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Phone Sex BBW GFE in Charge

phone sexI love phone sex. I never thought about it as a career, but here I am being a sexy BBW phone girlfriend. I love it too. Getting paid to talk dirty and masturbate must be the best job ever. I went to college. I am qualified for other things, but I am the envy of my friends. I make more money than they do from the comfort of my home. I can claim my sex toys as a business expense and I get to have all kinds of sex with strangers. My callers love me too. In fact, some of my real lovers get jealous over my phone lovers. Sometimes, I get on a long call and I must put off a special date. Pete and I had a date last night at 9 PM. Not so much a date as a hook up. He is married and struggles to find time when his wife is gone. I was on a six hour call, however. I don’t often get long calls like that, but when I do, I am not cutting it short for some married dick. Pete was texting me non stop. I had to tell him if he didn’t stop, I would cut him off from my pussy entirely. He was being a whiny little bitch. He came over this morning before work to make up his time. He tried to tell me when he has time, I need to drop everything. I put him in his place quickly. I am no one’s bitch. I am not a beck and call girl. I told him he needed to get lost or make amends.  He can act all in control, but my wet bald pussy makes him weak. He apologized to me by eating my pussy for an hour. I teased the fuck out of him. Made him go get me Starbucks before I started my phone job. I sent him to work with blue balls and my cunt juice on his face. No man is ever going to think he owns me.

wetbald pussy

A BBW Phone Sex Valentine

bbw phone sexI had a Valentine’s Day fit for a BBW phone sex queen. I bought a sexy new red teddy for my married lover next door. He is married to a bitch; the bitch who is my landlord. I think she is a lesbian, but not the lipstick kind! Her husband has a huge cock and she is never hungry for it. I am always hungry for big dick. I sent him a naughty selfie in my special outfit I picked for him. He loves my big beautiful boobs. I love the feel of his cock sliding between my tits. He was at my door faster than lightening strikes. He had flowers and a box of chocolates for his sexy BBW mistress. Fuck the chocolates, I wanted his cock. My hot new outfit didn’t stay on my body long. He pulled me on my back, spread my legs and started eating my pussy. He is addicted to my wet bald pussy. His wife doesn’t know what she is missing. He has better oral skills than a porn star. He can make me squirt with his tongue and two fingers. I see him more than his wife. Somehow, she is clueless. She thinks that she has him on a short leash. But that short leash gets him next door several times a day to fuck his hot neighbor. We spent the day fucking. He only went home after we were both drained dry. I want to move to a bigger and nicer place, but I would miss my married neighbor’s cock too much.

Playing with My Wet Bald Pussy Several Times a Day

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy. I have been a chronic masturbater since I was a school girl. When I was young, I accidently made myself cum with my foot. I had been sitting Indian style and rocking. In hindsight, I know my heel was hitting my clit just right. In the moment, however, I thought I had peed myself. It felt good, so I was confused because I never got a tingling sensation when I peed before. I was afraid to say anything to anyone, even my friends because if I had peed myself, I would have been teased relentlessly. Instead of asking people if they had experienced something similar, I explored things. I wanted to see if I could recreate the feeling. I played with the shower nozzle. I rubbed my pussy on stuffed animals. I played doctor with the neighbor girl. I just wasn’t doing something right. I raided my mother’s shoe closet. I put on a pair of nice shoes, sat Indian style and started rocking back and forth. Boom. It happened again. I remember taking my panties off to smell them. I knew it wasn’t pee from the smell. I found a book hidden in my mother’s closet called “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask.” I began reading it. That is when learned I had an orgasm. They day changed me forever.  I started using my fingers and objects to rub my clit. I would cum 10 times a day. I would read my dad’s dirty magazines and masturbate. Flash forward almost 2 decades, and I am watching Internet porn, having phone sex with strangers and playing with my pussy. Masturbation is the best gift you can give yourself. I give it to myself several times a day. How about you?

