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Pimping Baby Girl Pussy

Adult phone chatNothing will get a man’s attention as fast as seeing my bald chunky baby girls’ pussies. My girls and I had just arrived at the swimming pool on the cruise ship. I was placing down our pool tote when I notice you staring at my little girls. They had on the cutest shimmery white bikinis and when they got them wet you could see right through them exposing their pale pink nipples and smooth wet cunts. I noticed that your cock was getting hard and you looked like a man of means. So I walked over to the drink bar where you were standing. You ask me if those were my girls and I told you that indeed they were. I then told you that everything in life has a price and my girls were no different. Your eyes got big and your cock got harder. You told me that my sweet baby girl was the one for you. We went back into our cabin and you immediately started licking on that wet luscious baby girl pussy. You told me the taste was heavenly. Your cock was already ready to pop when my baby girl put it in her mouth and started sucking on it like it was a lollipop. She slide her smooth baby soft lips up and down the shaft a few times and then you rewarded her with your white creamy cum. You were surprised at how much she loves cum!

P. Mommy Demi Pimping on a Cruise Ship

Adult phone chat Being a Pimping P. Mommy with three blue eyed blond haired girls with bald chunky cunnies and one super kinky sissy slut son, you would think that I would have plenty of money. But I am here to tell you the money seems to go right our the door as fast as it comes in. My little girls have realized that they only have a few more weeks of summer vacation and are wanting to go on a Caribbean cruise. I think about it for a moment and then decide a cruise could be perfect. All those old horney men stuck on a ship with some prude of a wife would make for easy pickings. You know most of their wives haven’t sucked their big hard cocks since they put a ring on it. It won’t take but a flash of my little girls’ young wet bald cunnies to make your cock rock hard and you to turn lose of some money. I am pretty sure that you will blow your load within minutes of feeling my little girl’s baby soft lips sucking on your cock! If for some reason I am wrong than once your big thick cock feels her hot tight young bald cunny, you will explode!

Enjoying Young Wet Bald Pussy

Wet bald pussy
Young Wet bald pussy it is what most men’s wet dreams are about. There is just something so erotic about a young chunky bald pussy. The way it feel so smooth and soft. The way the wetness glistens on it. That fresh baby girl smell. As if all of that is not enough to make your big thick cock hard. Then there is the taste and nothing compares to the scrumptious taste of my baby girl’s hot wet pussy.

While I may pimp my little girls out to make some cold hard cash, I am still a P. Mommy at heart and enjoy playing with their hot wet pussies. Plus I know how much it turns you on to see me licking on their smooth bald pussies. My tongue enjoys the feel of their soft little bald pouty pussies. Giving my little girls pleasure always makes my mommy cunt soaking wet and your cock hard and throbbing.

Adult phone chat

I truly understand why men will pay so much money to experience my little girls. You get so excited watching me tongue fuck my little girls that your big hard cock starts oozing pre-cum. You come up from behind me and thrust your hard throbbing cock deep inside my wet mommy pussy. You start fucking me hard and fast causing me to scream out in orgasmic bliss.

You whisper into my ear that as much as you enjoyed my hot mommy cunt that you still want to fuck one of my little girls.You told me it was so hard to choose because they are all so cute with their big blue eyes, long blonde hair, and tan tone bodies. I said to you why choose. You can dip your cock into all three of their hot juicy tight little pussies. You can fulfill all of your desires with Demi.

My Littlest Baby Girl is a Cocksucking Pro

Adult phone chat You woke up this morning to find my littlest baby girl sucking on your big fat mushroom head. She can never get enough of your warm salty pre-cum. You told me that you wished you could wake up every morning to me and my little girls. After my little baby girl finished sucking your big hard cock and eating every last ounce of cum from it. You got up and showered.

My other two little girls joined you in the shower to help you wash up and even though you did not think you would be able to cum again so soon. You were surprised at how hard your cock became with the help of my two little girls special touches. You enjoyed both of their tight young wet bald pussies and managed to bust your load for the second time this morning. You enjoyed your stay at the pool house with me and my little girls so much that you went ahead and booked a stay for the next time you are in town.

