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Exploding Orgasm

phone sexI have a few fiends with benefits.  John came over last night.  He loves when I tease him and fondle him when we watch movies together.  I wanted to surprise him this time so I ordered a cock ring nipple clips and a rabbit toy for me. We sat on couch like normal and he started to fondle me touching my beautiful breasts and hard nipples then touching ny soft tight pussy.  I then grabbed him tied his arms up so he could not touch me.  I explained to him he would never forget this night.  I tore all his clothes off placing the nipple clips on him as he laid there.  He explained even though they hurt they excited him and made his cock hard.  Since his cock was hard I placed the cock ring on him. It squeezed the end of the cock making his long fat cock even thicker. I preceded to suck him until I made him almost cum then stopped. I then took my new toy playing with it shoving it in my tight pussy as he watched driving him crazy.  It had a clit simulator and an dildo for my tight ass vibrating make my cum squirt out of me.  I instructed him not to move and he could not touch me.  It drove him nuts.  I then took his big fat swollen cock as i played with the nipple clips and shoved it down my throat sucking it very hard licking it with my powerful tongue. He screamed because he came so hard shooting it down my throat.  John can not wait for another movie night.

Monika Loves to Tease

tease & denial phone sex You had spent the night out drinking with the boys and stumbled in pretty wasted early in the morning. I helped you out of your clothes and you passed the fuck out the minute your head hit the pillow. You were still out of it when I awoke. You were laying on your back with one of your hands on the corner post of the bed. That was when my wicked little plan popped into my head. I pulled out the fuzzy covered hand cuffs and hand cuffed you to the corner post on the bed. All I had to do now is wait for you to wake up. Then you would be my to play with and tease however I please. I do fuckin love to tease you. Just thinking about it makes my cunt so hot and wet. I think that I will pull out my vibrator and start fucking my hot wet cunt inches from your face. I am willing to bet that between the smell of my juicy wet cunt and the sound of my vibrator you will wake up in no time. I wonder how hard your cock is going to get watching me play with my soaking wet cunt. I can’t wait to hear you beg for me to play with your big hard throbbing cock.

BDSM Night with Mistress Monika

tease & denial phone sexMistress Monika went to a BDSM night at a local club. I saw you and instantly knew I had to make you my pet for the night. I took you into the room with a Saint Andrews Cross and tied you up. Then I spilled a little bit of my tequila on your muscular chest and big hard cock. I started licking the tequila off of your chest and sucking really hard on your nipples. I took my tongue and licked all the way down to your hard throbbing cock. I plopped your balls in my mouth and used my tongue to roll them around on the roof of my mouth. You moaned so loudly. I licked up and down the sides of your tequila covered cock. Watching the pre cum drip from the head of your cock and then I stopped. You said oh mistress don’t stop. I gave you my wicked little laugh and told you that I plan to tease and deny your cock all night long.

Biggest Cum Shot of Your Life

biggest cum shotWhen I picked you up at the club I don’t think you realized what a kinky girl I am. I brought you back to my place and after I had helped you out of all of your clothes. I pulled out a pair of fuzzy handcuffs from my dresser drawer. You were not too sure of being handcuffed to my bed but I talked you into it. Then I started licking on your nipples and running just my finger tips along your inner thighs. I lightly brushed my fingers over your balls watching your big cock get so hard. You told me how turned on you were and that you really wanted to fuck. I smiled my little-wicked smile at you and told you that I knew. But what you didn’t know is who much I love to tease and denial. I want to spend hours playing with your big thick cock and balls before I finally allow you to come. Knowing that when I do allow you to cum, it will be the biggest cum shot of your life.

Mistress Monika’s Sissy Maid

fantasy phone sexMistress Monika is hosting a dinner party. I am going to dress you up as a little sissy maid to serve my guest. But first, we have to get you ready. I think we start by putting your cock cage on that tiny little cock of yours. Now that we have that done I think we move on to your little-puckered asshole. It definitely needs a butt plug to start getting it ready for any of my guest that choose to fuck you. Oh, I’m sorry did you think you were going to be serving drinks and food. I guess I should have explained that to you. My little sissy boy will be serving all the guest in sexual favors. You will be eating pussies, sucking cocks, and getting that tight little-puckered ass of yours fucked. If you do a really good job servicing everyone then at the end of the night I just might let you cum.

Cock Control with Mistress Monika and Mistress Alanza

cock controlMistress Monika has so much fun with you. I especially love our cock control sessions where I tie you to a chair in the middle of the living room. You always get so nervous if the doorbell rings. You are afraid of who might see you so venerable and naked. But I think you are going to enjoy my little surprise for you today. Mistress Alanza is coming over to play with me. Not only do I enjoy her company, but you get so excited when the two of us tease your big hard cock together. We enjoy watching you getting just on the edge of cumming and then we stop leaving you begging us to allow you to cum. We can play this game with you for hours. It is also so thrilling watching you when you do get to cum. You have such an intense orgasm and shoot loads of cum all over the room.

