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You’re my toilet slave urinal

Toilet Slave Phone SexI know how much you love having toilet slave phone sex with me, that’s why I use you as my ultimate perverted urinal you filthy fuck you. Lay the fuck back on the bed while I stand over you and squat over your body as I spread my bald cunt lips apart with my fingers. I have been holding in my piss all day long and drinking lots of water because I wanted to make sure I gave you a waterworks show that you’ll never ever forget! We are both so obsessed with giving and receiving golden showers, I must admit it feels so fuckin good to smother you in my piss and turn you into my personal toilet clean-up slave. I’m squeezing my muscles so fuckin hard while I drench you in urine, my prostate starts to poke out of my asshole to say hello while my cunt is squirting everywhere, lol. I love being a foul-mouthed filthy little cunt. No one is dirtier and more depraved than me and I find solace in that. You’re a sick fuck and so I am, we make the perfect match!

Time for Ballwasher to go in the Burn Book

Biggest cum shotThe rumors are really true, the Faggot Ballwasher himself called me up to tell me about his biggest cum shot and confess to me what a horny cum guzzling fag boy he really is deep down to his core! In fact, he’s such a good cocksucking ballwashing faggot that he knows his way around these dicks like an absolute pro. The way he manhandles cum-filled nutsacks is unlike anything I have ever seen! I had heard through the grapevine that he loves having his asshole fucked while gagging on a throbbing dick but I only took those rumors with a grain of salt. But now, I have actual proof! Even though we had just introduced ourselves to one another, he had already told me all about his affinity for bulging boners. He spilled his little heart out to me and told me that the biggest penis he has ever swallowed down his throat was ten inches long, that’s pretty fuckin large if you ask me! I really cannot believe how fucked up he truly is, I had to find out on my own just how filthy of a Ballwasher this faggot is on a daily basis! He really is that fuckin depraved! Little does he know that I went and spilled his little secret to my bestie Caprice. We giggled and laughed all day long about how humiliating that must be for him to know that we consider it a hobby to make fun of him and his pathetic micro-penis as we bask in his pathetic fag-boy antics. If anyone deserves to go in my Burn Book of faggots, it’s Ballwasher! Caprice and I are going to literally let everyone know about this mess, i’m sure they’ll all get a kick out of it just as much as we do! There’s even a few new girls here at the company who were recently hired, Caprice and I will be sure to fill them in on all the juicy details as well! It’s only right that all of our hott friends are well aware of how much cock control we have over him! Ballwasher is the nastiest faggot that I have ever had the pleasure of humiliating, put that in the Burn Book!Cock control

No hair and no hormones

Young bald pussyLittle sluts with no hair on their bodies and no hormones developing always have the most tasty and wet young bald pussy! I love to get between their cute little thighs and spread them wide open while I tickle their g-spots and give their cute clits a tongue bath. I feel so special to be able to train them to be useful cum rags, they sure do know how to suck and fuck like the good little sluts that they are! I love bringing them over to my parent’s house and showing them off to all of my family members. I consider them to be my tiny army of barely legal skanks. My Mom and Dad are always so proud of the sweet little surprises that I bring home for them to play with! Young ones are so unaware of all the perverted shit that whores like me love to have with them, that’s what makes it so fucking fun lol.

A trip to the porn theater

Phone sex fetishMy phone sex fetish with pornography is at an all-time high and I have no plans on suppressing my addiction anytime soon, neither does my Daddy! All of my slutty little girlfriends came over to my house for a slumber party this weekend and boy did we sure have ourselves some fun together! Our family friend who owns the local porn shop invited all of us over to the shop to come and enjoy the newly renovated huge theater that they added on to the store. It’s truly unlike anything I have ever experienced before, a movie theater that only plays porn on the big screen… what the fuck could ever be better! I swear I have died and gone to Heaven, this is truly a dream come true and will only add fuel to my fire which is perfect for a porn addict like me! My girlfriends have never experienced something like this before and a couple of them were shy at first but once we all stripped down naked and started sucking my Daddy’s dick and eating each other’s pussies while we watched the nasty movies in the background, they loosened up a little bit lol. I can’t believe I am such a nasty and potty-mouthed cunt for being so young and it’s only getting worse and worse as each day goes by! My friends are good cock suckers but I am the best for sure, even Daddy says so! We line up naked in a single-file line and bend over as we spread our ass cheeks wide so that Daddy can see up inside of our tiny bodies. We are all pink, fresh, tight, horny as fuck and ready to be pounded! I have the sexiest girlfriends in the whole wide world, I am so lucky!