Having this pool house to use for the escort business is going to totally change our lives. I can’t wait to throw a pool party for select clients. Just imagining all the sucking and fucking going on with my little girls is making my mommy cunt soaking wet.

Sometimes You Just Want Young Wet Bald Pussy

Wet bald pussySometimes being a cock sucking whore is not enough to close the deal and I have to sweeten the deal with some young wet bald pussy. Today was one of those days. The escort agency is going so well that I really need more space to work. I would love to have a pool house to use for the escort service. But let’s face it no one wants to go to a questionable part of town. River Oaks would be the perfect neighborhood. It has stately homes with enough space that I wouldn’t have to worry about nosey neighbors.

I decided to go and check out what would be the perfect home even though it was over my price range. When I arrived and met the owner all I could keep thinking is how familiar you looked. The more I thought on it the more I realized I knew you from my Daddy’s Strip Club. Perfect, I thought to myself. I may be short on cash but I always have plenty of deepthroat blowjobs to offer. After all I have never had a man turn down my offer to slide my velvety soft lips up and down their big hard cock.

You ask me what I thought about the house and I told you that it would be perfect for my situation. Only problem was I was a little short on cash, but I told you I would be more than happy to make up the difference by sucking your big hard cock. You were enjoying me sucking your hard throbbing cock so much. That you said you might could be persuaded to exchange rent for sex every month. But you did not just want it from me. No, you wanted to lick and fuck my little baby girls pussies.

Adult phone chat

Yes, nothing makes your cock rock harder than sweet bald wet baby girl pussy. There is just something so special with how it tastes and feels. That tight hot wet young pussy drives your big hard cock wild and once you slide your cock inside that young baby girl pussy you can’t help but to explode. Yes, the younger the wetter the pussy the better you like it!

Trouble With My Teen Sissy Slut Son

Adult phone chatMy sissy slut son is such a teen whore. Sex with your sisters, sex with other men, sucking and fucking it is all you ever think about anymore. So I should not be shocked that when I came home from the grocery store that I found you in the living room having forced you, sister Shannon, to suck your balls. Now being the P. Mommy that I am, I am fine with my littles playing around with each other. However, I am not fine with the fact that you have not done your chores and you are keeping your sister from doing hers plus Shannon was not very happy with how forceful you were being with her.

You could tell by the look on my face that you were in trouble, but I think the punishment should fit the crime. So while I have you hold your little skirt up and bend over the sofa. I whisper in Shannon’s ear to go put on the strap-on of her choice and to bring me a cock cage. We will see how much you can play with your cock if it is all locked up. I slap your ass a few times leaving some nasty red welts. You see Shannon return wearing a big thick strap-on and you start whining that it is too big for your tight teen ass. I tell you that you took advantage of your sister earlier and now we are going to turn the tables. It seems to me that Shannon getting to fuck your tight little-puckered ass raw while you scream and cry is a very fitting punishment. Sissy Phone Sex

P.Mommy Demi Pimping Young Bald Pussy

Young bald pussyAs a P. Mommy, I am always hard at work pimping my little girls’ Young bald pussy. I am so good at pimping that most men don’t even realized what just happened. My little girls want to go shopping today and why not. But what my little girls and you do not realize is that this is going to be a working shopping trip. I only shop at locally owned boutiques because I know that you, the store owner, will be there and I can play lets make a deal.

You think you have died and gone to heaven when me and my little girls walk in. My little girls are dressed in super short plaid skirts that are sure to make any man’s cock hard. You can catch a glimpse of their ass cheeks as they are walking. I on purposely drop a shirt on the floor and then have my youngest daughter bend over to pick it up. My girls aren’t wearing any panties today so when my little girl bends over you get a nice view of her bald chunky baby girl pussy.

