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Tranny Secretary

tranny phone sexI’m a legal secretary for a high-powered law firm. I was assigned to a rookie lawyer named Mr. Hendricks. I dressed for success, a classy long skirt and blouse. No one knew my little secret. No one knew I had a cock in my panties. When they look at me, people see a beautiful exotic woman. But Mr. Hendricks was really handsy, patting my ass and grabbing my tits. I had a surefire case for sexual harassment but Mr. Hendricks was so sexy that I didn’t mind. He made my cock so hard and I would find excuses to leave his office. But today he wouldn’t let me leave, he gripped my arm and pushed me against the wall. He pushed my skirt up around my waist and my heart dropped. He saw my huge bulge and his eyes got wide. For a second I thought he would be angry but a sly smile eased my fears. He pulled my panties down and held my hard cock in his hand. He put me in his mouth and sucked me like a pro. It didn’t take long for me to fill his cheeks with jizz. Now he knew my secret, things are going to get interesting.

I Pissed On Him

Shemale phone sexI had a hot date tonight. He was tall, dark, and handsome. When he talked to me I could feel a strong pulse in my dick. He calls me, “Beautiful”, but he’s a nasty muthafucker! We went to his place and he took me to his playroom. There was a plastic sheet on the floor. This perverted man wanted me to piss on him. He put his hand up my skirt and grip my dick firmly.
“Use this to piss all over me, Beautiful” he begged.
I have to admit it turned me. There was a gallon of water on the table. I poured a glass and drank while he sucked on my cock. I came hard and he sucked every drop. By then, I was ready to piss. He undressed and laid flat on the plastic and I pissed all over his body while he jerked off. Now, we’ve made plans to meet every Tuesday afternoon.

Affair With A Tranny

Tranny Phone SexTravis and I have a scheduled appointment every Tuesday afternoon at a trashy motel outside of town. He loves my cock and likes me to wear tiny panties with it hanging out. He stares at me like I’m a goddess. He’s married with a wife but he loves to wrap his lips around my cock. We blast the AC and watch porn while he fucks my tight boy pussy. I love it when we stroke each others’ dicks stare into each others’ eyes. It feels so intense and crazy. I stroke him faster and faster until cum spills down my hand. He shudders with delight when I lick my fingers clean. His semen tastes like sweet nectar and I want more. There’s so much giving, receiving, and semen between Travis and me. When I’m around him I turn into a nasty little cum slut who wants every single drop. Cheap motels and hot sex make my cock so fucking hard.

Sweet Revenge

Tranny phone sexI was bullied all through school because I was different. The main person who made my life a living hell was named Billy. I ran into Billy at a bar and he didn’t recognize me and he hit on me. He bought me a few drinks then we headed to a motel. I told him about my cock and he said he always wanted to fuck a tranny. He undressed me and suck my cock. I could believe Asshole Billy was sucking my cock and I could tell this wasn’t his first time. Eventually, he had me on my knees fucking my tight boy-pussy and it felt so damn good. When he got on his hands and knees I laughed out loud because I couldn’t believe I was going to fuck Billy. I fucked him hard and fast, I wasn’t gentle at all. I thought about the torture I endured for all those years and I fucked him harder. I filled his ass with semen and with a smile I revealed my true identity. His face turn red with embarrassment and I finally felt vindicated.

Tranny Lover

Tranny Phone SexI know you’ve been curious about women like me. Women with something extra between their thighs fascinates you and makes your cock hard as stone. Have you always wanted to wrap your mouth hard a hard dick? I’ll make you get on your knees and please me until I feel your cheeks with jizz. I walk around my city receiving catcalls wherever I go, no one knows my secret. But behind closed doors, I’m a beautiful woman with a big cock. Call me and I’ll bring your tranny fantasies to life. Picture me walking around in a sexy bra and nothing else. Does this vision make your cock throb? Wouldn’t it feel amazing if I jerked your cock while you jerk mine? We could make each other feel so amazing. Right now, I’m picturing us in the sixty-nine position sucking on each other’s cock and it makes my heart race. Please make me your tranny lover.

