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Married Men Phone Sex is My Favorite

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex is among my favorite types of calls. That is because I love married men. I am in my early 30s and some say that is too old to still be a mistress, but this sexy BBW is not a one man kind of woman. Look at me? I have curves for days. I am still living my life to the fullest. Maybe one day I will get married and start having a family, but I will never be a faithful wife. Hopefully, whomever I marry will be cool with that. It has been a struggle to see all my married lovers during quarantine, even the one who lives next door to me. I am trying my best, however, to juggle my horny married men now that things are opening back up. Teddy came by last night. It was late. I had sent him some big tit photos I took, and he had to see me. He is a boob man. I love showing off my knockers too. I have become a selfie queen on quarantine. I have an iPad and I can set it on a timer to take photos of me that I send to my married lovers. Teddy showed up with a bottle of good Tequila too. It takes nothing to get my clothes off, but with some Tequila shots, it is even easier. I know he did not have much time. He left his wife home sleeping in their bed. I pounded a few shots then I chugged his cock. He came in my mouth, but the load was so big, it leaked out my mouth, dripped down my chin and I ended up with cum shots on tits too. He got hard quickly, even on Tequila, so he fucked me before he had to slither back home. I woke up this morning and almost thought it was a dream. Then I saw the empty bottle of Tequila and felt the cum in my cunt.

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Exhibitionist Phone Sex with My Caller

exhibitionist phone sexI love exhibitionist phone sex. I have a caller who is an exhibitionist too. We enjoy getting naked and going outside together. He has a Harley and my neighbor has some Japanese bike that he keeps in my yard because I have a covered porch. When my caller called this morning, it was early, but the sun was shining. It was a warm beautiful day. A good day to expose my sexy BBW body. We both have neighbors all around us, but it was early. No one out. I usually do not participate with him because he calls at times when my neighbors are out. I love showing off my body, but I do not want to be arrested either. I did not know if it was the fact that I have been isolated for months or that I was just wicked horny, but when my caller was going outside to masturbate, I joined him. I sat on my neighbor’s bike while my caller was on his. My big tits were exposed if anyone was up early, they had a nice show. My caller saw a woman across the way on her porch swing. She was buried in her phone, but I encouraged him to yell, “Good Morning.” He did. I could hear her talking back. I mean, I would love to see any one of my neighbors stroking his cock first thing in the morning. He was talking to me and her and stroking his cock while she watched. I wished I was with him because he has sent me pictures. He has a nice cock I would love to fuck. He came in front of his neighbor. I came rubbing my wet bald pussy all over my neighbor’s motorcycle. I gave it a pussy shine. My caller came hard too. It was one of the best mornings I have had in a long time.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex: Let’s Cum Together

mutual masturbation phone sex Mutual masturbation phone sex gets us both off. That is why I love it so much. I mean in these times where hooking up is more challenging, at least we can talk dirty and cum together, right? Consider me your sexy BBW jack off expert. I love telling men just how to jerk their cocks for me. I love hearing you tell me how to rub my pussy too. I have been masturbating since I was a schoolgirl. Honestly, is there anything better than rubbing one out. I enjoy masturbating. When I was young, I used the shower massage, my mom’s shoes, my fingers, and the tub faucet to get off. I also watched some of my dad’s VHS porn videos and rubbed my wet bald pussy against things like stuffed animals. I was a horny little thing. I still am. I love hearing how you jacked off as a young boy and if anyone caught you. I did get caught once by my mother and it did not go well. But when my big sister caught me, she taught me a few things like how to use shoes to get my pussy off and now I have a huge shoe fetish. My sister bought me my first vibrator, but that is too quick of a cum for me. I prefer to make it last longer. I edge. Do you? All this talking about masturbation has my cunt super fucking wet. Let us get off together baby.

Married Men Phone Sex

married men phone sex

I love married men phone sex calls. That is because this sexy BBW loves being the other woman. I do not understand my friends who tell me I am selling myself short because I prefer the arms of married men. The way I see it, being the other woman is the best. All the benefits with none of the bullshit. I am not ready to settle down yet and I do not know if I will ever be ready for monogamy. I have several married lovers. They spoil me. They worship me. And they leave me the fuck alone after we have had our fun together. No one tells me what to do. No one gets jealous of my time with my friends. No one gets jealous of my phone sex work either. Plus, I get fucked. I get my cunt worshiped and I get nice things. What is wrong with this life? Married lover Harry got a late night booty call last night after I sent him some sexy pictures in this pretty yellow dress, he bought me. Yellow is his favorite color and I am his favorite girl. He has a burner cell just for our communication. I took some naughty selfies in the dress for him and sent it to him late last night. I assumed he was asleep and would see the pictures this morning when he left for work. I guess he had a case of insomnia last night and went to text me. He got an instant boner seeing my pictures and called me. I did something I have not ever done. I did a booty call in the middle of the night. Okay, I have done that before. But I have never fucked a married man in his car while it was parked in his garage and his wife was asleep in the house. That is why I am so good at cheating phone sex calls. I go that extra mile for my married lovers.

