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Sexy BBW Big Tit Photos

big tit photosThis guy had an ad in the back of this local rag paper I get. The ad said, “Top Dollar Paid for Big Tit Photos.” I can always use some extra money and I have no problem showing off my boobs. I have posed for Score and a slew of other outfits that like busty BBW girls. When I called the number provided, it became obvious quickly that this was more of an art shoot. The man was an art graduate student and he needed a busty model. If I was uncomfortable posing for him, I could let him take some naked pictures of me instead. He was paying me more if I modeled for him. He would pay me $100 a day which was about 4 hours being nude in his studio daily until his art piece was done. Seemed like easy money to me. I figured he was some sort of geek or otherwise he would know some women to ask to do this for him. The joke was on me because he was smoking hot. A tall, athletic Italian man in his 30s. He is only in America on a school visa. He knows lots of women, but according to him, they are all skinny and flat chested. He wanted a voluptuous woman. I was happy to be his Aphrodite. I mean the man is hot and he is paying me to look at my naked body. After a couple sessions of me just posing for him, we had hot ass sex on his studio floor. In fact, some of his cum landed in the clay one day! He has one of those Italian stallion cocks. My pussy is sore from fucking him, but I won’t stop until his art project is completed. I want to tell him to let me make a plaster caster of his cock with his clay because that would make one fine dildo for me to remember him by.


My Wet Bald Pussy Got a Work Out

wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy got a work out this morning. I met this straight guy at a Cher concert Monday. I know, right? I swear I found the only straight man in the place. He was his mother’s date and I was with my gay posse, so all we could do was fool around in the gender neutral bathroom during intermission. He is the caregiver for his mother, so he was sex starved. I thought he was cute, and he had a big dick. I get fucked when ever I want, but some how it is never enough. I guess I am a nympho! His mom had a long morning at the hospital getting some tests. Lucky for me, the hospital was around the corner from my place. As soon as he arrived, we ripped each other’s clothes off. I could feel his neglected cock pulsating through his pants. I thought he would burst through those pants if I didn’t release him. I was the first woman he had fucked in two years. I was happy to be the recipient off all that pent up sexual frustration. Horny men who have been long neglected, rabbit fuck. They ravage your pussy. It was hot ass sex for sure. We fucked in all sorts of kinky positions. My pussy not only got stuffed, it got sore. Been a hot minute since some one fucked me for over 4 hours. When his mom texted him, he had to go. I don’t know when I will fuck him again, but I know I need a few days to recuperate. He said next time, my ass is all his. He has never ass fucked a girl. If he does to my ass, what he did to my pussy, I will be sitting on a frozen steak for days.

Phone Sex Exhibitionist BBW

phone sexI love having phone sex. I got my start with my cousin when he went overseas after 9/11. I was 19 at the time, and just getting into exhibitionism and putting on shows for men. I wasn’t always as comfortable with my sexy BBW body as I am now. My cousin and I have been having cyber sex for over a decade now. Every show, I get bolder and naughtier. I may have missed my calling as a cam girl. Anyway, last night he called me. We got on face time together, but I used my iPad, so the screen would be bigger. He was watching me with a few of his friends. I oiled myself up per their request. I love making mutual masturbation porn, so we recorded the session.  As I was all oiled up and naked, I started bouncing on my suction cup dildo. I bounced on it with my pussy and my ass. My big tits were bouncing in my face.  The guys were jerking their dicks and we were all cumming. I love watching and hearing men cum for me. I miss my cousin’s dick inside of me, but cyber sex is the next best thing. I gave myself a black eye from bouncing so hard on my dildo. But it was all worth it to help our military men have some fun.

Showing You How to Please My Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy. Masturbation is the best gift we can give ourselves. I know you understand that, right? I have been masturbating since I was a school girl. I played with my kitty before a man ever did. If you don’t know how to give yourself pleasure, it is not like you can tell a partner how to please you. I am not shy about telling and showing a guy how to please my pussy. I was with a guy the other night who didn’t seem to know how to find my clit, so I showed him. I enjoy guided masturbation calls. This was similar. I guided him how to please me. I gave him an anatomy lesson first. Most men don’t understand all the parts of a woman’s pussy. They think they can just stick it in, and a woman will come. Foreplay is a lost art form these days. This guy was handsome, and he had a nice cock. He was worth training. I made him watch me cum a few times before I let him lick my bald cunt. I told him how to stroke his cock while he ate me. A few hours of foreplay and understanding how my pussy works, and he was making me squirt. Sometimes, you just have to pause the action to show a man how to give you the pleasure your deserve.

Bisexual Phone Sex Story

bisexual phone sexDo you like bisexual phone sex stories? This sexy BBW loves a hot woman as much as a hot guy. I have been going to the gym more this year. I care less about getting fit and more about getting laid. So far, the gym has been a great meat market for me. Up until yesterday, I have brought home random men to fuck. That all changed when I met Maggie. She is a smoking hot babe with big tits and curves just like me. We were in this boot camp class together. We were both distracting the other folks because our boobs are too big to be jumping up and down. After class, we chatted and laughed about some of the pissed off looks we got from jealous flat chested girls. One thing led to another and we were back at my place scissoring our pussies. She is one sexy bitch. She ate my wet bald pussy better than any man I have picked up lately. I squirted on her face. We rimmed each other’s pink assholes too. Most men won’t lick my ass, but she buried her face in my ass for a solid half hour. We even broke out some of my sex toys. I loved using my double-sided dildo with her. She was plump and juicy, just how I like a pussy. I love some girl-on-girl action, do you?

