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Fantasy Phone Sex

fantasy phone sexMy favorite pastime is getting high and getting fucked. My kitty gets so wet when I get high it makes me touch myself. I lay back in my bed and just imagine the things I want done to me while I make my pussy purr. My biggest sexual fantasy is being with a white man but not just one but two at the Same time. I imagine while I rub my clit that they both put there cock in my Face . With one in one hand another in my mouth. One man gets behind me and bend me over so while I’m sucking I’m getting fucked too. Then while he is fucking me he puts his thumb in my tight little but whole and every part of me is stuffed. And right when I’m about to come I imagine us all coming together one on my Face and on my ass so my body can feel there sweet Man juices. Can you make my Fantasy come true.

Slavery Phone Sex

slavery phone sexI need a Master to please so I can be happy. I want to wait on him in his every command. I want him to blindfold and tie me up an treat me like the dirty slut that I am. I my pussy craves to sit and wait on Sr’s every demand. I would be such a good cum catching slut that master would love to play with me with his friends I can take on as Many men as my Master Says. One by one letting them all have their way with me Everything goes for my Master I would never tell him no. Kneeled down looking up at all the dicks in my face. I take it with pride to please my master and his friends they won’t stop Until I’m begging them to and they will still keep going like the sluty sex slave that I am and when everybody is done  they will all coming in my mouth together Do you think I could be your sluty sex slave.

Chocolate Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chatThe way leather feels on my body is makes my soul ease. If you want to get with me you have to come with the right tools. Whips, chains, Handcuffs and and mask and rope is what I need to even get my kitty wet. I like to me spanked and whipped. I can’t just stop there The dondage is what really gets me off. If I come to your office and take off your tie will to tie me up with and bend me over on the desk smack my ass and Show me who’s Boss. That’s sure what gets me off but it’s something more I need to go along with it that I just Can’t live without . Some white Chocolate melts in your mouth and not in your hand. Nothing is more hotter than A dominating White Man taking control of al this Dark Chocolate. Can I be your chocolate sex slave.

Drugs Phone Sex Fun

drugs phone sexOne day I met this guy and the guy had a type of drug I wasn’t sure what the drug was or what it would do to me and I was scared at first to even try it but I knew I wanted to try it with someone I trusted So this guy I talked to off n on for 2 years finally wanted to meet up I met up with him and he gave me one of the pills it made me hot so we went to the sex store we bought sex dice with a lot of dares and throat numbing spray with a 24 hour pill for him.

We went to a hotel room where he grabbed my throat because he took the pill in the store
I brought our handcuffs and cuffed him to the bed while sucking his dick he came three times I then began to ride his dick hard and fast he began to shake while I was using that numb spray I uncuffed him and let him fuck my face off the side of the bed.

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sexI know what I am and I love it a hood rat slut . Growing up I hung out with all the gangsters and thugs in there trap house I get high and drunk all day with them and I repay them by being the best Trap ho I can be. You got gang if you ever had none of keisha. I do all things for the right price I will let you put it in my ass. I like to be roughed up and when they gang needs me to I sell they drugs bring them new hoes but everybody knows who has the best pussy on the block. One New years the whole gang lines up and stuff every whole I have until I can’t take any more . Im ready for you to Come show me a Cock Keisha never did right. While I play with this juicy sweet pussy I will lick the top all the way down the spit and slurp it all up in one breath I slowly put it deeper in my mouth till I gag and swallow at the juices off that big thick cock up and down up and faster till I feel pulsing in my mouth and explode all in my mouth while I happily swallow you sweet juices left just for keisha

Redneck Loving

Interracial phone sex

I love me a redneck white guy. You know the ones that love the confederate flag and drives a dusty old pickup truck.   Nice southern country boy.  He wouldn’t dare tell his family about me but he loved getting with this chocolate honey.  He would come to my house in the city to pick me.  My neighbors would peek out of the windows like what the heck.  He had a cowboy hat and boots on and loved his country music.  He loved my city ways and how I dress so urban when he sees me.  We drove out to the country near the mountains.  He had his way of being romantic.  He made a bed for us in the back of his pickup truck.   We had the perfect view of the stars, moon and mountains.  He loved kissing my full lips and tits.  He would caress my whole body.  He took his time being with me.  As he opened my legs to taste my good sweet pussy he would kiss me until he hit every inch of me.  The way he would lick my clit and tongue fuck me would have my entire body shaking.  I climbed on top of him once I couldn’t take any more.  I rode his dick that night like it would be the last dick I ever rode.  His dick is long thick and hard and with every stroke I gave he moaned.  I had to please him in every way I could because of his family I don’t know the next time I would see my Redneck Boo.

