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Prostitution Phone Sex: Maybe I Should be an Escort

prostitution phone sexI am not a prostitution phone sex slut. But, I have a story. I was out of town over the weekend with some girlfriends. We wanted to chill at the beach. On Saturday night we went to this beach bar. I had on my bikini top and a skirt, which drew a lot of attention because of my curves. One older man was sitting at the bar drinking gin and tonic. I was intrigued by him because he was alone, handsome and appeared rich based on the designer duds and the Rolex watch. I sat next to him to order drinks and see if I would catch his attention. He told the bartender to put our drinks on his tab. I thanked him and as I turned to walk away he asked me how much I charge for a night of passion. He thought I was an escort. I wasn’t sure if I should be offended that I look like a hooker or flattered. I went with the latter. I told him I wasn’t a pro and suddenly he seemed more into me. He told me to have a seat. I guess most women target him when he sits alone. I told I just thought he was handsome. He returned the compliment. I wanted to fuck him. What happens in Myrtle Beach stays in Myrtle Beach. He had a beachfront home about 3 miles down on a private beach. I ditched my girlies for a few hours and got fucked. He was an amazing lover. He was twenty years older, but his cock was hard as a rock, and he had stamina men younger wish they had. I got the biggest cum shot in my pussy too. He let me shower in his amazing bathroom. I cleaned up to go back to my girlies. Before I left, he handed me a wad of cash. He said he knew I wasn’t a hooker, but I made him feel better than he has in years, plus I was hot. He told me to buy myself something pretty. I may need to rethink giving it away for free.

Babysitter Phone Sex

babysitter phone sexBabysitter phone sex calls are so much fun. I have lots of naughty tales from my years of being the sexy BBW babysitter. I ran into Kyle last night at a club. He is in college now, but ten years ago when I was a teen girl and he was a school boy, I was his babysitter. He recognized me, but I didn’t know who he was until he started talking. He was all grown up now. Just as handsome as his father. Kyle had a thing for his big titted babysitter. All school boys crush on their babysitters. I, however, only had eyes for his daddy. Now of course Kyle’s daddy was married, but that never stopped me, not even in high school.  Kyle’s father seduced me before I had a chance to seduce him. Like most daddies, he was weak for a busty high school slut. We had a hot affair for months, but Kyle found out and blackmailed us. I was not happy to see him last night. His mother was the money maker in the family as she was a doctor. She was never home because she was delivering babies. Kyle’s daddy would have lost everything if she found out he was fucking a high school student. Now, for Kyle’s daddy, the only term was to stop cheating on his mother. When I was alone with Kyle, the terms were different for me. Fuck him or he would tell his mother and my parents. I knew I would be in hot water if my parents found out. Plus, Kyle’s dad would have been arrested because of my age. It would have been a scandal, so I let a school boy with a little dick blackmail me. I fucked him a few times, but the last time I got smarter and recorded him saying he was blackmailing me. He still had the upper hand, but he didn’t realize it. I was just smarter lol. He was trying to get in my panties last night. I left him hanging alone in his car waiting for me. He was handsome like his daddy, but not hung like him. Now Kyle’s daddy, I wouldn’t mind seeing again. He was some hot ass sex.

I Want to Masturbate on My BBW Phone Sex Calls

bbw phone sexI love BBW phone sex calls. Luckily, no one has ever called me to fat shame me. Guys see me as a sexy BBW, not Big Bertha. It isn’t like I am two tons of fun. I am just curvy in all the right places. I am surprised at how many men call me for the girlfriend experience or mutual masturbation. I love getting off with my callers. I think guys look at this as a job for me and either don’t think I want to masturbate with them or just don’t care if I get off because I have been paid. Yes, this is a job, but it’s a job with many fringe benefits like being able to masturbate with callers. I am a horny gal. I always have been, so phone sex seemed like the best job for me. I love hearing a man cum. I love making a man cum. And, I love cumming with a man. If you call me, I will play with my pussy. I will even let you hear my pussy. I get super wet playing with my cunt when there is a sexy voice telling me how to touch my kitty. I want to masturbate. That is why I took this job. So, when you call me, please remember I want to play too!

