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The Photog and the College Coed

College coed sex

I needed some new pictures taken, but I have been so broke lately. Tuition is killing me and I have a few classes mates that are in photography classes. I enlist this guy I know for help, super sweet guy but not the prettiest guy. I don’t care about that kind of thing especially when you are as talented as he is.
I got to the house we were doing the shoot, his parent’s house was gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to get naked and get to work. I started to take my clothes off near the patio table and the photog asked if I would come over in front of the lens and take off piece by piece. I agreed 100 percent! He had me posing in all kinds of positions and was so creative with how he was shooting my pictures. He was so knowledgeable it was really quite a turn on. The guy in charge and knowing exactly what he wants and how to get it, talk about a panty dropping wet bomb! I love an intelligent, confident guy who knows what he needs. As the photo shoot went on he was having me touch my pussy or clit or my tight little asshole more and more. After the third time of telling me to slide my hand down my front and into my suit, I said fuck this. He gave me another position to move into, but I just kneeled there playing with my clit. I wanted to get off so I could concentrate on my work here. I stood up and went over to the patio table and chairs, sat down, put my feet and legs over each arm of the chair. With my legs splayed wide open I played with my clit begging him to come fuck me, lick me or let me watch him jerk off. He grabbed a chair and sat down directly in front of me. As he started to unzip, my eyes started to see the huge bulge in his pants. When that thing popped out I thought it was a big zucchini or something…not quite the right color I know but I was thrown off guard. He got everything out, balls, cock and was stroking it while I played with my clit. I would open my pussy lips nice and wide every so often so he could see how wet he was making me. Eventually, we got sick of watching one another and made a B-line straight for the pool house. We fucked until we were almost all fucked out, but young and full of cum you know. So we finished the shoot, ordered a pizza, Netflix and chilled for the rest of the day.

Party Girls in a Daisy Chain

Party Girls Phone Sex

My sorority is full of really sweet and beautiful girls, I love them all. I really love it when we have our “bi” monthly meetings to discuss the business of the house. The last 3 meetings we have all discovered that we love to all get naked and relieve some stress. I mean, yes that’s kind of an obvious thing to do but we never really did it before. Each girl stood at the end of the conference table and took their clothes off, then she can point at another girl and they go have fun. Once everyone was naked we went to town. Not one pussy was left un-licked, un-orgasmic, or un-wet! We all started in a daisy chain but it just turned into one big pile of pussy and tits and cum. I had a great time licking and getting licked and finger fucked. My girl picked me and we got really adventurous, I sucked on her nice big nipples and gently played with her clit, a few other girls around us joined in to make her cum. She seemed nervous and not relaxed… new pledge. So a girl on each tit, one kissing her another lightly rubbing her clit and I was fucking her with a dildo. When she finally came she had been holding it back for so long that her entire body started to shake and she couldn’t seem to control the sounds she was making. When she came back down to earth, she sat up and said: “Where can we get some cock too?” Everyone heard her and started laughing. If you can find me in the pic, call me, tell me where I am and I will email or snail mail you an autographed pic of me!

A bird in the hand….

Mutual masturbation porn

I had a fun photo shoot a few weeks ago and I finally got a few copies of the different pictures that were taken. I picked my favorite one to put on my blog here. Obviously, I had to grow out my bush, but I think the picture and the painting turned out great. A bird in the Hand is worth two in the bush right? So at the end of the shoot, the photographer was helping wash the paint off and it started to get really hot. The warm soapy water running down my legs and the gentle scrubbing happening right by my pussy got me a little turned on. As I was being washed off the photographer took a hand and put it between my legs and on my ass to keep me steady while the paint was being scrubbed off. I felt the hand moving and then there was a thumb in my pussy. I heard a groan and I assume it was from how wet I was. I was lead to the bedroom where I was laid down and my pussy was licked like it was dinner for a starving person. Tongue circling my clit, fingers pushing into my little fuckhole. I couldn’t stop my legs from needing to spread wider and wider as I came all over her face.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex

