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Phone sex fetish slut

Phone sex fetishI love waking up in the morning with your hard cock pressed against my perfectly round and juicy ass, that makes me so fucking horny! Your warm fingers pulling on my soft nipples as you use your other hand to slip my little g-string down my legs and all the way off of me! My pussy is so fucking wet and I can feel my clit throbbing, dying to be sucked on and played with! Spank my bare ass with your hard dick, you are my sexy fetish and I cannot get enough of your manhood! You are the horny pervert that knows exactly what I want and how I want it, yes please! I can be soft and sweet and rough and raw all at once and you love to indulge in my naughty ways! Bend me over and remind me why you like me so much, hehe.

Hot squirting pussy

Hot squirting pussyMy pussy gets dripping fucking wet when my caller and I have super naughty fantasy phone sex together. He has a wild ass and out of control brother that has a monster cock with no morals whatsoever as to how he uses it. A very horny and very crazy man, he was admitted to the psych ward for all of his wild sexual addictions and fetishes! Whether you want to fuck him or not, he will shove his veiny, throbbing cock deep up inside of whatever cunt slit is nearest to him. He especially loves to play with me and his sister Sandra, we are both super freaky and nasty together! Sandra has big ass pregnant titties and her crazy brother loves to suck on them while he fucks her cunt, mind you, he’s also the father of her unborn child! It feels so fucking good to have my dripping wet cunny orgasm over and over and over again. My hot squirting pussy explodes juices all over the places, I love causing a huge mess!

Ass worship

Ass To Mouth Phone SexWorship my perfectly round ass, if you know what’s good for you, I love ass to mouth phone sex so much! Good boys listen well and do everything that I ask of them. Are you going to be a good boy for me? Or am I going to have to use my leather riding crop and whip you into shape?! Either way, I know that I am in for a ton of fun at your expense, haha! Now go ahead and be a naughty boy for me and kiss my ass, all the way down my legs and inner thighs and when you get down to my feet, lick all over them! I love driving you wild with my bubble butt!

Nasty Halloween Fun

Fetish Phone SexWhat’s better, my delicious pussy or some yummy Halloween candy?! Why don’t you shove your face between my creamy thighs and let me know! I already know the answer and the answer is me! My wet juices dripping all over you, getting you fucking soaked as you lick me up and down with your wild tongue. It drives me wild to feel your hands all over me, gripping on to my small waist as you pull me in closer to you, gnawing on my cunt lips and biting on my labia! Swirl your wet mouth all over me, sloshing your spit into my slit and making it drip down my ass crack! I love feeling your saliva between my butt cheeks and it’s even better when I clap my ass in your face while you eat me like i am your last supper! No need to indulge in Halloween candy baby, I am more than enough for a man with exquisite taste in nasty young freaks like me. Your cock throbbing for me we play and pleasure one another sounds like a plan that I wanna experience all night long! Rub your hands all over my body and bite on my nipples, make me yelp out my moans while you make me squirt cum all over the bed! You love watching me quiver as I orgasm hard for you, I love how much you love it!

Anal phone sex with slutty teen

Anal Phone SexBouncing my ass up and down on your throbbing cock while you are balls deep between my cheeks is one of my ultimate favorite things to do! Being stretched out like a slutty tramp always feels so damn good, hehe. My wet pussy is gushing as my juices slosh back and forth between my asshole and my cunny slit. I have a fun little talent where I am able to make my body squirt cum while you are ramming your shaft roughly in and out of my butt. Yeah my pussy is ripe and tight, but my asshole is even more so! It feels so fucking good to have your boner destroying my insides! Pull that cock out of my ass and let me suck on it like a lollipop, I want to taste all of my fluids, I know how delicious I am and it’s such a treat! I am going to suck you clean and dry, you are going to lose your fucking mind!

Surprise fuck from my brother

Brother/Sister Phone SexI was asleep in my bed wearing my cute little silky soft nightgown and sexy panties, a perfect sleeping slutty princess! In the middle of the night, my naughty brother snuck into my room, slid under the sheets with me and pressed his throbbing cock against my bubble butt from behind as he roughly nudged me to wake me out of my slumber. He was so thick and rock hard, it was a great surprise to wake up to, hehe! We love to play together and always tend to do it in the middle of the night so that we can keep it our dirty little secret. Mommy has walked in on us a quite a few times before while we have been having our yummy play time and I usually have to beg her to let my kinky big brother cum inside of me. She loves watching it drip out of my wet little cunny slit, but she also loves to put up a little bit of a fight about it, which we think is so hott! She enjoys making me beg! I love being taken advantage of by my sexy brother, he loves penetrating my slutty fuck holes and filling them up with his creamy jizz! It’s always such a wet and wild time whenever we have our kinky incest sex together!

