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P-Mommy and Her Little Angels

Age Play Phone SexI brought the girls a little pool because summers in Texas are so hot. I let them play topless in the water. My angels have made so much money this month they deserved a reward. I watched them splash each other and it turned me on. I spread my legs and started fingering myself. My youngest noticed me masturbating and jumped out of the pool. She loves the way I taste and whenever she sees my pussy out she can’t resist me. Her tiny tongue flicked across my swollen clit and it felt amazing. I’ve trained this little girl to eat my pussy like a pornstar. Over time she’s developed a taste for my cunt. I grind against her small face and make it shine with my juices. My oldest joins in because she gets jealous and put her face between my thighs, too. Both of their heads in my crotch licking and sucking my pussy under the hot Texas sun.

Age Play with P-Momma Kenya Ch.3

Age play phone sexMy girls were busy making the man’s dreams come true. Two perfect little angels were slurping all over his huge cock. They took turns sucking on his bulging mushroom tip. Their big browns eyes stayed connected to his blue eyes. I taught them to always maintain eye contact while giving a blowjob. They tried their best to deep-throat his huge dick but their mouths are too tiny and they barely sucked past the tip. He thought his sexual fantasy would stay a fantasy but now he had two little girls fighting to suck his dick. Their small heads bobbed up and down on his shaft and saliva slid down his cock. He lost control and tore the clothes off their small bodies. My girls looked frightened because of his sudden aggression. He forced their legs apart and dug his tongue into their tiny holes. I sat in my chair watching the whole scene with my pussy getting wetter and wetter…to be continued.

Age Play with P-Momma Kenya Ch.2

Age Play Phone SexWe finally got home and the girls walked the man into our home. My youngest turned some music on and they danced seductively for the happy stranger. I’ve been teaching them how to strip and my angels have mastered those lessons. They undressed slowly and twerked their tiny butts to beat of the music. This man had the biggest smile plastered on his face because my girls were making his dreams come true. When the song ended my tiny girls dropped to their knees and crawled towards his crotch. My oldest unzipped his pants and pulled out the hugest erection I’d ever seen. The girls’ eyes got so big seeing his big dick.
“Mommy it’s not gonna fit!” , they said in unison.
“Lick on it babies”, I demanded.
And just like good little girls my angels slowly licked up and down his huge dick…
to be continued.

Age Play with P-Momma Kenya

Age Play Phone SexToday was so beautiful, a perfect day to go to the zoo. I put my girls in pink sundresses with matching pink bows and barrettes in their long curly black hair. The zoo was full of little ones but my angels got all of the attention. People would walk up to us and compliment their beauty. I searched through the crowd for a financial opportunity because I got bills to pay. I noticed an older man following us from exhibit to exhibit. He finally got the courage to approach us and with sweaty brow told me my girls were the most beautiful precious little things he’d ever seen. I noticed his huge erection through his tight jeans and got right down to business. He was at the zoo all alone I knew what he wanted. He gave me a credit card and I ran it through an app on my phone for my phony cleaning business. We left the zoo looking like a family with little ones holding daddy’s hands. My girls got him in the back of our van and argued over who would suck his dick first. They helped him out of his jeans, then began taking turns slobbering on his huge cock. The slurping and moans turned me on and made my pussy throb and twitch as I drove to our house. I had to warn the girls not to make the man cum. I wanted to wait till we were behind closed doors and I was sitting in my favorite chair with a perfect view… to be continued.

Dirty Age Play

Age Play Phone Sex My girls can’t go anywhere without people stopping in their tracks to admire their cuteness. Their father is white giving them beautiful light brown skin and long curly black hair. Both of girls look a black Shirley Temple. I’m a very materialistic person, and I like the finer things in life but I don’t have a job. I use my girls to finance my high maintenance lifestyle. Men play a lot of money for two tiny girls with tiny tight holes. I’ve trained them both to be amazing lovers. They suck cock better than most pornstars. They love meeting new men and making them happy. Most men can’t get past a blowjob from one of my angels before busting a load. The girls love watching a dick pop off like a firework squirting cum everywhere, it’s their version of a Jack-in-the-Box. Pay me enough money, and my girls will make your wildest fantasies come true.

