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Happy Whatever!

Cum Slut Phone SexSometimes I hate the holiday season! There is just too much argument and anger over who celebrates what when we should all be using this time together and showing how much we love our fellow man. Whether we with them a “Happy Kwanzaa!” as they fuck us with their big black cock or a “Happy Hanukkah!” as they spoil you for 8 days with so many presents. If I just wished people a “Happy Christmas!” I’d not get to enjoy nearly as much cock in such a wide variety. Hell, even Pagans (ha, see what I did there. Christmas, Pagans, hell? Moving on.) celebrate Winter Solstice and if you know anything about me I love to party, to dance naked in the woods to primal beats and end with a cum filled orgy to celebrate the winter season. Whatever it is you celebrate I want to wish you happy whatever it is. Happy Festivus. I hope Black Pete and Krampus don’t come to your bed tonight… Or maybe I do, that might be hot, I’ve never fucked a chimney sweep in black face or a demonic goat santa before… Hrm… That sounds like an idea. So to you I wish a Vianočný pozdrav, Felices Fiestas, Julhälsningar, and of course a very happy holiday no matter what you celebrate. Muah! Kisses!

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Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex Him or Her?

 Naughty Neighbor Phone SexMr. Hyndman and his wife have been so good to me. I’m not sure how I became a baby girl to a married couple but her sexual appetites are just as bad as mine and I’ve been sleeping over more often. Now I wake up before them, looking at my two lovers sleeping peacefully in their bed I was trying to figure out which one I wanted to wake up first. I could see Mr.’s morning wood and yet I knew that if I spread Mrs.’ legs she would love to wake up to my tongue between her legs. But if I suck on his cock, I know he’ll wake up. Put his hand in my hair and fuck my mouth. I’d get to feel him slide into my throat and the taste of his precum tracing on my lips. They were both so tempting and I found my pussy soaking wet. I dipped my fingers into my pajama shorts so started to play with my clit and finger my pussy. Biting my knuckle to keep my moans quiet and not wake them up. I don’t think I did a good job though as they both woke up, saw me in my naughty position watching them and grinned. She came towards me licking her lips and he came towards me pushing his own pajama bottoms down to free his cock. I guess I’ll get to wake up to both of them fucking me. I think this is a much more fun way to start the day anyway.

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex The Dinner

Stocking Fetish Phone SexYou know what I am? I’m trouble. But, I’m the best kind of trouble, I’m a Stocking Fetish Phone Sex whore. That’s why even though we’re all eating dinner on this double date. You next to your wife and me next to my current boy toy I’m running my foot up your leg. Over the inside of your thigh. My toes teasing along your cloth covered cock. Feeling it throb against my Stocking Fetish Phone Sex covered digits. I can see the sweat glistening on your face. The unfocused yet worried look as you worked so much harder to keep focused and unsuspicious with those at the table. I run my toes along the head, feeling the moisture of your precum through my stockings. You falter in your sentence and I giggle unable to help it. You give me a startled look while your wife and my date look at me confused. I bit my bottom lip and shook my head. “Just remembered something funny.” I said to wave it off as I squeezed your cock with my toes, running them from the head to the base. I can feel your cock throbbing harder, the danger and sensation threatening to put you over. Your hand sneaks under the table, taking my foot in your fingers. Pulling my foot from your cock as you run your fingers over the insole of my foot. Teasing my toes and threatening to tickle me as we ate. The light touches made my sensitive Stocking Fetish Phone Sex covered foot jerk and wriggle in your hand. You kept it though, your fingers gripping tight enough it was almost painful. Then you took your thumb, rubbing and massaging along the instep of my foot. Working your way around to the arch, that on it’s own was almost orgasmic and it was my turn to force myself to pay attention to the others and not make any of those happy mewling noises I wish I could.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex at the Beach

Exhibitionist Phone SexI love the beach. The water, the sand in my toes, the relaxing crash of waves, the beautiful women in bikinis and the sexy men in their own suits. Then everyone wet, laughing, comfortable, it’s such a sexy sight. I love to swim and flirt with everyone who I met eyes with. That’s when I saw you. You made my pussy wet just by the water dripping off your body as you walked out of the water. Your eyes met mine and as I bit my bottom lip you grinned. Swaggering over to me. Your finger reaching forward to play with the strap of my bikini top. Not even asking my name you just nodded towards a private little spot of rocks away from the crowd and I went with you. My pussy soaking through my bikini bottoms, I could barely wait for you to pull your swim trunks down and get your cock in my hand. You pulled the string to my straps and let my top fall down as you bent to take my nipple in your mouth. I love the way your cock feels in my hand, now I just need to decide if you fuck my pussy, ass, or mouth or better yet which one do you cum in.