Licking the cunt’s cunt

Squirting Phone Sex

I’m not usually a vindictive type of person, but everyone once in a while someone has to be the unending asshole and needs to be put in place. My boss is one such person. So I decided to do something about it.
I came into work super early one day and waited in the boss’s office. I sat down on the couch, crossed my legs and waited as the door opened, the lights came on and she walked in. “What the fuck are you doing in my office Kaye. You want to get fired?” I got up the balls and said “Shut up bitch! People in this office are sick of your crabby, mean bullshit.” I push her to her desk, grab the things in her hands and throw them down. A scissors is sticking out of her pen cup. I grab it and yank her skirt up and cut the crotch of her panties. She seemed too stunned to move so I just kept going. “Here you bitchy lady, you need this.” I start licking her soft hairless pussy and she almost immediately melts. Her legs spread almost as if her pussy is in charge and she starts seeping wetness from her little fuckhole… nice sweet pussy juices on my tongue. I start finger banging her, and really it doesn’t take long before she is screaming in orgasm. I’m fairly certain the whole office was on pins and needles hoping it would work.
“Now, Ms. Boss Lady, if you can’t stop being a bitch I’ll have to come in here every day and make you cum until you stop. I may even bring Todd from accounting… and you know that BBC would wreck you.” I think she smiled, but let’s see if things improve shall we?

Mutually beneficial rim job

Rim Jobs Phone Sex

I’m feeling so frisky and adventurous lately. Everything seems to turn me on, well almost … watching a car go by not so much, but you get what I mean. Even if I am wearing a simple thong, it rubs against my pussy and I am getting wet, no matter where I am.
So can I invite you to enjoy some long drawn out foreplay? Talk to me about what you want to do to me and I’ll tell you all about how I am going to ignore your cock. Ignore my cock? You bet, your balls taint and asshole are priority of the day. My tongue is going to caress your balls ever so gently and let the drool make its way down over your asshole. I’ll explore with my tongue to find that just perfect spot. Maybe it’s your taint, maybe it’s your asshole, either way, I want to hear you moaning and enjoying it. Stroke that cock while my tongue wiggles and teases you. I want to hear you cum real bad.

This is where your cock belongs

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Lay back, let me relax you and play with that gorgeous cock of yours. Starting with my tongue trailing down your chest, your abdomen, your nature trail and finally to the big prize. I don’t take your cock into my hand just yet; I want to glide my tongue along the ridge and down to the spot where your shaft meets your balls. I slather your balls with my tongue and saliva getting them slick and tasty. I grab your shaft and bring the head of your cock up to my mouth and just barely suck on the head. It’s just enough for you to moan and need to push your cock up into my mouth. I look up at you with your cock in my mouth, I stick my tongue out so you can watch me tickle the head with my tongue and then I suddenly plunge your cock deep into my throat again and again and again. I get your close to cumming and stop, look up and ask you if you would like me to finish you or would you like to finish in my pussy? You decide.

Half the room shooting pussy juices

Squirting Phone Sex

When I hear your voice, my pussy is instantly throbbing. I know what you are going to do to me. You make me fuck myself until I am cumming and cumming, but I know there is more. You give me instructions on just how to play with my nipples, my clit. Everything is so sensitive I can barely contain the moans and pleading to let me cum again. He tells me how to get on my dildo and ride it. With each bounce of my ass and pussy that dildo was making my pussy squirt so hard, it actually shot out and went half way across the room. He has made me squirt before but never across the room.

Summer Coed Fuck Buddy

College coed sex

I’ve been trying to spend plenty of time relaxing by the pool this summer. Last semester was a killer and I feel like I barely made it out alive. I realized though that with all my pool time I haven’t taken the time to get laid. I couldn’t believe it, maybe I was just too deep into the relax part.
I friend of mine took a pic of me next to the pool and put it out there on this college fuck buddy site. Usually, we all use it during school for tension relief when shit gets stressful. It didn’t take long and I had people messaging me to hook up for a fuck.
I gave an invite to this one guy, he was just your average college bookworm but what he described in his profile about fucking had me hooked. He didn’t waste any time after we said hello. He picked me up and took me to the bedroom. He kissed, sucked, and licked almost every inch of my body. I was on fire; damn this boy knew what he was doing. He didn’t even let me up to suck his cock, he just laid between my legs and leisurely licked my pussy until I came all over his face and fingers. He looked up and smiled and said: “I hope you can take a bit more, I need to fuck you now.” Breathless I told him I was more than ready. He stood up off the bed and took the rest of his clothes off and when his hard cock popped out I must have made an audible sound because he smiled. This boy had one of the biggest fattest cocks I’ve seen in a long time. He split my pussy wide with every thrust into me. We fucked for hours, took a drink break and fucked some more. I hope I can keep this fuck buddy for a while.