Adult phone chat

I can tell by the look on your face and the bulge in your pants that you want to do more than just look. Oh yes, you want to touch that sweet young baby girl pussy. All three of them are bouncing around your store looking at items and I tell them to pick out whatever they want. As they are picking out clothes and accessories, I walk up to you. I tell you that there is no reason to be hiding behind the counter. I know that your cock is rock hard and throbbing for some young tight pussy and that I am sure we could work out a trade.

You tell me how beautiful my middle daughter is with her long flowing blond hair. I tell you that you have such good tastes and don’t let her innocent looks fool you. She can give an incredible deep throat blowjob. I call her over and send her into the dressing room with you. She knew just what to do. I can hear you moaning as she is sucking on your big hard cock. Minutes later she comes walking out licking your cum off of her lips.

Teaching My Littles How to Give a Blowjob

Cocksucking Phone SexI think every girl should know how to give a deepthroat blowjob. I tell my little girls all the time that the key to success in the sex industry is making sure your clients leave happy. Anyone can slobber and suck on a cock but not everyone can give an incredible out of this world blowjob experience. So I make sure to start teaching my little girls early in life how to suck cock. What better way to teach them than for me to show them. I knew you wouldn’t mind being on display for my little girls. As a matter of fact I think seeing their hot wet young pink bald pussies makes your cock super hard. Having them standing totally naked bent over with their chunky baby girl pussies one on either side of your face so that they can see up close and personal exactly how I am moving my mouth up and down on your big hard throbbing cock. How I am using one of my hands to stroke on your hard throbbing cock while my soft wet lips are sliding up and down on the shaft. How I flick the tip of my tongue on your big fat mushroom head driving you wild and causing you to explode sending that warm creamy cum deep into my throat. I gladly swallow every last drop of your scrumptious cum!

New Sissy Slut Brandy

Fetish Phone Sex

Demi’s escort agency has been slammed with business. My sissy slut son is such a hit that I now have a waiting list. So when you called and ask if I was hiring sissy sluts, it made my day. Yes, without a doubt the agency could use another sissy slut.
I scheduled you to come in that same day for the interview. You did not disappoint either. You were around 5’7″ with a petite build, shoulder length mink brown hair, and a nice bubble butt. Your cock however was tinny tiny more like a large clit but I am sure it won’t matter to most clients. After talking to you for a little while I decided Brandy should be your sissy slut name and you loved it. Then I told you I needed to see how well you could deepthroat a cock. I couldn’t just send you out on jobs and have clients disappointed. So you agreed. I called in Tyson my 6’6″ dark chocolate security and he was more than willing to allow you to demonstrate your skills. You could indeed deepthroat that big 13 inch cock of Tysons just like a pro. You slide your soft red lips all the way down the shaft of his cock and played with his balls at the same time. You were swallowing and sucking on that big black cock causing him to shot his load deep into your throat. You swallowed every last drop of his creamy white cum and wanted more. You are one cum guzzling sissy slut and you have the job.

Sissy Phone Sex


Little Girl Pussy for Sale

Fantasy Phone SexMy little girls and I are out lounging at our pool. I can see you staring into our backyard from the second story of your house. I decide to do a google search for your phone number. It was high time for you to know that you could do more than stare at my little girls. You answered on the second ring and seemed shocked when I told you who I was. I reassured you that you didn’t need to be embarrassed. Many a men have been mesmerized by my little girls. I explained to you that we would be more than happy for you to come and join us at the pool. You could pick one of my little girls or you could enjoy them all. I know how hard it would be to just pick one of those sweet young bald pink baby girl pussies. Oh, it would be almost impossible. You will think you have died and gone to heaven when you feel my baby girls velvety soft lips sliding down the shaft of your big hard cock…….. You told me that you just needed to make a quick stop at the bank and then you would be right over. Just what this pimping P. Mommy wanted to hear. My cunt is getting so wet in anticipation of you getting here that I can’t help but to have my little girls start playing with me.

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