Cum Slut Phone Sex give me it all

Cum Slut Phone SexI know it’s silly but you have no idea how excited I get at the idea of seeing you. I love to pounce, bite you on your neck and shoulders as you grab my ass hard making it sting and feel wonderful as you pull me into you. Give me a passionate kiss smacking my ass as I giggle and bite your bottom lip. Wiggling my ass against your hands as I kiss down your neck, over your collarbone and your chest. Pushing your shirt up so I could bite and lick at each of your nipples. Kissing down your stomach and licking your belly button as I undo your pants. I can’t wait to taste your cock, feel your hands in my hair. I can tell you’re about to cum and you pull my head off of you. Your cock throbbing and so close, holding me back by my hair as I giggle and try to lick your head. You pull me up and force me over and on my knees. You falling to your own knees and your cock teasing my pussy and my ass as if you’re trying to figure out which hole you want to abuse. It makes my pussy so wet and I can’t wait for you to plunge into me and use me like the cum whore I am.

Today at the Park

Voyeur Phone SexI’m so horny and my pussy is so wet. I love it when men watch me fuck myself. I’m such a voyeur phone sex whore. That’s why I went to the park, to entertain the daddies while mommy and spawn play. I was at a basketball court surrounded by sweaty men of all ages as they watched me fuck myself with my favorite purple vibrator. It was shiny and it vibrated through my entire body making me moan and my hips fuck the hard plastic is it touched all the best spots. Some of the men rubbed their cock through their shorts and other more bold men had their cocks out and were rubbing them for me. It just egged me on, I fucked myself harder. Closer and closer to orgasm as the men circled closer and closer to me. I cried out as I came. Squirting all over my hands, getting the shoes wet of some of the men. A vibrating mess of nerves as they grunted, shooting their thick loads all over me as I spasmed around my toy. The Best orgasms ever. I grin at the men as I take a finger full of cum and suck it off of my finger. Starting to fuck myself with the toy again making the circle of men’s eyes sparkle as they watch the shiny wet toy go in and out of my cunt. They start rubbing their cocks again as I re-started the show.

Female domination porn Sounding Away

Female domination pornI love you’re not afraid of experimenting but imagine my surprise when you let me know you wanted to try sounding.

I’m not sure if you were aware of this but I love sounding, it’s so fun and it’s great the faces and noises you make as you experience the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had.

So, we get started. First I put on gloves… The last thing you need is a UTI right? So, then I sanitize your cock. My tools, and the penile syringe which I then loaded with a super smooth natural baby oil. Putting it against your piss slit I pushed on the plunger and filled your cock with lube until no more would go in and then used the syringe to put it over the head of the sounding rod. Covering it for an inch or two before I placed it against your slit. I teased the end against the head of your cock and once the slit expanded just a bit the rod began to slide inside of your cock.

There is little pressure as I don’t need to push it into you but it touches every nerve on the inside of your cock, so intense as I take my gloved fingers and start to pull it back and forth letting it fuck your cock it going deeper and deeper until it was to the base of your cock.

I pull it all the way out and let it fall in. Over and over making your body quiver and you groan. I swear your eyes were rolling into the back of your head. You were humping into my hand and I could see your balls clench. You gasp, barely able to breathe past the pleasure this little metal rod was giving you.

Pulling it out at just the right moment that you splatter yourself, me, everything with more cum than you’d ever let out and I giggled as I left you lying panting and trying to regain your breath.


Creampie Phone Sex Picking Pumpkins

Creampie Phone SexI have a new part time job!

Ever since I started working here people have been coming in flocks… Well, men and… Cumming.

