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Cum Loving Whore

adult phone chat dixieBeing a cum loving slut I know that no two men have cum that tastes the same. I love the variety. The difference in thickness and load size as well as taste all keep things nice and interesting. So I decided to conduct a cum loving experiment. I invited several guys to cum stay with me for two weeks. I created different diets for each of them. I bought myself a notebook and the testing began. i sucked each of their cocks three times a day making them cum in my mouth. I swirled the thick liquid around in my mouth savoring it and noting the flavor and texture. I was really surprised to find that as the days passed the taste of their cum actually changed to match the food they were eating. Salty, sweet, garlicy, fruity, all based on what I was feeding them. My willing test subjects were delighted and so was I. I guess we really are what we eat so to speak. Guzzling cum all in the name of science.

It Was On My Bucket List

adult phone chat dixie1One of the things I have always wanted to do is go to one of those big bike rallies. All those men on loud bikes drinking and raising hell. All the women walking around half dressed and eager to please the big bad bikers….just the thought of it all makes my pussy wet as hell. Last week i found out that there was going to be a biker fest right here in my little home town. I went out and bought a sleazy leather outfit to go with my thigh high boots just for the event. I knew I could get laid and was really hoping for one of the clubs to make me their pass around whore and make me the center of  good old fashioned  gang bang.

As soon as I got there I knew this was a whole new world. The bikes lined the streets, the music was loud and the electricity that comes from high sexual energy was heavy in the air. It didn’t take me long to set my sites of a rough looking biker that I figured would fuck me hard and share me just like I wanted. When I told him what I wanted he just laughed at me. he told me it wasn’t that easy there were rules and regulations if I wanted to get fucked by the club.

He led me to his old lady, properly named Pinky and told her to initiate me for a fuck. She took me to the back of a bar and I had no clue what I was in for. She dressed me in a silver studded leather number and got dressed herself. Before I knew it I was on a stage in front of a whole shit ton of bikers and I was the subject of a good old fashioned BDSM show. Pinky didn’t spare me or go easy, at one point she had a plastic bag over my head and was asphyxiating me. The more I screamed and begged the harder she gave it to me as she whispered in my ear that I had to earn what I wanted.

By the time she was done with me my cunt was soaking wet. The fucking I got that night was beyond compare.

Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fucking dixieYou love fucking a chick in the ass. The idea of ramming your hard cock into a tight ass, pounding it hard until you fill it up with your hot, sticky load.

I completely understand. I love anal sex myself. I love to lick that tight ass of yours giving you a rim job that makes your dick so fucking hard you think your skin is going to split wide opened. Just when you can’t stand it any longer, I wrap my mouth around your dick and start sucking the shit out of it. I can feel you fucking my face back. I slid my hand between my legs and start fucking my cunt while sucking your dick. I can tell when you are about to explode and I know right when to show you some special attention. I feel you tense up and I pull my fingers out of my pussy, covered in my juices and shove it up your ass rubbing that prostate and making your knees buckle, you cum so hard in my mouth.

Now look what you have gone and done. My cunt is soaking wet thinking about a good old hardcore ass fucking for both of us.

Gumming It

adult phone chat dixie1hot ass  sex titleI love coming up with creative and fun ways to fuck. Being a cum slut means that I have no limits and my imagination knows no bounds. I am always looking for new and fun things to do that will shock, surprise and please the both of us. looking around the sex store I spotted these candies that you put over your teeth while sucking cock, giving the illusion of gumming it. What a fucking riot! There are six in a pack so it’s a no brainer that I invite six dudes that love cock sucking over so that I can use them and have some fun. The look on their faces when I pulled out my candy treats was great. The pleasure they got from the sensation was phenomenal, and the fact that the entire evening kept me cumming like a fountain was priceless. I can’t wait to go buy more and use them on other guys I know.phone sex dixie

Ready and Waiting

adult phone chat dixie1I was sitting in the chair in perfect position, waiting for him to walk in the door. totally naked except for my heels. Tonight will be different then any he has ever had with me. Tonight I am in complete control. The bed is made and ready, the mood is set. he is going to lay back and watch as I dance for him, entice him, hover over his face so he can watch me dip my fingers into my wet pussy, little drops of juice escaping and dripping on his face as he tries to catch them like snowflakes with his tongue. I am going to kiss and lick every inch of his body as he lays there wanting more, wanting to touch me, moaning with pleasure and aching with need, unable to do anything but submit. Finally when I know he can’t take it any more I will mount him. I will straddle his body and guide his cock into my wet and wanting pussy. Slowly easing down on his shaft, forcing him to stay still as I ease him in me, agonizingly slow. Once I have his full length inside me I will stay there, still, waiting, knowing he wants me to ride him I will make him wait. Just when he thinks I am not going to give him what he wants I will begin riding him hard and fast, shoving him deep into the velvety folds of my cunt, driving him crazy, bringing him to the gates of heaven. I will spend hours bringing him to the edge and pulling him back in. When I finally allow him to explode the relief will be so draining that he won’t be able to move. Laying there vulnerable and spent I will sit on his face and give him my own release.

