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Dangerous Pussy

Wet bald pussyCaution, my wet bald pussy is dangerous as fuck, you might just screw around and get hooked! I’ve been told by men in the past that I need to just stay single because my cunt will cast a spell on you and you won’t know how to break loose! I want you to eat me out like i’m your last meal and make me squirt cum all over your fucking face, yummy, that’s so damn sexy! Stick your tongue out and let me suck my tasty juice out of your mouth you dirty boy. My tight, wet little slit is so soft and drenched, I need you to come and fuck me now! I want to feel you explode inside of me like an erupting volcano! Let me suck that big hard dick of yours all night long, slide my panties to the side and slip yourself up inside of me, hehe. You nasty pervert, show me how dirty you can really get!

My Mom’s Big Bush

Mommy Phone SexOne of my callers was so excited to hear all about my Mom and her big hairy bush and how much kinky fun I had playing with it when I was just a youngster. As far back as I can remember, her pussy was covered in so much hair which she would rarely ever take the time to groom because that was how her and my Daddy preferred it to be. She would have me get into the shower with her so that we could have some wet and wild fun, and boy did we ever! While we were in the shower, she would show me the anatomy of her vagina and use her fingers to spread her lips open to expose her insides to me, mapping out what every part of her lady parts was meant to do. I had a big cup in there with me and loved holding the cup underneath her bush as the water trickled down into the cup, filling up so fast and overflowing as I giggled away, hehe. I’ll never forget one day when she was walking around naked in the house and much to my surprise, her bush was gone! She had a bald, sweet little cunt poking out and I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was a little bashful when I discovered her new look but she said that she wanted to try something new and different and of course I was all for it! My Daddy was super pleased as well, he was able to munch on her pussy without getting a mouthful of pubes. It was so cool to see her pretty lips all bare and sexy, begging to be fucked and played with! As you can imagine, her and my Daddy locked themselves away in their room for the remainder of the day while they indulged in their nasty play together.

Stop Staring, Start Spending

Fetish Phone SexMy sexy siren of a body loves to be pampered from head to toe like the perfect goddess whore that I am. I know that my good looks are irresistible as fuck but let me tell you something, I don’t come for free and I definitely don’t come cheap! I’m going to need you to stop staring and drooling over me unless you’re going to pay up and empty your wallet while catering to my wants and needs and making me happy! I don’t make requests, I make demands! It’s so funny how I don’t even have to be on the phone with you in order to have you wrapped around my finger like a good boy, you are just that obsessed with me! You should be sending me tributes every time I cum because that’s all you’re good for! Draining losers is my favorite hobby, hehe! I’m such a tease, you love it though! You crave it, knowing that I control all of you, your mind, your cock, your wallet, it’s a triple threat!

Let Me Be Your Workout

Rough Sex Phone SexThere’s no need for a gym membership when you can get a really hot and sweaty workout with me right in the comfort of your own home, hehe. Trust me, i’ll give you the best cardio session that you have ever had! You heart is going to be racing, cock is going to be throbbing, adrenaline is going to be pumping, sweat beads streaming down your face, you are going to be in pure euphoria while you indulge in my perfect, sensual body! Pump your hard ass boner in to me, make my booty cheeks clap while you dig deep! I love how crazy and wild we get when we’re fucking like savages! I love how you make me squirt cum all over your big dick, it’s so wet and slippery, just how I love it to be! You’re going to be in the best shape of your life fucking with me you dirty boy!

Bratty Goddess Needs A Cuck

Female domination pornFemale domination over you drives me wild. I really appreciate cucks because they are more realistic with themselves and their extreme fantasies. It’s sexy to see a man that knows exactly what he wants and knows exactly how to turn himself on. I’m the ideal goddess that you dream about having pleasure with! Let my pretty face alone be motivation for you to work twice as hard for me today, I want you to bring home as much money as possible so that you’re able to spoil me like the perfect, nasty little slut that I am! The amount of subs that I have owned who thought that just because they send me money and gifts means that they have an open opportunity to date me is absolutely hilarious! Get realistic you fucking loser, haha! I love having cock control and ownership over rich men because that just means that their privileges are now mine too, fuck you, pay me! Finding a sub that genuinely loves to fund my life makes me so fucking horny, and I already know how turned on your pathetic dick is too! Indulge in me and never stop, if you know what’s good for you! My tits own your credit card, spoil me like I deserve to be spoiled!

