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Pound my tight pussy

Cyber Sex Phone SexMy sex drive has been extremely high lately, more so than normal. I want my titties sucked on and my pussy eaten because I deserve it. I swear I need to fuck, come and rub on my back while you bend me over and eat my pussy from behind. My wish is your command! My pretty pussy is so creamy and wet, everyone wants a taste! I’m so fucking horny, I wanna be bouncing on big dick! Fuck my face until i’m gagging, let me catch that big load of nut in my mouth daddy. If your cock doesn’t make my eyes roll to the back of my head, you’re not fucking me right baby. Eat me like your last meal and fill me up with lots and lots of fresh, sticky cum! My fingers keep sliding in and out of my dripping wet slutty cunt slit. Spread my legs open wide and shove that big dick inside of me! Fuck me hard and deep, I wanna feel all that dick deep inside of this tight little pussy. I’m into all that freaky, kinky shit, try me baby!

Black cock worship

Black Cock Phone SexCraving super nasty black cock phone sex is a dirty habit that I can’t break and can’t get enough of! It makes my bald pussy so fucking wet to be able to worship such a monster size chocolate dick as it stretches me out and ravages my slutty cunt. I fucking love getting drilled hard and deep by a thick, long BBC and sucking all my pussy juices off of it after it’s been inside of me. If i’m not ripped open a new fuck hole by the time i’m done having my fun then that means I wasn’t getting fucked properly, I love being smashed and passed around for him and all of his huge dick friends to enjoy! Raw black cock inside of me looks so damn good, spreading open my cunt lips wide as fuck, shoving itself inside of me and doing everything it can to forcefully fit in my tight little slit! I’m such a horny slut, I can’t help but want to worship and ride on top of a huge log of dark meat. When I squirt hot juicy cum all over it, the color contrast is so fucking yummy to see! My white pussy cream all over that black cock is quite the vision! I always get the biggest cum shot in return and I love it!

Sensual cock suck

Cum Slut Phone SexI am the master at giving an amazing, sensual cock suck to a throbbing boner shoved deep down my tiny wet throat. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, that’s my motto! I’ll give you head whenever you’re in the mood no matter what we are doing. An erected dick makes my tight pussy so fucking wet, dripping, tingling and eagerly awaiting a sloppy wet cock to be thrusted inside of my slutty slit. I love being filmed while i’m getting skull fucked, it turns me on to play back the video and watch myself get face railed! You’re so good at filming and it’s so sexy to me to watch you get all into it, your dick gets even harder! It’s so much fun to be a cum craving cock sucker! I’m such a nasty babe and deepthroating a hard fuck stick is my favorite pastime. I know i’m tempting and I love making you cave into your fetishes and fantasies! Rub my wet pussy while I guzzle down your gooey cum load baby!

Pay up for your foot fetish

Foot Fetish Phone SexYou love how worthless I make you feel, how I can so easily discard you without a single drop of remorse. It makes you so fucking horny to have a bitchy, bratty and young slut who fucks you over countlessly. You’re absolutely addicted and there’s nothing you can do about it besides to continue to keep indulging in your wild fetish! You’re a weak little bitch for me, especially the soles of my feet! Foot fetish phone sex is how you’re really able to pleasure yourself, don’t worry it will be our little secret you dirty motherfucker! I’m out of your league and out of your budget and you know it. I’m young enough to be your daughter you old pervert, now get down on your knees and send me funds immediately. I’m a sweet little reminder of why you work so hard. You would rather be spat on by me than to ever have sex with your cunt of a wife at home, that speaks volumes! It’s snack time you little foot bitch! Old pathetic losers like you deserve to pay for all of my wants and needs! Take me shopping for dozens of new pars of sexy heels and don’t even think about touching your cock as you pulsate while fantasizing about getting jacked off by my sexy feet! I have so much power over a puny loser like you, I can make you do anything for me, so long as the price is right.

Stocking fetish with a slut

Stocking Fetish Phone SexI love a man that enjoys having stocking fetish phone sex as much as I do, wearing naughty pantyhose makes me so fucking horny and a pervert that appreciates them on my sexy body drives me wild! My smooth, sexy legs look so damn delicious and amazing when they’re adorned by kinky stockings. I’m edible as fuck, wrap me around your neck and chow down on my wet pussy while I tickle your face with my soft stocking fabric. It gently brushes against your skin and gives you the chills while you eat me out. I love all types of hosiery, whether, sheer, fishnet, thigh high, knee high, full body, no matter what style I wear, I pull it off beautifully and you cannot get enough of me! Being fucked hard, rough and deep while wearing my slutty stockings gives me life! So sensual, so dominating, so nasty, just how I like it! Fill my stockings up with huge loads of cum, make a fucking mess! Seeing and feeling it gush through the fabric is so damn hott! Butt ass naked with nothing on but my fishnets is such a kinky sight to see! Now come over here and fuck me like a beast!

