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I Love to Get Pounded


Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

Let’s Get Physical nasty we can get so dirty we can have a good time. My pussy is so wet and hot it really is I’m so horny my body is ready to fuck the first guy that comes around. I’m a nasty bitch I’m a dirty fucking whore I don’t give a fuck about anyone. If you know about how I do drugs, then you were going to provide me with cock, and you will give me money to so I can buy me some Molly’s. All I ever want is drugs and cock. All I Ever Need is drugs and cock like to fuck girls sometimes, but I really like to be pounded by guys. I’m a sleazy little fucking lot lizard cunt a bitch who loves to get fucked up that’s me. I took a trip to Costa Rica last month I met a guy named Gilberto, and he was fucking hot ass hell. He rocked my world he fucked me like he was a beast and I know that his big fat cock was everything that pleased me. He filled me up with liquor Don Julio all night, and when I was all coked up, he fucked my pussy and my ass hole. I’m a dirty bitch I’m a skanky whore if you didn’t know it now you do I like to fuck I like to get wild, and that’s my fucking Q. Call me now we can get busy. I’m waiting for your hard cum-filled cock. I want you to jab my mouth and make me scream, and I love it. You rock me to the degree that no one else can do if they were fucking me. Don’t you want to get fucking crazy? Don’t you have the urge to get insane? I can help you; I can make your dreams come true I can make all of your fantasies come to life. Doesn’t your dick deserve good pussy? I think it does I think your dick deserves to be pleased and treated right. You can cum all over my face you can spray your juices in my mouth if you need to I’ll be there for you. I’m waiting for you know what to do.

Oh Daddy Watch This


Phone sex fetish

Five black guys came over to my house they told me they wanted to get really raw with me. My ex-boyfriend Tyrone he was a coke head who brought all of these horny big dick guys over for a good time. I was a little nervous, but I guess I could do what I should do because Tyrone has an enormous big fat dick. I want Tyrone to take me back, and the only way he will is if his whole crew can fuck me good and I will suck their dicks. I love Tyrone I will do anything to get him back in my life. I’m a bitch I’m a fucking cunt whore I like getting down and dirty it’s my favorite pastime. Dirty bitches like me don’t hold back we don’t give a fuck about anyone’s thoughts we are raunchy and nasty and so slutty. I love fucking Tyrone, he says my pussy is deep he likes the way that I suck cock also. I’m a fucking cunt whore, and no one can stop me from doing what I do. Tyrone told me that he wanted the whole thing to be videotaped so he could send my father a copy of what his daughter does with him. I thought it was a good idea, but my daddy is a racist Pig, and he really hates Tyrone so much. Tyrone doesn’t really give a fuck about my daddy he wants to make my dad suffer, so he wants my dad to see me getting fucked by several black guys. I think it’s a good idea for Daddy to see me getting a train ran on his little girl. My daddy is a stuffy businessman, and he needs to loosen up, so I guess I’ll have to be the one to loosen him up. Oh, Daddy, don’t you know that girls want to have some fun and black cocks are the best cocks in the world. I love to get fucked in my ass hole, and I love three dicks in my cunt at once. Any girls out there who like to get extra nasty because I really want to invite you over next time. I can be a mystery, or I can be an open book; it’s your choice tell me what you desire. Are you a daddy with a daughter who is the fucking slut? Do you want to watch your daughter get fucked in the ass? I can feel your cuckold needs if you really want me to you know what you got to

Party Time

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Get drunk we’re going to get fucked up it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I like to party, and that’s okay with me if you don’t like my style then fuck you bitch. Your boyfriend loves me he’s always after my hot pussy he wants my wet, wet all in his mouth. And guess what bitch I let him fuck me I let him eat my pussy all night long and if you’re mad get glad because I don’t give a fuck how you feel. Now your boyfriend, on the other hand, he’s fantastic that motherfucker knows how to suck a pussy he knows how to stick his tongue deep inside twirl it around and make me feel so good. All I really want is your boyfriend to Kiss My cunt like a goddamn horny bastard from hell. I’m a Twisted hot piece of pussy, and I love getting cock; no one can change that about me. I want some talk right now I want some hard cum-filled big balls big dick right now. If you have that for me then you know what to do get in touch with me let’s make this happen I can make your cock feel happy and satisfied, and you can make my pussy feel happy and satisfied so let’s get this done right now. I’m waiting for you; it’s your move.

