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Anal phone sex with daddy

anal phone sex

I was walking around half naked, like the little whore that I am. My daddy could not contain himself since we were the only ones home. My tight little perky ass was popping out of my tiny shorts and he took the initiative to give me a big spanking right on my ass. As soon as he smacked my ass, my pussy lips got so damp.


Before I knew it I was bent over the kitchen counter with my little shorts around my ankles and daddy’s big cock ramming into my ass hole. He was stretching me so wide open. His big cum filled balls were hitting my pussy lips. My daddy was pulling my tight ass hole right apart. He was stuffing me full of his big fat cock. I can not believe I am going to be walking around with a cum filled ass hole!

Anal phone sex

anal phone sexI am leaning against the couch in a tiny little thong. I am waiting for my daddy to come down the stairs and to see my sexy little ass that is all his. When he finally gets a good eye on me and takes his cock and leans my tummy and tits harder up against the couch. He shoves his cock right in between my ass cheeks and fucks my ass crack.

My daddy’s meat is throbbing hard. He finally digs his cock into my ass hole, shoving his big mushroom up inside me as hard as he can go. His big cum filled balls bounce up against my little wet twat. I beg daddy to fuck my ass harder and deeper. He is stretching my ass so wide. I love when he fucks my ass so hard and creams it up. Daddy owns my little fuck holes.

Romantic phone sex

romantic phone sexIt is my mom and dads anniversary today, however my mom is out of town due to business. She left my poor dad all by his lonesome. I decided to do something sexy and nice for my daddy. I set up a candle light dinner and wore nothing but thigh high stockings. When he finally came home and saw me waiting for him in my birthday suit he knew that it would be way better of a night then what mommy could have given him.

I got up and had him sit down at the table.  I got his shirt off and got under the table to be a good daddy cock sucker. I took his long shaft in my mouth and began to fuck it in and out of my mouth, sucking the tension right out of his cock and balls. He was loving enjoying his meal as I pumped him deeper and faster out of my mouth.

 He stood up and picked me up and put my naked body on the table and shoved his bare daddy dick into the depth of my pussy hole. I was soaking his cock in my juice. I kept squirting on his cock. My pussy kept squeezing my daddy dick and cumming hard. I finally felt my daddy’s load about to rush out of his cock. He forced himself as deep as he could go and blew a thick hot load right into my pussy.

We have the whole house to ourselves this weekend. He is all mine. I am going to keep that daddy cock empty.

School girl phone sex

school girl phone sex

 I am super excited! My brother has a class with me which totally means I will be hooking up with him non stop. My teacher is lecturing the class so I am going to be a nasty little school girl and get under my brothers desk and slip his cock out of his pants. I wrap my full lips around his cock and start to suck and flick my tongue all over that cock head.

I push his cock deeper down my throat, trying to be quiet since I am gagging all over it. I can not resit that juicy dick any longer. I position myself well under his desk where I work his cock into me as I am bent over. His cock pushes inside my pussy and I bounce my ass up and down on his cock. His fat dick is pounding in and out of me. It must be almost impossible for him to focus on what our teacher is saying.

I do not even care what she is talking about, I can think better with a pussy full of cum.

Wet bald pussy

wet bald pussy

I decided to surprise my brother at work today. He went to sit down in his office at his desk and suddenly realized my half naked self was sitting right there waiting for my lips to meet his dick. I moved my finger up to my mouth telling him to be quiet and undid his pants so that I could get that cock into my mouth. I started slurping on his dick making it soaking wet in my sticky saliva.

When he started humping the air, I knew it was time to give him my tight bald pussy. I got on his desk quietly and showed him my tight little slit. He put his cock head right up against my pussy hole and started to push himself inside of me. I could barely fight back my moans as his cock pulled my pussy open. I wrapped my legs around his waist and begged him to pump himself in me deeper and harder.

I am going to get a big juicy creampie right in my bald wet pussy from my sweet brother!