My young bald pussy squirts so much cum

Young bald pussyI love being told how sloppy wet my young bald pussy is while it’s being played with. I get even hornier when his fingers, tongue or cock are shoved inside of me and licking up all of my delicious cunt cream. It feels sooo good to have my g-spot tickled and played with. That’s a guaranteed way to make my vagina squirt out lots and lots of fresh & sticky juices! I’m such a sucker for my own cunny sauce. What a fuckin slut I am that I literally bask in my own bodily fluids. All of the perverts that I get dirty with love to tell me that I am by far the nastiest phone chat slut that they have ever had the pleasure of shoving their cock up inside of! It melts my heart and makes my pussy gush to know that I am the filthiest little whore out there, hehe. There is nothing better than my wet bald pussy!

Bad babysitter

Incest Phone SexMom and Dad put me in charge of having the nastiest babysitter phone sex with the little brats that I am watching tonight. They’re so young and fresh, my parents wanted them completely corrupted by the time their mommy and daddy arrived back home to relieve me of my duties. I made the four little sluts bend over and finger each other’s buttholes and then lick off the juices from their fingers. It’s sooo cute to watch their faces as they taste one another and experience what a naughty little force their bodies are together while we all play. Barely legal age play makes my cunt soooo wet so I made them get on their knees and lick my cream out of my slit. They’re such good little listeners and do whatever I tell them to do.

Lil creampie cum dump

Creampie Phone SexIt should be against the law how damn obsessed I am with creampie phone sex. It’s the wet, gooey, creamy texture of the cum gushing out of my slutty fuck holes that really gets me. I love bending over in front of the mirror and taking a long hard look at how fuckin delicious my ass and pussy are when they’re smothered in fresh cock juice. Being a slutty pervert is the only life that I know and love, that’s what happens when you’re raised to be a filthy cum-loving and cocksucking whore with a dripping wet pussy like how I was. Even though I’m young, I only continue to get hornier and hornier with the older that I get! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of what a true jizz dump I have become! We always love doing incest roleplay with our sexual antics as we fulfill each other’s fantasies like the naughty and depraved perverts that we are!

He’s a piss drinker and he loves it

Fetish Phone SexThe most depraved, disgusting and filthiest pervert that I have ever talked to loves to have extreme fetish phone sex with me and I can’t blame him! You see, he’s a nasty piss drinker and he loves making it known to the world. The more people that are aware of his sick addiction, the better. He strokes his thick and throbbing penis while I squat over his face and spread open my bad cunt lips right above his mouth. I always enjoy giving him the perfect view deep up inside of my pink little fuck holes. It’s so fun to hear and watch him moan while I explode my shower of urine all over his face and body. The wetter and messier I can make him be, the hornier he becomes. He has a never-ending addiction for pornography and he’s truly the only person I can really let my porn fantasies flourish with. What may seem taboo and sick in the head to most is normalcy and vanilla for us, lol. He guzzles down my pee like it’s urine, he loves the way I taste! We really are a couple of mentally deranged motherfuckers!

Choke me out with cum

Cocksucking Phone SexI’m in the mood for some super nasty cocksucking phone sex so that I can be choked the fuck out with your cum! Shove that hard ass dick deep down my tiny slutty throat and make my eyes stream down with tears because of how hard you’re beating me the fuck up. My tonsils are gonna be begging for mercy from taking such a goddamn pounding. I can’t believe i’m such a skanky fuckin whore and that I am able to take cock inside of every hole like no other hoe you have ever messed with. I’m horny as fuck and I need my desires to be satisfied as soon as possible baby. You know I love deepthroating that delicious penis like it’s a popsicle. Big sticks have always been my favorite, hehe. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I have been hornier than ever lately. My sex drive is through the fuckin roof!! I want my mouth overflowing with your fresh sperm, fuckin gag me with it!! I’m gonna make gurgling noises while I try to breathe through the suffocation of it all up inside of me. I wanna be a super nasty lil hoe hoe for you. 🙂

Fuck my slutty wet bald pussy

Wet bald pussyDaddy Daddy Daddy, where are you?! I am horny as fuck and I am frickin dying to have you come and pound my slutty little wet bald pussy. I wanna have some thick dick for lunch and best believe I am starving!! I’m in the mood to have you suck on my nipples while you finger my tight slit. I can’t wait any longer for you to ram your throbbing dick inside of me Daddy, please give it to me now! Hair pulling, ass slapping, neck biting & moaning loud.. I wanna do it all with you Daddy. You make me feel so fuckin sexy, turned-on & wanted. I love that I can reach my sexual peak with you while we get nasty as fuck together. You’re gonna have me squirting all over your throbbing cock, it’s gonna be a creamy mess. Come and take care of this sweet little cunt Daddy, you do it so well and I need you now.

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