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Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

Taking hot and nasty cum slut phone sex calls is my favorite thing to do. I am the ultimate cock gobbling cum slut! I love playing with my hot and juicy cunnie as we play out your dirtiest fantasies! I can’t wait to have so much hot and wild fun with you! Maybe you’d like to watch as I bend over and take a fat, hard BBC right up my tight puckered shithole? I’ll take your whole cock in my mouth and gag on that hard fuck stick as I get my asshole pounded by that huge dick! After I swallow your sweet load, I can turn you into my own little cum whore and make you slurp every drop of sticky BBC cream out of my juicy cunt! Once I’m cleaned out, you can tease my pussy with your tongue and make me soak your face with my juices. There’s no limit to the nasty and dirty things you can do with me. I never turn down a hard cock or a good time! I’ll be wet and waiting for you to cum for me!

Small cock humiliation phone sex

small cock humiliation phone sex

I’ve been having a hot and wild time tonight with some friends and of course my lame, loser brother. My callers love to hear stories about my brother. He’s the subject of plenty of my small cock humiliation phone sex stories. I spent all night hanging out and partying with a few of my slutty friends and laughing at my step brother’s pathetic little weenie! It all started when one of my friends got drunk and reached over to grab his dick. I’ve told most of my friends about how sad his little dickie is, but she had no idea. She just wanted to tease him but couldn’t stop laughing when she didn’t feel anything down there at all. She embarrassed him so bad when she asked “ Where the fuck is your dick?!” in front of everyone else. They all turned and stared at him. Suddenly, she yanked down his pants and underwear, exposing the smallest little micro dick I’ve ever seen! His face turned bright red and he tried to cover his little bitty package. He noticed several of my girlfriends recording him and he started to cry and beg us to leave him alone. We agreed to leave him alone and stop recording but only if he would jerk that tiny little cock for us. We all laughed at him as he stroked that itty bitty dickie with only 2 fingers. The really hilarious part was when he got ready to cum. He made the most pathetic high pitched, bitch moan and shot a little tiny drop of jizz out. Everything about his tiny cock is so fucking pathetic. In fact, I told all of my friends not to delete the recordings. Instead, I’m going to post them online so that the whole world can laugh at my brother’s tiny little wanna be dick with me!


Daddy’s girl phone sex


daddys girl phone sexMy favorite thing to do to pass time, is hot and wild Daddy’s girl phone sex. I get so wet just knowing how many sexy, older Daddies want my sweet little pussy. I have so many Daddies that want these tight little fuck holes stretched around their hard cock. They love to treat me like Daddy’s little cum slut and I love to get spoiled while they’re doing it. These hot and kinky older guys crave a young slut who will do any freaky thing they ask. If Daddy wants to use me as his little toilet slave, he can. I will do anything for my Daddy, just like I do for my real Daddy. He trained me from the time I was just a tiny slut, to be a good whore and take every cock that craves this perfect tight pussy. I never say no and that’s what all of these big hard Daddy dicks love about me!! I spend every single day, getting pounded by a fat daddy cock!

Sexy college girl porn

sexy college girl porn

With everything being closed and being stuck at home, I have been doing so many more hot and sexy calls. My favorite is a guy who loves to watch sexy college girl porn with me. We watch those hot videos together and I will play with my sloppy, wet fuck holes while he strokes his hard fuck rod for me. He has even ordered toys for me to play with while we are on calls together. He loves to hear the buzz sound of that vibrator on my clittie as I play with my wet hole. Once a friend of mine stopped by while I was on the phone with him. I made her lick my pussy while he listened and made himself cum for us. He loves when I pick new dirty videos for us to watch together. My favorite are the ones where hot young whores are getting their holes ripped open and force fucked by hot studs with huge cocks! Those videos make my pussy drip and make his cock rock hard! Playing with my soaked pussy and making it squirt over and over for my caller is what I love the most!

Party girl phone sex slut

party girl phone sex

My parents want me to stay home and sit there being bored with them every night. I don’t think so! I’m a wild and crazy party girl slut. I wait until they go to sleep and I sneak out of my window. I have guys come pick me up so we can go have some naughty fun. Sometimes, I even meet guys on social media and invite them over to fuck me while my parents sleep in the next room. Then, we go out and find some more fun to get into. When they find out that I’m a party girl phone sex slut, they love to see how kinky I can get. All they have to do is get me drunk or high and I will do anything to make their hard cocks shoot that hot sticky cum all over my slut face.   I beg them to turn me into a dirty anal cum slut. I spread my sexy ass cheeks for them and guide their hard cocks into my tight little asshole. I get on my knees and suck every bit of my juices off of that hard throbbing dick. I love being a party whore cum slut!