Mistress Monika Enjoys Strap-On Phone Sex

strap-on phone sexIt seems like you might not know how to tell time because this is the second appointment that you have been late to this month. When you get here you start apologizing profusely. Mistress Monika, however, doesn’t care. I inform you that since you are late. I get to decide how we are going to play. So take off all your clothes while I go and decide what bag of fun to choose. You yell out please not sissy training. I let out a wicked little laugh and I think you know you are at my mercy. I tell you to come into the bathroom so I can do your hair and makeup. Then I have you put on a pair of red crotchless panties. I then put the wrist restraints and leg restraints on you. I have you go back into the living room and bend over the end of the sofa table. I spread your legs apart and tie them to the table. I do the same with your arms. Then I go off to my bedroom. When I return I am wearing my 10-inch bright red strap on and the look on your face is priceless. I smack your ass and have just the tip of it pressing against your tight puckered little asshole. You start begging me telling me that it is too big. I just laugh and tell you then you should be on time. I have been wanting to try this out for quite a while. Mistress Monika hopes you can still walk when I get done with your ass.

Edge Play with Mistress Monika

edge play phone sexMistress Monika takes you into the bedroom. I tie you spread eagle to my four poster bed. Then I start having fun teasing your big thick cock. I like to rub baby oil on your balls and watch your big thick cock start to get really hard. I ask you if you want me to lick it. You reply with yes please Mistress Monika. I lick up and down the sides of your cock feeling it getting harder. I climb on top of you with my wet pussy and puckered little ass in your face. You can smell and see my pussy’s juices. You lift your head to try to lick it but you cannot reach it. I stick just the head of your big hard cock in my mouth and start sucking on it as though it were a lollipop. Your cock is really throbbing. I get up and start to leave the room. You beg me to come back. You tell me that I am giving you blue balls. I just laugh and go pour me a drink. I return and your big hard cock is standing at attention. I ask you if you want me to climb on top of your cock and fuck you. Oh yes, Mistress Monika is your reply. I just laugh my wicked little laugh. I take an ice cube from my drink and start running it up and down your hard cock. You are begging to cum. I climb on top of you and put that big hard wet cock in my tight juicy pussy. I tell you that I am going to ride your cock for a few minutes and I will tell you when you can cum. When I finally allow you to cum your orgasm is so intense that your whole body trembles in joy.

Mistress Monika Teaches the Minister a Lesson

My doorbell rang and I thought to myself that this is odd since I do not have a scheduled session. I open the door and there stands a minister. Can I help you ask? He informs me that he has heard I am operating a house of ill repute and he was here to save my soul. He asks if he can come in, and I allow him. He sits down on the sofa and opens up his Bible and starts preaching at me. I secretly think to myself this is such bullshit and I am not having it. So I politely ask the good minister if he would like a soda or water. When he said he would take a Pepsi I knew I would be seeking my justice on his ass in a matter of time. I roofied his drink. In a matter of minutes, the good minister could not stand up and said he was not feeling well. I told him I was aware and that I had roofied his drink. I also told him that I did not know who the hell he thought he was coming into my house and preaching his nonsense at me. He would now be paying Mistress Montana for his transgressions. I helped him out of the chair and into my dungeon where I took off his clothes. I left him gagged and tied spread eagle.

cock control

A couple of hours later when the roofie was wearing off I went back to check on the good minister. He was not happy with me at all. I told him I would take the gag out if he did not yell. He nodded yes. He told me what I was doing was a sin. But I told him if it was so evil why was his little cock getting so hard. I then took an ice cube out of my drink and rubbed it up his thighs and around his balls. He was begging me to stop but again he just keeps getting harder. He told me this was blasphemy. I told him I think he protests too much because his cock sure as hell liked my touch as it was dripping with pre cum. I ran the ice cube up and down the sides of his little hard cock and paid special attention to the head of his cock. He started breathing so deeply and then I stopped. Now he was begging me not to stop. Which is it preacher man is this a sin or not? Once he started to cool down I went back to teasing and denying his cock. Eventually when his balls were starting to turn blue and he was begging me and Jesus. I allowed him the pleasure of cumming and the whole time he was yelling out thank you, Jesus. I told him to understand this Jesus did not play with your little cock and give you the best orgasm of your life time. That was Mistress Monika!

18th Birthday Present

tease & denial phone sex One of my regulars is bringing his son by today. It is his 18th birthday and his dad is buying him a session with Mistress Monika for his present. Your dad is pretty sure that you have had sex before, but he would bet that it was more vanilla in nature. Once you are here and I started talking to you I could tell that your dad was absolutely right. I ask you if there is anything that you have ever fantasized about doing because we get as freaky and dirty as you like here. You told me that you had fantasized about being tied up and a woman using you however she desired. This is right up Mistress Monika’s alley. I have you take off all of your clothes and then I tie you to a chair. I start playing with your nipples watching your big thick cock get hard. I then start licking up and down the sides of your scrumptious young cock. You start breathing heavy so I stopped. You ask me why I stopped and I told you teasing and denial are my foreplay. I am going to edge you and when I do let you cum it will be the best orgasm that you have ever had. I then do a strip tease for you and you wish your hands were untied because your cock is throbbing so hard. You so badly want to touch it. I put my lips on your cock and slide them all the way down to the base of your cock tasting your salty pre cum. I do this for a few seconds and then I stop. I am not ready for you to cum yet. Since it is your birthday I smear birthday cake all over my tits. I climb on top of your young hard cock and can feel it throbbing inside my wet pussy. I tell you to lick all of your birthday cake off my tits if you want me to ride your hard cock and allow you to cum. I gave your young hard cock the ride of a life time. You told me you have never cum so hard before. One thing is for sure you will never forget your 18th birthday.

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