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God Can’t Save Me Now

Blasphemy Phone Sex

I say, ‘Oh My God’ all the time during sex, so I figured, hey – why not bring the big man in on the whole dirty thing. I called my local priest and told him that I needed him to come over and give me my last rights or maybe a final blessing or whatever. Forget the holy water blessing, he can just use his cum. All over my tits would be perfect, but we’d have to be sure not to get any on his pretty Sunday best, right? I know how wrong it is to want this, but right now it feels so right. That’s so bad of me, yet I can’t get the thought of taking the priest and the altar boys at the same time. Or maybe all the ladies in the choir too. We’ll start with the crucifix first. My pussy is wet as hell and I take it in like a cock. Jamming it deeper and deeper inside screaming “oh God!!! Fuck Me!!” Do you think he’ll answer this prayer of mine? I’m not sure myself. But on the off chance that he thinks I’m an ok chick, after the cross makes me cum a few times, I’m going to squat over that good book that everyone talks about and let everyone know just what I think about the word of the Lord. I’m going to push hard to piss on those holy pages and if I happen to shit, oh well… Then, after I tear out my favorite verses and spread the pages over the bed, I’m going to lay that naughty father down and give him everything he promised the good lord above that he would forsake for the rest of his life, starting with the 12 inch strap on fucking his ass… This dirty slut, jezebel, whore, pig is going to give her best to make sure that priest can’t possibly ever be saved. Neither can I, but at least I can call my soul my own. Or maybe Lucifer wants a go with me. I think I could give him a run for his money…

You’re My Toilet Slave For Life

Toilet Slave Phone Sex

Get on your back and open your mouth as wide as you can. This is your favorite part of the day. You get to be my toilet slave and drink my piss and lick my ass clean after I shit. Most people would be disgusted by this, but not you. Nope you revel in the fact that you are nothing more than a poop eating pee drinking slave to me. You used to think that if you did that, it would turn me on and I’d eventually let you fuck me. You would try so hard every single day to touch my clit with your tongue while you were lapping up my piss. Once and a while I would give in and let you clean up my clit if I had an explosive bout of diarrhea, but now I can’t even stand to let you do that. Some women get turned on and let their slave fuck them or satisfy them. I can’t bring myself to do that. Think about it. You eat shit. You drink piss. You are my commode slave and you love it. I thought that if you wanted to jerk your cock and get off while I was using your mouth, that would be an okay thing. I changed my mind when I realized that you had to eat your own cum after you exploded. So, while you’re good for taking care of my dirty pussy and asshole, and apparently messes of your very own, that’s about all you are good for as far as I’m concerned. Think about it. You’ve had urine and feces in your mouth, right? Why would I ever consider kissing you again? I wouldn’t. There’s nothing about you that I find even remotely attractive. You don’t turn me on at all. As a matter of fact, I’m feeling a little sick to my stomach. Why don’t you open up for me?

Thanks For The Laughs

Humiliation Phone SexCome in please, and take your clothes off on your way to me. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but you certainly do not have a porn star cock. That, my friend, is probably why you haven’t gotten laid in a really long time. I mean, look at yourself. You have a flabby tummy and your ass is sagging making your balls look super gross and long and big. But I can’t take my eyes off of your cock. I’m always in the mood for a good laugh, but this is really bordering on hysterical. I was going to have you wear a chastity penis belt, but I’m pretty sure there’s no need for concern. I’m sure that it would take you forever to find that mini sausage, and then even longer to get it off. Tell me, is that small penis of yours the reason you’ve turned into such a pansy lately? I would imagine that would be the case. I mean, how awful to have that in your slacks. Think about it. When you go out with your pals, you don’t even use the bathroom when they do because you’re too embarrassed they’ll see you teeny peeny.  And as far as picking up girls? That’s too funny. You don’t have a chance, because size does matter. So, if that’s the case, you’ll be alone forever. Babies have bigger dicks than you do. Often, I joke and say that a guy with a small dick could use Q-tips to jerk off. You, my friend, could easily use tooth picks. There’s nothing attractive about a cock that small. It’s quite honestly a turn off. I’d rather look at a maggot. At least there’s signs of life and a truth that the maggot will get bigger and grow into something beautiful. No, not with your cock. Never going to happen. So, thanks for the giggle that turned into roaring laughter. At least you’re good for something. Now, get dressed and get out. I have a real man with a real cock to hook up with.

