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GFE phone sex in the car

GFE Phone SexThe only thing that gets you through your long and stressful work day is knowing that at the end of the day during your drive home, I am waiting for you call me up and have some fun with me! The nasty, naughty time that we have together releases your stress and makes you feel so much better, to say the least! Especially if you have your nagging wife at home awaiting for your arrival with nothing to offer you but complaints, our nasty phone sex will have you feeling even better! I have my sexiest lingerie on and a big dildo that i’ve been fucking myself with all day long, imagining it as your cock thrusting in and out of me. I can’t get enough of you! I’ve been so patient awaiting our naughty fun, I love answering your call and unleashing all of our wild fantasies on to one another. It’s so sexy to me that you love to hear me play with my wet cunt while you drive your car out in public, hehe. Whether you want to have a quickie or really take your time with me and adorn every inch of my body soft and slowly for hours, we always have the kinkiest time when we fuck each other! It’s so forbidden and it makes me so fucking horny! I love having your big load of cum busted all over my pretty face, it’s even better when I can use my tongue to lick it all up! I’m the hottest mistress that you could ever imagine having GFE phone sex with!

Cash out on your mistress

Mistress Phone SexYour wife is out of town so it’s the perfect time for you to spoil your naughty little mistress. I love to do all of the freaky shit that your boring wife would never even think of doing to you, what a lame ass bitch! You love that I am your bratty teen girlfriend and I always know how to take care of my man, so long as you are keeping me happy with your cash! I’m a super slutty whore but you think I do this shit for free?! No baby, I don’t come cheap, hehe. I’m going to be wearing my sexy lingerie for you, which makes it perfect and easy access for you to shove money bills into my g-string and bra straps. It turns me on so fucking much to drain your wallet, especially when your wife has no idea about our dirty little secret! She is going to be wondering what the fuck happened to your joint bank accounts, i’m going to have you going bankrupt for this pussy, babe! I’m so fucking horny when you splurge on me, your sexy little princess that you love to cheat on your wife with!

Vip Escort

Mature Phone SexBeing an escort definitely has its perks! Like meeting super hott and wealthy men for instance, that definitely never gets old! Its especially fun when I’m invited to all of the awesome parties and events that are going on. Halloween always seems to be one of the busiest times for social fun, so as you can imagine, I enjoyed myself immensely! I have a very important and high-end client who loves to be referred to as my Dirty Master, and he loves to show me off any chance that he gets to! Of course with all of the festivities going on right now, it’s the perfect time for him to have some wild fun out on the town with me, and best believe I love to dress the part! The sexier and skimpier my outfit the better! I love being able to dress up and Halloween makes me love it even more so. I decided to be an angel this year, oh the irony! My sexy white lingerie against my skin and my halo and angel wings, I am the filthiest and sluttiest angel that you ever laid your eyes on! My ass looking so fucking delicious and perfect in my tiny g-string as it gets gobbled up between my cheeks! My titties bouncing in my bra with every step that I take, I’m a walking billboard that oozes sex! Of course we were the life of the party and I looked like a superstar, as always! All eyes on me and my perfect frame, just how I like it! No other bitches compare to me and what I have to offer, and no bitch ever will! I love being the talk of the town, especially when I’m out on his arm looking like the delicious eye candy that I am! The best part is the after party where we get to fuck all night long! I keep his cock hard as fuck, he’s never soft around his dirty angel!

Worship my cunt

Cyber Sex Phone SexMy perfectly nasty cunt needs some extra special love and attention and I really need a man that doesn’t mind spending all night long fucking me and worshiping every inch of my sexy body from head to toe! I love being touched all over both inside and out, feeling your fingers slip in and out of my insides and your rock hard boner in your boxers that’s pressing against me, you have me dying to get a taste! You make me so fucking horny, let’s lock ourselves up in the bedroom and not come out until neither of us are physically able to walk anymore! We both love it rough, so fucking sexy! Have your dirty way with me and show me what a bad little whore I have been! I think Daddy needs to give his filthy slut some spankings, hehe. Use your bare hands to give my bare ass a slap, that shit makes me go crazy! Seeing the red marks that you leave all over my skin is so damn sexy! It hurts so good and you love inflicting the pleasure and pain. No morals, no boundaries, nothing is off limits with me! Be as nasty of a dirty pervert as you want to be!