I’ve been working at a pumpkin patch and those dads really don’t want to be there. Well, while mom and spawn are distracted the dads have been staying with me with the pretense of asking questions about how the pumpkins are grown, are they organic, hipster, ecofriend, etc etc…

Well, I’m a fan of the quicky and as I was bent over the counter trying to watch mom and little ones as dad panted and groaned. His cock plunging into me as if he’d not felt a pussy in years. Just as his family started to come back he started to thrust shorter and his cock started to throb inside of me and I felt him fill me with cum. He pulled out, panting, putting himself back in his pants as I stood up. Putting on my best smile as he walks over and kisses her. They let me know which pumpkin they wanted and I went and cut it from the vine. Bringing it to their car for them.

I counted the money for the pumpkin and noticed the huge tip he’d left me. I loved it. I was making bank at this job. I waved at them as they drove away and rocked back on my heels as a new car pulled in. I could feel my pussy ache in anticipation and wondered what “questions” he would ask.

Party Girls Phone Sex the Bunny meets the Wolf

Party Girls Phone SexMy friends know what a Party Girls Phone Sex whore I am. When they found out about a costume party they had to tell me about it.

I had to go of course, but I thought it would be awesome to be a rope bunny. So I put on the black satin one piece iconic for the Playboy bunnies, even the little poofy tail on the ass and the sheer black stockings that made my legs look like a porn stars and the classic black heel to match. Paired with some white puffy ears and then I got together with a BDSM friend. They completely decorated my suit for me. They did a chest and hip harness all in natural jute rope. Then they did decorative wrist and ankle binds and even a collar for me.

I was a total rope bunny and loving it.

The adrenaline was running through me as I walked into the party. The heavy bass of the music strumming through me and making me feel wild… So I could feel that surge of arousal especially after my eyes crossed over the wolf man.

He was wearing ripped jeans, a flannel shirt ripped open. Fur covering over his arms, chest, legs, and even his face. Somehow this werewolf was straight out of an erotic novel, all he needed was a box fan to blow that sexy hair from his face and I would be his.

His eyes met me and it was as if electricity whipped through my body and I felt my breath catch in my lungs.

Holy shit.

He prowled to me, his dominance sending shivers through me and I swear if he touched me I would cum. I was definitely prey and the grin he gave me as I moved away from him. Danced out of his touch sent chills through me. We found ourselves on the dance floor. Moving just in and out of his reach as he hunted me over the floor. Pushing and leading me away from people, into the dark, out of the sight of everyone else.

Then he caught me, his hand in my hair. Pulling tight as he pushed my chest into the wall. His cock grinding into my mass. His growl primal in my ear.

I wasn’t sure if I had won or not technically. But as his strong hands ripped the crotch from my suit and I felt his cock slide into my wet pussy I found myself not caring and I knew that I belonged to him for the night at least.

2 Girl Phone Sex my beautiful Belle

2 Girl Phone SexI met my Belle.

She is so beautiful, sexy, and her pussy is the sweetest I’d ever tasted.

I was in love, well, at least lust with her and it made my pussy so wet just to hear her cum.

The first time we were alone together we had such a slow, sexy, and romantic fucking.

We had kissed, touched, slowly peeled our clothes from each other’s bodies. Tasting and licking each other over every inch of each other. Sucking on each other’s nipples and biting each other’s tits. She had a vibrator that she ran over her my tits and nipples. Teasing it over my clit and pussy before fucking me with it until I came. She ground that vibrator against my g-spot and made me squirt all over my beautiful Belle.

Bisexual Phone SexI pulled her up, kissing and tasting myself on her tongue. Licking all my cum off of her face and neck. Sucking and biting against her neck, leaving my marks on her to let other know that for now she is mine.

I took the vibrator from her. Biting and sucking on her nipple as I held it against her clit, making her write, scream, and arch against my hand. I made her beg for release. Fucking her hard and fast with the toy as my fingers press and circle on her clit.

It was amazing when she came, she arched her back. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she came. Soaking my bed and hands with her sweet nectar as she came. I moved the toy and fingers away from her clit and pussy. Collapsing on the bed as she breathed hard, trying hard to catch her breath.

I want to make her cum again, but had to let her recover.

She really was a Belle.

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