy. You would never tell your wife that that is the only reason you have a side hoe is for that discreet strap-on love. No its time that you serviced a real cock and you felt a real dick in your ass. I understand with you and me it is much more than tranny GFE phone sex. It is about a desire to be filled and have that power of my cock fill you up. To have your mouth suck all your ass juices and my cum down your throat. Ill make it perfect for you. I understand your dick loving needs. 

Love My Chocolate Dicks

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He was the hottest biggest black cop I ever saw. I swear my cock jumped in my panties the moment he told me I couldn’t be smoking my joint on the street behind the bar. His uniform was so tight I could see every muscle including that large BBC he was not hiding so well. I batted my eyes and asked if there was any way I could just go with a warning. A smile lit his face up and he said no ma’am you need to get your hands behind your back as he handcuffed me and began to pat me down.  His strong black hands stopped at my thigh and I knew he felt my hard-on. He turned me around and grabbed a hold of my bulging lady meat. He ordered me down on the ground and I gladly took his chocolate dick in my mouth and gave him the longest most slobbery blow job he ever had. I just love some thick chocolate dick. He ordered me onto the hood of the police car and he fucked my “Pussy” SO hard I thought I would be farting his huge load of cum for days. So there you have it even my sexy tranny ass can be entranced with some nice BBC dick. I can’t wait for the next black cock phone sex call. 

I’ll worship your cock

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You need a “woman” who loves cock worshiping phone sex baby. Cock is my middle name and I need yours tonight, today and tomorrow. I am a lady who loves that man meat. See this pretty lady dick? You make me so hard just thinking about your cock baby. I know you need to explore that deep dark desire for cock and I am the Tranny who will make that happen. I will be gentle at first until I am slobbering all over your cock like a fat girl on some ice cream. I want to feel you open my ass pussy and make me moan and cum so hard it is like a fountain. I need you to eat my cum and I will eat yours. Dock play and cock control are my specialty’s. I am your versatile tranny for your pleasure and I know you need me. I’ll be stroking my lady meat waiting for your call. xoxoxoxo

Banging You and Your WIfe

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Tranny phone sex is addicting.  I know you been stalking my pictures and stroking your thick man meat. Your thinking this could be us, fucking and sucking and blowing each other. I got a secret, I love turning you out while your wife watches. That’s right she knows you are into tranny cock and shemale pussy baby. She found the link on your computer and called me and asked if I could turn you out right in front of her. And of course, I got her off talking dirty to her about the things we would do. She set us up a play date and you know exactly who I am from my pictures. You act shy until she gets on her knees lifts my skirt up and starts sucking the hell out of my lady dick. I motion for you to come over and start stroking your glorious man meat. Your wife has quite a mouth on her why don’t you both have a suck off contest for me? Then I will see whose ass is tighter and can take my lady dick the deepest. How I love being a shemale phone sex goddess.


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Lady Dick First Timers Welcome

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Nice round perfect titties and long legs all for your pleasure during tranny phone sex. I know you are shy and never touched any cock but your own. Trust me big boy there is nothing to fear when it comes to my hard lady cock.  Come here, light a blunt with me, let me make you comfortable in my shemale den of desire.  Slide closer to me on the couch, rub my thigh and feel my cock grow against your hand. I take your hand and slide it down into my panties so you can feel succulent cock for the first time. Here I whisper take another hit of this good kush, while I kneel between your legs an show you what my lady man mouth can do for your rock hard manhood. Sucking and slurping as you push my head to your nutsack, gagging as I moan around you. Fuck, yes, I love cock virgins slamming my throat. I pull Away and get up and pull my panties down, I demand you to suck me as I pull you onto my lady dick. Your first time cock sucking efforts arouse me so much that it is hard to keep from erupting early. These are the moments I live for. Call me, we really need to talk about your first cock experience.

Tranny Adult Phone Chat

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Let’s have some adult phone chat about your secret tranny desires.  Do you want the whole tits with a dick package? Well, here I am. My beautiful expensive fake tits to bounce as I am using my skilled mouth to take in your gorgeous cock deep in my throat. Do you want to see this tranny deep throat you until she gags?

See my perfect tiny asshole? Tighter than any pussy you fucked before. Your dick will be squeezed so tight, you’re going to have to be careful not to shoot your load too quick.  So silky smooth, so jizz inducing.

You will not find a woman who will worship your cock like a tranny can. I will know every vein every spot that makes that beautiful cock throb. I will show you how to suck a cock, so you will suck mine just the same. I would love to know how those dildos sucking sessions are paying off.

I want to totally Dominate your beautiful round ass. Legs in the air opening you up like a flower. My dick is so hard thinking about the tight warmth that I will let loose my cum over and over.

I’m waiting my pet,

Mistress Nikita

You Will Love My Precum

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Forced feminization makes my beautiful she-male cock throb. I pick up pretty boys like you thumbing a ride down the interstate all the time.  You were hot the weather is changing your body was dripping with sweat and I could smell your musk. I must admit I had to cross my legs and pull at my skirt as to not give away my panty surprise.  A few miles down the road You slid your hand on my thigh and bluntly said,” You Know I never been with a girl with a dick before, it is kinda hot.” Men seem to have a sixth sense about my dick. I drove to my place and we shared strong shots of whiskey. I kissed you and ran to bring my trunk of pretty clothes out. I have a fetish for white silk panties. I dressed you without a word. I made you my pretty sissy boy with thigh highs makeup and a beautiful blonde wig. I stripped and showed you my pretty dick which you sucked and licked eagerly. “Do you love it sissy boy?”

“I Love it, Nikita.”

You slurped my precum with a frenzy as I shoved a dildo in my ass.  You slapped my hand away and began fucking me with it. “Let Your Bitch do that,” You said.

As I came in your mouth You asked me to take you. I took your ass all night we exchanged many rounds of cum until we passed out in a drunken cum stupor. I woke to your white panties and a note with your number. I guess I have a sissy boy to add to my little black book now.

Your Ass? My Girl Dick?

tranny phone sex

Finding Tranny phone sex enticing? I love it when I get to make your cock ooze with precum as I stroke my beautiful dick. I imagine you’re the sexy older businessman I ran into at the condo complex yesterday. Talk dark and handsome and very flirty. You told me you were not feeling well and I invited you over for a joint to make your big beautiful eyes feel better. We sat down and we rolled a joint and you were not shy about telling me how hot you thought I was and as we smoked your dick began to grow. I got between your legs and unzipped your pants and locked eyes as I began to suck and lick your thick shaft. I stood up and raised my dress and you saw my girl dick and tried to act surprised as I lowered my ass down on your cock facing you. We kissed long and hard as I rode your throbbing dick. I leaned in and whispered that I was going to take your ass and you shuddered and I could feel your meat stick jump in my ass pussy. Kissing you I popped my ass off you beautiful powerful dick. I demanded you naked and bent over in front of me. You said yes Mistress. I grabbed the lube and started working my girl boner in and out of you as you begged for me to go deeper and harder. I grabbed your dick as I filled your ass with my cum. My hand covered in your load, I licked it off and made you lick it too. I said you would be my bitch anytime I wanted because I now had video of you taking it up your ass and You would give me that dick whenever I wanted. I know you will, I’ll be here stroking till I have your ass again.

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