Eating My Wet Bald Pussy Needs to be a Priority

wet bald pussySometimes a girl just needs a man to eat her wet bald pussy. Yes, I love to fuck. I love the feel of a big hard cock in my cunt. I am a great lover. I can suck the chrome off a door handle. I swallow. I will fall to my knees to give head to most men I meet. I am a good girlfriend too. I listen and I let men vent, even offer advice when asked. Since I am a good lover, I expect a man to give back. I was completely frustrated after a hung lover told me last night he had to go back to his wife. He came over in the middle of the night, came and left me with the equivalent of blue balls. I asked him to eat my pussy. He is a good cunt licker, but he rarely does it anymore. He told me to use my vibrator because he had to crawl back into bed with his wife before she knew he was gone. I told him to never come over again. I know there is a pandemic going on, but if you come over for a booty call in the middle of the night like some country western song, you better not just take. I am a sexy BBW and my orgasms matter too. I know this one guy I have been blowing off. Physically speaking, he is not my type. But my type have been failing me in the bedroom lately, so why not try something new. I called Oscar and he came right over. Brought me dinner and wine too. He ate my pussy for an hour before I even saw his cock because he thinks women should cum first. I fucked Oscar like a wild animal. I was not using him either. I genuinely like him. I will no longer count men out on looks alone. Oscar may not be the most handsome man around, but last night, he was just the rock star in bed I needed.

Cum Shots on Tits and Faces

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits looks so beautiful when a girl has big knockers like me. However, I prefer cum on the face. My young virgin niece Maria is staying with me for a couple weeks while my sister is out of town on business. My sister knows I am a sexy BBW slut, but she trusts me with her daughter. I think my sister thought this virus would slow me down. I still fuck more men in a week than she does in a decade, with or without a virus going around. My niece has seen the men coming and going from my house. She is young, but she is not dumb. We had a grown-up convo about married men the other day. She noticed the men coming at night wearing wedding rings.  She thought I was a hooker. I was almost insulted. I explained to her that married men can only sneak away from their wives right now at night. We talked about prostitution and the difference between a whore and a slut. I am a slut. I love to fuck. She was curious about all things sex. She is a virgin. She had never touched a cock or swallowed cum. I turned her into a crempie slut. My married lovers filled me up with a ton of cum for her. I let her lick the loads out of my plump pussy. I created a cum dumpster. A few of my lovers even came on her face. Then men who fuck me where not as interested in fucking a skinny young girl with no tits yet, but so she did not feel left out of the fun, I told them to splatter her face. Even young girls need to know what cum tastes and feels like. How else can they grow up to be cum sluts like me? I am going to enjoy having her here with me because I have so many dirty things to teach her.

Married Men Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex never gets old. I am just grateful to still be in the game. Married men have always been attracted to me. I am feeling a little rough. I need a hair cut.  I need my eyebrows waxed. I need a mani / pedi. I took this picture last night. Just me at home during quarantine in my favorite red teddy. What do you think? I sent the picture to a few married lovers I have not seen in a few months. I was not sure what the response would be. I was hoping it would be that they still thought I was a sexy BBW, but you never know. My ego needed a boost and I was searching for compliments. My married lover next door snuck out of the house after his wife went to sleep because he needed to see me desperately. My little home selfie got him hard and thinking about me again. I was surprised when he knocked on my back door. His wife is a super light sleeper. He always joked that if I farted in my sleep, she would hear it lol. That was the reason he has not been able to sneak out since the quarantine started. He slipped her one of his Xanax in her dinner. He saw that picture of me, and he could not go any longer without fucking me. I was flattered. I needed his cock. Out of all my lovers, he has the biggest cock. He had the biggest cum shot for me too last night. His balls almost exploded at hello. I felt like a virgin again. I have had some cock during this crisis, but not his and not as many as I need. So, when his cock first entered my pussy, I almost came instantly lol. He did not last long fucking me, but we both came hard. I will be glad when things get back to normal. I need more nights like last night.

