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Little Ol’ Me Rides A BBC

Black Cock Phone SexI missed my bus to get home from work so I was going to walk back home instead of waiting a few hours to catch the next one. One of my coworkers Jamaal saw me walking and offered me a ride. Of course I accepted but I wanted a bit more than a ride home. I had always been curious if his gloated about his big dick all the time had any truth to it. In fact at one point he even told me his big black monster would break me. We started driving and I put my hand on his leg moving up his lap. He laughed and leaned back a little allowing me to reach my hand down his shorts. His limp dick itself was a decent 6 inches. I worked it up and down with my hand and he got harder, bigger to a impressive 9 inches and he certainly was thick. I ordered him to pull over my pussy was already wet. He put his sit back and I climbed on top of him. I bounced on top of his big Black Cock, riding him hard and fast. I loved it so much I even let him fill me up with his cum, which constantly leaked out of me all the way home but was so worth it!

Happy Birthday Daddy

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Today was my Daddy’s birthday so I woke him up with the best surprise. I snuck into his room and snuggled up close underneath the covers. I could feel his morning wood against my leg, I gave him a kiss on the cheek and moved downward. I used my hand to stroke daddy’s dick a little bit, he started to wake up a little. I sucked on his swollen mushroom head running my tongue around the ridge. He started to moan a little. I put daddy’s cock down my throat making it was sloppy and wet with my spit. I took my time just like daddy likes. I made him start to throb, he grabbed the back of my head and started pushing it up and down. The throbbing grew and he forced my head completely down as he started to cum. I choked a little on his cum but I didn’t fight. After all I want daddy to enjoy his birthday present.

You Love Wet bald pussy

Wet bald pussyHey you naughty pervert reading up on me. I know why to, no reason to pretend there is anything innocent about me or you. You love a good wet bald pussy and that is exactly what I have. Do you think you are man enough to handle it? Are you going to be like my Daddy and totally own it, or are you going to puss out and make me ride your face. Either way this wet little pussy is going to cum. You could use me, or I could use you doesn’t really matter to me in the end we both get off so I don’t care. My bald little cunnie is ready to be filled with your wet hot cummies so don’t make me wait to long!

Pay To Knock Me Up

Breeding Phone SexDaddy always told me I’m great at fucking but I’m truly meant for breeding. He came to me last night and told me it was time for this little piggy to get knocked up. He told me I needed to shoot out some new little piglets for his enjoyment. But Daddy is a business man he sees the potential in looking to breed a prized bitch. He’s charging a bunch of his friends and strangers five hundred dollars each to fill me up with their seed. Those dirty perverts are so excited to fuck and knock up my bald little cunnie they are offering more just to be one of the first to make a deposit. Honestly I’m excited to be pregnant they say fucking is even better when you are a  little pregnant slut.

Panty Boy Shopping

Panty Boy Phone SexI was out today I had given Daddy a great blowjob earlier so I could use his credit card to go panty shopping. I saw this guy there looking at a pile of silk bikini style panties. He was discussing sizes with the sales lady saying he was looking for a gift to give his wife. However when he leaned forward I saw a hot pink lace design showing slightly above his pants. He was getting frustrated with the sales woman, who had no idea he was really shopping for himself. I walked over and pretended to be his friend apologizing for being late. I chased off the sales girl and took the guy by the hand. I asked him a bunch of questions when he acted coy I kept calling his Panty Boy and told him I would keep getting louder if he didn’t cut the crap. I found out he likes cheeky panties. So I found him the sexiest blood red set of cheekies. I found a nice red and black corset to match. He was so grateful for my assistance we exchanged numbers if he needed my help any further.

