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Breeding Phone Sex Daddy’s Girl

Breeding Phone SexI love to dress sexy for you Daddy. To dance, strip, and be sexy for you. I want you to breed me. Put a new spawn in my womb. Well, you or Charlie but don’t you want to win. Make me pregnant before your son can? I know you want to stick your cock in your daughters pussy, the mother of your spawn. Our little inbred minions. Or maybe you’d rather our son get me pregnant. Keep on our inbred line with a new spawn. I don’t care which of you it is. I just need your cock in my pussy, I need you to fill me with cum. I want to dance for you and lay on my back, pull those panties away from my pussy. My bra away from my tits. Pinching and pulling on my nipples. Ready to cum as I watch you take your cock out of your pants. Putting that perfect mushroom head to my soaking wet pussy. I know I keep saying it but I don’t think you really understand just how bad I want you to fuck me and breed me. I couldn’t help but cum as you slid into me, feeling you stretch me. Groaning as my pussy already is milking you as you go into me balls deep. You feel so good and then as you pull back out then slam into me. Fucking me hard and fast. I can’t help but cum all over your cock again and again. You always just know how to fuck my brain out. Then you shove in filling every inch of my pussy as your cock began to twitch into me. Filling me with your cum and giving me exactly what I want. A cunt full of cum, my Daddy to breed me, and that hunger satisfied.

Family Fun Phone Sex Hiking

Family Fun Phone SexI love hiking… Well I love fucking in the woods. I hate the bugs, the dirt that gets everywhere, the sweat from not fucking working out. Let’s just say I hate hiking. The spawn and Daddy love it though so I’m more than happy to go with everyone and hike around in this uncomfortable nature. Daddy was leading and I was following behind. Trying not to complain about the mosquitoes trying to eat me alive or the way that the dirt went from sucking at my boots from the recent rains or how… Sigh, I hate this. It felt like we were walking for hours before we finally stopped. Daddy putting his pack down and laying out a blanket before stripping naked. Laying down on the blanket his hard cock pointing up and begging for attention. Kayla was first, stripping and climbing onto Daddy’s cock as if he couldn’t wait for him to put another spawn into her cunt. What a naughty daughter we had. So I watched Charlie, Lexi, and Charlotte all strip each other giggling touching Charlie’s hard cock as he pinched both their nipples. I love my family. I couldn’t wait to start this outdoor orgy we were going to have. Charlie noticed I was still dressed and came over to pull me to the blanket. Helping me strip as Lexi moved over her Daddy’s face leaning over to make out with her sister as they both abused Daddy. Charlie pulling me over to the blanket with the help of Charlotte and they laid me down naked on the soft material my little girl’s pussy moving over my mouth and my son moving between my legs and fucking me hard and fast with the stamina that only the young possess.

Tease & Denial Phone Sex the Boyfriend

Tease & Denial Phone Sex

Lexi is turning into such a good little pervert. She’s always been my tomboy and has always been so competitive and having to be the best at everything she does. Now as she’s getting older though, keeping that lithe and toned muscular body and growing tits. She’s realizing her power and she’s going into it so beautifully. She had her boyfriend over, this sweet boy so shy he would stutter while talking to me. She loves to make him blush though and he seemed to love it too. So I was surprised when we were watching a movie, behaving as a family to not scare away her boyfriend. She got him started. Kissing and sucking on his neck, teasing his cock through his pants. His cheeks were so red and he kept giving scared looks to Daddy. Daddy chuckled and pulled me over into his side. His fingers dipping under my skirt to finger my pussy, showing the boy that he didn’t mind as I moaned and spread my legs for Daddy’s fingers. He groaned, my pussy is very pretty after all. Lexi stripped off her boyfriend’s pants and pulled off her sun dress. Her pantied pussy rubbing his leg as she played with his cock in her hand. She grinned at him. Leaning forward to nibble on his ear. “Isn’t it sexy?” she purred. “My mom has such a pretty pussy. Wouldn’t you want to feel it? Fuck it? We’re a very open family.” she said with a lick up his ear. “You have no idea how badly I want to watch you fuck every… one… of my sisters. My mom. Even my brother.” she giggled as she felt him throb in her hand. Making the poor boy cum in his underwear. “Aww… Now you won’t get to fuck me.” he looked at her panicked. “No! I want to so…” she just slid off of his leg cutting him off as she pushed on his head. Pushing him between her legs so he could lick her pussy. “Shut up.” she said, moaning as she watched her Daddy pull me onto his lap to slide his own cock into my pussy. Fuck… I nearly came right there.

