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forced feminization

Forced feminization makes my beautiful she-male cock throb. I pick up pretty boys like you thumbing a ride down the interstate all the time.  You were hot the weather is changing your body was dripping with sweat and I could smell your musk. I must admit I had to cross my legs and pull at my skirt as to not give away my panty surprise.  A few miles down the road You slid your hand on my thigh and bluntly said,” You Know I never been with a girl with a dick before, it is kinda hot.” Men seem to have a sixth sense about my dick. I drove to my place and we shared strong shots of whiskey. I kissed you and ran to bring my trunk of pretty clothes out. I have a fetish for white silk panties. I dressed you without a word. I made you my pretty sissy boy with thigh highs makeup and a beautiful blonde wig. I stripped and showed you my pretty dick which you sucked and licked eagerly. “Do you love it sissy boy?”

“I Love it, Nikita.”

You slurped my precum with a frenzy as I shoved a dildo in my ass.  You slapped my hand away and began fucking me with it. “Let Your Bitch do that,” You said.

As I came in your mouth You asked me to take you. I took your ass all night we exchanged many rounds of cum until we passed out in a drunken cum stupor. I woke to your white panties and a note with your number. I guess I have a sissy boy to add to my little black book now.

Your Ass? My Girl Dick?

tranny phone sex

Finding Tranny phone sex enticing? I love it when I get to make your cock ooze with precum as I stroke my beautiful dick. I imagine you’re the sexy older businessman I ran into at the condo complex yesterday. Talk dark and handsome and very flirty. You told me you were not feeling well and I invited you over for a joint to make your big beautiful eyes feel better. We sat down and we rolled a joint and you were not shy about telling me how hot you thought I was and as we smoked your dick began to grow. I got between your legs and unzipped your pants and locked eyes as I began to suck and lick your thick shaft. I stood up and raised my dress and you saw my girl dick and tried to act surprised as I lowered my ass down on your cock facing you. We kissed long and hard as I rode your throbbing dick. I leaned in and whispered that I was going to take your ass and you shuddered and I could feel your meat stick jump in my ass pussy. Kissing you I popped my ass off you beautiful powerful dick. I demanded you naked and bent over in front of me. You said yes Mistress. I grabbed the lube and started working my girl boner in and out of you as you begged for me to go deeper and harder. I grabbed your dick as I filled your ass with my cum. My hand covered in your load, I licked it off and made you lick it too. I said you would be my bitch anytime I wanted because I now had video of you taking it up your ass and You would give me that dick whenever I wanted. I know you will, I’ll be here stroking till I have your ass again.

Blow Jobs From A Sexy Shemale


blowjobs phone sexBlowjobs phone sex with a shemale is downright dirty. I know how to please a cock because I have one. One of my passions is sucking a straight man’s cock till he explodes in my pretty little mouth.  I know every inch of your cock and how my mouth will slowly suck and tease until I feel it start to jump and your breath gets heavy.  Your hands slowly start to get tangled in my hair as you force me balls deep. I love how you have control of that cock and won’t let yourself cum until you have had every pleasure of my mouth.

I feel your balls slapping my pretty face with each thrust. They get full and heavy and my cock starts to jump and dance from the pleasure I am giving you. Maybe if I suck you well enough you will lend me your ass so I can fuck that tight pretty hole and you can feel my warm cum. I know that even if I don’t get your ass today I will soon. You can not resist my sweet mouth and its only natural to want my other talents. I have patience I will be waiting.

Be My Ass Rape Fantasy Faggot

ass to mouth phone sex

Ass to mouth phone sex is what you need. I am the hot She Male with the perfect 7 inches to make that happen for you sweetheart.   My beautiful tits and smooth body all the way down to my smooth always hard cock makes you want to do things you only dreamed of.  You want me to fulfill your ass rape fantasy. You are caught off guard when you reach under my dress and find my throbbing man meat. I slap you and push you to the ground. “How Dare you just reach under my dress bitch!” I take out my hard meat stick and drop a few rounds of spit on your virgin ass. I hold your hips tight and force my cock halfway in on the first try. You are not resisting much I see. I thrust deeper and deeper and you start moaning like the sissy bitch you are. I take my throbbing dripping with precum cock out of your ass as push you back and straddle your face. Take my cock deep my faggot boy. Deepthroat me as I suck your veiny engorged member. I suck harder and faster so you suck my lady cock harder and deeper with every hip thrust of mine. You cum before me but I hold some of your cum in my mouth and when I lose my load I get up and spit your cum in your mouth. Swallow it all my faggot bitch. Show me that you want it! I assure you next time I won’t be so easy on phone sex

Anal Sex WIth A Tranny

Anal Phone sex

Anal phone sex with a beautiful tranny is what will drain your balls. I know you are curious about how my beautiful cock feels sliding in your sweet virgin ass. I will take it easy on you and make sure you can handle this strong hard cock fucking your tight hole. I will bend you over and use lots of lube. I want to start fucking your ass nice and slow until my tranny balls are touching your ass. I will stroke out in long hard strokes until I am slapping that beautiful ass with my full balls. I will make you cry and moan for me to finish even as you lose you cum all over the place. I have the stamina and I love bottoming out your ass. Cum play with this ass cherry popping tranny. I promise you will be happy.