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Sexy BBW Phone Sex Slut

bbw phone sexHave you ever fantasized about a sexy BBW phone sex slut?  There are lots of hot full-figured hotties around. My guess is there will be a lot more once everyone is allowed out of the house again lol. I am 32. Not super young but not old either. I fuck older men and younger men, but I have been fucking younger guys while stay at home orders are in place. I think it is because younger men will take the risk. They are not in a high risk group for this virus. I have a pool in my back yard. I was struggling to find some one to come out and clean it and get it ready for use. I finally found a college boy willing to do it. Well the pool boy thought I was a sexy BBW. He asked me where my husband was coyly. He was searching. I told him I have never been married. He looked astonished and said, “But a sexy woman like you must have needs.” Yes, I do. Hard cock is a need. I unzipped his pants, put his cock in my mouth and did what I love to do. I gave him a blowjob worthy of some sort of cock sucking award. The young cocks are the best to suck too. They get hard almost instantly. And when they cum, they cum bucket loads. Men my age often have dick issues or want some barely legal plaything to make them feel young again. The pool boy told me he could not imagine any man not wanting me. Always feels good when a young stud boosts my ego. Not all men want a chubby girl in her 30s, but to the pool boy, however, I was perfection. He ate my pussy for hours. I came a dozen times on his face. He gave me a hot squirting pussy. The pool boy had a hard time keeping up with me! I fucked him all afternoon. I let him fuck my pussy and my ass. He came 5 times before he begged for mercy. I drained that boy of all his cum. I will drain you too if you give me a chance. A sexy BBW loves to please.

Sexy BBW Phone Sex Car Wash

bbw phone sexThis sexy BBW phone sex slut is so happy spring is finally here. I love wearing skimpy clothes; showing off my big tits to anyone who wants to see them. But spring means summer is right around the corner and I love to travel and go to concerts in the warmer climates. I am hoping travel restrictions are lifted soon and concerts resume in June. This means I need to start earning play money now since I have not been making as much money stuck at home. I decided to hold a nude car wash yesterday around the back of my house. Men want to get their vehicles cleaned the first warm day after a brutal month of cold temperatures and being stuck inside. I wore a mask and nothing else lol. Men were in their cars, so social distancing was in practice still. Well, sort of in practice.

I washed 20 cars yesterday. I was at it all day long. I used my big bouncy boobs as sponges, even my plump ass washed a few hoods. A pretty plumper like me had them lined up in my alley to get a car wash; some cars were not even dirty! Of course, it helped that I was giving happy ending car washes for extra money. For an extra donation, guys could get a hand job or a blow job, even a titty fuck. Just about every car I washed ordered the happy ending deluxe package, so I made bank.

The last guy whose car I washed, was also my first. He got a blowjob add on. But he offered me a sweet deal to fuck my pink plump pussy. He works for Grub Hub and gave me hundreds of dollars in vouchers so I can get food all summer long. I screwed him on the hood of his truck. I felt like a dirty whore. Amazing fuck.  When he came it was like a volcano erupted in my wet bald pussy. My creampie oozed all over the hood of his car I had just cleaned too! I take pride in my work, so I licked the cum off the hood of his car and polished it up with my knockers. I am sure when things get back to normal, my next car wash will have even more cars.

This Sexy BBW Loves Cock Control

cock controlCould you use some cock control? A sexy BBW like me needs a man who can last. Premature ejaculators, chronic masturbators, limp dicks, minute men, tiny dick losers and selfish lovers often need help and they should not be afraid to ask for it. You need to learn to use your instrument, no matter how pathetic it may be, for MY pleasure first. I know you your cock belongs to you but look at me. I am hotter than any woman you could hope to get. Don’t you want to make sure you can please me? There is nothing more disappointing than making out with a guy and having him cream his pants before you even touch his cock. Or having his dick deflate right as it is about to enter your pussy. Broke down dick issues stem from a lot of things. Too much porn. Too much masturbation. Booze. Drugs. Being out of shape. Over thinking. Stress. A slew of things can affect your dick’s performance. My brand of mistress phone sex can help you last longer. I cannot give you a bigger dick, but I can improve your performance with jack off instructions, edge play, tease and denial games and sensual domination. You will need to submit to me, and you will need to give up the things that hinder your ability to please a woman properly. Your cock becomes MY property.  I will put you on a diet; forbid you to drink or do drugs; limit the amount of time you spend playing with your pecker, force you to exercise. Even put you in a chastity belt if necessary.  If your dick is just a worthless little object well that is a different story. I will put you in panties and laugh at it. Size matters and no amount of instruction from me will make it grow, but you can still serve a purpose as my sissy bitch. Regardless if you need some help lasting to please a woman or some small cock humiliation phone sex, this sexy BBW can help.

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