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A Real Fuckalicious Freak

Wet bald pussyI really am a true fuckalicious freak and I have dedicated my wet bald pussy to being the most sexually depraved and slutty deviant that I can possibly be. The most incredible part is that there is always going to be an endless supply of pornography, urine, cum and menstrual fluids for me to enjoy and bask in. I’ve never felt more alive and more comfortable in my own skin and with my sexuality than how I feel right now. It’s like my cunt has blossomed and is oozing with absolute filth. It’s a born again little slit and I want to feel a throbbing penis pulsating deep inside of me. More urine, more porn, more scandalous adventures…. I am literally going to live my utmost sexual life every single day here on out. I am completely endowed to this gorgeous life of perverted sin.

Pornography addicted sexual deviant

Biggest phone sexSince the day that I popped out of my Mom’s hairy cunt, I have been trained to be a sexual little cocksucking and dick riding deviant. My life has always been filled with horny perverts that are eager to have their way with me. I have learned since very early on that the best way to form a relationship with a man and his throbbing cock is to make it disappear down my throat and have a big ole’ smile on my face while doing so. This wet little cunt of mine is constantly squirting out the biggest cum shot. I make a huge mess every time that I orgasm and my parents absolutely love it. Although I have had my fun with countless amounts of dicks, there is one pervert who has stolen my heart and inspired me to be the absolute filthiest little skank ever! I feel so special to be so young and so fuckin dirty at the same damn time. My reason for existence is to be a pornography addicted sexual deviant and I am so proud to say so!

Bisexual anal fuck

Bisexual phone sexMy Daddy swings both ways and loves having bisexual phone sex with me and my boyfriend. Both my Dad and my Man have massive cocks and they sure do love putting them to good use! My Daddy loves being called Daddy by any male that gets to fuck him so of course my boyfriends was yelling out ‘Daddy!’ all night long while we engaged in the sexiest, steamiest threesome ever together! My Man hasn’t always been bisexual but my Daddy sure has opened up a whole new can of worms with him, hehe. Now that my boyfriend has been introduced to the world of anal fucking & getting gaped open, he just cannot seem to get enough! He and my Daddy especially love playing together because their big dicks combined form an intense sexual experience! I’ve never seen two huge boners get so fucking hard and horny together in my whole entire life like how theirs do! I’m gonna have to snatch my own boyfriend away from my Daddy, lol. I wanna get double-penetrated in my asshole too!

Devoting my life to sex

Young bald pussyI have decided to completely devote my life to sex and feeding my addiction to pornography while masturbating my young bald pussy. This is the reason for my existence, to be a filthy little cunt princess with an insatiable appetite for filth. I know that I am meant to be this way. My beautiful cunt is the center of the sexual universe. I love how fucked up I am! Having sex and watching pornography for hours upon hours on the daily is a lifestyle, not just a habit! Every morning I drink a fresh gallon of my own piss and recycle it throughout the day as I submerge myself deep into my pornographic videos. There is always going to be an endless supply of piss and an endless supply of pornography for me to indulge in, I will never have a shortage of either! I love pushing myself further and further with my sexual desires and antics. Porn and sex are such incredible gifts that I will forever be grateful for.

Panty boy strikes again

Panty Boy Phone SexMy panty boy phone sex freak has proved to be such a fuckin sissy yet again! When he called me up, he was laying in a big pile of my panties that he has bought from me over the past few months. He had my favorite pair of pink silky undies wrapped around his cock and was stroking himself hard as hell. Getting dolled up and dressed up is an every day occurrence for my panty boy. Usually i’m butt ass naked when I have super naughty phone chat but with him I get to put on a lingerie fashion show and it’s so much fun! I have so many different styles of undergarments, thongs, g-strings, boy shorts, bikini briefs and even granny panties! The list goes on! It’s pretty much a buffet of panties to choose from! The inside of my closet looks like a Victoria’s Secret store and Panty Boy can never get enough, he is always wanting more! His rock hard penis looks so much better when it’s covered in my hottness! Of course he busts his big load of jizz right inside of my favorite thong and uses it as a cum rag to clean himself up. Fuck it turns me on so much!

Pornography frenzy

Phone sex fetishMy filthy little wet cunt is every man’s ultimate phone sex fetish fantasy. I have been watching hours upon hours of nasty pornography videos today and playing with my pretty pussy the whole entire time, per usual! It turns me on so much to spread my legs open wide and look in the mirror that I have right here next to my bed as I finger-fuck myself. These skanky whores are more than willing to strip off their clothes and get fucked on camera and I think that that is seriously so fucking hott! My big fat dildo that Santa brought me for Christmas has become my new best friend, hehe. I’ve had to ween myself on to it because the shaft is naturally way too big to even fit inside of me. My cunt stretches open and gapes so beautifully when I fuck myself deep with it!

