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Showing off My Wet Bald Pussy at the Grocery Store

wet bald pussyI love showing off my wet bald cunt. Usually, I just show it off online and to my lovers, but I am a huge exhibitionist and sometimes I can’t help myself. I love showing off m sexy BBW body. Sometimes, I take huge risks like last night. I was in the grocery store and I had on a skirt with no panties. I saw this hot married man checking me out and I wanted him to see more. I dropped something just so he could check out my pussy.  I heard the heaving breathing and the “oh god.” I turned around and smiled and said, “See anything you like?” He looked around to make sure no one was nearby, then he grabbed his dick and smiled. I wanted his cock up my plump pussy badly, but we were at Giant Eagle. It would get us arrested if I fucked him in the cereal aisle.  He had a better idea. His brand new SUV. I was happy to christen it, make it his cheating fuckmobile. There was plenty of room for my big ass and his huge cock in the back. Tinted windows took some of the fun out of this tryst in broad daylight, but I still enjoyed his cock in my ass and pussy. He was clearly in need of a ball draining. This was not my first hardcore ass fucking in a car, but it was the best. I am still sore, but damn it hurt so good. I need to pick up more married men at the grocery store. They fuck me so well.

Guided Masturbation with a Sexy BBW

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. Telling you how to stroke your cock for me, makes me very hot. Makes me soaking wet. Nothing turns this super nasty sexy BBW on more than hearing you slap your meat, especially while I am fingering my plump pink cunt. I have been masturbating since I was a school girl. I played with my bald cunt before I ever fucked a cock. It started when I was over at a friend’s house. I was a young girl and I caught her older brother jacking off.  The first couple times, I just watched. Once he caught me, things changed. He wanted to fuck me, but he was afraid to because of my young age. I would have fucked him, but I settled for something else. Mutual masturbation. I would tell him how to stroke his dick and he would tell me how to play with my young bald pussy. I loved watching him stroke to my voice. We played this game called Red Light Green Light. It was an edging game. I still use that technique with my callers. I just love helping a man achieve the best cum of his life. My friend’s brother was putty in my hands. I may have been younger, but he would do anything I told him, even put a finger in his ass for a prostate massage. I had read in my daddy’s Penthouse forum that a prostate massage gives a man a thorough ball draining. Many of my callers love it when I tell them how to play with their prostate properly. I mean who doesn’t want a hard cum? I bet you do, especially now that you know I am gifted in the art of telling you how to jack off. I love giving any man the biggest cum shot of his life.

Cum Shots on Tits Girl

cum shots on titsI love cum shots on tits, especially when it is my tits. I told a guy I was hitting on at a bar last night that I was a shot girl. He thought I sold shots of booze in a bar. He and his friend came over last night after we closed the bar down. I said I was a cum shots girl when we got to my place and they both looked at me with a huge smile. I pulled out my big tits and told them I have tits made to be decorated with cum. Look at my boobs? You know I am right. I pushed my juggs together and egged them on. I love it when guys stroke their dicks together. Some men get weirded out seeing another dick, but these two friends had no problem stroking side by side to give this sexy BBW the biggest cum shot on her great big tits. Those guys were super horny for this big nasty slut, so I wanted them to have a first quick cum, so they would last when it mattered most. They got hard again watching me lick their cum off my tits. That is when I got in the position to take two dicks at once. These guys were so cool with jacking off together that I knew they wouldn’t mind their balls touching, so I could get double penetrated in my ass and pussy. I had cum oozing out both holes to make a huge wet spot on my floor. I licked it off the carpet which made them both horny for the third time. We fucked all night long.  My pussy and ass are a little sore today, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is not every day that I get a cock in my ass and pussy from two hung guys.

