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Family Fun Phone Sex with Demi

Family Fun Phone SexI love my little brood.  My Daddy thought it was a good idea to try and breed me again, but I think now he might have his eye on my oldest rugrat.  She is almost to that perfect breeding age. He sure has been coming around a lot since those little breasts have started to grow.  That is the age that gets him the most excited.  Rainy is smart and sensual, lovely and sexy.  She looks a lot like me, just smaller.  Her little breast buds are puffy now, getting ready to sprout.  Her pussy has the slightest sprinkling of blonde hair, like peach fuzz.  Her flat stomach and strong legs are long and beautiful.  When Daddy comes over, he loves to fuck Rainy and spend lots of time with her.  He usually brings her gifts and dotes on his little princess to win favor with Rainy.  He loves to do anal with Rainy since she is big enough to take his cock in her ass  Recently he is fucking her more in the pussy, I think that he is trying to breed her.  Wouldn’t that be just awesome?

Daddys girl phone sex – Fucking Daddy

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

My Daddy showed up unannounced a couple of days ago.  I thought it was because he wanted to see the little ones, our little ones.  No, he had something else in mind.  He has decided he wants to try for another offspring.  He gathered all the rugrats around us.  He explained to the little ones that Mommy and Daddy are going to make them a new brother or sister.  He made me strip, took off his clothes and we laid together on the sofa.  At first, I lay on top of him, kissing him, touching each other’s bodies.  It was so special that he wanted the little ones to watch.  Daddy had me suck his cock, and Ruby (our youngest) joined in.  Ruby loves to suck cock and is very good at it.  Once Daddy cock was nice and hard, he put it inside of me and fucked me hard.  I could tell he was putting some effort into breeding me. He came a lot getting that sperm deep in my pussy to impregnate me again.  It’s worked four times, why not one more?

P-Mommy Phone Sex – Trip to see Santa Claus

Mommy Phone Sex

With Christmas right around the corner, my little ones are getting very excited.  I took my offspring to the mall to visit a very special P-Santa I know.  He loves to be entertained by my little ones.  At the mall, they each sat on Santa’s lap, telling him what they wanted for Christmas.  He promised lots of toys and goodies if they were very good for Santa.  Santa was coming to our house that evening and each Rug rat can do something special for him.  He likes for them to entertain him by doing a little dance and striptease for Santa. (He loves those.)  Santa would enjoy my little offspring putting on a sex show, fucking each other in front of Santa.  Santa might want to get a little ass action from Robby.  He might like to fuck little Ruby, letting her ride his magic reindeer, (hint, it’s in his pants).  Rachel or Roberta could suck his cock.  It’s always fun to play with Santa.

Married Men Phone Sex with Demi

Married Men Phone Sex

I don’t date much because I have all the sex I need from my offspring, they satisfy most of my sexual needs. Every once in a while, Mommy needs a little R&R with a hot married man.  Married men are safe, they don’t want a relationship, just a fling.  I love to meet up with someone I’ve met at the grocery store or a school function in a seedy motel.  It makes me feel dirty to fuck a virtual stranger in a dirty motel, which makes it hotter.  I’ve been known to come on to a Dad who is supervising a field trip with me and we go directly to a motel when we leave school.  Isn’t it hot to get away from your regular routine and have a hot fuck in a motel room?  Would you meet with me if I came onto you?  I’ll bet you would.  I’m a lot fucking hotter than your wife and I guarantee I’m a better fuck.

Family Fun Phone Sex with Demi

Family Fun Phone Sex

You know what?  I like playing with littles as much as you do.  I’m the perfect accomplice.  I have four little offspring that are perfect little bait for a guy like you.  The only thing more fun than playing with my little rugrats is having someone else play with them too.  I’ll let you play with all of them together like a special little “Littles Orgy” or one at a time.  You may ask me which one is the best at blow jobs, they all are.  Especially Robby.  He can suck like a hoover.  Rainey loves anal sex and Ruby and Rachel love everything.  I pretty sure I have a little nympho in Ruby, my youngest.  She loves sex several times a day.  It’s like a new toy she discovered that she can’t get enough of.  Won’t you cum play with us?

Best P-Mommy Ever!!

Family Fun Phone Sex

My four little Rug Rats keep me busy with ballet this and baseball that and “I wanna have an orgy for my birthday party”.  Yes, you heard me right.  One of my little ones, Rachel, decided she wanted to have all her friends over for a birthday orgy.  She saw nothing wrong with her request.

We have family orgies at least twice a month.  My father and Uncles and a few Aunts and cousins all come over and we have hours-long family orgies.  It’s great fun and helps everyone stay connected with each other and offers variety and a real learning experience by having multiple partners.  My Uncles will give each of my littles a turn.  (They don’t want anyone feeling left out).  My Aunts will finger fuck and use a dildo on the girls and they can’t wait to find out what new tricks my son, Robbie has learned.  I love playing with the new littles in the family, the joy they have on their face when you stroke their cocks or cunnies.

Rachel didn’t get the friends-orgy she wanted for her birthday, but she did get a family orgy.  All the focus was on her.  She must have had every family member fuck her at least once.  Poor thing, was a little sore after Daddy and my Uncles ran a train on her.  She does love fucking though, as much as Mommy I guess.