Blowjobs Phone Sex

Bathroom Sex


Cum Slut Phone Sex

I am in the mood to have sexy fucking time and I know just what to do. I got with my sexy new lover and we snuck inside of a restaurant bathroom while no one was looking. We locked the door and started tongue kissing, shoving our tongues down each other throats. He, Cliff lifted my skirt and took my panties off. Cliff is the fucking sexiest guy in the world, he fingered me to see how wet my tasty pussy was and put his big hard juicy dick in me. It was so big that I didn’t think it would fit. He picked me up and fucked me like a stallion on the wall pounding me so hard that his balls were slapping my ass while he sucked my plump nipples. I was moaning his name as we both were breathing so hard we didn’t care if anyone could hear us. Cliff turned me around and told me to bend me over and grabbed and locked my arms as he pounded my tight sloppy wet pussy. The floor was wet from our sweat and sex juices. We heard knocking on the door but we didn’t care .”I’m about to nut”, he screamed as he hammered my asshole so much making my ass clap. He then pulled out and nutted in my ass felt so warm and good in me as we fixed our clothes laughing walking out like nothing happened.

Tranny Lover


Sensual Domination Phone Sex

I like you because you are my tranny lover, motherfucker. I want for you to get fucked right in front of my face over and over again yes you will be mine nasty little boy cunt, and you will give your little boy pussy up every time to all of the different tranny girls because you’re a fucking whore and you deserve it. You need to get fucked all of the time, don’t you know. I want to let my hot tranny friends do a gangbang on you. My tranny girlfriend named Jessica, she’s got a bunch of tranny girls with 12 inch, 11 inches and even 13 inches of hard cock whores for you. I will make sure they shove their fucking cocks inside of you over and over. They will fuck you in all of your whore holes, your mouth, and your pretty little boy pussy. I hope you know I’m going to make sure that they make you into their sex slave. You know that you are a fucking tranny loving slut, don’t you? Tell me that you need to be trained and that you need hard cum filled cocks all of the time. I know you so well, and I know you need cocks so bad. It’s because you’re a cock slut you’re a fucking whore you deserve to be treated like a little fucking tranny loving bitch. I know that it makes your little boy pussy so wet whenever your getting fucked in it doesn’t it? Say what you will, but I will always believe the answer is, yes it does it makes you so fucking wet you’ll get wet like a girl. The greatest thing I like about your nastiness is I want to watch you being fucked and controlled. Yes, the cock makes you weak, those trannies will fulfill all of their rape fantasies on you because you are a dick loving sissy aren’t you? You love to be fucked by big fat hard cocks, you like them to drive so deep into your ass until your little boy pussy is filled up all the way with cum that’s your favorite, isn’t it? I know how much you like to be force fucked, I know how much you like to suck big fat cocks it is because you are a cock sucking fucking Sissy and you will always be

Freaks like Me


Blowjobs Phone Sex

On the football team, I am a horny man’s fantasy, I make him dream of me when I do what I do so well. I like to go in the locker room and fuck all the dudes around and don’t forget I suck that cock better than most sluts. Bring your cock to me. I’m a fucking whore with an intense, nasty streak. You’ve got the money, and I have got the time I like to work really hard, making you fucking go crazy. I will suck your dick until you cum everywhere and then I will suck your dick again until it’s hard so that I can make it cream all over again. Fucking cunts like to fuck so much, and I am not an exception. Whores like me we like throbbing hard cum-filled dick deep in our fucking guts. So fuck me too hard that’s how I love it so much I can’t help myself I’m a fucking slutty cunt. I want to fuck the whole football team even the guys who are on the bench. I know how to slobber all over those big fat jock cocks. With me, you can fulfill all of your sex-driven rape fantasies I’m So Into grunge. Ride a train on me and get every cock in the building pleased. Come on down let’s have some fun don’t hold back you might miss on the best time of your life.



I was broght up this way


Cocksucking Phone Sex

I’m a whore with a plan I’m a country bitch where the whole lots of dirt in my boots. I’m nasty that’s with my mama say I’m a motherfucking problem Everyday Will that’s me. I ain’t ashamed of who I am I will be in nasty whore a fucking cunt if you need me to be there for you. I guess I’m just a lot lizard skank my mind is always on getting fucked in my cunt and my asshole. I’m fucked up a piece of trash that’s what my daddy always says to me before he fucks me in my ass drives his big fat hard cock inside of my fucking asshole. My grandpa, he’s a motherfucker too he says he can’t stand for me to wear clothes around him he likes when I’m naked. My grandpa is a fucking twisted piece of hot man meat for sure I’ve been fucking him ever since I can remember. Well, listen to me, I’m always talking about how much I love family fun. I cannot help myself; it’s the way I was brought up.

