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Caught in a Fourth of July prison riot

Rough Sex Phone Sex


Oh fuck this is going to happen I got locked up when I was a teen still in transition, unchanged. I stayed for about 6 months the experience made me what I am today. I’ll never forget, for weeks the prison was on edge, Inmates were walking around like they were going to do something, me I stay to myself I did not partake in all of the fighting you see I was a pretty boy before I was a pretty girl. My cellmate told me it was going to go down that night and I had better find me a good hiding place. I was scared I admit I was terrified what was going to happen to me I didn’t want to fight. A few guys older than me they had plans during the riot too I had no idea but I was involved. My cellmate was setting me up and I had no idea he told me he knew a great place to hide and he took me to the showers he said everyone was going to be out not in the shower. I trusted him why I don’t know. We got to the showers and to my disbelief 12 big broad shouldered, strong guys were waiting for me they wanted all of my pretty boy ass. I screamed I said don’t but they threw me on the shower floor and told me to hike my ass up in the air or else. I was defenseless I had nothing to do but what they told me. Next thing I knew I was on the floor being gang fucked hard taken total advantage of and I couldn’t do anything so I started to enjoy it. My cock started cuming like crazy. I was moaning out of control my body buckled under the penetration of all those pulsating throbbing cocks. There were cocks being forced into my mouth I couldn’t fuck them fast enough. I wanted more dick I took as much as I could at one time there were three cocks in my mouth at once and I ate them with a gratefulness that you cannot explain. Cum juice was everywhere beautiful facial nature gel all over my fucking face, it was so intense. I will never forget the prison riot it was ecstasy for me after that I couldn’t wait to get out and get me some tits and start pleasing guys by the dozens.

Did You Dream About Me Again

Exhibitionist Phone Sex


Kevin said he woke up with me on his mind last night in the middle of the night, he woke up yearning for me. He told me he had a wet dream that we were at a carnival and we were playing all sorts of fun different, exotic games. He said there were strange sexual contraptions all over the park and strange sexual games to play like, “Pin the cock in the booty”. Now “Pin the cock in the booty” was a very interactive game there was a really big strong black guy 6’4 tall and about 260 lbs, so fucking strong all muscle. He was buck naked with oil all over his Brown Godly body, my cock got instantly hard and my nipples went psycho when I saw him all glistening wet looking, it was disturbingly good. Kevin said that I was getting out of control he said I ran over and bent over in front of that big fat 13 inch cock and it started to drive in and out of me instantly Kevin said it made his cock explode and he woke up sweating and full of cum. Needless to say when Kevin told me about his dream I wanted to go to sleep in his head. I think we’re going to find us a sexual Carnival do you have any ideas where Kevin and I can find a sexual Carnival?


His Cock is my Number One

Shemale domination porn


When he drives his cock inside of my hot wet wanting aching asshole it drives me insane. Lester is the man of my dreams he fucks me like the whore that I’ve always wanted to be he makes me feel weak inside and I go crazy thinking about all that he’s going to do to me whenever I see his sexy body and handsome face. I love my man he’s my number one he really knows how to make a girl turn into a cum guzzling dick juice drinking happy sissy. Last night he fucked me like a Trojan Warrior I mean all night long. Every time he came inside of me his massive cock just stayed rock hard and kept fucking me he told me it was because my ass was so tight and good but I felt so good that I thought it was all him. My man makes me so happy he gives me exactly what I need nut after nut After hot wet tasty nut. He’s only  interested in pleasing his sissy whore he has no other interest other than me of course pleasing me is his number one duty in the world and he is such a good soldier.

He Calls me Lollipop


Cheerleader Phone Sex

Brad is a guy I met in college and he was the typical jock with a capital “J” and he used to tell me how he was going to get me in bed. No one knew my special secrete so guys would pine over me and lose their minds about my perky perfect tits and my dainty bubble ass. I loved it and I made sure to choose wisely the guys I trapped in my net of pure nasty behavior, I had to make sure that I got the ones who would get loose and please me right. Brad was a perfect choice so I gave him a perfect chance to explore the deeper parts of Miss Mika. I invited him to my dorm room where we had drinks and smoked some monster green. After joking drinking smoking and laughing I decided to get a little closer to Brad, I unzipped his jeans and took his cock out and started to suck it to the balls. Oh my fucking god Bard has a huge cock so I gave him the lollipop treatment I sucked the delicious cock until it gave me my winnings. I swallowed his creamy load then started to suck for more but this I had to do extra so I dug my tongue into Brads ass and showed him what else his lollipop lover could do. All I can say is when I was finished with Brad he couldn’t walk for a few hours, lol.

