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Who needs a Special Slut Right Now 

Fantasy Phone Sex

Come here and get on your knees, I’m in the mood to be the best. I want to roleplay and I want to make you weak. This ride is going to be cum guzzling mind shattering and Earth shaking. I want to taste your dick before I suck the creamy sauce out of it. You know you want this nasty tranny trick momma so you can power drive your throbbing cock deep inside of my yearning boypussy. That’s right dick pleaser I’m in the mood for you on this sassy sexy sinful Sunday. Get wild secrete lover you know damn well I won’t tell. My nipples stay hard and I love a warm tongue slobbering on them oh fuck my dick is like a torpedo right now, I’m so fucking horny that I could fuck a slut fish’s husband and then fuck her.

Teddy is So Cute

Black Girl Phone sex


I met Teddy at a Drag Girl event I happen to be there to support my queen sister “Bonita Bangah” she was doing her first show and I was so proud of my sensational queen sister. Baby she was snatched to the teeth flawless baby, a blazing diamond on the stage. In my excitement I screamed out GO BITCH WORK, when a very handsome guy laughed at me kind of coy like he was cute so I rolled my eyes all catty like and smacked my glittery lips. He said stop being fussy with me I like your style and I want to go out sometimes with you. I smiled and softly snatched his little card. We met up a few days later and he had a great date planned plus he dresses so sexy and melted my heart with those beautiful dimples. Oh, my goodness Teddy is so cute and that’s how he got me naked and drenched in sweat and his sweet juices. 

Suck my dick lick my tits

I’m the kind of girl who will make your dreams come true you can get at me if you want to do something better something different something good oh yeah. I’m a slut I’m a nasty fucking whore I like to be dominated but I also like to dominate you you heard it right. Would you like to suck my titties would you like to wrap your lips around my nipples would you like to play motorboating my cleavage. I would like to put you over my lap and spank you really good I’m making you a sissy boy yeah baby that’s right I’ve got most things under control. I’m different and you’re going to let me spank you too I’m going to pull down your underwear and tap you on your ass boo. But I’ve got something different it’s better than a spanking paddle. I’ve got a magic wand I’m going to drill your ass real good with it I’ve got a real hard stick and I’m about to Ram your ass with it better believe it so hard with my really hard real big 100% grade a dick it’s chocolate it’s so good. just answer my little question do you want to play with me would you like to suck my tits and suck my dick Call me call me right now.

Are you ready for this hard one


Cum Slut Phone Sex


Let me show you something that I know you are going to beg for like a crackhead. I like hard up needy fucking peice of meat. I want to please you until you release all of your secret gay thoughts. I want the guy who pretends to be straight the pink motherfucker who turns red when I smack his ass over and over again. I need you fairy boy where the fuck are you, don’t you want to treated like the sweet boy princess I can make you submit like a sweet little sissy slut. You know what to do. I’m waiting.

Say Mika Special for my Special

Black Cock Phone Sex


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be with a woman who can please you in every way? I’m asking because I feel like so many guys have been missing out on a special treatment that they not only have secrete thoughts about but can truly benefit from. You guys out there with your timid actions I see you how you look at me, I know you want you want me I even know you will do almost anything to get to me. For instance, I went to pretty upper-class school and I’ve always had a sexy flare about me and I have always preferred big blue or green eyes even hazel eyes get me going I get weak over the tan buff jock type, anyway guys would look at me and beg me with their eyes but they had to act hard and all. More than a few of those guys ended up sweating and moaning in passion with me in the locker room having the best time of their lives and my lips can vouch for that, lol. My point is you could be missing out because of all the fuckery that is not you and the fuckery will still keep getting banged in locker rooms everywhere while you hold your best nuts back because they make you feel bad with their guilt. Call me.. we can take it slow or we can fuck the bed up it’s up to you I’m ready and I’m real. 

