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My Big Tit Photos

big tit photosI met this guy online in a chat room. The first thing he wanted was some big tit photos. He could tell when we face timed that I had some big knockers. I sent him some nude selfies. He is a Marine overseas; he can’t come home for the holidays, so I brought him some cheer with my boobs. We have been texting and talking online daily for a week now. Last night, he pulled out his cock while we were on face time. Maybe the camera adds 10 inches, I am not sure, but he was hung. Seriously, hung. Suddenly, I had a wet bald pussy. He was stroking his cock thinking about cumming on my tits. I was rubbing my clit thinking of his big hard cock stuffing me. I love watching a man be master of his domain. Watching guys and girls pleasure themselves has always been something I enjoy. I am very voyeuristic. Are you? He came on his phone screen because I could see the globs of jizz. I started licking my phone like I could really taste it. Wish I could because he shot off a gallon of cum. I love cum. It was a hot time. Don’t get me wrong, I always prefer fucking to cyber sex, but if you can’t get the real thing, mutual masturbation is the next best thing!

BBW Phone Sex with My Best Friend’s Brother

bbw phone sexDo you enjoy BBW phone sex? I am surprised at how many of my callers tell me I look like some girl they know. Every guy knows a full figured girl or two, but not every guy is lucky enough to fuck a sexy BBW. Recently, I fucked a guy I know just like a roleplay I have done many times over. My best friend’s brother was in town for Thanksgiving. He stayed a week, so I got to see him. He has never shown interest in me; at least not that I have noticed. I was surprised when he showed up on my doorstep drunk. I thought he was looking for his sister because she had been out with me earlier. He stammered a bit to tell me that he always thought I was hot. I invited him in because I always thought he was hot too. I just never realized he was into me. He confessed that he thought it was wrong to hit on his sister’s best friend. He knows I am a phone sex whore, so I told him many of my callers have me role play as their sister’s best friend. He asked me if I had ever thought about him in a sexual way. I paused for a while to drive him crazy. Then, I stood up and took off my dress. I was standing in front of my best friend’s brother naked begging for him to fuck me. Even in a drunken stupor, his dick was hard. He had a much bigger cock than I imagined. He isn’t very tall, and he has small hands, so honestly, I thought he would be a shrimp dick. He knelt before me, so he could worship my pussy. He enjoyed eating my wet bald pussy almost as much as he enjoyed fucking me. I told him we couldn’t tell his sister. He agreed. He came back over this morning and ate my pussy again before heading home. I will miss his tongue.

Big Tit Fucking with My Doctor

big tit fuckingDo you need some big tit fucking? I love feeling a hard cock between my rack. I guess you could say I am obsessed with cock between my tits. I had my lady doctor appointment yesterday. I have a female doctor, well, I had one. When I arrived for my appointment, I was informed I had a new doctor. It doesn’t freak me out to have a male gynecologist. He wouldn’t be the first or the last guy to be between my legs. However, I was not expecting him to be young and hot. When it came time for the breast exam, I flirted shamelessly. I shook my breasts in his face and grabbed his cock. I was actually shocked that I was that bold, but I was horny. He didn’t act like he minded. The next thing I knew, I had my pussy on his face for a better examination and his hard cock between my breasts. Best pussy exam ever. Let me tell you, he was thorough. He got a free prostate exam too. After I was done titty fucking the doctor’s cock, I slid my finger up his ass and drained his balls better than anyone before. He said I was his favorite patient now.

