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cuckolding phone sex: be my dog bitch

cuckolding phone sex

Do you want to be my sissy boy? Oh baby I think you do! ===giggles=== I want you to get on all fours. Be my little dog bitch. I will have you naked and a collar around your neck. I have the leash in my hand. I will guide you onto my bed. When I spread open my legs you better be a good dog and eat your master’s pussy. My cunt is soaking wet and ready to be licked. Lay between my legs and start sucking and licking on my hard clit baby. I take you by the hair and shove your face down. eat that fucking delicious cunt baby. suck my pussy harder!

I’m over this baby. you may eat good pussy but your cock will never get wet inside this cunt hole. I kick you off the bed like the mutt you are. I take out my dildo and start fucking my tight bald cunt. It feels so fucking good. You could never satisfy me like this. Go lay down in your corner like a good doggy.

my wet bald pussy is just for you

wet bald pussy

I want your nice big cock. I need it, my pussy is craving it. Come here and take my clothes off. I will strip you down as well. Let us see what you are working with baby. Mmm yes, a nice long and thick dick. Just what I need like I told you. Lay me down on the bed. Start eating my small bald cunt. I moan for your tongue baby. It feels so good. Stick your fingers deep inside my tight wet fuck hole. Rub my g-spot with them.

When that massive prick is nice and hard I want you to shove it inside my wet bald pussy. Start thrusting in and out of my soaking wet cunt. Feel my tight fuck hole grow more wet for you. Your huge throbbing cock is stretching me out baby.

Ram that thick dick harder inside me. Faster. I want you to feel my pussy as I orgasm around your cock. feel my pussy muscles tighten. Shove deep inside of me baby. Keep fucking me until your cock begins to pulsate. Ram deep inside me and squirt out your thick white cream. Cover my pink walls with it. Pour those juices into me baby. 

fuck my wet bald pussy in the ER

wet bald pussy

We are sitting at the ER. I cut my finger and we have been waiting for ever. I tell you I am so bored and just want to go back to my house and fuck you. You put the chair in front of the door. As long as we are quiet we will be able to hear them coming. Plus, they have to knock before they enter. It will be our dirty little secret as you climb in the bed with me.

You lift up my hospital gown and expose my wet bald pussy. You begin to finger me. Your cock becomes rock hard. You pull down your pants down far enough to get that big hard cock out. Shove it into my pussy baby. My hot cunt begs for your massive shaft. Ram it in me hard. I promise I will try to be quiet so no one hears us. Start thrusting hard deep inside of me baby. Make my cunt hole release its juices around your big cock. Your cock throbs inside of me and you burst your white cream deep inside of my cunt.

There is a knock at the door and we hurry to collect ourselves. The nurse walks in and we both know our secret.

you can look but cant touch

sissy phone sex

You are such a sissy boy! Yes, I am speaking to you. I’m going to strip down naked in front of you. My pussy is so fucking wet!! I bet you want to fuck me don’t you. ===giggles=== No way!! That small thing you call your cock. Oh my god as if. Awwww. I’m sorry baby don’t be sad. Why don’t you sit down in my chair while, I lay down on the bed with my toys. I will let you watch me fuck my tight cunt you little pansy boy. You want to watch don’t you. ===giggles=== I am going to take my dildo and shove it up into my fuck hole. God this cock is so big! Don’t you wish it was you enjoying this amazing cunt. Keep watching, don’t close your eyes sissy boy. Jack off your cock in the corner like the good little dog you are. Get it nice and hard and watch me fuck myself until I squirt out my juices all over the bed. Listen to me as I moan loudly for that dildo. I love making you watch me pleasure myself. I will keep teasing by rubbing my hard clit until I see that small little cock squirt what you would call a load. It’s so sad you can’t fuck me.

forcing him to eat my wet bald pussy

wet bald pussy

In invite my sissy boy over to play again. I’m feeling rather mean today. When he gets to my house I make him strip at the door. I put his collar and leash set around his neck. I walk him like the good dog he is into my bedroom. I get out my toys. I lube up the big four inch round anal plug and shove it slowly into his tight ass. He moans of course. I take the vibrating cock ring and stretch it around his pathetic sissy cock. It’s hard but would never be able to satisfy my delicious soaking cunt. I walk him around to the edge of the bed. I command him to get up in it. I lay down and spread open my legs. I pat my pussy gently and demand he eats me. He digs deep into my tight wet hot box. He licks me up and down. My tight bald pussy is loving it!! I shove his face hard into my begging fuck hole. He tongue fucks me. My cunt is so Fucking wet. I wish I had a big fat throbbing cock to fuck right now. I shove him off me and take my 10 inch black dildo and shove it hard into my wanting fuck hole. I shove it in and out of me until my cunt clenches and I hit my orgasm. I get my paddle and spank my sissy boy for not getting me off.

