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Fantasy Phone Sex Leads to Blasphemy

At first he was just a filthy perverted priest that wanted some hot, tight, young bald pussy and who could blame him. But after some of my relentless tormenting of him with my slutkin daughter, the two of us really ganged up on the pioused bastard. *smirk* Oh the fun we had with him and in such a world of blasphemy it was fucking hot!

We decided it was a good day to make that priest our little bitch and forced him to dress up as a nun and not only that but an crossdressing priest of a nun. What’s this all mean? Well we shaved him, dressed him in lingerie under his habit and even put whore makeup on him. I cut a hole in the habit at his little bitch ass and his pretty panties were with an open back door *wink*. I found a blasphemous buttplug with a devils tail and put it in his reluctant back door. He was a perfect whore nun and I made him kneel before the cross and bed Jesus to fuck him. This is only the start and we had a blast pushing his limits.

Fantasy Phone Sex

Mommy Phone Sex Cuckolding Creampies

Mommy Phone Sex

You get so horny thinking about mommy phone sex and have so many naughty thoughts about mommy, don’t you? The desire for licking mommy’s wet cum filled pussy after watching my milf cunt get banged really good by cock that isn’t daddy’s. I bet you would get really hard watching this p-mommy fuck strangers and have my little ones sucking those cocks clean of mommy’s pussy juice and that man goo. I can’t resist a nice hard dick to suck nor can my slutkins.

We really love to wear pantyhose together also and dressing you up in some really is hot. You in pantyhose watching me getting drilled good through the rip in my panty crotch makes for a bulge in those pantyhose of yours and you really crave to suck that cock as much as my girls crave it. Be a dirty cucky cocksucker in pantyhose for mommy Haley.

Creampie Phone Sex

End Of Summer Party W/ Drugs Phone Sex

I cannot let Summer end without some hot fucking partying! Who is Down for some wild fucking drugs phone sex? You know my daughter and I have had soooo much fun this Summer with all kinds of teasing, partying and fucking! The other day she woke up and was like “do I really have to go back to school and be sober for so many hours sitting there?” I of course told her not necessarily *wink* ha ha. Like for real this little trouble maker will find a way to get through the school day continuing to be the tease and little druggy that she is and I know I will be called to her school numerous times through the year.

Drugs phone sex

I really turned her on to some hot exhibitionism this summer when i took her to visit some friends and got her fucked up. She is so fucking easy and a total lightweight with everything we gave her she needed only a tiny bit and Bam! Little whore comes out! She is so cute when she is on her knees with a little micro skirt that looks like a slutty school uniform skirt, and a little white v neck/ low cut halter top and strappy black heel sandals. Her toenails were painted such a pearly white that one of the guys really fixated on cumming all over her sweet little toes while she took on sucking and jacking two cocks. This mini me is such a whore just like her mommy and I am fucking proud of her!

When the two of us finished our rounds that afternoon she was passed out and her holes were just dripping with cum and I would not be a good mommy unless I got between her legs and lapped all that hot spunk and her sweet pussy juices up real good. I Hope Your Summer Went As Good As Ours!

Young Bald Pussy

Seven Hail Mary’s

I have a priest client that really enjoys the fuck out of my slutkin daughter and when we show up in his confession booth in the mid afternoon he gets so worked up over her little hand sliding through the door jerking off that pious penis of our beloved Father. We are given our Hail Mary’s to say and will repent to the basement where he will meet us and administer the bare bottom spankings of her young white ass. His cock throbs as he spanks her with each handful of sweet flesh he squeezes when his hand grazes down upon her bottom. He throbs for her and I give this old bugger what he really desires as I dress in a Nuns Habit and gown with my strap-on and riding crop. Demanding him to bend over as he has been a bad Priest and the head Sister will need to punish him for that.
Ring me up to see where we can take some of this fun…
Blasphemy Phone Sex

P Mommy For Blowjobs Phone Sex

Blowjobs Phone Sex

I’m hankering for some man chowder and really love participating in blowjobs phone sex calls that anticipate those huge loads. I bet you would love my plump juicy lips wrapped around that throbbing dick head. Sliding them down that flesh pole into my moist mouth as my tongue teases around the dick hole.

Sliding my lips up and down on that shaft I have my young daughters join me in licking and sucking that hard throbbing rod. We share kisses around your cock head as we lick, tongue flick and suck on it worshipping that fine cock. I assist my daughter in having her deep throat you as I push her head down on it and hold her there as you throat fuck her. We will certainly drain those balls.


Young P Mommy For Milf Phone Sex

Ever get a desire for a young p mommy for that milf phone sex desire of yours where you will wear panties and or pantyhose and get off with something kinky to make you mess in those pretties. Maybe you want this p mommy to have her sweet daughter dressed in pretty panties and maybe also silky pantyhose while mommy also wears the same. Imagine the three of us rubbing out silky things together and your p daddy cock gets hard.

There seems to be an endless number of kinky scenarios we can come up with that involve these super kinky elements. I love to rub on my daughter as we are both wearing silky pantyhose and pretty panties while you thrust your bare cock between mommy and daughters thighs and rub one out between our silky legs, one after the other back and forth between mommy and daughters wet silky legs.

Milf Phone Sex

P Mommy Haley w/ Her Cum Slut Daughter

We are a hot cum slut phone sex duo, my slutkin and me. I love to put shows on with her as the center of attention and the guys love it! One of my hottest things to do with her is to slather some nut butter on her hot bald pussy mound and inside that sweet pink cuny slit and let the furry pets lap at her cunt making her giggle and get excited. The four legged fiends red rockets will really start to show and they can’t get their nuts off unless they get nice and knotted up inside a sweet little pink hole. My guy friends get really excited watching that furry pal mount that sweet young bald cuny and I can’t resist letting them all fuck me in a hot gangbang.

Cum slut phone sex

Gangbang My Cum Slut

I am always looking for something different and kinky and decided to get my slutkin in a hot gangbang this afternoon. She is tiny with the tightest holes and it’s always amazing watching them holes get stretched by the multitudes of big dicks. It’s always good to have some cocaine on hand to numb that sweet cunt. Getting that sweet pussy, asshole and mouth all nice and jizz filled is some of the hottest shit I have watched. I get wasted as I watch this little whore daughter of mine please all those dicks.

Would you like to get a chance with this sweet little whore daughter of mine, one that has been trained from a young age in the pleasing of dick? Well we can have a lot of fun then.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Gaping Ass Cum Slut Phone Sex

You like the perverted fun of fucking some sweet puckered ass don’t you? Well how about some cum slut phone sex where you gape a sweet tight asshole and flll it with cum? I bet that has your dick twitching and I hope it sparks a dirty thought that will persuade you to call me up and be pervs together. The other night I let my young daughter take some BBC and it was intense as fuck and the level of gaping done to her hot slut holes was massively hot. I really had to get down and suck that nigger jizz out of those fuck holes and feed it to her with a big deep kiss. We get super nasty together and I am always whoring the little slutkin out to take on more.

cum slut phone sex

Drugs Phone Sex Is The Way

As a total party whore with a young offspring it isn’t of any surprise that drugs phone sex is the way to a real good time without having to do much more than get high, watch porn and talk dirty with me about the slutkin and myself in various inappropriate ways. I can’t blame filthy p-daddy perverts for wanting to fuck my offspring as I personally love to lick that sweet little slit of hers and when I fist that tight little ass of hers, fuck I get horny! I love to get her little arms up my ass and cunt and she really knows how to do mommy right. We really cannot be bothered with anything vanilla as we like a little more excitement, and hopefully you do as well.

 Drugs Phone Sex

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