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One look and he fell in love

tranny phone sexI met a man at a party last night and he was so obviously into me, I thought it was cute. He didn’t leave my side the whole night, he was fascinated by every word I spoke and practically begged me to take him home with me. Once we were at my place he was eager to get me naked and once I was nude I swear he was obsessed. One look at my huge cock and he fell in love, that was all it took. He couldn’t stop staring at it, he was mesmerized by it and so very eager to wrap his lips around it. I let him worship my massive cock for hours, it was like he couldn’t get enough of it. I came over and over but my cock stayed rock hard and I needed more. I bent him over and fucked that ass hard and deep until he was begging for more. It was fantastic, his ass was so tight and I stretched him out until it was gaped wide open and full of cum.

He said he didn’t know

tranny phone sexThis man offered me a whole lot of money to go on a trip with him. He wanted a beautiful woman on his arm and some hot sex behind closed doors and he was willing to spend a lot of money for my time so of course I said yes. Everything was going so well at first, we went shopping and he bought me everything I could have ever wanted. Then we went out for a nice meal and back up to the hotel room. Well that is where it got a little heated, when he saw me naked for the first time he was shocked, he said that he had no idea that I had a huge cock but I found that really hard to believe. He was staring at my cock practically drooling over it and I know he was loving it because he was rock hard! I just smiled and walked up to him and gently pushed him to his knees, that was all it took. He swallowed my huge cock like he was a pro, sucking and licking all 12 inches. He was in love and no matter how much he tried to deny it, I knew better. We fucked all day long and he was a very happy man by the end of our trip too. I hope this will become a regular thing!

He tried to say he didn’t want it

trany phone sexI met a man at a club last night, all night long he was flirting and buying me drinks, he was all over me and when I suggested we go back to my place he was all for it. The kissing and touching continued at my place, he was rubbing all up on me so I know for sure he had to have felt my cock getting hard but when he finally saw me naked he seemed shocked! He knew what I had the whole time he was just one of those guys that need a push to do what they always wanted to do in the first place so I pushed him to his knees and pushed my cock into his mouth. That stopped all his protests and suddenly he was the cock sucking expert! He was deep throating all 12 inches of my cock like a pro and begging for more so I bent him over and shoved my cock balls deep in his tight ass. He screamed but came at the same time so I know he loved it, I pounded that ass and filled it with cum and all the while he was begging for more.

Carla and I used a little bitch boy

2 girl phone sexCarla and I know a little bitch boy that tries to act all butch and fails miserably. He wants everyone to believe that he has a huge cock and he’s just so super manly but he has a tiny dick and honestly he is the biggest faggot in town. We saw him at a party we went to last night and there he was putting on the same old boring act, hitting on all the pretty women and getting rejected left and right he was such a nuisance! We had to take him down a peg so we went over and flirted with him. He didn’t know us well enough to know that we were packing some big surprises in our panties, he thought we were just like every other woman at that party only we were willing to take him home with us. He was so eager to go to my place it was hysterical! He wasn’t so eager when we showed him our giant cocks but that made no difference to us at all. We could tell that he was faking it, that little faggot wanted these cocks he was just too scared to admit it so we gave him what he wanted and then some. We had him on his hands and knees with a cock in his mouth and another in his tight little ass and by the end he was begging for more. We made sure to get it all on video too so we could humiliate him the next time he made an ass out of himself too I can’t wait to use it!

tranny phone sex

I took his girl

tranny phone sexThis guy I know is such a cocky little prick, he acts like he is better than everyone I’m sure you know the type. Well the other day he was bragging about how huge his cock was, really going on and on and on about  how he leaves bitches sore as fuck and how they all wouldn’t want to fuck anyone else after they had him. Well we all know that when a man is bragging about dick size it’s because he is lacking in that department and overcompensating to make himself feel better. I don’t need to brag about my cock, my pictures speak for themselves so I decided to have a little fun. I acted like I wanted to have a threesome with him and his girl, he had no idea that I had a cock and not a pussy so he was totally down.  We went back to his place, me and his girl started making out and she pulled out my cock with a look of wonder on her face. She said she had never seen anything that big before and the guy lost it. He was so mad, screaming about how he was way bigger but we just laughed at his little pencil dick. I fucked his girl and now she won’t fuck him anymore so I guess it’s true… once you get a big cock in you, you won’t settle for less!

