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Missing my Countryboy and furry friend

Furry Friends Phone SexI’m just laying here on my bed, playing with my wet pussy and daydreaming about how much I miss my Countryboy’s long dick throbbing up inside of me. I can’t stop fantasizing about all the fun we had the other day, shit got pretty fuckin crazy between us, and our furry friend too! The way Countryboy licks my bald cunt is sooo amazing and yummy, his wet tongue goes crazy as it plunges in and out of my tight fuck holes. I love bouncing my sexy body on his face, smothering his nose between my booty cheeks while he eats me out like i’m his last supper. He’s wild for my sweetly delicious taste and my chocolate surprise that I always have in store for him. Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any hotter between the two of us, Countryboy brought in his huge furry friend to get a whack at me as well. My my my, what an exhilarating experience! I couldn’t believe how fuckin hard that country cock became when that beast started sucking on my clit and shoving his pink lipstick inside of my ass while I was in a doggy-style position, heehee. I gagged on Countryboy’s cum filled cock while Duke pounded me from the backside. Furry friends phone sex with my naughty Countryboy was some of the most fun that I have had in a very long time and I am craving it again!! I guess I’ll have to keep playing with my swollen pussy until we’re able to have some nasty playtime together again. I’m in the mood to be a very bad girl on this calm and holy Sunday, wishful thinking…. 🙂

Anal sex slut

Anal Phone SexThere’s little nothing worse than a mediocre and boring sexual encounter, thankfully you will never have that experience with me! It sucks when the dumb bitch that you’re used to refuses to gag on your cock and balls, denies you anal phone sex and is always too tired to get down and dirty. I know how it feels when a silly little cunt wants to try to makes rules for you but best believe I am not that type of whore. I love being submissive to you and giving into your demands. A hot guy with a super hard cock all ready to get nasty with me… what could be better!? Give me a bare-handed spanking, I’ve been a naughty girl and I deserve to be punished! Actually, it turns me on to have your hands all over my body, making my ass jiggle while you give me what I deserve. I’m all yours from head to toe, lick and bite all you want, anywhere you want! You can even chain me to your bed if you wanna and fuck my pussy for as long as you possibly can! You’re my dirty perverted fucker and I need you to call me now!

Your favorite whore

Wet bald pussyCall me up to call me out to you baby. I know you’re at the hotel waiting for me to discreetly show up to give you the time of your life. I have on my sexiest lingerie and I can’t wait for you to enjoy it while it’s on my body! Knock knock knock, open up the door so we can lay down on the bed and have some nasty fun together baby. I love feeling your strong hands all over my body as you give me kisses from head to toe! You have my wet bald pussy dripping and eager to be penetrated! Suck on my toes and massage the soles while I fuck your mouth, I know how badly you’ve been craving the taste of my perfect feet down your throat babe. I can see that your throbbing cock is more than ready to plunge inside of me and feel my tight cunt grip on for dear life as I take a wild ride on top of you! It doesn’t take long for you to cum but that’s okay, just so long as you overflow my fuck holes with your creamy cock juice! I wanna be soaked and smothered in it. When I leave this hotel room it’s gonna ooze out from my panties and slide down between my thighs. I love being your cum-filled outcall whore!

I love Daddy’s cum

 Hot squirting pussyWhen I cum for Daddy and he busts all inside of me, we create a magical feeling that can’t be explained, only experienced. It’s truly a sensation that can’t be matched or beat. Cumming at the same time and not holding anything back, just let it all out! He gives me all of his  dick and all of his energy. Whether Daddy’s cum is dripping off my face, festering in my mouth or smeared all over my titties, I look so fuckin yummy drenched in his gooey cock cream. I open wide and show him my throat as I take that fuckin cum shot and suck him dry, that’s why I am his dirty little cum slut! Daddy’s jizz tastes so good, I love gargling it and showing it to him as it bubbles in my mouth. I spit that nut back out on my Daddy’s dick and watch it slime down his thick shaft. Daddy is always wet and ready to fuck up my tight little pussy. It’s so wet and dripping, I love knowing that I am about to be stretched out by a throbbing hard cock. Daddy is always ready to pound and fuck me hard. We try out all positions and I wild out on his thick dick! I take his manhood like a champ, I fiend for it constantly! My white sticky pussy juice smothers my Daddy’s dick and makes my mouth fuckin water. I wanna clean him up and suck it all up, I taste so fuckin yummy, I love how he plays with my hot squirting pussy!

Nastiest prostitute around

Prostitution Phone SexWhen I advertise myself as the sexy prostitute that I am, I always get quite a plethora of replies from horny men that are dying to have their nasty way with me. The fact of the matter is, they’re paying customers so whatever the fuck they wanna do with me and to me, I have to do… whether I like it or not! I have no limits and no taboos, nothing is too extreme and some enjoy taking advantage of that a lot more than others. I always get eerily turned on the most by those who love using me for their rape fantasies. There’s something so fuckin forbidden about being tied up and held against my will as a throbbing cock is shoved down my tight little throat. When I have prostitution phone sex, shit always tends to get rough as fuck. I completely understand that my fuck holes are addicting as hell but goddamn I never feel more worthless, used up or abused as I do after i’m done doing an outcall for a pervert that rings my line. I have to admit though, I love it. I have quite the reputation for being the naughty whore that I am, always up for anything and everything! How many other hoes can truly say that they’ll do whatever your heart desires?! These others bitches think they’re better than me, nah they’re very wrong! Once these bastards get a taste of what I got, I have them going fuckin crazy and fiending for more!

