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Tim and his Nigger Dick

Ethnic Phone Sex



I’m cleaning up my house and getting ready for him he’s coming over and I want to fuck. He thinks that he’s coming over to see an old friend who I told him I ran into but I lied because I really want him to fuck me like a prostitute and I know his dick is super huge. I’ve been wanting Tim for such a long time he’s been on my mind and he has been driving me crazy. Tim is a huge guy his fucking big fat dick makes a dick print out of this world. I have loved Tim ever since I first seen him take advantage of all my slutty girlfriends. I act like I don’t want him that’s the only way I can be around him because he pretends like he doesn’t like me but not today motherfucker you better give me that big black dick Tim I’m not going to take no for an answer so come over right now. I’m going to munch on that big rock solid hard black nigger dick. I can’t wait.

The House in my Dreams

Age Play Phone Sex


I have been having this same kinky twisted dream for the past few months that is driving me bonkers. It always starts out the same way I’m led into a house, the house looks innocent enough from the outside but when I get on the other side of the threshold it get’s dark and smoky. The smoke is enhanced by red lights, the first few times I couldn’t see the women because they are in bent over positions and all them are naked. As I am led deeper into the house I start to see men stroking their hard-erect cocks then the moaning starts and the men are thrusting their cocks in the women. I’m led deeper into the house into rooms where I begin to see guys gangbanging this hot little slut her eyes are closed and she is enjoying being cocked slayed more than a little. she looks into my eyes and smiles before taking a huge cock down her throat. I am led to a door and told to enter then I wake up. I wish I knew what it meant.

He said I set him up

Dominatrix Phone Sex

On this particular night I was working on the strip with two other girls, nothing seems strange or out of place. I got a client about 30 minutes into my night shift. I got in his car we went to a park I remember he was so fucking dead set on fucking in the park it was late he was paying me 60 bucks so fuck it I said yes. We were in the park behind some bushes he was fucking the shit out of me I mean he was drilling my asshole uncontrollably. All of a sudden out of nowhere like 15 minutes into the fuck session this girl who I was working with and two other guys came up, one of them had a gun. Me and the guy we were both Buck Naked his dick was hard and still inside of me when that bitch shouted give me everything you’ve got. They took our clothes they took everything and then the guy turned to me and said that I set him up. I was so afraid I didn’t know what was going to happen to me I mean what was I supposed to expect he could have done anything to me because he knew that I know that girl. That was one of the scariest nights of my life.

Fucking and Cumming 


Cum shots on tits

I had sex with a big ole group fucking damn niggers they had big black dicks they were fucking me just like a cunt whore on the floor on the bed on the walls every fucking where I was getting black dick all over the place and guess what my boyfriend or the guy who paid to see it all was right there videotaping everything. This motherfucker was screaming fuck her bang her ass pound her harder and I was loving all of it I was throwing my pussy back at those niggers letting them fuck me out of control they were sticking their cocks in my mouth choking me it was so fucking good. I’m a super slut what do you expect from cum guzzling whores like me. My pussy stayed sloppy wet because I kept gushing out their cum and squirting out my fucking cum too. I’m a nasty fucking slut when it comes to black dick I love every fucking part of it I’ll suck it I’ll fuck it I’ll let it go in my ass if I had enough room in my ears they could fuck me in my ears too.


Aubrey has a crush on me 


 College coed sex


Aubrey came to my house with sex on his mind. He used to call me his little innocent princess until he let the truth out about how he was feeling about me. He was having slutty fantasies of me licking the head of his cock sucking his shaft and sucking all the way to the balls. When he told me how he was feeling about me my pussy got soaking wet my cunt was full of juices. As Aubrey was telling me about his nasty thoughts of what he wanted to do to me I just wanted to hop on top of his cock and start sucking it until it gotten Rock fucking hard then I want to jump on it and start riding his mad horse cock. Aubrey makes me crazy he makes me insane he makes me want his dick so bad and I could not have asked for anything more than him just telling me he wanted my pussy too. Now I am going to get the chance to live out all of my fantasies that I’ve been having about Aubrey and the best part is he has been having those same nasty fantasies about me.


