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Shaving My Cunny For You

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I barely have any hair on my tiny little cunny but you love showering and bathing with me and so I asked if you’d like to help me with a little trim work around my pussy. You were glad to sit beside my bathtub, running your fingers up and down my cunt and legs- teasing me but getting ever so serious once it was time to involve the razor. You helping spread and hold my legs apart so that I could reach between and make sure my cunny stays so perfectly clean and trimmed for you. I’m happy to do anything that makes you happy, even if its as simple as just making sure this pussy looks deliciously young. It makes your mouth water just looking at it and reminds you of all the other pretty sweet cunnies you’ve been able to pleasure over the years. I stand up out of the bath and you get your final look- giving you a wet kiss. Can you put me to bed?

Biggest Whore Ever

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Suck on my dangling piss flaps right after I urinate inside your filthy mouth. I am the biggest whore ever who loves getting fucked as hard as possible. Bruise my cunny up, don’t hold back. Fuck me like you’ve been dying to treat a little whore like me. You don’t have to stop until you’ve drained your balls completely into my bald fucking cunt. I am your subby little bitch who is here for your pleasure only so you don’t have to worry at all about getting anything other than your rocks off tonight with me. I am yours. I am your toy. Treat me like I am your pleasure device only. Hold my little face down into the bed while you cream my asshole up all proper. Your big thick cock doesn’t allow much room for jizz so it busts out the sides and around your dick, covering your balls and dripping down my thighs.

Slip On My Dirty Panties Fuck Boy

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I’ve been soaking these panties up for you for the past month for you to wear so that it feels like my cute bald pussy is with you always. They are super soft and silky, the stains from my puss puss have crusted over the tiny patch of cotton. You can wear them all the time now. You can jerk that cock off, filthy panty bitch as much as you. You love wearing women’s underwear more than ladies even do but that just because you’re a big ol’ sissy, right? You love how that silk feels against your cock and balls. The feeling of being a little fuck boy bitch who enjoys the softer sensations of lady’s panties on your skin. You can barely handle it. If you’re a really good boy tonight I’ll even throw in your favorite- dirty pantyhose!

Being Your Subby Neighbor Whore

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This hot squirting pussy is dying your your cock, big neighbor boy. I have been parading around in my tiny little clothes for weeks and you cannot hand it any longer- it’s time to teach a slut how to act, right? You show up with your dick already out and ready to fuck me to pieces. I let you in happily and we begin just going wild on each other. You love how tight and tiny my body is. It drives you crazy knowing how my parents would react if they knew we had been together. Finally you drain that cock completely into my asshole and I am full of your delicious cum. Jesus Christ- its just so amazing being your neighborhood whore who fucks you like your wife should. She’s going to be so pissed off if she ever finds out about us so we have to keep this between us. I’m your subby neighbor slut- don’t ruin our fun, cheating sweetie!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex With Natalie

foot fetish phone sex


I love when you’re going down on me and you do that thing where you put your fingers between all my toes and spread them apart. It kinda hurts but feels like an intense massage. Then you kiss down my thighs and legs, making your way down to my pretty pink toenails. Sucking and kissing all over my delicate tiny feet. You look up at me so adoringly and you worshiping your sweet kittens paws. Sometimes you even treat me to pedicures similar to that scene in Lolita I’ve always loved so much. Sometimes you even just sit at the end of my bed and massage them for me for hours with lotion, making your cock grow quickly and large. I then proceed to wrap my feet around your dick and give you the best foot job you’ve ever had. You explode all your cum over and onto my toes, then going down to clean them up with your mouth. Kitten’s paws hurt again tonight- can you help me out?

Cum Spilling Out My Holes

humiliation phone sexYou a bunch of friends show up unexpected at my house. You knew no one was going to be there and that it would be a good time to teach me not to keep showing my body off. If i wanna act like this then I better be prepared to whore it out without even a peep. You guys rush in, pushing me down onto the ground. I am kicking and screaming- begging for you to stop. This has to be a joke!???? You’re going to fill all my holes up with your cum- you make that clear to me that it’s time I get treated exactly like how I’ve been begging to be used. Each of you take turns shoving those huge cocks into my ass, pussy and mouth. There’s so much jizz inside me now that it’s busting out the sides of my holes when another one of you takes a turn. Then you start shoving two cocks in me at the same time. I am screaming, yelping like a little animal from all the pain. Once you finish you leave me there to clean myself up. I need to remember to lock the doors behind me. Otherwise this kind of thing is going to happen again- which reminds me, I think I forgot the door again. And wait- what was that noise?


Waking Up To Wet Panties

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I’m just naturally a very horny little gal. I wake up every morning to my panties completely soaked in my cum. I think I must be masturbating during my sleep and having wet dreams but it’s almost like a requirement that I masturbate before even getting out of bed and I get myself off a bunch more times during the day. I love opening my pretty little eyes first thing, feeling those panties be super damp and my cunt wet as fuck. I reach down and slide my fingers into my wet bald pussy, pushing two inside myself and using the palm of my hand to apply pressure on my sopping cum drenched clit. I finger fuck myself over and over, multiple orgasms are needed to meet my full satisfaction! I’ve even taken to sometimes using random objects around the house to help me reach climax. This morning it was my brother’s drumsticks- what do you suggest for tonight? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pretty Dirty

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Everyone thinks I’m just this sweet little school girl but really I’m a wet panty slut. I wake up every morning with a soaking wet pussy that is ready for to ride immediately. I love getting fucked first thing when I wake up- especially in the asshole! You can open me up really wide and pee right inside or you can hold off and just pound away at my little holes till they are swollen and sore. Put a collar around me and leash on me- I’m your pet after all now. Make me walk around the house naked on all fours. Make me drink from the pet’s bowls on the ground. I’m your pretty girl but I’m also pretty dirty. Now piss into the bowl and make me drink up your pee from my new table setting. Yum, it’s good to be your filthy subby whore. Now lock me up in my cage. I’ll be right here for you in the morning. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let Me Serve You

cock worshiping phone sex

Let me serve you. Allow me to get down on to my knees and worship your cock, please? I’ll beg, beg and beg until you finally allow me to take that juicy rock hard cock into my mouth. It’s so beautiful, I can’t help but just take a moment to myself to really look at the curve of it. The shape of it’s head and how good that mushroom tip is going to feel once it’s finally inside me. Licking you from the balls and all the way up your shaft, taking that beautiful dick into my mouth. Sucking all the way to the base is very important to me, I want you to feel special and like your little teeny sub appreciates all the orgasms you give her. You’re just about to blow that huge load and don’t pull out. I want to suck that cum right down into my tummy. You deserve it every day after all. I’m here now and ready to give you another amazing session, won’t you fill my fantasy?


Subby Slut Can’t Wait To be Yours

Anal Phone Sex


Omg I never though anal could feel this good. The way your big juicy cock slides into my unsuspecting tiny anus is completely shocking but I love it. That thick dick just pounding the literal shit out of my asshole. yum yum! Make me suck my butt-flavor off your joy stick!!!!! I can’t believe how good it feels to take you this deep, holding me down and pumping that penis in and out of me hard. Feeling my body tighten up and release on it. The way the rim of my hole almost strangles your member. I love taking it in the ass like this!! I’m such a lucky whore to get pounded up like a piece of femme meat. Now don’t forget to fill me up. Fill my asshole to the point of where your cum explodes out of it like a sperm fountain. I’m ready for our second round!!!

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