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Hardcore Phone Sex and Dinner

Hardcore Phone SexWhat could be better, at the end of a long day of work, than coming home to find a hot fucking cum slut fingering her naked self in your kitchen? I was wet and wild when I got to his house, and I knew that he wasn’t due home for another 2 hours. So, I made sure he had something nice in the oven, and then stripped down to my skin. I climbed on top of his counter minutes before I knew he usually got home, and had set myself up in perfect line of view with the front door. I hiked one leg up and knelt on the other, hands both on my cunt, as I started working my puss to make sure it was as wet as I could get it. He opened the door, found me just like that, surrounded by the smells coming from the oven, and he was done for. He didn’t even make it all the way into the door before he was stripping. By the time he got to the counter I was on, he was butt naked. He pulled me so that my legs were wrapped around him, and pushed my body back so that I was laid out on his counter, holding onto his shoulders, as he slid into me. The only things you heard after that were the sounds of our skin slapping together wetly, our breathing getting heavier and heavier, and a few moans. He drilled my pussy so fucking hard, I came in no time, a hard orgasm that had me shuddering and quivering all around him, until he came deep inside me. That was definitely a great start to the night!

Ass to Mouth Phone Sex Black Friday

Rough Sex Phone SexIf you know anything about a cum slut, it’s that there’s nothing we won’t do for what we want. That doesn’t just apply to cum. I hit the Black Friday sale at a local store for a couple of their electronics deals. I got there early, like most people with any sense do, and found myself in line behind a sarcastic, hateful old hag. She kept sending me dirty glares when I guess she thought I wasn’t paying attention, and muttering to herself about disrespectful youths and so on. I decided to confront her about her issue with me, only to have her start going off about how she’d never have been caught dead out in the dress I was wearing, and I needed more respect for myself, and could I please move further away from her. I really didn’t want an altercation, but she started getting in my face by the end of her tirade, and I did the only thing I could think to do with nearly an hour left til the doors opened. I put her ass on the ground and sat on her face with my panty-less ass. I reached down and ran my hand down inside of her pants, then her panties, and found her little nub. She was going haywire under my puss by that point, but the instant that I started massaging that little button, she lost it. She was kicking at first, but eventually, after a couple of dips of my fingers into her cunt, she started grinding up against me. The ladies nearby were all staring on as though we were a circus act, but this lady seriously needed to get laid, so I took that one for the team. I fingered her right off, and then again for good measure. I bet that bitch won’t confront another customer for as long as she lives… Or maybe she will, because I bet it’s the only time she’s gotten laid this year.

Roleplay Phone Sex at the Club

Roleplay Phone SexWe got a new girl in the other night, and last night was her first night. She’s chosen to go by Genevieve, and she is so fucking hot. Apparently this is her first time stripping, because when we showed her to her station, she looked like we were out of our minds. She asked the usual questions about dressing rooms and what have you, looking like a rat who’d landed in a snake pit. I finally put my hand on her shoulder and told her that we all start out nervous, but that it’s safe, and we all do our costume changes in the open. I even started stripping myself so that I could show her. She seemed completely shocked, but I also saw something else. She was totally into my body! After I walked her through the ropes, I took her back to the boss’s “room”. There’s a massive bed there, and I was going to take full advantage of that. Young bald pussyWhen she saw the room, she asked me if she was supposed to stay there, and my answer was a quiet “no” while I started kissing her. That was when it clicked for her. I pulled a new toy out of the boss’s stash, and opened it while she stripped right back down. Her tits were beautiful, and her ass looked delicious. I went to town on her with that toy, while I put my pussy right by her, so that she could play with it if she wanted. She wanted! I fucked her up and down, forward and backward, and scissor-style before we left!

Cum Slut Phone Sex Stripper

Cum Slut Phone SexI love the reaction I get when guys who have seen me shopping or doing business around town see me on stage for the first time. I’ve literally had some of them tell me that it’s hot as fuck to see the girl next door, innocent-looking, sweetheart go buck-wild on a pole in some of the sexiest lingerie they’ve seen. Apparently the transformation is like night and day, and they always tell me that I’m the perfect woman – the lady in the streets and slut in the sheets woman. Most of them put up for my VIP treatment, too. Rough Sex Phone SexI love getting to do private lap dances, because they almost always turn into a cum-fest for both of us. I’m not ashamed to work my ass and my body to full advantage, and I love to suck and lick all over a stick before I slide my wet and waiting cunt down on it. The best part for me, though, is that look on the guy’s face when I do. It’s almost like he can’t believe that it’s real, like he’s dreaming or died and is no longer a part of reality. That shit gets me off like nothing!

Hot Ass Sex with Friend’s Brother

Hot ass sexI’m spending the weekend out of town at a girlfriend’s parents’ house. They made up her little sister’s spare bed for me to sleep in, and yesterday, while she was at school, I surely made use of it. See, my friend’s dad and 2 brothers are complete hotties, and my pussy was jumping from the minute I met them. So, while I was supposed to be unpacking and washing up for dinner, I stripped down to my panties, lay down on that bed, and started to finger myself out. There was just no way I was getting through dinner with all those hot, sexy men and their delicious cocks if I didn’t rub one out first. Well, imagine my surprise when the younger of the 2 brothers cleared his throat. He’d come to let me know what time dinner would be ready, but he caught me in a very awkward position. Being that cum slut, the only thing I could do, at that point, was to invite him to feast on my delicious body. And feast he did. He ate my pussy out before bending me over that little twin-sized bed and fucking the ever-loving shit out of me!