Guided Masturbation Techniques so You Can Last

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. Nothing hotter than listening to you stroke your cock, especially when I tell you just how to stroke it. I have this game I like to play with quick cummers. It is an edging game called Red Light Green Light. I find lovers on and off the phone cum quickly with me. I think it is because of my sexy BBW body. I need a man to last. I want a man to last and I assume you want to last too. I understand why it is easy to be a minute man, especially on the phone. But in real life, there is no excuse. Greg came before his dick was in my pussy last night. Talk about a huge disappointment.  I had to use my edging game on him because I wanted a do over. I mean he has a 9-inch cut cock. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. He liked stroking his cock for me. He said he just got too excited because I was so hot. I took it as a compliment. I edged him for 90 minutes. He said it felt like an eternity. I will go to any lengths to get fucked properly. Second time, he lasted 40 minutes in my pussy and gave me the biggest cum shot he said he ever shot. Edging works. You may need it too if you are quick shooter too.

BBW Phone Sex is What You Need

bbw phone sexBBW phone sex was what he said he wanted more of in 2019. His wife is a skinny bitch and she complains about how big his cock is. He has had a few calls with me, enough to know it was time to get a sexy BBW in his life. I was playing with my wet fat pussy as he told me how he met this chubby girl on Tinder who couldn’t wait to handle his cock. Fat sluts, even pleasantly plump ones like me, are cock whores. Greedy cock sucking whores that like big dicks. I guess I spoiled my caller so much with chubby phone sex, he needed to see if fat was were it was at on his own. He couldn’t wait to see if all I told him was true. He was happy to report that his chubby mistress loves his 10 inch cock. She even took it in the ass then sucked his cock like a good ass to mouth whore. She was every bit as freaky as me. If you have a wife not doing her job in the bedroom or complains you have too big of a dick, find yourself a sexy bbw too.

Big Tit Photos for Christmas

big tit photosAll he wanted for Christmas was my big tit photos. How could I deny him that? Yes, he is my cousin, but he is a solider too. He took my cherry when I was a young girl and we have been tight ever since. He has been in Iraq forever. He is career military. We Skype weekly. He loves to jack off for me. All he ever wants from me is naked photos. He loves my big tits. So, do all his army buddies. This year I did my own private USO tour for the troops. I Skyped my cousin and he crammed as many of his fellow soldiers as he could into his quarters, so they could see my sexy BBW body too.  I love masturbating for the troops. They appreciate my full-figured body. We had so much fun making our own mutual masturbation porn. Me and 22 army men is a gangbang I would love to make happen sometime. For now, Skype will have to do.

Sexy BBW Phone Sex will Warm You Up

bbw phone sexBBW phone sex will warm you up in December. I have been heating up men for years, especially married men. I met this sexy salt and pepper haired man at Starbucks this morning. He is from out of town, here for the holidays to visit his family. We had instant chemistry. What a sexy daddy I wanted to fuck. He showed me pictures of his young grand babies as we waited for our drinks. All I could think about was the bulge in his pants. I was hoping that showing me those pics was just a way to get closer to my sexy BBW body and check out my curves. He was staying at the hotel my Starbucks is in I discovered as we exited the café. He invited me upstairs to his room to wait out the storm. It was snowing heavily outside again. I knew that was code to fuck. I only live two blocks away. I could get home, but I acted worried about the snow as an excuse to go to his room with him. He ravaged me in the elevator. Grabbed my big boobs and finger fucked my pussy. I came before we hit his floor. When we were in his room, I gave him head like he was the last cock I would ever have in my mouth. He gave me the biggest cum shot too. Right down my throat. He ate my pussy on his hotel bed until his dick recuperated to fuck me. He had stamina and skills for a man twice my age. He was better hung than many of my other younger lovers too. Christmas came early for me. Santa must have known that all I wanted was a hung married man for Christmas. We fucked for hours until I had to come home to walk my pups. We have plans to hook up later tonight. Starbucks is such a great hook up place.

Big Tit Fucking with Real Boobs

big tit fuckingHe wanted some big tit fucking, so I supplied the tits. I love the feel of a hard cock between my boobs. I was sitting at the bar with a girlfriend the other night. Two guys were next to us talking loud about fake tits. They weren’t a fan because they don’t feel as good for tit fucking. We eaves dropped for a bit, reveling in the fact that these guys hate fake boobs and we were rolling in natural big tits. After a few minutes, we injected ourselves into the conversation. We agreed with them that natural was superior to fake when it came to boobs. One of the guys thought my boobs were fake. Come on dude, I mean my boobs bounce. I was jumping up and down in the bar to show off my natural boobs. I could see both dudes shifting in their pants. I knew they liked my tits. I also knew they understood they were real. They were just messing with me to get me to prove myself. They had no clue I was a slut and an exhibitionist. I would show them my big tits without the games. Eventually, both guys ended up back at my place with my friend and I. Big cocks between my jugs felt amazing, but not as amazing as they did when they were in my wet bald pussy.


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