Cheating Phone Sex with Demi

Cheating Phone Sex

Cheating on someone doesn’t necessarily have to mean a husband-and-wife.  It could be me taking your daughter from you, her body, her affections for my own twisted purpose.  My next-door neighbor Patricia has a beautiful Lolita daughter named Alyssa, who I have been trying to get my hands on ever since they moved in. Alyssa hangs out at my house a lot and we talk about boys and other things she cannot talk about with her mother. Alyssa is curious about women but can’t seem to approach her mother with that information. I told Alyssa that I would be happy to explore that side of her, but she can’t tell her mom.

While my little rug rats were at school, Alyssa’s stayed home with me, telling her mother she was sick. I told Alyssa to undress and get into my bed with me.  I started out by taking her in my arms and holding her. I kissed her gently working my tongue inside of her young mouth. She responded to me and passionately kissed me back. My hands went to her small perky breasts and I circled her nipple with my forefinger. Her nipple responded to my touch and became erect. My mouth moved to her nipples and sucked gently one at a time letting the puffy tissue grow erect inside my mouth. My hand moved down her stomach to the soft place between her legs and played with her clit for a while. Her pussy was already wet in anticipation. I took my fingers and inserted them inside of her virgin pussy and felt how tight and wet her cunt was. Alyssa’s eyes were big and searching looking at me in wonderment as my fingers delved deep into her pussy. I told her this is only the beginning. I reached over to my side table beside the bed, opened the drawer and brought out an 8-inch dildo the girth of three of my fingers. I inserted the Dildo inside her cunt, she arched her back and thrusted her hips forward as the dildo penetrated her over and over. She came hard, kissing me as she orgasmed.  Alyssa and I fuck everytime her mom’s away.  I’ve even started sharing her with my offspring.  They love to play with new people.

Family Fun with Demi

Family Fun Phone Sex

We are a second-generation incest family.  I have four offspring sired by my father.  I love talking about my incest family and the fun and naughty things we do together.  I teach my Rugrats many things about sexuality, sensuality, and life in general and sometimes they teach me lessons too.  My son, Robbie loves to come into my bedroom in the wee hours of the morning to wake me up with his cock pressed against my ass.  He loves to fuck me in the morning to start his day off the right way.  He has a voracious appetite for all things sexual and never seems to get enough.  There are some mornings where Robbie makes the rounds to me and then his three sisters.  Everyone should always start their day with an orgasm.

Robbie and his twin Rachel often share a bed a night.  They enjoy each other’s company and love fucking each other.  They have been together since the womb, theirs is a pretty close, unbreakable connection.  I love watching Robbie and Rachel fuck each other.  They are always trying new positions and lots of tantric sex.  They can stay in their room for hours of teasing and pleasing each other.

I let all my little ones watch pornography.  It gives them an education.  Sometimes they make their own home movies.  For obvious reasons, we cannot put those on the sites that post homemade porn, but we all enjoy watching each other fuck.

We love new friends.  Why don’t you come join my little brood for a while?

Accomplice Demi

Accomplice Phone Sex

My daughter Rainey and I went to the mall on Black Friday hoping to score some deals.  We were having so much fun playing, “Who I wanna fuck” when this hot 30 something guy walked up to me and Rainey.  He said we looked just like twins and were both so cute.  He asked us to lunch in the food court when I noticed his attention was not all on me.  He was looking at Rainey.  Looking her up and down.  I can’t blame him, she was really starting to develop and has a certain sex appeal.  I knew what he wanted and lucky for him, I love to share.  My little Rainey had learned so much in the past few years and was quite an accomplished seductress.  We went into the family bathroom in the food court and I told our new friend to meet us in there.  He came in, breathing hard with excitement.  I told him that he can fuck Rainey if he wanted to.  She was always willing to fuck a new friend, especially one as cute as he is.  The only thing is – I get to watch.  He came over to Rainey, cornered her and kissed her.  She responded to him.  Her hand moved to his already swelling cock.  She started rubbing him.  Our new friend seemed shocked that Rainey was so willing to have sex with such an older man but she has been groomed for a long time.  He lifted her to the counter, moving her to the edge and moving her panties to the side.  His fingers delved deep into her pussy, bringing out her wetness.  He unzipped his pants, taking his cock and pushing it into her wetness.  She at once unfolded like a flower responding to his touch, to him fucking her little hairless, tight cunny.  Her legs spread further apart as he went closer to her in and out of her tight little snatch.  He spilled his seed inside of her as he shook with desire.  She came with him, moaning.  He thanked us, embarrassed and left the bathroom.  Rainey and I smiled at each other, 1 point for you, Rainey on our “Who I wanna fuck” game.

New Friends

Incest Phone sex

My Offspring and I are quite the fun family.  I invited a new family fun friend over to play with us.  It was a friend that had two little ones of his own.  He has been training his offspring for many years now and they, like my own, love new partners and experiences.  My new friend Frank really took to my youngest, Ruby.  He played with her all night.  They had lots of play time with all the others and then snuck off for some of their own fun.  Ruby likes to play with new friends in her playhouse.  She has lots of toys and I taught her that playtime must always be naked-play.  She must be obedient to anyone older than she and do everything they tell her to do.  I love to videotape her in her playroom when she is playing with friends to watch later while I masturbate.  Frank had a lot of fun with Ruby. He licked and sucked her little cunny, fingering her, and finally inserting himself inside of her tight little hairless honey hole.  He rode her hard and for a long time and they both reached sexual climax together and Frank held Ruby for a while. Ruby really took to Frank because of all the attention he gave her.  Ruby loves when Frank and his offspring visit but she always tries to get Frank alone.

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