Fantasy Phone Sex – Girl/Girl

Fantasy Phone SexI love cock, and I’m a cum slut from hell. BUT, A good pussy every once in a while is delicious, too! She came into the club with a guy I thought was her boyfriend. But, by the end of the night, she was the one holding the wad of money after he’d left. I met her in the VIP room, and in no time, I knew I was taking her home with me. We got to my place, and started stripping each other immediately. Her tits were so perfect, full and round, firm. Her ass was the same, perfection. When I got her to the bed, got between her legs, she smelled fruity and floral, and when I tasted her, she was delicious! I ate her cunt out for a good while, making it a 69 feast at one point. Then, I spun around and wrapped my legs around hers, and pressed our cunts together. We scissored our way to a fantastic orgasm, and then spent the next few hours doing it all again and again!

Black Cock Phone Sex with his Princesses

Black Cock Phone SexThe girls and I were just talking about Big Daddy King when he called. He was coming in for the weekend, and he was hosting a big, Grand Opening celebration with strictly VIP guests. Well, the girls and I planned out a special routine for him, and the day he came in, we picked him up in the limo. As we drove, we told him all about how much we missed him, and how we couldn’t wait to make every VIP envious of him with our special show. When we got to the club, there was paparazzi everywhere, and Desi and I took just a minute to tell them all what was going on before Big Daddy led us on inside. The girls and I took over the DJ booth long enough to set it all up for our show, and then walked Big Daddy down to his throne, which had been moved to the center of the stage. Desi and Kardashia and I helped him off with his clothes, and then they draped his robe around his shoulders. Kardashia put his crown on his head as Desi started the music up. We stripped each other out of our elegant gowns, handing our tiaras to their keeper for the night. When we were completely naked, we danced a bit more, pouring a huge bottle of baby oil all over each other, massaging that in. By then, Anaconda was ready to play, and he was making it known! So, the girls and I got to take him out, and I swear, every time we see Anaconda, he seems bigger than the last time! Big Daddy let us wrap our hands around him and stroke him for a while, making sure we had plenty of pics for IG, and then we started to kiss and lick all over it. Anaconda held back for awhile, but eventually, our hot, sexy, oiled-up bodies did him in, and Big Daddy came all over our faces and in our mouths! Ooh, we LOVE our Big Daddy!!

Hardcore Phone Sex with 2 Hot Sluts

Hardcore Phone SexWe had a special visitor this past weekend! Cassandra, the sexy, amazing cock-slut who manages another property. Kardashia and Desiree helped me greet and entertain her as we all took our turn on stage. Once we’d all finished, the girls and I took her back to the VIP lounge, where our king chills when he’s in.  Now, typically, I’d invite the girls to stay and play with us, but I wanted Cassandra all to myself.  They understood me without a word, and left as I made my move.  Cassandra was immediately open to my advances, and she let me start playing with her tits.  When I pushed her to the ground, she didn’t hesitate, but buried her face in my pussy with very little encouragement.  2 Girl Phone SexThat woman can do WONDERS with her tongue!  Oh my god, I couldn’t help my head rolling back and my leg wrapping up and over her shoulder.  I wanted to pull her into my pussy and never let her go!  But, Cassandra knew what she was doing, and I came quickly.  I decided to return the favor, and I pushed her to the floor, pulling her legs up over my own shoulders as I dove in head first.  I ran my tongue up and down Cassandra‘s slit, paying special attention to her clit.  When I dipped my tongue into her gash, I couldn’t get enough!  I drank and drank until she was gushing, giving me even more to drink.  Man, I hope that bitch comes back soon!  What a hot fuck!

Hot Squirting Pussy for My Favorite Guy

Hot squirting pussyWhen he walked in the door from work, I was ready for him. He’d told me where the spare key was the last time he was home from his travels, so getting in was easy. Honestly, I wouldn’t have cared if he’d had another girl with him when he walked in the door, I’d have done her, too. But, he came home alone, and he looked so worn out. At least, he did until he saw me. I was squatting on his counter, in plain sight, with my vibrator going in and out of my pussy, very slowly. His cock got hard so fast that he had to adjust to keep the fly from hurting him. That was when he realized his clothes were still on, and he started stripping out of them in a hurry. He swept me off the counter and had me wrapped around his waist with his dick deep inside me before I finished pulling the vibrator back out for another thrust. He held my back against the wall and pounded up into me hard and fast, like a man who hadn’t had a fuck in a year. The sensations had my pussy just spasming and squirting like mad in no time!  My juices were splattering between us, getting on us, the floor, the wall, everywhere!

Hot Squirting Pussy for my Big Daddy!

Hot squirting pussyBig Daddy King bought us the house overlooking the entire city of Vegas!! Kardashia, Desiree, and I were so excited, we didn’t even bother looking at bedrooms to decide. The view of the city was stunning, and the only thing we could think of with Anaconda so close at hand was how much we wanted to fuck him! So, Big Daddy took us all out to the pool, and we all stripped down completely for a swim. We swam for a bit, but us girls couldn’t help wanting Anaconda to come out to play, so we stuck close to our Big Daddy. When he finally let us pull Anaconda out to play, we were amazed all over again by how massive he is! Desiree almost drowned herself in her excitement, and Big Daddy had to save her. But, he let me have Anaconda first! I got to ride him, and that huge fucking dick pushing up into me stretched me out, like always, until my pussy was just dripping juices everywhere with how much it wanted to cum. I came hard and fast, and he was quick to pull Kardashia in for a fuck. She floated out in front of him on her stomach as he pulled her back around him. He plowed her hard and fast until she was screaming out her orgasm. Then, Big Daddy gave Desiree the most wicked smile as he lifted her out of the water and shoved her down on Anaconda. He pushed that bitch to the max, stretching that tiny little pussy til she was shrieking out her orgasm. Ooh, Big Daddy knows just how to treat his little princess sluts right!


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