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bbw phone sexEvery man loves bbw phone sex. They just can’t always admit it! I have many secret lovers, but it doesn’t have anything to do with my size. It is all about them being married. A sexy BBW like me is often a married man’s naughty secret. Normally, I plan well. I am juggling several married men at once. They know I have other lovers. They may not like it, but since they are married, they have no claim over me. You can hardly expect me to be faithful when you are married. So, I fucked up times and ended up with two married lovers at my place at once. They were fighting with each other over who got to fuck me. I came into the living room naked and suggested a threesome. Once they saw my big tits and curves, they stopped arguing and came over to me. I took both their cocks in my mouths and all was forgiven. These men didn’t know each other. The only thing in common they shared was my wet bald pussy. It was my first threesome with two men who were strangers to each other. It was fucking hot as hell too. I think I need to make more scheduling mistakes.

GFE Phone Sex BBW

gfe phone sexBBW girls make excellent gfe phone sex babes. More of us to love you! I picked up this out of town business man at a hotel bar. My girlfriends and I love this bar because of the high class men who stay there. When I started talking to this one handsome man, he asked me if I was a pro. I assured him I was no hooker. He told me he was not accustomed to paying for sex. I retorted back that I was not accustomed to being mistaken for a whore. I left. There were plenty of other attractive men in the place. He followed me apologizing. He bought me and my friends drinks the rest of the night. As the bar was closing, he invited me up to his room for a nightcap. I couldn’t because I drove and its hos before bros lol. He called and paid for an Uber for them. My girls assured me it was fine. With their blessing, I went up to the penthouse suite with my handsome older man. He was definitely married but I didn’t care. He was visiting and I just wanted a night of hot fucking. I got it too. That man had skills. He ate my plump pussy until it was a hot squirting pussy. We fucked for hours like porn stars. It was passionate and sexy. We both came so many times, we lost track. I spent the night with him, enjoying every minute of him. You never have to pay this sexy BBW to fuck if you are handsome and hung.

Big Tit Photos at the Museum

big tit photosGuys love my big tit photos. They love my big tits period. Sometimes, I get requests to show off my boobs in the weirdest places. I am an exhibitionist slut, so I rarely ever say no. I took my little cousin to the natural history museum yesterday. She is off school for the summer and I am her back up nanny. That just means I supervise her when the regular nanny is busy. My older sister wants her daughter doing all sorts of learning activities over the summer, so I took the brat to the museum. She was watching a movie for an hour about dinosaurs, so I walked around while I waited for her. I ended up in this Native American part of the museum. No one was there but a museum worker. He flirted shamelessly with me too. I flirted back; I had an hour to kill. He was cute, but young. It was likely a summer job for him. He flat out asked to see my boobs. I looked around, made sure the coast was clear then flashed him. He had never seen real boobs as big as mine before. I saw the boner in his Dockers, and I wanted some of that. My sister would kill me if I got arrested for being a pervert in public while I was watching her daughter, but I am cock crazy. And this teen boy had a cock to go crazy for. First, I let him take some naughty pictures for his spank bank. Then, it was big tit fucking time. It was his first-time titty fucking. His first tit fuck was with a pair of 44 natural EEs. Not bad. I fucked him of course too, but it was a quick fuck because I had to pick up my niece. She never knew what a naughty aunt I was while she was learning about dinosaurs.

Bisexual Phone Sex BBW

bisexual phone sexI am a bisexual phone sex slut. Ever since I was a young schoolgirl, I have enjoyed pussy too. I was eating cunt before I was sucking cock. I had this schoolgirl bestie and every chance we had, we played doctor. It started with natural curiosity. We looked at each other’s bald pussies. Then we touch them. Then we licked him. Before long we were rubbing our pussies together on the bathroom floor. By the time we were teens, cock became more important, but we still played together. We went to college and lost touch. She recently found me on Facebook. She is married now. Her husband and her have a polyamorous marriage. She only lives the next county over. I had no idea she was so close. She invited me to dinner last night. I was happy to see her again. I had no idea there was an ulterior motive. Her husband often calls sexy BBW phone sex sluts. She is slender and he likes curves. She told him about this sexy bbw friend she had and our naughty schoolgirl fun. She decided to look for me. She wanted to see if I was still a bisexual chick. They wanted me to have a threesome with them. Join a hot sexy couple and the woman is a girl whose pussy I use to lick? Hell to the yes on that one. I never feel like a third wheel in threesomes because I am the star attraction. I rode her husband’s cock. I ate her pussy. I fucked her husband and I tribbed with her like old times. It was an amazing threesome. He really was a chubby chaser. He loves his wife, but he enjoyed my curves. So, did she. Thank you, Facebook, for hooking me up with an old friend and her hot hubby.

New Toy for My Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussyIs it wrong that I love playing with my wet bald pussy? We are having major storms. I mean seriously, I am about to build an arc for me and my pups because this is some biblical bullshit rain, we have going on here. Over 7 days of flooding and more on the horizon has me feeling cagey. It’s not safe to drive unless an emergency because roads are washed out in areas. I am dick starved. I have worn out a lot of my sex toys because I get fucked several times a day. I ordered a new vibrator off Amazon the other day. Get this. A drone dropped off my vibrator on my porch. A fucking drone brought me my sex toy during a storm. I was so excited. Of course, I would prefer cock, but I don’t want to risk anyone’s safety for my sexual needs. Armored with my new toy, I skyped some of my fuck buddies last night. They enjoyed the show. Some mutual masturbation porn was made because I recorded some of the sessions. I wanted something hot to watch today while I broke in my new toy some more!

