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Biggest Cum Shot from that Cock

biggest cum shotI was not expecting the biggest cum shot from Dan. He was not very tall. In fact, I was taller and bigger than him. His hands were small, so were his feet. Even though nothing about him screamed big dick, he was cute. He was a foreigner with a sexy accent and a bald head. I picked him up in the subway of all places. He asked for directions and the next thing I knew, I was going south on his cock. It surprised me that his cock was thick. It wasn’t a monster cock in length, but it was more than average too. I really liked his dick. I am a good cock sucker. I put my all into dick sucking. I use my big tits, my hands and my mouth to drain a man’s balls. I also licked his taint, tossed his salad and let him tea bag me. I was obsessed with his cock. It was the hardest dick I have been around in a while. He said it was because I was such a sexy BBW. Whatever the reason was, I enjoyed draining his balls. I also enjoyed the hot squirting pussy he gave me when we fucked. Looks can be deceiving. I am so glad I didn’t count him out.

Sexy BBW Phone Sex Encounter

BBW phone sexBBW phone sex is his obsession he told me. When we met, he confessed that he had seen me on the Internet before. I have done a lot of nude modeling for big tit magazines. I love showing off my curves, especially to men who are BBW lovers. It was a chance encounter. I rarely get recognized. It isn’t like I am some sort of big porn star. Every now and then I meet a big tit man who has seen me online at Score or Juggs.  Tony was a sexy bald man. He is a bicycle courier and was delivering a package when I was leaving the bank. He literally ran into me. My big boobs served as a cushion so neither of us got hurt. He gushed over me. I was flattered. We exchanged numbers and once he was off work, he came over and ate my wet bald pussy. He had a bald head. I have a thing for bald men. I rubbed my shaved cunt all over his head making myself cum again and again. His sexy bald head looked like a glazed donut. That was just foreplay. Once he showed me his throbbing shaft, I showed off my cock sucking skills. A few minutes after slurping on his shaft, he was fucking me. His cock was uncut, which is like a novelty for me. Once it was fully erect, however, it looked like every other cock, just much bigger. It was a hot encounter. I added a new fuck buddy to my list yesterday.

Phone Sex BBW Revenge

phone sexPhone sex bbws are popular. No one fat shames me; at least no man does. The only flack I ever get is from jealous skinny bitches who have not eaten since the 90s. I am sure you know the type. I hate mean girls. I encountered a posse of them last night at this popular nightclub downtown. These girls were trying to fat shame me to the bouncer who let me in the club ahead of them. I have big tits. I don’t have to wait in long lines. If those bitches were to eat a sandwich instead of bitching, they may get the same perks in life. I ignored them at first, but that became harder to do once in the club. The cute bartender they flirt with, was giving me all his attention and free drinks. They got in my face, so I told them he prefers curves to bones. He agreed with me. When one started a fight with me, the handsome bartender threw red wine on her and called security. I fucked the bartender. He gave me their snapchat handles, so I could send them naked selfies of us fucking. Real men prefer curves. I had fun taunting the skinny bitches. I would have fucked that bartender even if I wasn’t trying to make a point. He was hung and hot. Skinny bitches got what they deserved. Never fuck with a hot bbw phone sex slut.

Big Tit Fucking at the Doctor’s Office

big tit fuckingBig tit fucking at the doctor’s office was unexpected. My normal doctor is a female, but she had her partner see me today because she was delivering little ones. He couldn’t believe his luck when he saw me. He had seen me in the office before and thought I was beautiful. He admitted to jacking off in his office every time I was in the practice. I was flattered because he was hot. A sexy older man who appreciates my sexy BBW curves always gets me wet. I enjoyed flirting with him, but I got super wet when my legs were in the stirrups. He felt it. I was leaking lots of lady juice on his hands as he probed my wet bald pussy. Once my exam was over, he was the one on the exam table and I was titty fucking his throbbing cock. He was rock hard for my big tits. And I was wet for his cock. He knew he would be in trouble for fucking a patient, but he couldn’t help himself. I couldn’t help myself either. I am weak for older men with big dicks.

Sexy BBW Phone Sex

bbw phone sexBBW phone sex sluts make bank. Some jack ass tried to tell me there was no way I make 6 figures a year being a fat girl. I showed him a few of my paystubs and his mouth fell to the ground. Then he tried to fat shame me. I knew what was going on. He was jealous that I made more money than him. He was college educated and here was a sexy BBW making more money than him working from home. I thought he was acting like a school boy in love. You know, picking on a girl that he likes, but he was going about it the wrong way. I confronted him, but he denied his attraction to me. His dick betrayed him because he had a boner in his pants. Normally, I wouldn’t give the time of day to a guy who fat shamed me, but he was hot. Plus, angry sex is hot ass sex if you ask me. We were both clearly angry too. Finally, I just grabbed his cock and he melted in my hand. Pre-cum oozed through my fingers as I pumped his balls. The attraction to me was undeniable. We may not have liked each other much, but that doesn’t matter when fucking. We had great sex. I think angry sex is the best. What about you?

