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Hurry Before Your Wife Gets Home

cheating phone sexHurry up before your wife gets home. She’s due to be there any minute.  We can’t have any fucking cheating phone sex before she gets there.  I’m sorry that she’s such a bore and doesn’t even enjoy sex any more.  Such a shame.  With such a nice cock as yours, you should be getting fucked and sucked any time you want to.  You’re still a handsome man.  She just doesn’t know what she’s missing.  But honey, I’ll fill in all the blanks you need.  I can be your GFE.  I love expensive gifts and in return, I’ll devote all my time to you.  You can call me as much as you want.  I’ll even accept your calls when I’m technically not even online.  I always keep my phone with me so we can have our special time together.  That’s all a man really wants anyway is to feel special.  Whatever she’s lacking I’m here for.  Call me and give me  a try.  What have you got to lose?  I’ll even email you pics so you can show your jealous coworkers what a hot side piece you have.  I’m available for you baby.

Hot Elevator Sex With My Married Boss

married men phone sexI fucking love married men phone sex.  All of the fun without any kind of commitment, and all my bills stay paid so I can stack my own paper.  I’ve been fucking my boss for a while now.  He’s fucking hot.  All of the women in the office wanna fuck him, but we definitely keep in on the low.  They think he’s just a dreamy Christian Grey looking happily married man.  Little do they know.  Earlier today, he summoned me into his office and told me to close the door behind me.  He instructed me to meet him at the elevator in 5 minutes with no panties on.  My pussy immediately did flip flops.  Behind my desk, I slid my panties off and put them in one of my desk drawers.  I told one of the other girls in the office that I would be back in a few.   With excitement all through me like little butterflies I walked to the elevator.  My boss was right behind me.  Luckily no one else got on with us.  As soon as the doors closed, he was all over me.  Shoving me against the elevator wall, he kissed me hungrily while sliding two fingers up my soaking wet cunt.  Feeding me his fingers to lick my juices off, he then kissed me again so we could share my sweet cunt.  I heard his zipper unzip and then felt the head of his huge cock up against my wet slit.  Suddenly he was inside me.  Grabbing one of my legs pulling it up he slammed in and out of my cunt making me explode all over his hard cock.  As soon as he felt my pussy spasm around his shaft, he unloaded his balls into me. I love my fucking job and my married boss.

Cum On My Tits!

titty fucking phone sexI love it when men come all over my tits! Titty fucking phone sex gets my pussy so fucking wet.  Wrapping my beautiful luscious tits around your hot throbbing meat.  Licking the pre-cum off of that beautiful mushroom head of yours just as it peeks at the top of my tightly pressed togethered breasts.  Not all women know how to titty fuck a man properly, but I sure do.  Every man has his own fantasy and if titty fucking is yours, call me so you can take a ride with me to titty fuck heaven.  Just imagine me with my tits wrapped around you.  Jacking your hard cock up and down with them.   You’ll be squirting your heavy load all over my luscious titties in no time.  Hopefully you squirt some on my face too 😉

Your Dirty Whore Is On Her Knees, Master

submissive phone sexI love being your dirty whore.  I enjoy submissive phone sex.  A man who knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it is always such a fucking turn on.  When you call me and ask what I’m wearing.  Well, you see it.  I dressed in my sexiest black lingerie just for you. I only want to please my master.  I sit here on the floor.  My hands on my thighs, palms facing up just like you like me to be.  Awaiting further instructions from my master.  Riding crop in your hand, you ask me have I been good?  I love being cropped so of course I answer no.  Placing the blindfold over my eyes, you tell me to rise.  I of course do as I am told.  You lead me to the hanging restraints.  You whisper in my ear while fastening my wrists how I’m such a dirty whore but that I’m your dirty whore to do whatever your want to me.  Of course master, I’m all yours.  My pussy is throbbing with anticipation of what’s to come next.   You love teasing me with that crop.  Popping my nipples.  Oh god, I love how that feels.  Tracing it down my body.  Spreading my legs with it.  What will you do next?


That Sweet Golden Nectar

golden showers phone sexI love men with extreme fetishes. Golden showers phone sex has always been one of my faves.  I’m such a fucking nasty whore, I know.  I’m that fantasy girl you never imagined existed.  I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t at least try. My boyfriend works out of town so we don’t get a lot of time together, but when we do.  Orgasmic fireworks.  I’m lucky that he shares in my kink for that warm golden nectar being rained down on him.  Fresh out of my pretty pink pussy.  I already knew that when he got home this weekend, he would want my sweet golden shower, so a few days ago, I started drinking pineapple juice. He loves it when my warm piss is so sweet.  He laps it up like it was 24kt gold water laced with sugar.  As soon as he arrived home, he dropped to his knees and told me to come stand over him.  He ripped his shirt off as I got into place.  Tilting his head back and opening his mouth, I stood over him, pulled my lace panties to the side and gave him the shower he was begging for.  I love the way he looks covered in my warm sweet piss.  Once I finished, I climbed on top of him, kissing him passionately and begged him to fuck me right there at the front door.

