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I’m in the Family Bitch

Cocksucking Phone Sex


You are such a fake fucking bitch. You pretend like you’re innocent you act as if you care, but you know that you don’t. You fucked my boss and made him fire me. Bitch, you don’t know what I have to deal with in my life are you going to help me pay my bills? I’m serious you fucking cunt are you going to do anything about my rent I don’t think so. My boss was my lifeline to paying all of my bills including my fucking rent you dirty cunt whore. Now my rent man is asking me to leave if I can’t afford to pay the rent. You thought you won I know this because you are a pure skank, but me I’ve got a backup plan and that Back-up Plan is your wealthy brother. That’s right, your brother has been giving me the side-eye for months now he’s been lusting over my type fucking ass. I know that your brother wants me I also know that you are twisted because you’re fucking your brother. You are a disgusting piece of rat ass trick there is nothing about you that is good or worthwhile. I could slap your fucking face but instead asleep with your brother I’ll get pregnant, and I keep all of your family’s money that I can get a hold of. Don’t blame me for being the evil bitch because that’s your department you worked your masterful disgusting venomous ways first. Now you are going to learn what it feels like to have me around in your life in your family life forever. I’m sorry that you won’t be fucking your brother anymore you insist disgusting Alley Cat trash cunt whore. You are trying to make me lose out, and now you’re going to have to live with me how does that feel?

Cave or Nah Roleplay


Phone sex fetish

I know this guy he likes to push girls down and kiss them he’s really overpowering. I like to call him the caveman because he always ask girls would you want to go back to my cave or Nah. I always thought that was so funny I’m a member of the group so I get to really find out what’s going on with all of the bad boys and those beers that they drink. They call me Miss Alumni because all of them have been inside of my tasty wet pussy. I’m a nasty slutty whore, and I love it too. I put my legs high in the air and let the boys fuck me gangbang Style. Be mad at me if you want to, but you can’t stop me. I’m a nasty little fucking bitch. I’ve got no morals at all, and now that I’m older I can still do what I want. I am a washing machine whore I like the vibration while I’m taking multiple cocks. When I was a young girl I liked to sneak out with the guys we would drink beers and get drunk, and then we would all fuck. I love it, it’s fantastic. I learned so much about my boys they’re the best. If that stupid bitch hadn’t come along and got one of my boys in trouble, we would be fucking in secret now. I guess it’s so embarrassing for everyone to know that I’m a super slut and I like it in the butt. Do you want to cum in my alumni I’m such a nasty cum guzzling Secret DC Street slut.

Can you Help me with my Sex Problem

Squirting Phone Sex


You can fulfill all your rape fantasies with me, my love, I am the one whore who won’t be discreet when I’m in bed with you I’ll be crazy like you desire. I’m a passionate fucking whore, and I prefer to get a hard cock stuffed up my asshole. I like to have a dick inside my mouth with pre-cum spitting from it trickling down my throat. What I won’t do for cum all over my face I savor cream pies I love it so much. I can’t prevent myself from being so fucked up help me if you can, but you might get fucked. I’m a nymphomaniac, I love to have sex I just can’t help myself. It feels like a waste of time going to all my fucking meetings it doesn’t work. I only end up taking guys home from my meetings. My sponsor says that’s no good because we’re all sex addicts and that means we’re going to fuck all night long. I guess I use my meetings to meet my new fuck partners in return, I have a perfect time. It’s so severe that it’s more than challenging to improve myself, I am addicted I’m weak for the cock. I’ve always been this way it’s my burden to behave like a fucking slut ever since I was a little girl and I was compromised. The guys in my sex class are so fucking sexual I mean after all we’re all sex addicts and I think it’s really the wrong place to be sending me because I never get any progress done unless progress is getting fucked by bone hard cocks in my ass and my cunt and in my mouth. What am I going to do I can’t go anywhere without being a slut I’m going to lose every girlfriend I’ve ever had, and I won’t get any new ones either. Help me please all the other guys that I beg for help they just take advantage of me and end up penitrating my cum-filled cunt and treating me like a sex toy. I enjoy it, but I never get anything done for real I hate to be a complainer, but I really need help with my problem can you help me?

