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Roleplay Phone Sex with Married Men

roleplay phone sexI love roleplay phone sex.  I roleplay in the bedroom often.  It spices things up. My hot married neighbor has a rape fantasy. It is unlike him to have such aggressive fantasies because he is submissive in the bedroom. I am not a ball busting bitch. That is his wife. I don’t care about how he acts with her. I am with him because he has a huge dick and can lick pussy for hours. He will worship my fuck holes as long as I want him too and fuck me until I pass out. I wanted to help him explore his rape fantasy. I knew the object of his wrath was his wife, but I would be the beneficiary of his aggressive big cock. The set up was that I was in the kitchen making dinner. I had the screen door open for a cool breeze. Unbeknownst to me, a masked man snuck in to assault me. My music was blaring, so I didn’t hear the door lock from the inside. Suddenly, there was a hand over my mouth. I tried to scream but he silenced me. He dragged me into the living room where he ripped off my clothes. He finger fucked my cunt first, then rammed his cock into my pussy. I begged him not to cum in me because I wasn’t on any birth control. I didn’t want to get pregnant. The more I begged him not to cum inside of me, the harder he fucked me. My pussy was soaking wet. He pointed out that I must enjoy being force fucked because I was so wet, but I tried to argue that it was just biology. It was hotter than any rape phone sex fantasies I have indulged because it felt real. I think he enjoyed the idea of knocking me up more than forcing me. Made me think how hot it would be to get knocked up. My curves be kicking then!

Exhibitionist Phone Sex: I Love Showing Off My Big Tits

exhibitionist phone sexI love exhibitionist phone sex calls. What my callers don’t know is that I expose myself all the time to men. I have big tits that need to breathe and love attention. I went to a concert last night with some girlfriends. Guys were shouting for concert boobies. I had the biggest chest among my friends, so I pulled up my shirt and pulled my jugs out of my bra. I was flashing the crowd when my friends told me I was on the big screen. My boobs looked huge. Well, more huge than normal. Even the band took notice. They pulled me on stage, so I could show the crowd.  After the show, I had a small army near me. Guys were wanting to hook up with me. I was the driver. I didn’t want to leave my girlfriends, so I gave a few men my address and told them to come over around midnight. I love late night booty calls. I got home in time to take a quick shower before I serviced three cocks. The nice thing about hooking up with them was that it was just for sex and some big tit fucking. They wanted to cum all over my big juggs. I bet you do too. It was a hot night. I am still covered in jizz. I love the way cum drys on my big tits.

Phone Sex BBW

phone sexI love being a phone sex BBW. I am the girl men wish their wives and girlfriends were more like. Even off the phone, men are always telling me things like, “I wish my girlfriend had curves like you,” or “Damm…if my wife only had your tits.” I never get tired of hearing it either. I was at a new night club last night checking it out. It was a weekday, so not very crowded. Only two other ladies in the club besides me and they were both flat chested with no ass. Plenty of men were there. The club is adjacent to a hotel. I suspected most of the men were bored business men in town just for a few days. Two guys were buying me drinks and monopolizing my time. They knew each other. In fact, they were traveling with each other. They were sharing a room at the adjacent hotel because they are attending a conference there. Both were married and trying to hide it. They removed their wedding bands, but the skin color difference was obvious. I told them I didn’t care that they were married. Married men fuck me better. They are pussy starved. And, they are certainly in need of head. I went back to their hotel room with them and reacquainted their cocks with oral gratification. They both gave me the biggest cum shot down my throat within minutes of blowing them. They said it was the power of a good blowjob. I said it was just a sign of neglect. We stayed up all night fucking. I think I got about an hour nap before they woke me up with coffee from the Starbucks kiosk in the hotel. My body was covered in their cum. They let me sleep in and use the in room hot tub while they went to some meetings. They are in town thru Sunday, so I will be going back to fuck them again.

