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I knew he was watching

wet bald pussy

A nice cold shower in my backyard is a great way to cool off. I never realized that my neighbor could see me from his patio when I was here until today when I was showering naked. I acted like I didn’t see him as my hand went between my legs. The other hand was pinching my nipple and squeezing my tits. I had to fingers inside of me at this point and he was leaning over the fence at this point so I let a moan escape my lips. This made him jump the fence I had to laugh because this was my plan from the start. I have heard about how big his dick is and I could not wait to shove it down my throat. We almost drug each other to my pool house where he slammed his dick into my face so many times I had a cum mustache when he was done.



Give it to me baby please

wet bald pussy

I can only hold back so long while watching you stroke on your huge dick while I am dancing for you. Patience is a virtue I just don’t have. The entire time I was stripping for you I was envisioning my tongue licking that beautiful monster you have between your legs. I crawl over to you and once my lips are wrapped around you I hear your moans get louder. It is always better when I can hear how much you are enjoying yourself. Hands wrapped in my hair pushing my face down until your balls are bouncing off of my chin. Using my hand to guide you in and out of my mouth gives you an extra friction that makes it almost unbearable to hold back any longer. Give it me baby all of that thick warm cum from deep inside your balls.

I am not first

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Your dick is so fucking perfect. At least my cunt sure thinks so. So long and smooth with a mushroom head and as well as that nice curve. You must have some Italian in your veins. You never show my ass or my cunt any mercy when you get in your mood. I pretend to not really like it but my cum squirting all over your dick tell you such a different story. Not all pretty faces want to make love. I enjoy it when your half drunk and just trying to bust a nut. That’s when I can get you to play rough sometimes you will even choke me as you cum. My cunt grows hotter and wetter instantly making you cum deep inside of me.

You caught my eye

wet bald pussy
I see the way that you are looking meat me while drinking with your friends. I dropped my purse right in front of you so that when I bent over to pick it up you could see my panties. As I walked outside you followed me. Exactly what I was hoping you would do. I ask you to walk me to my car, but I am grabbing your cock and kissing you the entire way there. I unlock my door and push you into the driver’s seat. Your a smart guy so you’re already pulling your cock out so I can slide my wet bald pussy right on top of it. Using the steering wheel for leverage I am riding your cock so hard my car is rocking with us. Once you cum I let you out and blow you a kiss goodbye.

I need new toys

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I can’t believe how fucking shy some guys are. Maybe it’s because I am a fucking slut. Being a gangbang whore is something that makes my clit throb. A cock in my mouth with one in my pussy while I hold my vibrator on it makes me gush cum from the multiple orgasms I keep having. I will be so sad once the tourist have all gone away. Good thing that I do adult phone chat too. I am never in short supply big fat cocks to fill all of my holes. What else is a girl to do when there isn’t any fresh meat to fill my needs? Ordering some new toys should definitely be on that list too!

He has a fetish

I was with this guy last night and in the middle of him pounding my cunt, he asked me if I had ever had phone sex. I kind of blew him off because I was about to bust a nut. But the more he talked about it I could feel his dick getting harder. So I played into it for him.  Told him about making so many cum from just my voice. His started pumping harder and harder. His phone sex fetish is real. I am glad that I have been such a slut in my life, I have lots of cum filled stories to tell him. My pussy is squirting cum all over his huge cock before he can’t take much more and cums deep inside of my juicy cunt.phone sex fetish

Just a few more pumps

wet bald pussy

Something about being photographed makes me so horny. I was with this guy the other night and he had cameras set up everywhere. My wet bald pussy started purring instantly. I think he could tell he started snapping pictures of me as I was undressing. So, of course, I gave him quite the show. But once I saw his big mushroom head poking out the bottom of his boxers I couldn’t help myself. My lips around it and I was sucking and licking all of over it. He shoved me down onto all fours and shoved that smooth shaft so deep inside of me. I came so quickly it surprised me. After making me cum many more times he smeared my cum onto my rosebud asshole and rammed hard into it. Just a few pumps and I could the throb of his cock as he came too.

Your mind got blown too

fantasy phone sex

I think I blew your mind almost as hard as your dick with our fantasy phone sex session last night. Blowing that monster cock that hangs so low between your legs was just part of the fun we had. I can remember how excited I was when you started smacking me in the face with it. Like a hungry little bird,Fa I tried to catch it with my mouth. You grabbed my face and shoved it down my throat. No gag reflex surprise! You fuck my face until my cunt is left dripping because it is so wet. Flipping me onto my back with my legs over your shoulders you drive that dick so deep inside of me I cum instantly. My pussy walls quivering must have done something grand for you because your cum starts spraying all over inside of me. That’s my favorite part.

One more time

phone sex

All those things your chick won’t let you do are the same things that make my cunt drip when you tell me about them. Our phone sex sessions turn into marathons once your start fucking my face with a vibrator pressed hard to my clit. This is total ecstasy when I can be your dirty whore. Flip me over baby and shove it in my cunt with my legs over your shoulders so that you go extra deep. Once on my belly with your cock in my ass your balls bouncing off my clit make me cum again. You need a new bitch in your life you got that magic stick. Just saying I will take all the cum you’ve got to give baby and more.

Daddies money

adult phone chatmhvjymhv  I can’t believe you have been eavesdropping on my adult phone chat calls! I had been in a really long call and I kept hearing my door bounce off the frame. Normally I could blame it on my cats. But they were in here with me. The call ended and the sound was still there. I open my door to find you leaning against the wall next to my door jerking your pretty penis. Really! You could have just came in it probably would have made the call better. For me anyway. I won’t let it go to waste I plopped my pussy right down on you and rode your cock for hours. Stamina is the best thing about fucking the college guy renting a room from me. Well and all of his parent’s money.

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