I Love Married Men Phone Sex

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex is something I love. Married men love a sexy BBW. I think married men love all girls, but I am partial to the married men in my life. There are many too. They are uncomplicated because they can’t demand I be exclusive with them since they can’t be exclusive with me. Doesn’t mean they don’t try to keep this big girl to themselves, but it doesn’t fly with me. Monogamy is overrated. I might get married someday, but I think it would have to be an open marriage or my husband would have to enjoy watching me with other men. I don’t think this full body was meant for just one dick. Do you? Last night, I had a late-night rendezvous with one of my married lovers. He arrived at my place with flowers, a gift card and a hard cock. I put the flowers in a vase and the gift card in my wallet as I was putting his hard cock in my mouth. Married men love to spoil me. He spoiled my wet bald pussy too. This married man can lick pussy for hours. His wife doesn’t let him go down on her. I could have a guy between my legs all damn day. He snuck out of his house after his bitch of a wife fell asleep. She pops sleeping pills, so she is out like a light until the morning. We had a few hours to play. I came several times before his hard cock entered my pussy. He looks at worshiping my cunt as edging. He lasted long, so I could cum a few more times on his throbbing married dick. It was a great way to put me to bed. That generous gift card was a great way to wake up too. Did I mention I love being spoiled?

BBW Phone Sex Swingers Pool Party on Twitter

BBW phone sexBBW phone sex is a fan favorite. Guys love a sexy BBW who is down to fuck. I was at this pool party recently and I had way too much to drink. I was drunk which means my freak flag flies high. The party was boring anyway. It needed me doing a naked cannon ball into the deep end to spice things up, you know? I am such a fun whore. Some of the women were a bit put off at first, but once the guys all jumped in naked with me, they joined in on the fun. No one wants to be left on the side lines. I turned that party into an orgy swingers’ fest. It was an adult party. There were no young ones around, otherwise I would have tried to be on better behavior. Good behavior is difficult for me. I like being the one that gets folks out of their comfort zone. Swinging is making a comeback anyhow.

phone sexI started blowing men under water. I think some people were surprised what great lung capacity I have for a big girl. For a big cock, I will stay under water until I am blue in the face. I love watersports.  I mean that in both ways too, because this phone sex BBW got her freak on at this party. I was sitting on the edge of the pool and one guy was so drunk he pissed in the pool. I jokingly said something like don’t piss in the pool and he pissed on me instead. I wasn’t going to act all freaked out. It is just piss after all. So, I stood up and egged all the men to piss on me. And, they did. I was covered in piss and cum. I could have dipped back into the pool, but I let the wives clean me up instead.

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Phone Sex BBW

phone sexBeing a phone sex BBW is so much fun. I love playing with my pussy all day long for guys who like a girl with meat on her bones. I never get humiliation calls, well that changed today. I am not a submissive girl. I feel confident in my skin. The caller asked if was submissive and I said no. He begged me to do a humiliation roleplay with him. I caved because I like to make callers happy. I figured it was role play anyway, right? I fantasize about a lot of things that I don’t have experience with, so if a guy wants me on all fours oinking like a pig, why not right? I know I am a sexy BBW and no one’s submissive whore. Guess what? It was hot. I had to beg for his cock and his cum. He liked denying me his big dick because I was not worthy of it being a chubby piggy girl. I knew once his cock was in my wet bald pussy, he would change his tune. I am tight. I do Kegel exercises and men are always surprised at how tight my chubby fuck hole is. I was oinking like a pig and getting spanked when he sunk his cock into me from behind. Now, everything changed. He was in hog heaven in my pussy. I clinched down so tight, he couldn’t have pulled out if he wanted too. I turned the tables on him. Once he felt my pussy, he wanted more, and I made him beg and oink like a pig to stay inside my warm wet hole. I bet once you are inside my creamy wet tight pussy, you will never want to leave. I don’t care if you are dominant or submissive, my plump pussy is addicting.

