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Fantasy Phone Sex with Married Men

fantasy phone sexI love fantasy phone sex. When you think about it, that is what this industry is all about. Making your naughty fantasies cum true. I am such a naughty BBW. I love playing with married men especially. I enjoy being that dirty little secret. One of my callers last night wanted me to be his mistress. The extra hot part of our fantasy role play was that he wanted his wife to catch him with a sexy BBW. His wife body shames women like me. He thinks she is jealous of our curves because she is a stick figure with boobs, but not boobs like mine. Few wives have natural big tits like mine. That is why chicks with curves are such popular phone sex whores. I love the idea of fucking a married man and getting busted by his wife. Let a skinny bitch body shame me! Her man is fucking me, not her. That says it all. In the role play, I got to cuckold his wife. Sort of reverse of a typical cuckold call. Instead of shaming a small dick, I was shaming a flat ass and no tits. It was so much fun. I love this job. It lets me do and say all the things that might get me in trouble off the phone!

Big Tit Fucking with a Married Man

big tit fucking

Big tit fucking is what I am built for according to Tony. I met him out last night at this bar in town. I am not a bar fly, but when I am horny, I will go out to see what I can find. There were a lot of men vying for my attention last night. This bar is adjacent to a hotel, so usually lots of out of town businessmen having a late night drink and looking for some side action while away. I walked in wearing a short black form fitting dress. The plunging neckline gave many guys whiplash as I walked by. I dress for attention. I love the looks I get from men and women alike. Tony pulled a chair out for me as I walked by; asked me to join him for a drink. Only top shelf liquor for a sexy BBW he said. He was married, but I didn’t care.  I was not looking to get married. I wanted to be spoiled and get fucked. After a few fancy cocktails, Tony couldn’t help but focus on my tits. I do have a nice rack, don’t you think? He admitted to being married, but the ring on his finger told me that when I sat down. I told him I was uncomplicated. I just wanted a fun night of no strings attached fucking and perhaps some cum shots on tits. He had no problem giving me either. I don’t think he had been fucked in a while. Married men love me. They know I can satisfy them, even if just for a night. We fucked most of the night. He said I gave him the best tit fuck and head of his life. He is not the only married man to say that. I am happy to be that side piece for you too. Consider me your phone sex mistress.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex is Why I Love My Job!

mutual masturbation phone sexMutual masturbation phone sex is why I love my job so much. Name another job that I can get paid while playing with my pussy all day long? Sure, a porn star or an escort perhaps, but there is risk there. I am safely in my home rubbing one out with you all day long. I love when men ask to hear my wet pussy. If you are into a sexy BBW who loves to masturbate and show off her curves, I am positive I will have a cunt wet enough for you to hear over the phone. I went shopping Friday night to this new sex shop in town. I spoiled myself with some new toys for work. What other job can I write off sex toys on my taxes? I love this job. Anyway, the hot college boy working the counter asked if I was a porn star buying so many toys. I told him I was just a phone sex operator. His eyes got wide and his cock got hard when he heard that. He told me I was pretty enough to be a porn star. I asked him if he wanted to see how I use my toys for work? He was very enthusiastic about that. I sat on the counter and fucked my pussy while he jacked off. He gave me his employee discount, but I would have played with my pussy for free. I’m such an exhibitionist.