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex for my Daddy

Cock Worshiping Phone SexI’ve always had a thing for pearl necklaces. It’s always been a favorite when you give them to me or one of the many “uncles” you had me play with when growing up. A prize for a very good girl using her tongue in very good ways. So imagine my surprise Daddy when you give me a real pearl necklace. Not one made of your cum after you fuck my tits and my throat. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I loved it because you gave it to me but I needed to earn it. So there I was, on my knees and sucking your cock. My new necklace wrapped around your shaft as I pulled it to pull your cock to my lips. Licking, sucking, teasing the tip with my loving and worshiping tongue. I love my Daddy’s cock and love feeling Daddy’s cum all over my neck. So of course I’m going to worship your cock Daddy. Just like you showed me now. Tease the shaft, play with the balls, use a finger to tease the prostate all while sucking, teasing, and fucking my throat. All until I feel your ass clench around my finger. Feel your cock twitch on my tongue and I lean back. Hold open my mouth for you and let you cum all over my tongue, my face, my neck. Let me earn my pearl necklace and wear it with pride as I and it are covered in your cum.

Daddys Girl Phone Sex Bed Time

Daddys Girl Phone SexDaddy… I love it when you come to bed after me. Feeling your body press up against my back. Pulling me into you so your hard cock can grind against my ass. It makes my pussy so wet. I pretend to be asleep, just like I used to when you first started to come into my room. It being part of the game as your hot breath teased over my ear. Your big hand running over my tits making my nippes into hard aching points that just beg to be touched. Your hand in my memory was so big on my belly and I’d just quiver in anticipation, knowing your big fingers were going to touch such a private spot. I love that you still want me, your fingers moving between my thighs gifting me with a pleased growl as you feel my lack of panties. Feeling all that wetness you created just in the time you’ve been touching me. Your fingers ran over my clit, pressing into my tight wet pussy that has always belonged to you first. Knowing just where to touch to make me moan, unable to pretend to be sleeping any longer. I grind back against you, gasping as you lightly bite my ear. The low growl whispering mine into it even as your coax my pussy into the first orgasm for the night. I’m so wet and ready for you and you haven’t even fucked me yet. I know it’s going to be a long night and you’ll remind me just how much my body belongs to just you before it’s over.

Family Fun Phone Sex on my Face

Family Fun Phone SexCharlie and Daddy seemed like they got together to trick me. They know how much I love to swallow cum and they never get to cum on my face because I’d rather not waste the yumminess that they make in their balls. Daddy and Charlie came to me one day and told me about how good semen was for skin. That it made your skin soft and made it glow better than any lotion that they’ve heard of. So there I was, on my knees in front of them. Both of them stroking their cocks as I watched them with a quirked eyebrow. “Is this really more fun than a blow job?” I teased and Charlie told me “Mom, shut up… Wait no, open your mouth, nng… Shut up.” I laughed unable to help it. Knowing just how much he was getting into his jacking off. He probably would have cum already but I knew he was waiting for his Dad to cum too so they could both coat my face at the same time. But, being young, dumb, and full of cum and couldn’t help but cover his mommy’s face in that hot, yummy, cum. I licked the head of his cock before he had a chance to pull it far away making him shudder and groan. Our Daddy chuckled and used his free hand to ruffle his hair before sending him off. Bringing his beautiful big cock right in front of my face. His cock starting to throb as he told me. “Open your mouth baby.” he commanded. I opened my mouth. Looking up at him through cummy eyelashes as I felt his cum land straight on my tongue and it’s creamy goodness straight from his cock just made my pussy so wet. I was ready to cum right then and there just from them masturbating for me. Damn, we are all perverts.

