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Little Dick Fucker Wanted Creampie Phone Sex

When it comes to being a naughty milf I am always going to push the envelope in being as filthy a slut can be, especially where my daughter is concerned. I had a date with this pathetic little fuck, it was a blind date/ double date for Valentines Day. This was a favor for a friend, and man this dude was pathetic and small. How did it come to me seeing his dick and humiliating him? Well, he actually brought it up telling me he wanted my daughter and me to humiliate and cuckold him. My friend told him about our kinky ways and he begged him to get me a date with him so he could get in on some dirty fun himself. He has such a hard time with women and has come to make a better lover for much younger tail. I like to refer to his type as a p-fucker, and he wants to fuck my young daughter while he watches me take bigger cocks and tease and taunt him about his puny dicklet and how he can please us best by lapping up our creampies… and by the way, no way he was fucking my daughter, he was going to watch as we worshipped and fucked much bigger cocks, and he will maybe, if the price is right, get to fuck out creamy stretched pussies.

creampie phone sex

Hot Phonesex with Party Whore P-Mommy

Last nights date night special was with some hot phonesex while I had my clit monster going at my slippery wet cum filled milf cunt. She is the best little pussy licker and still so young. Her sweet peach is a plump treat and I swear it gets me so damned fucking horny watching that little pussy hole of hers get fucked. I had a friend slip his p-daddy cock in her tight little bum last night and that sweet pink rosebud really bloomed. Her pussy really took some beating with two different perve daddy p cocks. I loved the look of those spread pink lips with a meaty cock between them. I love running my tongue along that shaft and tasting her sweet cuny juices on that daddy dick.

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Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex Is Hot

Naughty neighbors phone sex

Naughty neighbor phone sex just sort of happened one evening while out with my daughter. I had drinks with an old friend and brought the slut along and she got some strangers phone number and gave him mine while I wasn’t paying attention. I noticed her flirting and teasing a neighbor of ours but thought nothing of it. He was just some 30 something guy that lived with his boring wife and drove a boring car and looked a little, well, boring. But he really seemed to enjoy the flirting and teasing of my slutkin. Later that night I was on the couch with the little slut and a little stoned when my phone rang. In answering it this guy was talking really low and telling me how much he adored my daughter and me and the fun he could show us. He went on about not judging the book by the cover and to really give him a chance.

After a little hot conversation and how he wanted to be the p daddy that could please the two of us and how he would lick each of our slits and finger our cunts until we got really juicy then he would love to see us make out the way we did to tease those workers last summer. The MILF phone sex angle I played was so fucking hot that he has such a hard on when he sees us in public due to his really sexually fueled fantasies he would have as he jerked off. The idea of incest phone sex with a mother and daughter sharing his daddy cock really pushed him over and he needed to feel his cock penetrate our sweet wet pussies. There was no denying we could easily have this one wrapped around our fingers.


Are You Down For Party Girls Phone Sex?

Down for a good time sexy? Well I have a real good time for you if your willing to just fucking admit that your a naughty p-fucker like myself. I’m a dirty p-mommy with a sweet as cherry pie bald cuny youngen that could use a naughty daddy to put her right. She has really become such a tease and I love to whore her the fuck out. Last night we got in really late because we were celebrating a little bit before my birthday. I had some buds hooking me up with speedballs and coke baggies left and right just to get a taste of that sweet pie. I think it’s time to bring some real p-daddy’s around and do it up right, fuck I have a mountain of drugs to get things right… these past Holidays have been good to me in the way of party favors. I had a guy offer me a book of ‘cid just to get a chance to fuck me while having my daughter spread her legs for him. So really, come on out and give me a ring so we can see what fun we can have I am sure you can’t turn down some mommy and daughter bald pussies to jerk off to… or something more even…

Party girls phone sex

Mother-Daughter Phone Sex w/a P-Mommy

Mother-Daughter Phone Sex

Hey guys I am that filthy naughty little p-mommy of a young slutkin and we have the best time with the mother-daughter phone sex calls I get to do. She is not allowed on my phone but I always play with her and she loves to listen to her p-daddy talking filthy to her. She is always rubbing her cuny wanting to get penetrated and her little holes rape fantasy plowed again, over and over, she is a fucking demon seed of Satan’s and surely he is a proud daddy for this one. I’m the naughtiest mommy in the way she was trained in being the slutkin she is. We cannot get enough sharing of some big cocks and making them shower their cum all over our bald pussies.

