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I want him and he wants me to so tonight I have decided to fuck him like an animal and allow him to ravish my body. I started to rub is back like any other time but like I said this time I wanted his throbbing hard cock to ram inside my cunt doggy style. He took me and pulled me onto the ground and tore my panties off and forced his pulsating fuck rod into my soaking wet hot pussy. I screamed out because his cock was so huge and thick I cried out louder and louder as he drove his fuck rod into my creamy cunt. He fucked me all night long and in so many different positions but when he shoved that big fucking cock into my heated asshole I lost my got damn mind. I backed my gaping hole onto his fat hard dick, he slapped my ass and taught me how to behave.

We had sweaty nasty sex and we always do when we fuck.




He Has a Crush on Me

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I knew he was lusting after me and wanted to pound my tight little pussy into shreds because he looks at me like I’m a prime piece of pretty nasty delicious cunt meat. I see how he sneaks all that pouring into his bedroom he tells me sometimes cum in sis watch this with me. I laugh at him most times but this one time I said you better stop playing with me brother or I’m really going to come in he told me to come in his room, so I came in I noticed a pair of my panties on his bed they looked all jizzed out. Brother what did you do to my panties you little nasty boy he said the same thing that I’m going to do to your mouth my pussy started to water I wanted my brother’s big fat pulsating cock Rod to bang my sweet little pussy until I squirted Juice box cum everywhere. My brother took his head and went down and started sniffing my cunt he told me your cunt smells just like you’ve been fucked, and you still have that steaming load of cock juice inside of you. I responded it’s all true he started to suck my pussy digging his tongue deeply inside going insane fucking me with his mouth oh my God he was amazing. I told my brother daddy sure did teach you well he taught you how to fuck your sister so good you must eat that pussy you must twirl your tongue and dig it deeply into that hot steamy cont. I love my brother I started to suck his dick deepthroat right to the balls sucking him off until his cock Rod started to spray down my throat. I sucked it back hard again then I jumped on that big fat hard dick and started to ride it like a cowgirl even a bull riding girl he loved it.

Cuckolding Sensation

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Ronnie has a really small cock and that means he can’t satisfy me and this would usually be the biggest deal breaker, but Ronnie doesn’t like breaking deals one bit. He can’t fuck me right, so he has got this big Black cock strong guy he works with, who adores the smell of my hair and I will bet good money he loves the thought of putting his nose all in my cunt and his rock hard dick in my gaping asshole. Ronnie invited his gorgeous coworker over for dinner and drinks with me in mind for desert of course. We got loaded out of our minds just completely hammered to the max. Ronnie’s Black stallion coworker made his way over to me and lifted me off the ground ripped my panties off and poured his tongue in my wet cunt hole. Ronnie grabbed his own cock and started beating the fucking skin out of it. I was moaning and screaming because it was so fucking dirty and yummy. Ronnie’s coworker is coming over tonight again, do you want to watch?

It’s Blackmail Bitch

Blackmail Phone SexI hate this goody two shoes fake snow-white whore Becky, oh God she’s the worst she walks around the office like her pussy is made of sugar sprinkles and no one deserves her. Fuck you dumb bitch you’re the reason I hate office jobs I keep having fantasies of her being gangbanged by all the horny ass fucks I work with. In my daydreams she’s taking cock in every one of those tight fuck holes until each one of those openings are torn and worn the slut shit out. Well wouldn’t you know who I caught stealing from the company and allot. You are a fucking despicable piece of thieving skank trash I knew you were no where near perfect now I’ve got your ass. Look at you Becky, you’re in-trouble bitch this means not only getting exposed shamed and fired whore no this means jail time tramp. I want you to think about that and then think about me and how it’s my time to shine, you see bitch I’ve always wanted to direct a full on hardcore porn flick. Guess who the star of it is, if your thinking you slut you’re on the perfect track.

Dream Love

I wanted to be in love, but I found all the wrong ones and they found me alone and in disbelief sometimes I feel like I’m not ever going to be found I’m just going to drag around fucking clown after hard dick clown losing myself. I swear last night was the night that solidified in my brain that everything is about sex, dirty hard cock rod, sticky, loose cum guzzling pussy, power driving sex and it keeps me coming back for more. I guess in my sexually twisted mind my mental clicks come from fantasy love and hard mean sexual drama. I need him to lie to me and tell me he loves me, he needs every part of my immensely appetizing body from my head right down to my delicious sugary toes. I need him to drill his monster cock into me like he’s losing his fucking mind inside of my steamy hypnotizing vaginal core. I want sweat diluted in tears mixed with inaudible words and explosive passionate moaning. Where are you, that liar who can make me believe in your love while I’m sucking every drop of cum from your massive mule cum load.




