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Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

naughty neighbor phone sexI don’t like any of the men in my neighborhood. What I really want is me a white man that’s who makes this sexy chocolate melt. I want to rub the back of his head while I rub my fingers through his straight silky hair. Looking at his vanilla skin pressed against my milk chocolate. As my juices slide all down his lips and mustache. Then he will pull his thick pulsating penis out in front of my Face and pull my head back to receive his cock like I have never eat before. As I spit an slob is dick down wanting more until I choke I will stand and turn around and bend over while he puts his dick all in me and starts to fuck me so hard like I’ve never been fucked before and then pulls and nut all over my ass just the way I like it.

Hot Ass Sex

Hot Ass Sex

In my Hood everybody knows Hot ass sex keisha has the best pussy on the block and I the dough boys want some ok ke ke’s Cream pie. Honestly I so sick and tired of all these broke ass hood niggas. I need a man with some real money to get this pussy going. This ghetto girl knows this pussy is worth so real money how wet it get. I know a man with some real money would love me to put all this creamy pussy all over him and please him how every you want and need it. I know how to please a man and can suck dick until he cums all in my mouth. Do you have what it take to make this pussy cream all over call me up and find out what all the fuss is about.

sexy keisha

Cheap Phone Sex

cheap phone sexI ain’t trying to fool nobody or be something I ain’t keisha know she ghetto and I’m proud of it I’m from the projects and yes I gang bang and be out in these streets. I love drug dealing music and sucking dick oh how keisha loves to suck dick. I might be 5’5 but my throat is 6’2 I can suck dick for hours listening to my drug dealing music. What people don’t know is I like sucking white cock the best I don’t know something about them gets this pussy so wet and horny I just can’t control myself . If he don’t mind being with this sexy chocolate slut I will even let him put it in my but and bust my little tight but hole open a lick it off because I such a dirty slut. That’s all I want is a white man all to myself to suck him dry every chance I get.

Ghetto Whore Keisha

black girl phone sex

My name is keisha and I love me a white man who knows how to treat her ghetto queen. I ain’t got time for no broke niggas this pussy only cum for white men with money. Yea some might say I’m loud and ghetto but I like having my nails  done so they look pretty while I’m gripping his dick and slapping it on my mouth. I want to be in a the sexy lingerie whatever color my hard working white man wants me in so he can fuck me right out of it. I want him to pay to get my hair done so he can fuck it up and pull my hair and fuck me from behind I’m tired of these broke boys I want a man he know what I want to fuck all night long and look cute doing it . I love sucking dick and spitting and sobbing on it why not fuck who can afford this pussy. That’s why I love white men they know black girls like taking dick up the ass and they all like the way it feels in my tight lil but whole. For the right price keisha will be yo ghetto slut and nothing is off limits with me

Cheap Phone Sex

cheap phone sexI’m always hot and ready just like Little Caesars Pizza. I’m always playing with my pussy. Nothing makes me more happy than playing with my pussy and making myself come all day long. I know they say men think about sex a lot of times a day but I think about it all the time. I think about Dick being and my mouth around it on it by it. I think about the taste of Dick how it feels when it’s inside of me how it makes my pussy pur. I think about all the different ways I can have sex the different positions and techniques the multiple people you can have sex with I just love everything about it and I just sit back and touch myself and think about it all the time how much I love making my pussy so wet and creamy and I want to come all over myself and just make a splash and wet mess. Let’s face it I’m a nymphomaniac.

Sex Slave

cum slut phone sexI know some face and pretend to enjoy sex for attention or to get hi and to get the drugs they want the money they want but I don’t care about any of that I just love sex all the time. I love sex with whoever, whenever and however I can get. I keep an 8inc Vibrator in my purse with batteries at all times because soon as nobody is looking I’m playing with this pussy. Any and Everywhere it doesn’t matter. Please don’t look Because you turn your head I’m gone cherry picking all in this sweet lil pussy and as much as I would to that this is enough I always want more so I’m just warming up just let me play with that perl while you reach over too my But.

Ebony Phone Sex

phone sexI aint even gonna lie this pussy is the best you will ever have. What ho you know do it better than keisha tell me Name one. Aint a hoe suck dick better then me or been sucking dick longer than me crazy
Right I know but it’s the truth. Aint a black girl out here make a white man come harder or make his dick stand up taller. This ghetto slut  loves her some white cock all in her mouth coming all over her face. I love grinding on top that dick until my Body shake and shiver and then I slide up so I can see it drip down that thick white cock. Do you think this black ghetto slut is enough for you can you handle all of me and my ways.

Fantasy Phone Sex

fantasy phone sexMy favorite pastime is getting high and getting fucked. My kitty gets so wet when I get high it makes me touch myself. I lay back in my bed and just imagine the things I want done to me while I make my pussy purr. My biggest sexual fantasy is being with a white man but not just one but two at the Same time. I imagine while I rub my clit that they both put there cock in my Face . With one in one hand another in my mouth. One man gets behind me and bend me over so while I’m sucking I’m getting fucked too. Then while he is fucking me he puts his thumb in my tight little but whole and every part of me is stuffed. And right when I’m about to come I imagine us all coming together one on my Face and on my ass so my body can feel there sweet Man juices. Can you make my Fantasy come true.

Slavery Phone Sex

slavery phone sexI need a Master to please so I can be happy. I want to wait on him in his every command. I want him to blindfold and tie me up an treat me like the dirty slut that I am. I my pussy craves to sit and wait on Sr’s every demand. I would be such a good cum catching slut that master would love to play with me with his friends I can take on as Many men as my Master Says. One by one letting them all have their way with me Everything goes for my Master I would never tell him no. Kneeled down looking up at all the dicks in my face. I take it with pride to please my master and his friends they won’t stop Until I’m begging them to and they will still keep going like the sluty sex slave that I am and when everybody is done  they will all coming in my mouth together Do you think I could be your sluty sex slave.

Chocolate Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chatThe way leather feels on my body is makes my soul ease. If you want to get with me you have to come with the right tools. Whips, chains, Handcuffs and and mask and rope is what I need to even get my kitty wet. I like to me spanked and whipped. I can’t just stop there The dondage is what really gets me off. If I come to your office and take off your tie will to tie me up with and bend me over on the desk smack my ass and Show me who’s Boss. That’s sure what gets me off but it’s something more I need to go along with it that I just Can’t live without . Some white Chocolate melts in your mouth and not in your hand. Nothing is more hotter than A dominating White Man taking control of al this Dark Chocolate. Can I be your chocolate sex slave.

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