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Big Tit Photos for Veterans and Soldiers

big tit photosIt was Veteran’s Day yesterday and I celebrated our vets with my big tit photos. I have a cousin overseas serving in the army. I Skyped with him last night and some of his troop buddies. They all got such joy jacking off to my big tits. I showed them more than my big boobs too. I enjoyed rubbing my bald pussy while they jacked off. They were all gathered around my cousin’s computer rubbing their dicks to me. Made me feel so good too. I am an exhibitionist slut. I get off showing my big tits and sexy BBW body off to American soldiers. They deserve to have some hot fun for all they do to protect us. My wet bald pussy is always wetter with men in uniform. I told them how to stroke their cocks for me. They told me how to rub my pussy for them. I fucked my cunt with a camo dildo in honor of them and veterans everywhere. I made a few soldiers happy and they made me very happy too. Happy Veterans day to all the active and retired soldiers.

My Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy. I was such a naughty girl yesterday. I was expecting an Amazon delivery. The guy that normally delivers my orders is fucking hot. I have French doors where the deliveries arrive. So, I decided that I be waiting for him. Naked and masturbating. If my naked sexy BBW body didn’t get his attention, nothing would. I know he is married. I have seen the ring when I have signed for packages. His package, however, is the only one I wanted. I could tell he was hung. He was flirty in the past, but never overtly so. There was always the chance he wouldn’t physically cheat, but I was hoping the site of seeing me play with my pussy would convince him if he was on the fence. My bravado worked. He rang the bell, licked his lips and pulled out his huge cock. I opened the door and we fucked. Right there on my foyer floor. He was better hung than I imagined. We didn’t say much. There was a lot of grunting and moaning. It didn’t last long for either of us. I was squirting all over his cock as he was cumming inside me. I lied when I told him I was on protection. I am hoping this hot random encounter might knock me up.

Sexy BBW Big Tit Photos

big tit photosMy big tit photos are my super power. I was at a Halloween party last night. I was dressed as wonder woman, but I made sure to show off my boobs. At this party, there were lots of handsome men. I was horny. Hornier than usual. Something about dressing up in sexy costumes makes me super wet. This was not just a typical Halloween Party. It was a swinger’s party. I have some neighbors that live across the street from me. They are lifestyle swingers. I have had some hot threesomes with them before. They invited me to their masquerade party. I was dressed up and wearing a mask. I wouldn’t know anyone at the party anyway, but if anyone did know me, they would recognize my big boobs. It wasn’t a key party. Men bid on who they wanted to fuck. It was a charity swinger’s party with all money raised going to help the victims of the recent Pittsburgh shooting. I was down to help anyway I could because that’s my city. I had hoped my sexy BBW body would make me a popular choice. I was right. There was a bidding war for me. The winner of my company for the night was Ted. I never saw his face. I’m not sure that was his real name, but he was not the only winner of the night. I won too because not only did he pay $5,000 for me that was going to a great cause, by my high bidder had a huge cock. He was married. I assumed his wife was one of the women bid on along with me, but I was just focusing on his big cock in my wet bald pussy. Damn, I made sure he got his money’s worth. I fucked him all night in my pussy and ass. Hottest Halloween party of my life.

Titty Fucking Phone Sex First

titty fucking phone sexTitty fucking phone sex? Yes, please. My big tits are hungry. I called over one of my married fuck buddies last night. He is obsessed with my boobs. I bet you are too. I met him in the grocery store a few months ago. We have been fucking ever since. He is my titty fucking lover. He fucks my pussy and ass too, but it is my big boobs he must have first. We titty fuck, so he will cum on my boobs. He is a quick cummer. I let him jizz on my boobs the first time. This way he lasts a little longer when he is deep inside my wet bald pussy. I love his cock. It works, it’s big and it is always hard for me. The only problem is that he can be a minute man. I edge him, even deny him. Most times, however, I just let him cum on my boobs then wait for him to get hard again. In between cums, he is always between my legs eating my pussy which makes him hard again easily. He is worth working with because his cock is big for a white guy. I think the issue is he doesn’t get fucked enough. His wife isn’t fucking him, and I only see him maybe once a week. He says he watches too much porn and is a chronic masturbater too. I had to lay down some rules. No porn, no touching himself for 3 days before we see each other. He will pop quickly on my tits, but he is never completely drained, which means he is hard again quickly. He can fuck a solid 30 minutes on round two. Some men just need a sexy BBW who knows some edging and tease and denial tricks to get the most out of his cock. Do you need some guided masturbation?

Exhibitionist Phone Sex Inspired Me

exhibitionist phone sexI love exhibitionist phone sex calls. I have a thick and juicy body that I love to flaunt. I have been showing my sexy BBW body off for years now. Last night, I talked to a nudist and an exhibitionist. He loves being naked in his house and doing things like ordering delivery food. He likes to see the reaction of people when they see a naked man at the door. He inspired me last night. Normally, I just flash guys my big tits. I have never greeted a delivery guy naked. That all changed after my call. This morning, I was expecting the bug guy. My place gets treated quarterly. When he arrived, I answered the door in my birthday suit. I told him a little white lie. I said I was a nudist. He couldn’t take his eyes off my sexy BBW phone sex body. I glanced at his crotch and saw the wood rising. “Did I do that,” I asked coyly, knowing full well that my sexy curves made him hard. I unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard cock and went down on him. He had a serious woody which I took as a high compliment. I love giving men boners. I am no cock tease though, I satisfied him. I let him fuck my plump pussy before he got to work on my house. If you are a good girl and you create a problem, you should take care of the problem too.

