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Taking The Grooms Ass In the Courtyard

shemale phone sex

My hot Tranny Ass got me an ass virgin on his wedding day. Nick had been emailing me for weeks telling me that he wanted to experience a cock in his ass before he was married. I tried to meet up with his sexy ass several times but he chickened out. Finally, on his wedding day, he invited me over as a guest so he could see me and make sure he didn’t want a cock in his ass before he married his bride.

I wore my sexy little black dress with my cutest little black lace bodysuit underneath.  When I got to the house and he saw me his cock jumped in his pants. I saw that bulge and pulled my dress off under the trees. I had Nick submitting to my cock right in the courtyard. He moaned like the little bitch he was. Don’t worry only a couple of workers saw us and I made sure Nick Paid them handsomely. I do hope he gets his new wife a strap to peg him once and a while! That was a huge cum shot he left on the ground, I am sure he needs a good ass fucking every once and a while.

Pantyhose Shemale

shemale phone sex

Robert is a thug hardbody with a fucking nice hard cock that can last for hours. I have wanted to make him my butt slut for so long. Until tonight I have only been able to suck him dry with my whore tranny mouth. My lips and throat will be raw after sucking him and having my throat fucked for so long. It was my pantyhose that turned the tables for me tonight. I was on my knees sucking him guiding my fingers to his ass and one hand down my pantyhose. He kept watching me stroke my cock under the red see through the silky hose. He demanded me up and bent me over but only let me roll the hose down so far. as he gaped my pretty ass he kept stroking the nylon and fucking me harder. All of a sudden He pulled out pre-cum dripping down onto my pretty legs. He was panting and I pulled off my hose and lifted his feet and rolled up my hose all the way. He was still so hard! I turned him around and ripped a hole in the pantyhose so I could butt fuck him. He moaned so loud. I rubbed his aching cock through the material. I felt his spunk release just as I gave him my load. I patted his ass and told him to keep my pantyhose. Who Knew? 

Shemale Schoolgirls


shemale phone sex

I love wearing slutty whore schoolgirl uniforms. It hides my dick so well. I love being able to play the role of an innocent and then having you reach under this plaid skirt and find my hard seven inches! My smooth balls are fondled as you play like you didn’t know what I was. I grabbed your hand and told you unless you want to be fucked like the little bitch you are on this picnic table I suggest we go somewhere. Because I will fuck you in front of all these brats and Mommys I don’t fucking care! You are going to be my dessert, This lunch date has made me horny for your manly dick. Let me suck and fuck you like the faggot wannabe you are and then send you home to the wife and offspring baby! 

Give Me your Best Shot!

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All I want for my sweet tranny pussy is your biggest cum shot.  I love sucking cock, but when I get a huge beautiful cock like Erics All I want is to suck and fuck. I was very Pleased when Eric brought me his Tranny playmate Shelia! Now I had to cocks to suck and bounce my ass on. I really couldn’t dominate both of them because I was a cum slut for those cocks and my ass just throbbed the whole time I bobbed up and down.  Out in the open in the Fall breeze by the pool, I sucked and gulped cum like a little bitch. My cock was so hard, I wanted to fuck them both and have my ass pussy filled to the brim with that huge loads of Erics. All In all, Eric became the meat in our tranny sandwich many times and I loved feeding both of them the cum from my ass. Who wants a taste of tranny ass cum?

Shemale Domination Porn With My Teen Slut Shyla

Shemale domination porn

Shyla Is Going To Be directing our shemale domination porn baby. She says her wet cunny loves the idea of you being fucked hard and deep by my lady dick. I know you want to spread open her legs and play slip and slide inside of her, but her rules are clear. She wants you fucked by a tranny. She wants you to submit and suck my hard dick camera so she knows you are the kind of fuck she wants. Shyla Will even demonstrate how to suck my lady meat for you. Slurp it just like she does baby. Deep in and out. Oh, yeah see how the spittle runs down her face as she gags just a little on my dick? Now your turn, Oh yes baby such a good faggot cock sucker. I know you want to fuck my neighbor Shyla for real now. Okay Now, Do As Shyla does and bend over yes that’s it. See how she can take my dick and throw that ass back on it. Oh God, I am going to need your mouth now Because I just gave my sweet cream up deep inside my sweet teen slut. Oh, your mouth feels good, make sure you suck my cum out of her sweet little young bald pussy baby. That’s it now give up that puckered poop shoot so I can fuck the daylights out of it. Then and only then will you have a chance at fucking My sweet little whore Shyla. Smile for the camera baby, take it like a good faggy boy trying to get a taste of both worlds. Cum for us won’t you? young bald pussy