Mutual Masturbation Porn with My Hot Neighbor

mutual masturbation pornMy neighbor asked me if I wanted to make some mutual masturbation porn last night. His wife, whom we both don’t like, is out of town for the week. She thinks her husband is a cuckold. He loves to fuck his sexy BBW neighbor. He is a good lover with a big cock. He is not cuckold material. I know what cuckold material is from experience.  My married neighbor has a 10-inch cock. He should be in porn not married to a bitch. I love watching him stroke his cock. He enjoys watching me toy with my plump cunt. Sometimes late at night, after the bitch has gone to sleep, he sneaks downstairs to skype with me. We will masturbate for one another. After a good cum, we both sleep more soundly. Last night we took it farther and made a hot video. I filmed him as he stroked his cock in various positions. I love watching him shoot his cum in the air. He had the biggest cum shot every time. I thought the amount of cum decreased with multiple cums, but it didn’t. Not with him at least. When it was his turn to watch me, he thought he had drained his balls, but he was hard again watching me fuck myself with a rolling pin. I fucked all sorts of things in the house: a beer bottle, a thick candle, the rolling pin and some different sized dildos. I came so many times. I think I get hotter being watched. Do you like to watch a sexy gal play with her pussy? I am both an exhibitionist and a voyeur. The best part of our fun was that we videotaped it, so we had spank bank material. I have been watching my hot neighbor beat his meat all morning.  This phone sex whore wants to listen to you beat your meat too.

Big Tit Photos & a Virtual Blowjob

big tit photosBig tit photos are all he asked for last night. I met him in a chat room. He is a solider overseas. I have nothing but respect for our military. I couldn’t fuck him, but I could send him some naked selfies.  I took a few pictures with my cell and sent them to him after our call. He called back immediately after he received them. He asked me for a virtual blowjob. I love simulating the best head a guy has ever had. I asked for some dick pictures. It was only fair, right? If I showed him mine, he had to show me his. I am a sexy bbw phone sex slut. I can make a dead man cum even on the phone. I love mutual masturbation, so I was very graphic about how I was using my hands, my mouth and my big tits to drain his cock dry. He was graphic about eating my pussy too. I squirted on my computer. We were on Face Time on my iPad. If the camera adds ten pounds, I wonder if it adds ten inches. His cock was huge. We drained each other dry after hours of talking. He won’t be seeing the US for several more months, but he promised he would visit me, so he could give me the fuck I deserve. In the mean time we can have cyber sex phone sex. Cyber sex or even dirty phone talk is not the same as fucking. A phone will never replace a dick for me, but it is a hot alternative to situations like this. I have had cyber sex with my callers. I have had cyber sex with married men and the boyfriends of friends. I can have cyber sex with a cute boy serving our country.

bbw phone sex

BBW Phone Sex Threesome

bbw phone sexDo you like bbw phone sex girls? You are not alone! So many guys love a thick and juicy girl. Some prefer curvy girls like me; others want two tons of fun. What do you prefer? Mike and Tony like girls like me. I am a sexy BBW. I have big tits and a fat ass, but I am not buying my clothes at a tent shop either. I was out clubbing with some girlfriends last night. I wanted to have fun on a Thursday night. No strings attached fun. I didn’t have a threesome in mind, however. It just sort of happened. Mike and Tony were friends. They came to the club together. They both eyed me and decided I was the hottest girl in the club. They bought me drinks and I took turns dirty dancing with them until the club closed. At that point, Tony asked me to pick one of them. He insisted whomever I wanted to fuck more, the other would be cool with my decision. I liked that either way, no one’s feelings would be hurt. I wanted both men. “Why do I have to choose? I can take you both home,” I purred. They high fived each other, then we were back at my place fucking. It has been a while since I have had a tag team. At first, they were awkward about seeing each other naked, but they forgot all their concerns when they saw my wet bald pussy and big tits. I straddled Tony, so he could fuck my pussy. I told Mike to take my ass. He spit on his dick and shoved it in. Having a cock in my ass and cunt at the same time feels amazing. They loved sharing the hottest girl in the club together. I am a tad sore this morning, but I think I will be sharing those two friends again very soon.

Cocksucking Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

cocksucking phone sexCocksucking phone sex is one of my favorite type of calls. The truth is that I am a sexy cock sucking slut. I started sucking cock when I was a wee girl. It wasn’t my daddy’s dick or anyone in my family. I started masturbating before I knew what an orgasm was or before I had even seen a cock. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew it felt good. That led to me asking boys to show me their dicks. I didn’t know the term blow job, but I was putting my mouth on those tiny hairless school boy dicks and sucking them until they came. I have been giving head more years than I have not. I am still a blowjob queen.  I was at a party last night. It was a small house party, but that didn’t bother me. I am the party favor. When guys were looking bored, I pulled out my tits and starting sucking cock. I sucked dick in front of everyone there. They all know I am a cum and cock whore. I blew every guy at the party, even the married ones. Then, I snowballed the girls, so they could taste the cum they were missing. I got the party started because soon everyone was giving head. You should invite me to your party.