A naughty secretary always swallows

Naughty Secretary Phone SexThere are many perks of having a hott and naughty secretary such as myself, not only am I the sexiest eye candy that you could ever imagine but you have the ultimate pleasure of using me as your personal sex toy all day every day! Little does your wife know about all the sexy and wild fun that we love to have with one another while you’re hard at work, hehe. So hard in fact that you need a sensual woman like me to handle you whenever your cock wants to pop up for some dirty play time! I absolutely love sucking on that throbbing dick that you have in your pants and as we both know, a good girl always swallows down every last drop of gooey cock cream! You’re not used to having a slut guzzle down your cum, your wife will barely even pay any attention to your perfect dick! That’s why you can’t get enough of me! I’m such a sexy treat for you to indulge in while we’re stuck in the office together!

I take care of my man

Fetish Phone SexIt makes me feel so fucking satisfied to be able to take the utmost care of my sexy man, just like how a real woman should cater to her dirty boy! After a long day of work, i’ll run a bath for him, cook a delicious meal and of course be wearing a skimpy outfit for him to have some yummy eye candy while he relaxes and unwinds! I love how my dirty man caresses every inch of my perfect body with the tip of his thick dick, it’s so yummy and sensual! My sexual tastes are too hardcore for most men, but my man sure does know how to accept it and throw it right back at me in an even nastier manner! The way that he handles me turns me on so fucking much! He loves to do the holy trinity on me, pulling my hair, spanking my ass and shoving his fingers in my mouth so that I can taste all of my delicious juices off of them! I am so luscious, his ultimate fantasy dream girl! I love spoiling him and I love how he spoils me in return with that cock of his! My pussy stays wet as fuck for my sexy man, that’s why we both love having fetish phone sex so fucking much!

You’re just my sex toy

Roleplay Phone SexRoleplay phone sex is so much fun and I love a horny and perverted man that knows when to submit to me and all of my wild fantasies. All you’re good for in my eyes is being my personal sex toy that I can play with and do whatever the fuck I please with. You have a throbbing cock and I have a wet pussy that’s begging to be fucked hard and deep, it’s the perfect match! Boys truly are just toys, dildos with a pulse, and you are nothing more! I have you reeled in like a worm on a hook and you cannot break loose from my grip! You love being under my spell, it makes you feel more manly than you have ever felt before! Whenever I want to bounce up and down on top of that big cock of yours, you whip it out and fucking me like I deserve to be fucked! I have so much fun with your cock, I love it!

GFE phone sex in the car

GFE Phone SexThe only thing that gets you through your long and stressful work day is knowing that at the end of the day during your drive home, I am waiting for you call me up and have some fun with me! The nasty, naughty time that we have together releases your stress and makes you feel so much better, to say the least! Especially if you have your nagging wife at home awaiting for your arrival with nothing to offer you but complaints, our nasty phone sex will have you feeling even better! I have my sexiest lingerie on and a big dildo that i’ve been fucking myself with all day long, imagining it as your cock thrusting in and out of me. I can’t get enough of you! I’ve been so patient awaiting our naughty fun, I love answering your call and unleashing all of our wild fantasies on to one another. It’s so sexy to me that you love to hear me play with my wet cunt while you drive your car out in public, hehe. Whether you want to have a quickie or really take your time with me and adorn every inch of my body soft and slowly for hours, we always have the kinkiest time when we fuck each other! It’s so forbidden and it makes me so fucking horny! I love having your big load of cum busted all over my pretty face, it’s even better when I can use my tongue to lick it all up! I’m the hottest mistress that you could ever imagine having GFE phone sex with!

Cash out on your mistress

Mistress Phone SexYour wife is out of town so it’s the perfect time for you to spoil your naughty little mistress. I love to do all of the freaky shit that your boring wife would never even think of doing to you, what a lame ass bitch! You love that I am your bratty teen girlfriend and I always know how to take care of my man, so long as you are keeping me happy with your cash! I’m a super slutty whore but you think I do this shit for free?! No baby, I don’t come cheap, hehe. I’m going to be wearing my sexy lingerie for you, which makes it perfect and easy access for you to shove money bills into my g-string and bra straps. It turns me on so fucking much to drain your wallet, especially when your wife has no idea about our dirty little secret! She is going to be wondering what the fuck happened to your joint bank accounts, i’m going to have you going bankrupt for this pussy, babe! I’m so fucking horny when you splurge on me, your sexy little princess that you love to cheat on your wife with!

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