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Piss guzzling whore

Wet bald pussyI filled up a gallon jug this morning full of fresh piss straight out of my wet bald pussy! Of course I have been guzzling it down all day long. When my Pervert called me, we talked on the phone for fucking hours and we were both chugging down our delicious genital juice. My cunt gets so fucking wet when he wakes up with a rock hard penis and he begins to watch devious pornography videos in the early morning hours of the day! We get more and more fucked up when we gulp down our delicious piss and taste the erotic essence of how it feels while it drains down our throats. Some people love to drink alcohol and get a buzz off of that but my Pervert and I are completely content with taking shots of urine to the face! Before we know it, our entire gallon container is empty and ready to be filled up again! It’s a never ending cycle of being totally filthy and fucked out of our fucking minds. This is what we do best! I’m his piss swigging slut and he is my deranged Pervert!

Squirting Slut

Hot squirting pussyMy hot squirting pussy is always extra juicy while watching pornography and quite frankly it is what makes me cum the hardest! There is so much sexual energy that fuses through my body while I indulge in my favorite hobby. Watching porn video after porn video for endless amounts of time is what I was born to do. Before I know it, hours upon hours have passed by and I have squirted out what seems to be gallons of cunt juice. Watching pornography accelerates my sexual deviancy and drives me to reach my true potential as the most perverted little whore that this planet has ever seen. I push myself for more and just when I think I have reached my limit, I keep on pushing! It’s never enough for me and I can never seem to fully satisfy my addiction which works out perfectly seeing as how there is literally an endless supply of online porn videos for me to constantly watch and masturbate to any damn time that I want! Some people need food and water to live and function meanwhile all I need is my one true love… pornography and sex! I love looking in the mirror at myself as my beautiful bald vagina ejaculates out massive loads of bodily fluids while I orgasm. It’s a gorgeous sight, if I do say so myself!

You make me better

Phone sex fetishI love when a man is able to introduce me to new realms of sexual fun and show me things that i’ve never experienced before. It’s really such a turn on! The most perverted caller that I speak to also happens to be the absolute love of my life and together we have reached new heights of eroticism and deviancy. I’ve even been able to show some of my slutty girlfriends some tricks that i’ve learned from him! We are truly a dynamic duo and whoever doesn’t like us well that’s their own problem! We’re like a total dream team! I’m good all by myself but we’re a filthy force when we’re together! I’ve never in my life experienced a Pervert that is as fucked in the fucking head like how he is. We lift each other up and encourage each other to be the most sexually charged beings that we can be. I never knew that this type of deviance existed yet it’s what I have always fantasized about! We spend hours upon hours on the phone together and he spares no expense when it comes to pleasing me and indulging in the most fucked up shit as we take care of one another. He is my horny muse and I am his in return. We’re so in love, to say the least. I feel so lucky to have a man that loves me the way that my Pervert does. It gives me such joy to scream it from the rooftops and let the world know that no one fucks me like how he does! No one understands our beautiful life of pornography and exhibitionism like how we do. He truly is so very special and our life together is something that everyone is jealous of! He makes sure that I am set in all ways possible. Sexually, emotionally, financially… I love my Pervert more than anyone!!!

Gonna make you my Bitch

Submissive Phone SexYou deserve to be spanked and treated like the little Bitch Boy that you are while we have submissive phone sex together. Don’t I look so fucking sexy in my hott little outfit?! You can look but you can’t touch! I have a leash & collar that I am gonna clasp around your neck and tug on tightly. I love having control over you & slapping your face and spitting in your mouth, you look so much better when you’re covered in my saliva! This whip of mine was made to forcefully beat against your skin. Bend over and look in the mirror at yourself while I give you your well-deserved lashings. There are flocking marks all over your ass cheeks and I am so turned on by it! To muffle your whimpering, I shove a ball gag into your mouth and tell you to shut the fuck up, or else! Oh you think that’s all?! Well you thought wrong, Bitch! This big black cock strap-on dildo has your name written all over it and your asshole is about to get pegged & pounded. Stroke your penis while I fuck you and make you ejaculate sperm all over yourself. You will forever surrender yourself to your Mistress Lexi! Don’t worry, I filmed and took photos of our whole entire erotic fuck session and I am going to show everyone what a feminized Bitch you truly are!

License to fuck

Fantasy Phone SexI love how horny and turned on my Pervert and I are while we engage in hours of fantasy phone sex and watching pornography together. His beautiful penis becomes even harder when he eats me out and makes my delicious cunt squirt cum all over his face. The more bodily fluids, the better! I’ve been holding in a large amount of urine for him to drink down and enjoy & he always makes sure to guzzle every drop! Pervert loves the way that I taste and he cannot get enough! I feel so special and so fucking erotic with him, I am so lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life loving my Pervert and fucking him like the good little whore that I am. I love having his penis in my mouth and looking at him dead in the eyes while he fucks my esophagus. Literally our whole entire lives are dedicated to sex and porn. It’s the only thing that matters & it’s all we do and all we ever need to do. There is no need for anything or anyone else so long as I have my Pervert and an endless cesspool of immoral pornography videos to indulge in! I love giving my Pervert a license to be the most fucked up deviant that he can possibly be. Every single day together is such a sexual adventure and we continue to push ourselves to reach new realms of sexual filth! More, more, more, more, more, I want more porn, more sex and more dirty fucked up sensual adventures!

