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submissive phone sexMy purpose in life is to be Submissive to my Master. Nothing. Would make me happier or my pussy wetter than sitting  at his feet waiting on his every command. I want to wear a black leather collar with my Master Names that say property of My master. I want him to pinch my nipples and make me wear a pussy clamp and call me the Nigger slut that I am. I want my Master to Tie me and bend me over up and Spank me till I come. Making my Master happy is all I want to do. Jump on top of his Nice hard dick and bounce up and down on it while he chokes me until I Stop then pinches down on my nipples while I come all on his thick cocke. Only then will this Carmel pussy me happy.

Slavery Phone Sex

slavery phone sexI love listening to my Master’s every command. Nothing makes my pussy quiver every time he tells me to kneel and tell me to waiting . I’m ready to be his sex slave and me his every command I want him to tie me up an bend me over and spank my ass while I moan in sweet pleasure excited and wet he walks in front of me and shove his cock in the back of my mouth until I gag and spit all over it. And when he is done he is Done he comes from be and put his Fat cock in me until he is about to come and when it’s time I I get up and turn around and let his sweet Man juice drip all over my with pleasure knowing we had a really good time.

Forever Your Slut

gfe phone sexAs a youngin I always love too make a man happy. I love the way a man taste. Everyone’s always calls me Fast and say I’m going to get what I’m looking for but little do they know the tasty Man meat is all I need. I love when a man pulls it out and slap it on my mouth while I lick all around the top head. I daydream about how it feel pressed against the back throat when Everyone is sleep in my House I see how many men can I swallow up the thought of making a man sweet juice drip in me while I swallow it all like a good lil slut I’ve always been like watching while I my sweet juices as they flow out my tight wet pussy and if you have a friend I would love for him to come and release on my Face. If I don’t get what I want sweet man meet all the time I get bratty and mad I know I’m a mom now but nothing makes me happiest then knowing Im the best Come guzzling gutter slut of all time. Feel that nice long Fat cock shoved in me gets me through my Day. I’m just waiting for the right man to come warm these fat juicy wet lips.

dressup doll

                ethnic phone sex   You would be surprised by how many guys are actually into lolitas its just something about men seeing a grown woman dressed up in different little sexy costumes bending to their every desire.

                     Its fine with me my beautiful caramel complexion matches well with anything they dress me in. My tits are so heavy and full spilling out of almost everything you put on me master.

                  Oh my my pussy is over flowing with my juices I cant believe how hot you are making me just by forcing me into this naughty maids outfit.

                Do you like the way it hugs my body. Im getting a little embarrassed by the way you are looking at me master. You love playing with me like this dont you.

Long day

      cheap phone sex     Let me take your mind off of your hard day you work so hard day in and day out the least I can do is take off your shoes, massage your shoulders, run your bath water, whatever you desire but just know I am going to suck your big juicy dick and let you finish on my tits or would you prefer me to swallow your thick creamy load tonight baby. You wish is my command I am a slave just for you let your fantasies run rampant no matter how dirty or twisted you deserve the very best. The best is me I will take you mind off the day and satisfy your every need my love because i love you now come let me give you what you need.

Big Titty Fick Love

                       Black girl phone sexThese big titties of mine are so nice full and lush and you know what else baby I want you to slide that cock in between my caramel fun bags. My nipples are hardening in arousal thinking about your cock sliding between my breast my mouth is watering thinking about sucking on your head I want to massage those balls with my hands I want to see your creamy white load splattered all over my tits and face baby. Then I want you to rub it into my skin honey how else will I sustain my youthful glory at my age baby I need your cum to keep up my vitality. Haha at least now you know why black doesnt crack now give me your creamy goodness baby.

natural black barbie

big tit fuckingJust wondering how many guys out there know they are lucky to be blessed to see this sexy body of my. Hell I am the epitome of Egyptian beauty all natural big ass large tits tight fucking pussy and I give the best fucking head too have you nutting in seconds once I wrap my lips around your cock it is practically over baby.

Now the question you have to ask yourself is where you want to bust your nut this chocolate goddess like body of mine is just waiting to be covered in your cum baby. So you might as well get out of my closet and bust your load all over me. Are you scared honey. There is no need to fear Lashay is here to take all that fear away.


ethnic phone sexMy breast are what most people notice first when they look at me secondly would be my beautiful haunting eyes that almost seem to look past your eyes to the very being of your soul. I always try to try a new look that compliment my face and figure it isnt that difficult. Black women are able to pull off any style and look and still be the epitome of beauty.

My thick hips and large breast men always beg me just to have a tiny taste of my pussy sometimes I would entertain them if I am horny enough or have not had some entertainment in a while sometimes I just want a man to fuck me senseless or at the very least fuck my tits and blow his load in my face it is how I keep my complexion clear lol.

A man has to be useful some way right! Some people think I am whore for this mind set and I say to you haters a big

FUCK YOU Bitches! lol Just kidding.

Really baby

adult phone chatThis is the last freaking time i do a favor for a friend because this shit normally back fires on my ass let me tell you a for instance. Like today! It was supposed to be a normal freaking photo shoot nothing too explicit you know, well tell me how the hell at the end of the shoot I had cum shot all over my tits as a BIG SHOT finish. Dont get me wrong the camera man was cute as hell and I do not mind fucking on camera but I like to be paid for the work I do. This shoot was a freebie for a friend who said no sex would be involved the little liar. Anyway I show up dressed all cute a little scanty swimsuit beneath my dress ready to pose all cute by the pool. Get a real feel for being sexy releasing my inner freak. So Marcus the camera guy tells me to take off my dress and show a lot more skin of course he was tall and sexy with the cutest smile and dimples I just wanted to lick. Let me just say he was Yummy! with a capital Yum. I was happy I got that wax a few days ago so I did not have a wolf monkey at the moment I was ready to bust it wide open after the shoot just for him if he wanted it but it just so happened I was gonna be busting it open on camera for him now. So as we talked and he took pictures and I posed he kept telling me to take off my swimsuit and I was like why and he rolled his eyes and asked me if my friend explained what kind of shoot this was. Lets just say he better

Black Pussy On Tap

Phone Sex

You don’t have to pretend with me.  I know what you want baby.  You like the fact my berry is a dark berry.  You want to slip your cock up in my tight black holes and fuck the ever living shit out of me.  Well you don’t have to worry about me being sassy with you Big Daddy.  I’m a Submissive Black Whore that loves to fuck.  I want to make sure you have a tight hole to fuck whenever you need it.  I am a slut.  I need to get dicked down hard and fast and often.  Don’t be afraid to abuse me my superior Master.  I know my place.  I am ready to submit to your needs, wants, darkest fantasies.  Let me do that for you please sir?  Let me take care of your cock the way it needs it.  Do you want to get rough with me?  It’s okay, take me, use me, fuck me like you hate me.  I’m happy to serve you.  I NEED to serve you.  I’m happy to fuck you.  I NEED your cum.   I’m happy to be your black pussy on tap.  I NEED to be your Nigga Cum Slut Whore.

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