BBW Phone Sex with a Married Man

bbw phone sexBBW phone sex is where it is at! You don’t know what you are missing if you have never been with a big girl. I am greedy for cock. I woke up horny this morning. I needed a cock fix. I am a curvy girl with big tits. I never have to go far to find cock. Today, I didn’t even have to leave the house. As I was set to walk about and get some dick, there was the UPS guy delivering my Amazon package. He saw me in my booty shorts and tight top and sprung wood in his pants. I pulled him in by his cock. This morning cock came to me. Came on me too, but I will get to that part. The ring on his finger told me he was married, but I didn’t care. He was hot as fuck with a big hard cock. I love married men. They are always in need of a good blowjob. I got down on my knees to worship that beauty of a cock in all of its glory. I was amazed by how hard he was. I wrapped my big knockers around his cock to assist me in giving him head. His balls were tight, so I knew he wouldn’t last long. That was okay because I am a fan of cum shots on tits. I got it too. After a few minutes of titty fucking and the best head of his life according to him, my face and boobs were covered in cum. He admitted it had been a long time since he unleashed a load. I was happy to be his cum dump. I knew he had to get back to work. Lots of deliveries this time of year, but he promised to deliver a special package to me at the end of his route. His cock is special. One of the biggest dicks I have seen on a white man before. Yummy. So, I am going to play with my wet bald pussy and talk dirty until my married UPS driver returns.

cum shots on tits

Wet Bald Pussy is What You Want For Breakfast

wet bald pussyWet bald pussy tastes good. I always love a man who agrees. There are guys who won’t go down on women.  I know there are girls who won’t give head too, but I think both are missing out. If I go down on you and you won’t return the favor, I will never hook up with you again.  I have dumped good guys because they won’t eat my pussy. Guys cheat all the time on women who won’t give head. And you better believe that the girl they cheat with has excellent cock sucking skills and swallows. I am the other woman to a few gentlemen. I don’t mind because I am nowhere near wanting to settle down yet. I may never be because being the other woman is so much fun. I like being a phone sex girlfriend too. When I am the other woman, men care about my orgasms. In fact, they get pleasure from my pleasure. This one married man I am fucking, stopped by on his way to work this morning. Not because he needed his knob polished, but because he wanted to eat my pussy.  He wanted to give me pleasure before work. He even brought me my favorite Starbucks drink. Being the mistress means you can’t wait to see me. It means you can’t wait to pleasure me. It means you can’t wait to spoil me. I want to be the other woman forever!

BBW Phone Sex with Sexy Glenda

bbw phone sexBBW phone sex is what you need, even if you don’t realize it. I am cross listed on my company’s speciality BBW site too. I started here first, as one of the first fuckalicious freaks. Guys like women with curves. I am not a desperate fat girl who is grateful for any attention, however. I am a confident plus size girl who commands attention. If I decide to fuck you, consider yourself lucky. I will be one if not the best fuck of your life. I met Rob at a Halloween party on Tuesday night. He was a sexy devil. I mean that literally. He was in a sexy devil costume. I had gone as a slutty angel. It was meant to be. When the party was over, we agreed we want to keep partying together, so he came back to my place. His cock was no joke, one of the biggest I have seen on a white guy. He was handsome, tall and built, but I was not expecting a porn star cock. I struggled blowing him. I don’t give up easily. I excused myself to the kitchen and did a shot of olive oil. It coats the throat, so things slide down your throat easier. It’s a porn star trick I learned from a friend of mine in the industry. Rob was impressed when I came back and downed his cock balls deep. I felt like a porn star not a phone sex slut taking every inch of his ample rod down my throat. He told me no girl, especially no skinny girl, had ever deep throated him before. Amateurs. I swallowed two loads of his cum before my pussy and ass each got a load too. Never let a skinny girl give you head. A sexy BBW is the best cock sucking whore you will meet.

My Hot Squirting Pussy is Real

hot squirting pussyMost men love a hot squirting pussy. Do you? I am very lucky to be a squirter. I found out by accident when I was in high school. I borrowed my mother’s suction cup dildo for some shower fun. I was backing my pussy up against my mom’s favorite sex toy and suddenly I felt hot water on me. The shower was off. At first, I thought I made myself pee, but it didn’t smell or taste like pee. I wasn’t a virgin, but a cock had never done that too me. I was in shock and awe. As a teen girl, I had not yet fucked a big cock.  My mom’s dildo was the biggest thing that had ever been in my pussy. Almost 20 years later, I have learned how to make my pussy squirt. Some big cocks can hit the right spot. Some curved cocks can too. Usually, however, it happens when masturbating. When I tell a guy I can squirt, they all want to watch. They want to see it happen. I think guys don’t think it is real. I watch squirting videos on the Internet all the time. I don’t think all of what you see is real. I don’t drown a guy, but you will definitely feel it. I was enjoying some sun in the back yard yesterday on my day off when I got horny. No one was around, so I finger fucked my wet bald pussy until I squirted. The moment my juices flew out of my cunt, I heard a loud wow. It startled me. I bolted up and there was the meter man from the electric company. I had no idea he was there. He creamed his work pants. I saw a huge wet spot. I just said sheepishly, “Did I do that?” He just nodded yes. Maybe my squirting pussy would make you spontaneously cum too.

