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Sissy phone sex let’s me tell you what this pimping P. Mommy would do to you if you were my sissy slut son. Normally my little girls and their young bald pussies are the center of attention at my Daddy’s club. But tonight it seems that there is a very special client who was looking for a sissy boy. It just so happens that my son is such a sissy slut. I have been dressing him up for years to look just like his twin sister. He has beautiful long blonde hair and when you first see him you would think he is a girl. That is until you pull down his panties and see his little dick.

I dress him up in a cute pink dress with black stockings. I put his blonde hair back in a messy pony tail. I put bright pink lipstick on him to make him look just like the whore he is. I take him by the hand and lead him into the room where you are waiting. Then I have him twirl around for you and show off his cute little body. I turn on some music and tell my little sissy slut to perform for you. You tell him to come over to you. You reach down and feel his cock through his panties. You unzip your pants and reveal your big hard cock. You tell him to suck your cock.

He gets down on his knees and starts sucking the head of your hard throbbing cock. You slid your hand under his panties and start fingering his tight puckered ass as he deepthroats your cock taking every inch of it into his mouth. You tell him to stop that you are not happy with how he is sucking your cock. You pull him over your lap and spank his ass until it is bright red. You feel his cock growing harder with every spank and he starts begging you to fuck him. You have him lay on his back and hold his legs up. You shove your hard throbbing cock into his tight puckered fuck hole. He moans and cries as you roughly fuck his ass. You blew your hot jizz into his raw gaping ass.

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Age Play Phone Sex With Demi

Age Play Phone Sex

Age Play Phone Sex with Demi and her little girls will fulfill all of your dirty kinky fantasies………..Fuck off were the words out of my teen daughters mouth this morning. My little girls have become extremely bratty lately especially my oldest one. And now here it is the first of the month and my landlord will be coming by for rent. I exchange sex with my young girls for rent, but all of a sudden my little girls don’t think they have to listen or do anything that they don’t want to do.

So when you called to make arrangements per our rental agreement, I was extremely embarrassed explaining that I had no idea how my little girls would behave. It seems lately I feel like I am losing control over them. Your response was not to worry about it. That it sounds like my little girls just need a firm man’s hand to take control and you would be by this evening to put them back in line.

When you arrived that evening, my teen daughter was still full of sass. You however weren’t having any of it. You immediately grabbed her by the arm and turned her over your knee. You pulled her skimpy little skirt up to reveal her bare ass. Your hand wasted no time in delivering hard firm swats to her young bare ass. She went from screaming to sobbing as her ass turned bright red with welts.Young bald pussy



She started promising to be a good girl and told you she would do what ever you ask of her. You spanked her a few more times and then you told her to prove to you just how good of a girl she was going to be. You told her to get down on her knees and suck your cock. You told her that she had better make sure she used her mouth to make it slippery wet, because bad girls get their asses fucked with out any lubricant.

Then you had her bend over the arm of the sofa. You made her reach back and pull her ass cheeks apart. You told her to beg you to fuck her tight puckered ass. You rammed your hard throbbing cock into her tight teen ass. She cried out in pain as you roughly fucked her teen ass raw. You blew your load of hot jizz in her fucked gaping ass. You told her you expected her to be on her best behavior from her on out. But secretly you couldn’t wait to punish her ass again!

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Virginal Young Angel For A P. Daddy

Fetish Phone Sex

Being the pimping P. Mommy that I am, I always try to accommodate my long time clients sexual fetishes no matter how dirty and perverted that they may be. So when you called and told me that you wanted me to dress my little girl up as an angel with wings and halo. Who am I to say no.It seems you have always fantasized about being the dark force of the devil and getting to fuck a pure virginal angel. You want to corrupt that little angel with all of your dirty sex acts. You want to use her warm soft mouth to suck your hard throbbing cock. While she is bent over sucking your big thick cock, you want to finger fuck both her young pure bald pussy and her tight puckered ass. Using your fingers to stretch her two inexperienced fuck holes. Make sure to get them ready for your big hard cock. You use her tight virginal pussy first to lube your cock in her pussy juices before shoving your big fat cock into her tight puckered ass. Her virginal asshole was so fucking tight that it practically squeezed the load of cum out of your cock.