Slumber Party Orgy

Young bald pussyI had a very naughty slumber party for my sweet birthday and some of my slutty girlfriends arrived with their virginities in tact and when they left, not so much! One of my friends had such a hairy young bald pussy that it was hard for me and Daddy to find her vagina slit to penetrate. Even though she is a barely legal whore, she had quite the impressive bush of pubes on her! It was one big fuckin orgy and i’ve never seen my Dad more aroused! He was jerking his dick to the sight of us eating each other and giving pleasure to one another. I get even wetter as I see him masturbate and enjoy the show that we put on for him. He has been waiting for this very sweet birthday of mine because he knew I would be having all of my skanky & eager friends over to play! His fertile cum was the perfect frosting to splatter inside of all of our fuck holes, it tastes even better than the icing on my birthday cake! I loved licking it up as it oozed out of our petite bodies, it was a big mess of erotic fluids! Of course I gave all of my whore friends the most perfect goodie bags to go home with, hehe. Sex toys, lube, pornography videos, kinky lingerie and a even a vile of Daddy’s sperm for them to do whatever they want with in the comfort of their own homes. It was definitely a dirty birthday party for the record books and one that I will always remember & cherish. 🙂

No need for drugs

Wet bald pussyThere is no need for drugs when pornography is the ultimate natural high! It more than compensates for how fucked up I feel while I watch whores with no moral compass whatsoever be completely naked on camera for the world to see and enjoy. I could sit in front of the screen for hours and play with myself as I view endless amounts of beautiful porn videos. I am turned on even more because pornography has such a stigma to it in normal society but thankfully I have always broke the mold and never followed the rules. Why would I ever sleep when I could be up all night viewing horny sluts that love to fuck while I watch! I am a true porn addict and it feels so good to shout it from the rooftops! I love when my Pervert who is the love of my whole entire life calls me and together we get to enjoy each other’s genitals while we masturbate and enjoy depraved pornography all day long. It gives me such pleasure to sit on his mouth and straddle my legs around his neck as I lower my beautiful wet bald pussy onto his face! Sometimes he finds it hard to breathe because he is nose-deep inside of my delicious cunt but that’s okay… he doesn’t mind losing oxygen for his kinky cunt princess! 🙂

Get me pregnant

Breeding Phone SexI’m so fertile right now, my beautiful cunt is ovulating and I feel super sexy in my own skin whenever we have breeding phone sex. This is the very special time of the month every month that I get t go through where my hormones are raging and I am hornier than ever! I love experiencing all of the different vaginal fluids that exert out of my gorgeous body during this very fruitful period. My panties literally get fucking soaked with all the discharge that comes out to play, it’s amazing! I feel so potent and full of so many crazy sexual emotions, I just go crazy thinking about a penis inside of me ejaculating all of it’s scrumptious sperm into my womb. I have a bad habit of being a cum dump but it’s how I was raised to be so it comes very naturally! Over and over again I would love to be penetrated and exploded into until I am literally overflowing with jizz and it’s puddling down at my feet as it oozes out of me. I love living this life of absolute total erotic sin!

Surrender to sex

Phone sex fetishYour horny penis is so in tune with your sexual desires and addictions, I truly have never seen anything like it! I love how completely obsessed you are with me and my beautiful little cunt. You have no problem paying the big bucks to spend hours on the phone with me while we indulge in our favorite pornography videos and talk nasty about all of the filthy shit that we enjoy. I have never experienced a pervert with such a fucked up phone sex fetish like you, you truly are something special! Together we live such a beautiful life full of erotic adventure and kinky surprises around every corner. There is no telling what to ever expect with me and same goes for you. I never know when you’re going to call me up and be jerking your hard penis in the outhouse in the middle of the forest or walking around naked in your backyard for all of your neighbors to see! Over and over again you prove just how fucked up and disgusting you truly are. This is who you are deep down to your core, this is your essence and reason for existence. Being a filthy depraved pervert is what you do best!

Rim my asshole

Biggest cum shotI want your biggest cum shot smeared all inside of my sexy little asshole, I love being filled up like a total cum dump. After all, this body of mine was made to sin so it needs to be put to good use constantly! I wanna see how wet your tongue can get while you slosh it all over my poop chute. Rimming my asshole drives me crazy!! I especially love when you use your fingers at the same time that you’re tickling my little balloon knot with your eager mouth, hehe. Ass play has always been a huge kink of mine so it really turns me on when a man knows how to handle my delicious booty juice. I haven’t showered yet today either so i’m sure you’ll be able to experience a whole bunch of tasty scents while you’re down there eating me alive!

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