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Shemale Phone Sex

Shemale Phone SexLets play big boy! Cum lay down next to me and let me start caressing all that hot body of yours! I want to make your dick rock hard! I love the taste of your big fat mushroom head on the tip of my tongue! Then spreading it all over my big lips! The way you reach to the back of my head and push my face down on your dick tonsil fucking mu throat! I love it! I love the feeling of your throbbing cock in my throat! I cant wait to taste all that manly hot juice deep in my throat. Then I want to make you cum again, so roll me over bend me over doggy style and ram your big fat dick in my tight little puckered asshole! Make me your little bitch squirt all that manly juice in my tight asshole daddy! I’m you good little cum dumpster!

Strap-on Phone Sex

Strap-on Phone SexHey baby weather you want a strap-on up your tight ass or my dick up your ass I will ass fuck you so good and hard! First I will push on my bed jump on you and start kissing you all over your body! I will pull your cock out your pants grab it at the base of your fat shaft and start french kissing from head all the way down to your balls. I will then take both your balls in my mouth and slowly suck on them, then you will just feel my finger slide up your tight little asshole starting to finger fuck your asshole giving you that massage both me and you love. I cant wait to suck all that cum out your dick. When you cum I will roll you over and make you stick your ass high up in the air, and I will slowly penetrate your asshole with my cock!

Shemale Phone Sex

Shemale Phone SexI’m your little sexy Latina, hot and ready for you baby! I’m ready to take all your 10 inches of hard cock in my tight little pussy! Just bend me over on your bed spit on it and ram that fat dick in me! Keep pounding my fat little ass so hard. I love feeling your balls bounce against my balls! Oh yeah I love when you want to rub your dick and balls against all my lady parts! Then you slowly grab my joy stick and you slowly penetrate your tight asshole. You love taking all this 6 inches of hard cock huh baby? You start bouncing up and down on my balls. I love how you are just enjoying every single inch of hard cock in that tight asshole! As you bouncing up and down on my cock I feel all your hot man juice squirt all over my chest reaching my mouth!

Shemale Phone Sex

Shemale Phone SexHey Papi, I want all your thick long dick inside my tight asshole. I just want you to bend me over and fuck me so fucking hard, I could hardly walk. Then I want to grab your dick and put in my mouth suck lick it suck it some more! I just love your big fat cock in my mouth. I love how you face fuck me all the way in deep into my throat pushing balls in deep in my mouth! You making me gag with all that thickness in my throat. I love the way you grab me by my long black hair and pull me away than, you push my face down on your big fat cock. I could just feel the mushroom head throbbing deep inside my throat. I just cant wait to feel all your hot man juice deep in my throat. Don’t take it out till I swallow it all.

Tranny Phone Sex

Tranny Phone SexTake me back to your hotel and make love to me honey! I saw you at the club and right away I knew I wanted your dick up my ass and mouth both my little fuck holes. Then when you started grinding behind me and I felt your big package against me my lady part started getting harder and harder till I was rock hard and my panties full of pre-cum! I just couldn’t wait to taste you, so I just told you lets take off early and take me back to your hotel baby, this night I’m all yours. I will please you in everything you have ever dreamed off. I will take the whole 12 inches balls deep into my tight little fuck hole. I just want you to cum so many times in my tight asshole. I want to feel all that man hot juice of yours deep down in my asshole.

Tranny Phone Sex

Tranny Phone SexLook at this pretty little red perfect circle open mouth ready to suck on your cock. Just looking at you makes my dick rock hard. You have the perfect long fat juicy dick with a big fucking mushroom head. I just want to put my lips around that cock! Start grabbing your dick at the base of that long long shaft, the start licking the mushroom head all around playing with all that pre-cum spreading it all over my red lips like lip gloss. I’m tonsil fucking you and I could just feel you getting chills all over your body from all this pleasure my mouth is giving you! Then you just pick me up against the wall and I wrap my legs around your hips grabbing your big fat long juicy dick by the base of the shaft and slowly start penetrating my tight little cute asshole. I just start bouncing up and down on your cock rubbing my balls all over your abs.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

 Cum Slut Phone SexHey honey I’m so fucking horny for you. I’m a little tipsy and big time horny. I just want your big ass fucking cock in my pretty little big mouth! Let me suck that cock really good. I will give you the best orgasm in your life. I just want to ride you like a good little cowgirl. I want you to sit back and hold your big shaft at its base as I back this ass up and sit on that big fat cock. I cant wait to have you in my tight ass. I want to sit down with your dick so far up my ass then come up letting it all out, then you grab me by my thighs and sit me back down on that hard rock cock. I start bouncing up and down that dick riding it so good making you sweat stroking my cock at the same time. I cant wait to feel your man juice in this tight ass.

Lady in the sheets

Coed Phone SexHey sweet sweet man try something new and let me give you a little taste of what this lady has to offer. You might just like it better! Hope you let me show you what I’ve got and for you to enjoy this joy stick! Even better lets both enjoy each other at the same time. You should lay down and I will get on top of you and start sucking your dick massaging your balls with my hand holding your dick at the base of that huge shaft with my other. Then when its all in my mouth I will let go and slowly, and start to finger fucking your ass. Then when you least expect it I will shove this dick down your throat, start face fucking you so hard making you deep throat this peace of meat between my legs. Don’t be a pussy and give me a try. I promise you wont regret it.

Romantic Phone Sex

Romantic Phone SexHello guys this beautiful lady is looking to fall in love with the right man. I’m just a normal lady looking for love. Looking for that man that will love me spoil me take care of me and that will make love to me every night. Take me out to the beach and walk by my side holding my hand. No fucks given to the world. Stop caring about what people think and show your princess of the the whole entire world. This sexy beautiful Latina is looking. If you think you are my future king call me up! Lets get to know each other. I know how to cook really good Mexican food, clean, I love being a house wife. I will always be ready to satisfy my man in any way. Let me tell  you I get down to suck cock, and taking it up the ass is my favorite. Call me babe!

Anal Phone Sex

Anal Phone SexCall me for some anal phone sex papi! You know you want to sit on this hard cock. Its waiting nice and hard full of cum for you. Bring your ass here and sit on it. Let me feel that tight asshole of yours wrapped around my dick! I also want your big fat dick up my tight ass. I want you to grab me by the hips and fuck me hard. I cant wait to taste all that cum on the tip of your dick! Watch me slide my tongue all around that big fat mushroom head. Oh yeah papi face fuck me so good, and hard. Shove that big fat cock all the way to the back of my throat. I want you to cum in my throat, I just want to feel that big juicy head swell when you are getting ready to cum and put all that man juice in me.

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