Bisexual foot fetish

Bisexual Phone SexMy bisexual girlfriend loves to have yummy 2 girl lesbian phone sex with me, two is always better than one! We love including a super filthy and submissive pay pig into our roleplay when we have our nasty fun together. Her and I both have such petite and sexy bodies, especially our perfectly yummy feet. We love when you play with them and worship us from head to toe, show us how dirty you love to get with that kinky foot fetish of yours, hehe. We always rub each other’s feet, suck the toes and slide our tongues in and out between the  slits, fuck it feels so good! My feet are such a sweet spot for me, I can squirt cum hard just by you giving them all of the love that they deserve! Two slutty cum whores that love to get wild, what could be better!

Slutty Side Piece

Cheating Phone SexI’m such a filthy, sexy little slut, the perfect dirty little secret for you to keep from your wife or girlfriend. No one has to know about the two of us and the kinky shit that we love to do with one another! You’re my sensual man and I love being your nasty whore of a mistress! It turns me on so fucking much to have to go about our sexual fetishes and fantasies in such a discreet manner. I love the thrill of possibly being caught and exposed, my adrenaline rushes just thinking about it! Man-handle me like you know how to do so well, my body is completely yours for the taking! Do all the dirty shit to me that you only wish your lady at home would do for you! The fact that it’s so off limits to get nasty with you makes it all the more better! Use those lips and wet tongue to make me sloppy wet, I want to be soaking and drenched in your saliva when you shove your throbbing cock up into my tight cunt! Unleash all of your gooey cock cream deep inside of me, I want you to know exactly what it feels like to bust your load inside of a cum slut’s dirty pussy! Cheating phone sex is so much fun!

Perverts Are My Favorite

I love when my perverted caller is super fucking nasty with me, the nastier the better! His cock is always throbbing hard for my sloppy wet pussy and I fucking love it! A long, thick and veiny shaft all bloated up and full of cum, begging to penetrate my insides and destroy me! His big saggy ball sack are an added bonus, the icing to the cake, hehe! I love a nice set of nuts, perfect to shove into my mouth and have some dirty fun with. Whenever we talk and are alone, he hauls out his hard ass fuck stick and forcefully skull fucks my cute little face. I look so much better with his boner shoved down my throat! One night, he walked into my room completely naked with just my panties hanging off of his erect penis and was telling me how he was bringing my panties back to me. How kind of him, right?! My panties were fucking soaked, drenched with loads upon loads of gooey cock cream! He smothered them in his cum and thought it was okay to return them to me in such a manner. I must say though, I didn’t mind one bit! I slipped those sexy panties on to my body and felt the wetness absorb into my tight cunt, it felt so fucking good! He loves playing with my hot squirting pussy!Hot squirting pussy

Major Incest Call

Incest Phone SexI had a super sexy incest phone chat with one of my callers and my cunt is still wet as fuck from talking about it! His older brother has a huge uncircumcised cock and an uncontrollable level of horniness with no manners whatsoever. He fucks anything with a pulse, no matter who it is and where they are at, so long as he is able to penetrate his veiny dick into some tight, wet pussy! HIs younger sister is really fucking pretty with a tight, hott little body, long hair, round tits and a plump bubble butt, what could be better, right?! I totally understand his urge to want to constantly fuck her perfect frame, she’s just that delicious! She was hesitant to be pounded by her brother’s intimidating dick but after awhile she agreed to it and submitted to his crazy cock. Not only did he rip her open wide as he ravaged his sexy sister, but he busted multiple loads of cum inside of her! Literally she was draining out with his cock juice streaming down her thighs. Every thirty seconds he was ready to explode his next load, he refilled up with cum in an instant! The floor, walls and furniture were all smothered in sticky jizz, i’ve never experienced anything like it, he’s insane! It’s no wonder she had to block out the memories of such a savage sex romp, that is up until she got pregnant and was left wondering whether or not he is the father of the kid. She couldn’t remember all the details of that intense and wild night, she did everything she could to forget that it had happened! Much to her displeasure, he was in fact the father and now she was stuck with his crazy ass for life!

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