Let Your Cock go Crazy


Anal Phone Sex

Let me be your pussy Queen I can satisfy I’ll give you all you need, trust me. I don’t hold back not even a little bit I’m that nasty bitch always. I know how to get your dick hard, and I know how to ride your dick like a motherfucking lot lizard cowgirl slut. Let me fuck you in the back of a bus, and you can call it the best road trip ever. I want to go downtown and suck your balls from the back that’s what kind of nasty bitch that I am. All your girlfriends they are not like me. I am exclusive; I do exclusive things. Slap me in my face with your motherfucking cum filled cock. I want to be treated like a nasty whore because I don’t have respect for myself and I like it that way. Bitches like me always get the money we always get the guys that we want because we don’t give a fuck about what the other bitch just say that’s not going to stop us. I’m a freak I’m a nasty slut I like to do it in the motherfucking, but you can fuck me raw all night long too. Come get your sexy naughty slut you can have me however you want to you’re the king in this motherfucker. Have you ever met a skank who doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks I will fuck you in front of your mother and your father? I’ve got a naughty fucking crush on you, and I want to prove how good I can be. Please let me know I want you. I know you will have so much fun with me. I’m begging and pleading for your cock to fucking cum on me. Tell me, what do you think about that does that turn you on? Is your dick going crazy to jerk inside of my wet naughty cum-filled cunt? I hope you know that you really can have a good time with me there is no turning back once we get started babe not until you explode in an excellent load.

My Cunt Needs You


Cocksucking Phone Sex


My pussy knows you better fuck all the other whores they don’t understand how we work. I had a dream about you; it was so reckless, and it was also the best dream I had in such a long time. I woke up touching my cunt. I need it to find my vibrator so I could play with my pussy just to calm down. You are so fucking sexy your cock should be inside of me every night. I think that you want me too. I just know that you’re not gay even though you like to be fucked in your asshole. Your just a man of the world and you like to see things differently, and broader isn’t that right? So let me strap on this big fat cock it’s delicious, and I want you to get down on your knees. I think that you and I could have a perfect time for sure. Don’t you know that I know how to please you I know how to open your back end up? When I’m done with you-you are going to want me all the time I should be a crime. I’m so nasty whenever I get with you-you make me want to do the naughtiest things. Don’t do you think that we are perfect in the bed? Look at your cock it’s super fucking hard looks like it’s going to bust out of your jeans. You can fulfill all your rape fantasies with me that’s right. I will let you have an Ultimate Experience One you won’t forget anytime soon. Walk-in get this don’t turn and lie you know you want what I got to give. I’m nasty you’re horny I’m a bitch that can suck dick you’ll see your cock head in my throat print.



Me and the Little Ones


Fetish Phone Sex

Tonight is the night that you are going to make me your slut whore I don’t want you to hold back at all. I’ve been waiting for you for too long, and I’m tired of waiting you’re going to have to give me that big fat dick. I’ve always been hot for you and you know I’m telling the truth. I have wanted your body ever since the first day that I saw you-you give me a happy feeling inside. Boy, you make my pussy go wild and crazy you make me want to fucking Buck your dick. I’m your slave I want to be your sex slave and do whatever you want me to. All the rest of the girls they are begging for you but I’m begging too, and I don’t care. I have this fantasy about you that you and I and the little ones we go into a room and we get wild we get so out of control. I want you to lick my pussy sloppy wet and let me slobber all over your hairy nutsack. I want to have you completely you are my ruler I worship that big fat cock it’s so incredible it’s fantastic it’s so delightful in my mouth. Can’t get in trying to get you to fuck me I know your girlfriend she sexy, but she’s not as wild as I can be. Think I’m in love with you at least I know I’m until to lust and that’s for sure. Fuck me however you ever you wanna fuck me, baby. You make me want you so bad you make my con hot, and I get mad I want you baby that is the truth oh how bad I need you. You can pound on my cunt all night long me, and the little ones are excited my Rugrats all going to work you over you won’t forget us any time soon. Don’t you like crashing your cock inside of my little one don’t you love her barely beautiful red nipples all over your lips? Didn’t you have fun with us last night and don’t you want to have a good time again we were so out of place and out of control.


Cum Slut Phone Sex

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