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Perverts Are My Favorite

I love when my perverted caller is super fucking nasty with me, the nastier the better! His cock is always throbbing hard for my sloppy wet pussy and I fucking love it! A long, thick and veiny shaft all bloated up and full of cum, begging to penetrate my insides and destroy me! His big saggy ball sack are an added bonus, the icing to the cake, hehe! I love a nice set of nuts, perfect to shove into my mouth and have some dirty fun with. Whenever we talk and are alone, he hauls out his hard ass fuck stick and forcefully skull fucks my cute little face. I look so much better with his boner shoved down my throat! One night, he walked into my room completely naked with just my panties hanging off of his erect penis and was telling me how he was bringing my panties back to me. How kind of him, right?! My panties were fucking soaked, drenched with loads upon loads of gooey cock cream! He smothered them in his cum and thought it was okay to return them to me in such a manner. I must say though, I didn’t mind one bit! I slipped those sexy panties on to my body and felt the wetness absorb into my tight cunt, it felt so fucking good! He loves playing with my hot squirting pussy!Hot squirting pussy

Major Incest Call

Incest Phone SexI had a super sexy incest phone chat with one of my callers and my cunt is still wet as fuck from talking about it! His older brother has a huge uncircumcised cock and an uncontrollable level of horniness with no manners whatsoever. He fucks anything with a pulse, no matter who it is and where they are at, so long as he is able to penetrate his veiny dick into some tight, wet pussy! HIs younger sister is really fucking pretty with a tight, hott little body, long hair, round tits and a plump bubble butt, what could be better, right?! I totally understand his urge to want to constantly fuck her perfect frame, she’s just that delicious! She was hesitant to be pounded by her brother’s intimidating dick but after awhile she agreed to it and submitted to his crazy cock. Not only did he rip her open wide as he ravaged his sexy sister, but he busted multiple loads of cum inside of her! Literally she was draining out with his cock juice streaming down her thighs. Every thirty seconds he was ready to explode his next load, he refilled up with cum in an instant! The floor, walls and furniture were all smothered in sticky jizz, i’ve never experienced anything like it, he’s insane! It’s no wonder she had to block out the memories of such a savage sex romp, that is up until she got pregnant and was left wondering whether or not he is the father of the kid. She couldn’t remember all the details of that intense and wild night, she did everything she could to forget that it had happened! Much to her displeasure, he was in fact the father and now she was stuck with his crazy ass for life!

Cock Ring Fun

Cock control I went to the sex shop today and purchased a super sexy cock ring that they had just gotten in stock. I couldn’t help myself, it was so tempting and I kept envisioning it wrapped around the hard dick of one of my callers, hehe. I need a thick cock, the thicker the better, there needs to be a big bulge that I am forced to fit inside of this cock ring. It’s going to be strapped on so tightly that there is going to be discoloration around the shaft and balls due to lack of circulation and the blood being cut off. It’s so sexy to see how a penis looks when it’s submissive to the ring around it, a great opportunity to have some sloppy wet fun with it! The best part about this cock ring is that it had a feature on it which made it vibrate, perfect for me to tease then please! The pre-cum drips out, oozing down your fuck stick and smearing over your balls, you can bet that I am going to lick it all up! You’re like a volcano begging to explode for me! When you can’t take the temptation any longer, i’ll allow you to bust your cock cream all over my tits, soaking me in your gooey goodness!

I Love Pussy Juice

2 Girl Phone SexThe feeling of another slut’s pussy juice shoved up inside of my wet cunt not only feels so good, but tastes so fucking good! Beautiful women love big cocks and I love to indulge in a yummy monster dick with one of my sexy girlfriends. I get so turned on by the scent of another girl’s bodily fluids, it makes me want to eat her up and devour her whole! Gagging and slobbering on a hard boner after it’s been fucking my friend, being able to experience how delicious her insides are, so fucking sexy, that shit makes me horny as hell! Then, taking that cock and plunging it inside of me so that all of my cunt juices can squirt all over him too as they mix with together, so hott! What’s better than some nasty 2 girl phone sex with a couple of nasty freaks! Fucking her with my strap-on then pulling out and sucking it clean, love pussy juice so much! Shit gets wild while we have our nasty playtime together and you can’t get enough!

Cum In My Panty Drawer

Cyber Sex Phone SexYou have a filthy, dirty little secret, don’t you?! I’ve caught on to your naughty ways and I know exactly what’s going on now! You see, my panty drawers keep getting filled up with cum, lots and lots of cum! My panties get all dried up and crusty and when I go to wear them, they are too hard, stiff and dirty for me to even attempt to try on and wear out! i know you have quite the nasty fetish of spraying your cock cream all over my tiny little panties but maybe next time you can wash them when you’re done so that I have clean ones to wear, hehe! They get so gross and moldy over time, they definitely need to be tossed in the hamper to be washed in the next laundry load! At the same time, I am so turned on by how much you enjoy smearing your gooey jizz all over my sexy undergarments. They taste so good, I want to see you shove them in your mouth while you lick and suck all over them! Make sure to clean them up perfectly, I am so horny while I watch you eat your cum!

