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Ass To Mouth Phone SexWhats up its your sexy girl Louise. I been feeling very very horny today. You think you have what it takes to pleasure a very sexy lady like me? You do? Let me see proof your self to me big boy! Stand in front of me and get all naked, let this sexy lady see how hard and big that yummy cock could get. Yum as soon as you pull your cock out I drop on my knees and start french kissing that big huge mushroom head and putting both your balls in my mouth. Then slowly you will feel me coming up with my tongue up your belly to your neck kissing you. I’m already fucking horny. Papi I turn around bend over spreading my ass apart telling you I’m ready for that big fat dick you have. I want you to ram it in me and pound this sexy ass really fucking hard.

Shemale Phone Sex

Shemale Phone SexLet me drop this fucking sexy body on my knees, pull that cock out your pants give it a few strokes. I love all that pre- cum trying to spit at me. I love playing with it with my tongue licking all around your big fat mushroom head. It makes me rock hard when you grab my fucking head and push it down on that big fat long juicy cock, making this whore deep- throat! I grab your balls start massaging them so fucking softly then you feel my middle long finger penetrate your tight asshole. I start to finger fuck you for a bit and start going up and down your long shaft with my lips wrapped around. You grab me and pull me toward you and start kissing me so intense, then you just turn me the fuck around and spank this sexy ass and pull me towards your big fat long cock ramming that throbbing cock in my tight little asshole!

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

Ass To Mouth Phone SexAt the club were I dance you kept sending me drinks and throwing your money at me. You are a tall sex muscular man. You caught my eye! You kept asking for a private dance. You never got the balls to tell me what was on your mind. You waited outside in the parking lot for me. Asked me to go with you to your house! I didn’t even play hard to get. I wanted that dick for sure! In my mind I was just thinking about what size you might have there between your legs. I couldn’t wait for us to get to your house! I bend over to drivers side and grab that package out of your pants giving it light strokes with my hand. Then you feel me deep- throat that long fat juicy cock deep down my throat begging for you to cum deep down my throat!

After party

Tranny Phone SexThis night at the club you asked for a private dance from me, so I start dancing on you grinding on that big package between your legs. I don’t know who was more turned on, you or me! All I know is that when I was dancing on you feeling that cock on my ass my dick was getting rock hard! My shift is over and I’m going crazy looking for you and I find you with one of my hooker friends. We invite you over back to my house! We get here we all get naked! My dick gets rock hard when I see your sexy ass all naked with that huge cock! You drop on your knees and start sucking my cock, while my friend puts her big lips around that big fat cock of yours and starts to deep throat that big fat long juicy dick with a huge mushroom head!

Better than your wife

Shemale Phone SexDon’t be scared real men love dick in their ass and in their manly mouth. Don’t be scared I promise to lube it up and be gentle! Plus after I’m done ass fucking you, I will make you get on your knees and make you my good little cock sucking bitch! Start by french kissing the tip of my dick, and stroke me with your hand. Then massage my balls so softly and slowly penetrate my tight asshole with your middle finger. Don’t forget to lube that finger up before! Fuck yeah you have fat long fingers just like you big dick. Now bend me over and make me your bitch. Spank me really fucking hard with your dick, fuck yeah I love it. Then spread my ass apart and ram that dick in me and start pounding me really fucking hard. How does that feel? Better than your wife’s pussy huh?


Fetish Phone SexThis night I’m inviting you over to my house, cooking some dinner for you. Making it extra special, I have a surprise to show you and give you! While we are eating dinner I crawl under the table and start massaging your cock making it rock hard! Then I pull it out of your pants and start sucking it! I love the taste of your pre- cum! its time for the surprise follow me to my room! I put the pink bling fold over your eyes, and tie you up to the bed. Then I tell you to just open your mouth wide. I stroke your cock for a bit and give it some french kisses. Then I get close to your face pull my dick out and put in your mouth. I make you suck me till you finish milking my cock in your fucking mouth! I know you love the taste of my cum!

Shemale Phone Sex

Shemale Phone SexLets play big boy! Cum lay down next to me and let me start caressing all that hot body of yours! I want to make your dick rock hard! I love the taste of your big fat mushroom head on the tip of my tongue! Then spreading it all over my big lips! The way you reach to the back of my head and push my face down on your dick tonsil fucking mu throat! I love it! I love the feeling of your throbbing cock in my throat! I cant wait to taste all that manly hot juice deep in my throat. Then I want to make you cum again, so roll me over bend me over doggy style and ram your big fat dick in my tight little puckered asshole! Make me your little bitch squirt all that manly juice in my tight asshole daddy! I’m you good little cum dumpster!

Strap-on Phone Sex

Strap-on Phone SexHey baby weather you want a strap-on up your tight ass or my dick up your ass I will ass fuck you so good and hard! First I will push on my bed jump on you and start kissing you all over your body! I will pull your cock out your pants grab it at the base of your fat shaft and start french kissing from head all the way down to your balls. I will then take both your balls in my mouth and slowly suck on them, then you will just feel my finger slide up your tight little asshole starting to finger fuck your asshole giving you that massage both me and you love. I cant wait to suck all that cum out your dick. When you cum I will roll you over and make you stick your ass high up in the air, and I will slowly penetrate your asshole with my cock!

Shemale Phone Sex

Shemale Phone SexI’m your little sexy Latina, hot and ready for you baby! I’m ready to take all your 10 inches of hard cock in my tight little pussy! Just bend me over on your bed spit on it and ram that fat dick in me! Keep pounding my fat little ass so hard. I love feeling your balls bounce against my balls! Oh yeah I love when you want to rub your dick and balls against all my lady parts! Then you slowly grab my joy stick and you slowly penetrate your tight asshole. You love taking all this 6 inches of hard cock huh baby? You start bouncing up and down on my balls. I love how you are just enjoying every single inch of hard cock in that tight asshole! As you bouncing up and down on my cock I feel all your hot man juice squirt all over my chest reaching my mouth!

Shemale Phone Sex

Shemale Phone SexHey Papi, I want all your thick long dick inside my tight asshole. I just want you to bend me over and fuck me so fucking hard, I could hardly walk. Then I want to grab your dick and put in my mouth suck lick it suck it some more! I just love your big fat cock in my mouth. I love how you face fuck me all the way in deep into my throat pushing balls in deep in my mouth! You making me gag with all that thickness in my throat. I love the way you grab me by my long black hair and pull me away than, you push my face down on your big fat cock. I could just feel the mushroom head throbbing deep inside my throat. I just cant wait to feel all your hot man juice deep in my throat. Don’t take it out till I swallow it all.

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