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Panties and Socks

foot fetish phone sex


I know how much you love kissing and licking my pretty and perfectly manicured little feet. You’ve been especially interested in my dirty little panties but I decided an extra surprise should come into your package this time. I have included my cute cheerleading socks that I have worn for days on end in addition to a pair of pantyhose and even the standard cute panties you love. I wish I were there to see you hold the socks and panties up to your nose while you play with your cock, thinking of my sweet little smile while you suck and lick on me. The way your big cock swells up right before we lube up my feet as you slip that juicy dick between them and allow me to give you a blissful foot job. Looking down at your right before you’re about to spill that cum all over my cute little hot pink toes. I reach down, gathering your yummy cummies up and sucking the juices off of my fingers while you clean my feet up for me, I’ve been soaking wet so you have your own personal dirty panties now too that are full of my scent that you caused. When is our next session and when should I mail your next package out?

Bathroom Sex

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies Natalie


Getting pulled off into a bathroom was not how I expected my Saturday at the mall to go but there I was, getting force fucked by a guys in ski masks. I had been just doing some shopping but noticed a few strange lingering eyes on me a few different times. Hoping it was just my imagination, I tried to just dismiss the idea all together- trying hard not to make myself more paranoid. I went to the bathrooms that are at the far end of the mall and after using the facilities I thought I was just going to be walking out but that’s when the three guys in masks came in. They threw me up against the wall and told me I was a filthy whore who needed to be taught a lesson. I begged for them to leave me alone, find another girl- anything to get them to go away but before I could begin to really protest, I found myself lunged against the skins with my panties cut off with a knife. They took turns pounding me out, filling me up and gagging me with their dicks. After they all finished their business, they took my wallet with my ID- telling me that now they knew where I lived and would absolutely be back for more. My only question for you- is it terrible that I kind of loved it?

Oopsy Daisey!

Blackmail Phone Sex

Oopsies! It looks like I might of “accidentally” recorded our super hot sex last night and now I’ve got an idea of how to use it. See, you’ve been a wonderful sugar daddy so far but you kind of dropped a few hints that the sugar bowl might be about empty for me. Think about that again, sweetie. I can think of a few different people who you wouldn’t want to see this dirty little movie. You know, the one where you are cheating on your wife and having sex with a girl who is younger than your actual daughter. 😉 Just saying- I think my monthly/weekly should go up immediately and we should go ahead and sign on the dotted line for that. Don’t worry sweet sugar daddy, I love your cock and will absolutely keep on being your little cum slut but if you really decide to stop with the contributions, best believe this adorable art film will make it’s way to everyone in your family and why not your job as well. So darling, why don’t you go ahead and break out the checkbook for me now? And actually- let me fill it in. 😉

My Friend’s Dad

Hardcore Ass Fucking

I had just finished up taking a nice long shower over at my friend Brit’s house when her dad accidentally
opened the door on me. The funny part was that he said, “ooops! I thought Brit was in here” as his eyes
scanned over my tight and cute little body. I dropped the towel right there, pressed myself up
against him and had my way with Brit’s dead ol’ daddy. I have always thought older men were so much more
attractive than the guys my age but what I wasn’t ready for especially was his big thick dick that filled me
to every space. I loved riding his cock on the marble vanity and even taking his huge daddy cock into my little
virgin asshole. He pumped me full of his creamy goodness and I was left on the floor of that bathroom totally exhausted.
I wonder if he’d be interested in tucking me into bed too?



Thanks Coach!

Hardcore Ass FuckingI got into a whole lot of trouble today in gym class trying to avoid having to run the mile. Couch Jessica was so pissed
off with me after she caught me hiding in the dugout smoking cigarettes that she demanded I come to her office after my last class.
As soon as I walked in, I noticed the paddle she normally kept behind her desk wasn’t hanging in its normal spot.
That’s when she walked up behind me from the door and just said, “Drop em!” I knew that meant my panties and shorts but I
still stood there dumbfounded as to how to handle situation. Was she a lesbian or just one for punishment. Before I could
wrap my brain around any further conceptions of the play by play, she had pulled my bottoms off me and flung me over the side of
her desk. Coach Jessica gave me the bare bottom spanking of my god damn life, going so far as to even stick her fingers
inside my dripping wet pussy while she paddled away. After she was done, she handed me a sharpie and made me sign the paddle.
Now I know how all those names got on there. Hey wait, isn’t that your little girl’s name beside mine?