Alley Cat Trash

He made me Dance for Him

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Officer Johnson the fucking corrupt son of a bitch that keeps coming around my corner looking for freebies by threatening the girls unless we give him something to make him leave us the fuck alone. “Johnson is a sick and twisted heartless mutherfucker with no fucking since of that piece of shit badge he wears when he’s ramming with his worthless little tiny cock and the cock part of that is up for debate. Anyway, so Johnson comes on the scene of no crime but a little pussy selling, there were about 17 girls or so out this night. This major prick pulls up and stops right in front of you know who, me “What’s up Candy Butt,” he says to me and calls me to the squad car and you know I had to go see what this fucking perverted bastard wanted.


He got out car and claimed he was checking me out for weapons and contraband but really mother gottdamn son of an alley cat bitch why are your hands squeezing my ripe breasts and why do I feel your rock-hard weapon on my ass pushing up on me like you want to drill me. “Get in the fucking car,” he screamed as he pushed me into the back seat of that musty ass squad car. What the fuck have I done why are you fucking with me Johnson, I didn’t do shit. He stopped the car in an alley about 4 or 5 streets from my block, he got out came to the back and told me to get out of the car we walked down the alley to this dead end that he must have knew was there then it all started..

Cum Bucket Slut Whore

cum slut phone sexYour hot wet cunt smells like fresh trailer trash cum you little dirty skank,” that’s what my jealous fuck-up of an old man says to me every fucking day. It doesn’t bother that sorry SOB too gottdam much though cause he still loves the taste of my cum dumped in stretched out furpot. That mutherfucker takes my gaping wide asshole to the limit when he rams his funky dirty fist and hairy arm into my back fuckpot. I fucking love it! Theres nothing like the feeling of force in the morning and all through the day.

I’m a stretched out piece of whore trash a nasty good for nothing cunt slut that deserves my due in the bed on the floor and in the backyard with all the neighbors watching. My old man ain’t shit and that’s why I love him. He’s got two big Black ghetto boys cumming to visit tonight. “I want to see them make you pay you dirty cheating ass cuntwhore,” that’s my old man he’ll beg two 11 inch long 3 inch thick Black master cocks to ravish me and call me a cheating ass good for nothing whore. Fucking bastard keeps my cum bucket slit wet.

I love to be watched when I’m getting hammered by the big dick jungle lovers. My mouth is starting to water right now. I can’t wait until those hung tree stump cocks get here. I’m so fucking hot right now.

Daddy’s Cock N Cuckhold

black cock phone sexMy nasty cuckhold father wanted to watch me get fucked by three Black massively huge 11 inch cocks. Daddy wanted all of my sluty sex holes to be filled to the brim with black fuck rods and I couldn’t wait to give him that early holiday salacious joy. Papa is a rolling boner he loves to rip at his little dicky when he watches me get a black train ran on my sizzling hot soaking wet trashy pussy.

Daddy sits in his chair while I get rammed by those cabbage head rock hard cocks. My pops lets them know they should fuck my gaping wide open asshole harder, he says they remind him of the bucks his great grandpapa spoke about in slave days. Daddy gets weak when those African slick dicks start plowing my vibrating fuckholes  he shouts shouts out, “Pull that skanks hair while you ride that ass *igg**!” I love it when daddy goes wild ripping at his pennie wennie.

Daddy says I make all of his cuckhold friends so happy when they visit and you know what, I know daddy’s always right. You should visit with me I will have your wennie exploding with jizz juice. You can join the party too.

Lesson 1: Guided Masturbation

Guided Masturbation When i heard my parents talking about my little cousin cumming over to visit my body reacted right away. I take pride in molding and grooming the up and cumming females in our family and my cousin was ripe for the picking. At her age the peach fuzz on her young pussy is just starting to darken and get thicker. The smell and taste of pussy that age is changing as well thanks to hormones and development. Now is the perfect time for the first lesson in sexual awareness and arousal and it comes in the form of guided masturbation. Teaching a budding flower about the things her body can do keeps my cunt nice and juicy wet. The first time I give a guided masturbation lesson I make sure to start slow, standing her in front of a dressing mirror, instructing her to touch her self. It always starts gingerly with a bit of shyness but my guided masturbation encourages the exploration and soon she is pinching nipples, twirling them between her fingers, laying on her back and watching as her fingers slide in and out of her virginal pussy. When she is comfortable I will lay between her legs and set a fire in her groin until she has her first orgasm in my mouth. Lesson one will be over and lesson two will teach her how to return the favor and please me.

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