Cocksucking Phone Sex

cocksucking phone sexCocksucking phone sex is what guys always want from a sexy BBW. I think men just know that a full figured girl is a cock swallower and a cum guzzler. Men I meet off the phone seem to know too. I was walking my pup early this morning before I started my shift. There were not too many people out on a Sunday morning at 6 am. Jim was, however. He wasn’t jogging or walking a pup. He said he was looking for me. He heard that I was a cock sucking slut. He gave me a brief introduction about himself. Nothing I have not heard before. A married man with a wife who stopped giving head after she said, “I do,” is a common story. I think lack of head is what drives men to cheat. I have standards about who I blow, but the bar is not set very high. I’m a cum whore. I love receiving the biggest cum shot down my throat, on my tits or in my fuck holes. Seriously, it is nothing for me to blow ten guys or even more in a day. I knew I knew it wouldn’t take long to blow him. His wife had not sucked his cock in 12 years. I would be lucky if he lasted a minute. Sadly, he didn’t even last until I got him in my mouth. I unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick and he jizzed in my hand. He was embarrassed. He started to run away, but I stopped him. I explained that I can raise the dead with my mouth and my big tits. He was hard in my mouth as quickly as he came the first time. I blew him under a tree. This time he got a proper blowjob. And I got a proper mouth fucking. Never underestimate the powers of a cock sucking slut.

Can My Wet Bald Pussy Weather the Storm?

wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy is extra wet right now. I live in Florida; did I ever mention that? We are gearing up for the storm of the century. I’m more centrally located, but no doubt Irma is gonna barrel through here like a bat out of hell. I am ready for that bitch, well as ready as I can be. What worries me as much as being flooded or homeless is going without cock for a few days. I am sexy BBW with a huge appetite for more than just food. I have been stocking up on cock and cum as much as I can. I can hoard cum, but I just need to get fucked a lot this weekend in hopes that it will lesson my craving. I thought if I get fucked 10 times as much as usual in a weekend, I may feel satisfied longer and crave cock less frequently than normal. You would think I would feel satisfied by now. I have had over 50 men fuck me since Friday night. That is gang bang goddess status. I think what has happened instead, however, is that it has made me hornier. The more I get fucked, the more I want fucked. I have a funny feeling Irma will pass, but I am going to keep wanting to get fucked like a gang bang porn star every day after.

Sexy BBW Phone Sex

bbw phone sexBBW phone sex girls are quite popular. Does that shock you? My mom was a sexy BBW too. When I was little, however, she got called fat all the time. Magazines and Hollywood glamourized stick figures. Any woman over size 6 was labeled fat. My mother struggled with esteem issues, but not me. I inherited her big bone genes. I am proud of my curves and no one shames me for being a big beautiful woman. I don’t think guys ever wanted a starving model type. They cranky because they are hungry. Plus, you can’t really fuck them. With a big girl, we can take a licking and keep on ticking, which means you can pound the shit out of us. This guy I hooked up with on Tinder last night said big girls are his thing. He was a skinny guy too. Skinny, tall men love me. This guy was so thin that if he stood sideways he was counted absent in school. Huge cock, however. He likes big girls because he has a huge cock. He rightfully thinks only big girls can handle a big dick. He had a fetish too. Not just for big girls, but for big girls squashing him. He wanted me to sit on his face with all my weight. I thought for a moment, his head might disappear up my pussy. He had his tongue and nose buried up my fat cunt. He took care of my pussy and I took care of his cock. What is your phone sex fetish? I loved to sit on your face too.

My Big Tit Photos

big tit photosBig tit photos are what he paid me for several months ago. I make some extra money being a busty nude model. I never know where my photos may end up. They get sold and resold. A male friend of mine, found a sight with a bunch of my photos and put together a cool collage of them for me. He admitted to jacking off all night looking at my big boobs. He has always had skinny girlfriends so, I had no idea he liked sexy BBWs. His current girlfriend is a bean pole. Hot as fuck, but no tits. I invited him over last night for dinner. I wanted to thank him for finding a bunch of my pictures. He wanted some big tit fucking. Begged to cum over my natural EE’s.  I couldn’t say no to my friend. His girlfriend represents the Great American Flatlands. I’m the Rocky Mountains. I took off my top and boulder holder so my boobs could breathe. He was awe struck. I put his face in between my cleavage for a hot motor boat session. I was surprised by his big dick. If I had known my friend had 9 inches of cock, I would have seduced him long before now. I got on my knees so I could wrap the twins around his cock. If his cock never touched my pussy, it is not cheating, right? As I rubbed my boobs against his shaft, he started to drip pre cum. I knew how to make him explode. I shoved a finger up his tight ass until I found that spot that I was certain would make him cum long and hard. He got hard again watching me suck his jizz off my big tits. Would you like to deposit a nice thick load too? My boobs are big enough for a few loads.