Shake Your Fairy Ass

Gang Bang Phone Sex


My cousin took me to a club that I had never been to and I thought I was super chocolate, if you know what I mean but homegirl opened me up to something new. First when we entered we went through a red room where we both had to give up all phones and devices. We went through a series of curtain doors it was all so dramatic. Then we came to a purple room where we were told to get undressed completely before we entered into the main club and that was the true beginning, you couldn’t imagine  all around us there fucking nasty freaks sucking cock eating ass stuffing long dildos into soaking wet assholes. A guy walked up to me dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock while another guy walked up behind me and rammed his oil soaked cock into my needy ass. I was weakened down and at that moment my cousin said she is new. A beautiful girl came and sat on my face feeding me her tasty ass. I felt lips all over my body even my toes were being sucked. I spent all night there and I can’t wait to go back.

I Care about your Cock Boo

Shemale Phone Sex


I care about your cock boo I know you care about my cock too. I changed my whole life to be with you because I knew you were the one. Do you remember when we first met I was a shy little project kiddo and you were a rich hot pedo meat lover. You used to tell me my hands were soft like a princess and my cock was big and hard like a hammer. You told me that you would fix me so that no one could tell that I had this huge hard hammer cock by looking at me. You used to say that made me more special than any average chick on earth. I love you my love you know I will always do anything for you to make you happy. I have needed you since before I met you I was waiting for something to set me free from my bo-body and you came along and lifted me out of the lie I was forced to live in. Now I’m the prettiest hottie in my crew and a lot of other crews too. The best part is my dick is always cocked and ready because it would have been a crime to take it away from the world. It’s all thanks to you lover you mean everything and I promise I will do all to please you.

On My Way to the Gym

Voyeur Phone Sex


Tonight I am feeling so freaky my body is aching for a big hard bulging pre cum dripping cock to Ravish me. I bet you I know where I can find that kind of cock like that, at a gym guys just love to fuck in the locker rooms for some reason. I know why guys really like to get it on in sweaty dirty places after all I was a guy at one time. I guess I’m going to the gym to find my Mr. Right. I want to get bent over and fucked like a maniac I want dick so far inside of my asshole that I can feel it in my tummy. Yes, I’m a nasty special girl we can fuck each other I’ve got a position that will rock your fucking mind. My tits are amazing aren’t they don’t they look so luscious and edible oh God how I want a guy to Ravish these tits I mean take total control get wild fuck me hard the harder the better. When I get to the gym dressed in this outfit and it’s so sexy a pair of pink little boy shorts with a cute pair of pink powder pink that is tights holding in my fucking bulge it’s going to make them insane. Yes, I need cock right now. I am willing to slurp and slobber all over a cock Rod right now slip and slide down my throat treat me like your mouth pussy because I sure do love it and I’m so hungry. 

Suck Me Dry

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex


I was at this bar the other night where I was having a few drinks to take the edge of a bad night off. A girl like me has to really take so much bullshit at times and the other night seemed like more bullshit than usual. I was alone drinking and enjoying my lifting up time when this guy about 6 feet tall tapped me on my shoulder he asked me if I wanted a drink on him. I couldn’t be rude so I said yes and that started a completely excellent night. I am a bit of a special girl I’m not afraid to show off either in fact I like to. He got me smashed before you know it we were in the lady’s room getting nasty wild and insane. I raised my skirt when he got on his knees ready to eat my wet cunt but instead he found a big black pre-cum dripping hard cock. He looked up at me and gave me deep eye contact before going out of control sucking the soul out of my dick, he grabbed my balls and slopped them like a suck monster. I took him by his head and shoved my dick down his throat he loved it and begged for more. I felt like he was going to suck me dry and he did.

Mika is Better

Crossdressing Phone Sex

Aren’t you tired of being left behind when all of the guys are getting laid to the max? I know that you are tired and I know you don’t want to miss out on this big hard cum filled cock. I am so good for you baby I will put this hard meat so deep in your asshole you will be begging for me to stop and keep going at the same time. Let me ride you gaping hole while these big beautiful tits jiggle up and down for you. I want my hands holding both of your ankles legs up high like a slutty fucking sissy. I am going to bang you up hard and make that man pussy feel like it’s lost in a sea of pure satisfaction. I can choke you too while I’m shoving my masterpiece deep inside of you. Beg me you sissy tramp skank bitch. Take all this huge tranny dick and love it.  

Who needs a Special Slut Right Now 

Fantasy Phone Sex

Come here and get on your knees, I’m in the mood to be the best. I want to roleplay and I want to make you weak. This ride is going to be cum guzzling mind shattering and Earth shaking. I want to taste your dick before I suck the creamy sauce out of it. You know you want this nasty tranny trick momma so you can power drive your throbbing cock deep inside of my yearning boypussy. That’s right dick pleaser I’m in the mood for you on this sassy sexy sinful Sunday. Get wild secrete lover you know damn well I won’t tell. My nipples stay hard and I love a warm tongue slobbering on them oh fuck my dick is like a torpedo right now, I’m so fucking horny that I could fuck a slut fish’s husband and then fuck her.

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