My Girls Are Your Christmas Present

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My Daddy wanted me to bring my little girls into the club tonight for a holiday treat for his special VIP customers. I decided to do something different tonight. I thought it would be so cute to have my little girls wrapped up like a giant Christmas present that I wheel out on stage. When the music starts that would be their que to pop out of the box and preform a little strip tease. I dressed them up in fluffy little red and white skirts with jingle bells. I even decide to make their asses sparkle by putting red and green rhinestone butt plugs in their tight puckered asses. As soon as they popped out of the Christmas box and started shaking their hot young ass, I could see your cock getting hard. I decided to make it even harder my having my little girls kneel at my feet. I made them reach back and pull their ass cheeks apart for me. I reached down and grabbed the sparkly butt plugs and started sliding them in and out fucking their tight young hot asses. I could see that your big hard cock was just about to burst out of your pants, so I sent my sweet baby girl over to blow you. She wrapped her baby soft lips around your hard throbbing cock and you blew your wad of hot creamy cum all over her mouth.

Daddys Girl Phone Sex With Demi

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Daddys girl phone sex is for all you P. Daddys who enjoy sex stories about my little girls…….Our little girls were so excited to see that you brought us a Christmas tree. I told them to go into the attic and get down the decorations while you set up the tree. They said they were hot when they came down stairs with the decorations. I told them to take off some of their clothes and they would cool down. Little did I know that they were going to strip down to nothing other their panties. They all had on a red and green stripped thong.

As they started bending over getting the lights out for the tree, their young bare ass cheeks were giving us quite a show. Not to mention their young perky tits bouncing up and down as they trimmed the tree. I looked over at you and noticed that your cock had grown quite hard. Then I decided to take a red ribbon from the decorations and wrap it around your big hard cock. I even tied it in a pretty little bow. With out you even knowing what was going on I had just turned your cock into the first Christmas present of the year for my little girls.

They placed the last ornament on the tree and told me that they were done. I told them that I had a present for them to open early. Then I stepped aside so that they could see your big hard cock wrapped in a bow. My little girls came running over to unwrap their present. My hot teen slut started licking up and down the shaft of your cock while my sweet little baby girl was sucking on your big fat mushroom head. My middle daughter had your balls in her mouth rolling them around like a sack of marbles. Your cock had so much attention from my little girls young warm mouths that you blew your load of hot cream cum all over the three of them. My baby girl giggled and said look Mommy know we have snow!

Young bald pussy

Santa’s Helpers Sport Young Bald Pussy

Young bald pussy

My Daddy is having a holiday party at his strip club and what better way to spread some cheer then with young bald pussy. He called and ask if I could bring the girls up to the club for a private VIP only night. This pimping P. Mommy knows exactly the kind of money that those men have so I was totally on board. I dressed all of my little girls up in red velvet Santa helper dresses with 3 inch platform shoes. I even dressed my sissy slut son up the exact same way. I lead my little girls out on stage and had them preform a strip tease.

Once they were all totally naked I came out on the stage and had them gather around me on their hands and knees. One by one I walked up behind them and pulled their ass checks apart I want everyone to get a good view of their bald chunky cunnies and their tight puckered asses. When I came to my sissy slut son I could see that some of the audience was delightfully surprise at the little cock and balls that they saw. I wanted every one to know exactly what they would be bidding on tonight.

Only four lucky men will be having the pleasure of feeling one of my littles slide their baby soft lips up and down your hard throbbing cock. Making sure to get your big hard cock slippery wet and ready to fuck which ever fuck hole that you choose. Whether you choose their tight young pussies or their puckered little asses, your cock will practically have the cum squeezed out of it. Once you fuck one of my littles your cock will experience a holiday delight unlike any other and you will never want your wife’s old tired cunt again.

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Dirty Little Elf Taking Pictures of a Young Bald Pussy

Young bald pussy

After a long week of sucking and fucking, I decided to reward my little girls for being such good whores with a shopping trip to the mall. When no more arrived at the mall than Santa had just set up to take pictures. My baby girl wanted to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. There wasn’t much of a line so I decided why not plus one of Santa’s no so little elf’s was awfully flirty. She climbed up on Santa’s lap in her little red and green plaid dress with a great big red bow in her long blonde hair and started whispering in his ear.

Santa’s elf started taking pictures left, right, and side ways. He was shooting them as fast as he could. It seemed a little off to this P. Mommy so I walked over to where he was standing. What I then realized was that from his angle you were able to see my baby girls young bald pussy. That dirty kinky little elf had taken every bit of thirty pictures of her young sweet cunny. I tapped him on the shoulder and let him know that he would be paying me for those pictures.