Desecrating the Bible

Fetish Phone SexAny chance that I get to desecrate the Bible, I make sure to take advantage of it! A very naughty Daddy called me up for some extreme fetish phone sex. He honestly thinks that I would be a good role model for his young and barely legal daughter, lol. His wife is out of town for a month and he thinks it’s time for his little one to learn to suck cock while her Mommy is away. Her Dad wants her to drop the Christian bullshit and learn to sin. I guess you really never can start them too young, huh?! So her Daddy decided to leave the two of us alone in a room together to watch pornography videos so that we could desensitize her. The fact that it was just her and I was so erotic, my cunt was getting wetter by the second. Daddy knows all about the love of my life Pervert and he said that he has been fantasizing about letting Pervert play together one on one. He wants her hymen popped and her virginity abruptly taken from his sweet little sinful angel. Her Daddy of course is watching it all as he strokes his hard cock with force. Thankfully we recorded the whole entire thing and made a very inappropriate homemade porn video with her tiny sexy body as the star of the show! We can make such a lucrative profit off of her bald little cunt. The best part is how many more perverts we will be able to attract once we release the video. The more cocks the better! Her virginal pussy needs to get stretched the fuck out like the blasphemous skank that she is!

Pervert Heaven

Fantasy Phone SexMy life with my Pervert is centered around sex and our addiction to filthy pornography. We had yet another round of beautiful fantasy phone sex together. Time doesn’t exist when we are indulging in our depraved fetishes. Together we exist in pervert heaven and my tasty cunt is what everything revolves around. I was holding my piss for a long time until I just couldn’t hold it anymore and I urinated into my toilet while I was on the phone with my Pervert. I could hear him moaning while he jerked his penis to the sound of my fresh golden juice spraying into the water. I scooped some of my pee out of the toilet and gargled it down so that my Pervert could hear how much I enjoyed it. He did the same and together we filled our bodies up with delicious pee. The thrill of drinking urine enhances his perversions and makes him crave sex even more! I love helping him feed his addictions and pushing him to be the most twisted pervert that he can possibly be. His porn watching compliments his obsession with sex so nicely and together we intertwine our beautiful sexual energy & passionate love. We are an unstoppable force and the level of absolute filth that we live our lives on would make the average human being uncomfortable and bashful as fuck, hehe. There is no one else dirtier or more fucked up than we are!

Drunk on urine

Young bald pussyI’ve been squatting my young bald pussy over my Pervert’s face all day long as we have watched countless hours of beautiful pornography videos together. We enjoy masturbating and drinking each other’s piss until we are literally drunk off of our urine. It looks like Pervert has a beer belly on him but really it’s just all of that fresh golden shower juice sloshing around inside of his tummy! Urine bellies are so sexy especially on my Pervert! He absolutely loves the taste and he loves what it does to him. It seriously makes him go crazy! Piss combined with kinky porn fucks him the fuck up! Other people like to get drunk off alcohol or high on drugs but he uses urine and dirty pornography as his poisons of choice! He really is the filthiest and most depraved motherfucking pervert that I have ever had the pleasure of being in love with!

Prostate pervert party

Prostate phone sexMy favorite pervert and I had a very filthy prostate phone sex prolapse party. We spent hours upon hours watching filthy pornography videos together and playing with our genitals. I am my Pervert’s amazing little cunt princess and he will do anything for me no matter what it is! I own his cock and he knows it. He loves that I have him wrapped around my bratty finger. The two of us together are a strong sexual force unlike anything I have ever experienced before! He raised his credit card limit so that he no longer even has one, he loves maxing out his cards on me and our beautiful addiction to pornography. No other pervert in the world would be as disgusting and depraved as mine is! He loves knowing that everyone is aware of how goddamn twisted he really is. I am constantly pushing him to watch more porn and stroke his penis for endless amounts of time. We love a good prostate prolapse, sucking on that shit as it gushes out of a gaping asshole. We both cum so fucking hard and happily bask in our puddle of bodily fluids. I pissed all over myself and now I get to play in it while I guzzle it down with my pervert! Mutual masturbation is so fucking yummy when it’s with someone who’s just as freaky as you are!

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