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Cum Slut Phone Sex

Nathan is a bashful fellow he prefers to take his time, and I surmise that it is okay. I don’t know how to work out in my mind that Nathan isn’t jumping all over my tight bubble ass. I need to find a way to get Nathan to have wild, raw sex with me. I keep thinking about how Nathan and I are going to have unadulterated splashy dripping cum guzzling sex. I crave for Nathan to feast on my yummy fucking ass until he is all filled up. I want him to dig that pretty little tongue into my asshole and twirl it around until I go insane with pleasure. Nathan didn’t know, but after tonight he will not ever forget. I am an offensive fucking whore who loves to be handled like a slut so don’t hold back. I am not the damsel who is in distress, and I’m not the sweetheart who desires you to wait for my pussy. I don’t want to wait I relish in fucking on the first night.


Anal Phone Sex

Devil Red


Cum Slut Phone Sex

I lust being a pounding fucking cunt, and you would love me because I’m fucking hot like fire. If you see me, I’m sure that you would love what you see. I want to dress up just like a fucking slut and make your cock go all the way insane. You are my little playtoy, and I plan on teasing your cock until you lose it. I’ll dress up in fishnet stockings and a tight short skirt that just barely shows my sexy ass off. I will make sure that I am wearing g-string panties too and I know you’re going to love it. I like devil red so that is the color my panties will be. I know you really get off on the color devil red every time I wear that color it makes your cum filled cock stand up like a cane. I want to make you want to rip my clothes right off of my body. I can’t wait to turn you on my love so give me a call.

I need a Dirty Boy

Biggest cum shot

I want to sleep with you. I’ve been dreaming about it all week long ever since I first saw your face. I thought about making you mine. Your body is fantastic you look like someone that I could fall in love with your cock is so damn huge. I know that because I looked at you when you used my bathroom. I know that I’m a nasty girl; I know my cunt is always full of cum. I know that I am a walking crazy fucking tramp and I’m freaky, but you like that I can tell. All I’ve Ever Needed was cocks in my mouth and my asshole. I want you to make it happen for me can’t you tell I’m just so horny. Kiss my pretty pussy and make her go wild she loves getting nasty and out of control. I am a fucking nasty bitch you are the one I want my pussy is ready for you to jump inside and let me have a good time. Fuck me dirty man drive your big fat dick inside of me right now don’t be a nice guy because I need a very rough man. I am your dream girl if you like a fucking nasty tramp who sweats in bed from all the work I do. My body is so needy, and I need a big fat cock I needed more than all the other bitches I’m really fucking horny. How can I tell you that you have been the one I wanted I know you think that I have too many boyfriends but that only means I’m experienced and I know how to please a man. I will lick your balls I will suck your cock I will even lick your asshole that’s just the kind of horny cunt bitch I am. Don’t you want me? Don’t you think about fucking my pretty fucking pussy? You know that you need me right now and I need you just as much. I can satisfy your fantasies and make them all come true all you have to do is call me and let me know. Let me be your fucking freak let me be your nasty whore. I will give you the time of your life. I’ll make you unload your creamy cum all over my face. I’m waiting on you Big Daddy I want you now.


Wet Cunts and Hard Cocks

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Flipping and flopping I want to suck some cock just like a fucking slut. I need to be a whore everything about me craves being a fucking no-good slut. All I need is a cock and a good time I can do it all night long I can make your girlfriend cry I’ll break her fucking heart. When I fuck you your girlfriend is going to be so hurt, but I don’t care because I’m such a whore I will be the slut that loves to get fucked in my ass that’s right I can’t help myself. Do you want to fuck me hard in my fucking ass? Would you like to rush my cunt with your big fat cum filled cock you can be the one I want all the time if you only say yes to me, I am willing and I’m always ready. I can fuck you right. I’m better than anyone you’ve ever been with all you have to do is say that you want me. I am your dream girl I know I am, and you can be my dream guy too. I suck cock so well I’ll swallow your creamy cum. I will deepthroat your cock that’s how I do it, and I’m super good at being a nasty slut. Let’s fuck we can fuck right now I’ll let you drive your dick inside of my cum guzzling pussy. I’m a dirty bitch I love to fuck all night and be a nasty girl I love it. So are you up for some action we can have a perfect time you know where I stand I’m ready to do it tonight?

