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Wet Bald Pussy On Display

Wet bald pussy

My little girls and I were out at the mall today. My youngest daughter’s shoe had come untied. She ask her older sister to tie her shoe for her. My oldest daughter bent over to tie her shoe. When she did she flashed everyone her wet bald pussy. I knew she had on a very short pair of daisy duke shorts and they were showing quite a bit of ass checks. What I had not realized is that the crotch to her shorts was like dental floss. It was no wider than half an inch. You could see my teen daughters full pouty pussy lips and the golden hair that is just starting to grow on it.

I have to admit it was quite a spectacular hot teen pussy on display. I didn’t blame you for looking. I mean who wouldn’t. I was pretty sure by how you were holding your shopping bag in front of your crotch that your dick had gotten hard. I decided to walk over to you and hand you one of my business cards. This pimping P. Mommy is always on the look out for new clients. You took one look at the card that said Demi’s Escorts and ask if my hot teen slut was on the menu. But of course was my reply. Normally guys will call me later to set something up, but my teen daughter’s pussy had your cock so worked up. You were staying in the hotel next door to the mall and you wanted my teen whore to come over right now.

Since I never want to leave a man with blue balls, we followed you to your hotel. You took the cash out at the ATM and then we went up to your room. My teen daughter unzipped your pants. She licked up and down the sides of your big hard cock. She even deepthroated your hard throbbing cock a few times. You told her to take her shorts off that your cock wanted to feel her tight teen pussy. You were amazed at how tight her pussy was. You told me that it was so tight it practically squeezed the cum out of your hard throbbing cock.

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You Desire Young Bald Pussy

Young bald pussy

This P. Mommy has started taking some sex therapy and hypnosis classes at the community college. I felt like it would help me with some of my shy clients. You know the ones that are afraid to tell me what they want for fear of being judged. I personally feel like our modern day society has put all the restraints and limits on our sex lives. I don’t see anything wrong with enjoying your sexual desires. Whether you desire young bald pussy, crossdressing, or voyeur sex. As long as everyone is enjoying themselves I don’t see a problem.
So when you were unable to tell me exactly what your sexually desire over the phone, I knew you would be the perfect candidate to try out my new found skills. When you arrived for your appointment I ask you if you were game to trying something new. You said yes. I had you lay down on the sofa and I turned on some soft classical music. I handed you a special kaleidoscope and told you to look into it. I then ask you what you saw. I assured you there was no right or wrong answer. I only want to help you find your true sexual desires that you have suppressed due to societies standards.
Once you started telling me what you were seeing a young girl running threw a field of red tulips totally naked. I could tell by your tone of voice and your big hard cock that what you desired was sex with young girls. You wanted to be a P. Daddy and experience teaching a young virgin all of the joys of sex. You wanted to be the first to suckle her young puffy breasts. The first to lick and kiss her full pouty bald pussy lips. The first to finger his young tight pussy and puckered little ass. Yes, your sexual desire was to be the first to deflower a young virgin, and it just so happens that this P. Mommy has the perfect little girl for you.

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Young Bald Pussy And A Bubble Bath

Young bald pussyMy little girls and I were outside. I was blowing bubbles and they were trying to catch them without them popping. My little girls were chasing after those bubbles wearing nothing other than a skimp bikini top and short little tennis style skirts. Their little skirts were so short you could see their ass cheeks as they ran around the front yard. My teen daughter’s tits were bouncing up and down as she was running. My baby girl wasn’t wearing any panties and she keep bending over giving us a clear shot at her hot young bald pussy.

I didn’t blame you for starring after all my little girls were making this P. Mommy’s pussy hot and wet, so I knew it had to be having the same affect on your big thick cock. You came walking over and ask if you could join us. I knew you were looking for more than just bubble fun. You ask my little girl if she knew how you could make a whole bunch of bubbles at once and she shook her head no. You told her that if we came over to your house, you would show us. So we followed you over to your house and into your bathroom. You turned on your jacuzzi tub and poured a whole bottle of bubble bath in.

Fantasy Phone Sex

You were one sneaky grey haired fox. You knew my little girls would want to take off all of their clothes and jump into that bubble bath and of course, you would join us. Once we were all in that giant bubble bath. I couldn’t help but to notice how your hands where wandering. Not only were you finger fucking my hot wet mommy pussy but you were using your other hand to play with my baby girls smooth bald pussy. Then you told my hot teen daughter to come sit on your big hard cock. You wanted that sexy teen slut to take your cock for a ride. She fucked you hard and fast. While you finger fucked both me and my baby girl’s hot wet pussies. We were all being very dirty in that bubble bath!