Big Tit Photos and Teen Boys

big tit photosHe asked for some big tit photos, but I gave him something better. I gave him some face time with my big jugs. I could have gotten arrested because he was still in high school. He is the son of this married man I am fucking.  The boy has developed a crush on me. I don’t think daddy would approve, but since I don’t think daddy’s wife would approve of us fucking, I didn’t give a fuck that I was seducing his teen boy. I wasn’t touching him. I was just showing him my big tits. What high school boy doesn’t want to see a pair of real 44 EE boobs? We played a game of show me yours and I will show you mine. His daddy has a big dick, so I thought junior might too. Perhaps I have been fucking the wrong man in the family. Junior was bigger than daddy. Much bigger. And, since he was half his age, my guess was his stamina was better.  We made a mutual masturbation porn. I told him how to stroke his cock. He told me how to rub my pussy. I know I could go to jail for even masturbation with a jailbait boy, but he is worth the risk. I might just replace daddy with his son.

Big Tit Fucking with My Hot Doctor

big tit fuckingMy doctor likes big tit fucking. I had no clue until I went to his office for a routine check up. I just wanted my flu shot, but he thought I needed a breast exam. That was my clue he was a big titty man. He is my general practitioner not my gynecologist. I have been going to the GP for years and he was the first one to offer up a breast exam. I knew what was going on. He just wanted to see my big tits. I didn’t feel like denying him. He is hot. An older man with salt and pepper hair. When he was listening to my chest, I grabbed his cock. I felt how hard he was and asked if he wanted to be in between my big jugs. He didn’t hesitate once. I know guys in this climate are afraid of sexual harassment, but I wouldn’t report him for misconduct. I was encouraging his bad behavior because I wanted his cock between my tits and in my wet bald pussy. He had patients waiting to see him, but he made them wait while he fucked my titties. I could see his purple throbbing cum oozing cock head between my sexy breasts and it just made me wetter for him. On the exam table, I bounced up and down his cock until he shot a huge load of jizz inside my pussy. The only shot I really needed was the shot of cum he gave me.

Bisexual Phone Sex: Girl on Girl is Better than Fucking a Small Dick

bisexual phone sexI love bisexual phone sex. I make it no secret that I like pussy too. I will take a sexy babe over a small dick any day. My girlfriend and I went bar hopping over the weekend. We met this tall handsome older man. We assumed by his bravado and height, he had a large cock. He had some swagger that usually means the guy is endowed. We love sharing dick together. We took him back to my place. He is married, just in town for a fraternity reunion. He of course was happy to have a threesome with two sexy BBWs. I unzipped his pants, expecting to see at least an 8-inch cock. We were both sad to see that his dick was smaller than average.  We decided we would rather play with each other than fuck a cock so small we wouldn’t feel it. I mean the chances were high that he would fall right out of us. We told him to have a seat and watch. He was officially benched for the night. Sherri has big boobs like mine. We brought out some whip cream and chocolate syrup and made sundaes out of our boobs. Wasn’t the cum shots on tits our companion was expecting, but it was a yummy hot sticky mess. We made each other cum while neglecting our sidelined guest. When we came up for air, we realized he was beating off his short dick. He appeared to like the BBW on BBW show we gave him. I bet you would have enjoyed it too.

GFE Phone Sex with Married Men

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is why guys call me. Look at me? I am a sexy BBW with the tits and ass you crave. My neighbor certainly can’t get enough. He is always sneaking over once his wife leaves for work. This morning, he brought me over a $200 Starbucks card just for being me. Every time he comes over, he brings me a nice gift, cash or a gift card to one of my favorite places like today. He doesn’t need to spoil me because he is a married man with a nice cock. I would fuck him for free, but I never turn down presents.  When he arrived, he was in his work clothes. He was even holding his briefcase. I was wet just seeing him all decked out for work. I unzipped his pants ready to stroke him, but he was ready to go. He was rock hard. He said it was from seeing my sexy big breasts. Whatever the reason, I was happy to see he was rock hard. I knew he didn’t have much time, so I was happy to just give him head. He wanted to give me a hot squirting pussy first. Married men love making me cum. I rode his face, feeling his tongue wash over my clit and taint. I started grinding my wet pussy on his face drenching his face in my BBW juice. While I was sitting on my lover’s face, I thought I could suck his cock while he was eating my pussy, but before I got my mouth on his cock, he blew his load on my face. He said that my pussy tasted so good and I was responding so well to his mouth and fingers, he overheated lol. I took that as a high compliment. My cunt tastes so good it makes my married lover cum!

Showing off My Wet Bald Pussy at the Grocery Store

wet bald pussyI love showing off my wet bald cunt. Usually, I just show it off online and to my lovers, but I am a huge exhibitionist and sometimes I can’t help myself. I love showing off m sexy BBW body. Sometimes, I take huge risks like last night. I was in the grocery store and I had on a skirt with no panties. I saw this hot married man checking me out and I wanted him to see more. I dropped something just so he could check out my pussy.  I heard the heaving breathing and the “oh god.” I turned around and smiled and said, “See anything you like?” He looked around to make sure no one was nearby, then he grabbed his dick and smiled. I wanted his cock up my plump pussy badly, but we were at Giant Eagle. It would get us arrested if I fucked him in the cereal aisle.  He had a better idea. His brand new SUV. I was happy to christen it, make it his cheating fuckmobile. There was plenty of room for my big ass and his huge cock in the back. Tinted windows took some of the fun out of this tryst in broad daylight, but I still enjoyed his cock in my ass and pussy. He was clearly in need of a ball draining. This was not my first hardcore ass fucking in a car, but it was the best. I am still sore, but damn it hurt so good. I need to pick up more married men at the grocery store. They fuck me so well.

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