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You should be on your knees

tranny phone sexThis dick ain’t gonna suck itself sweetie so don’t you think you should be down on your knees right about now? That’s what I thought,open wide baby cus here it comes! I’ll fuck your pretty little mouth nice and deep, you’ll be taking all 12 inches of it too baby, I am not going to hold back at all. Get this dick nice and slippery too baby cus your pretty little mouth ain’t the only thing I want to be fucking. That pretty ass of yours is up next and believe me, you won’t be sitting on it for a week by the time I’m thru with it! I am going to gape you wide open in a way that you have never been stretched before. Not many people have a cock like mine baby, are you ready for it?

Her son paid her debt

tranny phone sexThis bitch owed me money and I’m not talking about 20 bucks, she owed me a lot! I was sick and tired of her ducking me so I went to her house very early this morning and caught her while she was sleeping. I told her that one way or another she would be paying me today and right away she was crying that she didn’t have any money, she was sooo poor, blah blah blah. I told her she better figure something out fast and that stupid whore actually offered up her dried up old cooze. Why the fuck would I want her old pussy?? I just laughed at her… until she offered up her sweet little boy, then I started to get interested. I made her help me fuck him, she had her hands on the back of his sweet lil head forcing his face down so more of my cock would fit down his throat. I even forced her to hold his lil ass cheeks open so I could force this 12 inch cock balls deep inside him. He hated it but he’s gonna be doing it again and again until her debt is paid.

His cock bored me so I fucked him instead

tranny phone sexI had a date last night that I thought was going really well… until we went back to his hotel and I realized that his cock was one of the smallest I’d ever seen. I have 12 inches of long thick beautiful uncut cock so I am definitely not going to let a man with a pathetic dick to fuck me! I was bored to death just looking at it, I knew that he could never satisfy me with it. I eventually got up from the table and just roughly bent him over, I told him he was gonna be my lil faggot now so he better just shut up and take all of what I had for him. He tried to act all scared but his tiny lil peepee was all hard and he was backing up to my cock so I know he wanted it. I used his lil fuckhole as I pleased and when I was ready I filled it with my cum. And now that lil bitch is already begging me for more!

You can’t deny it

tranny porn picturesYou know you want this cock, you can’t deny it. I see the way you look at it, the way you practically drool over it, just give in to that urge and open your mouth! Why resist me baby? You don’t have to worry about anyone finding out about us! I’m very discreet and very beautiful, if I didn’t show anyone they would never ever guess that I had a dick. There you go baby, just relax and let me slide this big beautiful cock right down your throat and fuck that pretty little mouth of yours. Get my cock nice and slippery wet baby so that I can fuck that tight ass of yours too! Don’t be scared baby, I know that you can handle this giant cock of mine, all you have to do is relax!

His dick was so much smaller than mine

tranny phone sexI met up with a blind date and boy was he something else! He showed up all cocky, he knew what kind of a girl I was and was just so sure that his dick was going to be way bigger than mine… imagine his surprise when I pulled out my 12 inch cock! His was nowhere near that big! He had maybe 6 inches and honestly, I am being very generous in even saying that. I have no idea how he was so cocky with such a small dick but I humbled him real quick. I forced him down on his knees and told him he needed to suck a real cock and he just obeyed me. All that cockiness was gone and in it’s place was embarrassment! He ended up being a good little bitch boy for me tho, I stretched his ass out so good that he won’t be sitting down for a week!

You know you want this cock

tranny phone sexYou know you want this cock baby, don’t even try and act like you don’t! I have 12 inches of uncut pure perfection right here and I know you wanna put it in your mouth right now. Come on baby, get down on your knees and open wide cus here it comes! I’m going to fuck that pretty little mouth until you are gagging and choking and begging for more. Get it real slippery too baby cus I am gonna bend you right on over and slide this big beautiful cock right up your ass balls deep! You’ll take it all and love every single second of it too. Beg me for it baby, show me what a shameless slut you can really be for me! By the time I am thru with you, you’ll be too sore to sit down… but more satisfied than you have ever been!

He thought his cock would be bigger than mine!

tranny porn picturesCan you believe that he thought his cock would be bigger than mine? I have a big beautiful uncut twelve inch cock, not many men can claim that, let alone a beautiful woman like me so all I could do was laugh in his face. I made him pull his cock out and that little skinny thing was barely six inches and skinny as hell! There was really no comparison at all and since he wanted to be all arrogant about it I forced him to his knees and shut him up by shoving my cock balls deep down his throat. He was choking and gagging but I wouldn’t let up, he needed to learn his place and with a cock like his, his place was on his knees being my little bitch! He was crying like a baby when I finally pulled out of his throat, he thought that that was it, that I’d let him walk away, but I wasn’t nearly finished. I pulled his pants down and made him bend over, he tried to stop me, he said it would never fit but I knew better than that! I fucked that little faggot’s ass until it was gaped wide open and the little bitch was begging me to let him cum… but I wouldn’t let him until he admitted that I owned him now!

He was addicted to this cock

tranny phone sexHe was just addicted to my cock I swear! Every single time I see him it’s like he’s mesmerized by it, it’s like he can’t look away. I’m definitely not complaining about it tho, I love having a man just sink to his knees in front of me and just worship my cock until my legs are trembling and weak. I love the way he really takes his time with my cock, really licking and sucking and teasing it until I can’t take it any more and then finally taking all twelve inches all the way down his throat. He swallows every drop of my cum too and then eagerly bends over and begs me to fuck that tight ass of his too. He loves being my little bitch and feeling this dick stretch his ass out like no one else can, it’s no wonder he’s addicted to it!

Tranny phone sex isn’t the only thing I do

tranny phone sexBeing a tranny phone sex operator is not my only job, I like to invest my money in properties in various places and the money is very good… most of the time. For the last several months I’ve been dealing with a dope fiend named Blair, she rented out one of my prime properties and this fucking whore owed me thousands of dollars in back rent. I was at the end of my rope with her, the court fees to evict her would have been more than I wanted to pay and I swear that whore knew it and took advantage of it but that all stopped when I went by there yesterday. Up till then I was always very nice in my dealings with Blair, she had never seen my harsh side so she was expecting to just sweet talk her way out of it. I was having none of that shit tho! I grabbed her by her neck and pinned her up against the wall. I told her that she was gonna pay me one way or the other so she better start figuring out how to make it happen. She offered me her pussy but I wasn’t interested in fucking some old whore, I told her to offer something better or I would cause her a world of pain! That’s when she offered me her boys’ sweet tender little assholes and promised me that I could fuck them whenever I wanted just as long as she could stay there for free. How could I turn that offer down? Two tender little bottoms to fuck? I wanted it right then! I made her bring them out and I grabbed the youngest and shoved all 12 inches of my giant cock right up his ass! He screamed of course but that didn’t stop me, his mommy owed me a lot of money and he was gonna pay every sent with that sweet ass!

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My cock is way bigger than yours!

tranny phone sexSweetie, I know you think that you have some kind of a massive dick but I am here to tell you that you are very wrong! Look at my cock, 12 full inches of uncut perfection, yours is barely bigger than your fist! You can’t even see it at all when you’re jerking it! Yeah, that’s why you are here sucking my cock, yours isn’t even worth my time at all. You’re just my little bitch boy, a dick sucking faggot that needs to learn his place… I mean come on, if a girl has a bigger dick than you do you got a real problem now don’t you? That’s right bitch, I’m going to make you my little fuck toy so get ready, bend over and spread those cheeks cus here it comes! I’m going to leave you gaped wide open and unable to sit down for a week, I hope you’re ready!

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