You Would Do Anything For Young Bald Pussy

Young bald pussy

When I picked up my hot teen slut from cheer practice today, I could tell that she was upset as soon as I saw her. I immediately ask her what was wrong. She started to cry and told me that her cell phone was accidently got dropped and was the screen had shattered. I told her to dry her pretty blue eyes. This was nothing to cry over. One of her favorite P. Daddys is the owner of a cell phone store and he would do just about anything for some young bald pussy.

I told her that if she wanted to we could go by his store right now. She said oh yes please and then she started fixing her makeup. I was just about to pull into the parking lot when I looked over and saw my little girl pulling off her panties. As she threw them into the backseat she told me that she would not be needing them. We got out of the car and went into the store. No one else was around. Just as I had predicted you were very happy to see my little girl. You even told her how hot she looked in her cheerleading outfit. She leaned over to tie her shoe flashing you her hot teen pussy.

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Then she stood up and told you that she needed a new iPhone. You told her you were sure that you’ll could work something out. The next thing I knew she was behind the counter and had your big hard cock in her warm teen mouth. She slid her baby soft lips all the way down the shaft of your cock. She sucked and slurped on your big thick cock. Deepthroating it into her hot teen mouth. Your cock exploded covering her mouth in your warm creamy cum. She slurped it all down. You told her she could have whatever phone she wanted.

My Baby Girls Are Cocksucking Whores

Adult phone chatI woke up this morning and I heard my little girls outside giggling. I grabbed my chiffon robe and went outside to see what was going on. When I walked out there I could see that you had bought each of my little girls an electric scooter. They were zipping around on them and laughing. They had on daisy duke shorts and tank tops. I could see that you were getting aroused just by seeing their ass cheeks hanging out of their shorts as they zoomed by you. I told them that it was so nice of you to do that for them. I then told them that they should invite you in so that they could properly thank you. They knew exactly what I was talking about. As soon as you sat down on the sofa my baby girl started unzipping your pants. Both my girls started licking up and down the sides of your big hard cock at the same time. My baby girl sucked on just the head of it like is was a lollipop before her older sister slid her baby soft lips all the way down the shaft of your cock. You blew your load all over both of their faces. They surprised you by licking it off of each other. My baby girls are cock sucking whores just like their Mama and they love the taste of warm creamy cum.

Young Bald Pussy at a Birthday Party

Young bald pussy

My little girls and I have a dirty P. Daddy for a neighbor. Shortly after you moved in we had you over for dinner and from then on out my little girls and I have enjoyed sharing you for some family fucking. So of course you were invited to my youngest little girls birthday party. We are having it at her dance studio. I just hope you can contain yourself when you see all of those sweet young little girls running around in their tights and leotards.

You know how those leotards cling to a young girls pussy revealing her chunky pouty pussy lips and how hard it makes your cock. Sure enough I was right I look over and you are standing behind a table trying to hide your erection. I couldn’t help but to walk over and whisper in year ear that you are such a naughty P. Daddy and unable to control yourself at the sight of young bald pussy. You give me an embarrassed laugh.

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I told you that the bathroom was just a one person bathroom that locked. I told you to go to the bathroom and that I had a surprise waiting for you. My oldest daughter was standing there when you opened the door. She had even put on one of those skimpy tight leotards since she knew how much they sexually aroused you. She walked over and unzipped your pants and then she slide her baby soft teen lips all the way down your cock. She reached down and started playing with your balls while her warm wet mouth was deepthroating your cock. That was all it took for you to cover her throat in your warm creamy man chowder. She swallowed it all down and told you how good your warm salty cum tasted.

My Little Girls and the Naughty Neighbor

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My little girls and I decided to take the day off and just enjoy the end of summer. I am laying out by the pool sipping on a fuzzy navel and watching the three of them play in the pool. None of us have our bikini tops on because we don’t want the horrible tan lines. My two oldest girls where wrestling around with each other in the shallow end of the pool and the next thing you know one of their bikini bottoms had fallen off. She was sure her sister had pulled the string on the side causing it to fall off so she retaliated and pulled her sisters off. The were both out of the water standing buck naked and tattling to me when I looked up and saw you watching us from the second story of your house. My naked little girls with their puffy titties and smooth bald pussies had made your cock rock hard. You had no shame. You pulled down your pants and showed us your big hard cock. Then you yelled out that my little girls should stop fighting with each other and come over. You held up a hand full of one hundred dollar bills and told them they could be all theirs. You wanted to feel their baby soft lips sucking on your hard throbbing cock before you put it in their young tight pussies and puckered asses. That was all the motivation my girls needed. They each wrapped a beach towel around them and put on their flip flops before heading over to your house.

