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Jeff is Abusive

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

“You aren’t the only mother fucking bitch that I’m fucking you sore cunt whore”, that’s what he always says to me when he’s drunk off of his fucking ass. Jeff is abusive he is a sorry son of a bitch from hell that got blasted back to Earth because the devil didn’t want to feel like a bitch. When I met that motherfucker, I should have known he was trash, but I let him fuck me and in my part of town that means that’s your old man. I am stuck with this sorry son of a bitch he complains all the time tells me how he hates my fucking sorry sore cunt ass he does even more than that. He tries to make me feel like that I am nothing and you know what sometimes he makes me question myself but not today and especially not last night. You see, Jeff has a friend name William and William has what I imagined to be a huge black fucking cock. William is 6 feet for about 270 lb. completely strong black muscles huge hands bigger feet you know what that means. Well Jess is taking advantage of my good nature and not appreciating me I’m waiting to appreciate myself with his friend. just lies all the time he knows I’m a fucking 10 I mean you put me on a nice fuck me dress a pair of heels some thong panties and every guy in town wants to fucking drill me. Jeff is just an insecure piece of fucking trash who wants to keep my self-esteem low so that he will be the only one getting some of my really good fucking pussy. Guess what I’m going to give my pussy to William I am going to suck his big black cock I’m going to fuck him that’s what I kept saying to myself yesterday. Jeff is a dumbass fuck Valentine’s Day for him was nothing he left got drunk got fucked up and probably got fucked will guess what I got fucked too Valentine’s was amazing and I’m a 10 I’m sure of it.

I Was Your Fucking Whore


Adult baby phone sex

Why did you leave me, you know I love your hot cock so why did you go away you should come back right now? I miss you so much I’ll suck your dick I am going to do everything you want baby I miss you and I need you it’s true it’s not a lie. I know you caught me in the ACT fucking some other big dick guy I’m sorry I knew it was wrong and I’m sorry baby. I know your super upset because you saw him jabbing his dick in my ass fucking me hard and making me moan I, I am so ashamed of myself. I was drunk I was high I didn’t know what I was doing and now I wish I didn’t suck his cock so well. You saw me deepthroating his big fat cock taking all of it straight to the balls I wasn’t choking I that made you so mad. What you saw was me acting out because I needed something different, but you should know you’re still important to me. Yes. I sucked his big fat cock yes, I let him cum right in my cunt yes, I did it and I’m sorry but baby I think I would do it again. But this time I want you there as a guest watching him jam his cock in my fucking cunt like the whore I am. Baby you know what you got when you got me you got a whore a slut a fucking lot lizard you know it. I’m just living up to my name and I can’t help myself so let’s have fun together. We shouldn’t be fighting we should be making crazy orgy love together like fucking fun fuckers.

What you did to me was amazing


Late Last Night all Coked Up

Black Cock Phone SexI was sitting back thinking about the other night when I was super blasted out of my mind and got fucked by two big Black strapping hot studs. I went to their drug house to score some coke, but they wanted me to stay for awhile and chill out and get high with them. I was pretty excited because they were fucking hot as ever. I sat between the two guys on their raggedy couch and snorted a couple of lines they were smoking blunts and drinking this stuff called drank. One of them started putting his big strong hands under my top while at the same time the other went for my skirt and in between my thighs soon he was stuffing his fingers into my soaking wet cunt, before I knew it my top was off, and a pair of big brown lips were sucking my tits uncontrollably. That was the start of the foreplay and I had two huge 10 and 12-inch cocks drilling my mouth at the same time. I couldn’t stop them if I wanted to and I had no wants of stopping them at all as they forced their massive fuck sticks into my mouth. So much happened I would love to tell you about every single sexual detail.

Have A Taste of Yum Cunt

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

Whores know me as the cunt who will fuck their man and suck his dick better than she ever could. Guys know me as “Yum Cunt” they love to eat my sweet candy spot until my juices melt in their hungry mouths. Right now, I’m hankering for a nice thick long piece of solid rock hard pulsating cock meat. I’m here in this bed waiting on you to come and attack my pussy with your monster tongue. Look at it doesn’t it look tasty, don’t you want just a little bit because if you do all you need to do is pick up the phone and dial the digits, it’s just that simple baby. If you really want it you can make it happen, I want you yes you love I want you to twist your thick tongue around my clit and kiss her, doesn’t she look like she’s just waiting for you to reach out and take her. My pussy is yours for the taking, call me right now I’m waiting with my long legs open just like this for you. I want you to know that you make me so wet and hot inside. I can’t stop thinking of what you are going to do to my body.


Take Me on Your Sailboat

Impregnation Phone Sex


Take me on your sailboat so we can do everything. I want you to show me all of your friends everyone, I know they want me I know that their cocks are all going to be rock hard. All of your salior friends will want to drive their fuck sticks in my ass yes, I want to let them I want to let them drive their cocks in my ass and penetrate me over and over fuck me like a dog in heat. I am a slut and a fucking dirty whore I’ll do it all, I will do everything that you want. Bend me over fuck me real hard I like gangbangs. I like to be treated like a cum guzzling slut whore. When you take me out on your sailboat and your friends go crazy when they see me in my bikini that is going to make me horny. They whistle they scream they all lose their minds their dicks get so hard they all want to fuck me and you like when they fuck me. I want to be there with you baby I want to be your sailboat Queen I want them all to dream I even want you to let them fuck me. I only have you to thank because you’re the best thing in the world for me. You’re a nympho maniacs fantasy that’s who you are to me. I miss you whenever I’m not near you your voice is like everything to me. I love when we’re close I thought you should know.