Wet bald pussy

wet bald pussy

 I am surprising my daddy today in a sexy little outfit that I have been saving just for him. I go ahead and slip it on and take a pic and send it to him. I am soaking wet in this little black G-string. Daddy loves my little wet bald pussy. He sends me a pic of his throbbing hard for my tiny little body.

I head over to my daddy’s work during his lunch break to fuck him in his office. I spread my thighs wide to get ready to take him balls deep all the way inside of me. His balls are clapping at my ass. I beg daddy to plow his cock harder into me. I want to take daddy’s cum load inside of my wet bald pussy hole. The more cum I get from daddy the better.

Mommy is going to wonder who stole all of daddy’s cum!

Hardcore ass fucking

hardcore ass fucking

My daddy and I are starting off the summer with a huge bang. Pun completely intended. Daddy came into my room and picked me up off my bed and undressed me super quick. Once my little ass was completely naked he pushed me on the bed so that I would land face forward. He spread my tight little butt cheeks and shoved his rock hard cock straight into my ass.

He gripped my little hips and pounded his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. His cock was gapping my ass hole wide open! I tried biting the sheets taking my daddy’s cock ass fucking me so super hard. I bit down on my daddy’s hand as he was thrusting away at my tight little wet ass hole. His bare cock was so slippery sliding in and out of me.

I could feel my daddy’s load about to bust inside my little ass. I shoved my ass hole back on his cock so he could blow deeper and harder inside of me.

Incest phone sex

 incest phone sex

Me and my daddy are out and about having a daddy daughter day. I love when we can have fun just being naughty. I am in the passenger seat in the car and he tells me to pick a place to eat. I look at him and bite my lip. I am wearing a jean skirt and a little tank top that shows my tummy. I lean over his lap and tell him that I have a craving that only he can satisfy for me.

I eagerly grab a hold of his cock and unleash it through his pants making his cock pop out too my lips. I start sucking daddy’s dick down my throat. I make sure to get under his dick massaging me tongue up against that hard mussel. I feel his cock throbbing and twitching into my mouth, begging for me to suck every bit of cum right out of his cum hole. I play with his balls and keep stroking him off harder and deeper.

He finally nuts right into my little mouth. They day will be full of m draining my daddy’s balls!


Toilet slave phone sex

toilet slave phone sex

My daddy likes to get really kinky at times. Since it is his day today he knows he can do whatever he wants and I will take care of him. I left my bathroom door open when I was in the shower and my daddy came in and told me he wanted to make me his personal toilet today! I got on my hands and knees and grabbed his cock and showered myself in my face with his piss stream.

I loved opening my mouth and gurgling his warm piss in my mouth. He gets so proud of me that he tells me that I can suck his cock in my mouth now. I wrap my lips tightly around his cock and start stroking his cock off sucking him deeper and harder into my mouth. I love being a little cock sucker for my daddy. As I suck him harder and deeper I can feel his cum load rising.

I try fitting his balls and cock in my mouth at the same time begging his cum load to bust out of his cock into my mouth. I twirl my tongue all around that juicy meat stick. I finally feel his load shooting out of his piss hole. He plasters all that cum all over my face. I love being dipped in his cum! Happy father’s day!

Impregnation phone sex

impregnation phone sex

My dad and brother made a shocking suggestion to me during our night fuck session. I was really loving being on my hands and knees trying to squeeze both of their cocks down my throat. They were really trying to face fuck me hard. They told me that they wanted to take turns fucking my pussy and nutting inside of my tight pink pussy hole.

They said that they wanted to put a bun in my oven so that we have a brat to play with in the future. I spread my thighs and let my daddy enter me first. He started pushing his cock as deep as it could go inside of me. I felt his huge cum filled nuts bet across my ass. Daddy made sure when he was about to cum that he shove my feet above my head and his cock as deep as it could go in my pussy.

I felt his big load fill my pussy up! Next was my brother. He put his cock in my sloppy wet pussy hole and dipped his cock into my daddys cum. He started fucking me hard and did the same thing as my daddy when he nutted. Hopefully the seed is planted.

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