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You work while I get fucked

Hardcore ass fuckingThat’s right, you work hard all day long while I stay at home and get a hardcore ass fucking. Double penetration has never looked better than how it does when I get fucked hard as shit. I’m sure you enjoy making our money while I get pleasure in every way possible. You’re a good boy and good boys pay me for every single orgasm that I have. Satisfying me comes at a highly expensive price so you better get used to it. A naughty slut like me deserves to get hammered by throbbing dick while you slave away to keep me happy with your funds. Yeah, I am definitely a brat but so what! Now go and get back to your pathetic day-today job while I have my hott fuck buddies eat out my ass & pussy then fuck me like crazy! You can’t escape me baby, I am always on your mind.

Period titties and panties

Fetish Phone SexI’m on my period right now and panty boy has been hornier than ever just dying to have fetish phone sex and get a taste of my bloody cunt while it oozes out. I’ve been wearing a sexy pair of panties for him for the past few days now. I need to make sure that I get them nice and soaked with all of my pussy juices that are currently flooding out of me before I mail them off to him. Panty boy loves how swollen my tits get when i’m on the rag, especially my rock hard nipples that just beg to be sucked on as they ooze out hormonal boobie juice! It’s quite the disgusting fetish but at the same time it makes me so uncontrollably horny to know that filthy perverts out there are weak at the knees and desperate to get ahold of my blood-soaked undies. I tell him that if he’s a real nasty motherfucker then he needs to send me actual photos of himself with my sexy thong wrapped around his face while he sucks all of my mess off. It’s going to be the proof that I need to see how foul he really enjoys getting with my soiled undergarments.

Anal gang-fucked

Anal Phone SexI wanna have some super nasty anal phone sex where your mouth is sucking on my booty hole. I know it’s a somewhat sick fetish but I really don’t give a fuck. Strip me down naked while I invite over all of my slutty girlfriends so that they can watch me get gang-fucked by all of these monster cocks that are anxiously awaiting to plunge deep inside of me. I’ve been craving big thick white dick stretching out my insides and gaping open my holes from every angle. My ass juices are squirting out while I get tossed around like a fuckin toy. I want all of those cocks shoved down my throat after they have been inside of me so that I can taste all of my bodily fluids off of them! I taste so fuckin good, I can’t get enough of how delicious my freshly fucked holes are!

Slumber party with little sluts

Hot squirting pussyI’ll never forget how sloppy and wet my hot squirting pussy was at my first slutty little slumber party that I had. All of my cum-loving girlfriends came over to my house to play with me and stay the night. We’re all super nasty but as always, I am the nastiest. That really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise though, my horny cunt always gets me in lots of trouble for being a very bad girl! Clothing is always optional at my house because that’s how tiny skanks are supposed to dress, at least in my world lol. I was never allowed to even wear clothes while I was growing up and always had to strip down naked whenever I was asked to when I did have on cute lil’ outfits. My sexy body looks so good on display and exposed to all of of my naughty girlies. We watched cartoons and princess movies while we ate each other’s tiny cunts and sucked on our assholes too. Anal play always turns us all on sooo much! Things got super dirty and we were all dripping wet in pussy juice, cum, saliva and other bodily fluids that just glued to our skin and hair. We looked like a bunch of used up little sex dolls, it was so cute! We’re just all super skanky and barely legal lil’ whores that love to squirt out cum and make a mess. 🙂

Freaky fetish whores

Fetish Phone SexMy sexy girlfriend and I Iove having fetish phone sex with very perverted bastards, that’s when we really tend to get wet and fuckin wild. The two of us are your personal sex dolls and we take that throbbing cock in every single hole on our naughty bodies like the good little anal sluts that we are. One of our favorite things to do is bend over and expose our prostate to you while we spread our cheeks open wide as fuck and gape our assholes for you. You can’t help but want to unleash a big explosion of fresh piss all over us to wash us down while you have your way with our tight and slutty holes. Her cunt looks so tasty when it is completely showered in golden goodness. I can’t help but slosh my tongue all over her slutty vaginal opening where the urine was dripping out of. We love getting nasty as fuck!

