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I’m Going To New York Soon!

Cocksucking Phone Sex


I’m so excited I can’t wait for what’s going to happen to me really soon. I’ve been thinking about being fucked all kinds of ways I’m going to get locked down to some sex Contraptions and treated like a whore and I love it. I’m a cum guzzling hot sex fetish lover, I really like to do it wild yes, I can get insane. He’s going to make me his cum slut and he’s going to dip inside of my asshole with his big throbbing cum-filled dick I can’t wait. I’ve been thinking about the ass to mouth that we’re going to do, he’ll be all inside of my fucking ass and I will be inside of his ass as well baby my tongue belongs to him he can do whatever he wants to do with it and that’s for sure. I can’t wait for his cock to drill me really fucking hard my cunt is throbbing thinking about it. I want him to fuck me so forcefully that he drives my pretty head into the headboard. I can’t help myself everytime I think about him I think about how he totally takes control of me. I’m going to New York soon that’s where he’s at and we’re going to fuck so wild and crazy. I can’t wait we’re going to get all coked up and have a good fucking time all week long. If you’re anything like me and you like to fuck until you can’t move oh my God you turn me on. I could suck all of the juice out of your cock for you that’s what kind of cum dumpster skank that I am. I can really get that cum guzzling for you. I can feel your dick getting hard looking at me getting plowed. Think about how I’m going to get fucked when I go to New York. I honestly wish that I could fuck about 20 or 30 guys in New York because they’re wild, rude and they fuck hard. I’m wondering right now do you fuck hard?


He’s a Dom that I love to make Submit

Humiliation Phone Sex


I take him to clubs and make him parade around wearing slutty prostitute clothes and he loves it. I really get off on his utter humiliation I love to escort his little fairy ass around making him act like my perfect little sex slave. I take him places that my big cock black boyfriendshang out because I have alread explained to Thomas, that he has to suck my boyfriend’s cocks until they cum down his sissy throat. Usually Thomas is the dominant one when we get together but there are times when we like to switch and he submits to all of my horny little desires. I think I’m much of a catwoman because I scratch and hiss at my sex slave when he does the wrong things. Thomas knows what turns me on and what makes my cunt moist and he often does the right thing. In appretiation for all the sex and sin I have a sexy surprise waiting for my sweet butt fairy when we get together later. It will be a cum spraying dick slobbering surprise of course I just love the way Thomas and Black dicks get along.

I Want Him to Punish me so Good

Toilet Slave Phone Sex

I always get a kick out of Petey he’s such and irritating fucker. Petey is always telling me how he could show me something different that I had never seen before, I roll my eyes at him because I cannot take him serious I mean after all he’s like such a nerd. The other night my girlfriend said she went over to his apartment and it was shocking I really wasn’t that interested but she seem to want to let me know everything. I said fine tell me what happened lot of books a lot of nerdy video games and a little bitty cock I laughed. My girlfriend looked at me and she said you should know that Petey is working with a monster and he’s a monster too he has all types of sex Contraptions in his apartment and it is wild. When she said that I started to listen are you serious I said to her yes she responded he’s got all kinds of sex chairs Contraptions something that ties you up while he fucks you and he has a really huge cock. I looked at her shocked I couldn’t believe it but I wanted to know more I mean what have I been passing Up and Under estimating all this time. I think I’m going to make a date to go with Petey and I’ll let everyone know exactly what happened. If it’s true that he has a really huge cock and he can fuck for hours and he ties you up it’s going to be wonderful.

Urging for an Orgy

Rim Jobs Phone Sex

Oh yes it’s been a long long time I know and all I want is the sex to happen now. I hope you know that we are going to have an orgy yes the best out of control fuck orgy about to happen. I’ve been ready to come out here for so long I’ve missed the ranch and now I’m so horny I need you to fuck me and bring about five or six guys in to fuck me good. I mean it too, please I want to worship so many cocks and be a cum guzzler. You know I take it all in my mouth balls and everything and I want to eat some ass. Could you give me what I need oh goodness take me and take me there for sure explore all your rape fantasies with me. Tell me  you want to fuck me real deep don’t you want to drive your cock in my pretty little bubble butt ass hole. I want you to piss on me I lust for it I’m begging.