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

I love staying up late to play with my soaked fuck hole while I take wild and hot calls. These sexy callers of mine know how much I enjoy getting wet and  wild for them. Cum slut phone sex is my favorite way to pass time when I’m not working on a scene. My biggest life goal is to become a porn star. I spend hours in front of the camera playing with my juicy kitty and getting fucked hard by every kind of cock imaginable. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I absolutely love getting fucked and taking loads of cum from those thick, throbbing dicks. I’ve always been a dirty little cum slut and now I have a way to get paid for it. An even bigger advantage to my lifestyle is that every time I get rammed with a huge hard cock for a scene, I get a new experience to tell my callers about while I have them stroke their hard cocks for me. I can’t wait to finger my cummy cunnie and tell you all about how I just got fucked like a whore.

Hot squirting pussy for you

hot squirting pussy

I’m so bored with everything being on lock down that I have gotten extra creative with my slutty sex  scenes that I’ve been recording. I’ve used every type of toy you can imagine on this hot squirting pussy to make it spray all over the place for the camera. I have every size dildo there is and I love to slide them in my kitty and fuck myself hard. The vibrators are my favorite because I can tease my little clittie and nipples with a vibe toy while I bounce up and down on a 12 inch pleasure stick. That really makes my hot pussy squirt everywhere! I ordered some sexy new butt plugs and I can’t wait to have them delivered. I’m going to have my tight  asshole stretched and plugged while I ride a huge, thick silicone cock! I love to take calls while I’m playing with my dripping wet pussy. I get so wet thinking about you listening as I play with my kinky whore kitty. Tell me what you want me to do and I will do it!

Naked teen pictures

naked teen picturesToday, I had to make a deal with the electric company. I was short on cash this week and when they came to turn my electricity off, the guy that knocked on the door was a total loser. I knew that I could make a deal with him and get whatever I wanted. I asked him if there was any way that he could give me an extension as I reached for his cock. He knew exactly what I was doing. He checked his clipboard and said that he could report my account as paid in full if I sucked his dick like a dirty little cum slut. I got on my knees and pulled his hard cock out. I licked and sucked him as I stroked his balls. I gave him the dirtiest, sloppiest blowjob he’s ever had. I swallowed every drop of hot salty cum as he shot it into the back of my throat. I even posed for him so that he could snap some hot naked teen pictures to jerk his cock to later on. He wrote out a receipt that said “paid in full” and got back in his truck. I love using my special skills to get what I need.


Cocksucking phone sex

cocksucking phone sex

People ask me all the time, what made me want to become a porn star. I have always loved sucking cock, getting fucked and making guys cum for me. That is like my prize at the end. I get a mouth full of that sweet cream for all of my hard work. The first time I realized that I wanted to spend my life draining balls and making cocks throb for me, was in gym class. I left 3 guys take me into the locker room. I was sucking two of their cocks at the same time as the third watched and jacked off. I was so excited, trying to see if I could make them both cum at the same time and fill my mouth. Suddenly the principal walked in and caught us. He yelled which scared the guys and they ran off and left me there. I thought I was in so much trouble. The principal walked right up to me and pulled his cock out! He was rock hard and stroking his cock as he made a deal with me. He told me that unless I wanted him to call my parents and tell them what I was doing, I would have to make him cum and swallow every bit of it. I didn’t give a fuck if he called them but I acted like I was scared and agreed to blow him. I gave that dirty old fucker the best blow job he’s ever had. He was moaning so loud as he shot his load to the back of my throat. I looked up at him as I swallowed his warm gooey jizz, just like he wanted me to. He was so turned on that his cock instantly got hard again. I watched and giggled as he shoved it into his pants and walked away. Later that day, I got called into his office. I already knew what he wanted. I was his star student from then on. He still calls me sometimes for some hot cocksucking phone sex.

Cocksucking phone sex

cocksucking phone sex

I love sucking a thick fat cock so much that it’s all I can think about. I constantly crave a huge cock! I turned to cocksucking phone sex when I don’t have a hard throbbing cock in my mouth. I love to be told to get on my knees and take your fuck rod in my mouth. Forcing me to gag on your cock is the fastest way to get my pussy soaked for you. After I ride your long hard rod, I will go down and lick every drop of my pussy juices off of that dick .I’m a kinky little whore and  I can go for hours so you better come prepared to get sucked and fucked! I can’t wait to rub my wet kitty for you as I take your cock in my throat. I want you to use me as your personal little fuck toy. Use every hole when ever you want but especially my mouth! I will be your cum dumpster whore. You can even invite your friends to come run through this!


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