Do you want to get fucked

Anal Phone Sex


Do you want to be my little bitch tonight? Do you want to get fucked like you have a hot wet cunt? If you want to get fucked hard and all night long you need to look in my eyes and trust me. I love to work my big fat dick in nice tight spaces. I can make love to your ass so good it will make you cry out in extacy. Look at my big rock hard dick I love to work it and I hope you let me do all the things I want to you. I know just what to do believe me I am the truth. I am going to ram that ass crazy…

I love Guys like Peter


Let me run my big dick in your booty candy ass I’m going to swing this dick better than your uncle who used to have fun with you and you are going to show me that cash. I know you need to be spanked and treated like my little bitch and believe me I am going to spank that ass truly well bitch. You know before you told me you liked a different kind of girl I looked into your eyes and I knew that. How you would get all shy around me let me know I could do what I wanted to you. I loved when you found out about me remember at that art party at that swanky hotel, lol. I remember like it was yesterday how you walked in on me in the ladies room telling me it was much nicer than the men’s, you gave me a look like you were an animal and would eat me alive I instantly got so turned on that my cock begin to rise which made you push me into one of the stalls and fall to your knees. The way you wrapped your lips around my cock and started sucking made me think it was a huge release for you to slobbering on my dick and taking me in to the balls. When I grabbed your head, you looked up at me and showed me just how much of my dick you wanted to take I fell in love with that mouth of yours in those moments. I knew you were special I knew we were going to have the best sexual experiences ever. You opened me up more you let me know that more guys than I thought wanted me and wanted to have fun with me. Now I have all the sex I want and it feels so fucking good. 

My New Cocksucker

tranny phone sex

After enjoying a night out, I invite you back to my place.  Just before changing into something a little more comfortable, I set the atmosphere.  Going around the room I light some scented candles.  The smell of vanilla surrounds the dimly lit apartment.  I turn on a little music.  You sit back and listen while it’s playing in the background as I go to change.
I return dressed in black lace.  You look at me and give me an appreciative smile. I pour us both a drink and sit next to you on the leather couch.  You take a sip of your drink.  We talk and laugh.  You feel a little lightheaded but you think it’s just the liquor.
You begin to slide your hand up my leg and lean over and kiss me.  You’re feeling a bit off but you ignore it.  You decide to make your move and slide your hand under my panties thinking you would feel my pussy.  Instead you grab a handful of rock hard cock.  Startled you snatch your hand away.
It’s too late.  I have you exactly where I want you.  Weak from the special drink I prepared you, you are unable to fight. Now you’re about to become my fuck toy.  You’ll be my unwilling cocksucker.  Bend over you are my new bitch.  Welcome to my world.

I knew You Were A Cocksucker

tranny phone sex

We met at the club.  You caught my eye and smiled at me.  You even had the waitress bring me over a drink.  We danced the night away. I gave you a little wink and told you to meet me in the back.  You followed me around the building.

We kissed.  Your tongue sliding deep down my throat.  You pulled me close to you. My breasts were smashed against your chest.  It felt so good but I knew it was inevitable.  I knew you would find out.  You reached between legs and grabbed a handful of my cock.  You hesitated but didn’t stop.
You wanted me. You wanted my thick hard cock.  I laughed.  I can always spot the ones.  The ones that want to suck a nice thick hard cock…..  Tranny phone sex, Are you ready?

Rare Shemale Submission

rim jobs phone sex

The first time is always the scariest but I can make you more than comfortable. A lot of my experiences are of me dominating twinks but can you blame me? I have this lovely 8in tranny stick that loves to be satisfied. However, there are times when mistress Mika gives herself to a deserving client. I enjoy the liberation of letting go and having my holes used too. Don’t look so surprised! If I gave you power over me I’d let you stick your cock in and out of my mouth and take all the control. I’ll keep my hands behind my back so you can see my cock flopping up and down. I am at your mercy but only for this moment. After this, Mistress Mika is going to show you how she gets down.

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