Cock control over my ex

Cock controlI ran into my ex at the grocery store the other day and even though he’s seemingly happily married now, I didn’t let that stop me from having my way with him. Even after all of the time that has passed, I still have total cock control over his manhood. He came home with me to help me unload my groceries and see my new place that I just moved into. Of course I had ulterior motives though and he knew it. Turns out he isn’t so content in his marriage after all, he misses the fuck out of me and I don’t blame him. How the fuck would anyone ever be able to get over someone like me?! Literally you’re gonna go from me to who?! It’s an automatic downgrade, lol. We slipped into my bed and I whipped out his big dick that I have missed ohhhh soooo much. It’s just as thick and long as I remember it being and tasty as ever of course! He skull-fucked my pretty face and slid it into my tight little pussy slit. I love the feeling of him stretching me out and making me moan for more. He made me promise that this would be our dirty little secret and that his wife could never find out about our sexual rendezvous. I don’t know, should I keep our lovin hidden under the sheets?? I think I may blackmail his ass to keep him coming back for more and to satisfy my every need.

Mommy’s pimped out whore

Biggest cum shotMy Mom has one very kinky special request for Mother’s Day and that is to have her naughty slut of a daughter take the biggest cum shot while she pimps me out to her super horny co-worker that has been dying to get his filthy hands all over me. I of course want to make my Mommy happy so I went ahead and did as she so badly wanted. He paid her a hefty lump sum to use my fuck holes however the fuck he wants to use them for a whole entire evening and to be honest I couldn’t be more excited. I wore some skanky lingerie and drove over to his house so that I could give my body up to his depraved desires. It’s been a little bit since my Mama has used me to her advantage and sold me for some quick cash but it sure does feel good to have her do it once again! I just wanna make her the happiest Mother of all on such a special day.

Double-Stuffed by BBC

Black Cock Phone SexI wanna be double-stuffed and penetrated by throbbing monster dicks while having black cock phone sex. That’s right, shove those shafts deep up inside of me and make me moan like the little slut that I am. I can’t believe that those huge boners are even able to fit in my tight fuck holes lol. No cock is too big for me to handle, where there is a will there is a way. Thankfully my body is able to gape open and take the beatings that those big boys impale me with. Black men are my guilty pleasure, that’s for sure. Can you blame me though? I mean fuck! Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth from time to time that needs to be satisfied?! I know I sure do. My pussy is aching and craving several dark snakes crawling up into it. These men give me their dicks two at a time, it’s incredible. Just like an Oreo, i’m a horny double-stuffed whore and I need to be satisfied with that delicious chocolate meat.

The one and only Countryboy

Creampie Phone SexThere is only one Countryboy and he is on a special level all by himself, especially when we have creampie phone sex with big black cocks! Countryboy surprised me and brought over his huge monster dick of a friend for us to have some super naughty fun with. Countryboy just continues to surprise me more and more with his sexual antics and all the nasty shit that he enjoys doing. Just like me, Countryboy has no limits or boundaries so it works out perfectly! Together we have the best time, as always! I’ve dealt with BBC sucking and fucking many times before but Countryboy sure did pull out a diamond in the rough when he invited his buddy over to play. It felt so good to have double-penetration by both Country Cock and big black cock all at the same damn time. I sucked my pussy juices off of their shafts, they sure did stretch my mouth out like crazy, as well as my cunt and asshole! Licking on their big boners was so tasty, all of my bodily fluids were dripping off of them. Countryboy loves watching his little slut take dick from every angle, whether it’s his or his black beast of a friend. They have the biggest cum shots ever, i’ve never seen cocks shoot out more jizz than how theirs both did. And thankfully, I was their cum canvas. I was smothered both inside and out, it was delicious! I must admit, there is nothing quite like a messy creampie oozing out of me! There’s only room for one Countryboy on his planet and I feel so lucky that he’s mine. 🙂

Toilet slave phone sex slut

Toilet Slave Phone SexGoddamn i’m craving toilet slave phone sex and I want you to be my next victim baby. Lay the fuck down on your back and open that mouth wide while I squat over your fuckin face and spread apart my bald cunt lips. I have so much piss packed up inside of my bladder and i’m eager as fuck to give you a delicious golden shower. You look so good when you’re fuckin drenched in my fresh piss. Guzzle me down, I wanna see you suckin down every last drop baby. Make that dick bust a fat nut while I feed my little bitch his urine nutrition for the day. I can tell how much you enjoy being my human toilet, your cock continues to pulsate harder and harder the more pee that I smother you in. How does it feel to be such a pathetic sissy slave for my depraved antics? You’re nothing but a little sex toy that I can use at my own discretion and then throw you to the curb once i’m through pissing on your worthless body and filling you up real nice.

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