Biggest Cum Shot at the Glory Hole

biggest cum shotI swallowed the biggest cum shot this morning. I was feeling horny and kinky. We had a tornado come through town last night, but that didn’t quell my need for cock and cum. I went down to this truck stop that has a glory hole in the last stall of the women’s bathroom. The truckers know to stick their dick in and horny sluts like me and lot lizards will wait to suck them. When I went into the stall, there was a dick already waiting for me. It was thick and appeared long too. It was a white dick, but I don’t discriminate. Big is big and cum is cum. I slurped on that anonymous shaft like a dirty whore for about 20 minutes before I got a jet blast of cum down my throat. I wanted more. I wiped the dripping seed from the corner of my mouth and ran out the door to see if I could figure who that yummy cock belonged too. There was a guy standing there with his arms crossed. He stopped me. He informed me that he was waiting for me because anyone who sucked a dick like I just did, needed fucked too. He was so right. We hopped in his cab and fucked. I have never fucked in a truck cab before. I felt like a lot lizard whore. It was hot, just like a dirty phone sex call. His cock felt better in my pussy than my mouth. It started storming again, but we rode the storm out fucking in his cab. Lot lizards watch out, this sexy BBW is moving in on your turf.

The Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotHe gave me the biggest cum shot. It was a cyber cum shot, but hot, nonetheless. My cousin is overseas in the military. We have been having cyber sex for years. Last night, however, I didn’t give a sexy show to him. I jiggled my big tits and fat ass for his Major. He is the superior officer at my cousin’s outpost. Holly fuck he had a nice cock. He is the highest ranking official I have ever masturbated with. My cousin is well above private status, but he is a far cry from being the top dog too. The Major found my videos on my cousin’s laptop. He was snooping. He knew there was nothing illegal or in violation of army code about what we were doing. He doesn’t know we are kissing cousins. He just thought I was a sexy BBW girlfriend in the states. He told me he could make sure my solider got a pass to come see me if I let him jack off for me.  I told him how to stroke his cock. I played with my pussy too for him. He had a nice cock. He is married and hasn’t had sex in over a year. Poor guy. He won’t pay for a hooker because he doesn’t want to cheat on his wife of 30 years. But he couldn’t resist bbw phone sex with me. He came so hard and so did I. I told him I would be happy to help him jack off anytime. It is the least I can do for a military man.

Wet Bald Pussy for Married Men

wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy was extra wet this morning. I was in whore mode last night. I had a revolving door of folks coming over to fuck me. I have a lot of fuck buddies. All married men who can only come over when their wives leave. For some reason, all 6 of my married lovers wanted to fuck me last night. I just had to do some fancy scheduling. I love my married men. All of them have nice cocks and they are each generous in their own way. One lover always gives me a little cash to buy myself something pretty. Another one brings me gift cards and another one always gives me a salon card so I can get my hair and nails done. I cleaned up last night having all 6 men come visit me in one night. My pussy and ass got a work out too. Funny thing is that no one seemed to know that my pussy was full of cum. They each just thought I was happy to see them, which I was, but I was a creampie phone sex slut. I like each lover so much, but they don’t know about each other. I fear I would not be spoiled as well if they knew what a whore I am. It all worked out for me. I had lovers coming every couple hours with hard cocks and presents. I love married men. They are the best lovers.

Fantasy Phone Sex: Can I Be Your Naughty Nurse

fantasty phone sexI love fantasy phone sex calls. On a fantasy call we both get to be whoever we want. I enjoy playing naughty nurse. I have been playing doctor patient since I was a wee girl. I would exam my friends’ little pussies and dicks when I was a school girl. Sex has been on my brain for decades. Men love role playing with me. I have this one fuck buddy who loves a sexy nurse role play. I have a naughty nurse outfit from a few Halloweens ago, so I wear that when he needs a prostate exam from his busty nurse. He came over last night in need of some prostate phone sex fun. I had him strip naked for me. I put him on my massage table that we pretended was an exam table. I am very thorough with my prostate exams. The goal is to drain the balls completely. I started sucking his cock while I worked a finger up his ass. When you work the cock and the ass together, the result is a mind blowing, ball draining orgasm. I even hummed on his cock. It didn’t take long before I had a mouth full of his salty jizz. I had to swallow a few times because he had such a big load. I don’t let cum go to waste, not even the backed up cum that has been in balls for months. Can I drain you too?

Sexy BBW Big Tit Photos

big tit photosThis guy had an ad in the back of this local rag paper I get. The ad said, “Top Dollar Paid for Big Tit Photos.” I can always use some extra money and I have no problem showing off my boobs. I have posed for Score and a slew of other outfits that like busty BBW girls. When I called the number provided, it became obvious quickly that this was more of an art shoot. The man was an art graduate student and he needed a busty model. If I was uncomfortable posing for him, I could let him take some naked pictures of me instead. He was paying me more if I modeled for him. He would pay me $100 a day which was about 4 hours being nude in his studio daily until his art piece was done. Seemed like easy money to me. I figured he was some sort of geek or otherwise he would know some women to ask to do this for him. The joke was on me because he was smoking hot. A tall, athletic Italian man in his 30s. He is only in America on a school visa. He knows lots of women, but according to him, they are all skinny and flat chested. He wanted a voluptuous woman. I was happy to be his Aphrodite. I mean the man is hot and he is paying me to look at my naked body. After a couple sessions of me just posing for him, we had hot ass sex on his studio floor. In fact, some of his cum landed in the clay one day! He has one of those Italian stallion cocks. My pussy is sore from fucking him, but I won’t stop until his art project is completed. I want to tell him to let me make a plaster caster of his cock with his clay because that would make one fine dildo for me to remember him by.


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