Young bald pussy

Who cares? He’s a great fuck!

Cheating Phone Sex

I met this guy at a bar where my bestie works. He was tall and sexy and I didn’t see a wedding ring. So what the hell I flirted with him and he ended up giving me his number. I don’t chase men so I never called, but one day there was a text on my phone. He said, “Hey remember me, we met at your friend’s bar.” We started texting back and forth when he asked me if I would like to go to a firing range. I was pumped, I’d never been. He said they were high cal weapons so I thought it would be fun.

Squirting Phone SexIt was blazing hot that day so I just wore a bikini top and my daisy dukes, but it was even hotter at the range and my date was encouraging me to strip down to what made me comfortable. I laughed, I knew what he was after. After some instruction, we got to shooting. It was fucking awesome, what a rush.

After the range I was so amped up and horny, when we got into my dates truck I threw myself onto his lap putting, my butt on the steering wheel and told him we needed to go to my house a.s.a.p. “Off we GO!” he said very enthusiastically. We talked on the way there about little things and he let it slip that he really needed to dump his girlfriend. I thought well at least he’s good for a fuck. We got to my house and he came around the truck and picked me up and carried me all the way into the bedroom. As soon as he laid me down he was taking off his shirt and pants and wow! Out popped a big cock! I squealed a little and he laughed, he knew why. My pussy was already wet but the heat from his mouth made it even more so. I came all over his face and as soon as I did he picked me up, sat down on my reading chair and slowly set me down on his cock. I had to raise myself off of him ‘cause he was just way too big, and fuck was he thick. I don’t know how long it was but it felt like he was never going to cum. He kept making me cum over and over, fucking me hard and sometimes a little too deep. It felt so good I think I gushed all over him too.

He texted me about 3 days later asking me out again, I asked if he had a girlfriend, to which he said yes. Great fuck, but why do I want some guy that cheats on a girlfriend? Well because he’s a great fuck!



CBT fantasy, making it come true

CBT Phone Sex

I’m not a big fan of violence in any form of course but I was speaking to a guy at school and he was telling me how he thinks there is something wrong with him. We were just chatting it up like people do and he suddenly said: “I love CBT and it feels incredible.” I looked at him and told him it is not something I have ever done but I am def a try-sexual and would love to have some fun with him. Fuck it he’s a hot college guy with a great body and wants to do something I have never done.
He told me about his desire to be restrained and have his balls abused. I was unsure I wanted to hurt someone like that but he assured me he loves it.
I have a friend who has a lot of toys and “equipment” so to speak; to I ventured to her house and got some restraints for the session. He arrived on time and looked pretty nervous. He smiled at me with hesitation and rubbed his hands together and asked if I was ready. I gave him my most devilish grin and said: “Let’s see if we can make your fantasy come true.”
Fetish Phone SexI made him strip in front of me and jerk off until he was hard; I stared at him and his cock as he stroked it into hardness. I was getting so turned on I had to reign it in, this was his fantasy and I didn’t want to ruin it. Once he was hard I made him lay down on the bed and strapped his ankles to the bedposts. I got up on the bed, put my hands on the ceiling for balance and reared back my leg and slammed my foot and toes right into his balls. He flinched and in a whisper of a voice said “again, please” I was hesitant, obviously because that hurt him but he asked again. So I reared my leg back again and slam… right into his balls. I am looking at his face and it is contorted in pain… I think, but then he starts shooting cum all over his stomach. I guess it really does turn him on.

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