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He was addicted to this cock

tranny phone sexHe was just addicted to my cock I swear! Every single time I see him it’s like he’s mesmerized by it, it’s like he can’t look away. I’m definitely not complaining about it tho, I love having a man just sink to his knees in front of me and just worship my cock until my legs are trembling and weak. I love the way he really takes his time with my cock, really licking and sucking and teasing it until I can’t take it any more and then finally taking all twelve inches all the way down his throat. He swallows every drop of my cum too and then eagerly bends over and begs me to fuck that tight ass of his too. He loves being my little bitch and feeling this dick stretch his ass out like no one else can, it’s no wonder he’s addicted to it!

Tranny phone sex isn’t the only thing I do

tranny phone sexBeing a tranny phone sex operator is not my only job, I like to invest my money in properties in various places and the money is very good… most of the time. For the last several months I’ve been dealing with a dope fiend named Blair, she rented out one of my prime properties and this fucking whore owed me thousands of dollars in back rent. I was at the end of my rope with her, the court fees to evict her would have been more than I wanted to pay and I swear that whore knew it and took advantage of it but that all stopped when I went by there yesterday. Up till then I was always very nice in my dealings with Blair, she had never seen my harsh side so she was expecting to just sweet talk her way out of it. I was having none of that shit tho! I grabbed her by her neck and pinned her up against the wall. I told her that she was gonna pay me one way or the other so she better start figuring out how to make it happen. She offered me her pussy but I wasn’t interested in fucking some old whore, I told her to offer something better or I would cause her a world of pain! That’s when she offered me her boys’ sweet tender little assholes and promised me that I could fuck them whenever I wanted just as long as she could stay there for free. How could I turn that offer down? Two tender little bottoms to fuck? I wanted it right then! I made her bring them out and I grabbed the youngest and shoved all 12 inches of my giant cock right up his ass! He screamed of course but that didn’t stop me, his mommy owed me a lot of money and he was gonna pay every sent with that sweet ass!

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My cock is way bigger than yours!

tranny phone sexSweetie, I know you think that you have some kind of a massive dick but I am here to tell you that you are very wrong! Look at my cock, 12 full inches of uncut perfection, yours is barely bigger than your fist! You can’t even see it at all when you’re jerking it! Yeah, that’s why you are here sucking my cock, yours isn’t even worth my time at all. You’re just my little bitch boy, a dick sucking faggot that needs to learn his place… I mean come on, if a girl has a bigger dick than you do you got a real problem now don’t you? That’s right bitch, I’m going to make you my little fuck toy so get ready, bend over and spread those cheeks cus here it comes! I’m going to leave you gaped wide open and unable to sit down for a week, I hope you’re ready!

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You know you want this dick

tranny phone sexYou know you want this dick baby so why even lie about it? Do you think that I am going to go tell all your friends and family that you’re a little dick sucker?? Don’t be afraid baby, your secret is safe with me. I like being your dirty little secret, I get all the perks of being your girlfriend with none of the work! I get to go on all these great vacations and shop till I drop and I can skip all the boring family functions that you’re stuck going to. Plus I get to have you on your knees in front of me swallowing this giant dick like a good boy! I know you love it, so why deny it? Look at you, your dick is already hard just thinking about it! You may as well just give in baby, we’ll have so much fun!

He worshipped my cock

tranny phone sexHe worshipped my cock for hours, licking and sucking every beautiful inch of it, it was like he couldn’t get enough. Can you blame him tho? My cock is 12 inches long and nice and thick too, there aren’t many girls around with a dick like mine so when you find one you wanna experience it all right? He swallowed every inch of it deep down his throat and let me fuck his mouth like it was a pussy… but I wanted more than just his mouth! I bent him over and spread those cheeks wide, he was so nervous and thought for sure that it would hurt but I just shushed him and pushed that big fat mushroom tip right on in there. He loved it of course, they always do no matter how much they deny it. In fact, he’s coming back over tonight to get some more.

He loved my cock

tranny phone sexI had a little subby bitch boy come over today and he just loved my big beautiful cock! I mean, how could he not right? He was practically drooling when I took it out of my panties so I wasted no time in getting it in his mouth. I made him suck it nice and deep too, even tho he was choking and gagging on it, I just forced it in deeper! Then I bent him over and fucked his lil pussy, he was screaming like a little bitch the whole time, begging me for more and to fuck him harder. He was my little whore all night long, I filled him over and over again with load after load of hot creamy cum and he loved every single second of it!

He didn’t want to but he took it all

tranny phone sexI met up with this businessman this past weekend and it was definitely a very interesting experience for us both. He was expecting a beautiful woman to cater to him the entire weekend but I was not at all what he was thinking he was going to get. Of course I am a beautiful woman but I don’t really cater to men, I expect to be catered to… plus I have a 12 inch cock and that was definitely a huge surprise for him! He loved my sassy attitude right away, he told me that he had never really leaned towards being submissive but that the way I spoke to him was turning him on so he wanted to go with it. Once we started getting naked though, that’s when it got really interesting. He took one look at my giant cock and got right up like he was going to leave. He said that he wasn’t into that but his cock was rock hard and he was practically drooling over my cock so I knew that was a lie. I just took the choice away from him, I pushed him down to his knees and gently pushed this fat cock head into his mouth. That was all it took, he turned into a wild man and all he wanted was my dick! I gave it to him, nice and deep in both his fuck holes and all he could do was beg for more! I’ll be meeting him again next weekend too, so he definitely loved it.

I’ve got something big for you

tranny phone sexI hope you’re ready lover, because I have something nice and big for you! Get down here on your knees and open wide, I’m going to slide this big cock right down your throat and make you choke, just the way you like it best. I know that you will take your time and suck this dick properly, you’re addicted to it aren’t you? You love the way it fills your mouth completely and the taste of my precum is like heaven for you but I know that your favorite part of being with me is when I fuck that tight ass of yours. Nothing makes you feel more like my whore than when you’re feeling all 12 inches of this giant dick slide inside you, am I right? That’s why you beg for more, beg for me to fuck you harder, deeper faster, you just can’t get enough! Don’t worry lover, I’ll give you everything you need!

He needed me to take it!

shemale phone sexSome men just can’t admit that they love girls with big dicks and shemale phone sex and honestly it is annoying as hell! I see it every day, these men that just can’t make the first move because they are paralyzed with fear so I just decided to stop waiting and just take what I want! Just like with Stewart, he has been lusting after me for years but would never act on it, it’s like he thought my cock was gonna poison him or something! I had enough so the last time he came over I just took it. I forced him to his knees and shoved my cock right down his throat before he could even think of a protest! That was all it took, I just had to make the first move because after that he was all over it! He was slurping on it like he was starving for it and his dick was rock hard and ready to blow t any moment. He screamed when I bent him over and fucked him but he came harder than he ever had before!

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I have a new little bitch

tranny phone sexI have a new little bitch boy and I am loving it! He’s so obedient even though he is very ashamed of the fact that he loves my cock. He likes to say he’s not gay, he is just hypnotized by huge dicks and can’t resist them, isn’t that the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard??? If a cock can hypnotize you like that, you’re a little gay whether you like it or not. That’s why I make sure to humiliate him every chance I get, I laugh at him and embarrass him in public and online and I force him to do all kinds of filthy things… and the best part is that he pays me for it! There’s nothing like taking a man’s money all while humiliating him in every way possible, it’s what they deserve!

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