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Bathing in Cum

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Oooh, this pornstar is soo ready to fuck you on camera! I want to do so many creative and cum guzzling shots with you! Those are my favorite shots! I love cum all over my face from a lot of different men. I love watching their faces as they are getting ready to shoot a load all over my face! I love how their bodies quiver. I want to spread my legs and put them behind my head. If you want, you can strap my legs and hands into position! When you cum all over me I won’t be able to fight it, nor do I want to! I want your warm thick cum all over me until I could bathe in it. Just keep cumming wherever you want. Choke me with your cock. We can start filming tonight, or we can have live phone sex chats whenever you’d like. Hit up your favorite pornstar. Xoxo Janie

I’m Such A Dirty Little Whore

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Gosh! I am such a dirty little fuck slut, but I need to be because I’m gonna be the best porn star you’ve ever seen. I’ve been practicing super hard. The more I fuck, the better I get. I will spread my legs for any and everyone! I let 4 guys run a train on me, and I want more. I wanna feel each different cock so deep inside my little cunt. I loved having 4 different guys cumming all over my face and body. Now I am so hungry to feel it again. I think about it all day long. Do you wanna feel deep inside of my walls with your rock hard dick? I want another guy to join the train! You game?

I love my job

Adult phone chatI love spreading my legs wide open for a camera, and cash of course. I love getting to be a dirty skank for great money. I love getting to fuck as many guys as I want and fulfill all of my dirty fantasies. I love having cocks slamming in and out of me all day long. I love everything about my job. It is the best job I could ever hope for and I get to be a slut the whole time. I really love having a cock in my ass, another in my pussy, one in my mouth and two in my hands. I love being covered in cum. I love being a porn star every single moment of it.

Porn Slut

Age Play Phone SexI love the porn industry it is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I get paid to fuck tons of men. I enjoy sex as it is so getting to learn new positions and be kinky all day is a perfect job for me. I get to spend every day with some huge cock deep inside me. I don’t care where it is either, my mouth, my ass, my pussy, it really doesn’t matter to me because I just want that sweet cock and all of the cum I can milk from it. I love being everyone’s dirty little whore, it makes me wet. I love my job and I can’t wait to get some more cock today.

I love being a Porn Star

Adult phone chatI have always loved being a porn star. I love sex and I am an exhibitionist so getting to fuck in front of all of those people and even outside is amazing to me. I want everyone to hear me and see me getting fucked like the good whore I am. I love being thrown onto my knees and made to suck a huge cock. I love being rammed from behind while on all fours, feeling my pussy grip that cock tightly while I bounce my tight pussy up and down it. I love riding a cock and bouncing up and down, wiggling my hips, and grinding my clit all while making that sweet cock leak cum deep inside of me. It is all a thrill to me.

Best Porno Yet!

Cheap Phone SexMy house was broken into last week. I was so scared, but it turned out to be my best porno yet! My director didn’t tell me he put up cameras in my house to film his latest film. He wanted it to be really authentic so I had to seem really scared. I was terrified as these two big guys broke in one of my windows in my room. I ran down the hall and into the living room. They caught me and threw me on the ground. They took out knives and cut my clothes off. One grabbed me by my hair and jammed his cock down my throat while the other lifted me onto his cock and bounced me on it. They used me as their little fuck toy while I tried to escape and fight back. They laughed and fucked me harder; their cocks were so rough going in and out of me. They loved every moment of using my unwilling body. They finally came all over my tits and stomach and left me laying in my living room on the floor.

Salami Day

Naked teen picturesSalami Day, being a porn star is a very busy day for me. There are a lot of porno’s I can do related to taking salami or paying for salami. It feels like a whole day of bad sexual based puns. When I get into work my first porno ended up being my favorite, I got a really good pizza delivery. Of course it started off as I asked for extra salami and the pizza man was more than willing to give me his salami. The reason I enjoyed it most was it was so cliché, but also that amazing cock on my “delivery boy”. He gave me the thickest salami I have ever had, and the tastiest. He shoved that salami deep down my throat making me gag on in for 30 minutes. I loved the feeling of his salami in my pussy after I covered it in my spit. He slammed it into me, raw and rough for more than an hour, the porno seems like it is gonna be amazing.

Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussySo many men love a wet bald pussy for them to use. I love giving them a nice wet bald pussy for them to bury their cocks deep inside of. I know that every man likes a little slut that keeps up with their maintenance and keeps well groomed. I have had so many guys who love getting their cum all over a wet bald pussy. It makes them so hot to see how wet I can get. I just love the feeling of having a wet bald pussy it makes me feel every inch of their skin as they work in and out of my soaked pussy. I can’t help but feel the need to fuck men especially right after I have shaved. It is so smooth and we glide together really picking up friction only in the best ways. I love the moans I hear at the sight of my shaved pussy, and I love the moans I hear as I get fucked hard because every man love my bald pussy.


Cheap phone sexAlmost everyone loves Smore’s, and I am one of those Smore’s lovers. Well while out at a bonfire one night I was getting tipsy and I met this hot guy named Trevor. We started flirting and it was great well the party started to break off into couples who were going off to fuck. Trevor and I decided to sit by the fire and make Smore’s. Next thing I know we are melting marshmallows and chocolate, and we start to spread it on each other. We strip down fully and he rubbed chocolate onto my nipples, and clit then sucked and licked it off. I was moaning and wiggling in the grass as he teased me and tasted me. We started to get hot and heavy, and next thing I know I am on my hands and knees getting fucked from behind. Trevor is amazing at fucking; he really knows how to use that thick cock. To think this all started with making Smore’s.

Kissing is perfect

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Kissing is one of the greatest things you could ever do. It leads to almost everything. Even as a porn star I understand the importance of kissing. It makes sex real, and it shows that connection. It is sensual and fun, kissing and teasing, having that need for someone. Let your need build and build until you can’t control it anymore. You just have to give into each other. Kissing all over one another, tasting each other, really taking each other in, letting pleasure take over. The feeling of the others lips on you exciting you more and more. Kissing is really the true way to excite anyone. To really get anyone ready for sex you have to kiss. Kissing is the most essential in foreplay, and in life. Kissing is just what everyone needs.

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