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What Happens When You Steal From Daddy

Teen Phone SexSo I was having a bunch of friends over just hanging out and getting a little drunk from my friends stash she brought over but we ran out of booze so I snuck down to the garage and grab some out of Daddy’s fridge. I thought he wouldn’t notice or wouldn’t care he knew we were having a little party. I was wrong though, next morning Daddy woke up all up by slamming my bedroom door. He yelled at all of us that we were a bunch of little sluts who should know better then to steal from a full grown man. He took off his pants to show us his raging boner and order that we pay for crime by getting him off until he had nothing left in him. All five of us girls got down to our knees and licked and sucked on his cock and balls. As he got rid of our panties and started spanking us for being bad girls. Daddy unloaded his cum on face before moving to fucking all our little tight teen holes. We made him cum over and over again until he finally said we did our job as little whores and drained him dry. He said he hoped we had all learned our lesson about stealing. I’m not sure what he was trying to teach us but I think we are all going to be stealing more often.

I Left Him In A Mess

Humiliation Phone SexI can’t explain it but I just wasn’t in the mood. It was one of those days I wanted to go home and fall into bed. I wasn’t feeling sick, just a little tired it happens to the best of us. Well this local boy Sam comes up as I’m getting off work and says he wants to take me home. I turned him down and said I wasn’t feeling up for fun today. He grabs my wrist and tells me how he knows I’m a big whore and that it was his turn to get inside me. First off I pick out my fucks, and even when a man comes onto me for the most part I’m in the mood. But not today, this fuck stick was persistent and quite frankly it pissed me off. So I agreed as long as we went back to his place. I commanded him to get undressed and lay on the bed. I found a some ties that would be perfect for what I wanted. I tied his hand up to his head board using a constrictor knot nice and tight. I told him I would no fuck him. He started to squirm as I sat next to him, I ran my hands up and down his cock. It wasn’t even big about 5 inches at most, I would have never wasted my time. I did give him a hand job, squeezing his cock tightly enough for him to complain it was to hard so I would squeeze harder and go faster. Using no lubrication. Until he jizzed all over himself, some even shot up to his face. I laughed and just left him there.

Riding Uncle Bucks Big Fat Cock!

Incest Phone SexMy Uncle Buck use to be around a lot when I was little, I learned that was a bit because he was sticking it to my mom when daddy wasn’t around. But Daddy still lets him come over to see me especially because Uncle Buck is rich! Daddy quickly saw an opportunity to sell my cunt off to him for the weekend. He paid him thousands just to have me as his cock servant all weekend. Every morning I was to wake up before Uncle Buck and give him a sloppy blowjob to get him up, I was to shower with him and clean it very well. After our shower he would bend me over the bathroom sink and fill my bald cunnie up with his cum, then make me go downstairs to make his breakfast without cleaning up first.  We would eat and he would do some work on his computer around noon he would have me crawl up under the desk and give him a afternoon BJ before he stopped for lunch. After lunch he’s cock would be hard again as we sat in the living room with Daddy and he would take it out and have me ride him in front of my Daddy. It felt good being on top of Uncle Bucks fat throbbing cock he always came hard and a lot! He would nap after our afternoon fuck and leave me alone for a bit. But Daddy was so turned on at what he just saw he spent that time to play with me. But the end of the weekend I was sore and full of cum from the both of them. Totally worth it!

My Disappointment Is Bigger Than Your Humiliation

Humiliation Phone SexThe best part about college starting back up is my friends who go know where all the great parties are at. My friend brought me to the first big rager they were throwing to really kick things off. Of course there was lots of drinking and it wasn’t long before I found myself wasted and talking to this guy. He was tall and great looking, I already decided I needed to fuck him or I would regret it. To bad I was wrong. I convinced him to sneak away with me to a empty room, it was dark so I didn’t notice at first especially since I was drunk. I still remember they way you suddenly stopped when I screamed “Put it in already!”. You whispered “It is in”. I laughed and asked if you were just too high to get it up. But I reached down and felt it was rock hard but not much bigger than my pinky. I know I shouldn’t but I still giggle about what I said to make you cry.

I’m Young And You Love It

Wet bald pussy

I can’t deny that I love having fun with older perverts like you. Drooling over a little slut like me, of course I’ve been teasing you. I tell you all about my dirty adventures. I bragged about how much other men love pumping my Wet bald pussy up with their loads again and again. You find yourself getting a boner whenever I walk by, you think about fucking my holes when you stroke that hard cock. Even my daddy would tell you there is no better whore then his slutty daughter. You know you want to enjoy my tight wet cunnie wrapped around your raw hard cock. So why not go for it, maybe if its a fun ride I’ll brag about you too one day.

