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There’s A New Sitter In Town

adult phone chat You knew as soon as you saw me that you wanted me to be your new sitter. I knew as soon as I saw you that you needed some sitting of your own. I couldn’t believe that the Mrs didn’t notice how you were looking at me or how I was devouring every inch of you with my eyes. There was no mistaking the growing dick in your pants. I wish that you could see the growing wet spot in my panties. You hovered over me while introducing me to my charge and I couldn’t help letting my hand run across your hardening dick. It felt so delicious! All I could think of is how you could slip back home with out your obviously oblivious side kick so we could have some fun. Excusing myself I went to the bathroom and slipped my now soaked panties off. I placed them in the cabinet under the sink. When I returned I made sure to flash you my sweet bald pussy before whispering in your ear that I left you a treat under the sink. When you returned from the bathroom your smile told me you found it and when you leaned in to talk to me the smell on your face told me that you tasted it too. I was hoping that the juices would not run down my leg and give me away. The only thing I could think about was that hard cock so deep inside me that it shoved my ovaries into my nostrils.

Female Bondage

adult phone chat When I need my bondage fix I know where to go. Uncle Jack loves to tie me up. He has this evil little chuckle that he does while he is fastening the rope to what ever he has decided will quench his thirst this time. Most men that love female bondage, like to tie a bitch to the bed. Not Uncle Jack. My cunt is getting wet now thinking about it. I have been tied to a tree, a saw horse, a tractor, the horse stall door, a plow, a pitch fork….you name it and Uncle Jack has tied me to it. He teases the hell out of my body once he has me secured. He makes sure my cunt is nice and wet and his dick is nice and hard before he satisfies me with some hot ass sex and that big ass dick of his.

Ass 2 Mouth

adult phone chat Part of being a Jizz Junkie is that there is nothing I won’t do to get my fix. Let’s face it a junkie is a junkie.

Of course every junkie has his or her favorite way to do their drug of choice. I will never forget the day I found my favorite way to get my cum fix.

I had sucked his dick dry and then sucked it back to a raging fucking hard on. Just when he was about to cum he pulled his dick out of my mouth and told me to bend over.

He started pounding my ass. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good stiff dick up my ass but I really wanted his jizz in my mouth.

The closer I got to cumming the more I begged him to give me the fucking money shot in my mouth.

He was driving me wild and I couldn’t hold out any more. My pussy exploded and I squirted cum all over his tight fucking balls.

He pulled his dick out of my cunt and shoved it deep down my throat. The feeling of cum hitting the back of my throat, combined with the taste of my ass juice and the feel of his throbbing cock made my cunt squirt again. Harder then it ever had. It was a long and hard stream of thick, sticky cum.


Poked and Pegged

adult phone chat dixie2Inhaling deeply the smell of leather makes my nipples stand at attention. Fresh out of the box it has that new smell and I can’t wait to use it several times so that the smell of sweat is soaked into it.

Opening my mouth wide I see how much of it I can get in my mouth. It is huge and black and has veins that stick out just like a real fucking dick.

I am not sure if this is what he had in mind when he asked me to buy a strap on but I will find out any minute now.

My hands are shaking as I buckle it around my waist. Laying back on the bed I close my eyes and stroke it up and down, imagining that it is really mine.

The look on his face when he walked in the door told me he was pleased at the sight of this massive black strap on.

He falls to his knees and begins worshiping my massive cock with his mouth before taking down his pants and presenting his man-gina to me. I reach for the lube but he stops me. Shrugging I hold his ass cheeks opened and position my cock on his tight ass.

I start to slowly slide it in him when he pushes against me and forces it into his ass all the way down.

So he wants it rough does he?

Obliging his unspoken request I peg that ass hard and fast the sounds of his moaning spurring me on and making my pussy juicy wet.

“Take this cock you fucking cunt!” I scream over and over again until he squirts that jizz all over the bed sheets.

Old McDonald Had A Farm

adult phone chat dixieEvery now and then I have to get out of the city and to the farm. I love the smell of the freshly mowed grass and the sound of the farm animals. My cunt gets wet as soon as I see the barn full of big strong four legged furry critters. All the various sizes and shapes of dick waiting for a bitch in heat to work them over and take their load. As a Jizz junkie I am in hog heaven, pardon the pun. You can’t imagine how cute a cork screw cock is, or a big thick dick that hangs almost to the ground and shoots at least a gallon of thick milky cum. From Rover to Wilbur to big old Charlie, I spend the entire day playing with them all while singing “Old McDonald had a farm….with a dick dick here and a dick dick there…hairy dick…scary dick…everywhere a dick dick…” It’s a furry fuck fest and a hot squirting pussy kind of day for this jizz junkie.

Strap on Fun

adult phone chat dixie2When he came to me for help I had no idea what it was he really wanted. He stammered and sputtered and turned a hundred shades of red before he finally got it out of his mouth.

