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Letting Daddy Watch

Family Fun Phone SexSo this weekend I brought a boy home I met at the recent BBQ festival. He had boosted all night about his large cock and how he could last for hours so I planned on testing this for myself. As soon as we made it into the door I was naked and shoving him down on the couch helping him get his jeans off. He cock was hard 10’ and thick with those bulging veins that I love to follow along the shaft with my tongue. As I started to go down on him, my Daddy walked in. I kept sucking as I watch Daddy go and sit down in his chair watching us. I got up and slowly started to turn to face Daddy as I lowered myself down to start fucking that huge cock. As I fucked I watched Daddy who started to play with his own huge dick while he watched me. Daddy got up and walked over to us, in between one of my load moans he shoved his meaty dick into my mouth. Then I sucked and fucked until cums was dripping off all over me.

Window Adventures Part Two

Exhibitionist Phone SexTonight I found myself in front of the window again, looking around to see if I could find any inspiration for some nightly fun. I spied one of my younger neighbors bringing home cute young woman into his backyard. They were giggling and stripping off their clothes while getting into the pool. I pressed up against the window naked while watching as they kissed and splashed around playing with each other. Shortly they settled down and did what I wanted them to do. He got her up against the stairs and her expressions changed as he started thrusting into her. I felt my pussy get wetter as I played with myself enjoying the show below. Panting hard, my breath fogging up the glass as I climaxed watching them fuck each other that night in the pool. Hoping just once they would look up and see someone else was also enjoying their passion.

What I Like

Young Voice Phone SexA lot of men ask me “What do you like?” which seems like such a weird question to me. Even just looking at me you can’t tell that I’m a huge cum slut? I say yes to almost anything, I find reasons to barely ever wear clothes and if I’m horny I quickly find someone or something to fuck. What I like is sex, and lots of it. I’ll fuck you, I’ll fuck Daddy, I’ll fuck myself! Any kind of sex, I really don’t care. I have a craving everyday to feel something inside that will make me cum hard and leave me breathless every time. So what I like and want is a fucking good time very simple my fuck sticks.

Grocery Fun

Exhibitionist Phone SexSo I went out to the store. It was late so I found myself wandering around and found myself in the vegetable section. I started getting these ideas in my head, I couldn’t help but want to do this. I browsed picking out certain vegetable that I felt would suit for my dirty fun. I found this nice big cucumber a little bumpy but not a problem for what I needed. I pulled my pants down and slowly slide a nice thick carrot into my ass while I rubbed my cunt. Getting myself nice and prepared for the cucumber when I glanced over and saw a worker staring at me. I smiled sweetly and started pushing the cucumber in, letting out a vocal moan as I could feel it. The coolness gave me a bit of goosebumps but contributed to the pleasure. I stared at the worker while I continued to fuck my vegetables having him watch was only adding to my pleasure. I teased the carrot in my ass turning it and pulling it in and out as I fucked the cucumber. Moaning as I came hard my juices dripping of my organic fuck toys. I smiled at the worker as I slowly put my pants back on, and returned my toys to there resting spots. I winked and turned away, proud and satisfied.

Window Adventures Part One

Exhibitionist Phone SexSo I recently started staying with a few friends of mine closer into town and have my own room. Sucks being a away from Daddy but that’s ok, I’ll find ways to entertain myself I always do. Well in my room is a window and I’m on the second floor so I can see into a few of our neighbors backyards. One night I had the light on with my blinds up and I saw one of the old pervs in his yard with a telescope obviously directed at my window. Approaching and looking out further I could see him jacking it. I smiled towards him, he paused until I started removing my bra and pressing my small breast against the window. He stood up so I could clearly see him working his hard cock for me. I let my panties fall down so he could see my bald pussy, and me starting to play with it. It was so fun to tease him through my window and watching him cum all over his grass, watching him panting made me cum pretty hard while pressed up against my window.

Teasing on the Bus

phone sexSo I needed to take the bus today, I’m visiting a friend and she lives in a city much bigger than my little neck of the woods. She took me out to lunch and then half way through she gets a call from her boyfriend. So she ditched me, with little to no warning and gave me her bus pass.

Of course I was mad but went to the bus stop anyways. On the bus I was looking out the window and was thinking how badly I needed a orgasm. Without thinking I just put my hand up under my skirt and started rubbing my bald pussy. With the vibrations from the bus ride I very quickly got very wet.

I glanced over and saw this older man watching me. I smiled and turned facing out to his seat with my legs wide open. I stared at him intently while I played with myself. Giggling when I saw how hard his cock was getting from the bulge is his pants. He looked so nervous, as he glanced around rapidly before pulling his cock out for me to see.