Horny for country cock

Biggest cum shotMy Countryboy was craving his naughty little pussy and couldn’t hold back anymore. He called me up and told me how thick and hard his cock was for me, he has been horny all day long and needed to munch on my cunt to get his fix. I wrapped my legs around his face and straddled him so that my tight slit fit perfectly on his mouth. His nose was right up against my asshole as I bent forward and sucked on his throbbing dick, deepthroating him like crazy!. I swirled my sexy body all over him. My Countryboy was ultra fuckin nasty, nastier than ever before! He spread my booty cheeks open wide and licked all up inside of my fuck hole. He got a taste of my creamy chocolate surprise that I had for him, he loves swallowing down my delicious goodness! The way he moans reassures just how yummy I taste! Countryboy spins me around on his cock, bouncing me on it like a basketball and fucking me deep. His cum-filled nutsack was slapping against my ass and clit while he twirled me in every direction. Goddamn I love feeling him throb while he’s inside of me, it only makes me wetter and more turned-on! I was fuckin soaked and dripping wet on his shaft, I love the feeling of my sticky, creamy juices flooding down and puddling on his balls. I feel so special to be filled up with my countryboys delicious jizz and he loves giving me every last drop of his spermy swimmers. We always have the nastiest time together, and he always gives me the biggest cum shot! I can’t get enough of my Countryboy!

Fucked my friend’s Daddy, i’m such a slut!

Young bald pussyI have been a very bad little l girl, I can’t believe what a naughty slut I am! Lol I really amaze myself with the sexual antics that I get myself wrapped up in, I just can’t seem to keep my legs closed! Especially with all these throbbing cocks that throw themselves at me, wow! I mean, can you really blame me?! Even though I went over to my girlfriend’s house to hang out with her and go shopping, she was taking forever to get home from her errands and I ended up fucking her Daddy while I waited! Let’s just blame it on my insane level of horniness, but he made passes at me too! I didn’t really realize how fuckin hott he truly was until I was engaging in conversation with him while she took her sweet ass time getting back to the house. Not gonna lie though, it was well worth it! Holy fuck her Daddy had a big ole cock, it barely fit up inside of my young bald pussy! I had to suck on it and get it super slippery wet in order for him to be able to fit it in my slutty slit. I made him cum so fuckin hard, he had a huge load waiting to explode and I took it all… every single drop! His sperm was still swimming up inside of me when his daughter and I went shopping but I didn’t tell her about our nasty fun together, that will just be mine and her Daddy’s dirty little secret!

Cum slut has a wet bald pussy for you!

Wet bald pussySo beautiful and so sexy, I drive my perverts crazy and make them so fuckin horny while they play with my wet bald pussy. I know how to take care of my men and all of their sexual needs and desires. When I suck and fuck that throbbing dick I take it so fuckin deep, it’s crazy how my little slit stretches out and blooms like a flower when i’m getting pounded like a nasty slut. Perfect pussy, perfect titties, perfect face… all the better to get skull-fucked! These perverts always want me deepthroating their cock, gagging and spitting all over it. Fuck my throat and then start fucking my delicious cunt. It hurts so bad but so good, I have to tell him to slow down a little bit but that only provokes him to hammer into me harder! My legs are shaking as I squirt cum all over that pulsating cock. This nasty perv busts that creamy nut all over me so that I can lick up every last drop, he can’t get enough of his cum slut!

It’s our dirty secret

Mistress Phone SexDon’t worry baby, when we have discreet mistress phone sex, it will just be our naughty, dirty little secret. I love to seduce and tease you until that cock can’t take it any longer! Your erotic and kinky taboo pleasures are so fun to explore, even more so because your boring ass wife at home never gets freaky with you… what a pity! I wanna know everything that turns you on and makes that dick rock hard for me, baby. Give into your sexual desires, urges and needs and let a real woman take care of you like how you deserve and crave so badly. I’m open-minded and uninhibited, almost to a fault lol. The nastier we can get, the better. My sexy voice, dirty mind and deviant imagination is going to make you feel like I am right there with you, sucking on those cum-filled balls and deepthroating that pulsating boner. Satisfying your twisted desires makes my pussy soaking wet, I love it. I’m gonna give you an experience that you can’t get enough of and will never be able to forget!

Sissy training

Sissy Phone SexYou better put that nasty little clitty back into your panties while we have sissy phone sex you bitch boy. There really is nothing worse than a disobedient sissy who is totally unable to keep their hard clitty under control like how I expect! Why the fuck are my callers such closeted faggots, cum queens and submissive sluts?! All they do is think about deepthroating my big black cock strap-on while I skull fuck their mouths! Or would they rather prefer a real penis? Or maybe they’re just curious about the forbidden lifestyle… either way, it’s so much fun to humiliate and degrade them like how they deserve. A small-dick sissy whore is super fuckin eager for a ten inch cock up their ass, without a doubt! All of my sissy sluts need to be trained to be up to par with my standards… I need to see if you truly have what it takes to be owned by a dominant bitch like me. If you’re lucky, I’ll even give you sissy assignments that I expect you to fulfill and call me back to prove that you did so. Crossdressing sluts deserve the biggest dicks to play with. That’s where my nasty Mistress ass steps in… I always give these sluts exactly what they need!

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