Sorry Daddy

female bondage

I’m such a bad girl. I stole your credit card to get a bunch of stuff from Victoria Secret
behind your back and you are one super mad daddy. I didn’t expect for the credit card statement
to come in for a few more weeks and I had planned to sneak it out of the mailbox but of
before you found it and now I am busted. I got in the door and you were already sitting at the
kitchen table with your paddle waiting for me. I was in major trouble and your eyes said everything.
Before I could get one foot in the door you already had me under your arm and spanking at my
cute tight ass as hard as you could. Only little sluts where things like that and only little
whores steal their daddy’s credit card. My ass cheeks all black and blue, I know better now.
But daddy, can you explain why you got so hard down there while you were spanking me?


Yes Master


cock worshiping phone sex

I’ve come over to your house just like you asked but I’m sorry- I know I’m a little late, Master.
But I’ve worn the little school girl outfit you demanded I put on before showing up. You answer the door and I enter shyly, knowing
your plan is to dominate me. You order me to strip for you, down to the bare nothing
that is my beautiful young naked body. Then you tell me to lay down belly up on the coffee
table, leg’s spread open and to get ready. You tie my ankles and wrists to the legs of the table
and bring out your furry friend. I can’t stop what’s about to happen. Your beast is going to
have it’s way with me and what I do not know is you’ve been training it for months to do
it’s job on me. You stand at my head and force fuck my face while your fuzzy freak humps away.
I scream and beg for it to stop but it fills my cunt up as you cream down my throat. You untie me,
but give me a direct order to not be late for master tomorrow or you’ll do worse. What could
be worse than that, Master?

Shaving My Cunny For You

female bondage


I barely have any hair on my tiny little cunny but you love showering and bathing with me and so I asked if you’d like to help me with a little trim work around my pussy. You were glad to sit beside my bathtub, running your fingers up and down my cunt and legs- teasing me but getting ever so serious once it was time to involve the razor. You helping spread and hold my legs apart so that I could reach between and make sure my cunny stays so perfectly clean and trimmed for you. I’m happy to do anything that makes you happy, even if its as simple as just making sure this pussy looks deliciously young. It makes your mouth water just looking at it and reminds you of all the other pretty sweet cunnies you’ve been able to pleasure over the years. I stand up out of the bath and you get your final look- giving you a wet kiss. Can you put me to bed?

Biggest Whore Ever

cum shots on tits


Suck on my dangling piss flaps right after I urinate inside your filthy mouth. I am the biggest whore ever who loves getting fucked as hard as possible. Bruise my cunny up, don’t hold back. Fuck me like you’ve been dying to treat a little whore like me. You don’t have to stop until you’ve drained your balls completely into my bald fucking cunt. I am your subby little bitch who is here for your pleasure only so you don’t have to worry at all about getting anything other than your rocks off tonight with me. I am yours. I am your toy. Treat me like I am your pleasure device only. Hold my little face down into the bed while you cream my asshole up all proper. Your big thick cock doesn’t allow much room for jizz so it busts out the sides and around your dick, covering your balls and dripping down my thighs.

Slip On My Dirty Panties Fuck Boy

panty boy phone sex


I’ve been soaking these panties up for you for the past month for you to wear so that it feels like my cute bald pussy is with you always. They are super soft and silky, the stains from my puss puss have crusted over the tiny patch of cotton. You can wear them all the time now. You can jerk that cock off, filthy panty bitch as much as you. You love wearing women’s underwear more than ladies even do but that just because you’re a big ol’ sissy, right? You love how that silk feels against your cock and balls. The feeling of being a little fuck boy bitch who enjoys the softer sensations of lady’s panties on your skin. You can barely handle it. If you’re a really good boy tonight I’ll even throw in your favorite- dirty pantyhose!

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