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Young Bald Pussy At The Strip Club

Young bald pussy

Young bald pussy drives the men at my Daddy’s club wild. So once a month I take my little girls to my Daddy’s club for an afterhours VIP only strip show. My girls always get super excited about dressing up and showing off their dance moves. Plus lets face it having money thrown at you makes every girls pussy hot and wet. I put my girls in black crotch less fishnet stockings with a clear vinyl corset and matching panties. I want everyone to be able to see their luscious bald pussies and cute perky nipples.

My little girls were up on stage twerking and shaking their hot young asses just like professional strippers. They used their mouths to undo each other’s corsets. Once they were totally naked I grabbed a can of whip cream from behind the bar. I decided it was time to spice things up. I shook the can of whip cream up and then I sprayed it all over my naked little girls. Watching them lick that cold whip cream off of each others puffy tits and bald young cunts made my pussy soaking wet. So I wasn’t surprised to see that your cock was about to burst out of your pants.

So I told you that if you would pull your cock out of your pants. I would be happy to cover it in whip cream and as you can already see my little girls would love to lick it off. I called my sweet little baby girl over and she started licking up and down the sides of your big hard cock. She even slide her baby soft lips all the way down to the base of your cock. As she deepthroated your hard throbbing cock and slurped the last of the whip cream off of it, you blew your load giving her young warm mouth a hot salty cream to wash it down with.

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Cock Control With Young Hot Pussies

Cock control

When you booked your appointment you told me that you wanted something a little different today. Maybe some cock control or tease and denial. So I thought it would fun to dress my little girls and me up in pink bob style wigs. Along with matching pink latex tops that zip in the front. Short black skirts with no panties of course. Then instead of letting you be your normal handsy self. I thought we could do a little light bondage. Where I tie your hands to the chair. You were a little hesitant but I managed to talk you into it.

Once I had you restrained in the chair. I turned on some music. That was my que for my little girls to come out and put on their strip show. They were flashing their young bald pussies inched away from your face. I could tell by how hard your cock was getting that you longed to touch them. The stood in front of you and used their mouths to unzip each others pink latex tops. Then they started sucking on each other nipples. They knew it was driving you wild. They even looked at you with wicked little smiles on their faces and ask you if you wanted them to suck on your hard throbbing cock.

You said yes please and they just giggled. They were having too much fun teasing you. My oldest daughter started bumping and grinding her young wet bald pussy against your big hard cock. Your cock was rock hard and about to explode out of your pants. My sweet baby girl walked over and unzipped your pants. She wrapped her hand around the shaft of your hard throbbing cock and started to stroke it. She put her baby soft lips on the head of your cock and started sucking it like a lollipop. Your hard throbbing cock blew its load of warm creamy cum all over her warm wet mouth.

Wet bald pussy


Baby Girl Masterbating With A Cucumber

Young Bald Pussy

My little girls are so naughty. I swear I can’t take them anywhere. We were at the grocery store last night in the produce section and as always my baby girl was not wearing any panties. She was just skipping along in her short little sailor girl dress flashing everyone her young bald cunny. When she bumped into the cucumber display. Cucumbers started rolling all over the place. Instead of her older sisters helping her to pick them up, they dared her to put one inside her young tight pussy. I was two aisle over when I heard all of the commotion. By the time I got over there, she was already fucking her bald baby girl pussy with a cold crisp cucumber. She was sliding that cucumber in and out of her young juicy cunt and moaning ever so softly. Just as I was going to tell her to stop she squirted all over that cucumber. I walked over to the produce manager to apologize for my little girls behavior, but what I discovered was that he had just blown his load of warm creamy cum all over his apron. So instead I just told my baby girl to put down the cucumber and headed for the check out line.

Young Bald Pussy on Halloween

Young bald pussy

Young bald pussy always makes the club so much money. So I was not surprised when my Daddy called and wanted me to bring the girls by the club for Halloween. He has an airbrush artist there that was going to be doing body paint on all the girls. He had bought them ears and furry tailed butt plugs. He thought that they would look so cute being airbrushed to look like kittens.

I ask my girls if they wanted to go see Grandpa and have their bodies painted to look like kittens. My oldest two were extremely excited about the idea. My baby girl however wanted no part of it. She had already decided she just wanted to wear a rain coat with nothing underneath it. She wanted to run around the club flashing everyone her bald chunky pussy. When we arrived at the club she opened her coat and flashed her Grandpa. She told him that she just wanted to spend the night running around the club and flashing his customers. He just laughed and said that was fine with him.

My two oldest daughters ended up being transformed into super sexy kittens. Seeing them on stage spreading their legs and showing off their hot young pussies made my mommy cunt wet. So I was not surprised to see you leaned back in your chair having my baby girl suck on your hard throbbing cock. My little flasher didn’t even have her raincoat on anymore. She was totally naked bent over with her young ass sticking up in the air as her baby soft lips slid up and down your big thick cock. She had every inch of your hard cock in her mouth. She deepthroated your throbbing cock a few more times and then you covered her throat in your warm creamy cum. She slurped it all down. You whispered something in her ear and handed her a wad of cash. She came running over to me and told me that you said she had the best Halloween costume.