I’m the Best


Fetish Phone Sex

Let me fuck you like a pornstar I can make you feel good I’m such a nasty hoar. My pussy is going crazy super wild and uncontrollable I just can’t wait to bounce up and down on your hard thick solid cock. I’ve been dreaming of you all night long and now I’m so weak I just want your body all of you every inch of that big huge cock rod. My pussy is your Playland. I’ve imagined hopping up and down on that cock all day long and now I got to get the chance to make it happen for real. Let me suck your balls and your cock at the same time I want them both in my mouth I’m hungry for you I need you. You make me crazy you drive me insane you bring out the nymphomaniac in me. My hot cunt needs you I’m suffering without your cock oh my goodness how badly I need to be in your arms. You can sneak up on me and fulfill all of your rape fantasies I am at your beck and call. Be My Hotrod be my Mr Right and do all of the wrong things to me I can’t wait. I’m ready to run away with you and I don’t give a fuck about your boring shity wife I’m your super slut she’s your nobody. I want you to rap me in firs and nice hot nasty negligees the ones that your fat wife couldn’t dare fit into. I will fuck you better than she could ever fuck you because I’ll suck your cock and lick your asshole to until you spray your love juice all over me. I want to close my eyes and caress your penis with my lips and my tongue I am going to deepthroat you. I’m so glad your wife is a fat pig she’s a nobody and I’m so sexy with my bubble butt and my big double d tits.

I’ll Take Your Man

Fantasy Phone Sex


Kiss my pussy and make me feel good I’ve been wanting you all day. Don’t you miss me and wish I could be right there? I want you so bad I’m going crazy thinking about your big hard cum-filled cock. When I saw you and my sister, I got jealous I thought that I deserve your cock myself and I do. So I am going to fuck you I don’t give a fuck if she’s your wife because she doesn’t mean shit to me she used to sleep with my boyfriend’s all the time and now it’s time for Payback. I love being a trashy sleazy whore, and no one can stop me. I want to be the nasty girl I want to ruin your whole world if you can give me a chance to I will let you fuck me in my asshole. My asshole is full of cum from other guys that fucked me all night long and now it’s your turn don’t you wanna join in with the crew? You can have a big fat load drop straight into my bubble, ass I’m going to have a perfect time with you I know. If you are willing to be mine I can be yours, I will have such a good time doing nasty things making our motherfucking fantasies come true. I want your body and my sister just can’t stop us. I think you should do what you want after all you’re a grown man and not a motherfucking little boy. Don’t hold back move forward now this is your only chance if you say no I won’t give you another chance at all. I know you’re horny look at that great big dick print it’s beautiful it’s just so fucking great to me. I’m a trashy slut I’m a sleazy cunt I love different guys to fuck me all the time I need you right now too so come on and make my dreams come true. Boy you know you don’t want to say no you know you want to say oh yes and cum inside of my mouth I know you want to see me swallow your load. You are my favorite brother-in-law you make me so horny look at my nipples they get so rock hard whenever you’re around. I want to please you, boy, why don’t you let me know now. I really want to do you up and satisfy your every desire. Don’t worry about my sister cuz I won’t tell her it’ll be our little Secret. You can trust me. I’m telling you the truth, and I promised I’d just won’t blackmail you.

Dirty Girl Dixie


Cum Slut Phone Sex

Nasty whores like me always have the most fun I love to be a dirty fucking bitch. I can’t wait to put my pussy in your mouth and make you lick me all night long. Do you want to be my sex slave would you like to eat my ass out for me? If you’re going to eat my asshole out and lick my pussy until your face is covered in my creamy cum in your mouth all you have to do is call me. Do you want to see me naked would you like to touch my beautiful body? I’ll let you there’s no problem with that at all. I’m a hot bitch I can’t wait to get nasty with you call me right now so that I can hypnotize you. I am so ready to suck your cock and ride it. I want to fuck you all night long you can go deep inside of my cum guzzling pussy. Let’s do it it’s in your control all you have to do is down my number.