Hookers Night Rats and Lot Lizards


Hot squirting pussy

My gramps always tells me this story about girls he likes real nasty bitches that do everything. My gramps is a real dirty old man who doesn’t hold back at all and he craves the cringe worthy shock value responses in his statements. Anyways, gramps says that Hookers are top of the line when they are top of the line he says, I don’t mean Miss Prissy no she ain’t really top of the line in my book gramps laughs as he gets deeper into his top of the line. You see you got your Night Rats who will fuck you in the gutter you find them yummy mommy’s in the city, downtown with your Alley Cats who are just a bit more refined they need to hide and whore, lol but not them Night Rats no they’ll fuck you and suck your meat in the streets. Now when it comes to Lot Lizards you find them trollip cunt monkeys  at truck stops and country bars and they are some tasty slimy slut buckets I love them because they have that southern slut ability it’s good. My gramps loves telling this story and when he’s done he whips out his huge cock and tells all of us the thought of these whores still drive him wild.

Gangbang in the Projects

Black Cock Phone Sex


I was invited to a house party in a project development in my city I had never been to a project party before and it seemed interesting at the least. I wanted to see all the ghetto girls and the thug guys like get wasted and act super nigger stupid for me. I decided that I wanted to go and I had been teasing Rex my silly nigger loving friend about the whole thing. I kept telling him things like, I couldn’t believe he dated and fucked those black little jigaboos and I laghed so hard every time I said a smart comment. I noticed that Rex stayed quiet on the drive to the place I kind of thought it was because he was angry about the comments I was making but I didn’t care I promised that I wouldn’t get crazy at his little nigger party. We arrived at the party and went to the door I had to use the ladies room because Rex had been feeding me drinks so I raced in asking where the bathroom was, I was directed and I hardly noticed the people I just knew they were all blacks. When I came out of the bathroom I noticed there were no girls at this party and the guys were looking at me like fresh meat in birth of a nation. I saw Rex and quickly went to him and told him I wanted to go but Rex told me to chill the fuck out in those words, at that point I began to worry. Rex said that his nigger friends are hungry for some racist white trash cunt. I was shocked because I had figured out that Rex was bringing me to a party to get fucked by all his thug black friends. What happened next has had me in a daze ever since.

Head Job at the Bus Stop

Blowjobs Phone Sex

I ride the bus to work every morning at the same time and god knows I hate getting up, getting dressed and dragging my ass out to that bus stop. My car has been in the repair shop for three whole weeks now and it’s driving me insane. I met this guy Allen who sits with me and keeps me company, he said he saw me from his window and wanted to make sure I was safe from bad strangers. I think he’s cute and he sure has a nice body. I asked Allen did I turn him on because his pants look like they have a distinct rise in the front crotch area. Allen responded to me by grabbing my hand and placing it on his super hard cock and saying you make me hungry, he wants to give me head before I go to work. I am going to let him eat my fucking ass out too. My cunt got soaking wet thinking about his proposition.


I love Getting Blasted 

Accomplice Phone Sex


Mommy said that I was a whore to be reckoned with that I could ride a dick like a cowgirl. I love my mommy she taught me how to be the very best skank I could be every since I was a pedi-lovers favorite she’s been training me up. Now I’m a dirty lot lizard piece of shit slut. I love being treated like a fucking worthless trash addict. I beg for it my mommy made me this way because she made a slit instead of a dick and now she has nothing close to home to fuck. Mommy told me that I was going to grow up being treated like the nasty love slut slave that I was. My mom did all this because she was disappointed but now she’s proud because I bring her all my leftovers and it’s a lot. I love getting blasted and you can fuck mommy too, she’s so much fun we both are, call me.

Don Will Get Me Ready

Rim Jobs Phone Sex


I wanted Don to fuck me like no other guy gets to I mean deeply in my ass raw and strong. I love when he treats me like a fucking cunt whore slut. Don likes to show me how he is in charge of my bubble butt back door. I’m so hot for Don’s ass loving fuck fantasies.  He fucks my ass so good he has me moaning, screaming and begging for more of his rock-hard maniac meat. I love hard cocks in my ass but no one can do it like Don he is a madman and I yearn for more and more of him. My asshole is gaping right now you could fit a baseball bat in this hole. In fact I want a nice long hard bat to fill me up because I am the dirty nasty fucking rim job loving whore that you have been wanting for, so when Don fills me up with his hot load I will be ready for you. 

I’ll be glad to fuck them for you

Furry Friends Phone Sex
 My friend Lowe he loves to be a little fucking nasty cunt head. I can handle it because I like it yeah and I love his way cuz I’m just that way and I understand him better than other bitches do. We do nasty things with our furry friends and we stay on all fours all night long. So why but my girlfriend over to his house I told her that he’s wild and that he wants to get crazy with us. She was a little apprehensive you know those girls from the ghetto but oh well I guess I have to show her that I will do it. I said girl you don’t know what you’re missing out on being afraid of the furry ones they’re awesome they fuck hard fast and so good here I fuck them and teach you everything.

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