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Make each stroke count

Fantasy phone sexI just want you to get me pregnant while we have wild fantasy phone sex together so that I can literally drain your wallet of all your funds! Each and every stroke of your cock that you push into me is going to be counted and the final tally is going to be the amount that you owe me in child support, times three! I’m gonna triple the amount on you because that’s exactly what you deserve to have done to you! It’s gonna be a whole lot of money but clearly your stiff dick doesn’t mind! I’m gonna look so sexy when i’m all knocked up with a big swollen belly! Of course I am gonna continue to wear my slutty ass clothes to show off my growing lactating tits and all the other delicious curves that come along with being a preggo slut! I’ll be laughing to the bank, all on your dime of course!

Oral pleasure

Adult phone chatI love to give and receive when it comes to oral sex and having nasty adult phone chat with my callers. The more cocks that I get to suck and fuck throughout the day, the better! It gives me such pleasure to give those rock hard shafts such incredible sexual pleasure in return. I’m totally addicted to the fact that all I do is keep your dick hard and constantly craving my slutty body and delicious fuck holes. I love making hott clips too, it’s such a turn on to watch myself get fucked while gagging on thick penis down my throat! I fuckin love sucking multiple cocks at the same damn time! Use me as your cum target when you shoot your delicious heaps of sperm all over me. Bukkake this pretty face of mine while I look you in the eyes and take those jizz loads like a champ!

Fantasy phone sex with my black fuck buddy

Fantasy phone sexI always enjoy having super fuckin filthy fantasy phone sex with my black cock fuck buddies. My jungle fever is intense and when I need my fix I need it now! Nothing turns me on more than talking dirty with a nasty nigga that wants to pound this wet little pussy of mine with his throbbing BBC! It makes me giggle to think about how much tasty cum is able to fit inside of my slutty fuck holes, I truly am a cum container! After I get my asshole creampied, I love to shove a thick anal plug up inside of my booty hole so that I can store that jizz inside of me for as long as I please! I’ll lay on my stomach and arch my ass up as I take my plug out and use my fingers to scoop some cummies out of me so that I can taste how fuckin yummy it is while I swallow it down. This cunt of mine is always so swollen & beat up after black men are through with me, it’s so hott!

Fucked my neighbor

Wet bald pussyI’ve been a very bad, bad girl and my wet bald pussy needs to be put in timeout, hehe. My neighbor is so fucking hott, i’ve had my eye on him and his big black dick for awhile now. The only problem though is that he has a wife. Has that ever stopped me before though? No it sure hasn’t! In fact, knowing that the man i’m interested in has a significant other at home only makes me want him even more. I find it a challenge and i’ve always loved myself a good challenge! I think it’s fun to have to work to get what I want but thankfully I didn’t have to try too hard last night when he let me inside to suck and fuck his dick while his lady was out with her girlfriends! I already know that no one sucks dick as good as I do so I had no problem showing off my cock sucking skills on his hard shaft. He was big, way bigger than I expected and I was pleasantly surprised! I love when I get a little bit of a shock factor with a new fuck buddy and the size of his manhood! That’s exactly what he’s gonna be from this point forward too, my well-hung fuck buddy! I always get what I want so i’ll make sure to keep him wrapped around my finger to play while his wife is away.

Valentine’s Day throat fuck

Hot squirting pussyI really wanna do a Valentine’s Day throat fuck video while finger fucking my hot squirting pussy and having my slutty girlfriend lick all over it. The two of us are gonna go crazy on that rock hard cock, sucking it, stroking it and slurping all over it while we give you a tongue bath. These skanky whore mouths of ours have strong deepthroating skills that we’re gonna put to good use on your throbbing shaft. Thick dick drives me crazy and makes my pussy even wetter with each stroke and each suck. The way that I look into the camera while being filmed and literally beg for your load of cum is the hottest thing you have ever seen! Look into my eyes while I get skull-fucked. Happy Valentine’s Day to you baby. My naughty girlfriend and I wanna make all of your nasty fantasies cum true!

Made a porn with my brother

Fantasy phone sexMy brother and I are both so fuckin sexy looking, we always turn heads everywhere we go! Yesterday the two of us were together shopping at the mall and we were approached by a porn producer who thought that we were boyfriend and girlfriend, lol everyone always does! Of course he said that we are the perfect porn material and asked us to follow him back to his house to film a pornography video right there in his living room! My brother and I were both so fuckin excited to be exposed and on display for the world to see while he fucked my slutty holes. By the time we were done, I was fuckin smothered in his cum and I looked sooo good! I guzzled down every last drop of his dick juice like the slutty porn whore that I am! I made sure to put on a real goos show while I looked dead ass into the lens of the camera. Making eye contact while deepthroating my brother’s huge shaft makes my cunt sloppy fuckin wet, I love it! We’re gonna make so much money off of this sexy ass video that we made, round two can’t come soon enough!

Pay to play with my wet bald pussy

Wet bald pussyI don’t cum cheap baby, you gotta pay to play with this wet bald pussy of mine. I have men calling me up all day long just dying to get a taste of what I got! I’m super picky though, I don’t just give this cunt up to any average joe. Show me the money, honey! This high class ass of mine loves to be worshiped and treated like the escort goddess that I am. I know you love to take your women out and show them off. I’m gonna get all dressed up, looking like a total dime piece for you. Every man is jaw-dropped when they se me strut by but unless they wanna cough up some funds, they can look but they can’t touch! This pussy costs a pretty penny, babe!

Best New Year’s Eve

Biggest cum shotIt felt incredible to receive the biggest cum shot at the stroke of midnight while ringing in 2019. I literally had the best New Year’s Eve with my man. We had dinner, drinks, a second drunk dinner and amazing sex all night long. We were in bed together at midnight when the ball dropped. Meanwhile he was dropping his hard dick deep inside of my wet cunt. I’m really gonna make it a point this year to be even nastier, even dirtier and even more slutty than ever before. I didn’t think it was possible to become even more of a whore than what I already am now but there is still so much that I sexually want to accomplish. It’s going to be a personal mission of mine to see just how much I can do this year to blossom into an even skankier bitch.

The whore next door

Cocksucking Phone SexMy horny neighbor unexpectedly knocked on my door and barged in on me while I was deepthroating a couple of dicks & wearing nothing besides a g-string. I was in the middle of having cocksucking phone sex with the two of them when he came flying inside! Much to his surprise and delight, he saw me sandwiched between two hard shafts which only made him even hornier! I usually leave my door unlocked and he knows he can come in and take advantage of me any time that he wants! Slurping on a yummy dick is my favorite, two is all the more fun! I can never get enough so I had my neighbor join in with us. I was giving all three of them a tongue bath and making them moan loud. I was lucky enough to receive a cum shower from each cock. My face and tits are smothered!

Paying off your debt

Fantasy phone sexYour affinity for super filthy fantasy phone sex has dug you into a hole of deep financial debt that you just can’t seem to crawl out of. You owe thousands of dollars to your drug dealer and he’s been hunting you down to get his cold hard cash. I’m glad that you offered to have me suck and fuck him so that it can be paid off in a timely manner. This body of mine works wonders and all I have to do is give this dealer one taste of my delicious pussy to make him go crazy! I know exactly how to work my magic with my sexy bald cunt. Sucking the life out of his cock and drinking down every drop of creamy cum is gonna have him cast under my perverted sexual spell! Don’t worry, your dealer is going to be well taken care of and won’t ever be hounding you for indebted money ever again!

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