If Santa’s elf wants to jerk his cock to pictures of my baby girl’s bald chunky pussy he is going to have to pay me. You were a little taken back at the fact that I was not upset about the pictures. It made you think that there might be other options to purchase and you were right. I handed you one of my business cards and told you to call me for an appointment. Why stroke your hard throbbing cock to pictures of my little girl’s young sweet pussy? When you could be dipping your big hard dick into that sweet baby girl’s honey pot instead.

Fantasy Phone Sex

Fantasy Phone Sex With A P. Daddy

Fantasy Phone Sex

Fantasy phone sex allows us to act out all of your sexual desires. Just like the one that you had about my twins. You had seen my twins at my Daddy’s club. You wanted to book an appointment with them. You wanted to be their new P. Daddy but you had a request too. You wanted me to dress them up as Raggedy Ann and Andy. It took me a few days to get their outfits together. The red rigs, the blue dress with the white apron for Raggedy Ann and the blue overalls and sailors hat for Raggedy Andy. When the day came I made sure to have them dressed perfectly for the part.

When you arrived I had you wait in the living room while I went and got the twins. Your cock just about burst our of your pants at the very sight of them. You told them to turn around and let you see all of them. You told me that they were perfect. I introduced them to you as Ann and Andy. Hearing their names just turned you on more. You told them to call you Daddy. You unzipped your pants and took out your big thick cock. You told Ann and Andy to come kiss Daddy’s hard cock. The twins were more than happy to oblige you. They came over to you and started kissing all over your hard throbbing cock.

You told Andy that you wanted to put your cock in his tight puckered ass but you thought you should lube your cock up first. You ask him if he had any ideas of where you might get some lube. Andy told you that you should put your thick hard cock into Ann’s pussy first that her pussy had plenty of lube. You just smiled at him and said all right. You had Ann lay down on her back and then you dipped your big thick cock into her tight young wet bald pussy. You made sure to have your cock covered in her pussy juices before you bent Andy over and shoved your pussy covered cock into his tight young ass. You even had Ann suck on his cock while you fucked his young ass. His young ass was so tight that it practically squeezed the cum out of your cock!

Wet bald pussy

Indian Maiden’s Young Bald Pussy

Young bald pussy

Getting ready for the holidays always makes me think back to when I was a little girl. My mom and I would always dress up like Indian maidens in a little buckskin dresses for Thanksgiving. We would braid our hair and put feathers in it. We never wore any panties underneath those tiny dresses that barely covered our asses. So when we would bend over we would be flashing Daddy our pussies. My Daddy would come as a pilgrim.

My Mom would tell my Daddy that we want to show him how welcome he was. Then I would get down on my knees while she unzipped his pants. She would say oh my the white man has suck a big thick cock. She would then tell me to show him welcoming ways. I would start kissing all over the head of my Daddy’s big thick cock. I would put his fat mushroom head in my mouth and suck on it while I stroked the shaft of it with my hand.

He would reach down and start fingering my hot young bald pussy. Then he would tell me that his cock had never been inside an Indian maiden. I would just giggle. He would slide his hard throbbing cock inside my tight young wet pussy. He would tell me how tight my pussy was and that it practically squeezed the cum out of his cock as he would shoot his load.

Young Bald Pussy At The Strip Club

Young bald pussy

Young bald pussy drives the men at my Daddy’s club wild. So once a month I take my little girls to my Daddy’s club for an afterhours VIP only strip show. My girls always get super excited about dressing up and showing off their dance moves. Plus lets face it having money thrown at you makes every girls pussy hot and wet. I put my girls in black crotch less fishnet stockings with a clear vinyl corset and matching panties. I want everyone to be able to see their luscious bald pussies and cute perky nipples.

My little girls were up on stage twerking and shaking their hot young asses just like professional strippers. They used their mouths to undo each other’s corsets. Once they were totally naked I grabbed a can of whip cream from behind the bar. I decided it was time to spice things up. I shook the can of whip cream up and then I sprayed it all over my naked little girls. Watching them lick that cold whip cream off of each others puffy tits and bald young cunts made my pussy soaking wet. So I wasn’t surprised to see that your cock was about to burst out of your pants.

So I told you that if you would pull your cock out of your pants. I would be happy to cover it in whip cream and as you can already see my little girls would love to lick it off. I called my sweet little baby girl over and she started licking up and down the sides of your big hard cock. She even slide her baby soft lips all the way down to the base of your cock. As she deepthroated your hard throbbing cock and slurped the last of the whip cream off of it, you blew your load giving her young warm mouth a hot salty cream to wash it down with.

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