Phone Sex BBWs Make Great Girlfriends

phone sex Every man needs a phone sex BBW in his life! I am the best phone girlfriend. Bigger girls aren’t cranky because we eat. We don’t deny ourselves what we want. Skinny girls are cranky because they deny themselves everything they want. Life is too short. Order everything off the menu you want. I was out to dinner Friday night with one of my skinny girlfriends. She was eating a salad. Seriously, I have seen baby birds eat more than her. No main course, no desert. I had an appetizer, a few sides, a steak main course and desert. A couple men at the table next to us bought us dinner. My girlfriend was so rude. She wouldn’t thank them. She went to the bathroom to fix her makeup. She was certain all that lettuce fucked up her perfectly applied lipstick. I apologized for my friend, but they understood. They know women like her. You do too. They weren’t interested in her anyway. They were all about this sexy BBW. A woman with a healthy appetite for dinner, has a healthy appetite for fucking. I met them at their hotel after I took home my skinny bitch friend. I was all the woman they needed. I took care of them too. I took one in my wet bald pussy and the other in my fat ass. Didn’t take long before they both creamed in my holes. My mouth was not my only well fed hole that night. You want sexually satisfied, you need a big beautiful woman to fuck.

Phone Sex Girlfriends are the Best

phone sexI love being a phone sex girlfriend. I do the things wives won’t or cant. I am that woman that most girls don’t like, especially married women. I like married men. I can take any man I want. Some I may have to work harder at stealing.  I don’t go after all married men I meet; just the ones with wives who think they are better than me or body shame me. Women can be cruel. Men, however, love my curves. They need that push to the cush I have. I was in Nashville last night to see Kid Rock. A bunch of redneck women and a whole lot of sex starved men. I went after this hot guy despite the fact he was in skinny jeans and a cowboy hat. He was checking out my big ass. His woman had no ass. She did the hard shoulder bump when her man flirted with me. Then she made a rude comment about my size. I decided then I was having her man. They were sitting behind us at the concert. I gave him a look as I got up to get a drink. He followed me. We ducked around the back of one of the bars. There was no one there. We had a quickie fuck. Clothes on and everything. He friended me on Face Book as I went back to my seat with his cum in my cunt and a big ass beer. What happens in Nashville stays in Nashville.

Real Exhibitionist Phone Sex

exhibitionist phone sexI have always been a fan of exhibitionist phone sex. I like flaunting my sexy BBW body. Men never seem offended either if I show them my juicy tits or big round ass. If you enjoy this sort of fetish, you get more than just stories with me. I will actually expose myself to neighbors for you. Last night, it was fucking freezing outside. We got several inches of snow, plus ice. My caller wanted a polar bear exhibitionist slut. I was more than game. I stripped naked with the phone to my ear and ran outside. I only had shoes on. The neighbor across the street was making a snowman with his son. There is a bright street light, so I have no doubt they both saw me. I couldn’t stay out too far because my phone would lose range, plus I was freezing my ass off. My nipples were so hard I could have cut glass with them.  I made him masturbate with me to warm me up. Despite being chilled to the bone; my pussy was hot and wet. I love exposing myself to others. Whatever your phone sex fetish is, I bet I share it with you. I’m a kinky big girl.

Hardcore Ass Fucking at the Doctor’s Office

hardcore ass fuckingSometimes a girl just needs a hardcore ass fucking. I am built for a good ass and pussy pounding. I feel shut in lately because of the record cold temperatures. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday for this winter plague I have been fighting. Even though I am a little under the weather and nasally sounding, I am still super horny. I think I could still fuck on my death bed. I have fucked a few of my doctors, but my GP is a woman. Not that I don’t like pussy, it is just that this doctor is as old as my grandma. She looks like she would have an old lady from The Shining bush too. Luckily for me, however, she has a hot younger physician’s assistant. He loves my big tits. When he listened to my lungs, he had me take deep breathes for the longest time. I was cool with it because I saw the tent in his pants.  As he was pretending to listen to my heart, I unzipped his pants, so I could stroke his cock. I was on a lucky streak because he had a big cock that was happy to see me. I slipped off the doctor’s table to suck his cock. My mouth on his fat cock didn’t last long. Soon, I was back up on that table on all fours getting fucked in my fat ass. He felt amazing going in and out of my pink rosebud. I couldn’t wait for the biggest cum shot up my ass. He groped my titties and played with my clit while his cock slipped in and out of my brown eye. He felt amazing. I almost wondered if I even needed to see the doctor. I was already feeling better. He had just finished zipping up his pants when the doctor came in. She said I looked flushed. I couldn’t tell her I just got rabbit fucked by her PA on her exam table, so I explained I have been sick. She gave me some antibiotics for my plague, but honestly, I think all I needed to feel better was some hot ass sex.