Breaking Rules

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

I’m so ready to be a nasty rule-breaking bitch. I hate rules, and at this place where I’ve been for 3 weeks, I’ve had to deal with so many stupid rules. But if you know me, you know that I deal with rules in a much different way than other people. I am so horny right now just like I was last night when I went into the office of Mr. Tapper the stuffy fucker who watches us. Mr. Tapper is teaching a group of us bad girls how to behave better and become more civilized. Last night Mr. Tapper was tapping my ass with his big solid cum-filled cock. I walked into Mr. Tapper’s office wearing an itty bitty pink lace negligee. I had a little bitty silk housecoat on and my furry high high-heeled house slippers. When I walked in, I pretended like I was so upset because of a horrible dream that I had. Mr. Tapper fell for it hook line and sinker he let me into his office, and I closed the door I locked it behind me. I asked him could he hold me because I was so afraid and I needed comfort. When he started to comfort me I grabbed his face and passionately kissed him, my pussy was throbbing and soaking wet. I took Mr. Tapper’s hand and put it into my soft wet pussy lips. Mr. Tapper’s cock got super huge. I could tell this man wanted to fuck me right there. He grabbed me by my neck shoved his finger into my pussy and told me I was so wet. He ripped my panties and took his cock out. Mr. Tapper bent me over the desk and started shoving his fucking cock deep inside of my pussy over and over again in and out each pump harder and more passionate. I begged for more as he stuck his cock deep inside of my pussy, I wanted him to go deeper harder. Do you want to know what else Mister Tapper did to me?

The Pussy Monster

Fantasy Phone Sex


I want to play with you, and you can be my pussy monster. I know you want to fuck me like an animal you know I want to let you like a victim would. I don’t know what the other hoes complain about they can act like they don’t want you but I know these bitches do. I know these bitches all are after you. I’m in love with you baby I want you really really bad everything that you mean to me makes the whole world turn. I could ride you real hard I want to dominate your cock. I’m just a jizz junkie slut for you will you let me be as dirty as I want or not. You can be my master I will definitely be your slave I don’t care about those other bitches they’re all jealous they want you and I got you. Kiss me and my pussy make my pussy say yes to all your demands, you know you have my cunt under control all I want is your magnificent sex. I could be with you if you want me to everything you say is necessary to me I only desire you. My mother said you were a bad boy she told me that I couldn’t trust you, I told her I don’t give a fuck bitch, I know my boyfriend sucked your pussy and then she looked at me real shocked like oh my God this bitch really knows. Yes, my mother is not to be trusted, but it’s okay because I fucked her boyfriend yesterday while she called herself fucking my man. I fucked hers, and it was good too. But any way you’re the number one in my fucking life I don’t care what kind of fucking whore I become you’re the big buck dick that’s always going to be with me. My daddy hates your guts he says that you’re just black trash I told my dad he’s jealous because you have a bigger dick than his ass. My daddy was right your trash all right, but I’m trash with you, so it’s a trashy fucking night. Let’s make love let’s fuck hard treat me like a slut slap my fucking ass put your dick inside my cunt control me cuz you can you’re my black lover I’m your White Queen will make everybody jealous we do it all the time.

I’ve Got Something for Yor

Cocksucking Phone Sex


I miss you, I’m going absolutely crazy without you around. Big Daddy I really miss your entire being, you take care of me like no one else does, I’m so appreciative of that my love. All I want to do is show you how grateful I am, all I want to do is praise you. I belong to you Big Daddy I always will, I know it’s you that is meant for my body. Baby, you’re the one you make me happier than anybody I have ever known, and I just want to be with you all the time. You know you rock my fucking world you turn me inside out with your huge cock that is always ready to unload in my cunt. I’m so stuck on your love Big Daddy, I just want you now give me your massive rock-hard cum-filled cock baby. I want to rub your back, you look like you’ve been working like a slave all day, that’s why you’ve got me. You are my Big Daddy you are my number one. I lust for you, I love you, and I need to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I want to give you a present babe one that you won’t forget for a thousand days. You’re going to remember exactly how I made you feel. You deserve to be treated like a king, you deserve everything great because you don’t play games you are my sweet dick sugar daddy. I need you so much I love you, and you’re everything on my mind. I cannot wait to give you this great surprise babe you’re the one who deserves it you just remember that all the time.

