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Frat House

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Today I woke up confused. I didn’t know where I was, how I got there or who I was with. The last thing I remember is taking pills my friends gave me and going to a campus party at one of the fraternity houses. I remember it felt weird to be only one of 4 girls there and there were over 100 guys. They were a couple of keggers and I remember two guys in the frat locking the doors from the inside once I arrived. I do remember a really cute frat guy handing me a beer, and asking me “Is this what you really want?” and I’m fairly certain he wasn’t just talking about beer. Funny, today I seem to have an awful lot of discharge from my unusually swollen and red cunt. But its not like my normal occasional discharge; it seems to flowing rivers of white creamy goo and seems to be leaving my body by the cupfuls . Even my asshole is puckered and irritated as it drained creamy juices down my legs while I walked home from the random guy’s house I awakened at this afternoon. People who saw me walk the mile home in my heels, torn tee-shirt and ultra-mini lace see through skirt probably thought I was a prostitute expelling the previous night’s cum from every orifice. Hmmmm….do you think thats what all this runny substance is under all my clothes? Could it be copious amounts of nutsauce ? Gosh, I never thought about that possibility until now.

Today I woke up confused. I didn’t know where I was, how I got there or who I was with…And I plan on saying the same thing tomorrow morning too.


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After spending the day with family today, I was ready for some stress relief. I decided to call up one of my FWB’s for some fun. We decided to meet in a local park, and I was hot and feeling freaky by the time that he got there, so I got down on my knees and sucked his cock right there on a park bench. I had to had to have him in my mouth, man I couldn’t wait! Enjoying every second of it, he was moaning and groaning and my pussy just got wetter and wetter as things progressed. I wanted him to fuck me and I didn’t want to wait. I lifted my skirt, pulled off my panties and sat on that stiff cock riding him right then and there on that park bench. I spied a couple watching us, and they began their own freaky show. I’m hoping that next time we can get a park orgy going!

Shopping Fun

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Out shopping for the holiday, I ordered a car to drive me around. I made several stops and it was very busy. The driver kept getting out to help me with my bags. I couldn’t help but notice how sexy he was. He was built just how I like my men. Very muscular, lean, tall and very handsome. I decided to relieve a little stress and have some fun. I asked him to pull into a nearby parking garage, then asked if he could join me in the back. He looked me in the eye as he got in and he smiled so slyly. God, he was sexy! I asked if he could help me with something as I spread my legs, exposing my thigh highs, heels and crotch less panties. He immediately reached over and started to softly stroke my now dripping wet pussy. I put my hand on his cock and kissed him. Shortly thereafter, the windows were fogged up and I was humping his leg. He pushed me down onto the seat and fucked me right through the panties and left me breathless.

Naughty Neighbor Debbie

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I’ve gotten into watching porn and was in the middle of a hot scene when my neighbor stopped by. I guess he could hear the moaning sex sounds from the walkway cause I had it turned up pretty loud. When he knocked, I paused it and went to the door. His face was beet red and he was trying to hide the tent pole in his pants. He sure was cute, and I was certainly wet and horny. Who knows how long it had been since his prude of a wife had given him a good fucking. I let my robe slip open and put my hand in my panties. When I did that, he groaned. I looked at him in the eye and said, “its ok, baby you can have some.” He went to his knees and slipped off my panties. He went straight into eating my pussy, licking it like an expert taking his sweet time and turning me the fuck on. I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me, so I told him to. He was hung like a stallion, to my pleasant surprise. We fucked most of the afternoon, having a blast.

I couldn’t wait

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Sometimes I wake up with only the thought of fucking in my mind, and I’ll do anything to get it. I called for an Uber and just before the driver arrived, I sent a text requesting that the driver come in and help me with my bags. When he showed up, I was in my stockings, high heels and crotchless panties, fucking my pussy with my fingers and soaking fucking wet. He made his way to me, knelt down and licked my pussy like a fucking champ. I couldn’t wait to get his cock inside of me, I was so horny for cock in my pussy! Once I had cum on his face, I told him to get up and fuck me. He was hard and ready, and picked me up and carried me to my couch where he rammed his cock in so fucking hard I screamed out. This is what I woke up wanting today. He had me squirting cum all over his cock in no time. He said he would be back later today to fuck me again.

Debbie’s Hot Squirting Pussy

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Meeting men has never been a problem for me; however, as a self proclaimed sex addict, I decided to attend some meetings after being prompted by a caring friend. She seemed to think that I think too much about sex and it’s hurting my life in other areas because my focus is always on fucking. Who am I going to fuck next? When can I see them again, etc. Well, what do you expect to find at a meeting for sex addicts? Duh! Other sex addicts! Genius! This one guy was sitting next to me and he was pretty fucking hot. I mean, he really did it for me. Though I tried to focus on the meeting and what people were saying, I couldn’t help but look about the room and notice all the hot guys. All these guys are sex addicts, too? Wow.