I Sucked His Cock In Front Of Everyone

voyeur phone sexHe already knew what a fucking freak I was, but I really showed him today with voyeurism phone sex.  When my married man pulled up to my house, I told him to put the top down on his 650i.  He complimented me on how good my long silky legs looked into the super short skirt and crop top I was wearing.  It was a beautiful day for a drive down the freeway with the top down.  And not just the car’s 😉  I toyed with him a little on the way to the busy freeway so that by the time we hit the freeway, his cock was so hard he didn’t care that there were cars all around us.  I took my top off, stuck my bare ass up in the air, unzipped his pants and started giving him head right there in the car on the freeway.  I told him to look forward, don’t look down and don’t he dare close his eyes.  Then I took one of his hands and put it on my ass which he soon realized had nothing on it at all.  I guided his fingers down to my soaking wet cunt.  He dug his fingers deep in my hole and I gasped a little.  Then with an evil little grin, I went in.  Hair and skirt blowing in the wind, I sucked his cock.  In front of all the other drivers on the road.  Of course he missed our exit, but who the fuck cares. Right?!

He Came All Over My Tits

cum shots on titsSo, I’m at this bar last night and I got pretty wasted.  This guy had been staring me down ALL night.  The drunker I got, the cuter he got.  Little did I know he wanted cum shots on tits from me.  Well, I’m always down for anything, especially if it’s in a public place.  So, here I go again to the men’s bathroom.  This is becoming a habit.  He told me to get on my knees bitch, which really turned me on.  I like being treated like the cocksucking, fuck anywhere type of whore I am.  He unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor.  I immediately started sucking his cock.  He smacked my face, hard.  He ordered me to take my top off. Oh, I know where this is going.  Then he told me to hold my tits together and he spit right in my cleavage.  Shoving his cock in between my tits, he began titty fucking me.  Well, I’m no stranger to titty fucking so I squeeze my tits around his hard cock and titty fucked the shit out of that motherfucker.  While he filmed it with his phone.  In no time he was gushing up vanilla shake all over my tits.  When he was done, he pulled up his pants and left me there with all that sticky cum all over my tits. He sure has on hell of a video to show to his friends though.

Submissive Phone Sex With Debbie

submissive phone sexAs soon as I answered the phone he let me know that he needed me to be his submissive phone sex whore.  “Yes daddy’, I replied. I’m here for you.  You  ask me if I am wearing panties.  I reply, “yes daddy, I’m wearing the light blue bra and panty set you sent me.  With white thigh highs on.”  You tell me to slide the panties off. I of course do as I’m told.  Being your little slut is all I know.  Telling me now to slide two of my fingers into my wet cunt.  You guide me, setting the pace slow at first.  In and out, nice and slow, just like you said.  Now you tell me to suck my juices off my fingers and you want to hear me do it. I obediently do as I’m told.  I am yours to do whatever you ask.  I worship your cock and do as I am told.

Cuckolding Phone Sex With Your Brother

cuckolding phone sexYour 4″ cock could never satisfy me.  You already knew that though.  That’s why you called me for cuckolding phone sex.  Your adopted Italian brother on the other hand with his thick 8″ cock with a big mushroom head sure can.  He’s so handsome  with his olive skin and big nut sack.  “Lick his balls” you tell me.  Gladly I oblige.  They’re so big and smooth against my tongue.  Your tiny cock begins to grow as you watch me with your brother.  I lick up his long thick shaft all the way to the tip.  Pre-cum runs out the top of that beautiful mushroom head.  I lick it and save it in my mouth.  Walking over to you I spit it on your little knob.  That turns you on even more.  You love the feel of your brother’s pre-cum lubricating your hand as you feverishly begin to stroke it now. 

I go back to this big thick cock and rub my clit as I begin to make love to his shaft with my mouth.   Before he even gets a chance to fuck my honey hole with it, you blow your wad.  Doesn’t matter, I’m not letting this gorgeous cock go to waste. Bending over and spreading my ass cheeks, he enters me and I melt into a whole other world.  This thick hard cock fills my tight wet pussy.  I can feel his big mushroom head entering hitting my sweet spot. 

Pain Slut Phone Sex, Give It To Me Rough

pain slut phone sexNothing I love better than getting fucked hard.  Wrap your hand around my neck and growl in my ear how you’re gonna fuck me like the pain slut phone sex whore I am.  My pussy begins to cream at the thought of you slamming your rock hard cock into my pussy without any foreplay.  Smack my ass a few times, leaving it red and stinging.  All the more pleasure to me.  I may look delicate but trust me baby, I’m a fucking slut and I wanna be fucked like a whore you would buy off the street.  Only real men can fuck me the way I need to be fucked.  No wimpy men needed here.  I need a man who knows exactly what he wants.  A fuck toy whom he can do what he pleases to.  I never say no.  EVER.  I’m the perfect rough sex phone sex whore, and you’re gonna love me!  Oh yeah, did I mention you can fuck all my holes?

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