I’m Gonna Show You How To Jerk It Right

Guided MasturbationI want you to lay back and listen to how I’m going to get you off through guided masturbation. First, you’ll need to be naked. Prop your head up with some pillows and spread your legs just a little. Then, starting at the top of your head, use both hands and run your fingers through your hair, down your face, neck, chest and over your stomach to your cock, but only graze past it, don’t touch it and continue to your balls. Massage them gently and run your fingers to your ass. Start moving your hand to your cock. Put one hand around the base, one hand above that towards the head. Grip your dick firmly and start stroking slowly. As you stroke up and down, start to twist your hands at the same time. Stroking harder and faster, get an even more firm grasp on your cock. Get your hips into it now. Thrust up like you were thrusting into a wet cunt. If it feels good, don’t hold back. Make some noise and let me know you’re enjoying yourself. Grunt a little and give out some guttural moans for me. Take your top hand off of your dick now and rub your balls with it. Massage your sac and again, run your fingers down to your ass. Stick a finger inside you want. But make sure you keep jerking that cock and don’t let up on your grasp. As a matter of fact, grab it harder and start jerking faster and faster. You can feel your precum now.  Think about the sexiest thing you can. Maybe that’s a tight wet pussy, or great big tits with massive hard nipples, cumming buckets into your girl’s ass, or even a big strap-on in your tight little ass. Whatever it is, make sure that it gets into your head, gets you off hard and makes you cum like no other masturbation fantasy.

Cheating With Me Is Always Worth It

Cheating Phone SexNot sure about you, but Cheating Phone Sex always leads to the real thing for me. I totally get that being with one person for the rest of your life may be a complete turn on to some people. Well, it’s not to me. And, I know you feel the same way. I mean, sure your wife is pretty and she’s a decent fuck, but don’t you think fucking a complete stranger once in a while might be hot? Take your ring off, put it in your pocket, and come and find me. Cheating is so wrong, but it feels so right. I’d love to be your Mistress. You can do things to me that your wife would never even think about. I’ll fulfill every fantasy or fetish that you can imagine. Make me the whore your wife refuses to be. Talk filth to me. Call me names and use my body until you are completely satisfied. I don’t want anything from you, aside from that big cock fucking me, so you can be sure I’ll never tell. Call me on your way home from work. Stop in and let me suck your dick and swallow a big load of your cum before you go home to your mundane family life. I know you’ll be thinking about me all the time, even after you’ve only fucked me once. My wet squirting cunt and my wanting mouth will give you more pleasure than you can handle. More pleasure than your wife ever can. I want you to make me your personal fuck toy, and I’ll worship your cock. Anytime you feel like dropping by and giving me everything you’ve got, I’ll take it. Fill up all my pussy with your hot sticky cum. Fuck my face hard and make me swallow you down. I want you to use me every time we’re together, then go home to your boring wife and not be able to get my body off of your mind. Come and cheat with me. I just know we’re going to have quite a lot of unfaithful fun together.

Financial Domination Phone Sex For Sale Here

Financial Domination Phone Sex

I’m the type of girl who likes to spend your money for you. Not like a gold digger, but more like the fact that your money is my money. When I say I want something, you get it for me. If I say I need something, you get it for me. No questions asked. If you need something, you ask me if you can get it first. Don’t ever forget that I control the purse strings. If you are spending time with your family and I call you and say I want to go shopping, we go shopping, got it? And if it takes all day, so be it. When I’m through with you and your credit cards and your cash, then you can go home to your boring life and boring wife. However, I will give you a little treat if you get me everything I ask for today. No exceptions and no substitutions. You can lick my pussy. Taste my sweet cunt. Make me cum and squirt. That is how I’ll allow you to keep me comfortable. All you have to do for me is keep me in the things I want and need. Always. And don’t ever say no to me. Ever. You’re my cash cow. Keep me satisfied and I’ll do the same for you. However, if you fail to keep me happy, rest assured that I will make your life miserable. I am your financial domination queen bitch, and you will treat me as such. You are my money slave, and I will use you and your wallet as I see fit. If you decide to back out now, after all we’ve been through and all you’ve given me, think twice. I’ll put you in financial ruin. Everyone will know you were my money whore. That you were controlled by a bitch like me. All so you could lick my clit once and a while. You’re kind of pathetic, don’t you think? I do. And now that you’ve made me feel kind of bad, I need flowers, chocolate and some pretty jewelry. Get on it.

