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As the saying goes, two redheads are better than one! My sister from another mister, Brooklyn is one of the best sissy fag trainers. We’re double the trouble for sure! Turning you into our perfect faggy fuck slave. Boy do we have so much fun planned for you. Brooklyn has helped me pick out the bestest, frilliest ruffled pink dresses to stuff your sissy body in! We bring out a teeny pink cock cage for you! We can’t wait to train your sissy faggy mouth and boy pussy to shove our massive strap-on cocks in! Worship us, little faggy slave! We’ll show you how to be the perfect sissy cock slave for our boyfriends! We know how much you love to worship massive cocks, but first you need to practice on our rubber swinging strap-on cocks! Let Brooklyn and I stretch that mouth and boy pussy, we can’t wait to gag that throat and gape that yummy sweet boy pussy!

Sissy phone sex

Stretching Out That Mouth

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Most of the little brats I babysit for have the tiniest little mouths! I sometimes wonder how they even fit food into these little itty bitty lips. These training whores can’t be cock sucking slaves if their wee mouths can’t even fit a cock properly! That is why their mommies and daddies make it up to me to stretch these teeny mouths open. Proper cock sucking sluts need to fit thick the biggest cocks down to their throats. First, I start by shoving my fingers in their slutty mouths, pulling those lips back and getting that mouth wide open! If I have to, I will make a tiny whore in training wear a mouth widening speculum all day long until she can fit a fully mature, big black cock straight down her throat. Dildos come in handy too. I love shoving a massive black dildo down their mouths to get those whores ready to take real big massive black cocks.

Sissy Husband Drill

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Most mommies hire me to cock train their sweet little girls, sissify their young boys or help them have the best mommy/son fetish. But I got a pretty peculiar call the other day. A hot mommy wanted me to come drill her husband into being the perfect cock sucking cuck. Training a beta is quite easy when they’re young, but an older man might prove to be tricky. Luckily, I am the best one for the job. The wife left me to my own devices with her husband and her big cock side piece boyfriend. I had no problems getting her beta husband on his hands and knees. I made him massage his wife’s boyfriend’s cock until his bulge grew nice and hard. Then came the tricky part. I whipped the wife’s boyfriend’s long anaconda cock out and had her husband French kiss the tip like a good little cock slut. He worked that shaft up and down with his tongue until it was time to force him to deepthroat that cock nice and rough! He was a natural at deepthroating that cock I must say, he worked hard for that hot cream!

Spying in the Shower

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As you know, when I babysit the wee little brats, things can get very very messy! Often times, we all end up covered in squirt and cummies. Of course, I take it upon myself to make sure we’re all cleaned up. But just the other night while I was washing up I saw your little brats’ little faces pressed up against the glass watching me lather up my naked teen body. These little perverted tots can’t seem to get enough of hot babysitter Isis! I called them in and decided that the best way to clean up after a rigorous nasty session of cock training is to have their little tongues cleaning me up from head to toe! I laid on the shower floor and made these little whores lap up all the cum and their pussy juice off of my naked body. I made sure the little whores licked every crevice! They cleaned my used holes so well too! They slurped up and licked all the sweet drizzling cum from my cunnie and ass.

Daddy’s Little Whore Training

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Misbehaving teen whores need the most training. I love whipping naughty little whores into submissive Daddy’s whores. I can take the unruliest little teen slut, break her down and transform her into Daddy’s perfect obedient fuck whore. All a cheeky misbehaving teen bitch needs is to be broken down, degraded and slapped around. I will take your rebellious daughter and make her beg for your cock with a “please” and “thank you.” She will ask for permission to speak, eat and shit by the time I’m through with her. Her little holes will be stretched for Daddy and I’ll force her to learn how to deepthroat your cock and worship your balls like a pro! I can promise you that when I’m through abusing and degrading your defiant slut, she will become the most subservient fuck toy. She will wait for you naked on her hands and knees with her cock holster of a mouth wife open waiting for your cock when you return from work!

