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My Pathetic Girl Lover

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My perverted girl lover is such a pathetic fucking loser. His cock is permanently limp and useless! Who knew that chemical castration was the perfect solution for dirty girl lovers like my toilet slave? I just love taunting him and teasing him. I love having my little whores help me strap him to a table and punish him mercilessly for toying with a little 8thgrade jailbait. Having my little whores strip naked for him and tease him with their sweet ivory skinned bodies makes me cackle. I love seeing his limp, castrated cock twitch! When my perverted girl lover is a good boy, I love to spend the day eating sweets and drinking lemonade so that I can give him a yummy treat! Not only will my devoted girl lover eat his own shit for me on the phone, but he craves my yummy scat! I provide his special meal fresh and, in a bowl, to consume for my entertainment! He loves to slurp on my fucking anal pudding while my girls taught and tease him.

Anal Training Shyla

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My best friend Shyla or as I like to call her Shy-la needs to learn a thing or two about getting fucked in the ass. I have always told her to expand her horizons, if you catch my drift. But no! Poor little Shyla is just so innocent. She has a nice wet bald pussy but what she really needs to learn is how to get that tight asshole gaped and exposing her rosebud to my clients! I told her that I was going to anal train her like the whore she is meant to be! I had her come over and show me her tight little fuck holes. A proper whore in training needs to train that asshole right! I rubbed her wet little cunnie and shoved a plug right into her tight starburst asshole. I made that little whore wiggle around on it until her ass was nice and prepped for me. I tied that bitch to the bed and teased her bald cunnie with my vibrating wand. Her pussy dribbled all over my hands! Who needs lube when you have creamy cunnie juice? I massaged her ass with my fingers, they all went in one by one. First my index, then middle then ring finger and before I knew it, I was fisting Shyyy-la’s virgin asshole! The whore fucking loved it! She begged for more and loved having my hand elbow deep in her shit hole. The vibrating wand never left her rock hard teen clit and she squirted all over my perky teen tits. She sure did good for her first session, but she will have much more training to do if she really wants to be a pro like me! After I am through with her, she ain’t gonna be so shy anymore, that’s for sure!

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Cock Trained Like Me

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My nanny has always made sure I was properly cock trained. It is how I learned how to be such a perfect cock worshipping slut. My nanny made sure I knew my way around a cock ever since I could remember. She was just as ruthless as I am now. If I couldn’t go balls deep on a thick 10 inch hard cock she’d grab me by my hair and force my throat down until those balls hit my little chin! No amount of vomit or gagging would stop my nanny. She didn’t care. As long as I worked that cock with my little mouth, that was all that mattered. My little cunnie was stretched and my little pink asshole was gaped every day I learned how to properly take all the largest cocks. I aim to make her proud of me. I’m following in her footsteps and doing her work by cock training these little whores just like me.

Thick Cocks Only

Hardcore Phone Sex

own taste in what I want in a guy. I suppose that I would consider myself to be a size queen now! After all the cocks I have taken in my teen pussy, I have totally become a thick cocks only kind of whore. At this point, anything until 9 inches is not even worth it to me! Lol! I need that coke can type of cock to stretch this pink teen cunt wide open. To me, a gaping cum filled pussy is the best kind of feeling which is why I am always on the hunt for a well hung cock to ride. It does pay off usually! Just yesterday I was sitting for the twins and their uncle decided to pay a visit. I could already tell right off the bat that he had that thick anaconda cock swinging in between his thighs. Needless to say, I left the brats alone and followed him into the bathroom. I just had to get a look at it! As soon as I pulled his pants down, my eyes went wide. I just needed to sit on that cock! He really gaped my teen fuck hole as I slid my pussy up and down on it. He was so thick and meaty, I could barely fit the whole thing inside me! But your girl is a champ, I hunkered down and shoved the whole thing inside of me so he could cum deep inside my teen cunnie.

Toys For Sissy Boys

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My sissy fag slaves love when their Mistress Isis call them piggy whores. All of my sissy boys love thick black cock but they have to earn their chance to slurp and suck on those anaconda cocks. Oh how I love dressing my little piggy faggots in the cutest sissy clothes. They love squeezing into the frilliest panties and dresses! It is the first step to getting them to slurp on those thick black dicks! My sissies love getting on their hands and knees and sucking on my Mistress strap on cock. They work their tongues on my rubber shaft while their tiny pathetic little dicklits twitch in delight! My sissy boys take my toy deep in their gaping fag-hole while I jerk their tiny dicklits and humiliate those piggy sluts. Only then are they allowed to put their tongues, mouths and faggy throats around those juicy veiny black cocks. Boy, do my sissy faggy slaves know how to work hard for a cummy yummy treat!

