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Cuck hears his GF fantasy

Cum slut phone sex

You asked me as your girlfriend to the cuck you are what my fantasy would be. Well just you sit back and stroke your little cock and listen to me, my little Cuck. My Fantasy is to find two cocks, much bigger than yours and if we are being honest that isn’t hard to come by. I would be naked between two big fat cocks on my knees. These Fat cocks would have been fucking me all day. Making my pussy and ass ache like you could never. My well-toned body dripping from all the athletic sex that we had had all over the house you pay for. You would walk in on me as I said on my knees stroking and licking these hard amazing cocks as the squirted their cum this time all over my pretty face. You would look at me in disbelief knowing i had the best sex you could never give me and you would accept your new position as fluffer bitch. As well Clean up crew. You would clean my cunt or asshole with your tongue happily as i dripped cum out of my slutty cunt.

Romantic fuck in the lake

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The cool water made my nipples perky and hard. Your warm flesh against mine and your hard cock pressing into my soft belly was making me really fucking horny. Skinny dipping in the lake was a great idea! I love how your strong arms lift me as we kiss. Your hands tangled in my thick hair my arms wrapped around your neck. I toss my head back as you kiss along my neck and shoulders. I gasp as you enter me. That hard thickness fucks me slowly in the water. Passion kissing as you pull in and out of me. Making me moan as you fuck harder and pulling me tight against you as you fill my hungry cunt with your life force. Feeling your hot seed in my unprotected fertile womb drive me insane. I cum so hard on your hard cock and cry out your name!

Waiting for you

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After a long day i love to be your little fuck toy. When you come through the door i love the hungry look in your eyes when i am waiting for you naked, with perky pink nipples standing at attention. Feeling your hands on my arms pushing me against the wall and kissing me deep. I moan in pleasure where your hands are begins to set my body on fire. You drop your pants your cock is hard at and pulsing. You lift me up and slide me on your cock. I dig my nails into your back as you slowly fuck me. It’s so deep and feels so good! I press my lips against yours and feverishly kiss you. I feel you pound my pussy harder and harder shooting a nice hot load in me!

Riding your cock

gfe phone sex

I love to talk dirty to you while you stroke that cock. Let my sweet little voice guild you to your orgasm. Watching your hand glide up and down with your cock dripping precum. I bite my lower lip and began to rub my pussy. I can’t take it any longer and i climb on top and grind my pussy up and down that shaft coating with my juices getting nice and wet. I grabbed your shaft and slid it in my tight pussy and started to grind on it rubbing that meat stick against my g-spot. Moaning and pressing my nails into you until you make me squirt all over. I love it when you grab my hips and help me fuck that cock. Bouncing harder up and down! Faster and faster those wet pussy squishy sounds filling the room until you unload that cock deep in my womb!

Cock sucking phone sex

His fat cock was so tempting. It twitched and moved in his sleep. I pulled my long black hair back into a bun and slowly slid his cock out of his boxers. I bit my bottom lip as I saw the sticky precum already leaking out of his swollen cock head. I bent down and flicked my wet tongue over it savoring the drop of precum. It was so sweet and salty. He groaned in his sleep and his cock flexed begging for more of my attention. I bounced my head up and down slowly feeling his cock grow even harder in my mouth! I pulled my mouth away and started to stroke his cock. My mouth attending to his swelling cum filled balls until I felt hot cum pour all over my face!

Woken up with a cock in mouth

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His fat cock was right in front of my face when I woke up. I gave a quick grin then got to work. Licking and sucking, using my talented tongue on that thick pulsing knob. I stroked and licked enjoying his moans as I deepthroated that fat cock. He wrapped my long black hair in his hand and pushed me up and down making me holding me there for one min at the time. Drool strands glistened off his cock to my lips swollen from sucking! My little cunt was so wet and ready for him to fuck me hard deep and fast! I craved his seed in my horny little cunt! He wrapped his fingers around my throat and choked me while fucking my face. I rubbed my dripping wet pussy and came from his rough throat fuck!

Fucking my ass with a BBC

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His cock pushed in my asshole so deep! One long hard fast thrust and he made my tiny little hole swallow every single thick veiny inch!! That eleven-inch black cock made me cock drunk! I was face down ass up, his cock was so deep in me that i swear he was rearranging my insides for real. I could press my stomach and feel that giant fucking cock bulge my belly! He fucked me harder and harder pulling my hair back and making me get up on my knees. He pushed harder his balls slapped against my body. My cunt was dripping wet! While he pounded my ass he played with my little excited clit and made me squirt all over the fucking bed! Finally he pumped his hot load in my ass deep!

No handcuffs required

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My tongue dragged up and down his cock. This was the easy way of getting out of a speeding ticket. I stroked and teased that officers big fat cock! His salty precum tasted so good on my tongue. I flicked and teased it nice and slow savoring every single drop. His strong hands grabbed me and stood me up. My cunt was dripping wet as he lifted my leg and ripped my panties up! His massive cock pushed deep in my pussy as he held me up. He pounded my poor little cunt so hard and fucked me like the little whore I am. I loved that big pulsing meat stick in my tight cunt! He flipped me over and fucked me on the hood of his car till he dumped his hot load in my cunt!

Handjob for dinner

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We sat there at the table with your family as I played with your cock. So discretely under the table. Nobody has any idea as you try to make small talk as your cock grows larger and larger. I worked your cock out of your pants precum already dripping a bit from the tip. I roll my fingertips over it. I love feeling it throb against my fingers. Dragging my nails up and down watching you squirm as your cock leaks from my soft touch. I gripped your needy cock stroking it faster and faster. I love how you squirm. Your cock starts to pour out hot cum all over my hand. i pull it back your cock still twitching and i lick it off right in front of your family showing them what a naughty boy you are.

Blackmail Secretary

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My plan to blackmail you was complete, I came on to you and you took the bait. The camera’s where all set up for all different views. The live stream was going, we had hundreds of visitors already. I knew the count would be high after the leaked photos of you that i took.  I pulled my long hair back into a ponytail and started to lick and suck your cock. Once I got it nice and hard i worshiped your balls and even licked your asshole tongue fucking it while you were bent over and moaning. I stroked your cock and got the look on your face that you made enjoying my probing. Soon i had you cumming over your desk with my skillful hands! I giggled and stood up and whispered in your ear to smile at the camera’s the audience loved you. I told you that i expect that promotion or I would forward my large collection of all our videos to your wife.

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