Make Your Daughter Suck My Cock

2 Girl Phone SexThat’s exactly what I want you to do and you better do it now! Make your slutty ass little daughter suck on my fucking strap-on monster cock! We both know that she’s a dirty whore just like me, in fact, she looks like me too, lucky her haha! My huge cock is going to bust that small mouth of hers right open while I skull fuck her pretty face. Tears are going to be streaming down her eyes when she’s balls deep on me, gagging as her throat gets beaten up! I know you taught that slut well, all of these years that you’ve made her practice while being your own personal cum guzzling freak! She’s going to make me squirt cum all over her by rubbing my clit so well while sucking on that throbbing fuck stick! I know she’s a deepthroat lover, just like me, hehe!

Anal Cum Dumpster

Creampie Phone SexI love being your anal creampie cum slut that you have the pleasure of busting all of your gooey cock cream into! Being your personal cum dumpster is so fucking sexy, especially knowing how damn obsessed you are with me and my perfectly tight and young body. I’m so delicious and you love it! My wet little fuck holes are yours for the taking! I’m your sex slave, your mistress, a petite and sexy freak for you to use as you please. Unload massive amounts of sticky cum inside of me and all over me like the dirty cum guzzling whore that I am! i  love swallowing it down my throat and feeling your cock beat up my tonsils! Gagging on your shaft while finger fucking my pussy makes me so horny! Fill me to the brim with your baby batter, I love how you taste, so delicious. I want my booty hole to be overflowing with your cum, oozing out of me and draining down my cheeks, so fucking hott! Unleash your swimmers!

Reverse Cowgirl

Anal Phone SexOne of my favorite positions to fuck your hard ass cock in is reverse cowgirl, yummy, so fucking sexy! Being able to grip on to my booty cheeks and bounce my perfect ass up and down on your throbbing boner is so damn hott! I’m going to look back at you so you can get the perfect view of all of my sex faces that you give me! Your dick is the ultimate pleasure! My eyes roll to the back of my head as I bask in our kinky sex! You make me so horny, and I already know how filthy you love to get! Creampie my tight little asshole with your warm cum so that I can feel it drip out of me! I want there to be a big mess of jizz in between my milky thighs. If you’re feeling extra frisky, why don’t you get down on all fours and lick me clean with that wet tongue of yours, hehe! I would love to feel you slurp up your cummy swimmers off of my sexy body!

Kinky Fun With Poppers

Wet bald pussyUsing poppers while we have our nasty play together enhances everything! My orgasms are intense and extreme, just how I love it! Go to your local sex shop, that’s where they have all sorts of varieties that you can purchase! During this trip to the store, I also got giant bottles of lube and a sex swing, so fucking hott! Poppers really improve sex, trust me on this! Buying poppers in bulk is the way to go, endless fun for everyone! I want you to take a hit with me, inhale that goodness as deep as you can while you stroke your hard cock for me. We’re both feeling pure euphoria in different ways. You’re going to feel a rush through your body that’s going to electrify you! We’re going to both be so fucking high, loving on one another so passionately like the dirty sex freaks that we are! You’re pumping your big dick in and out of my sloppy wet pussy, feeling on the verge of ecstacy! Let’s take another hit, I want to get super high before we both cum at the same time! Ahhh, I love the way you pulsate inside of my warm cunt. Are you ready to shoot your cock cream all over me and inside of me?! I’m ready to squirt all over you! We’re going to get each other soaking fucking wet as we let out wild screams and moans! My heart is fucking racing with adrenaline, you plus the poppers make me feel out of this world! It’s a feeling and experience unlike anything you have ever endured!

Slutty In The Shower

Phone sex fetishThere’s something so fucking hott about having wild shower sex, getting dirty while getting clean at the same damn time! The water makes every curve and hole dripping wet from my head to toe, what could really be better?! Being pushed up against the shower door and walls while getting fucked like the kinky cum slut that I am makes me feel like such a sexy girl! Naughty as fuck with that warm water cascading down on to us feels amazing! My tight little pussy lips stretch open wide while getting fucked hard, pull my long hair and yank my head back and give me a sloppy kiss while you’re deep inside of my guts! I love feeling the water splash all over us and gush as you pump your boner in and out of my sweet fuck holes. So yummy! My wet bald pussy is tight as fuck as I grip on to your pulsating cock. When you’re ready to blow your load for me, you pull out and make it ooze out on to my bubble but, painting a perfect cum shot all over my skin! It’s so sexy to be a naughty cum slut! Once we’re done, let’s hop out and jump into the bed, we can dry off in the sheets and keep our sex romp going, no towels needed!

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