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My Hot Trucker

adult phone chat I met her when I was working the lot. It isn’t often that I come across a hot ass bitch that drives truck. Nice thick ass and thighs, sexy ass tats and lips that can suck the cum out of my cunt. We spent the entire day together, learning every inch of each other’s bodies. Since then every time she is in town with a load we hook up for the hottest fucking sex I have ever had. Her pussy tastes like honey and her body drives me crazy. She knows exactly where my G spot is and how to make me squirt all over the place. She is coming in to town tomorrow and my cunt has been nice and juicy all day. I invited her to the house for dinner this time and I am going to introduce her to the girls. I can’t wait to see them ravish her body the way they do mine. The thought of the four of us in bed together bringing each other to the heights of pleasure has me so fucking horny.

His Anaconda Loves Black Thongs

adult phone chat The girls and I went shopping today for new black thongs just for that special Big Daddy that we love so much. Being his little sluts make our pussies wetter then hell. We love the way he likes to put us on display while he makes us beg for that anaconda dick of his. He loves to cover us in the his golden nectar. Juice that only a King can produce. We haven’t seen our King in a while but we know he is watching and waiting to surprise us. The longer we have to wait, the more we will beg and the more we will appreciate all the lavish things that Big Daddy bestows upon his million dollar whores. There is nothing like adoring and worshiping our KING.

Big Boys, Big Toys

adult phone chat It’s a beautiful day and the girls and I are headed out to the Monster Truck Throw Down. We are all dressed and ready to go, the girls are little versions of me. A short jean skirt with no panties and little black bikini tops with cute little sandals. We are all ready to go see the big boys and their big toys. They say a man with a big truck is overcompensating for a small tool and today the girls and I aim to find out if this is fact or fiction. We aim to fuck as many big boys as we can and find out exactly what is under those hoods of theirs. Let’s see how many dip sticks we can get to check our fluids and if we can stay topped off all day long. This is going to be loads of fun, no pun intended…

A Lesson In Bondage

adult phone chat I knew when he asked me to bring the girls and meet him at the old warehouse that he was in a bondage kind of mood.

My pussy began to get nice and wet thinking about the times we had met at the warehouse, just he and I, and how his eyes glazed over with primal lust when he lowered the hoist and took out the rope, spreader bar and ball gag.

He never actually caused me an excessive amount of pain. He was very good at knowing where that fine line between pleasure and pain met and he never crossed it.

I was very excited to know that the girls would get their first taste of bondage at his hands.

When we got there he had a place for the girls. He tied them each to a chair, naked and with their legs spread wide. He took me to the middle of the room where he lowered the hoist and began to bind me as he always has.

Periodically I looked at them and saw that their little cunnies were nice and moist as they watched. As we reached the end of our session and we exploded together, me with cum dripping down my thighs and him spewing cum all over me, he winked and whispered that the girls were next.

Island Getaway

adult phone chat melinda1The girls saw him first. There he was scrubbing the deck of his big boat, no shirt on, sun tanned and muscular. He had on tight white shorts that even from this distance, outlined an impressive package. They pointed him out to me and I couldn’t help licking my lips as my pussy twitched.

We moved a little closer and sat on the dock so we could throw in our lines for an afternoon of fishing.

The summer is drawing to an end and the girls were a little bummed because we hadn’t taken a vacation yet this year.

As we sat on the dock giggling and enjoying the day all of us were watching “Our” Captain. We have all been thinking of ways we could introduce ourselves to him and see if we could have some fun and maybe get a vacation out of him if we were lucky we could get a vacation out of him, maybe even get our dream vacation.

Running up to the boat the girls ask if they can come aboard and check it out. I look at him apologetically but the look in his eyes as he looks me up and down tells me that he isn’t upset.

He tells the girls to look around just not to touch anything and before they are around the corner his hand is on the back of my neck pulling me into him. I feel his hard cock pressing into my belly and my cunt begins to quiver.

“I am leaving for The Island” in a few hours. You and the girls wanna join me?”

His face was so close to mine and my knees were about to buckle, all I could do was nod. He let me go so fast I almost fell to the floor. I watched him untie the boat from the dock before moving around to start the engine.

As we were pulling out the girls came running back and I found myself asking when we would be coming back. Before he could get the words “A couple of days” out of his mouth, the girls and I had stripped and were all over him with kisses showing our appreciation.

A Lesson In Hot Squirting Pussy

hot squirting pussy melindaI love teaching the girls all about their cunnies and how to get to know them.