BBW Phone Sex with My Married Neighbor

bbw phone sex
BBW phone sex girls do well in this industry because we are real women. I am not a porn star. I am the girl next door with some curves and big tits. My neighbors love me. Well, the married men do at least. I have been having an affair with one of my neighbors for over a year now. He is 20 years older than me, but his dick is big and always hard. His wife is the bitch of the neighborhood. No one likes her. She has never been nice to me, so I fuck her husband. At first, it started out as a revenge fuck. I fucked her husband because I could. I enjoyed his attention because every bit of attention he gave me, meant that was attention she was not getting. I didn’t find him all that attractive, but he is a nice guy and he has killer skills in the bedroom. Being older has not been a problem because his dick is always hard and can last for hours. He can even eat pussy for hours. He loves worshiping my pink pussy too. He is one of the best lovers I have ever had. He gives me a hot squirting pussy with his fingers and his tongue. He even fucks my ass in such a way that makes me cum. He makes sure I cum several times before he cums once. I swear I would move to a bigger place, but I don’t want to lose him as my neighbor! Married men with bitch wives are the best lovers around.

My Big Tit Photos

big tit photosI have a confession. My daddy still loves big tit photos. He was a trucker, so the house was full of big jug magazines. Daddy loved big tits. He would tell me when he caught me looking at his magazines not to worry about it because mine would grow. He was right. It might have had something to do with all the cum he fed me. I was daddy’s big dick sucker. I am still a big dick sucker. Daddy is an old man, but he still gets hard over my jugs. I had a photo shoot for Score magazine recently. I made sure to send some photos to daddy telling him I am thinking of him. He is almost sixty, so I wasn’t expecting him to get in his truck and pay me a visit. I only see daddy during holidays. He is not supposed to drive at all. He has a license, but he has a vision condition. When he arrived, he said he would drive blindfolded to play with my big titties again. Daddy is very proud of how big my boobs turned out. Daddy had no problem getting hard like he did when I was little either. My big tits still have the power to get daddy erect as an old man. He didn’t even need a Viagra. I had to admit that I miss my daddy. No matter how much older I get, I will forever be daddy’s girl.

Double Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fuckingI picked up two guys at a concert last night. They wanted to both give me a hardcore ass fucking. One of the guys told me he heard a rumor that bigger girls like ass sex. I don’t know if it has to do with my size or the fact that I am just a horny slut, but I do love cock in the ass. These guys were hot as fuck. I could tell that they work out or at least have labor jobs because they had beef cake arms. I was happy to bring them home to fuck. One guy was 8 inches and his friend was about 8.5 inches. I measured them. I have a naughty little black book of fucks. Sometimes I don’t know their names, but I will note where I picked them up, how we fucked and their cock sizes. I then rate their sexual skills. They were amused that I measured them and put it down in my little black fuck book. They were among the best one night stands I have had. I let them double penetrate me. Not one in my pussy and one in my ass, but both in my ass. Talk about hot ass sex. They slid their cocks in my ass together and started double pumping my ass. It felt amazing. Made my pussy fucking wet. They left me with an ass full of cum and a good rating in my little black fuck book.

Cum Shots on Tits, My Sexy BBW Tits

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits look better on a pair of large boobs like mine. Don’t you agree?  Guys see my tits before they see anything else.  One guy told me at the grocery store last night that my breasts deserved their own zip code. Now they aren’t that big. They are ample, but I know women with even bigger boobs than me. Many sexy BBWs have big natural boobs. We are just big all over. I hooked up with these brothers I met a couple months ago at a club. They love big tits and asses. I have both. I think it’s hot to do brothers. Not brothers as in black dudes. That is hot too, but I mean biological brothers. Unlike most men, these two don’t give a fuck about seeing each other naked or their balls touching. I think they like it. Whatever floats your boat. I don’t judge. I am a kinky phone sex slut. I love it nasty and taboo. I tried something just to see if I could get away with it. Once they had both cum on my boobs, I had the younger brother fluff his older brother to get him hard again for me. We were just getting started. I wanted cum in my pussy too. I am trying to get knocked up, so as much as I love cum on my tits, I want it up my baby maker hole. The younger of the two sucked his brother’s cock. Got him hard again and guided him in my pussy like a good cuckold.  Something told me he has been sucking his brother’s dick for years. It was hot to watch. I mean it was like a double taboo: brothers and guy on guy action. I think the older of the two’s cock got harder from his brother’s mouth than my wet bald pussy. Again, I don’t judge. It was a hot kinky threesome. The kind I can never get enough of.

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