They Tore Us Apart 

 Accomplice Phone Sex

I was dating a very rich and powerful man for the last four years and we were inseparable together, our plan was to climb the wall of success all the way to the top and knock all of our opponents down as we rose. I was and still am madly in love with him but everyone around him has torn us apart, they all say that I am his weakness but they forget I have been here for him helping him every step of the way. His stupid trophy wife looks like an old rug and she tramples around in her special edition red bottoms spewing orders at his staff but not me because he stops that bitch from saying words to me quickly. He would shout out an aggressive insult at her if she even dare speak to me rude or demand anything of me. I have always hated her since the first day I seen her over dramatic tacky eye shadow and heard that wimpy whinny voice. I admit in her day 20 years ago she was a super beauty but he lost that hunger for her the day she got knocked up now she’s just the bitter wife who’s bed I loved ridding her husband’s bronco cock in. I know that was the whore who tore us apart, she couldn’t stand to see him happy now I’m out of a job and I’m without the man who I have been sharing my wildest sexual fantasies with. What do I do now.

Shiny Pennies

Black Cock Phone Sex



It was said that he slept with a man by his side. It was said that his wife wasn’t the only sexual flavor and his life. It was said that he had a special urge for meat that was raw and had a shallus that other women couldn’t compete with. It was said all these things about him I think I believe it too. It was said he was more than a great man he loved great men in his mouth. I like to call him my shiny penny because his favorite flavor was brown and plenty and he rolled around in the dirt with many. But he wasn’t fighting he was loving I imagine if they had cameras then he would be so lit up it would be awesome and I would watch it over and over again that’s all I have to say about that. We all know our shiny penny we all know what he did it’s okay we forgive him in fact we like it most of us are turned on by being not so normal. So we don’t mind you shiny penny and we don’t care that you like plenty and we do not mind at all that you like big dicks and getting fucked in the ass yes. Because the fact is some of us like to watch it like me.


Nasty Alter Buck

Blasphemy Phone Sex


Come here you little fucker I know you have been missing me and my bad lady activties that I perform on you. I love how you get so scared of what I do to you and I can’t stop myself from making those legs of yours shake and twitch. You know you are my twat king, I’m going to treat your hole like a twat. You do see how I get weak making you moan and scream like a sassy fucking slut whore I love it bitch. I want you bold and buck naked I am going to whip that twat hole before I fill it up and fuck it right. Bad little fucker I’m so horny for you I want to taste your meat too. When you ring the bell you had better let me know I own you so you can get that A-1 treatment. Drop everything a get those fingers working it’s a farmhouse in here. You are going to love yourself for it.

My Brother and I Are Good Together

Brother Sister Phone Sex


Me and my brother are the best of friends I mean we do everything together and that includes getting sexual satisfaction together. I love him, and I am always ready to show him just how much I love him. My brother is a big cornfed country boy that all the girl stay losing their panties over. He is worth all the hoopla too because his big enchanting blue eyes are to die for not to mention those wavy thick long blonde locks on his head make him look like an old woman’s paid escort. Last night I thought I would give him a nice piece of sisterly pussy and that’s just what I did. We were all over the house fucking like animals last night and that is why I love my big dick fuck long brother. If you saw us together you would love him too.

Jeff is Abusive

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

“You aren’t the only mother fucking bitch that I’m fucking you sore cunt whore”, that’s what he always says to me when he’s drunk off of his fucking ass. Jeff is abusive he is a sorry son of a bitch from hell that got blasted back to Earth because the devil didn’t want to feel like a bitch. When I met that motherfucker, I should have known he was trash, but I let him fuck me and in my part of town that means that’s your old man. I am stuck with this sorry son of a bitch he complains all the time tells me how he hates my fucking sorry sore cunt ass he does even more than that. He tries to make me feel like that I am nothing and you know what sometimes he makes me question myself but not today and especially not last night. You see, Jeff has a friend name William and William has what I imagined to be a huge black fucking cock. William is 6 feet for about 270 lb. completely strong black muscles huge hands bigger feet you know what that means. Well Jess is taking advantage of my good nature and not appreciating me I’m waiting to appreciate myself with his friend. just lies all the time he knows I’m a fucking 10 I mean you put me on a nice fuck me dress a pair of heels some thong panties and every guy in town wants to fucking drill me. Jeff is just an insecure piece of fucking trash who wants to keep my self-esteem low so that he will be the only one getting some of my really good fucking pussy. Guess what I’m going to give my pussy to William I am going to suck his big black cock I’m going to fuck him that’s what I kept saying to myself yesterday. Jeff is a dumbass fuck Valentine’s Day for him was nothing he left got drunk got fucked up and probably got fucked will guess what I got fucked too Valentine’s was amazing and I’m a 10 I’m sure of it.

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