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Biggest Cum Shot To Your Faggy Face!

biggest cum shot

I love giving him my biggest cum shot to his little sissy faggot face! He bought me an all-expense paid trip to the Keys. I was happy to go as his arm candy. I passed very well as we strolled the white sand beaches. It was very different back in the hotel room though. I had him on his Knees for Mistress Nikita and butt ass naked as soon as we hit the room. I attached bells to his scrotum and he jingled every time he moved. Such A delightful slut for me. Nipple clamps and a nice cock cage rounded him out. My Malibu Rum was never empty as My little butch served me and crawled on all fours everywhere he went. The only time he was resting was with my 7 inches stuck down his greedy throat. Gobble gobble little faggy! I only came on his face all week. Of course, I opened his slutty bitch pink perfect tight ass up over and over. But alas him sucking my shit covered dick and me cumming and blowing huge loads at that were reserved for his fucking face! Come And get it my Bitches, Mistress phone sex Nikita is waiting dick out and hard for you!

Cum Slut at Comic Con

cum slut phone sex

Some Times I can be such a cum slut phone sex Tranny! I mean who else would hit up Comic-Con Just because those Nerdy, Dirty Men can give me so much hot sticky cum. I know I would be amidst so many ass virgins and shy men. SHy ass virgins tend to be my favorite. I love being bold and flirty. I know my thick seven inches will make those ass holes feel so good and I am extremely sexy. I saw three guys cosplaying the Hulk, Spiderman and Batman, They seemed to be in a hot dispute over Marvel or D.C. Hot Af to be told. I was Wonder Woman and I strutted right up and asked if I could help settle this. Mouths agape they nodded. I said I will give you my room key only if all three show up to my room, “All three, 30 min. Costumes on.” I whispered as I walked away. An hour later I was waiting thinking they had chickened out. 

A timid knock and All three were here. I let them in offered drinks and began seducing each. First with mouthy tongue filled kisses making sure my boner brushed each of them, Once I was sure they knew I proceeded to suck and fuck each of them until all I could smell was sweat and cum. Costy pieces littered the floor as at on point we circle fucking and the moans and ball slapping was all I could hear. I quietly slipped out as the morning dawned, Knowing this tranny phone sex whore gave those nerds memories to last a lifetime. 

Trannys Gone wild

erotic hypnosis phone sex

I and my Lady Meat enjoy Erotic hypnosis phone sex. Why because I have put men under my spell for as long as I can remember. My Friend Candy and I love seducing a man bringing him back to her place playing with his dick and putting him into a trance. See Blaine loved the attention we gave him and our mouths slobbered his huge balls and Cock while soft music and aromas made him in a trance-like state. It wasn’t Long Until he was deep throating Candys Dick and taking my lady Meat deep in his virgin ass. Its all about pulling his fantasy out of him. He knew what we were and he just needed that extra push to take our meat in his ass and throat. He loved pussy but he needed that ass gaped and his mouth around a cock. Hell, we even took turns with that nice stiff cock in our ass pussies. Let Me put You Under Mistress Nikitas Spell baby, I will have you begging for my Lady Meat in no Time, Tell me you love it and can’t live without that ass pussy being reamed over and over my little fuck slut. 

Two Trannys Take Your Dick

tranny phone sex

Tranny Phone Sex Mistresses need some play time of their own as well. Its labor day weekend and I just want to get my drink on and fuck my BBF Alley and her boyfriend. They live a sweet good life and I have been trying for this threesome forever it seems. She chad is a backwood homegrown stud that lives his life pretending to be in a non-tranny sexual relationship with Alley. I finally seduced his big cock with two tranny promises of fucking and sucking. He had some Patron’ and unleashed his giant dick for alley and me. I loved bouncing on her lady stick as she sucked him off. It was a while night of fucking chad deeply in his ass pussy and getting my own sweet ass reamed so much that I passed out withChad’ss dick in my mouth.  Even Mistress phone sex whores need that deep party penetration depraved sexual nights. So much dick so much cum, I swear Ill be sticky for a week. I know you want to come lick me clean!  Your tongue my ass. 

Cock worshiping Phone Sex



cock worshiping phone sex

Cock worshiping phone sex with a sexy tranny will milk your dick for sure. But what is even hotter is when this phone sex babe gets dick from my pics on @fuckalicioussex or my personal account @nikitag13708135. See my new ass sex boy toy Rick decided to hit me up and tell me how gorgeous I was from my twitter space. I told him he did not know that I would gape his throat and ass open if he kept flirting like that. I let him know that he needs to make sure his dick can keep up with his slutty faggot mouth. I post all my nasty blogs on twitter and I know that he thinks I am just a sissy femme shemale but when I got him in person he knew that Mistress Nikita had him by the balls. I took him to his knees in that nightclub and made everyone watch as he sucked my 7 plus inches down his throat. After he gulped my semen I made sure to parade him up an down the club so Rick the dick sucker could tell everyone who owned him. Yes, this phone sex whore got her ass whore from a sexy blog I posted to Twitter. He used to be shy about taking sperm in public but that night I had him take any mans cum he could get. We were banned from that nightclub but back at my condo he had no worries about taking my fat dick up his ass all night and being my shemale phone sex slave. I did let him milk his dick in my slutty mouth a few times just because I love the hot salty taste of dick and cum. My advice for those who want to think I am just a sissy tranny and dares to play is ready to have your throat and ass gaped baby. Love, Mistress Nikita.shemale phone sex