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex Shemale

ass to mouth phone sex

He wanted this ass to mouth phone sex Shemale to just fuck him in the bar. I had other plans. I saw that big purple dick and knew he could satisfy my ass pussy. I did suck him off in the ladies room, and after a few more tequila sunrises we got an UBer down to my Condo. Headed up in the elevator he pulled my dick out and was sloppy sucking it. I had to sober him up some. So when we reached my place I told him to open up and I gave him a couple of my wake up pills. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, hehe. Five minutes later he was on me like white on rice. I spread my legs and told him to fuck me like the whore I am. Oh, baby, he would fuck my ass and pull it out so I could taste my self and give him some cherry lube so he could make my “Pussy” His squishy tight ride. Oh god, I need some more of that. Could you fuck this tranny phone sex bitch like that baby? Give me your biggest creamy load! mmm xoxoxox nIkita

Tranny Phone Sex Escapades

tranny phone sex

I might be a Tranny Phone Sex Hoe, but I do get out to have real-life cock adventures! I had a nice date with a Big Black security officer from my Condominium. He Had a nice picnic on the edge of the woods as the weather is turning cooler he brought a blanket and lots of Red Wine for us to drink. He was the burly stocky manly type that Women Fawned over. I could tell he knew about my cock pantie surprise because he watched my shirt as it formed and molded against me. I mean I don’t hide the fact that I have a fat lady dick between my legs and I am sure Mr. Security man has seen the elevator footage of my men submitting to my cock and balls. As he leaned in to kiss me his hand slid up my skirt and began jacking me off. I got to my knees and had him lay on his back so I could fuck his throat.  I was so Lost In his cock sucking skills that I let go the biggest cum shot down his throat. His thick fingers were fucking my ass and I could not resist as he gave me his Huge Black dick to suck. I gulped and worshiped every inch of that massive trouser snake until I was hard and ready to fuck his ass. Oh, how sweet and tight his ass was around my cock. I filled him up from the other end this time. I did make him suck me dry afterward. He was my slave after that!

Biggest Cum Shot To Your Faggy Face!

biggest cum shot

I love giving him my biggest cum shot to his little sissy faggot face! He bought me an all-expense paid trip to the Keys. I was happy to go as his arm candy. I passed very well as we strolled the white sand beaches. It was very different back in the hotel room though. I had him on his Knees for Mistress Nikita and butt ass naked as soon as we hit the room. I attached bells to his scrotum and he jingled every time he moved. Such A delightful slut for me. Nipple clamps and a nice cock cage rounded him out. My Malibu Rum was never empty as My little butch served me and crawled on all fours everywhere he went. The only time he was resting was with my 7 inches stuck down his greedy throat. Gobble gobble little faggy! I only came on his face all week. Of course, I opened his slutty bitch pink perfect tight ass up over and over. But alas him sucking my shit covered dick and me cumming and blowing huge loads at that were reserved for his fucking face! Come And get it my Bitches, Mistress phone sex Nikita is waiting dick out and hard for you!

Cum Slut at Comic Con

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Some Times I can be such a cum slut phone sex Tranny! I mean who else would hit up Comic-Con Just because those Nerdy, Dirty Men can give me so much hot sticky cum. I know I would be amidst so many ass virgins and shy men. SHy ass virgins tend to be my favorite. I love being bold and flirty. I know my thick seven inches will make those ass holes feel so good and I am extremely sexy. I saw three guys cosplaying the Hulk, Spiderman and Batman, They seemed to be in a hot dispute over Marvel or D.C. Hot Af to be told. I was Wonder Woman and I strutted right up and asked if I could help settle this. Mouths agape they nodded. I said I will give you my room key only if all three show up to my room, “All three, 30 min. Costumes on.” I whispered as I walked away. An hour later I was waiting thinking they had chickened out. 

A timid knock and All three were here. I let them in offered drinks and began seducing each. First with mouthy tongue filled kisses making sure my boner brushed each of them, Once I was sure they knew I proceeded to suck and fuck each of them until all I could smell was sweat and cum. Costy pieces littered the floor as at on point we circle fucking and the moans and ball slapping was all I could hear. I quietly slipped out as the morning dawned, Knowing this tranny phone sex whore gave those nerds memories to last a lifetime. 

Trannys Gone wild

erotic hypnosis phone sex

I and my Lady Meat enjoy Erotic hypnosis phone sex. Why because I have put men under my spell for as long as I can remember. My Friend Candy and I love seducing a man bringing him back to her place playing with his dick and putting him into a trance. See Blaine loved the attention we gave him and our mouths slobbered his huge balls and Cock while soft music and aromas made him in a trance-like state. It wasn’t Long Until he was deep throating Candys Dick and taking my lady Meat deep in his virgin ass. Its all about pulling his fantasy out of him. He knew what we were and he just needed that extra push to take our meat in his ass and throat. He loved pussy but he needed that ass gaped and his mouth around a cock. Hell, we even took turns with that nice stiff cock in our ass pussies. Let Me put You Under Mistress Nikitas Spell baby, I will have you begging for my Lady Meat in no Time, Tell me you love it and can’t live without that ass pussy being reamed over and over my little fuck slut. 

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