He was addicted to my cock

tranny phone sexHe was addicted to my cock but I can’t blame him, after all, it’s really a great cock don’t you think? Twelve full inches of uncut perfection right here and once a man has a cock like this inside him he won’t ever want to settle for less. I guess that’s why he was so obsessed with me, he called me every single day, he would show up at my house uninvited he was a mess! I had to get him to back off a little so I sent him a little video of me jerking off this magnificent cock of mine and told him that is he didn’t fucking chill that he would never get to fuck this giant dick ever again. Well that got his attention real quick! He immediately apologized to me and sent me a huge gift and promised that he would wait for me to contact him. Now when I do call, he drops everything to be with me and pays me so well every time too!

He was so innocent

tranny phone sexHe was so innocent and sweet, a first time lover, he had never been with a woman like me before and it showed. He was so shy and so obviously infatuated with me so I took the lead and gently led him to the bed. He asked me if he could suck my glorious cock so I pushed him down to his knees and slid this fat cockhead between his lips. That was all it took, suddenly he was a greedy little cocksucker, deepthroating my massive cock like he had done it a hundred times before. It was hot as fuck to teach him how to satisfy my throbbing cock so it didn’t take long before I spurted a huge load of cum down him throat. I was still rock hard tho so I bent him over and took his final virginity. He was so tight but he kept begging for more so I let him have it all! We fucked all night long it was amazing!

I brought him home

tranny phone sexI picked up a sexy young man last night, I was out by myself and so bored so I just couldn’t help myself. He was staring at me for an hour before he finally got the courage to approach me. He was so adorable asking if he could buy me a drink, by the time we were done with out first drink I was ready to take him home and drop my panties. He was eager to follow me back to my place and all over me as soon as we walked in the door. He didn’t seem surprised by my huge cock either, he just got down on his knees and started sucking it like a pro. He was so good that he made me weak in the knees! I wanted to be inside him so bad so I just pushed him down on the bed and fucked that tight ass until we both came. It was hot as fuck!

His punishment was fair

tranny phone sexI had to punish a little faggot this morning what a waste of time that was! He was an uppity little bitch, he tried to act all butch but he was clearly a just a little bottom topping bitch boy who was no where near man enough to boss me around. He needed to be taken down a peg or two and that started with my breakfast. I shushed him in the middle of his whiny temper tantrum and told him to get in the kitchen and make me brunch. He didn’t like that very much but he obeyed, muttering under his breath the whole time about what a bitch I was. Well if he wanted a bitch, a bitch he would have! I made myself a mimosa and asked him sweetly if he wanted one too, of course he did and he was not too nice about asking for one either so I made him a very special one. I grabbed a glass and pissed in it and served it to him with a smile, he was disgusted of course but I made him drink it anyway. Then I fed him his brunch… all 12 inches of my rock hard cock down his throat! I think he learned a valuable lesson in manners today, don’t you?

I could tell he wanted me

tranny phone sexI saw him checking me out from across the room and I could tell that he wanted me so when he sent me a drink I was not at all surprised. I went over to thank him and as I got close and brushed up against him I looked down to see a little bulge in his pants, it was no where near as big as mine but it was definitely growing bigger the longer I stood there so I asked him if he wanted to go back to my place. He did of course so we left the bar and took a cab back to my apartment. We were kissing and touching each other the whole ride home, I had him hard as a rock and ready to fuck by the time we walked in my front door… and that is when he noticed my rock hard cock poking out the front of my dress. He acted all shocked and surprised but he got down on his knees all eagerly so I think he already knew what I was before we even left the bar. He sucked all 12 inches deep down his throat and even bent over for me to fuck him, he was an eager little slut!

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