Me in your favorite lingerie

GFE Phone SexJust envision it in your mind right now, you walk into the bedroom after a long day of work and you see me laying on our bed in my sexiest lingerie, surrounded by rose petals and dim lights. Your cock immediately gets a boner, I love watching you bulge up so quickly in your sexy slacks that you have on. Come over here and crawl on to this super comfy bed with me, I want to help you undress, starting by unbuttoning your shirt and undoing the belt wrapped around your waist! I love taking control and flopping that thick dick out of your boxers so that it dangles in my face, throbbing and begging to be sucked on and played with. I love hearing your moan for me while I get skull fucked balls deep by your hard shaft. Rub your hands all over my smooth and sexy skin, feel that contrast of texture of the lacy lingerie against me. It feels so good to have you play with my body while I suck you off like a dirty little cum slut. I want to guzzle that cum down my throat and then have you lick my pussy right after, finger fucking me and tickling my g-spot so that I can squirt all over and make a mess. So sexy and slippery, your strong fingers are perfect as they plow deep inside of me. I’m the sexiest girlfriend ever and you are so fucking lucky to have me, a sensual goddess that’s all yours!

Suck You Dry

Princess Phone SexI am going to suck you dry, your cock and your bank account, hehe! It’s truly amazing what women can do, the financial domination that I am able to have over you is too good! I have no competition whatsoever, I am a bratty ass princess and I always get what I want! The sick joy that you get out of me belittling you and using you as a man slave is such a turn on, pleasing my spoiled ass gives you the utmost pleasure! It’s almost like you want me to continuously drain you! I am a findom princess until the day that I die, nothing will ever change that! I have too much fun taking advantage of weak men. A slutty whore like me is the ultimate treat! You can’t help but worship me from head to toe every single day! Princess life requires a lot of work and attention from you so you better be up for the task! It’s hard to enjoy things you give me when I already have everything I could ever possibly want! You better get in line to serve me, lucky you if I give you the chance!

Dangerous Pussy

Wet bald pussyCaution, my wet bald pussy is dangerous as fuck, you might just screw around and get hooked! I’ve been told by men in the past that I need to just stay single because my cunt will cast a spell on you and you won’t know how to break loose! I want you to eat me out like i’m your last meal and make me squirt cum all over your fucking face, yummy, that’s so damn sexy! Stick your tongue out and let me suck my tasty juice out of your mouth you dirty boy. My tight, wet little slit is so soft and drenched, I need you to come and fuck me now! I want to feel you explode inside of me like an erupting volcano! Let me suck that big hard dick of yours all night long, slide my panties to the side and slip yourself up inside of me, hehe. You nasty pervert, show me how dirty you can really get!

My Mom’s Big Bush

Mommy Phone SexOne of my callers was so excited to hear all about my Mom and her big hairy bush and how much kinky fun I had playing with it when I was just a youngster. As far back as I can remember, her pussy was covered in so much hair which she would rarely ever take the time to groom because that was how her and my Daddy preferred it to be. She would have me get into the shower with her so that we could have some wet and wild fun, and boy did we ever! While we were in the shower, she would show me the anatomy of her vagina and use her fingers to spread her lips open to expose her insides to me, mapping out what every part of her lady parts was meant to do. I had a big cup in there with me and loved holding the cup underneath her bush as the water trickled down into the cup, filling up so fast and overflowing as I giggled away, hehe. I’ll never forget one day when she was walking around naked in the house and much to my surprise, her bush was gone! She had a bald, sweet little cunt poking out and I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was a little bashful when I discovered her new look but she said that she wanted to try something new and different and of course I was all for it! My Daddy was super pleased as well, he was able to munch on her pussy without getting a mouthful of pubes. It was so cool to see her pretty lips all bare and sexy, begging to be fucked and played with! As you can imagine, her and my Daddy locked themselves away in their room for the remainder of the day while they indulged in their nasty play together.

Stop Staring, Start Spending

Fetish Phone SexMy sexy siren of a body loves to be pampered from head to toe like the perfect goddess whore that I am. I know that my good looks are irresistible as fuck but let me tell you something, I don’t come for free and I definitely don’t come cheap! I’m going to need you to stop staring and drooling over me unless you’re going to pay up and empty your wallet while catering to my wants and needs and making me happy! I don’t make requests, I make demands! It’s so funny how I don’t even have to be on the phone with you in order to have you wrapped around my finger like a good boy, you are just that obsessed with me! You should be sending me tributes every time I cum because that’s all you’re good for! Draining losers is my favorite hobby, hehe! I’m such a tease, you love it though! You crave it, knowing that I control all of you, your mind, your cock, your wallet, it’s a triple threat!

Let Me Be Your Workout

Rough Sex Phone SexThere’s no need for a gym membership when you can get a really hot and sweaty workout with me right in the comfort of your own home, hehe. Trust me, i’ll give you the best cardio session that you have ever had! You heart is going to be racing, cock is going to be throbbing, adrenaline is going to be pumping, sweat beads streaming down your face, you are going to be in pure euphoria while you indulge in my perfect, sensual body! Pump your hard ass boner in to me, make my booty cheeks clap while you dig deep! I love how crazy and wild we get when we’re fucking like savages! I love how you make me squirt cum all over your big dick, it’s so wet and slippery, just how I love it to be! You’re going to be in the best shape of your life fucking with me you dirty boy!

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