Candy Stripper Dick Sucking Nikita

cock control
I was in the mood to be charitable and needed a bit of cock control. SO my cock and hands went on a spree today. I was in my hot little striped uniform delivering flowers and treats for my soldiers on the sixth floor. My god there are so many hot military dicks that i just gave away free hand jobs. It was so hard keeping my panty surprise a secret. It wasn’t until I delivered a bunch of purple orchids to a big black officer that I was found out. He grabbed my tranny dick through my skirt and demanded to see it. I showed him my hard dick and he got up and told me to be careful of his brace but he wanted to taste me. He had the best mouth I ever felt I came so hard right in his mouth. Lets just say I will be visiting his room everyday until he is better then I will fuck his virgin asshole.

Jungle Fever After A SLutty 3Sum

black cock phone sex



That Black dick was my chocolate dessert after my slutty threesome last night. I remembered the taste of her sweet twat as I sucked her off his white candy stick. But my mind kept going back to the handjob I gave the Nigro doorman this morning. This white dick wouldn’t be anything like that man meat of a black cock being shoved down my throat. My ass began to throb as I went down on white dick s wifey thinking how to have that cock in my ass and mouth. I bet Negro doorman cock would rip me apart. My mind wondered but I enjoyed fucking my hot swinger couple from ass to mouth between each other till I came four times. I do get my cum and aim to please. Ass soon as they left I was running downstairs to get me some big anaconda dick! I hid behind the front entry gulping that dick down deep inside my throat. I left with promises of a knock in the early am after black cock got off duty… Black Cock? Ha, I never even got his name, I love newbies!


shemale phone sex

Training A Sissy To Eat My Tranny Cum

sissy training phone sex

Welcome to Nikitas Sissy training phone sex Event of the night.

I love training sweet sissy boys like you to eat their own cum. First I will pop that ass cherry and show you how to take a dick deep inside of you. I will stroke that cock as I pump my hot semen deep in your ass pussy canal. Your sweet sticky cum erupts in my hand and while I am getting my lady dick hard inside your ass again I bring my hand up and force you to lick it clean. You do not have much of a choice as you are bound and have nowhere to go but back and forth on this shemale dick. I even use the huge hands to spank you and leave welts on that tight ass cheek of yours. It is hot and nasty but your only words better be” Yes Mistress, Please Mistress and may I have another Mistress.”  I force another load deep into you as I turn you around to suck me dry and then make you kiss my feet and thank me for making you a good sissy boy.

Need A Dick Fix?

bisexual phone sex

Just because we play bisexual phone sex doesn’t mean you are a faggot boy. No, It simply means you are now my pet. Mt perfect pet with a great ass that I love to make my sexy sandwich between me and my hot neighbor. See I do have this gorgeous Milf that lives in my building that loves me to fuck her pussy till she begs me to stop. Last week she convinced her sexy as fuck hubby to come to have cocktails with the “Tranny Next door”. A few tequila sunrises and a big blunt later he was being fucked hard and deep in his ass by me and he was pounding the shit out of his wife. I am an expert on timing my load and when he blew I blew a hot sticky load in his ass. He was very happy that he had his sexy wife cleaning up our cocks and being our sweet cock whore. Hell, I couldn’t help getting his cock hard again with my mouth. His 50 something 9 inches made me weak. I am going to their pool party and I will be sure to bring some hot toys for our own personal after party. I even bought his darling wife a cute strap-on so we can play during the day and she can fuck him at night. So there is nothing wrong with our sexy adult phone chat baby. Cum, play with me.

Tranny Porn Pics For you

tranny porn pictures 

 Tranny porn pictures arouse your sleeping monster. But baby you need more than a picture, you need me to seduce that trouser snake with my mouth and tease you with my bubble ass. I will spread my ass cheeks and you can see my sweet brown eye ready for deep penetration. Watch as I fuck my sweet tight hole with this thick carrot. Don’t you wish that was your man meat baby? Oh yes, it feels so good. Can you get as hard as this carrot that is pushing against my swollen prostate? My lady dick is so hard for you, “On your knees now bitch! Suck me off as I fuck my ass with this veggie bitch boy!!” Take this carrot out of my ass and you can suck my shit off and then use your tongue to fuck my sweet ass. That’s right taking this hot ass sex and cumming for Mistress Nikita! I need to pump you full of my sperm and then insert a butt plug and make you hold my cum all day long. 

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