Biggest Cum Shot Thanks to My Baby Girl


Biggest cum shot

We had noticed your quaint little bookstore and coffee shop while out running errands. My baby girl just loves books. I had promised her that if she was a good girl for her P. Daddy and made sure that he had the biggest cum shot of his life. That I would take her to your bookstore afterwards and boy was she ever.

She sucked on the head of his cock like it was a tootsie roll pop before deepthroating his cock like a pro. My little girl drained his balls and slurped every last drop of his enormous cum shot down. She even called him Daddy just like he had requested. We arrived at your bookstore and you lead us to the section of picture books. There was one on the bottom shelf that caught her attention.

She bent over to get the book and her little sailor dress pulled up revealing her white cotton panties. I could see you staring at her panty covered ass. I was pretty sure the reason you sprinted back around the counter was to try and hide the bulge in your pants. She grabbed her book and then we headed to check out.

When we reached the counter, the store tabby came up and started rubbing against my little girls legs. She bent over again to pet your furry friend and ended up showing you her ass for the second time today. You could see the outline of her full pouty pussy lips through her white cotton panties. You were so turned on you became flustered. I reached over and touched your hand. I told you not to be embarrassed my little girl has this affect on men. Then I pulled my business card out of my purse and handed it to you. I made it perfectly clear that her young bald pussy was on the menu. My little girl and I can’t wait to hear from you.

Young bald pussy

Celebrating Be Kind to Humankind Week with Young Bald Pussy

Young bald pussy

This week is be kind to humankind week and what better way to show kindness that to invite my new neighbor over for dinner. We have waived at each other in passing but not really had a chance to properly meet. I have noticed how you look at my little girls. I am pretty sure that you are P. Daddy who spends your days dreaming about young bald pussy.

My little girls always love to shake their ass and be the center of attention. So I have them dressed in Britney Spears school girl outfits. Their white tops are tied in a knot right in the center of their chests and you can see their puffy little tittys through it. I have them in short black shirts but without any panties. I want them to be able to flash you with their young bald pussies. I figure once you see them preform one of two things will happen. It will either confirm you are a P. Daddy or it will scare the fuck out of you.

Wet bald pussy

Sure enough when my little girls start booty poppin their asses and give you a full up close and personal look at their bald baby girl pussies your cock just about bursts our of your pants. You were so turned on you could barely speak. You thought you had died and gone to heaven when my littlest girl came over and started bumping and grinding her hot wet pussy all over your big hard cock through your pants.

My middle daughter then came over and ask if she could unzip your pants and release your big hard cock. Both her and my oldest daughter licked their baby soft lips before telling you how much they enjoy sucking cock. They then preceded to lick up and down the sides of your cock. My hot teen whore told you that deepthroating your big hard cock has given her a wet bald pussy. She climbed on top of your lap and slid your big hard cock into her tight teen pussy. Her pussy was so tight that it caused you to blow your hot creamy cum almost instantly.

Young Bald Pussy Pays the Rent

Young bald pussy

My landlord is coming by later for his rent and the rental agreement that we have is he can chose any of my little girl’s young bald pussy twice a month in exchange for rent. When you get here we are out by the pool enjoying some sun. My little girls look like swimsuit models with their hair and makeup done. All three of my little girls have on the skimpiest little red polka dot bikini that you have ever seen.

You lick your lips and let out a Mmm at the sight of my little girls and tell me that as always it is so hard to choose one. I laughed and told you that you don’t have to chose just one. I told you that I know how much you enjoy my sweet little baby girl sucking on your great big cock, so why don’t you start out with her. I called her over and told her to take you into the pool house. She just smiled at you as she reached up and grabbed your hand. My little baby girl licked her soft lips and then told you that she gives the best blowjobs out of all of my girls. Your cock was ready to burst out of your pants.

Fantasy Phone Sex

Once in the pool house she helped you out of your pants. My little girl licked up and down the sides of your big hard cock. She licked all over the head of your cock like it was a lollipop. She had just started to deepthroat your big hard cock when her sister walked in. My oldest daughter told her it was her turn. She pulled the string on the side of her bikini bottoms and they fell to the floor exposing her young bald wet pussy. She climbed on top of your big hard cock and started bouncing up and down. It didn’t take long with her tight teen pussy before you blew your hot load of jizz.

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