Big Tits Phone Sex and a Hot Young Lesbian

big tits phone sexBig tits phone sex is something I am good at. I mean look at my big tits? Not a day goes by that some guy doesn’t ask me to show him my boobs. Sometimes even high school boys muster the guts to tell me they want to see my tits. Recently, I was at a Melissa Etheridge concert. If you have never been to one, she has a strong lesbian female fan base. There were plenty of straight guys there too because she is an awesome rock chick, however, the audience was largely female. My friends and I are straight, but we never say no to pretty pussy. I got hit on by a very beautiful and young lesbian. She is 19 and looks like a supermodel. Tall, skinny, no boobs and gorgeous. I wanted to give her a sandwich. She wanted to give me her pussy. She loved my sexy BBW curves. I was enamored with her looks. I brought her home with me. She gushed all over my big tits. Seriously, it was like she had never felt big tits before. She rubbed her young bald pussy all over my boobs. I think my nipples made her cum. We ate each other out and fucked for hours. She spent the night, so I could still taste her cunt on my lips throughout the next day. I think I may go to an Indigo Girls show next. I like picking up hot lesbians.

Cheap Phone Sex Date: Save Your Money, Let’s Fuck

cheap phone sexCheap phone sex doesn’t mean the quality has to suffer. I am cheap and quality. I always tell guys who ask me out that I am a cheap date. Honestly, I am no spoiled princess. I don’t need a sugar daddy. I don’t need a man to pay my bills or buy me things. I make my own money. I don’t need a man; I want a man. Sure, it is nice to go out to eat or to see a movie, but if I agree to a date, it is because I want to fuck you. Whatever we do before is just icing on the cake. Tony put so much effort into our date that I feared it bankrupted him. He took me to the finest restaurant in town. We only drank top shelf drinks. We went dancing at an exclusive new club. We drove in style too because we were in a rental car. No way he drives a Bentley. He is a construction worker. He was down to impress me, but it wasn’t necessary. I am happy with Netflix and McDonalds to go. Maybe skinny wannabe model types expect the finer things in life on a date, but I am just the girl next door. I am impressed by how you treat me as a person not how much you spend on me. If I even agree to a date, I like you; I am already impressed. No need to take time away from getting busy. I had a blast with Tony, but I wanted to feel his cock inside my wet bald pussy before dinner. I wanted to be fucking him all night long. Eventually, we got to fuck, and it was as hot as I expected, but the hours we spent dining and dancing, we could have spent fucking. Don’t feel the need to get to know me. I am down to fuck at hello.

Phone Sex Inspiration

phone sexI love having phone sex. You guys always tell me the dirtiest stories. Sometimes our roleplays spill over into my real life. I have a caller who fantasizes about sharing me with his best friend. He is bisexual and wants to see his friend’s cock. He wants to do more than see it. He wants to suck it and feel it in his ass.  I have had threesomes before. I love them. Two cocks for me is always better. One in each hole! But, I have never had the kind of threesome where two guys enjoy each other as well as me. That all changed the other night. I picked up two guys at a bar. When we got naked, I was surprised when one of the guys grabbed a boob and a cock. Not his cock either. He was squeezing and pumping. I didn’t flinch. I didn’t want to stop him. I mean in the throws of passion, anything goes right? Even boy on boy action. They both pumped me full of seed. I mean the biggest cum shot went in both holes. I excused myself to the bathroom for a second. When I returned, they had started round two without me. They were on the floor in the 69 position sucking each other’s cocks clean of my juice. I have never watched two men have sex in person, just in porn.  It was fucking hot. I let them have round two without me while I watched. Round three, however, I wanted back in on the bisexual fun.