After the meeting, I was approached by two different men. The first one had a bad pick up line, and the second was just fucking sexy. We talked in the parking lot for hours. I thought about fucking him almost the entire time. I wanted to sit on his face. Mmmm, I couldn’t wait. We went back to my place and I decided to show him my hot squirting pussy. He fingered me on the couch and made me squirt like a fucking champ. I got a text from him today that said that he is addicted to my hot squirting pussy and he wants more of it. He says that he will never be able to get enough. Uh oh, just what a didn’t need, a clingy motherfucker. I guess it’s on to the next guy, who will hopefully be able to keep his wits about him around my hot squirting pussy. Guys I should warn guys first that I am addictive.

Horny Holiday Shopping

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I always have loved this time of year, the hustle and bustle, holiday cheer and of course, sales! While shopping today I had an interesting thing happen. A man approached me in a department store and started chatting with me about some of the items that I was looking at. He’d say things like, “I bet your husband would like that on you.” I knew he was trying to find out if I was married or not, so I just smiled slyly at him. He was a great looking guy, and I was horny, as usual, so I pulled out a smoking hot negligee and asked him what he thought of it. He turned red and began to stutter and stammer. I tend to have that affect on men, ha ha. I leaned in and whispered into is ear for him to join me in the dressing room. When he did, I attacked him, jerking his pants around his ankles, pushing him down and then fucking him hard and fast. I enjoyed every fucking minute of it.

Worship My Feet

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You’re on your knees worshiping my beautiful feet, in my highest of heels and fresh pair of stockings. My feet in those heels makes you weak in the knees. I strut around while you sit and watch, anticipating the moment when you can get your face close to my beautiful, soft sensual feet. When I’ve made you wait long enough, I might let you slowly remove my heels, as long as you promise to take time to lick and suck each toe. You must perfect the art of foot worship, getting rock hard as you smell and caress my feet. I want you to take it all in, tell me how much you want me, I want to see your cock stand at attention as you give me your undivided attention. As the shoes come off nice and slow, your excitement grows. You lick the heel and take it in your mouth, sucking it the way you want me to handle your cock.

Happy Ending Massage

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I had a long drive to make this morning, and on it I started fantasizing about being a masseur for a day and fucking my hot customers. I’d start off normally, except that I would be dressed super sexy in thigh highs and heels, topped off with a corset. I would let my hands wander to the erogenous zones and have him wanting me to touch his cock so bad, it’ll be standing at attention in no time. Crouched on the table overtop of him, I take his stiff cock into my mouth and he moans and groans with delight. When I’ve given him a good throat fucking, I climb up and ride that stiff cock until we both cum with hard, screaming orgasms. I’m left feeling hornier still, and the next customer gets the same treatment, then, after that a husband and wife come in for a couples massage and we had some hot fucking sex, mmm just thinking about that fantasy makes me so hot and horny!

Debbie’s Rape Phone Sex Fantasies Part I

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I have a fantasy where I am sent on assignment to a prison to sit with a select group of its inhabitants for a group therapy session. I am nervous about visiting the prison, however, want this  on my resume so I suit up. I wear a long black pencil skirt, thigh highs and heels. Heels always make me feel sexy and strong and visiting a prison is so intimidating, I figure it’ll help me to be brave in this situation. My blouse is plain, and I’m wearing glasses and my hair in a bun. Thinking I look sophisticated and not slutty, I leave for the prison excited and nervous.

When I get there, I am escorted by guards to a dark room which has chairs situated in a circle, obviously for a group discussion. I decide to stand until the group arrives, and I pace while I wait. After a few minutes, the door opens and in walks ten of the most handsome, strapping men my eyes have ever seen. One of the prisoners hands the guard something and then the guard disappears. That’s not supposed to happen, I am not supposed to be left alone with them, I thought.

My fear intensifying, my heartbeat quickens as I am encircled by the men. They are practically drooling, eye fucking me and smiling slyly. Finally, one of them speaks and he tells me to undress. When I hesitate, he grabs me by the hair and rips my blouse off in one motion. This incites the other men, and they all begin groping at me, pulling off my clothes and forcing me to the ground. I was being forcefully fucked in all three holes, and was taking a beating too. Funny, though I was horrified and scared, my pussy was so fucking wet and the orgasms kept washing over me, rocking my body.


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