My Wet Bald Pussy and Your Big Cock

wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy is lonely. I got fucked so much this week that now my pussy is sad because there is no cock inside of it. I have been masturbating all morning. It’s like an itch I can’t scratch. My pussy wants cock. A rubber or battery operated imitation will not satisfy my craving. I sent a few texts to get a lover over. Some massive pile up on the freeway has delayed my usual fuck buddies from getting to me. Normally, I have no issue getting a man to fuck me when I have a craving.  Stupid rush hour traffic combined with a major car pile up forced me to get resourceful. I put on some sexy shorts that showed off my ass. It was a warm day for March, just rainy. I put on a white tee shirt with no bra, so it would look like I was in a wet tee shirt contest. I have huge boobs. Guys saw me walking along the side of the road and I almost caused another pile up. But, I got my cock. Gordan was an older man with a fetish for sexy BBWs. I told him my car broke down. He was a gentleman and gave me a ride home. My car was in a parking lot. I will figure out how to get it later. I was focused on cock. He was focused on giving me the biggest cum shot on my boobs. He said I had the best rack he had ever seen. When I am super horny, my tits are the best wingman in town. They always have men slobbering over themselves. Gordan had a huge member too. I hit the jack pot. A random stranger with 10 inches of muscle for my hungry pussy. He fucked me like a wild animal. Left about a gallon of cum inside of me and left for work. My itch got scratched, but now I want some of the hair of the dog that bit me.

Phone Sex BBW GFE in Charge

phone sexI love phone sex. I never thought about it as a career, but here I am being a sexy BBW phone girlfriend. I love it too. Getting paid to talk dirty and masturbate must be the best job ever. I went to college. I am qualified for other things, but I am the envy of my friends. I make more money than they do from the comfort of my home. I can claim my sex toys as a business expense and I get to have all kinds of sex with strangers. My callers love me too. In fact, some of my real lovers get jealous over my phone lovers. Sometimes, I get on a long call and I must put off a special date. Pete and I had a date last night at 9 PM. Not so much a date as a hook up. He is married and struggles to find time when his wife is gone. I was on a six hour call, however. I don’t often get long calls like that, but when I do, I am not cutting it short for some married dick. Pete was texting me non stop. I had to tell him if he didn’t stop, I would cut him off from my pussy entirely. He was being a whiny little bitch. He came over this morning before work to make up his time. He tried to tell me when he has time, I need to drop everything. I put him in his place quickly. I am no one’s bitch. I am not a beck and call girl. I told him he needed to get lost or make amends.  He can act all in control, but my wet bald pussy makes him weak. He apologized to me by eating my pussy for an hour. I teased the fuck out of him. Made him go get me Starbucks before I started my phone job. I sent him to work with blue balls and my cunt juice on his face. No man is ever going to think he owns me.

wetbald pussy

A BBW Phone Sex Valentine

bbw phone sexI had a Valentine’s Day fit for a BBW phone sex queen. I bought a sexy new red teddy for my married lover next door. He is married to a bitch; the bitch who is my landlord. I think she is a lesbian, but not the lipstick kind! Her husband has a huge cock and she is never hungry for it. I am always hungry for big dick. I sent him a naughty selfie in my special outfit I picked for him. He loves my big beautiful boobs. I love the feel of his cock sliding between my tits. He was at my door faster than lightening strikes. He had flowers and a box of chocolates for his sexy BBW mistress. Fuck the chocolates, I wanted his cock. My hot new outfit didn’t stay on my body long. He pulled me on my back, spread my legs and started eating my pussy. He is addicted to my wet bald pussy. His wife doesn’t know what she is missing. He has better oral skills than a porn star. He can make me squirt with his tongue and two fingers. I see him more than his wife. Somehow, she is clueless. She thinks that she has him on a short leash. But that short leash gets him next door several times a day to fuck his hot neighbor. We spent the day fucking. He only went home after we were both drained dry. I want to move to a bigger and nicer place, but I would miss my married neighbor’s cock too much.

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