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Tease & denial phone sex

tease & denial phone sexI have been teasing my brother all week long for my holes. I keep giving him blue balls and acting like I will suck his cock through his underwear. I have been making his cock rock hard. I am walking around my room naked with the door open knowing that any moment my brother will walk by. It takes no time for him to barge in my room and throw me on my bed.

He spreads my thighs open forcefully and pushes his hard cock right inside my pussy hole, spreading my pussy wide around his cock. He started ramming himself harder and harder in me, making my pussy squirt all down his cock. I could feel his hot cum about to pour inside my wet cunt. I am going to get every drop of that hot brother cum!

Romantic phone sex

romantic phone sexMy daddy decided to treat me to an early V-day since he is going to spend that day with my mommy. He surprised me when I got home. I walk into my bedroom and he is sitting on my bed with some chocolate and roses. His pants are off and there is another heart chocolate box in his lap. I go and remove the lid. His fat cock pops right out. I take the box off and get naked and get to sucking his yummy cock into my mouth.

His cock would have been good enough for me. I make that cock lathered with my spit and kisses. I push him back on to the bed and straddle his lap. I spread my thighs and tight wet cunt lips and start pushing his daddy dick in me. I am begging for that daddy cum to fill up my tummy. I move my hips back and forth, squirting all over his shaft and balls. I am going to have a big mess to clean up after I get that cum inside of me.

Rim jobs phone sex

rim jobs phone sex

My big brother is so special to me, and I do whatever he wants me to. He can be so naughty and has the hottest and nastiest ideas ever. I was at my place just hanging out half naked when he randomly came and surprised me. When he saw me he had the biggest cock in his pants. Me being the good sister that I am, I dropped down to my hands and knees and un did his pants. I begged for his fat cock to fill my mouth. I opened up wide and sucked him in and out of my throat.

After I made his fat cock coated in my spit, I moved on to his balls. I juggled his ball sack in my mouth and licked all around them. He told me how badly he wanted me to give him a rim job. I started to make my way to his taint. I teased it, licking and sucking on that skin and moving my way towards his ass hole. I started tongue fucking his ass hole and really licking every inch of it.

I think my big bro is going to have a really fat cum load for his little ass licking sister!

Hot ass sex

hot ass sexMy pussy is aching so badly. I can hear my daddy pounding my mommy’s pussy. They are in their room and she is moaning so loudly. I start playing with my pussy listening to my daddy go balls deep inside of her. His cum filled balls are beating up against her ass. It is time I do something about this wet pussy that I have! I go and knock on their door and with urgency in my voice say that I need my daddy.

I run to my room and he rushes out to me. He sees my naked body and can tell that my cunny is aching to be stuffed and filled by him. He picks me up and puts me on my bed and shoves his cock into my wet pussy. He pumps himself hard and deep! I am going to be the one to drain my daddy’s balls. Sorry mommy, maybe next time!

Cock worshiping phone sex

cock worshiping phone sexI worship my daddy’s cock. I am such a daddy’s girl and sometimes a girl just needs her daddy’s dick balls deep inside every hole that she has. I am being super sneaky. I crawled into my daddy’s bed and stripped out of my little panties while I was there. Daddy comes barging into his room and finds me. I love watching my daddy’s cock grow right before my eyes. I am going to undo his pants and let that cock swell up in my hands.

His cock head gets so juicy and full of cum. I am going to slide him into my mouth and jerk him in and out of my throat. After I slober all over that cock I need it to go inside my pussy hole. I spread my thighs and take him stretching me wide open. He puts that cock deeper and harder inside my pussy. I love his daddy cock.

Spanking phone sex

spanking phone sexI love getting my daddy’s attention. My brother has been wanting my wet pussy all day long, so I gave it to him. I met him in his bedroom and do what I do best! I sucked his cock into my mouth and made it sloppy wet for my pussy hole. My brother could not wait! He grabbed me off his cock, and pushed me down to all fours. My pussy lips were wide open, begging for his cock to fill me up.

He pushed his cock inside of me and started spanking my ass so hard. His hand smacked into my ass cheeks over and over again. I guess he got my daddy’s attention because all of the sudden my daddy barged in. I slid off my brothers cock and braced myself for my daddy’s wrath. He whipped his hand over my ass. Cracking it over and over down on me.

Daddy took his cock out and rammed himself into my pussy. I know better! Daddy gets my pussy first!

Cocksucking phone sex

cocksucking phone sexI showed up at my dad’s house wanting to see if he wanted to spend time together since my mom is out of town on a girls trip. I can not believe she left him all home alone with cum filled balls. I searched everywhere for him and then came up to his room. He was in his bed looking at pictures of me and he was stroking his dick. His cock was so swollen.

He must have felt eyes staring at him. He looked over at me and caught me red handed watching him beating his cock up and down. I went over to him so he would not put hi cock away. I slipped it into my mouth and began to suck him down my throat deep and hard. His cock was pre cumming all in my mouth. I begged him to let out his fat load right into my throat.

He grabbed my face and forced himself past my tongue and tonsils and began pulsing his dick back and forth filling my throat all the way up with his hot load. I will be daddy’s cock sucker anytime.

Cocksucking phone sex at Thanksgiving dinner!

cocksucking phone sexThere is a beautiful Thanksgiving meal spread out on the table. My daddy is sitting by me and his hand keeps wiggling up my squirt. He can feel how soaking wet my pussy is. My mother excuses herself to go to the bathroom. When she does that, I see my perfect opportunity to drop down to my hands and knees under the table. I grab my daddy’s cock and shove it into my mouth.

I start sucking on his balls, juggling them in my mouth. His cock head starts pre cumming and it taste so yummy. It is way better then the dishes my mom has spread out all over the table. My mom comes back and sits back down at the table. She has no clue that I am under the table, sucking on my daddy’s taint and balls. I am going to make my daddy cum right in front of my mom.

She will probably think he is having a food-gasim but no, It will be because my tight little mouth will be jerking him off and making him nut all down my throat. My tummy is going to be so full and thankful for my daddy’s hot sperm load.

Hardcore phone sex

hardcore phone sexI was sound asleep in my bed but my brother and daddy were not having it. I awoke to my brother curled up next to me completely naked. His fat dick was rubbing up on my ass cheeks. The head of his cock was in my ass before I jumped forward and woke up right away. He put me on all four and dug his cock into my ass. He bounced my ass hole up and down the whole length of his shaft.

My ass was stretching over the girth of his dick, balls deep. My daddy came in while my brother was fucking away at my ass hole. Daddy took his dick out and put it right down my throat. I started sucking on his cock making that cock head swollen. I am going to get two cum loads tonight! I love having a group fucking with my daddy and brother.

Sexy college girl porn

sexy college girl porn

 So I made a huge mistake, thought I am not completely mad about it- just a little upset that everyone knows my secret. So one night me and my brother went ahead and made a porno. I set up the camera and I got on my hands and knees and fucked his rod down my throat. I made it really sloppy, literally my saliva was running down his cock and balls.

I lay back and let him pound my pussy deep and hard. He kept fucking away until I got every drop of his warm cum. So short story long, his friends spread the video around school. Everyone knows now that I bang the shit out of my brother now. I can not keep his cock out of me. Knowing that everyone has now seen how I go down on my brother and how I take his cock inside my pussy, makes me so fucking wet.

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