He wanted to know how to please a man. But he didn’t want to learn with a man. He wanted to give himself to a certain someone and wanted to come to the table with some kind of experience. Not virginal fresh.

We went shopping for a strap on that he felt was comparable to his secret love’s package and began the training.

I made him strap it around my waist and shoved his head down to my new “dick”. Lesson one is sucking cock. I had to teach him how to relax his throat so he could take a massive piece of meat all the way down with out gagging.

Once my “dick” was slick with his saliva I turned him over and shoved his face down into the mattress before taking his virgin ass. His cries of pain soon turned to moans of pleasure and his hand found his own dick as he jerked it hard.

Not so fast Sissy Boy.

I put him on his back with his feet on my shoulders and fucked him like a man fucks a woman.

Now Sissy, now you can blow that load all over your belly.

Cum Guzzling Whore

adult phone chat dixie1You love the taste of hot pussy juice in your mouth, don’t deny it. So why is it so hard to understand that a girl like me just loves the taste of cum in her mouth?

There is no place I would rather have that money shot then in my mouth. I love the silky way it feels and the way it has just a hint of saltiness.

I could spend the entire day doing nothing but being a cum guzzling whore for you letting you shoot load after load in my face and mouth.

I know I have been extra good when you fuck my bald pussy and get it all covered in my juices. You fuck me good and hard and just before you cum, you pull out and shove your cum covered cock into my mouth so that I can taste my cum and yours at the same time.

Keep it cumming baby!

How Bad Do You Want It?

adult phone chat dixieReally? You’re back again? Begging for a chance to be with me. Smiling I am waiting for you to say the words that will get you what you want, if you have big enough balls to back it up.

“Please Dixie. I fucking adore you, let me show you. Let me worship you. I will do anything”

Ahh those were the words that I have been waiting to hear…..


Exasperation, desperation, evident in his voice he says ‘Yes Dixie, yes, ANYTHING”

Now my pussy is wet and I am about to see just how much he means it.

I take his hand and lead him to my room. I take out my pretty pink dog collar and matching leash and fasten them around his neck. He is grinning like a Cheshire cat and the bulge in his pants is growing.

He has no idea.

Smiling I walk to my closet. I haven’t said a word since taking his hand and leading him to my room. I emerge with a pretty pink dress with lots of lace and frills and a pair of pink heels. Then I walk over to my dresser and pull out a pair of t back pink panties and matching bra. When I turn around his dick is in his hand, the head covered in pre-cum.

I feel a twitch in my cunt, his dick is very impressive. I certainly hope he meant what he said and I get to find out if he knows how to use that thing in his hand.

Laughing I walk over to him and slap the shit out of his dick and lick the pre-cum off my hand as he winces.

“Are you ready?”I ask.

“YES YES YES I AM’ he can barely speak he is breathing so hard.

I take off his shirt, then his jeans, and his boxers.He grabs me and I pull away and the puzzled look on his face is priceless. I grab the pink panties off the bed and bend over telling him to step into them.

“You want me to wear your panties?”he asks in disbelief.

“Not only are you going to wear the panties, your going to wear the entire out fit and I am taking my cross dressing pet out for the day. If your good, when we get back here, you will have earned your time with me. You said you would do ANYTHING. Remember?”

The look on his face while I dressed him before putting on his make up had me laughing so hard that my stomach hurt.


Discovering My Hot Squirting Pussy

hot squirting pussy dixieI can’t believe I found pictures from way back in the day when I was discovering my hot squirting pussy and all it can do. Learning my body and playing with my pussy was so much fun! I spent hours touching myself and finding out what made me feel the best. I will never forget the first time I made myself gush. I kinda thought I was peeing but I wasn’t. I found out that if I rubbed my clit hard and fast it turned on the faucet t my hot squirting pussy and it felt fantastic. Setting up a camera and taking pictures and recording my exploration was one hell of a feeling. It made me feel naughty. My adventures in becoming a cum slut were so much fun. Now I have a hot squirting pussy all the time because even if the guy doesn’t know what to do I know how to make myself cum like a water faucet and it drives men crazy!

Cum Loving Whore

adult phone chat dixieBeing a cum loving slut I know that no two men have cum that tastes the same. I love the variety. The difference in thickness and load size as well as taste all keep things nice and interesting. So I decided to conduct a cum loving experiment. I invited several guys to cum stay with me for two weeks. I created different diets for each of them. I bought myself a notebook and the testing began. i sucked each of their cocks three times a day making them cum in my mouth. I swirled the thick liquid around in my mouth savoring it and noting the flavor and texture. I was really surprised to find that as the days passed the taste of their cum actually changed to match the food they were eating. Salty, sweet, garlicy, fruity, all based on what I was feeding them. My willing test subjects were delighted and so was I. I guess we really are what we eat so to speak. Guzzling cum all in the name of science.

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