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Sensual Domination Phone Sex Includes a LadyBoy

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

Sensual Domination Phone Sex leads to such kinky dirty roleplaying. Just thinking back to last night makes me start finger fucking my cunt. Here let me tell you the story and see if you don’t get sexually aroused….

We have been living in an extremely nice house for over a year on the sex in lieu of cash plan that I had made with the owner. But he was an elderly man and now his son is taking over all of his finances. You ask me to stop by your father’s house so that we could discuss thing. I made sure to dress like a high class call girl. Even though you could see my big voluptuous tits and I keep flashing you my hot wet cunt your were not being very responsive. Hmm, I thought to myself maybe he is not really into women. About that time you received an international business call. You ask me if I would step out of your office and give you about thirty minutes. As I left your office I went on the search for a bathroom. In the process I stumbled across your bedroom. I couldn’t help but to snoop through your closet. I want to know more about what made you tick.

To my surprise I found a big cedar chest in your closet, but it was locked. I dug threw my purse and found a hair pin. It took me a little bit, but I finally had it open. Inside that chest were all different sorts of strap-on dildos, latex outfits for women, and ladyboy pictures. So that’s your perversion. You like ladyboys and little did you know that I happen to have a daughter that is one. I shoved two of the latex outfits inside my purse. I had just exited your room when I heard you ask your maid where I was. As I was walking down the stairs, I told you that I had gone to the bathroom. However, I lied even further by telling you I had received a phone call from the school and my little girl was sick. I told you that I had to leave, but that I could come back tonight say around eight o’clock. You agreed.

Mistress Phone Sex

When I showed up that night I had on a black latex dress that was way too small. It barely covered my ass. My great big tits were being exposed through the straps of the neckline. When you opened your door and saw me you were shocked. I walked on past you. I told you to close the door and get down on your knees. I told you that from here on out you would refer to me as Ma’am or Mistress. I made you kiss up my leg and thank me after each and every kiss. I made you stop when you reached my hot wet cunt. I told you to take a deep breath and smell my cunt. Then, I told you that you were not worthy of my juicy cunt. The doorbell rand and I told you to go answer the door.

You were speechless at the sight of my ladyboy daughter. Her pale white skin and platinum blonde hair looked stunning in the light pink latex dress that she had on. I introduced Katie to you. I had you lift up Katie’s dress to expose her black crotch-less panties. I had you beg for permission to suck her big hard cock. I told you that you had better get it slippery wet cause she wasn’t going to use any lubricate when she fucked your ass. You started licking and sucking on her big hard cock with such a feverish passion. You ended up blowing your load just as she started to fuck your tight puckered ass. I told you that I would make this one exception, but in the future you are not to cum without your Mistress’s permission.

Little Witches Young Bald Pussy

Young bald pussy

My baby girl is going to a Halloween party. She is dressing up like a little witch. She even has a broom. We had just arrived at the party and she is riding around on her broom. She has her dress hiked up and the broom in between her legs. It is at this point that I realize she isn’t wearing any panties. Anyone who pays close attention to her will be able to see her full young pussy lips are wrapped around the broom handle and she is rubbing her clit against it. No wonder she told me being a witch was so enjoyable. My little baby girl is running around the room masturbating on her broom in front of everyone.

When I saw you walking over to her I could tell that you must have noticed her young bald pussy on display due to the hard on you had. You told her that you were a wizard and you needed her to follow you into a room in the back so you could show her a magic trick. This I had to see. So once the two of you were in the room. You pulled out your big hard cock. You told her it was your magic wand, but it was broken. You told her that it need the special powers of a witches mouth to fix it. My baby girl was more than willing to suck on your hard throbbing cock.

She slid her warm wet mouth all the way down to the base of your cock. Deepthroating every last inch of you big thick dick into her young tender mouth. You told her to keep sucking your magic wand and that you could tell it was working. You blew your warm creamy cum all over her tiny little mouth and then you told her that her witches’ powers had indeed fixed your magic wand. She just laughed and ask you if you enjoyed the blow job. You looked shocked that at her age she knew what had just transpired.

Barely Legal Phone Sex With A P.Mommy

Barely Legal Phone Sex

Barely legal phone sex always makes my mommy cunt hot and wet. Knowing that I can share with you all the kinky dirty perverted P. Mommy things that I have been up to with my little girls. Like just this past weekend we went shopping in one of those specialty boutiques. You know the kind where the owner will make custom fit clothes. I had a client who wanted to have all three girls dressed in crotch less panties with matching bras, thigh high stockings, and platform shoes. I had looked online for a place that created custom lingerie and I found your store.