He Hates Birth Control

Cuckolding Phone Sex


You’ve got a really nice car I want you to fuck me on the hood of your Hummer. Have my legs spread eagle you say you can get real dirty with me, so I want to see can you get really dirty or are you just saying something. Nasty baby I just want to be your tramp slut whore and you can suck me in front of everyone if you want to. I’m fucking you and you are my only King but if my king wants me to get gangbanged then that’s what the fuck I will do. I love you I will do anything you’ve got the money I’ve got the beauty I am the whore you are the Pimp Daddy fuck me and sell me to your friends fuck me and buy me a new Benz. I would love to live on your ranch and be your super slut whore. I know you want me to be pregnant I’ll be pregnant for you we can get pregnant every 9 months I’ll fuck you like that if you want. I told you you’re my fantasy you make me want to be everything you ever need. You make me want to whore for you, you make me want to slut around and be a nasty force to be reckoned with. I can’t wait till we talk again.

Sometimes at Night

Wet bald pussy


I walk into the bar and then I see your face immediately. All I’m thinking about is shoving your cock in my mouth, I really want to suck you off I mean really suck you off like the whore that I fucking am. Right here in the middle of this bar I just want to get down on my knees for you and take your cock out of your pants and fucking drive my mouth deep on you, oh yes, I do have that urge. You are a sexy mother fucker and you know that I’m sexy too don’t you want to fuck me as much as I fucking want to fuck you. I feel your bulging cock, oh look at the way that it feels so hard when I bump into you. I want your dick, and everyone can watch if they want to, they can see I’m not ashamed baby. All I want to do is show you how much I fucking want you I’m on my knees now I can’t help myself just look at rock-hard your cock. Your cock is getting so fucking big and hard I want it in my mouth look at everyone looking they’re all wondering what I’m going to do or how far I’m going to go well keep looking. You nasty fucking whore that’s what I heard someone say at that moment I grab his cock stuffed it in my mouth and sucked it until it’s spewed cum all in my face.

Mommy’s friend Alex

Voyeur Phone Sex


Mommy’s friend Alex has been looking at me ever since I was a little tyke. I call him uncle Alex and he is so enchanted by me he says that he loves my little legs and he loves my cute little toes. One day uncle Alex and I were sitting on the couch and uncle Alex took my hand out of nowhere he didn’t look at me or even move his head at all he just took my hand and placed it over his bulging pants. He held my hand there for about 2 minutes with a tight grip I remember he closed his eyes I was wondering what that was doing to him because he really seemed to enjoy it. After that first-time uncle Alex started doing other things very different and grown up things. I will bet you want to know what uncle Alex did to me?

I Want You to Fuck me Raw

Prostitution Phone Sex


I want you to fuck me raw I want you to put that dick in my ass I want you to put it in hard. I just need you so bad I can’t take it because I want it and yes, I need it and I will suck it good right to the balls I will slobber all over your cock. I want I want you to fuck me I want you to go crazy I want you to get wild and rude and pull my hair that’s what I want from you. I’m your slut bucket I’ll be your come dumpster you can shove your big fat hard cock into my cunt. You make my nipples hard why don’t you bite them they really taste good you make me hot and wet and I’m going to squirt. You are so nasty and I’m so trashy I’ll fuck you right in the middle of a field I’ll fuck you with an audience they’re telling us fuck yes I will. I need your cock cock cock right now please give it to me oh God I need it so bad, fuck me hard you heard what I said fuck me harder. I love it I want to ride your dick I want to ride your cock stick oh yes please come in my mouth right now oh yes oh my legs are wide open I want your fuck stick to fuck me hard because I’m screaming that means I want more. Come on in boy feed me your delicious cock I need it now fuck I want to eat your cock. We don’t need condoms baby because I’m going to do something bad I’m going to let you spray your cock juice in every one of my orifices you hear me I mean I want you I want you so bad I want your body to fuck me really mad I want it raw I want to rock hard and strong and give it to me I just can’t get enough.

The First Time Me and Mom Fucked

Young Voice Phone Sex

So, my son was supposed to be off to college, but I did not know that he hadn’t left yet. I had assumed that he had already left so I was relaxed around the house thinking I was the only one in the house. I didn’t have any clothes on in fact I was in the washroom washing clothes I had just gotten out of the shower and decided to let it all hang out. All of a sudden, I saw my son walking down the hallway towards the laundry room and he was naked with a massive hard-on. I was shocked all I could do was look at him he saw me and my naked body my big tits my nipples hard and erect his big fat cock seemed to get even harder and my pussy started to drip. He came into the washroom naked, we were silent for a few seconds locking eyes. I touched his rock-hard cock, I couldn’t believe what I was feeling my son’s cock it was so huge it was at least 10 inches and I hadn’t seen it since he was a baby. He walked up to me closer with his hard-thick long fuck stick in hand, he looked me in my eyes my pussy was soaking wet. Then my son said something to me he said Mommy your tits are beautiful he lifted me onto the washer and started to suck my nipples and kiss me it was so insane. I couldn’t turn back we fucked everywhere, in his bed in my bed on the kitchen counter on the kitchen table on the floor every fucking where his cock was so far inside of my cunt. That was the first time now we fuck like rabbits all the time.



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