Cocksucking Cheerleader Phone Sex Slut

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Being an evil p babysitter and cocksucking cheerleader teen slut is what I’m exceptionally good at! When I’m not cock training little whores, I’m prancing around my school and seducing grown men with my yummy bald pussy in my tight cheer uniform! Today after practice, I noticed that there was a PTA meeting held in the gym. I recognized one of the hot daddies I babysit for and went over to say hi when he was at the water fountain. He was surprised to see me looking so hot in my practice clothes and I could tell his cock got so fucking hard for me. A little slut like me can’t resist a yummy daddy so I pulled him into the nearest classroom and pulled his juicy daddy dick out of his pants. I fucking love sucking and swirling my tongue all over a big thick mushroom head cock. The taste of his precum was so fucking yummy and irresistible! I slurped and gagged on that cock like the well trained cock whore I am. I love milking that prostate with my fingers and getting that yummy precum down my throat. I swallowed that dick whole just begging for his cum with my well trained slut mouth. He gave me exactly what I wanted and busted his big thick load into my young teen mouth!

Sissy Locker Room Training

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The best way to train a good sissy to suck cock and stretch out his boy pussy is by having a whole football team force fuck his little holes. Little Frankie’s mommy hired me to train him to be the perfect sissy for her to whore out and I decided to jump right into training by taking him to my school’s football practice. Once the boys were off the field, I dragged Frankie to the locker room and threw him in the showers with them. I made little Frankie worship all those hung sweaty cocks with his pretty little mouth. The quarterback made good use of his tight little throat and gagged him with his huge cock! Frankie’s eyes welled up with tears which made me so so wet. I grabbed the back of his head and force his sissy mouth to choke on all those cocks. Then we pinned him to the floor and each player got to take turns gaping little Frankie’s boy pussy open! Yummy! I just love watching a rosebud asshole dripping with load after load of hot cum! Don’t you?



The Babysitter Next Door

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In my neighborhood, all the daddies know what a naughty babysitter I am. They all want my services for their little brats. I’ve become the hottest commodity in my neighborhood! Yesterday I had an interview to be a full time nanny for a family. The mommy was back at work and their caring daddy interviewed me. He wanted me to push his two little brats to the limit and discipline them in whatever ways I need to. First things first, I needed to set up their little kennel cages where they’ll be sleeping naked until I permit them to leave. I am to feed them on a steady diet of fresh cum from the negros I bring to the house. They have to earn their food. I am allowed to discipline their tiny bodies in whatever way or fashion I need to. And I have an extremely small tolerance for ungrateful little whores. Brutal beatings, rape fantasy and other forms of punishment are to be doled out to little sluts that are out of line. Would you want me to be your little brats babysitter?


Red Headed Slut

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I might look innocent as Pippy Longstockings, but I can assure you that I am as firey as my red hair. A teen whore like me is a rare find. I pride myself on being an evil babysitter and homewrecking whore. I love to play with your brats as much as I love to play with you! Maybe while the wife’s away, the three of us can have a little play date. I’m sure your precious angel wouldn’t mind licking my clit while you thrust your big fat cock deep inside my school girl cunt. The three of us can have so much fun!

As you can see, my reputation precedes itself. I’m as sharp as a tack and fucking horny. I’d even love to be your little p babysitter accomplice if you’d let me pick out the little angels to destroy. I get a kick out of their little squeals and whimpers when I sit on their cherub faces while you pop their wee cherries. You need an evil redheaded slut like me in your life! What kinds of naughty shit can we do together?

Fuck My Young Cunnie

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I might be a naughty used teen, but there’s no doubt that my young, fresh cunnie is the best tasting thing ever! I get so fucking wet and horny thinking about riding a rock hard mature cock. And it’s too easy finding a rock hard to fuck me, just as easy as it is to find ones willing to fuck the young brats I sit for. As my nanny/cock trainer always said, “All you have to do is ask!” Finding a thick long cock is my specialty.

My brats aren’t the only ones that deserve to get gaped open by a wide thick cock. Sometimes I join in on the fun! Just recently, I was sitting for the cutest little cocksucker and after she got her daddy’s cock nice and juicy, I took it upon myself to straddle him and ride that big dick while she licked and slobbered on his balls like a good little whore. I taught her how to milk her daddy’s prostate with her little fingers making him fill me up with juicy precum. I rode him so hard and fast and he came deep inside me! He sure loved fucking my young teen cunnie.

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