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Sugar and Spice

Age Play Phone SexThey say girls are made of sugar and spice, and that’s totally true. My angels are made of sugar and spice. But my girls also have honey between their thighs. And for the right price, you can bury your face between their legs and taste that sweetness. My girls do a lot more than receive pleasure, they give pleasure. Imagine two little girls on their knees looking up at you with the most beautiful big brown eyes. I’ve taught them everything they need to know about sucking cock. My angels could make a seasoned porn star look like an amateur. Tiny bodies have tiny holes and don’t worry my girls can take cock. You’ll need to lick their kitty-cats really good and get them sloppy wet. I’ve seen my girls take on the biggest dicks without a whimper. Come and have some fun with my little family, you won’t regret it… I promise.

Tiny Mouths Wrap Around Big Cocks

Age Play Phone SexMy girls are so adorable. They have long curly black hair that I keep in cute ponytails. Where ever we go people stop and stare and my angels love the attention. We look like typical mother and daughters sprinkled with innocence but that’s a complete facade. I’ve taught my girls the many ways to pleasure men. Sex is a beautiful natural act meant to be enjoyed at any age. My angels suck cock better than any porn star. Their tiny mouths fit tightly around most mens’ cocks. You’ll love the way their tongues dance around the head of your dick. And when they spread their skinny legs apart and reveal their small bald cunts please try your hardest not to bust your load. Come and live out your most forbidden fantasies. My girls and I promise to make you a very happy man.

Tiny Sex Animals

Age Play Phone SexMy girls are so adorable. They have a white father who blessed them with beautiful light hazel eyes, long curly black hair, and skin the color of creamy coffee. I put them in cute pageant dresses and big bows in their hair. My little angels stop people in their tracks because they’re so cute. They look innocent but behind closed doors, they’re tiny sluts who love to suck cock. My little darlings went from sucking their thumbs to sucking cock with ease. Can you imagine two tiny tongues licking all over your hard shaft? And even though they’re small, they can take any size cock in their tight little holes. The only hair on their bodies is on top of their head. So try your hardest not to cum at the sight of their tiny bald cunts. I’ve taught my girls everything they need to know to please a man. Believe me, they’ll make you very happy.

We Cater To Perverts

Age Play Phone SexMy little angels are the cutest little girls in the world. I’m black and their father’s white so they have beautiful light brown skin and long black curly hair. Their beauty stops people in their tracks. I’ve taught them that sex is a natural act. I’ve taught them everything I know about fucking and sucking, and they caught on fast. We’ve even watched porn together as a family. I quit my job because perverts pay big bucks for tiny tight pussy. My angels spread their legs revealing their bald cunts and some men cum instantly without penetration. Picture yourself on a sofa with two tiny girls between your thighs licking all over your shaft. I know as you read this that your cock is rock hard. Me and my girls can make your naughty thoughts come to life. Big hard cocks love tiny tight holes.

Two Little Cock Suckers

Age Play Phone SexMy little angels are so cute. I always dress them in the cutest dresses and put their hair in cute pig-tails. Where ever we go people stop and stare. Some of those stares are full of lust. Lustful stares mean money in the bank. I’ve taught my little angels’ everything I know about sex. They’re excellent cock suckers. When they were very little I taught them to cock suck by letting them suck on my fingers. Eventually, I let them suck on my boyfriends’ cocks. Now they suck cock like porn stars and I’m so proud. They’ve even developed a taste for semen, we call it “special milk”. For the right price, you can have both of my girls and their tiny mouths. Come and experience something you’ll never forget. And remember little girls mean tiny little holes. Call us and have some naughty fun.

Tiny Moneymakers

Age Play Phone SexI like to call my little ones, tiny moneymakers. Men pay a lot of money to spend time with my tiny moneymakers. I’ve taught my little ones everything that I know about sex. I’ve taught them the art of the perfect blowjob. Their tiny hands know how to handle a grown man’s cock with the expertise of a pornstar. Imagine two little angels licking your cock. Imagine their brown eyes looking up at you while they lick up and down your hard shaft. Try hard not to cum when they spread their little legs revealing tiny tight cunts. You’ll have to lick on those tiny cunts until their sloppy wet if you want your huge cock to slide in smoothly. You’ll love the way my little darlings buck their tiny hips against your rough thrusts. Once you’ve had my tiny moneymakers you’ll keep coming back for more, I promise.

Tiny Holes

Age Play Phone SexAny man that wants to be in my life has to understand that I’m a package deal. When you get me, you get my little angels, too. Most men love having three mouths licking and sucking on their cocks. I’ve taught my babies everything there is to know about pleasing a man. I know the first time you see their tiny cunts your mouth will water. Get on your knees and suck on their tiny clits until they’re sloppy wet. I know you’ll see their tiny pussy holes and you’ll doubt your huge cock fitting in that tiny hole. But my babies love to fuck and they’ll push their hips up and down until every inch is inside. My girls are so tiny with their skinny legs and arms, and flat chests. But don’t be fooled by their petite size, because they’re far from innocent.

Fun Day at the Zoo pt. 3

Age Play Phone SexMy angels laid on the bed with their legs spread wide. My babies have beautiful tiny bald cunts with fat pussy lips. The man had spent a lot of money to play with my girls and the sight of their tiny cunts had his cock rock hard. He had licked and sucked on their cunts until they were sloppy wet. I held my youngest’s legs open wide and up towards her head. He pressed his fat mushroom tip against her tiny hole and slowly pushed his way inside. She’s so tiny he could only get a few inches inside. Her pussy held him so tightly that he couldn’t last long, he pulled his cock out and shot cum all over her body. He didn’t want to cum inside of her because he wanted to watch my oldest lick his semen off of her sister’s body. I’ve taught my girls that semen makes them beautiful and strong. They call semen “special milk”, and they love to drink every drop.

Fun Day at the Zoo pt. 2

 cAge Play Phone SexWe got home from the zoo and my girls each grab one of our new friend’s hand rushing him into the house. We all headed towards my bedroom and my little angels seductively undressed for our special guest. My angels even kissed each other with lots of tongue and he was delighted. They helped him out of his clothes and dropped to their knees to suck on his dick some more. I guess he got tired of the fellatio because he pulled them to their feet by their ponytails. My babies knew exactly what to do next… they got on the bed and spread their tiny legs revealing tiny bald cunts. I told him that he needed to lick their cunts really good and get them really wet because his cock was way too big for their tiny holes.
With a smile, he said, “No problem.”
And he licked and slurped on their cunt until they were dripping wet. When I felt like my angels were wet enough to take his huge cock I let him fuck their tight cunts…to be continued.

Fun Day at the Zoo

Age Play Phone SexAs a special treat for being good little angels, I took my girls to the zoo. They love looking at all of the different animals and riding the miniature train. I dressed them in cute little sundresses and put their hair into pigtails. We were walking from animal to animal when I noticed an older gentleman following us. His eyes were locked in on my youngest. He noticed that I saw him staring and with a red face told me my girls were beautiful.
“Can he come home with us please?” , my girls begged.
My angels were ready to play. I told him for a fee he could come home with us and experience pure pleasure. He handed me a check and got in our car. I blindfolded him because I didn’t want him to know where we lived. He sat in the backseat between my angels and the games began. My girls pulled his cock out and took turns sucking on it. The slurping noises made me so wet. I had to tell them to stop because I didn’t want him to make a mess in my car. Just a few more miles and we’ll be home….to be continued

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