I’m in the Family Bitch

Cocksucking Phone Sex


You are such a fake fucking bitch. You pretend like you’re innocent you act as if you care, but you know that you don’t. You fucked my boss and made him fire me. Bitch, you don’t know what I have to deal with in my life are you going to help me pay my bills? I’m serious you fucking cunt are you going to do anything about my rent I don’t think so. My boss was my lifeline to paying all of my bills including my fucking rent you dirty cunt whore. Now my rent man is asking me to leave if I can’t afford to pay the rent. You thought you won I know this because you are a pure skank, but me I’ve got a backup plan and that Back-up Plan is your wealthy brother. That’s right, your brother has been giving me the side-eye for months now he’s been lusting over my type fucking ass. I know that your brother wants me I also know that you are twisted because you’re fucking your brother. You are a disgusting piece of rat ass trick there is nothing about you that is good or worthwhile. I could slap your fucking face but instead asleep with your brother I’ll get pregnant, and I keep all of your family’s money that I can get a hold of. Don’t blame me for being the evil bitch because that’s your department you worked your masterful disgusting venomous ways first. Now you are going to learn what it feels like to have me around in your life in your family life forever. I’m sorry that you won’t be fucking your brother anymore you insist disgusting Alley Cat trash cunt whore. You are trying to make me lose out, and now you’re going to have to live with me how does that feel?

Cave or Nah Roleplay


Phone sex fetish

I know this guy he likes to push girls down and kiss them he’s really overpowering. I like to call him the caveman because he always ask girls would you want to go back to my cave or Nah. I always thought that was so funny I’m a member of the group so I get to really find out what’s going on with all of the bad boys and those beers that they drink. They call me Miss Alumni because all of them have been inside of my tasty wet pussy. I’m a nasty slutty whore, and I love it too. I put my legs high in the air and let the boys fuck me gangbang Style. Be mad at me if you want to, but you can’t stop me. I’m a nasty little fucking bitch. I’ve got no morals at all, and now that I’m older I can still do what I want. I am a washing machine whore I like the vibration while I’m taking multiple cocks. When I was a young girl I liked to sneak out with the guys we would drink beers and get drunk, and then we would all fuck. I love it, it’s fantastic. I learned so much about my boys they’re the best. If that stupid bitch hadn’t come along and got one of my boys in trouble, we would be fucking in secret now. I guess it’s so embarrassing for everyone to know that I’m a super slut and I like it in the butt. Do you want to cum in my alumni I’m such a nasty cum guzzling Secret DC Street slut.

Can you Help me with my Sex Problem

Squirting Phone Sex


You can fulfill all your rape fantasies with me, my love, I am the one whore who won’t be discreet when I’m in bed with you I’ll be crazy like you desire. I’m a passionate fucking whore, and I prefer to get a hard cock stuffed up my asshole. I like to have a dick inside my mouth with pre-cum spitting from it trickling down my throat. What I won’t do for cum all over my face I savor cream pies I love it so much. I can’t prevent myself from being so fucked up help me if you can, but you might get fucked. I’m a nymphomaniac, I love to have sex I just can’t help myself. It feels like a waste of time going to all my fucking meetings it doesn’t work. I only end up taking guys home from my meetings. My sponsor says that’s no good because we’re all sex addicts and that means we’re going to fuck all night long. I guess I use my meetings to meet my new fuck partners in return, I have a perfect time. It’s so severe that it’s more than challenging to improve myself, I am addicted I’m weak for the cock. I’ve always been this way it’s my burden to behave like a fucking slut ever since I was a little girl and I was compromised. The guys in my sex class are so fucking sexual I mean after all we’re all sex addicts and I think it’s really the wrong place to be sending me because I never get any progress done unless progress is getting fucked by bone hard cocks in my ass and my cunt and in my mouth. What am I going to do I can’t go anywhere without being a slut I’m going to lose every girlfriend I’ve ever had, and I won’t get any new ones either. Help me please all the other guys that I beg for help they just take advantage of me and end up penitrating my cum-filled cunt and treating me like a sex toy. I enjoy it, but I never get anything done for real I hate to be a complainer, but I really need help with my problem can you help me?

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