Fuck Me Father

Blasphemy Phone SexWould you believe I actually went to church today. It normally isn’t where I like to hang out but my granny had some donations she wanted me to drop off. I entered in and saw the priest sitting in the front row. He turned to greet me and made a comment about not seeing me in a while. I sat down next to him and politely responded that I had been busy. He smirked and said he has heard of my business quite a bit. “Maybe you would like to do some confession time” he suggested as he began to stand up. I felt a bit miffed “I don’t need a dark box to confess to my sins. I’ll do it right here. I’ve been fucking everyone and pretty much everything. I show my pussy to strangers and enjoy it. I fuck myself in the middle of grocery stores, I first started masturbating by rubbing books against my clit. One of my favorite books to use was the bible itself Father. Want to know why? Cause it was big and thick! Judging by the bulge in your pants right now your not so high and mighty either are you?”. I reached forward and grabbed his cock tightly in my hand, unbuttoned my pants sliding them off. I bent over and rubbed my ass up against his hard cock. “Go ahead Father, let’s give you a reason to confess” I teased. He’s hands aggressively grabbed my hips and I felt a hard thrust of his head enter me. He turned me facing the cross, fucking me roughly he grabbed my head up by my hair and made me stare right at it. “You asked for this you godless whore!” he shouted as I felt a warm hot load shoot up inside me. Who knew fucking in the house of God would be so much fun.

Daddy Loves Rim Jobs Phone Sex

Rim Jobs Phone SexI recently started a small Summer job a one of the crappy run down diners around here. It’s so dated they actually have me wearing a skirt for serving as the older gentlemen as huge fans. So I’m surrounded by old men that remind me of my Daddy all day. It’s torture sometimes, especially by the time I get home my panties are so wet I have to change. Lucky for me my Daddy is a huge fan of my work get up. First time he saw it he got hard. He says he always wanted to fuck a whore waitress and make her eat his ass. So of course Daddy had me on my knees my face up to his asshole my tongue licking around it, going slowly to tease him. I love how hard he gets when I lick his dirty hole. Sometimes that is enough excitement to get him ready to blow, this time he got so excited. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face beneath his cock giving me a big facial. At least the job gives me some good perks.

Fuck Me Like Everyone’s Watching

Exhibitionist Phone SexI started dating this boy who’s new to town. He didn’t know how much of a big slut I was but he soon found out. We were at a party my friend was throwing and it was kind of dull. So I decided to make things more fun. I started teasing my boyfriend making out with him and grabbing his dick through his pants. He would tell me to stop people were watching. I smiled and whispered in his ear “That’s the point”. I climbed on top of him, and stripped my shirt of rubbing my breast in his face. That certainly started getting everyone’s attention as I glanced around almost everyone was staring. My boyfriend could not hide how hard his was, his dick is nice and huge wanting to bust out of his pants so I set it free. Jerking it in my hand and rubbing the precum  all over my perky tits. I could see everyone at the party getting excited a few of them cheering me on, others recording and taking pictures. I stripped down completely and slowly slid down on his pole, moaning loudly going faster and faster. Guys started shouting for him to cream in me. This only made me fuck him harder, wanting to make it happen. He explored in me hard, certainly filling me with some nice hot thick cream. I climbed off him and showed everyone my bald cream filled pussy as I played with my clit. I rubbed hard until I squirted out into the crowd of eager onlookers. Seriously best party sex ever!

Naughty BabySitter- Two

Young bald pussyI’m sure my moans may have been echoing a bit throughout the house when he came in. My Young Bald Pussy was already dripping when he walked into the room. A good pool of juices formed beneath me on the sheets as I kept going. I could feel myself getting close, I didn’t want to stop even after being busted. All I could do was grin at him and keep going, he shut the door behind him. Undoing his belt and stripping down his pants and underwear he approached me. Grabbing a fist full of my hair and forcing me off the bed onto my knees. He forced his cock down my throat, while my hands were still finger fucking my tiny pussy. He started thrusting harder holding my head in place. Making me choke and gag, his cock throbbing as he ejaculated his cum into my mouth and throat continuing to face fuck me so I was choking and drowning in his cum. I could feel myself cumming as I rubbed harder on my clit reaching my reward for my efforts.

Naughty BabySitter- One

Babysitter Phone SexSo my friends Dad was desperate the other day needing someone to come babysit, work needed him right away. So he called my phone offered me 40 bucks just for two hours. I agreed and saw him off and just sat in the big house without much to do. So I decided to snoop around and found myself up in his and his wife’s bedroom. I noticed a cabinet open and peeked in. I found a couple of dirty dvds and just couldn’t help myself. I grabbed one that had a chick on the cover surrounded by a bunch of Big Black Cocks. Just looking at the cover I could feel my panties getting wet, so I popped it into the player and stripped completely down to nothing. I sat on the bed and began to tease my Young bald pussy, I didn’t even notice the car pulling into the drive.

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