Kinky Coed P-Mommy Parties Hard

Drugs phone sex

Mother fucking hell I get so god damned Horny when I’m as high as I am right now! I swear to the fuck lords of Salem that this desire to take a couple of BBC’s in my fuckholes is Strong! I am such an addict for drugs phone sex and the dirty perverts that love to indulge in it as much as I do! I’m looking forward to some hardcore fun this weekend while my stash of party fun is nice and full, kinda how I hope my holes to be also… soon! In fact I even have my dealer coming by to drop off the final item for my Holiday arsenal of party favors… a beautiful white ball of snow! For me it will be a white Christmas with a lot of Chocolate!

Cheated On Or The Cheater… Which Is It?

You’re married and thinking about cheating phone sex. Maybe you are a cuckold wannabe and would love your wife to take on some BBC and watch while she does. You know how fucking hot it looks and would love to experience it for real. I’m your next door neighbor and have been trying to get your wife to party with me a little and we go have some drinks and I talk her into taking some BBC back at my place and I invite you over to watch her cheat on you as she gets pummeled with that long black snake stretching her trimmed pink pussy. I see how excited you are and bring my daughter in to start taking advantage of the situation. You see I know that you have been watching my daughter and me and I know you jerk off thinking about that sweet young pussy and I am the perfect neighbor to instigate all sorts of hot fucking fun in your boring marriage.

Cheating phone sex

Family Fun Phone Sex Fuck-A-Thon

The usual post Holiday fuck-a-thon happened with my family over the weekend, only this time they decided my slut daughter should be the center of attention. It’s not like they have never seen her little bald cunt before, nor that they even got to taste it… and fuck it… because they have! No, it was that they all wanted to get in on this bet of how many cocks can my whore daughter take. Well, I told them such a bet was useless because she fucking loves cock. The two of us ended up getting tag teamed by all the males in the family and some of the furry friends as well. It was extremely hot watching those red rockets take my daughters pink bald cuny and I really could not help but decide to make her a filthy show whore doing such filthy taboo fucking things. Seeing that creature pump her twat full of cum was the hottest thing ever and I came just jilling myself off to it.

Family fun phone sex

Golden Showers Phone Sex Intoxication

I love kinky submissive men that love piss and hot young sluts to be pervy with. So you see I really enjoy golden showers phone sex fun with my slutkin joining in on the fun. She is as much a kinky little bitch as mommy is. I really need to get wasted and piss all my alcoholic piss into your mouth to force intoxicate your pathetic subby ass. Ooo… thinking of ass… maybe even try a hot kinky enema session where my slutkin goes out to a glory hole and solicits men to dump their loads in an enema bag and we add my intoxicated piss for a super special enema for the slut you are. I’m really excited about her taking loads in her tiny hot holes also and feeding them to you while I piss on your pathetic small prick. We have so many kinky ideas and

hope you will join us soon!Golden shower phone sex

Toilet Slave Phone Sex

Fantasy Phone Sex Leads to Blasphemy

At first he was just a filthy perverted priest that wanted some hot, tight, young bald pussy and who could blame him. But after some of my relentless tormenting of him with my slutkin daughter, the two of us really ganged up on the pioused bastard. *smirk* Oh the fun we had with him and in such a world of blasphemy it was fucking hot!

We decided it was a good day to make that priest our little bitch and forced him to dress up as a nun and not only that but an crossdressing priest of a nun. What’s this all mean? Well we shaved him, dressed him in lingerie under his habit and even put whore makeup on him. I cut a hole in the habit at his little bitch ass and his pretty panties were with an open back door *wink*. I found a blasphemous buttplug with a devils tail and put it in his reluctant back door. He was a perfect whore nun and I made him kneel before the cross and bed Jesus to fuck him. This is only the start and we had a blast pushing his limits.

Fantasy Phone Sex

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