Husband Hunters

Interracial Phone Sex


All the girls are going on a hayride we get real trifling when we go out all my girlfriends and me. We are sexual terrorists around the neighborhood with all the husbands I mean all of them. We like to fuck all the married men, and we love orgies more than anything. Tonight we’re about to get real wild and real out of fucking control you can’t wait to see. We’re taking pictures we’re making a video we are having fun you don’t want to miss it. I am the ringleader I start all the shit from the first time I was fucking with like for Mary guys they all did extraordinary things for me. One of the married guys I knew he bought me all sorts of gifts I loved it shoes close everything I was amazed and I was willing to give up my pussy. Then there was the second guy the second guy was so fucking salacious this guy was a maniac and he really loves to do the wildest shit. He would suck me on Bridges and in cars stolen cars that were hot. The third guy he was old he came off that cash to fact he got me my first apartment and I liked him maybe the most. The old guy he was a sugar daddy and Mommy’s love sugar daddies more than anything I’m no exception to the rule. Anyway the fourth guy his cock was like 11 inches and he was really mean but I really got turned on about that. I guess you can call me a nymphomaniac I am I like to get fucked all the time there’s no rules when I’m around either. I like tits and ass just like guys but I love dick just like girls. This should tell you something about me I’ll try anything even Rovers not safe around me I lied Red Rockets I’m a Blazing Saddle and I’ll suck a big one the kind that makes you go wow. So maybe you should be a little opens be crazy what kind of guy are you I really want to know. Don’t hold back with me either I like real raw raunch the type of shit that most girls get afraid of.

Wild Nights

Cock Worshiping Phone SexI love to be a fucking whore who gets bounced around from guy to guy like trash. Yes, I am your Dixie dick sucking cum guzzling slut. I love to get nasty and Wild I love to fuck 14 guys at a gangbang. I can’t wait to get a really hot guy and fuck him so good tonight. I want cum all in my face everywhere dripping down my chin falling into my throat I can’t wait. Nasty sluts like me love to get our pussies beat and banged into. Please fuck me don’t treat me nice my pussy is waiting. Look at my beautiful Pearl tongue it wants your tongue to give it a French kiss. My snatch is so fat and wet right now. I love to get fucked all night long like a pornstar in heat. We can talk about whatever you want there are no limits with me, and I do mean there are no limits. I can make your dreams come true I can make all of your fantasies come true for you. Think about it while you’re hard thick cock is in your hand wanting me and needing me. The sound of my voice induces not only erections but big fat cum loads. I can really show you a good time my imagination is beyond the Rector scale. I love to make a guy cum all over himself it just makes me so pleased to know that I have that gift. All of your dirty little secrets you can tell them to me I like it I will indulge and role-play with you. Let’s get wild, I know you want to I can almost feel your cock throbbing in my mouth. I can practically taste the sweat from your balls hitting my bottom lip. How long has it been since you’ve came so hard that you couldn’t move afterward? If you have to think for too long then it’s been too long and we, you and I need to solve that problem now.

My Girls want to Party All the Time

Phone sex fetish

Let’s have a whore party, a couple of my girls, and I are getting together to plan the best fucking sex orgy ever. My sexy girls have orgy parties every year. This year is going to be the top Themed orgy ever baby, and it’s going to be burning hot. We’re having this party on Halloween, and we are going to be getting it going super xxx-rated. The girls love to throw prep parties, where we have to get a few practice orgies started. If you know my girls, you are a lucky guy for sure. Our first practice party is going to be tonight, about 10 girls and 20 guys are going to role play a Halloween orgy blast that will blow cocks and minds. Everyone’s going to be dressed up like nasty little naughty prostitutes and snow bunnies with devil horns of course. The guys will be wearing dick suits that means nothing but cock. We’re dirty girls we love to get pussy piercing crazy. We want cunts to be continuously drilled all night long. We got to practice and get this party right after all it is going to be the Halloween bash of the year. I want to be sucking cock to the balls and licking assholes sticking my tongue deep inside of asses. I’m a nasty freaky whore and I want to be fucked by two dicks at once in my ass. Cum on my face give me a call um facial. My cunt is so wet right now I feel like a water fountain and I need your cock to drink me up. Cum guzzling sluts like me Can’t Get Enough. All of my girls will be so bad tonight. Come to the party let’s have a good time.

Little Dicky is so Icky But I will Fix Him

Cuckolding Phone Sex


Little Dicky is so icky he likes to shit on my titties. I can’t stand his behavior, but I love the way he makes me cum. Little Dicky is my neighbor, his little bitty Peter it really is about two or three inches, and I swear to God it is. Little Dicky has the biggest crush on me too, I mean it drives me wild when I come outside and my yoga pants. I love to tease Little Dicky, and that’s why I water my garden wearing no panties and tight little shorts or a little bitty skirt that drives little Dicky insane. I’m on my patio writing this blog right now, I’m wearing a sheer pink bathing suit, and my body is oiled up like a wet cock when it’s ready to stroke in a beautiful tight asshole. I can see Little Dicky looking at me thirsting for my hot wet cunt. I understand the drool foaming and falling from his lips. I have got him right where I want him, and I’m about to punish that little dick of his by fucking my mailman right in his tiny cock face. Mean is the way to go when you’re dealing with a bottom-feeding little cock twat like Little Dicky. Are you a little dick fucker too, because if you are, I’ve got something for you peasant.

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