BBW Phone Sex

bbw phone sexEvery man loves a bbw phone sex slut! I got a massage yesterday. This was not a happy ending massage place either. It was a high end European place. I got a series of sessions off Groupon. I love this job; but sitting at a computer or getting on a long call can be rough on the shoulders and neck. It is nothing that a massage can’t fix. My session was booked with a woman, but I guess they switched me to a guy when the girl was out sick. Fine by me. He was cute, but nothing that made my panties soaking wet. He became better looking when he massaged the kinks out of my body. I swear, I had a hot squirting pussy without him touching my pussy or tits. When he was on the side of me, I could see the big hard-on he had hidden in his pants. He saw my eyes get big and he apologized. He told me he had never given a massage to such a sexy and busty woman before. I couldn’t help it. I wanted a happy ending. I wanted his cock. He wanted me too. I hopped on his cock and massaged the wrinkles out of his cock. He felt bad because he had never been inappropriate with a client before. It was sort of a reverse situation of the happy ending massage place. The woman seduced the masseuse. I got a great massage and a great fuck. I booked 10 more sessions with him.

Married Men Phone Sex: I Need a Hot Daddy

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex is my favorite. I love being the sexy BBW mistress to a hot older man. I have daddy issues. Guys who are 10-30 years my senior make me weak. I think it is because my daddy split when I was a little girl. I had a slew of surrogate daddies because my mother couldn’t be alone. Some were okay, some were gross. Now that I am all grown up, I can select the men I want to fuck, and my preference is older married men. Luckily for me, DILFs love me too. I had a hot Tinder date with a daddy last night. He has been married 20 years and has 4 offspring off his own. Sexy man with a wife who stopped fucking him years ago. He was just looking for some young bald pussy to fuck and I was looking for a daddy to fuck. I was pleasantly surprised when he arrived last night for a late-night booty call. He was taller than I expected, and his cock was way bigger than it appeared in the photo. I called him daddy and he called me his baby girl. We fucked our brains out last night with some hot father daughter role play sex. I am fairly new to Tinder but if I can find more hung, handsome married men, I will get a Tinder date every night!

Cyber Sex Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

cyber sex phone sexBBW phone sex means you are talking to a sexy BBW. I am not so big I have to shop for clothes at a tent maker. In fact, I am just a curvy gal, not two tons of fun. I always get my man. The only ones who ever try to fat shame me are anorexic bitches who have not eaten since the 90s. I like to steal their men just because I can. I was at the mall last night shopping. I saw this one handsome man sitting in the food court. He was not with anyone I saw, so I sat down with him and had a drink. He was flirty and very pleasant. Suddenly some bitch hustled her skinny ass over to us. She started calling me rude names. She was working in one of the food establishments and I guess, I sat down next to her man. She was seeing green. He tried to calm her down. She was making a scene over harmless flirting. Normally, if I come on to a married man or one who is otherwise claimed, I apologize and move along. Men are everywhere. However, if they are going to be nasty bitches about it, I fight back. I knew what I was doing. I burst out into fake tears and apologized. That won the man’s heart. He started to defend me to his bitch girlfriend which made her attack me more. I play dirtier if a bitch plays dirty. Before long, he was driving me home because I was too upset to drive. The moment we got to my place, I was sucking his cock and getting his biggest cum shot all over my big tits. He told me his girlfriend won’t let him cum on her. Of course, she won’t. I was sure she wouldn’t let him fuck her ass either. I do all the things girls and wives don’t do, plus I am hotter.

Cheating Phone Sex: I Love Married Men

cheating phone sexI love cheating phone sex calls because I love married men. They love me too. It is in part because I am a sexy BBW. But it is also that I am super horny all the time.  Guys know that about me. They see me checking out their packages and know I am down to fuck. I prefer married men. They spoil me better and they don’t want to marry me. I might get married one day, but one man will never be enough for me. I met Adam last weekend at a rock concert. He was there with some guy friends and he fell in love with my big tits. You guessed it. He married a skinny girl with no boobs. Older men are often married to skinny women. I think a certain generation of women think being anorexic is what guys want. Maybe in the 80s or 90s, but fat is in now. We exchanged numbers and he came over last night. His cock was ready for my wet bald pussy. He fucked me like a sex starved married man. His balls have been long neglected. I never understand why women get married. The sex is the reason to get married. I fucked him in the foyer. We eventually got to my bed to fuck. I had to drain his balls once quickly so he would last longer on round two. A married man wo has not had pussy in over a year will never last long. I am happy to have a new married fuck buddy for a while. I can never have enough married lovers.

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex Slut

naughty neighbor phone sex I was a naughty neighbor phone sex whore yesterday. It was a super nice day. Warm with sunshine, so I decided to wash my car. I wore a tight, see through top and daisy duke shorts. My ample ass was hanging out and my tits were visible because I made sure to get my shirt wet. I felt like such a naughty slut. Cars were driving by honking at me. Guys walking their dogs or jogging came up to talk to me. My neighbors all found excuses to come out of the house. Everyone was checking me out. I love the attention. I had no problem being swarmed by men. I could see them all pitching tents in their pants. I had about ten guys helping me wash my car. Some were neighbors, most were strangers in the right place at the right time.  I invited them inside for some morning coffee. They were each trying to outdo the other. They talked about their jobs, the cars they drive, how much money they had. All I cared about was how big their cocks were. Hell, I didn’t even really care if they weren’t huge. I had more than plenty of cocks to entertain my wet bald pussy. I got gang banged in my living room. I got my car washed. I got my pussy filled with cum and I started the day off right for my neighbors.

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