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Fun on Friday the 13th

wet bald pussy Friday the 13th was a fucking blast. Literally! They say that it brings out all the freaks and I was so happy. I got four guys to come home with me. I know they didn’t believe that they were going to get to run a train on a hot bitch like me. Once in my door I did a strip tease for them making sure their cocks were nice and fucking hard for me. I had them all strip and line their cocks up for me in a line I started sucking on one while stroking on another. I guess this hurt the other guys feelings he bent me up onto my knees and started slamming his pretzel cock inside my rosebud asshole. The other guys took his lead and turned me into a lifesize fuck doll. I secretly had been hoping this would happen. Thanks for the fun Y’all.

I love thick cock

wet bald pussyNothing makes my cunt wet like your big fat dick. You always bring party supplies with you when you stop by my place. It never takes long before we are deep into a coke filled night of sexcapades. I am wearing your favorite black stockings. Nothing else by this time though you have already stripped me of all my pesky clothes. I have my wet lips wrapped around your cock within seconds. Your fingers are exploring my cunt and asshole getting them all loosened and lubed up. Your dick is so big and thick I love how you make me gag me with it. You really shove it in there too. Love it! You throw me back onto the table and devour my wet bald pussy with your mouth. Only once you’ve almost drowned in my pussy before you start plowing me with that huge pecker. I cum so hard I squirt all over you. As it drips down your balls you start fucking me harder I know that you are close to cumming so I reach back and cup your balls. You explode so fast you are left breathless.

I am addicted to her candystick


tranny phone sex

You guys know I have been making tranny phone sex calls right. Well, I finally fucking got one to meet with me. Have you seen Nikita’s huge schlong? It is fucking beautiful right! I sure think so, my snatch is twitching thinking about it now. I understand why men love her because she takes total control of the situation. She knows exactly how to torture my cunt at the same time she has its hot juices squirting from it. Nikita knows what the fuck she wants too. She made me get down on my knees and worship her cock. I was still staring at them titties though! That’s the best part of having hot ass sex with a tranny. Tits and a candy stick. Let me tell you its sweet to. She will make you suck it all night long just like she did me. Trust and believe that thick load of jizz will make you want more. I think she might be my new addiction.hot ass sex


I love dongwater

adult phone chat What a fucking day I had. I was anxious to feel this one guy anaconda deep inside my pussy. When he showed up for our brunch date he brought two friends pricks in hand to my place. I am always a great hostess so I acted as if I wasn’t totally shocked. My clit was already tingling thinking of how fucking fun this was about to be. I showed him how I could fit their cocks all the way down my throat with his friends in my other beautiful pink holes. I am a pro at this. I bet these guys thought I would turn them down and surprise surprise I took them all inside of me. Don’t worry I swallowed all of their dong water too.

Thank you cum again

adult phone chat  Adult phone chat is the best way for me to share all of my dirty stories with you. Me and my friends went to the beach bars last night. I love this time of year with all the tourists being here. It makes the meat market have such a nice selection. Once I get my eyes set on what I want an get you back home that is where you realize how fucking great vacation really is. I am sucking your cock before my front door ever even is closed. My neighbors are used to this kind of behavior from me. I know some of them are watching but that doesn’t stop me at all. Kicking the door shut we strip the remaining clothes from each other. You bend me over the back of my couch and pound my pussy over and over again cumming deep in my cunt. Ok you can leave now thanks.

Must be doing something right

 I can be a total attention whore with exhibitionist phone sex. I love a mans attention. Once I have set my eyes on you there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to seduce you. I live in a beach town so I barely wear anything when I am out and about. Your eyes can’t help but be drawn to my huge tits then you look up and meet these intoxicating eyes. I can tell your palms are getting sweaty and your dick is starting to rise. I run my fingers across my chest trailing then up to my mouth lightly sucking on it. Watching you swallow hard like that means your feeling me too. Hopefully, this all goes as I have planned and you will be feeling something else very soon.exhibitionist phone sex

Better than ice cream

GFE phone sex GFE phone sex calls let you make the girl you’ve always wanted. Not the one you’re stuck with at home. You love pounding my pussy so fucking hard. But I love it too. I like it when you’re rough with me and choke me when I’m on top. I can’t believe your cunt wife doesn’t like this. Too bad so sad for her because if she got it then you wouldn’t have it to share with me. My favorite part is the very end when I get to wrap my lips around your big beautiful dick and lick all of my juices off of it. Letting you gag me a few times right before your nuts clinch and you blow your huge thick load of cum into my mouth. The way we taste together is better than ice cream.

She made me her bitch

Adult phone chatFantasy phone sexSome guys just aren’t content with me when they call for adult phone chat. That’s ok with me I love playing with girls. This guy had a particular girl in mind though. He chose Carla for our menage a trois this evening. I am very aggressive in most of my sexual endeavours but Carla had to take the lead. I have never been with a broad with a dick before. I could tell that being dominant was in her nature and this fact turned me on even more. Most chicks just go with the flow in a threesome, not Carla she had me sucking her cock while the guy was fucking my cunt and sucking on her luscious tits. Carla turned this guys fantasy phone sex call into one that was purely for her pleasure. She fucked me in the ass and made me her little bitch while cumming all over my cunt. She even made the guy lick my pussy clean. I hope to have her confidence one day.

I cant wait

Adult phone chat I love doing adult phone chat. I never have to worry about rather or not I am going to have an orgasm every day. Guys like you call me so often that I can’t help myself. I love getting off with you. Listening to you moan when you are long stroking that huge cock for me makes my pussy so fucking wet. I reach into my stand and pull out my silver bullet. Pressing it hard against my clit makes me cum almost instantly. Hearing me cum makes it impossible for you to hold yours in any longer. I fucking love it when we can both cum like that. Doing it at the same time makes it super intense. I love it all so much.

A sweet release

phone sex  Phone sex with you is always so much fucking fun. I love it when you treat me like a nasty little whore. I know how much you love my stockings so I never wear the same pair twice for you. I actually go and buy new ones each time. I want to make sure you are happy and each time is different than the last. I love hearing you jerk that cock harder and faster as I begin having uncontrollable multiple orgasms. We always end up completely breathless by the end of our call. But I mean that’s the whole point right it’s to let go of all that pent-up sexual frustration that’s been building all week. I know I definitely needed it.

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