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Fuck Me Hard

hot squirting pussyYou know how much I love to suck a big cock while you watch and stroke your little dick. It makes me so wet just having YOU watch me. I love knowing that seeing me swallow that big cock is what makes you cum. But today you were different and in such a great way. The way you used your tongue on my neck down to my back teasing me. Making me want so much more and you gave it to me, didn’t you. Sticking your tongue in my little puckered asshole, eating my ass, making me moan and beg for more. Then you flipped me over and worked on my cunt. Licking, sucking, fucking it with you hot wet tongue, oh God you made me feel so amazing, my pussy tingling, cum dripping in your mouth. And when you moved up and had me lick all my sweet pussy juice off your face, baby you had me cumming again. But then you went and stuck that little dick in my pussy and fucked me real hard, I wrapped my legs around your hips and held tight as you pounded into my soaking wet cunt. Thank you for the fucktastic time. I can’t wait until you make me cum around that cock again!

Bad for Teacher

school girl phone sexI got in a little trouble at school today for talking too much during class. I can’t help that I am a social butterfly and so hot that all the boys want to talk to me. So I am in the middle of flirting with this super hot boy when the teacher tells me to see him after class. Uh Oh! When the bell rings all the kids file out of the room and I walk sexily to the teachers desk. He tells me to go close the door, I make sure to shake my ass a bit for him on my way. When I get back to his desk I sit down on the edge. He tells me it is not lost on him how much I love to use my mouth while hes teaching. I only smirk. “Well Janie I have something for you to stick in your mouth. Maybe this will teach you to talk less while I’m teaching.” I lick my lips and look down at his crotch. “Well teach why don’t you show me what you are going to stick in my mouth, though I’m sure whatever it is I’d rather it in my ass.” He says nothing just pulls out his dick and tells me to suck it hard. I do just that. Lick, spit, and suck him off until he shoots his thick creamy load in my mouth. After I lick his cock clean he tells me “that is why you are such a model student.” I hope I get in trouble tomorrow!!

My First Porn Shoot

So I got to shoot my first porn today. It was amazing. I thought I would be nervous because of all of the cameras but nope. I worked with this amazing woman, Kelly, she was so fucking hot and so much fun. The first scene was her knocking on my door looking for directions, silly right? Anyway, I invited her in and seduced her with my absolute beauty. I pulled her into the set bedroom and pushed her down on the bed. She was so surprised she didn’t have any time to react before I was stripping her. Her body was sexy as fuck, big titties, fat ass, bare pussy. We kissed for a few minutes and she was completely into it. Her fingers moved into my already wet panties and started circling my clit. I did the same while sucking on those big breast. Finally she said “wanna 69? I really want us to cum together.” Fuck yes I did, I needed to cum and there was no denying I needed to taste that cunt. So I moved to sit on her mouth and moved my head down to that wet pussy. Fuck she tasted so good and was just as good as eating my pussy, wasn’t to long before we were both screaming and cumming. It was a great first experience and I can’t wait to do it again. cum slut phone sex

Mad Daddy

daddys girl phone sexWhen I came home from school today daddy was there waiting on the front porch. This wasn’t good because I did not have time to change into my regular clothes after school. At this moment I was in the tiniest white dress I could find, and of course I had no panties or bra on. As soon as I set foot on the porch daddy exploded. “So Janie, do you enjoy looking like a little fucking slut? Do you let all the little boys fuck you?” He was talking so loud I swear the neighbors heard. I started tearing up a bit because my daddy had never talked to me like that. That was when I noticed the shift in his body. His cock hardened in his pants and he was panting. “I’m sorry daddy.” I knew I could use this to my advantage, my daddy wanted to fuck me. And guess what I wanted him to just as bad, I have always wanted to feel daddy’s cock inside of me. I walked over and hugged him really hard, I knew the moment he felt my hard nipples because he took a very deep breath. “What am I going to do with you Janie?” He whispered in my hair. And I told him what I really wanted. “You should let me ride your cock daddy. Wouldn’t you just love to feel your baby girls tight cunt?”
He didn’t respond for a moment and then his tongue was deep in my mouth. He was kissing me so hard I thought he might bruise my lips. He sat down on the chair right there on the front porch and pulled me to straddle him. Daddy lifted my dress over my ass, buried his nose in my crotch and took a deep breath. “Damn baby your pussy smell so good. Later daddy wants to eat this pretty bare cunt but right now I need to be inside my girl. Ride daddy’s fat cock baby slut.” I sat down on that cock and gave him the ride of his life. We were both screaming and moaning right there on the front porch. Didn’t matter though. I honestly don’t care who sees me ride daddy. I just hope we do a lot more of this.

