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The real me

Adult phone chat  My friends are not surprised that I do adult phone chat for a living. They all say that i can truly let my inner whore truly shine now. I guess that is true. I do have an anything goes king of attitude. I always have though really. As long as what I was doing felt good to me at the time. I would just keep doing it until I wore it out. Yes, that does include men. Many of them actually. I lost track of how many long time ago. But numbers don’t matter to you. All you really care about is all of the experience I have gained while fucking all of them. That’s what makes you cum and that’s what makes my cunt so fucking wet baby.

Challenge accepted

Phone sex  Phone sex has definitely made my regular sex life so much better. Learning how to please a man has always been my main priority. So when you told me that you never got off getting a blow job I accepted the challenge. I have not had one man ever leave me without satisfying his every desire. I took your large cock into my mouth and started sucking on it. My tongue glides all over while you are in my mouth. I love the way you moan when I take your cock balls to chin. I grab your hand with one hand and gently begin to massage them. Its this moment that your body stiffens and you balls grow tight. I know what cums next. You do baby. I told you I could do it.

I like the power

Adult phone chat  Adult phone chat is very intense and exciting when its shared with the right person. Some of the best orgasms I have had happened during calls like this. I am going to buy some new toys this weekend. I’m thinking of buying a strap-on. For the pleasure of whoever lays in my bed. Guy or gal. I love the sense of control I would have with a cock between my legs. That’s what gives you men your power right? I think it would be so fucking hot to watch a sexy bitch on her knees in front of me. Sucking on my big pink cock. Shit for that matter so would you. I think my inner freak has finally been unleashed.

Sharing my new toy

adult phone chat  Since I can’t be an exhibitionist all the time, I do adult phone chat. I love that I can seduce multiple men each day and never leave the comfort of my bed. I have multiple toys to choose from so that I can really feel you deep inside me when we are on a call. I almost always have my vibrator on my clit before I ever even get a call so my pussy is always wet and waiting for some action. Yes, that is porn you here playing in the background. I told you before that I’m horny all the damn time. Watching a huge cock pound a pussy together is such a mind-blowing way to cum. Thanks for sharing it with me.

I hate being alone

phone sex

I’m so glad you called me for phone sex last night. I was missing you so much and have been so damn horny without you. I know we went and got me that new toy so it wasn’t so bad. But you and I both know its nothing near the real thing! That feeling of flesh against flesh is what makes my nipples get hard. I love how you feel inside of my cunt. This dildo doesn’t have your mass. I was watching our favorite porn when you called me though. My pussy was starting to get wet. Having your voice there with me did make me squirt when I came. I still hate it when you leave me home alone. Even if it was just to go get food.


Fantasy phone sex Fantasy phone sex is the best fucking thing ever. Ever since I have started visiting these porn theatres I crave the attention that I receive there. And well a girl just can’t get attention like that on a daily basis. I do now though. Every time you call me I know that I have your direct and undistracted attention. It makes my sweet pussy so wet knowing that too. You have encouraged me in many different forms of seduction. I love trying them out with you. Watching as your beautiful cock grows inside your pants. I can tell that I am doing it right by rather it rises quickly or not. I love showing off all these beautiful stockings that you keep bringing to me from your business trips, they feel so fucking soft against my skin. They must feel good against your skin too because you always request for me to leave them on when we begin to fuck.

What a show

adult phone chat  I put on quite the show last night. I went out on stage an kept my focus on you the entire time. Making it very intimate. Spinning round and round on the pole my focus remains with you. Lowering myself to the floor letting my bra loose and my tits come swinging out just inches from your face.  I see that grin. I’m glad you’re enjoying this. I can’t wait to have you in the private room, so I can show you just how much you turn me on. In there I can be totally naked. But there are cameras and you know how much I love to be watched. After I have your dick hard I walk away. You have to play to pay with me, sweetie.

All in your head

fantasy phone sex  Fantasy phone sex has let me explore so many different parts of my sexuality. Things that I may have never encountered or even knew of existing have been told to me. I’m starting to get inside of your minds better too. Learning what really turns you on instead of just assuming makes fucking in real life so fucking amazing. I never thought that guys enjoyed being slowly seduced, it was something I did that made me feel sexy. Now though I can watch as a man’s dick rises when I am undressing in front him. Watch as they lick their lips when I pull the stocking from my toes. Yes, that’s right I am so in your head now. Let me please you baby.

I like being watched

There is something sexy about being watched during any sexual acts. I recently went to a porn theatre and had a great time! I can’t wait to go back. My first day I walked in alone. I sat in my hot pink trench coat waiting like a viper to strike.  As the porn movie on the screen showed an orgy of girls I slowly started to unbutton my coat. Letting it fall open around me. Almost as if displaying me. Laying there in matching white bra and panties with stockings on. Of course, voyeur phone sexmy stockings have ruffles. I spread my legs and my fingers trailed down my tits over my stomach to my juicy cunt. I play with myself with all the guys staring at me. I got off multiple times before I just grabbed my coat and walked out.

Just a tease

phone sexSo I am planning a trip soon. My friends and I are going to go to a porn theater. Everyone already knows that I am an exhibitionist. Being in a public setting like that where I can fuck any and everyone I want. Without having to worry about being harassed by cops or unwanted people just sounds fucking amazing to me. I am taking a few friends with me for my first experience. But if I enjoy it as much as I think I will I might be doing some solo missions.I mean how fucking sexy would it be for me to walk into a room full of masturbating guys watching porn, pull out my toy fuck myself and just get up and walk out. That is the ultimate tease. Always leave them wanting more is my philosophy.

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