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I don’t care how I want it now

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All I want for Christmas is a big fat cock. All year long I will suck and fuck anything that comes along just to make ends meet. Just this one time of year I want something thick and satisfying. You won’t even have to do any of the work. I love riding and bouncing up and down making myself cum all over you. Grab on my tits hard and thrust your hips into me thats what makes me squirt and no I promise sweetie that’s not pee it’s all cum. Once I have came more times than I could ever count I let you bend me over. Pounding my cunt until I feel your balls get tight I work those pussy muscles and force you to blow your load.

Cum to my party

adult phone chat

I and my friends always throw a huge costume party this time of year. I was a sexy unicorn only wearing my horn and tail. I guess I should have said it was a sex party. Invitation only of course. I got fucked by a batman with a cock way bigger than the one the incredible hulk was shoving down my throat. My favorite cock of the night was Aquaman. He slid his cock into my cunt so fucking soft and smooth until he was all the way in and I could feel the way my pussy was stretching to hold him inside. This guy just flipped me onto all fours and he pounded my cunt until everyone else had already went home.


We picked up a hitch hiker

adult phone chat

I always love it when my friends and I get to have fun together. Especially when a man is involved. We picked up a guy hitchhiking yesterday and took him home. He was in for the surprise of his life once he walked in our door. We were both sucking his dick and pushing him towards our couch. I started licking her cunt while he mouthed fucked her. We flipped and fucked in so many positions I think we may have worn him out. That was until my friend broke out her strap-on and picked up where he had left off with me. That woke his big dick up for us yet again. They both fucked my cunt until he was all out of cum then we dropped him off in the same place we found him.


Dedicated to the cock

fantasy phone sex

I can’t wait for you to share your fantasies with me. That is the biggest thrill other than that huge cock you have swinging low. We do a lot of sexy fucking roleplays together. My absolute favorite is when you want me to be your secretary who suddenly finds herself struggling finacially. Asking you for a raise leads me to doing anything to keep food on my table. That is when you pull out that thick hard cock and have me show you just how dedicated to you I really am. I lick up and down the shaft before you just push yourself down ym thorat. Fucking my face like its a cunt is what makes you cum. I dont let a single drop slip from lips. That is dedication to the cock.


Date night

wet bald pussy

It makes getting ready for date night with you so much fun when I know I am gonna get fucked before the night is over. Making sure my legs are nice and smooth so as your hand is creeping towards my wet bald pussy it feels nothing but skin. I decided to not wear panties tonight as a surprise for you. It definitely helped me get through dinner with you rparent s with you fingering me throught dessert. We couldnt even make back to your place you just pulled off the road and we fucked right there in your car. You might need to get your seat cleaned you know I’m a squirter. But as always it was so fucking worth it. I love your big dick babe.

Love the out of towners

adult phone chat

I am fucking hog heaven so to speak in my hometown right now. There are so many horny drunk men working in the town I haven’t fucked the same guy twice in weeks. If I make them do a lot of shots I can normally talk them into running a train on me. They tell me they can’t find a dirty girl like me at home. Good thing because Y’all been blowing my phone up wanting morning blowjobs and shit. At least you are getting paid that per diem so you can afford all these services you request from me. The money is nice but it is really just a front. If I didn’t charge then I would just be a slut and well money is nice too.


I knew he was watching

wet bald pussy

A nice cold shower in my backyard is a great way to cool off. I never realized that my neighbor could see me from his patio when I was here until today when I was showering naked. I acted like I didn’t see him as my hand went between my legs. The other hand was pinching my nipple and squeezing my tits. I had to fingers inside of me at this point and he was leaning over the fence at this point so I let a moan escape my lips. This made him jump the fence I had to laugh because this was my plan from the start. I have heard about how big his dick is and I could not wait to shove it down my throat. We almost drug each other to my pool house where he slammed his dick into my face so many times I had a cum mustache when he was done.



Give it to me baby please

wet bald pussy

I can only hold back so long while watching you stroke on your huge dick while I am dancing for you. Patience is a virtue I just don’t have. The entire time I was stripping for you I was envisioning my tongue licking that beautiful monster you have between your legs. I crawl over to you and once my lips are wrapped around you I hear your moans get louder. It is always better when I can hear how much you are enjoying yourself. Hands wrapped in my hair pushing my face down until your balls are bouncing off of my chin. Using my hand to guide you in and out of my mouth gives you an extra friction that makes it almost unbearable to hold back any longer. Give it me baby all of that thick warm cum from deep inside your balls.

I am not first

big tit fucking

Your dick is so fucking perfect. At least my cunt sure thinks so. So long and smooth with a mushroom head and as well as that nice curve. You must have some Italian in your veins. You never show my ass or my cunt any mercy when you get in your mood. I pretend to not really like it but my cum squirting all over your dick tell you such a different story. Not all pretty faces want to make love. I enjoy it when your half drunk and just trying to bust a nut. That’s when I can get you to play rough sometimes you will even choke me as you cum. My cunt grows hotter and wetter instantly making you cum deep inside of me.

You caught my eye

wet bald pussy
I see the way that you are looking meat me while drinking with your friends. I dropped my purse right in front of you so that when I bent over to pick it up you could see my panties. As I walked outside you followed me. Exactly what I was hoping you would do. I ask you to walk me to my car, but I am grabbing your cock and kissing you the entire way there. I unlock my door and push you into the driver’s seat. Your a smart guy so you’re already pulling your cock out so I can slide my wet bald pussy right on top of it. Using the steering wheel for leverage I am riding your cock so hard my car is rocking with us. Once you cum I let you out and blow you a kiss goodbye.

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