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Fetish phone sex

 I know you are a little bitch that has desires for nasty fetish phone sex type calls. I love them, really. I find it especially fun to do what I did with one little bitch and that was to get him fucked up and make him suck off a furry beast cock. My daughter really enjoyed it also. We were naughty little enablers and got off on every second of it. Especially exciting was making him eat that beasty cum from my daughters puss after she was so fucking horny that she begged me to help her fuck that beast. She fucked the four legged beast cock and we let it’s swelled member pump her tight bald pussy full of that cock spurt of cum cream. Making our intoxicated friend crawl to her and lap the jizz from her was exciting for the beast that mounted him and pumped his bitch hole with that furry dong. I could not believe how fucking hot I found it and was prepping to rub one out when my dealer came right on in on this little mess of debauchery. I was sitting there with my legs spread and my little black knit skirt pushed up and he just dove right in my druggy whore pussy and lapped my wetness up before pounding me with his big black fucking dick.


Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex For Perverts

One of the hottest pantyhose fetish phone sex calls was the other day. I was asked by a friend to babysit for someone that asked about me and offered a pretty good payment if my slutkin and I would come by and take care of sissy for them. Well sissy wasn’t a young one nor really a sissy at all. He was a kinky pervert that loved pantyhose, young pussy and being submissive to a mommy and daughter team. He loved seeing my spawn and me in some shimmery nylons he got for us and wore some himself. He wanted us to dominate him and make him our toilet slave also. I loved pissing on him through the pantyhose while he sucked the crotch and my daughter had a strap-on over her pantyhose and pegged his tight asshole really good through the hole in his hose. He banged on our clits with his swollen cock compressed in those control top panthose until he creamed his panties like a good boy.

Pantyhose fetish phone sex

Blackmail Phone Sex With Married Men

Blackmail Phone Sex

You know my favorite way to use my slutkin? It’s making men do bad things, especially married men… especially married men in our neighborhood *wink, wink*. One specific married man has become a little preoccupied in his obsession with a thin waif youngster daughter of mine. He knows who he is and will no doubt become even more absorbed in the sordid details of his infatuation with how the two of us control him, his mind, and his wallet. He has to pay us off to keep from being exposed as the naughty, naughty slut daddy he is, and it’s even hotter the way we get to be friendly with his wife and then gather our prize slut from her to use to our wishes. My slutkin and I love using strap-ons and control over men and making them submissive to us as we get high and sometimes even get a good laugh out of how pathetic they are for their weakness for such a sweet young bald cuny to fuck. We are very eager to include the kinky fun of a nice furry friends red rocket in the near future.

Married Men Phone Sex


Young Bald Pussy Is So Sweet To Lick

You crave the young bald pussy like a wild man craves meat, and this juicy little peach of my daughters is just the thing you want. I will taunt and tease you about it as I have her prancing around the house topless with just her little cotton panties on. He little camel toes looks inviting in those panties and those tiny nipples on that flat chest is really a turn on for your perverted p daddy dick. Cum on over and squirt a load on her panties when I am getting ready for our date. I get a call and find out the babysitter canceled and we have to stay in with her and smoke out and drink and order in some Chinese take-out. But I bet the only feasting you will be doing is on this little princesses peach.

Young bald pussy

Cum slut phone sex


Blackmail Phone Sex Fantasies Are Hot

Blackmail phone sex is a really hot niche and the fantasies can be so nasty and fun I can’t help but love them. The other night I had a caller that wanted to give me his work email and send him the pictures I took stills of from his webcam when he did his session… like he was pathetic and a panty wearing, pacifier sucking prissy sissy boy that needed some fine blackmailing. I got his bosses email also and she has wanted to dominate him with a strap-on, and I think he secretly wishes for that and it isn’t true. So I played along and made sure he paid up properly before I emailed his boss these images stating that I am already controlling this faggy ass but she could have him for a set price. I am sure he got really humiliated when she called him in her office. I was sure to tell her that he was ready to be her bitch because his card declined the extra cost to keep me quiet.