Tonight i will lay in bed naked with the girls on either side of me and I will show them how to get a hot squirting pussy with just their hands. No dildos, no vibrators, no men with throbbing hard dicks, just their hands.

I show them how to touch their cunnies just the right way and they are starting to get wetter. Then I show them how to use their fingers to pump in and out, to pinch and pull their lips and clits.

Encouraging them to take their time if they want the reward of a real hot squirting pussy.

And then I teach them about that special spot inside them. I teach them how to find it and how to touch it and rub it just the right way.

I watch as their checks are becoming flushed and their breathing is getting heavier and I know it is almost time.

And then they give it to me and I watch as each one gives me the money shot and I watch them have their first real orgasm as i feel the hot squirting pussy between my legs.

Kiss My Ass

adult phone chat melindaSunday is not only father’s day but it is national kiss day as well. The girls and I don’t know anyone that we would love to celebrate both of those days with more then our very own BIG DADDY KING….

We thought the best way to celebrate would be to start the day covering his big, beautiful body with hundreds of kisses. Worshiping our Big Daddy with our lips and tongues for at least an hour. Not missing an inch of his delicious flesh.

Then in Big Daddy fashion we would put on our matching black thongs (his favorite) and give him an ass show created just for him with lots of ass twerking, ass bouncing and begging for his Big Daddy cock.

The entire thing will be recorded on film streaming on a big screen TV on his yacht while his friends party and wait for Big Daddy and his million dollar beauties to arrive and join them.

We love our Big Daddy King…phone sex specials

Peckeroni Please

adult phone chat melindaIt was his first day working all alone in the sub deli. Last night he told the girls and I how nervous he was and how he thought he would screw up for sure.

We just had to go get us a sub and make him feel a little bit better about the situation.

We walked in expecting to find him super bus. Instead we found him all alone.

Maria locked the door and I began to tease him while they watched. I ordered my sub and pressed my naked tits against the glass as he was adding the toppings to my sandwich.

I could see his dick getting hard and I loved it.

The girls and I sat down to eat with the door still locked.

When we were done I followed him to the dish pit and began teasing him while he was trying to clean up.

His shift was almost over so we got ourselves together and unlocked the door just in time for his relief to get there.

I had to take him home for some REAL play now that the girls and I were horny too.

Biggest Cum Shot Contest

biggest cum shot melindaThe girls and I have been playing this game all day. Who knows when the game will end….

I have to admit that the girls are being very competitive. They are pulling out all the stops to win this one. I am to if you must know the truth. The winner gets what ever they want for an entire day!

We have played before but it was just for fun, we didn’t actually measure and record the cum shots to see who REALLY got the biggest cum shot from heavy balls that will do anything to play with a nasty mommy and her two young bald pussies.

Little Anna has learned a lot and currently has produced the winning load.

Watching her in action had her older sister Maria and I envious. In his 50’s he still has a healthy sexual appetite and can eat pussy like no body’s business (which is why we keep him around). Anna slowly undressed him and ran her little hands all over his naked body in long, very light strokes. His body was covered in goose flesh and his dick was dancing and throbbing while pre-cum dripped down the head. Turning to smile at us with a “the cat that ate the canary” look, she licked her lips and touched her tongue to the tip of his cock, pulling back and making a string of cum follow her little mouth. Then she climbed on his lap and kissed him whispering for him to taste his cum while she wiggled her wet bald pussy in his lap. He was groaning now and trying to stab his hard dick into her tight little pussy but she out wiggled him teasing to perfection before kissing down his belly. ¬†Licking his cock for lube she started jerking him with one hand, sucking and licking his balls and ass at the same time. Just when he was about to cum she shoved her tiny fingers into his ass and hit his prostate sending the biggest cum shot so far today spewing into the air coming down to cover her little hands and his belly

I didn’t even know she knew about that spot. I will have to ask her about that later.

Exploring Your Foot Fetish

adult phone chat melindaHave you ever looked at a women’s feet and thought how beautiful they were? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have her lay down and put those feet on either side of your hard dick and slide her feet up and down the shaft? Are you adventurous enough to try it? Are you brave enough to ask for it?

I love using every part of my body to bring you pleasure, especially my pretty feet. That is why I took the time to get these tattoos and why I make sure to get a pedicure every two weeks. I want my feet to be arousing to you. I want you to feel that jerk in your dick and that tingle in the pit of your stomach when you look at them.

Cum to me and let me caress you with my feet and toes. Let me pour warm oil all over your cock as I work you sensually with my feet while you look down at my creamy wet pussy. Give in to your foot fetish and cum all over my waiting toes, then watch me suck them clean for you.

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