Anal Phone Sex Fun

anal phone sexDo you like anal phone sex? I guess you could call me an anal sex whore. I do love my hot shit box played with. I have been taking cock up my ass since I was in high school. I have a big round ass perfect for anal sex. One of my girlfriends was over last night. She came over because she was having boyfriend issues. She brought a bottle of wine to pay me for my services. We joke about how I am her therapist and I work for booze. He boyfriend problem wasn’t a problem in my opinion. Once the wine kicked in, she admitted that her boyfriend wants to fuck her ass. She has never received a hardcore ass fucking in her life. I couldn’t believe that. I told her she didn’t know what she was missing, but she was still shy about it. She had all sorts of fears like what if she shits on his cock. What if it hurts too much? What if she bleeds? I told her all were possibilities, but it was part of the pleasure. Shit, blood, pain are all taboo things. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain anyway. I suggested she let me play with her ass to test the waters. We were both drunk, which made it easier for her to give her ass up to me. I got out my anal dildo. It is a not as big as the ones I use for my pussy, but it has some grooves to intensify the pleasure. I told her the key was relaxing and plenty of lube. I got the dildo up her ass easier than I thought. I used lots of lube and I ate her wet bald pussy as I worked it in and out of her hot ass. She ended up squirting on my face. I know my dildo is smaller than her boyfriend’s cock, and sometimes girl on girl action is hotter than sex with a guy, but I still think I sold her on the joys of anal sex. What are friends for, right?

Adult Phone Chat Slut Feels Like an Escort for a Night

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts with curves like mine stay busy. I am a sexy BBW. I’m proud to be a curvy girl too. I went holiday shopping at the mall last night. I know. It is stupid to shop the last week before Christmas, but I am a procrastinator. When I was at the mall, however, I got distracted by all the men shopping for their women. I saw this one older man who looked frustrated trying to pick out jewelry, so I offered to help. I had ulterior motives; he was sexy as fuck. I am weak for handsome older men. Perhaps I have daddy issues. I played it cool, offered to help because he clearly looked like he was struggling to pick just the right thing. Turns out, he was shopping for several women. I helped him pick out the perfect ring for his wife; the perfect bracelet for his daughter and the perfect necklace for his mistress. When it was all said and done, he had dropped a few grand in Zales. That is when he turned to me for my gift. He took me on a shopping spree and bought me lunch at a fancy restaurant. I was hoping to be mistress number 2 because he was clearly a cheating sugar daddy. I got my Christmas wish. He came back to my place and gave this sexy BBW the biggest cum shot on my tits. His cock was rock hard and huge.  He had more than enough dick to share. I showed him what a cock sucking slut I am too. I love titty fucking a big cock. It feels good to slide in and out of my tits and mouth at the same time. He spent the better part of the night with me; even tipped me a $1,000. I am not an escort, but I felt like one and it was amazing.

BBW Phone Sex Warms Us Both Up

bbw phone sexBBW phone sex will keep you warm during the cold winter months. Trust me. I need your cock as much as you need my curves. I am not a winter girl at all. I like to walk around my house naked and flaunt my big tits, which is hard to do when it is 10 degrees outside. Today, it was so cold, I didn’t even make my usual Starbucks run. I texted this guy who is in lust with me. He is so not my type, however, he will do anything I want, so I used him to bring me Starbucks this morning. I normally like older men with big dicks. This guy is just a boy. He is in high school still, but we live on the same block, so I know him. He is not the popular high school jock. He is the high school computer nerd. The only hot babes he sees are in video games. I knew, however, if I texted him, he would walk to Starbucks for me. He took his daddy’s car instead. Not only did he bring me a nice hot drink, he brought me breakfast too. He was all bundled up from the cold. I invited him in. I felt like I owed him a blowjob at least. Took a while to peel off his layer of clothes, but when he did I was in shock. The high school computer geek had a huge dick. If I had known that, I would have been fucking him for the past year. He didn’t even realize he had a big cock. I never saw that coming. I devoured his cock. Gave him his first blowjob. He gave me cream for my coffee! Thick, hot jizz warms me up better than a latte any day. He is coming by tomorrow to shovel snow as we are expected to get several inches tonight. I promised him he could give me his several inches afterward. He is so endowed I would fuck him for nothing, but since he is willing to be my slave, I might as well enjoy the free labor too.

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