He started to stroke it, as I started to rub my pussy harder. Letting out gentle moans for his ears to hear. I got a little louder when I started to cum, I couldn’t help it. That sent him over the edge and his cum shot all over the back of the seat in front of him. *Giggles* That was fun.

Touching My Young Bald Pussy

Young bald pussyI love playing with my young bald pussy while I’m talking to you on the phone. Hearing you stroke your cock to the sound of my voice and all of my stories makes me so fucking wet that after calls, I usually have to change my panties! Some times, I go through 5+ pair a day. I just love touching myself and making my little bald pussy feel good. I love orgasming too, it feels like my entire body is pulsating and it’s the best high I can ever get. I moan so loud when I’m touching myself because it just makes it feel even better! I love letting you hear me moan as I play with my pussy. I love knowing you’re playing with your big fat cock. I’m just imagining it inside of me as I shove my fingers deeper inside of myself. I’d love to feel you inside of me. I love making you feel good!

Exhibitionist Phone Sex!

Exhibitionist Phone SexI’d love to take you to my favorite public fucking spot, it’s this hiking track a few miles from my house. It’s rarely used, but there’s still a few people who like to run through so if the fear of getting caught, gets you off I think we could have a lot of fun here. I like to bring all my fucks to this place if they’re into a little risk, I think it’s so fucking hot to have sex in public! I’d love to bend over, place my hands on a tree, and spread my legs apart so you can get a perfect view of my wet pussy! You slap my fat ass a little then turn me around and force me on my knees. You whip out that big cock of yours and I start to suck on it, slowly at first, then completely deepthroating you and having your cock shoved down my throat! I love sucking your cock here, I love knowing anyone could be watching us. You push me against the tree and guide your cock into my tight pussy, it feels so good and I’m begging you to go harder. I want to be fucked until that cock is ready to cum, then I want to get on my knees and take your huge load down my throat like a good little whore, exhibitionist phone sex could be a lot of fun with this whore!

Incest Phone Sex with Holly

Incest phone sexI love that I was exposed to incest when I was younger, it just makes me so open to so many more things. I love having incest sex, though. I just think it’s so wrong, but that’s what makes it so fucking hot! I’m a Daddy’s girl and I always have been. I like to make my Daddy feel good. Daddy makes me feel so good, too. We usually start out with him eating my pussy, he loves the way I taste and his tongue feels so good circling my clit. Daddy makes me so wet for him, once Daddy makes my pussy feel good he face fucks my pretty little face. He loves ramming his cock down my throat and making me gag. It turns him on more, it’s okay though. I love making my Daddy feel good. Little girls are always supposed to make their Daddy happy. Daddy’s had enough of my face and wants some of my tight little pussy. He flips me onto my stomach and lifts my ass into the air to fuck me doggy style. Daddy’s cock gets so deep inside of me this way and my tight pussy can barely handle it. As Daddy thrusts harder and harder, my pussy starts to get even tighter around his cock. Daddy knows I’m getting close and he always shoots his load inside my pussy. I love feeling Daddy’s load inside of me, it just makes me feel so much closer to him!

Daddys girl phone sex

School Girl Phone Sex : Professor’s Slut

School Girl Phone SexI love being a dirty little school girl slut! It gets me the grades I need to make Daddy happy, and the fucking I need to make me happy. My favorite professor invited me back to his house after class yesterday and we had a lot of fun! It all started out in his living room, he bent me over his couch and began slapping my fat ass and telling me how bad of a girl I’ve been. Then, he lifted me off to a bedroom I assume was his daughters and bent me right over the dresser. He pulled my panties down to my thighs and told me to bend over. I looked over my shoulder to see what he was doing and he was just staring at my wet bald pussy and I saw his cock starting to poke through his pants. I turned around and got on my knees to begin sucking off his thick cock. He wasn’t very big in length, but that cock was thick enough to stretch out a pussy more than it ever has been. It barely could fit in my mouth. He started pushing my head down on his cock and forcing it down my throat as he face fucked me. Then, he bent me over the dresser again and shoved his fat cock inside my dripping little fuckhole. I gasped as I wasn’t expecting it that fast, but it wasn’t long before I was used to it and it felt so fucking good. He thrusted into me harder and harder until I couldn’t take it! My pussy just began throbbing around his cock and that’s when I felt a load of cum shoot deep up inside of me. He pulled his cock out and just watched as his load dripped out..it was so hot!

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