GFE Phone Sex with the Sexy BBW Next Door

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is something I enjoy. I love men who love a sexy BBW and want to spoil her. I have a few sugar daddies in my life. My landlord’s husband is one of my sugar daddies. He is the only reason I stay in my place. I hate her with a passion. She is a woman hating cunt who makes me feel like I should be grateful she is renting to me. She found out what I do for a living last year and has looked down on me ever since. She can’t get rid of me as a tenant for being a phone sex whore, but she makes my life difficult for no other reason than she is jealous. So, I fuck her husband. He isn’t the best looking man on the block, nor does he have the biggest cock; however, he is married to a woman I loathe and he treats me very well. He brings me Starbucks coffee every morning. Once his bitch face wife leaves for work, he is all mine. Technically, the money he spends on me is her money as he is a house husband. She has a full-time job and inherited a ton of local property from her wealthy father when he died. The fact that I get to benefit from her money makes being his mistress more exhilarating. I want her to know her husband can’t wait to spoil me and lick my plump bald pussy. He is a great pussy eater too. He can spend hours between my legs. His entire focus is on me. That makes up for having an average cock and average appearance. He works so much harder to please me. When it comes to being spoiled, I don’t care about your cock size or your looks. If you put all your energy into my pleasure, trust me, you will be rewarded.

Fantasy Phone Sex with Married Men

fantasy phone sexI love fantasy phone sex. When you think about it, that is what this industry is all about. Making your naughty fantasies cum true. I am such a naughty BBW. I love playing with married men especially. I enjoy being that dirty little secret. One of my callers last night wanted me to be his mistress. The extra hot part of our fantasy role play was that he wanted his wife to catch him with a sexy BBW. His wife body shames women like me. He thinks she is jealous of our curves because she is a stick figure with boobs, but not boobs like mine. Few wives have natural big tits like mine. That is why chicks with curves are such popular phone sex whores. I love the idea of fucking a married man and getting busted by his wife. Let a skinny bitch body shame me! Her man is fucking me, not her. That says it all. In the role play, I got to cuckold his wife. Sort of reverse of a typical cuckold call. Instead of shaming a small dick, I was shaming a flat ass and no tits. It was so much fun. I love this job. It lets me do and say all the things that might get me in trouble off the phone!

Big Tit Fucking with a Married Man

big tit fucking

Big tit fucking is what I am built for according to Tony. I met him out last night at this bar in town. I am not a bar fly, but when I am horny, I will go out to see what I can find. There were a lot of men vying for my attention last night. This bar is adjacent to a hotel, so usually lots of out of town businessmen having a late night drink and looking for some side action while away. I walked in wearing a short black form fitting dress. The plunging neckline gave many guys whiplash as I walked by. I dress for attention. I love the looks I get from men and women alike. Tony pulled a chair out for me as I walked by; asked me to join him for a drink. Only top shelf liquor for a sexy BBW he said. He was married, but I didn’t care.  I was not looking to get married. I wanted to be spoiled and get fucked. After a few fancy cocktails, Tony couldn’t help but focus on my tits. I do have a nice rack, don’t you think? He admitted to being married, but the ring on his finger told me that when I sat down. I told him I was uncomplicated. I just wanted a fun night of no strings attached fucking and perhaps some cum shots on tits. He had no problem giving me either. I don’t think he had been fucked in a while. Married men love me. They know I can satisfy them, even if just for a night. We fucked most of the night. He said I gave him the best tit fuck and head of his life. He is not the only married man to say that. I am happy to be that side piece for you too. Consider me your phone sex mistress.

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