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His punishment was fair

tranny phone sexI had to punish a little faggot this morning what a waste of time that was! He was an uppity little bitch, he tried to act all butch but he was clearly a just a little bottom topping bitch boy who was no where near man enough to boss me around. He needed to be taken down a peg or two and that started with my breakfast. I shushed him in the middle of his whiny temper tantrum and told him to get in the kitchen and make me brunch. He didn’t like that very much but he obeyed, muttering under his breath the whole time about what a bitch I was. Well if he wanted a bitch, a bitch he would have! I made myself a mimosa and asked him sweetly if he wanted one too, of course he did and he was not too nice about asking for one either so I made him a very special one. I grabbed a glass and pissed in it and served it to him with a smile, he was disgusted of course but I made him drink it anyway. Then I fed him his brunch… all 12 inches of my rock hard cock down his throat! I think he learned a valuable lesson in manners today, don’t you?

I could tell he wanted me

tranny phone sexI saw him checking me out from across the room and I could tell that he wanted me so when he sent me a drink I was not at all surprised. I went over to thank him and as I got close and brushed up against him I looked down to see a little bulge in his pants, it was no where near as big as mine but it was definitely growing bigger the longer I stood there so I asked him if he wanted to go back to my place. He did of course so we left the bar and took a cab back to my apartment. We were kissing and touching each other the whole ride home, I had him hard as a rock and ready to fuck by the time we walked in my front door… and that is when he noticed my rock hard cock poking out the front of my dress. He acted all shocked and surprised but he got down on his knees all eagerly so I think he already knew what I was before we even left the bar. He sucked all 12 inches deep down his throat and even bent over for me to fuck him, he was an eager little slut!

He took it all

tranny phone sexI really didn’t think that he would be able to take this giant cock seeing as how he was so young and inexperienced but let me tell you, he took it all like a champ! He already knew how to relax his throat and swallow my cock, he tried to tell me he was a virgin but I knew that was a lie, no one can suck dick like he did their first time! There’s just no way! And yes his ass was so tight that I could barely get it in there but once I really pushed it in I went balls deep! How is that a virgin boy cunt? He begged me to fuck him harder, to get rough with him so I did, I fucked him like his momma owed me money and he took it all and milked my cock till my balls were empty. It was hot as fuck but I really don’t think he was a virgin.

He was scared of my cock

tranny phone sexMy poor lover was so scared of my cock at first, he took one look at this giant dick and almost ran away, can you believe that? I had to reassure him that I would not rip him to pieces just by fucking him, it was seriously so cute! I just gently pushed him to his knees and pushed this big fat cock head in his mouth and all his fears went away as he gobbled my cock down. He was way too turned on to be scared of it anymore, in fact, he was begging for more! He even flipped over and put his ass up in the air like a little shameless slut and begged for me to fuck him. I teased him and reminded him that he was so scared to take it all but he just brushed that aside and told me that he wanted my huge cock inside him no matter how much it hurt. So I pounded that ass real good until we both came!

I’m ready for Easter already

tranny phone sexI am ready for Easter already! I love everything about it, the candy, the food, the egg hunts all of that and I don’t think I will ever outgrow it no matter how old I get. I decided to have a little preview for one of my sweet lovers, I told him that I had a special surprise for him and to hurry over. When he got here he found me all dressed up sexy as hell with my bunny ears on and a basket full of candy and he was so happy! He told me that I was the only present he needed as he got down on his knees and pulled out my cock. He licked and sucked all of my big beautiful cock, taking it all the way down his throat until he was choking. He got my dick so slippery wet and so rock hard, I had to fuck him right then or I was gonna explode! I bent him over and slid this slippery cock between his ass cheeks and fucked him till he screamed, it was so hot! We’re gonna do it all again on Easter too I can’t wait!

He loved every second

tranny phone sexI had a newbie the other day, he had been fantasizing about women like me for years but had never been able to get one so his expectations were very high. Of course, I am beautiful and I have a giant cock so I more than exceeded his expectations but it was a little stressful being his first. I just had to relax and let my dominate personality take over, I told him to get down on his knees and open wide and he was very quick to obey. He swallowed my entire cock like a pro, I was surprised he could take it that deep being his first time and all but he told me that he had been practicing on a dildo. Little fag had been wanting something like this for way too long! I decided to give him a night he would never forget, I grabbed him and bent him over and shoved all 12 inched of my rock hard cock up his ass and fucked him hard and deep. He was squealing and begging for more as he came, it was really hot!