squirting in front of him

adult phone chat (2)I can’t stand my ex boyfriend. He is always all up on me and shit. I don’t even know why I keep going back to him. He comes over. I am horny as fuck. I love making fun of his cute little cock. Lol. He doesn’t know how to use it at all! I let come over. I tell him to sit in the chair next to my bed. I make all my little sissy boys sit in the chair. Front and center to watch as I pleasure myself better than they could ever pleasure me. It’s so fucking hot. I get on the bed and slide my dildo into my tight cunt. I’m already soaking wet. “don’t you wish you could fuck this pussy.” I say between moans. He nods his head. “that teenie weenie cock couldn’t do shit for me. At least learn to eat pussy.” I laugh. I fuck my cunt hole harder. I moan. “Oh, god. This pussy is so fucking wet.” My pussy clenches and I burst into an orgasm. You can hear my soaking wet cunt with every thrust into my hot juicy pussy. He wanted this pussy. “I don’t need your that pathetic cock when I could just fuck myself.” I laugh as I suck my juices off the dildo. I taste so good. I shove it into his mouth and force him to taste my cunt juices. He sucks it all off. Begging for more

shopping with the sissy fairy fag

sissy phone sex

I have my prissy sissy with me today. He is so fun to hang out with. We go to the mall to look at makeup. Of course, being the panty pooping crossdresser that she is she complains about the store I choose. She begins to act like a fruity fag. I take her to the bathroom and bend her over my knee. I pull down her white cotton panties and begin to spank her.

sissy training phone sex

She screams about how mean I am. I tell her I am doing this for her own good. I pull out my cock holder. I adjust it to her teenie weenie clit size. I place it on her. She complains it hurts. I tell her to stop being such a poopie pansy as I tighten it up. We head back out to the mall. She complains all the way home about not getting any makeup. I tell her it’s her own fault. She folds her arms and pouts. What I prissy sissy she is.

spanking phone sex

hardcore ass fucking

hardcore ass fucking

One of my sissy boys come over to play with me. He loves getting fucked in his tight ass hole. I love fucking him in it. He gets here and I command him to take off all his clothes. He obeys me. He gets on all fours. I pull out a nice big ten inch dildo. I take out the lubricant and douce the hard rubber cock in it. I slowly slide it into his begging ass. He moans as I slide it all the way in. He begs for more. I take my eight inch pink dildo and i shove it deep into his little cum guzzling throat. He chokes on it. I keep it deep inside of his mouth as I continue to fukc his whore hole. He loves every minute of it. “Take that cock you cum slut!” I say. His cock is jumping as I fuck both of his holes. I start to thrust the big hard ten inch shaft deep into his now loose ass. His muffled moans turn me on so much. I fuck him hard and he squirts his white cream all over the floor for me. “ clean it up! You know I don’t like messes.” with the cock still in is tight ass he begins to to lick all his cum up. He is such a good little fuck toy.

best girlfriend ever

GFE phone sex

I’m the best girlfriend any man could want or need. I would start the day by waking my man up with a nice blowjob before cooking him breakfast. After breakfast we would take a shower together and I would let him fuck my tight cunt with his massive sized cock. I would wash him after we were done.

Then, while he was at work I would clean up the house and cook him dinner. I would be sure and send him some naked pictures of what was waiting for him at home.

When  he came into the door after a long day I would be waiting in a sexy outfit. Dinner would be almost ready. I would greet him at the door with a beer or some wine. He would watch TV until dinner was on the table. We would eat dinner. Then I would take him to the bedroom for dessert.

Every single night would be filled with sexual pleasures. He would fuck my tight wet pussy over and over. I would never deny him sex. EVER! My cunt would be sore all the time from his big shaft being shoved into my cunt hole every morning and night.

I would be the perfect girlfriend.

three times the cum shot


sissy phone sex

One of my sissy boys come over to play. I make him go straight to my bedroom and strip down naked. I lay out all my dildos on the bed. I ask him which one he wants. He says that he wants the six inch one. I laugh. “just because you said that, you get the seven inch pink one.” He shivers with pleasure. I have him lay on his back. I lube up the pink dick and stick it into his tight ass. He moans loudly. I command him to jack that cock of his. He does.  “match me pounding your ass, you butt slut.” He starts stroking that cock in sync with the dildo in his ass. I pound that ass faster and faster. He squirts his cum into his hand. “eat it!” I command. He licks his hand clean. I continue to fuck that ass hard. He loves every minute of it. What a butt slut he truly is. He jacks that cock off again. He hand fucks it hard. He moans louder as he squirts cum out into his hand like before. I tell him to eat it again. He does as I say. He is such a good little slut!

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