Hot Squirting Pussy

hot squirting pussy dixieWhat a hell of a fucking party! It started out kind of dull but then the girls showed up. I don'[t even know their names…They had the sweetest pussies I have ever tasted! It was obvious from the moment  they walked in that they were fucking machines. Their clothes spoke volumes. The way they moved was like watching sleek cats on the prowl. They were the most sensual creatures I had ever seen and from the moment I laid eyes on them I knew that I had to have them before the night was over, Getting to know them was easy. I found out that they were sisters and that they had been fucking each other for years. BOOM  we already had one thing in common family fucking. We laughed about how easy it is to pick men up with a hot bitch by your side that also happens to be a relative. How turned on guys get at the thought of fucking cousins or sisters or even and aunt and her niece. Within an hour or so we were laughing and getting along like we were friends forever. But friendship was not the goal, the benefits were. Finally we found a bedroom that was unoccupied and we locked the door. Just the sight of their naked bodies made my cunt drip with desire. I almost came when I felt their bodies warm and naked against mine. Sandwiched between the two of them, our bodies rubbing against each other, hands and lips all over each other’s bodies was heaven. But when I got between her legs and tasted the juices cumming from between her pussy lips, I couldn’t believe it.. Every pussy tastes different but her pussy tasted like golden nectar. Her body squirming under me I wasn’t prepared for the gift I was about to receive, when she came it was truly a hot squirting pussy. Juice all over my face as if a man had just jizzed all over me. It was the best feeling ever and made me cum with out a single touch!adult phone chat dixie1

Who Has The Biggest Cum Shot

adult phone chat dixieIt is so beautiful out I just had to take a walk in the park. Tiny shorts and a shirt that barely covers my perky tits and I am ready to go. I love how the Daddy”s with their little families try to stare without getting caught. Dirty old men with their grands running around as they try to adjust the hard on growing in their shorts so no one will notice. And then there are the boys that are hanging out with friends, to old to swing and to young to go any where else, stuck in the middle, trying to look cool. These are my targets. The ones I want to turn inside out. It doesn’t take me long to wrangle a couple of them for their first gang bang with a real cum slut. My pussy is wet from the hunt alone. It’s time to teach these fellas what real fucking is all about. Right here in the park, in the bushes behind the monkey bars, all at once. Young cock, hungry, eager, and oh so hard!

Kissing Cousins

adult phone chat dixieI woke up this morning to the feel of soft lips on mine. As my eyes fluttered opened I could smell the sweet scent of her perfume and I knew before I saw he that my cousin was here to pay me a visit. As her tongue slipped past my lips I could feel the moisture between my legs. Hot and wet juices stating to flow from the lust we share. I let my hands explore her naked body as if I was learning every curve all over again. Moaning into her mouth I felt her hands begin to wonder. Pressing our bodies together it became harder to control ourselves and the flames of desire grew fast. I felt her move down to my waiting pussy and the drink that was waiting for her. I grabbed her hair and pulled her lips back to mine so that I could lick my juices off her lips before kissing her sweet snatch. What a way to spend my Saturday…wouldn’t you love to join us?

Looking For That Money Shot

adult phone chat dixieIt’s Friday night and this cum slut is looking for the big money shot. So far all the wimpy ass fucker I have fucked with have given me some lame ass cum shots. I am at the club now with a smorgasbord of men to choose from. I know I am not taking all these fuckers home so it looks like I get to be the bathroom whore tonight. Waiting for the perfect opportunity, I creep into the men’s room and slip into a stall. I close the door ans slip out of my skirt waiting for the first guy to find me. A man that walks into the stall and finds a bottomless girl is an easy mark and my first load cums quickly. I have been in here for almost an hour now and all though I have had some pretty good loads, I still haven’t gotten that one big money shot I need. Are you the one? Cum see me and show me.

Kinky Fetish

adult phone chat dixie (2)When he asked me if I wanted to get into some kinky fetish fun, my pussy reacted before my mouth could say yes. I tried to find out what he had planned but he wouldn’t tell me a thing which just added to the excitement. I am a cum slut with no limits and I am down for what ever. The kinkier the better as far as I am concerned. When I got there he offered me a drink and asked me to take off all my clothes. I was happy to both accept the drink and grant his wish. He walked around me examining my body, paying special attention to my ass. I could feel the juices oozing out of my pussy as I sipped the drink and waited. He walked over to a drawer and pulled out something that I had never seen before, and I have seen a lot of shit! I could hear my heart beat in my ears and my nipples were harder then they have ever been. He led me into the kitchen and bent me over the dinning room table while he took this metal thing to the sink. He turned on the water, adjusting the warmth of it and then began to fill this thing up. When he turned around he told me this was an antique metal anal syringe and that he was going to fill my ass up and fuck me good.  I was not allowed to let any of the water out while I got fucked. He would cum inside my pussy and then make me suck his dick until it was hard again before he would shove it right up my water filled ass and fuck me again.

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