Just Thought I’d Try

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Sometimes, I like to pretend that I’m innocent and demure. Kind of your girl next door, and act like I haven’t been around, at least twice. I think of myself dressed in something cute. Maybe a blue jean mini skirt, white lacy and frilly top and a cute pair of white tennies. And of course, white lace panties and bra underneath it all. I go to the local park and walk around acting like a total prude, not even acknowledging the whistles and calls from all the guys. I know they know me. I’ve either fucked them or partied with them. Or more than likely, both. I sit at the picnic table in the shade, legs crossed, looking so prim. But the fact of the matter is this…. I need it bad. A party and a fuck right now. I just about run to the nearest guy that catcalled at me and tell him we need to find a private spot. He leads me to his pick-up truck, where we snort a little blow off each other’s upper lip. Then we get to business. He hikes up my skirt and has me straddle his cock. I start grinding on him and riding him hard and fast. As he starts to cum, and thrusts his hips up into me, my ass bumps the horn. Everyone looks and sees me getting nailed by some random guy at the park in the middle of the day, all coked up and not giving a shit. I guess that’s the life for me. I’m not the pretty in pink girl I wanted to be, but I just thought I’d try it.

Nice girls?  Fuck ‘em

Mariah xoxoxoxo

In Need of a Big Cock to Party With

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In Need of a Big Cock to Party With!!
Hey Guys! Mariah here and I’m in need of a great big cock to party with. Usually I’m the one that’s the life of the party. Everyone knows my name, and they know I always have the good stuff – in and out of my panties, if you know what I mean. But tonight, you’re the star of this show, and I’m the director.
Lay down for me, because this time, I am in control of the blow – both kinds. I am going to get that mammoth cock as hard as I can and use it just like I use my mirrors – to snort my coke off.
When I almost can’t take any more of that kind of blow, I lick your cock off to make sure that I’ve left nothing behind. My mouth and my gums and my tongue are numb, and I love it. It’s time for you to shine. Powder that big dick of yours, and face fuck me. Shove that big rock-hard cock into my neck and make me gag on it.
Show me what and invincible animal you are. I gobble up that big dick and I can taste the last of our party on you as you cum deep and hard in my mouth, your load slamming into the back of my throat. So yummy!! Gotta Love that “blow” job. Let’s party baby and feel the big rush together.

Great Service

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Every other week I go to this little nail salon by my place. Service is so-so I get what I want then I leave. This particular day I got a little something more. I’ve been coming here for months and never not once has the manager ever bothered to talk to me. Which has always been a bummer cause he is a silver fox. So I’m excited when told he would be taking care of my pedicure today. I don’t even know how it happened but his smooth hands are gently caressing, and massaging my feet. He’s doing it so well I couldn’t help but let a moan or two slip. Next thing I know, we are in his office and I’m sucking his cock dry. While his wife is still working in the spa. Apparently I have the feet of a goddess but the mouth of a whore.

Getting Nasty On The Green

exhibitionist phone sexEven though we had been up dancing all night, when we found out is was National Golf Day, us girls decided to take a trip down to the local golf course to screw with all the old farts. We did a little blow, got freshened up and headed over to the green. We decided on the 8th hole and lie in wait for our victims. The first couple that came through were in their 60’s to 70’s as we predicted and though they stared lecherously at us, they made no move to come near. Then we were surprised by a younger group of men, Their build was athletic and all of them were very attractive. We each approached, clad only in our sexy negligees. We told them Happy National Golf Day and that we were their reward to use as they wished. They hesitated briefly, but soon decided it was worth taking us up on the offer. Before long it was a free for all orgy there on the 8th green. Different types of kinky sex was going on everywhere you turned. Some girls were giving blow jobs, some getting fucked int he ass, and some were even giving their partner’s rim jobs. The manager came out to stop the action, but his hard cock got the better of him, so he just joined in on the fun. When most of the partners had come and us girls were out of blow, we figured we better call it a day. What a great way to spend a stupid holiday. I bet that is one golf day those boys will never forget!

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