When we arrived you were surprised at how young my little girls were. I could tell how turned on you were when you were taking their bra measurements and getting to see their young puffy blossoming titties. When you went to measure my baby girl for some crotch-less panties you almost were not able to contain yourself when you saw her young bald chunky little pussy. Your cock all but busted out of your pants. You started to apologies and I stopped you. I told you no reason to be sorry. My little girls often have that affect on men. I think I shocked you even more when I told you that my little girls not only loved sex, but would be the best fucking blowjob that you will ever have.

I told you that we could do an exchange of lingerie for young tight bald pussy. You immediately went and hung the closed sign on your door. My three little girls knew exactly what to do. My oldest one started deep throating your big hard cock while my baby girl was sucking on your balls, and my middle daughter started licking your tight puckered ass. The sexual stimulation from all three of my girls made you blew your load of creamy cum all over my oldest daughters throat. Watching as she slurped all of your hot jizz down was priceless.

Young bald pussy

Young Bald Pussy at a Pumpkin Patch

Young bald pussy

My girls and I went to the pumpkin patch today. My baby girl had on the cutest denim skirt with a pink tee shirt. She insisted on wearing her cat ears that go with her Halloween costume. Everyone keep telling me how cute she is, while we were on the hayride to reach the pumpkin patch. Once we were there my girls were running all over it looking for the perfect pumpkin. My baby girl bent over to pick up a pumpkin and that was when I notice she was flashing the world her young bald pussy. Her legs were even spread apart so you could see her full chunky pussy lips, her little slit, and her tight puckered ass as she was bent over checking out her pumpkin.

I know that she had on a pair of white cotton panties when we left the house. I walked over to her and ask her where her panties were. She told me that she took them off in the car because they were hurting her pussy lips. I told her she couldn’t just be showing the whole world her baby girl pussy. That was when she looked over at you. She said Mommy, that man doesn’t mind do you mister? Then she pointed out that your dick was hard. You blushed a little as you gave us a nervous smile. I could tell what was on your mind as you walked over closer to us.

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You wanted to know if you could touch that bald pouty pussy. You wanted to taste that sweet baby girl nectar. We walked over to where some haybales were for some privacy. My baby girl lifted up her skirt and you started tongue fucking that scrumptious young pussy. Your cock was so hard from tasting that sweet baby girl pussy. That when she put her baby soft lips on your big fat mushroom head and started sucking you blew your load right away. You were shocked at how well she devoured every last drop of your warm salty cum.

Baby Girl Rubs Your Cock At The Football Game

Mommy Phone Sex

My mommy pussy was creaming my panties last night at the football game. My hot teen daughter is captain of the cheer team. All those teen girls had on the skimpiest little cheerleading outfits. You could see their ass cheeks hanging out of their white built in panties. When they did the pyramid my teen daughter was on top and the view was priceless. She was at just the right height to see her tight panties clinging to her full pussy lips. The outline of her young teen pussy was on display for the whole world to see. I couldn’t help but notice that I wasn’t the only one that was sexually aroused. Your cock looked like it was ready to jump out of your jeans. It probably didn’t help that my youngest daughter keep moving around while sitting on your lap. My baby girl’s ass was practically teasing you as she squirmed around on your lap. Then I noticed that you being the sly gray haired fox that you are. You had my baby girl standing in between your knees rubbing all over your big hard cock with her young sweet ass. You were having my baby girl dry hump your throbbing cock through your jeans and right there in plain sight at a football game. You even had your hands on her hips and were guiding her young hot ass.  I could tell by your breathing and how you were nuzzling your head in my baby girls neck that you were actually going to cum. Sure enough I looked down at your pants and could see the cum spots.

Wet Bald Pussy On Display

Wet bald pussy

My little girls and I were out at the mall today. My youngest daughter’s shoe had come untied. She ask her older sister to tie her shoe for her. My oldest daughter bent over to tie her shoe. When she did she flashed everyone her wet bald pussy. I knew she had on a very short pair of daisy duke shorts and they were showing quite a bit of ass checks. What I had not realized is that the crotch to her shorts was like dental floss. It was no wider than half an inch. You could see my teen daughters full pouty pussy lips and the golden hair that is just starting to grow on it.

I have to admit it was quite a spectacular hot teen pussy on display. I didn’t blame you for looking. I mean who wouldn’t. I was pretty sure by how you were holding your shopping bag in front of your crotch that your dick had gotten hard. I decided to walk over to you and hand you one of my business cards. This pimping P. Mommy is always on the look out for new clients. You took one look at the card that said Demi’s Escorts and ask if my hot teen slut was on the menu. But of course was my reply. Normally guys will call me later to set something up, but my teen daughter’s pussy had your cock so worked up. You were staying in the hotel next door to the mall and you wanted my teen whore to come over right now.

Since I never want to leave a man with blue balls, we followed you to your hotel. You took the cash out at the ATM and then we went up to your room. My teen daughter unzipped your pants. She licked up and down the sides of your big hard cock. She even deepthroated your hard throbbing cock a few times. You told her to take her shorts off that your cock wanted to feel her tight teen pussy. You were amazed at how tight her pussy was. You told me that it was so tight it practically squeezed the cum out of your hard throbbing cock.

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