I Get Wet For Married Men

Married Men Phone Sex

At work I run into a lot of married men who often complain about their wives. It’s often little things like she nags to much or she’s lazy. What I see in these men isn’t irritation, it’s dissatisfaction. It’s obvious that their needs are not being met and it’s much easier to blame the little things then admit to the real problem. Which is where I come in when they are busy complaining to me, I’m imagining that ring finger deep inside my pussy. I think about riding you in the back of your car in a crowded parking lot while you tell me how amazing I am cause you wife would never do this with you. I like the feeling of squeezing my bald little cunnie around your cock, as you tell me how much tighter I am. I become the dirty little secret that makes those little things much easier to tolerate. I think every man needs a dirty little secret like me.

Putting On A Show For My Peeping Tom

Exhibitionist Phone sexThe last few days I’ve been feeling that I was being watched but couldn’t find any watchful eyes around  until yesterday. I was in my room and had opened the door to let the breeze in while I was getting undressed. I walked around a bit naked when I got the feeling someone was watching me. I thought maybe I was just getting really horny and wanted someone to watch me but I could tell someone’s eyes were burning into me. I went to my open window and I finally got a glimpse of a man’s head ducking down into the bushes. I smiled and grabbed a towel, I went out on to the back porch there was plenty of light thanks to the moonlight. I laid out my towel, I heard slight russling so I know he was still there. This way he can see a lot more then when I was just in my room. I sat down on the towel spreading my legs wide, using my fingers to play with my clitty. It felt so naughty putting on the little show for my perverted fan, I was so wet. I would get my fingers wet with me pussy and slowly suck and lick them clean. I could hear my watcher begin to pant. I got on my knees and turn around my big round ass up high as I reached back and teased my asshole. I heard a loud growl like sound I could tell he had cum and I looked over seeing someone running away. I got up to look behind the bushes and could see splats of cum on the leaves dripping down. I could help myself but to bend over and get a little taste. I wonder how he would have felt if he knew I was eating his cum he left behind.

Cum Slut Holly

Cum Slut Phone SexIt’s not a secret that I’m a huge whore fucking my way around town with every big dick I find. I don’t even try to hide it not one bit. I just love cum! The way it feels and taste, I love how it feels when a man shoots a huge load inside my tight bald cunnie. I’ll proudly walk into a group of men just to get them to rain big loads on my face and body. They can use me anyway they want as long as I get to drain those balls until the last drop. I can’t stop and won’t stop, I’m never going to be satisfied. So I hope your ready to blow a big load for me!

Little Ol’ Me Rides A BBC

Black Cock Phone SexI missed my bus to get home from work so I was going to walk back home instead of waiting a few hours to catch the next one. One of my coworkers Jamaal saw me walking and offered me a ride. Of course I accepted but I wanted a bit more than a ride home. I had always been curious if his gloated about his big dick all the time had any truth to it. In fact at one point he even told me his big black monster would break me. We started driving and I put my hand on his leg moving up his lap. He laughed and leaned back a little allowing me to reach my hand down his shorts. His limp dick itself was a decent 6 inches. I worked it up and down with my hand and he got harder, bigger to a impressive 9 inches and he certainly was thick. I ordered him to pull over my pussy was already wet. He put his sit back and I climbed on top of him. I bounced on top of his big Black Cock, riding him hard and fast. I loved it so much I even let him fill me up with his cum, which constantly leaked out of me all the way home but was so worth it!

Happy Birthday Daddy

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Today was my Daddy’s birthday so I woke him up with the best surprise. I snuck into his room and snuggled up close underneath the covers. I could feel his morning wood against my leg, I gave him a kiss on the cheek and moved downward. I used my hand to stroke daddy’s dick a little bit, he started to wake up a little. I sucked on his swollen mushroom head running my tongue around the ridge. He started to moan a little. I put daddy’s cock down my throat making it was sloppy and wet with my spit. I took my time just like daddy likes. I made him start to throb, he grabbed the back of my head and started pushing it up and down. The throbbing grew and he forced my head completely down as he started to cum. I choked a little on his cum but I didn’t fight. After all I want daddy to enjoy his birthday present.

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