Suprise for my Mister

Married men phone sex

I decided to treat my Mister today and have one of my girlfriends over as a treat. His wife would never give him a threesome.  Hell based off what I see she not even fucking him.  I love to make him happy.  He told me he always wanted to have two black bitches.  When he called I told him I had a nice treat for him.  He rushed to my house in record time.  He loved my surprises.  He wanted what I gave him last time.  That was fucking me in every hole mainly my ass.  I told him this surprise was twice as much fun.  When he arrived we was hot horny and ready to take over him.  He was very impressed.  We sucked and worshipped his nice sweet juicy white cock.  As she licked his ass I sucked his cock.  He moaned out of pure pleasure.  We licked and sucked on him until he couldn’t take it.  He said he was ready to taste our sweet juices together.  As he was eating out her pussy I was on top of her and he was eating out my ass.  We sucked each other’s tits.  He pulled out his toy and put it up my ass as he fucked her good and hard.  My friend never fucked a white man before and she got more than she expected.  She had cum about three or four times with us fucking her.  I had cum a few times myself.  My goal was to make sure my Mister leaves satisfied every time.  He exploded at least three times and was out like a light with a smile on his face.

Black Mistress Tales

Mistress Phone sex

I was ready to see him tonight. I put on this hot little sexy black lingerie set on he brought me.  I sprayed his favorite perfume on and of course put on my sexiest heels.  I love being his sexy little nigger whore.  He loved how my lips felt as I sucked on his cock taking him in deep in my throat.  He enjoyed watching my eyes tear up as he thrust himself in my mouth.  He loved my big round sun kissed ass. Watching it bounce on his big meaty cock.  As he pounded inside me he would  say I’m the best nigger he ever had.  He loved tasting my honey dripping cunt as he would plunge his face between my thighs.  He called me his chocolate dessert.  He would cum so hard as we sucked the souls from each other.  I love being his nigger bitch I also know I own a piece of his heart.


Married men Phone sex

Met up with him at hotel. he checked in first. I had to follow all directions as told to me.  He was already there and waiting.  I finally made it to the room.  The room was completely dark.  In the darkness I heard a voice say strip.  So I started to strip taking my clothes off very slow.  He told me to leave my heels and nylon stockings on.  I was then instructed to bend over grabbing my ankles with my legs spread apart.  He began patting my pussy and rubbing my clit. He started smacking my ass too.  Next he took a pieces of ice and placed it inside my ass and in my pussy.  He kept filling me up with ice.  I couldn’t take it any more I begged him so stop.  He turned the lights on and I was still in the position he requested.  My pussy and ass dripping water from the ice melting.  He began to slide his dick in my pussy while he fingered and fist my ass.  The pain became pleasurable.  His strokes was hard and deep.  I started to cum so hard the water was dripping even more.  He wasn’t ready to cum yet.  He put ice in my mouth and I began to suck his nice thick white juicy cock.  The Ice was melting as I was sucking and swallowing.  He started to cum everywhere.  He loved shooting his load all over my tits.

Guilty Pleasure

Slavery Phone Sex

I can be everything you want me to be and maybe I thing you hate about me is the thing that turns you on the most.  My sun kissed skin is a gift and a curse.  It turns you on because it’s forbidden for you to have. My full lips would drive you completely wild.  How my hips moved as I walked towards you.  Totally seductive are my movements.  You kissed me and my lips just melted in your mouth.  You couldn’t wait to have me.   I take your cock in my mouth, take you in deeply.  massaging your shaft with my tongue and lips.  You are relishing in the pleasure I’m giving.  The shame in your face turns me on because you hate the love you have for me because I’m nigger.  The way grind my hips my full breast and huge nipples drove you insane.  You loved the way my ass would bounce off you as you stroked deep inside of me.  You enjoyed being in control of my body.  I enjoyed the pounding of my delectable pussy.  You owned me in that moment. your forceful strokes you would slowly pull in and out of me until you could not hold your load.  You marked your load all over my face and tits and just that fast you would leave.  I always when you leave satisfied with how your little nigger bitch could handle you.


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