My cock was so much bigger than his

shemale phone sexI met a man the other day that on the surface seemed like a real alpha male type, he’s a former pro football player with a huge ego and he just never stopped talking about his giant cock the whole time we were out. So here I am thinking that I am about to get fucked by a huge cock only to be extremely disappointed when he actually pulled that motherfucker out. He was standing there like he expected me to drop to my knees and worship his dick, for real he looked so proud of it! But his dick was so small! For real all the steroids or whatever he must have taken in his football career must have shank his dick right up because it was the smallest dick I had ever seen! I just laughed at him, pulled out my cock and told him that what I had was a real big cock and that his couldn’t even compare. Boy was he mad! Stupid cocky fucker actually thought that I would call him daddy and beg for his pathetic dick but no way that was gonna happen. In the end it was him calling me daddy while I fucked that little ass of his!

He had no idea what he was getting into

tranny phone sexWhen he picked me up at that bar he had no idea what he was getting into… or at least that’s what he says anyway. I’m not too sure that he didn’t know what kind of a woman I am, after all when he saw my giant dick for the first time he didn’t freak out at all, he just opened his mouth and started sucking it. A man that only likes pussy wouldn’t be so quick to suck dick! He sure wasn’t complaining when I shoved my rock hard cock up his tight lil man pussy either, in fact he was begging for more like a shameless little whore! He loved my tranny dick no matter if it was a surprise or not and you know what? Not only did he love it that night but he is coming back for more tonight too! I think he’s in love with this cock for sure.

He got more than he could handle

2 girl phone sexThis little bitch boy has been ducking me lately because he owes me several thousands of dollars and he doesn’t want to pay me, can you believe the nerve? I’m not going to let some little dick bitch boy owe me money and not get away with some kind of punishment so I called my friend Josie over to plan what I should do to him. We decided that we should fuck him mostly because he always swears that he is only into pussy even tho he is clearly the most faggoty faggot that ever was. I had Josie knock on his door cus he didn’t know her so he wouldn’t hide from her. As soon as he answered we just pushed our way in and took control. Little fag boy was so terrified but he still didn’t have my money so I forced him down to his knees and made him take turns sucking both of our huge dicks, he cried like a baby the whole time but we didn’t care, he had to pay what he owed in one way or another! Then we took turns fucking that tight little ass of his, he must have had a virgin ass too cus it was so tight… at first. We gaped that ass open so wide and fucked him so hard that he won’t be sitting for a week! I’m not done with him yet tho, he owed me too much money for one fuck to fix it, I think I may just start renting him out to all my friends. That would be one way of getting my money back right?

tranny phone sex

Shemale phone sex was so humiliating for him

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex was so very embarrassing for my little wimpy boy caller, he was thinking that I was somehow going to fall in love with him and that his whole experience would be free, can you believe that nonsense?? If I was going to fall in love it would be with a real manly type of man, not some little bitch like him. This guy had a tiny dick, when I made him hold it up next to mine the difference was staggering. My big beautiful cock was three times as big and much thicker too, his was the very definition of micro penis! If I am going to be giving this perfect ass up for free it most certainly isn’t going to be going to a little bitty dickie man like that. No, this is the kind of man that pays me and pays me well. I made him take me shopping and I made sure to get every single thing I wanted from every store we went to. Then I made him take me out to dinner and we went to a very expensive five star restaurant too. All that was just the tip of the iceberg too, he still had to pay me cash just to get to see me naked! Since he cooperated and was a very generous little piggy I allowed him to worship my perfect cock. I let him stroke it and suck it and get it rock hard and then I bent him over and shoved it balls deep into his tight lil man pussy. He screamed at first, even tried to tell me that it was too big to fit but I knew better so I just kept on pushing till it was all inside him. I made him take it all until I was ready to cum, then I pulled it out and shot my load in his face… and I made him leave my room with my cum all over his face too.

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