Bisexual Phone Sex Fun

bisexual phone sexBisexual phone sex is something I know a thing  or two about. I am a bisexual sexy BBW. I love sucking cock as much as I enjoy a fat juicy cunt. I played doctor with school girls when I was a school girl. I was always curious about female anatomy. Nothing changed in college. I went home with as many drunk sorority girls as I did stoned college boys. I like to fuck. Boy or girl it doesn’t matter. I got assigned community service recently for a DUI. It could have been far worse, but my big tits and cock sucking skills saved me from a worse sentence.  I met Gabby at community service. She got in trouble for public fucking. Her big tits saved her too. Turns out we both had the same arresting officer. He clearly shows a bit of compassion for thick busty girls. Gabby and I hit it off instantly. Our first day of community service, I invited her over for dinner. She dined on my wet bald pussy. Damn, she can lick some pussy. I let her worship my pussy for over an hour before I stopped being hedonistic and licked back. She tasted yummy. Thick muff. Pink and so very wet. I tongued her asshole too, which sent her to the ceiling. We knew how to make each other cream. We broke out my strap-on and enjoyed the feel of a plastic cock up our wet pussies too. We even tribbed our cunts together. That gave us each a hot squirting pussy. We both still love cock and man seed, but we have been inseparable for weeks. A man might be good a giving a girl a hardcore fucking, but a girl is better at eating pussy. What do you think? Don’t worry guys. I still want your big dicks.

Big Tit Photos on the Fly

big tit photosHe asked me if I had ever posed for big tit photos for money. I said not for money, but many a man has wanted to snap nude pictures of my sexy BBW body. I was in my drive way washing my car and this random jogger struck up a conversation with me about my big tits. He was clearly flirting, but I could tell he was a tit man. He couldn’t make eye contact with me, nor could he stop asking me boob questions. I was feeling charitable, so I tossed him a bone. I let the hose saturate my top until it was completely transparent. The hard bulge in his pants was transparent too. He shifted around like a school boy with his first boner, but I told him, “Now neither of us has anything to hide.” I motioned him to the back porch. I stripped naked for him and invited him to jack off on my tits. He wanted to fuck me, but the bulge in his pants was deceiving. He was hard, not big. I want a cock I can feel. I think all women do. I told him my husband would be home soon, and if he didn’t want shot he best give me his biggest cum shot to my tits and get on home to his wife. Before I even got all that out of my mouth, his jizz sprinkled my big jugs. I guess I cock teased him, but what was the harm? I didn’t fuck him, but I did let him cum on my big sexy boobs. That is charity not tease and denial. Maybe I would fuck him one day, but I am sure he had no complaints. I mean he went for an after work run and got to cum on a sexy BBW’s big natural boobs.

BBW Phone Sex Mistress

bbw phone sex

BBW phone sex girls make the best mistresses. Most of my lovers are married men who like spoiling me. I love to be pampered and spoiled. I have more than one sugar daddy. I take care of them, they take care of me. My first married man was my land lord’s husband. I think she is a bull dyke in denial. She has not tossed him a bone since I was learning to walk. He is about 30 years older than me, but he is a silver haired fox with a big dick. She controls the money because all their property is in her name, but he does the books. He skims a little off the top every month to spoil me with nice presents. She is gone a lot wheeling and dealing so we have plenty of time to play together. He came over this morning and brought me a pretty pink Coach purse I have been wanting forever. In exchange, he got my pretty pink hot squirting pussy. He knows just how to make my bald kitty purr and rain. If my landlord is not going to give his 8 inch cock any attention, I am happy too. If you are looking for a sexy BBW mistress who knows how to take care of neglected cocks, you just found her!

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