Tranny Phone Sex

tranny phone sex

Tranny phone sex with my 7 ½ inch cock.  I will make you bow to my cock. I will force you to dress up in my girly undies and clothes and take my cock in your pussy ass hole.  I want to force my cock into your mouth and teach you how to suck my cock while I play with my nipples. Watch my perfect tits bounce as I spread your ass cheeks.  I will force my cock in your ass you lay back and show me your pussy hole that I make out of your ass. If you’re a good boy I will wrap my mouth around your cock and show you what this little mouth can do.  I will rock your world. Come play with my sweet tranny ass.

Hotels and Cock Virgins Make me Cum

shemale phone sex

This hot shemale phone sex bitch has found the perfect spot to pick up dick! Hotel breakfast bars offer up early morning cock virgins. I was minding my business eating strawberries and I noticed you staring at my mouth. My big eyes scanned you up and down and met your hazel eyes before coyly looking away.  I felt my cock harden as you came over and asked if we could eat together. Something about your broad shoulders and stocky build under that business suit turned me on.  You flirted hard and as breakfast was over invited me up to your suite for a drink “to get our day started”. Once we were alone you pulled me in for a deep kiss. You had this raw power that pulled me in. My hand found your dick hard as you were slipping off my top to kiss and suck each perfect breast. You had me on my knees unleashing your monstrous cock in minutes. My mouth took you all in as you grabbed my hair and fucked my throat. Suddenly you pulled me up and slid your hand under my skirt, finding my hard tranny cock. Your smile said it all as the power shifted and I pushed you down my body and you took my beautiful cock in your mouth.  You slobbered all over my pretty cock, gulping as tears ran down your face. Clothes were being stripped off both of us as I told you to get on all fours. I used my spit to lube your ass as I took your virgin hole.  My hand gripped your swollen cock as I thrust back and forth opening your sweet tight ass. I lost it as you came all over my hand and let my cum fill your ass. You got up and kissed me deeply and gave me your cell number before I left. I hope to see you again real soon.

Cheap Phone Sex Tranny


Cheap phone sexYou know why you are attracted to this tranny slut? I have a face of a fucking angel, but the masculine outlines draw you in. See before you even reach under my skirt to find my nice cock, you already knew! I pass but barely and you want my perfect cock in your twat asshole. You want to be my sissy boy fuck slave. You get to play with my tits while I open your sweet rosebud twat asshole. You want to be pretty like me and be my tranny whore sex slave. Red is your color, some on your lips and a nice lipstick ring around your ass so I can have a pretty tranny cock every time I slide in and out of you. A pair of my lace panties around your neck like riding a horse as my cock makes you scream for me. I have been gone awhile but I missed all my phone sex freaks that want to taste my cock and have it buried in their throats. Yes, Nikita is back bitches, and I need cock now.

Another faggot cocksucker.

cocksucking phone sexAsk any tranny phone sex lover and they will say the same thing. A girl with a cock is always the best fuck. Even the guys who don’t know they want it can’t resist. I went out with this new guy last week. He was handsome and masculine. I love a big strong man who likes to play a bit rough. We went out for some dancing and by the time we left, we were both horny as hell and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. He was kissing me and sucking my nipples as I reached for his fly. I pulled out his cock and went down on it. “Damn, girl. You have skills.” he moaned. I smiled, barely able to hide my own secret. He was pumping his cock down my throat as he slid his hand under my skirt. When his hand slid into my panties. he got my special surprise. I heard him gasp.

His cock got even harder as he stroked my meat stick. “OMG, I wanna taste you.” I smiled. “You mean, you want to suck my fat cock, right?” My masculine lover turned into a cock sucking faggot, talking in a falsetto, begging me to fuck his pussy. And you better believe I did. Are you ready for a date like this? Come on!!!! My cock is rock hard and ready for your hot mouth and willing man-pussy.

Horny Young Tranny loves buckets of cum.

tranny phone sex

Doncha just love some tranny phone sex? Tell me the truth cause I’ll find out soon enough. The look on your face and that bulge in your pants gives you away. I met you at the club tonight. You watched every move I made on the dance floor. My round ass had you grinding your hips against me. When I turned around, you saw what was under my skirt and your own cock swelled. I rubbed my fat shaft against yours and we both had wet spots where we were leaking that sweet nectar. I motioned to the bathroom and you followed me. I leaned against the sink and you dropped to your knees, engulfing my fuckstick in your sweet mouth. Moans filled the bathroom as we tried to choke each other. I grabbed you by your hair and pushed you down to your knees. You didn’t protest as I pulled your baggy pants down. All I could see was sweet boy-pussy as I drove my cock home, making you scream with pain and passion. My balls couldn’t hold the pressure as I exploded deep inside of you.

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