Pay To Play

Age Play Phone SexEverywhere we go people tell me that I have a beautiful family. My girls are two of the most beautiful creatures God has placed on this earth. Their father is white, he and I made gorgeous mixed angels. They both have long curly black hair and big brown eyes. Men look at my angels with lust in their eyes and I take full advantage. For the right price, you can do anything to my girls. I want you to see them spread their tiny legs. Don’t you want to see their tiny plump cunnies? Or if you like, we could make them get on their hands and knees. We’ll tell them to spread their little ass cheeks because I know you want to see those tiny assholes. Give me money and I’ll give you two tiny pornstars. I’ve taught them everything they need to know to please a man and a woman. Yes, they please me, too. When they see my legs spread and I’m not wearing panties, they come to my pussy like a kitten comes to a bowl of milk. Their tiny tongues feel so good licking my clit. They laugh when I squirt all over their faces. Pay me and I’ll make your dreams come true.

Sugar and Spice

Age Play Phone SexThey say girls are made of sugar and spice, and that’s totally true. My angels are made of sugar and spice. But my girls also have honey between their thighs. And for the right price, you can bury your face between their legs and taste that sweetness. My girls do a lot more than receive pleasure, they give pleasure. Imagine two little girls on their knees looking up at you with the most beautiful big brown eyes. I’ve taught them everything they need to know about sucking cock. My angels could make a seasoned porn star look like an amateur. Tiny bodies have tiny holes and don’t worry my girls can take cock. You’ll need to lick their kitty-cats really good and get them sloppy wet. I’ve seen my girls take on the biggest dicks without a whimper. Come and have some fun with my little family, you won’t regret it… I promise.

Tiny Mouths Wrap Around Big Cocks

Age Play Phone SexMy girls are so adorable. They have long curly black hair that I keep in cute ponytails. Where ever we go people stop and stare and my angels love the attention. We look like typical mother and daughters sprinkled with innocence but that’s a complete facade. I’ve taught my girls the many ways to pleasure men. Sex is a beautiful natural act meant to be enjoyed at any age. My angels suck cock better than any porn star. Their tiny mouths fit tightly around most mens’ cocks. You’ll love the way their tongues dance around the head of your dick. And when they spread their skinny legs apart and reveal their small bald cunts please try your hardest not to bust your load. Come and live out your most forbidden fantasies. My girls and I promise to make you a very happy man.

Tiny Sex Animals

Age Play Phone SexMy girls are so adorable. They have a white father who blessed them with beautiful light hazel eyes, long curly black hair, and skin the color of creamy coffee. I put them in cute pageant dresses and big bows in their hair. My little angels stop people in their tracks because they’re so cute. They look innocent but behind closed doors, they’re tiny sluts who love to suck cock. My little darlings went from sucking their thumbs to sucking cock with ease. Can you imagine two tiny tongues licking all over your hard shaft? And even though they’re small, they can take any size cock in their tight little holes. The only hair on their bodies is on top of their head. So try your hardest not to cum at the sight of their tiny bald cunts. I’ve taught my girls everything they need to know to please a man. Believe me, they’ll make you very happy.

We Cater To Perverts

Age Play Phone SexMy little angels are the cutest little girls in the world. I’m black and their father’s white so they have beautiful light brown skin and long black curly hair. Their beauty stops people in their tracks. I’ve taught them that sex is a natural act. I’ve taught them everything I know about fucking and sucking, and they caught on fast. We’ve even watched porn together as a family. I quit my job because perverts pay big bucks for tiny tight pussy. My angels spread their legs revealing their bald cunts and some men cum instantly without penetration. Picture yourself on a sofa with two tiny girls between your thighs licking all over your shaft. I know as you read this that your cock is rock hard. Me and my girls can make your naughty thoughts come to life. Big hard cocks love tiny tight holes.

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