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Tranny With A Dirty Mind

Tranny Phone SexWhen you first see me you see a beautiful woman. I am a woman but I have a secret. I have a dick. If you’re still reading this, then I know you’re into special ladies like myself. You want to get on your knees and wrap your lips around my cock. Take me deeper into your mouth and let me feel your throat. Look up into my eyes as your rock your head back and forth on my hard cock. Get me hard so then I can bend you over and fuck your tight asshole. I want you to feel my tits against your back as fuck you doggy style. If you’re a good boy I’ll return the pleasure. I love to suck cock, my suction is stronger than a vacuum. And when you bend me over you can get rough, because I like a little pain with my pleasure. I’m a beautiful tranny with a very dirty mind.

Tranny Desire

Tranny Phone SexI when you look at me you see a beautiful woman but I’m special. I have a cock and I need you to put it in your mouth. Get on your knees, suck my cock and look up at my great tits. I promise your cock be so hard as you slurp on my dick. Tell me I’m beautiful and I’ll make all of your wildest fantasies come true. I’m a lady in the streets and a sexual demon behind closed doors. I know that your have a secret desire for women like me. Don’t feel embarrassed because you’re not alone, most men want to fuck me or let me fuck them. Can’t you picture me on my knees, face down, ass up. I want you to fuck my boy pussy and you don’t have to be gentle. Let me help you bust a nut, I promise I’ll hunt your dreams.

Trannies Love To Blow

Tranny Phone SexI think being a woman with a cock gives me a huge sexual advantage over any woman. I know what you need. I know how to touch you, where to lick, how much suction pressure your cock need because I have a cock, too. I know the fact that you’re reading this blog means you’re curious. Call me, let me make your cock rock hard. My voice is as smooth as silk and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I want you inside of me and I want to be inside of you. I wish I could jump my picture and have your cock in my throat. I’m a real tranny with very dirty thoughts. I make it my personal mission to make you cum all over yourself. I know you want a special girl like me and I promise I’ll keep your secret. Girls like me will blow your mind and other things, too.

Secret Fantasies

Tranny Phone SexAre you looking for something different? Something exciting? Then give me a call. You know you’ve thought about it… Being with a special girl like myself. I’m a beautiful woman with a cock. I know how to please you because we have the same equipment. You stroke my cock and I’ll stroke your cock. Get on your knees and take me into your mouth suck me dry and I’ll return the favor. Bend me over and fuck my tight boy pussy. You don’t have to be gentle, I like a little pain with my pleasure. No one has to know that you’re attracted to girls with cocks, it can be our little secret. The only thing I want to do is make you very happy. Allow me to fulfill your wildest fantasies and your darkest desires. I want to be your secret freak behind closed doors.

Trannies Do It Better

lTranny Phone SexWhen you see me walking down the street you can’t see my secret. All you see is a beautiful woman full of confidence. But I have a big secret and it’s between my legs… my cock. I only let a select few know about the real me, special men that know how to treat special girls like myself. Get on your on your knees and worship at my feet. Wrap those soft lips around my hard cock and try to suck the skin off my dick. And always remember to look up into my eyes while pleasing me. Treat me good and I’ll treat you like a king. I’ll let you bend me over and fuck my tight boy-pussy. You can be rough because I like a little pain with my pleasure. Fuck me long and hard until you fill me with sticky semen. Let’s stay in bed all day and fuck until we’re all sweaty. I have so many things to teach you and so many ways to please you. You’ll love our time together because I’m a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets.

Let Me Be Your Queen

Shemale Phone SexWhen I’m walking around my city men stop and stare because I’m so fucking hot. They have no idea that I have a cock between my legs. I’m very selective of who I tell about my dick. I need a man to worship me and treat me like a goddess. I need a man that will drop to his knees, pull my panties down, and wrap his lips around my cock. I need a man to always look up into my eyes as he tries to suck the skin off my dick. Then I want him to bend me over and fuck my tight boy pussy. I want him to be rough with me, I can take it. He has to pound me from behind, hold my waist as he pummels me with his hard dick. And if he makes me scream from intense pleasure, I’ll return the favor. Can you picture me on my knees stroking your cock into my mouth? I want you so deep into my mouth that your balls slap against my chin. But the best part is me bending you over and fucking your tight asshole. Allow me to be your queen and I’ll make you my king.

Special Type of Woman

Shemale Phone SexEverything about me is all woman from my beautiful face to my great tits. But between my legs, I’m packing a hard cock. I know that you’re staring at my picture and your mouth is watering at thought of wrapping your lips around my dick. I need you to get on your knees and suck me like you’re a porn star. Look up into my eyes when you have my cock in your mouth. Tell me that I’m beautiful and I’ll suck your cock, too. Make me bend over and fuck my boy pussy hard and rough. It’ll be our little secret that you love women with dicks. I’m a girl with a pretty face and something special between my legs. You dream about women like me, allow me to make your dreams come true. I’m a lady in the streets, a freak in the sheets, and I’ll suck the skin off your dick.

My Frank

Shemale Phone SexI think I’m falling for one of my callers. His name is Frank and when I talk to him I have a stupid smile on my face, butterflies in my stomach, and a rock hard dick. He’s a real gentleman and he treats me like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. The whole time that I have him on the phone dirty scenes of us fucking are flashing through my mind. He tells me he wants to spoil me and show me his city. But I’m thinking about us behind closed doors fucking so hard that the sheets end up on the floor. I want to be on my knees and worship his hard cock. I want his hands in my hair as I slowly suck him into my mouth. I want him to suck my cock, too. I want to look down and look into his eyes as he pleasures me with his mouth. I want him to bend me over and feel him inside my tight ass, maybe he’ll get little rough and spank me a few times. Then I can bend him over and slowly give him every inch of me. I want to be his girl but I know we’ll probably never meet. But it’s nice to think about…

Shemale domination porn

Dirty Little Secret

Shemale Phone SexEvery since I was a young child I’ve felt like I was born into the wrong body. I’ve always felt more female than male, but I was forced to hide these feelings. Now that I’m an adult I can be the true me. My name is May and I’m a chick with a dick. Most girls like me want to get rid of their cock, but I love mine. I have curves that can stop in man in his tracks. I have a perfect ass and perfect tits. If you saw me out in public and you didn’t know me, you would have no idea that I have a dick. Believe me, when I tell you that I’m all woman and I love men. There’s nothing better than putting my hard cock into a straight man’s mouth. I’m a dirty little secret that you hide from your friends. Behind a closed door you suck my cock dry. I love looking down into your beautiful eyes as you wrap your lips around my shaft. Tell me that I’m pretty and I’ll keep your little secret.

Your First Time

Shemale Phone SexI’m so horny. I need a man so badly that it hurts. I need a man who can handle a special woman like myself. I have a cock, but I’m still more woman than anyone you may know. I need a man that’s willing to drop to his knees and wrap his lips around my dick. I love first timers, men that haven’t been with a girl like me. First timers act so surprised when they’re turned on by a woman with a dick. I love seeing how hard their cocks get from seeing my perfect body. Let’s sixty-nine, I’ll suck your dick while you suck mine. I can’t wait to feel the sexual current of electricity flowing through our bodies. I want to be the first woman to bend you over and fuck your tight asshole. I’ll go slow, trust me, I won’t hurt you. I want to be inside you because that’s the closest you can get to another person. I want to feel your tight asshole holding my hard dick like a vice grip. Come to me, let me make love to you.

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