Secret Fun

mistress phone sexI absolutely loved the time we shared together tonight. Sneaking away from everyone but still close enough to be heard was so fucking hot. I’m not going to lie, I really did want to be caught with you. I was hoping your wife would walk in when you had me up against that wall, legs wrapped around those big shoulders, your face buried in my twat. Then she would she what she is missing. See how good you can make a girl feel. I have to say though when you sat down and made me ride you I was so fucking turned on, I came as soon as your dick started inching inside my wet cunt. You went so slow, teased my extra sensitive pussy. Did you enjoy when I creamed all over that cock of yours? It was such an amazing time baby. I hope we can do that again soon.

Naughty Principal

phone sexSo I got called into the principals office again today. He was upset about my slutty clothes again. Ha! Here’s the thing, I love sex and men and I the love the attention men give me when I dress slutty. I mean come on now, I plan to be the best porn star out there one day. Plus daddy never lets me dress like this so my only option is school! So anyways the principal is giving me an earful about my short dress and I say “well you didn’t mind it last week. I caught you staring at me all day.” I think he was a little embarrassed but I made that better. I said sir I am not wearing panties today, wanna see? Of course he did, they all do! I sat myself on his desk and opened my legs up wide. Guess what he did? He ate my wet pussy!! Oh it was so good that man can really use his tongue! I will keep dressing slutty but now its in hopes that I will be called back into my naughty principals office!

Bathing in Cum

gfe phone sex

Oooh, this pornstar is soo ready to fuck you on camera! I want to do so many creative and cum guzzling shots with you! Those are my favorite shots! I love cum all over my face from a lot of different men. I love watching their faces as they are getting ready to shoot a load all over my face! I love how their bodies quiver. I want to spread my legs and put them behind my head. If you want, you can strap my legs and hands into position! When you cum all over me I won’t be able to fight it, nor do I want to! I want your warm thick cum all over me until I could bathe in it. Just keep cumming wherever you want. Choke me with your cock. We can start filming tonight, or we can have live phone sex chats whenever you’d like. Hit up your favorite pornstar. Xoxo Janie

I’m Such A Dirty Little Whore

phone sex

Gosh! I am such a dirty little fuck slut, but I need to be because I’m gonna be the best porn star you’ve ever seen. I’ve been practicing super hard. The more I fuck, the better I get. I will spread my legs for any and everyone! I let 4 guys run a train on me, and I want more. I wanna feel each different cock so deep inside my little cunt. I loved having 4 different guys cumming all over my face and body. Now I am so hungry to feel it again. I think about it all day long. Do you wanna feel deep inside of my walls with your rock hard dick? I want another guy to join the train! You game?

I love my job

Adult phone chatI love spreading my legs wide open for a camera, and cash of course. I love getting to be a dirty skank for great money. I love getting to fuck as many guys as I want and fulfill all of my dirty fantasies. I love having cocks slamming in and out of me all day long. I love everything about my job. It is the best job I could ever hope for and I get to be a slut the whole time. I really love having a cock in my ass, another in my pussy, one in my mouth and two in my hands. I love being covered in cum. I love being a porn star every single moment of it.

Porn Slut

Age Play Phone SexI love the porn industry it is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I get paid to fuck tons of men. I enjoy sex as it is so getting to learn new positions and be kinky all day is a perfect job for me. I get to spend every day with some huge cock deep inside me. I don’t care where it is either, my mouth, my ass, my pussy, it really doesn’t matter to me because I just want that sweet cock and all of the cum I can milk from it. I love being everyone’s dirty little whore, it makes me wet. I love my job and I can’t wait to get some more cock today.

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