Big Tit Photos for My Cousin

big tit photosHe always wants some big tit photos, so I always give him some. He is my cousin and overseas in the military. He was my first cock. We have a special bond. We always have, even though he is a few years older than me. I was busty even when I was a school girl. My big tits always brought me attention, even from family members. My cousin has a high rank in the army, so he has his own quarters. When he has some down time, we Skype. He loves jacking off for me and I love showing off my big boobs for him. He was the one that taught me how to motorboat and titty fuck. There are a few hot women soldiers, but he can lose his rank if he fucks any of them, which means other than occasional hooker pussy, all he has is our Skype sessions and Internet porn. We often watch some mutual masturbation porn together; something we both like. I love watching a close up of a pussy being eaten until it squirts. I am bisexual, but the pussy eating is more about reliving some great moments with my cousin. He is by far the best cunt licker I have met yet. Seriously, he eats better pussy than a career lesbian. We watched a few movies, masturbated and talked dirty for a couple hours last night. I miss my cousin. Part of the reason I am a phone whore is because of him. When he first went over to Iraq after 9/11, we started talking dirty when he was just a lowly foot soldier at 19. I was still in high school but was a great dirty talker. He joked that he was giving me so much practice at phone sex, that I should enlist in the business. Here I am now, your sexy BBW phone whore. I miss my cousin’s cock in the flesh, but I never need to go without cock.

Cum Shots on Tits

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits look great when you have big boobs like me. Guys want to jizz on my boobs. I picked up brothers at a club last night. Brothers! They were both hitting on me and told me I could have them both if I was game. Fuck yes, I was game to get tag teamed by brothers. I am talking siblings, not brothers as in black men.  I can check it off my sex bucket list now. They loved my big boobs. We did it all. They fucked my ass. They fucked my pussy. I gave them head. They double penetrated me too. When it came to giving me the biggest cum shot, however, they didn’t want to cum in my pussy. I insisted I couldn’t get pregnant. I am on the pill. They didn’t care about that. They just wanted to see their handiwork on my big jugs. I couldn’t tell them no. Most guys to want to squirt on a pair of natural double E’s, right? You know you do. They pulled out of my pussy, stood over me and spray painted my jugs with their hot seed. I finger painted their jizz on my boobs like I was Picasso. When you have a rack like mine, you can eat the cum of your tits. It was a hot dirty fuck. One I will never forget. Not often brothers cum on your boobs together.

Bisexual Phone Sex with My Cousin

bisexual phone sexI enjoy bisexual phone sex. I have always enjoyed pussy. I remember playing doctor with my cousin. She was a bit younger than me, but not by much. We were thick as thieves growing up. One day she was like show me your boobs. I was chesty even as a school girl. I loved the attention my big boobs brought me, even then. When I took my top off, she started sucking on my boob. It felt good. It was the first time anyone sucked on my boob. I was young and still a virgin. We started kissing and fondling each other on the tile floor of my bathroom. My parents were gone for the night. We were all alone. I licked her young bald pussy, even put a finger inside of her. It was warm, wet and tight. We got in some positions that night. We tribbed our pussies before I even knew what that term meant.  We called it the scissors then. We didn’t know what we were doing. If something felt good, we repeated it. In hindsight, we had orgasms, but didn’t know about them yet. Now, we are all grown up and still like to have fun when we see each other. Just now we have toys and we know what we are doing. We know how to make each other cum. My cousin has a sweet tasting pussy. Her ass tastes good too. I love fingering both her holes., especially at the same time.  She loves burying her face in my ass too. She gives a mean rim job. Her rim job is better than any man has given me. Twenty something years later and we are still kissing cousins. She gave me my taste for pussy. Don’t worry fellows, I love cock still. Just thanks to my cousin, I like to eat pussy too.

My Wet Bald Pussy is for Men, Not Boys

wet bald pussyI love showing off my wet bald pussy. Guys always want to see it too. Not just guys, however, are curious about pussy. I was babysitting last night. Not super young ones, but young enough not to be trusted left alone to not burn down the house and lose the dog. The boys were obsessed with me. They were like Satan’s spawn trying to look at my tits and my pussy. Tried to walk in on me every time I was in the bathroom, but I made sure to lock the door. I like older men. Young school boys don’t do much for me because their dicks are not full grown yet and they don’t know how to please a woman, especially a sexy BBW. These brats would likely squirt their pants if they saw my tits. They played games with me all night. I was worn out, but not defeated. I made them a deal. If they could last three entire minutes looking at my big tits without touching themselves or cumming in their pants, I would let them see my bald pussy. They didn’t last a minute looking at my boobs and I have the cum shots on tits to prove it. One boy jizzed himself at the site of my nipple. The other boy just started stroking his wiener when he saw flesh. I told them boobs are for boys but muffs are for men and sent them to bed.

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