Shemale May and The Bad Landlord

Tranny phone sexI’m a raging shopaholic and it gets me in trouble sometimes. Like this month, I came really close to being evicted because I had to buy new shoes. But luckily my landlord loves ladyboys. I let him suck my cock and he forgot about the rent. The old man can’t cum unless he’s gagging on my dick. He likes to watch me walk around my apartment completely naked, cock hanging long and hard. I know he secretly set up cameras in every room because I found them, and I make sure to give him a good show. I’ll stand right in front of the “secret” camera and stroke my cock until I blast a load on the lens. A few days later he finds an excuse to enter my place and clean his camera. Sometimes he’ll walk right in with his pants past his ass. Those beautiful white ass cheeks make my cock hard as a rock. I know he wants me to fuck him but I’ll make him suck my dick first.

Shemale Tales

Tranny Phone SexI was shopping at the mall, going from store to store when I notice a man following me. I walked towards the food court and he followed right behind me. I stopped suddenly and demanded to know why was he following me. He told me that I was the most beautiful woman in the world. And I noticed that he wasn’t too bad looking himself. His compliment made me feel good but I suddenly felt insecure because I was hiding a secret. I walked away but he still followed. I walked toward the restrooms thinking that I could lose him by walking into the ladies restroom. But he followed me into the ladies and pulled me into an empty stall. He grabbed my face and kissed me deeply and my cock got hard. I tried to push my way past him because I didn’t want him to feel my hard dick. But he pressed his body tightly against mine and his eyes widen when he felt my secret pressed against his cock. He didn’t get angry, he smiled and kissed me harder. I nearly lost it when he dropped to his knees and started sucking on my cock. His mouth felt like heaven and I was in love. He sucked hard on my dick until I filled his cheeks with jizz. We stayed in that restroom stall for nearly two hours pleasing each other.

Giving Pleasure

Shemale Phone SexI’m a special type of woman. I have something between my legs that makes me different from the average woman. I have a cock and it gets hard when we talk dirty. When you tell me that you want to suck my cock, pre-cum drips from my tip. I can picture you on your knees, looking up at me with my dick in your mouth. Watch my titties jiggle as you please me orally. You’ve been dreaming about women like me, you wanted this for a long time. I want to be your woman, your freak on a leash. I want to feel the inside of your throat. When you gag on my cock it makes me harder than stone. And if you’re a good boy and you swallow all of my cum, I’ll switch roles and I’ll drop to my knees to please you. I love giving pleasure almost more than receiving pleasure.

Tranny Slut

Tranny Phone SexWhen I put on sexy lace panties my cock gets so hard. The lace feels so good against my skin. I’m a sexy bitch and I love sexy lingerie. When you look at me all dressed up in sexy lingerie I want to make your cock rock hard, too. I love you because you love special girls like me. You’ve been craving a female with a cock. I can see us in the 69 position sucking on each others’ cocks. I want your whole cock in my mouth, I want your balls to touch my chin. Can you deepthroat me? Sucking cock makes my asshole twitch. I’ll need you to bend me over and fuck my boy pussy. I want to feel your chest against my back. Can we alternate between making love and fucking? Sometimes I like it nice and slow and sometimes I like it rough and fast. I’m a tranny slut and I’ll do anything to keep you happy.

Tight Ass

Tranny phone sexI’m a beautiful woman with a hard cock. Take me out and no one will know my little secret. Only you will know what’s between my legs. I’m so fucking hot, men will envy you. And when we finally get behind closed doors, you’ll get down on your knees and please me orally. Hold my hard cock in your head and suck the head softly. Stroke me into your wet mouth. I love looking down and seeing your handsome face. Treat me like a lady and I’ll treat you like a king. Whatever pleasure you give me expect to receive the same. You make me so happy because you’ll do anything to please me sexually. There are no boundaries or taboos during our sexual adventures. Bend me over and fuck my boy pussy without a condom, I want nothing between us. I want you deep inside of my tight ass.

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