Blackmail phone sex

P Daddy’s Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex Play Time

Slinky sleek sheer pantyhose caressing your skin with that man clitty tucked right into those silky French cut pantyhose with faux lacey bikini. Your pantyhose fetish phone sex sessions should be as deliciously silky smooth as those waxed legs clad in your expensive hose. The silky bodystocking you wear when you come over to play with my little whore and me is so sexy when the three of us are wearing bodystockings together and we get all tangled up rubbing our smooth silk and nylon clad hairless bodies together. The way you grind your little clitty on my slutkins bald cuny as I take your bottom with my purple gel strap-on cock is really soo much fun. I love how you cream those hose and make a gooey cummy mess for us. We really love to rub on each other like the naughty whores we are. I love how you like to get kinky with that p daddy dicklet of yours and you know the only place for something so small in in a young bald pussy.

Pantyhose fetish phone sex


Coed Milf Loves Drugs Phone Sex

A hot drugs phone sex call is what you are needing and I am the partying Milf with a hot little piece of ass slutkin ready to drain your balls. I’ve been away a few weeks but am back and really fucking hormy for all you perverts to cum party with me. It’s always going to be hot with the two of us and I am sure you won’t mind sharing in the sweet, young, tight pink pussy of my little mini me. You know those hot fantasies of a mommy helping you pop her daughters cherry? Well, let’s see how nasty we can get in doing such a thing, and by the way, we both love to service a nice hard dick together.

Drugs phone sex

Strap-on Phone Sex For P-Daddy Faggots

Strap-on Phone Sex

Look at your pathetic perverted ass jerking hard to my little fiend daughter that’s teasing the fuck out of you. Her tiny bald little camel toe outlined in her tight leggings and how obvious it is she isn’t wearing her little panties but is wearing some completely unsuitable for such a young cuny. She is so not innocent and loves her p daddies and their p cocks in her tight little sluthole. I know your such a fucking pervert in your needs for tight little holes to put your p cocks in and crave a nice ass pussy fucking from my nice big strap-on. I love to party with you and get my hellion nice and feeling good popping the xanax bar in her fruit punch. We do some lines of cocaine and your so fixated with our drugs phone sex and on her tight little body and with a little xanax crushed and lined up you start feeling really good after snorting it with a tiny bit of MDMA in it. The body high is so good now and I get my daughter sucking my tits as I finger her hot little slit. I know your dying to shove you dick in her tight pink pussy and I know you will be begging for my cock while you pound her little pussy until you explode inside her… usually after a few thrusts of my cock in your man pussy as I massage that prostate.

Drugs Phone Sex


Bisexual Phone Sex: Discovering Kink

It’s your sexuality and that’s something that you should embrace and embrace it with some kinky bisexual phone sex with a naughty slut mommy like me. I love to train the young men in the art of ass fucking and taking a sweet tight virginal fuck hole with my strap-on is so fucking great! My daughter has come to enjoy playing also and imagine a sexy mommy / daughter experience to tease and deny you orgasm as we play with your sweet ass making you the dirty whore you so desire to be. It’s okay to be shy my daughter and I are here to assist and really you can fuck my daughter easily with that small dicklet clitty of yours, but even she couldn’t get off by it’s penetration, it’s better to use as a clit. You will gain a new level of pleasure as we coerce you into assplay and prepping you for some hot sissification.

Bisexual Phone Sex

Hot Phonesex Druggy P-Mommy Party Slut

Hot Phonesex

So as it stands I seem to have a few kinky perverts interested in my son, and I never mentioned him as I was all over being the kinky mommy with a daughter whore but I am so much more. My young son is a lot of fun for the offspring and myself to diddle with. We really are a kinky little family and maybe one of you get to be the first to diddle his little holes with your big tool. My daughter loves making him such her strap-on cock and makes him a good cocksucking little whore already maybe he can suck yur p-daddy dick, I bet he’ll drain those balls, and if not… well my daughter with that pink bald cuny and tight puckered ass is nearby.

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