Blackmail Phone Sex making a Video

 Blackmail Phone SexIt was my turn to be on stage today. It was a stripping night and we were having a “health inspector” for our kitchen. We knew it really was an agent visiting our location due to rumors of our nightly activities. So for the time being we had to be on the straight and narrow. So, there I was on the stage. Spinning, twirling, being the beautiful and sexy goddess I knew I was. My task tonight was to seduce the agent so we could get blackmail material. So as my set ended I went in my sexy little nighty into the kitchen where the agent was looking through our drawers. He smiled as he saw me come in and I smiled back at him, I went into the fridge pulling out some strawberries. I ran the berry around my lips before I took a bite smiling at him. Putting on my best blonde bimbo voice I giggled and said “Hi.” with just a little bit of sex in my tone. He quirked his eyebrow and smiled back. “Hello Ma’am. Can I help you.?” I sighed in reply. Leaning back against the counter. “Well… Mister. It’s just, I just got off stage and it always works me up so bad and I got this thing for men in uniforms.” I grinned before reaching over to poke his name tag that said he was from inspections. “I was wondering if maybe you’d like to help me… Burn off some of this energy.” I giggled again and leaned towards him. Watched as his eyes locked onto my tits. He licked his lips that inner turmoil of doing his job vs. fucking. I could tell I won when he took a step closer to me. A sly smile on his lips. “Oh, how can I help with that?” I grinned and moved closer to him too, leaning back to pull him against my hot body as I reached down to cup his hard cock in my hand. “I’m sure we could think of something.” He took my leg, putting it against his hip as I undid his pants. Gasping as he slid his cock into my wet pussy. Him groaning with the pleasure of my tight hole. “Oh god” I whisper in his ear, wrapping around my arms him as he began to thrust in and out of me. My eyes moving to the camera we have hidden in the kitchen. Smiling as I know we’d have him caught. I bit his ear and told him to turn. I leaned over the counter so he could fuck me hard and fast in doggy and so his face would be clear on the video. Sometimes I love my job, he was a lot better than I thought he’d be and I couldn’t wait to fuck him again.

Furry Friends Phone Sex just a Visit

Furry Friends Phone SexThe girls and I wanted to try something new and that we’ve not done before. So Daddy suggested we go to the farm. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but once we got to the kennel he explained that this farm was a sex farm. Everything here was meant to be fucked. So, unsure but with a wet pussy he put a blindfold on me and had me get naked on all 4’s. I could feel a nose pressing against my ass that was cold enough to make me yelp. Then a long wide tongue lapped at my ass and pussy. So excited it just turned me on even more which that tongue was happy to lap up also. Fucking my pussy deep with it’s alien tongue lapping at my womb. Then I felt a heavy weight on my back that was so soft and warm. Arms wrapping around my hips as a hot cock poked at my pussy. Getting harder and harder with each thrust until he plunged inside of me. Fucking me hard and fast, locking his cock inside of me where he filled me with cum. His cock throbbing for what felt like hours, making me cum over and over. I think I liked this farm and can’t wait to see what Daddy has in store for me next.

Mommy Phone Sex Charlie’s New Friend

Mommy Phone SexCharlie brought a friend over! It seems he’s told everyone about what a slut his mother and sisters were and his best friend from school just had to find out for himself. Who was I to tell such a handsome young stud no? So after they finished their homework I let them enjoy a Mommy sandwich. I was riding his friend’s cock, taking the boy’s cherry for my own hungry pussy as I sucked Charlie. It was so hot, and then Charlie had me look over and I saw that Daddy had come home early and with a big grin, a camera in one hand, and a daughter sucking his cock he was making sure that all the action got on tape. His friend didn’t seem to care, pumping and thrusting into me as if it was the best thing in the world until with a surprised yell he filled up my pussy with his young cum. I pulled myself off, leaning back on him. Grinning as Charlie kneeled in front of us and ate the other boy’s cum out of my pussy and sucked his cock clean. Charlie’s skilled mouth had him hard again as he looked surprised at his best friend in a new light. I had a feeling that there would be a lot more boy action for Charlie in the future. After all who wouldn’t want that skilled tongue and that plump ass. Way to make Mommy proud baby.

Son and Daddy Team Up

Family Fun Phone SexI love being a naughty mommy. The other day I was riding Daddy’s cock. He was deep in my ass and I rode him, his fingers teasing my clit making me so close to orgasm. I didn’t even notice when Charlie came in until I came. Arching my back against Daddy, my ass grinding against his hips, I opened my eyes when I felt his soft hands on my thighs. Charlie is so pretty, he looks just like his twin sister and with the long curly hair no one would ever know he was a boy until he showed you that impressive cock. He ran his hands up my side and I could feel the approving growl of Daddy against my back. Charlie slid his cock into me making me moan and making Daddy throb inside of me again. Daddy just sat, letting himself enjoy the feeling of Charlie’s cock rub against his through the narrow wall that separated my pussy from my ass. His cock filling me up as he started slow before fucking me harder and faster. He was panting, his hands opening and closing against my hips. “Oh… mommy… You’re so tight. I’m… I’m…” he didn’t get to even finish the sentiment as Daddy reached around. Grabbing him by his ass and pulling him into me. Burying his cock deep in my pussy making Charlie gasp. Losing control over his orgasm his cock throbbed inside of me and filled me with cum just as Daddy grunted and growled, cumming with him and leaving me a very satisfied Mommy.

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