Horny Teen Whore

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My teen sex drive has been driving me crazy. I crave cock all the time and my cunnie is always wet and ready to get rubbed and fucked. Luckily, I have so many daddies who practically line up for a chance to touch my tiny teen cunt. I simply need to call ‘em up, spread my legs and let them run their fingers and tongues all over me. When I call you up, you never hesitate to answer, right baby? You should rush over here and leave the wife and brats at home. I have a hot tight teen pussy begging you to fill me with your cock and your cum. I’m craving that hot milky cum and I’m rubbing myself at the thought of you drilling my pink cunnie with your thick hard cock! If you want, you can bring the little brats along too for the fun! We can always play with your teeny little whores if you want to!

Teaching Whores to Take Turns

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My cock whore training has really paid off. These itty bitty whores are so cock hungry, they have seemed to lost their fucking manners. These little skanks have been practically tripping over themselves for a taste of those pre-cum dripping hard cocks. As my nanny cock trainer always told me, periodic training is needed to keep these sluts in line. I don’t blame them at all for being addicted to juicy thick cock! But these whores must maintain their manners and learn to wait their fucking turn. So, I decided these little young sluts needed to be retrained. I lined up all their little naked asses in a row, cute little pink pussies just dripping wet. Then I brought in a good old friend of mine to make sure these whores waited their turn to get fucked hard. Any impatient thirsty young whore that moved out of turn got the hardest lashing from my bull whip! It was simple as that. All it took was a couple cracks of my whip to get these sluts in line.

Used Holes

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I swear, used loose holes are the best for daddies to play with. I love getting a wee little whore’s holes nice and stretched out for their daddies. There’s no better father-daughter bonding than a daddy fingering and fisting his sweet angel’s pink loose cunt. It takes a whole lot of giant cocks to get these little sluts nice and stretched, but that’s what I’m here for. I love doing the dirty work. Sometimes I like taking it gradually and stretching their tiny cunts nice and slow, but some daddies are more demanding and want their little cock whores stretched immediately. The best way for me to stretch them ASAP is my having their little cum slut whores get gangbanged every day all day by as many black cocks as possible! I love rounding up a good five to six black cocks to come wreck your little daughter’s sweet cunnie and rosebud asshole. I can guarantee that my hardcore gangbang rape fantasy will leave your little cock whore gaped and sopping wet with multiple loads of cum!

Helping Hand

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When I’m not busy being a demented little babysitter, I am usually hanging out with my nerdy best friend. She is such an innocent little newbie, doe eyed and naïve as hell. It’s actually hilarious, she hasn’t even lost her v-card yet! Luckily, she has me to help her learn to be the corrupted little cum slut she is destined to be. After all, she’s best friends with a literal fucking pro and I have a reputation to upkeep. I can’t hang out with a virgin loser for the rest of the year! Yesterday, she came to me asking for help on learning how to get a boy at school to like her. Silly little bitch, boys are easy. They’re low hanging fruit, she needs to get with a man, a real man. What would she do without me here to guide her?? I decided that we needed to pick the perfect man to help corrupt her. I called around and finding someone to help was easy. I instructed her to get to her knees and worship that cock with her mouth. She was quite the timid one, but with me by her side, I gripped her fucking hair and slammed her throat down on that cock until she learned how to gag and deepthroat a man’s cock. She gagged so hard but I didn’t let her go until she barfed her school lunch all over his lap. Then, I grabbed her head and made her clean up her fucking mess. A good whore can be fucking dirty, but not disgusting. Then we split those gawky legs of hers open and he shoved his cock in her virgin teen cunt. Seeing her cherry juice drip from her rank red cunt all over his veiny hard cock was the highlight of my day. I’m such a good friend.

Redhead Sissy Trainers!

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As the saying goes, two redheads are better than one! My sister from another mister, Brooklyn is one of the best sissy fag trainers. We’re double the trouble for sure! Turning you into our perfect faggy fuck slave. Boy do we have so much fun planned for you. Brooklyn has helped me pick out the bestest, frilliest ruffled pink dresses to stuff your sissy body in! We bring out a teeny pink cock cage for you! We can’t wait to train your sissy faggy mouth and boy pussy to shove our massive strap-on cocks in! Worship us, little faggy slave! We’ll show you how to be the perfect sissy cock slave for our boyfriends! We know how much you love to worship massive cocks, but first you need to practice on our rubber swinging strap-on cocks! Let Brooklyn and I stretch that mouth and boy pussy, we can’t wait to gag that throat and gape that yummy sweet boy pussy!

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