I Love Using Men

Roleplay Phone SexUsing men for my own benefit gives me butterflies in my stomach, hehe. I can’t help myself, whatever I desiree I get and it’s the sexiest thing ever! Luxury is erotic and I definitely deserve the finer things that life has to offer! There are so many delicious possibilities for us to explore with each other, I can’t wait to see how fucking filthy you get with me you nasty pervert. Lick me, flick me, suck me, fuck me. My favorite flavor is you, so hot and creamy, sweet and salty, the perfect delicious combination as you fill my mouth with your throbbing boner, further proof of your desire for me! As you come up from between my thighs, kiss me long and hard as you slide inside of me. Make me cum again, I beg! You’re going to be moaning with every touch of my skin. Stretch me out wide and fill me up! I love taking what I want from losers who have issues and are self-conscious about their manhood, that just means more of everything for me! It’s so easy to fuck males up, I love it!

Bring My Lingerie To Work

GFE Phone SexI’m so sexy and irresistible, you are never able to get enough of me and I can’t blame you! I’m the best girlfriend in the world and I know that you miss me so much while you’re gone working all day long. To make your day better and friskier, I want to give you some of my lingerie to keep inside of your work bag, that way you can take out my naughty panties and bra and use them for your pleasure whenever you’re feeling horny for me, which is all the time, hehe! Smell them and lick them, taste how fucking delicious my wet pussy juices are! Your cock throbs for me non-stop so I can only imagine how hot and heavy you feel while you’re hard for me at work! Use my bra cups to bust your load of cum into, fill them up! Make my bra overflow with your gooey cock cream, that shit is so fucking hott! It can be our dirty little secret, no one at your work has to know about how kinky you’re getting behind closed doors!

I Don’t Cum Cheap

Phone sex fetishConsider yourself lucky to have the chance to play with me, fuck me, get nasty as fuck with me, I definitely do not cum for cheap! Yeah, i’m a brat, but I have very high expectations and I always expect to get what I want no matter what it may be! I’m a high class whore and it takes some effort to not only get me in your presence, but even more effort if you’re trying to put that hard ass dick up into my tight fuck holes! Here’s a little warning for you, once you have a taste of my delicious goodies, you are going to be fucking hooked! You won’t be able to get enough of me, your naughty, sexy cum slut! Having cock control over your fuck stick makes me horny as fuck, hehe! Your phone sex fetish is my gain, now come and play with my wet bald pussy and let’s have some kinky fun together you dirty pervert!

Fist My Tight Ass

Anal Phone SexI’ve been stretching my asshole out, weening it into being gaped open and trying to make it wide enough to fit my entire fist up into it! Do you think you could help me stretch out?! I’m sure you would love to! After all, getting the pleasure of touching me is quite the blessing, consider yourself lucky! I’m super tight so we really have to make sure it’s nice and lubricated, I prefer saliva! Spit and slobber all over my shit hole, shove your tongue deep inside of me and lick everywhere! Plunge your wet mouth in and out, I want your spit oozing out of me like a leaky faucet! You’re going to have to wiggle that fist inside, especially because you have really large hands! I know what i’m in for, haha. It hurts so good! Let’s see how far up my ass you can get, I bet you’re going to be able to shove yourself in up to your forearm! The deeper you can get, the better! Make me moan and cum all over you arm, it’s going to be draining down! So fucking hott! Let’s get dirty!

Phone Sex In The Car

GFE Phone SexAfter a long day of work, all I want to do is talk to you and ease your mind while you’re on your car ride home back to me, babe. I love being able to help you unwind and relieve your tension while you’re sitting in all that traffic on the way home to your sexy lady. I’m just laying in bed and waiting for you, wearing my sexiest lingerie and feeling all over my sexy smooth body. You put such a big smile on my face, i’m blushing as I play with my wet pussy while we talk dirty! The thought of you stroking your hard boner while driving at the same time really turns me on, I can just imagine how fucking yummy you look! I’ve been waiting patiently all day long for you to get off of work so that we can pick up where we left off when you had to leave this morning. Getting nasty with you while having freaky phone sex is like the appetizer before you arrive back home to me! Tell me how badly you want to hammer your throbbing pecker into my tight cunt, get so deep inside of me that it feels like your cock is going to come up through my throat! Every time we fuck is like the very first time, that’s how nasty and passionate we love to be with one another! You drive me wild, babe! I love being your perfect lady, always wet and horny for my sexy man!

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